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Our Heroes 


The Great World War 

Giving facts and details of Canada's part 
in the greatest war in history 

Compiled by J. H. Dc Wnlfc 

(■• f;li,'';^. 


Photoengravings of Officers, Nurses, Non-commissioned 
Officers and Men from Ottawa, Ontario, and vicinity 

PiiWislifd l.y 

Tlie Patriotic Piiblisliing Co. : Ottawa, Ont. 

"Tlii-ii, wlicii ilic Iiijir (if <-<iii>|iii>Mt in yniir lifiirt 
h imritcl uii'l ■hastfiii'il \,y ihi- lire of lovn; 
(An r)<H)ilti<ic uutiTii. when thfir rnrci> In H|ii-iit. 
Ri'luni In lintl tlH'ir ]i>vcl mnv uKiiin '. 
Thou shall rt'turn l» licuw anil iiulinitry, 
Aiifl nil thy Iiuid Nhall lin-athi' itruspcHry. 
Millions of souls that kne* nttt fn-wiom's nami- 
Shall rise lo hli>iw tht< tanil that Kitvc thfm hirth: 
Anil tar anil wi<)i> ihriiiiithotit thy vaxt iloniain 

Till* s|iirJt that awaken in fr lom't laiisp 

Shall till Ihy land. ai»l m:.k.' I >ii|>Mriuvri." 


IX plarinjf this rcrmirkuhle and uni(|Ut' book iicfoiv tlie public, it Is with Uu- 
hopt' aini hi'iit'f tiuit tiie ^rt'Ut nations of llie world will iinally di'i-ide that 
war. must no more disturl) the pro^i't'ss of the univtrse; tliat small nations 
will realize their heritajre; tliat militarism and autocraey will he swept from 
the eartli; that there will eome firm assurance of Peace and (lood Will anionji men 
of all races. t'oUM-s and creetis. 

It is the intention of the compiler to ^ive to the soldiers, their relatives an<l 
friends, a souvenir of tiie ^reat war a lastinjr and endurins l»»>k that, for k'ener- 
ations to c<)me, will he always of interest. 

He commences with events leading; up I(t the outbreak of war. and in this 
particular only docs he refer to ihe European nations, because in tliis only wviv 
Canadians interested in that memorable month of .July. i*U4. He then takes his 
ivaders to Parliament Hill where, in the historic buildiny; since ra/ed to the 
ground liy lire, set by an enemy hand, are portrayed the events wlhc-h took place 
durinu: those meetings of Canada's state.-^nien. Ayain, before the reader's mind, 
come nienmi'ies of th<ise piv-wai <lays when, from Kast to West, and from Xovth 
to South, the whole country awaited breathlessly the news from Ottawa. All 
knew what thai news must be. vet none dareil speak, anti wlien the wnvfl was 
Hashed from to c<»ast, hut one thouj.dit. one emotion and but one w<ird in 
llie lanjiuajre stood out clearly W.\H. 

From that nvimeiU onward and coverinn a \)eriod of mure tliun. four years 
(he reader is told, nttt so much of the war it.self. as of what Canada and her .sons 
h-.ive tlone to defeat Kaisevisni. 

Here in detail are jiiven fads and li^ures showing: that Can;. 'a was not a 
slacker nation. From the rock-liound i-oasls of l.ouisburK to limber-crowned 
Vancouver, Canada has done her part loyally and nobly. 

In a<idition to the text the readers may point with pride to the photos of 
iheir Heroes who have fought, some of whom have died, for them. When the 
war clouds have passed away; when the boys conif back from '"Over There." 
they will revel in its pajies, and point joyously to ihe pictures of their ehums and 
conirades; when "(tur Heroes" have vivown to old avie they will be delivihted in 
thi'ir hours of ease to a^'ain lake up Ibis book and recall the jjreat days of the 
wa'--. aye. even svlien "Ouv Heroes" Ivave passeii to the dreat lieyond. tlu-ii 
chililren and their children's children will turn over the mellowed payes of this 
book, and with a ^low of |)ride and a tear ihey will lunil for l>add\ and drand- 
daildy. and )noclaim to their friends that thi'seare "dnr Heroes" who look their 
part and whi' did their bit in Armaj;edilon. 

Let us fondly hope tliat wiien \\\v lime comes to i)laee the deeds and veeords 
of this war before the world in an uidiiased. truthful WiiUl. we shall have proj!resse<l 
so far toward the mill nium that all enmities am) hati's shall fall from us as a 
loiwened mantle; that nations whose borders are now darkened b\ Ihe clouds of 
war shall to s(ruKy;le in the darkness, and witli new underslandinn and 
faith, each in the olher. will climb to the heiyhls of a new-fouiul wisdom, rising 
serene above Ihe lowering: clouds into the ^dorious sunshine of freedom. When 
this lime comes there will no longer be the question of who shall or shall not rule. 
There will be no disputed territory on Ihe border hues of nulions. and lacial and 
political feuds will have vanished from the earth. 

J. H. I). 


FrnntijjpU'w (His Mujpsly Kinjr (U-oi-tfi' \'i. 


F.swutivt.' lA'Htlws (if AlUfti CuunlvU's rinniM-nyv; 

Army atui Kiivy I^'iulers of Alluui CiJiiriiiic,-. < i'lm 

N'm-sitiK SisU'i-s (PlK'toerifiravinK^'i 

The Mi'ssaut' ':i piH-'ni i 

Tilt' Pivti'xl 

Till' Tension in Canad;'. 

S'.'ndinK' nf liclli^'i'ifnis ai Ouibmik of Wiir . 
S|it'cul;itioii in l-'n^'lanil icjraniiiiK I'aiiit'la , 
Caniulian \tplunii'fi-s , . . 

XotiiliU' SiH'wliLV at War ^'es-sioii of I'uiUanu'n; 
i'roroHalion of I'aiTianu'ni hy liic (;ovt'i'iior-(;('ncr 
Kwvviiliii^ in <'im;uia ><;v'iK'ral> , , . . , 

Ki'cruilinv; in Xtiva Scotia . . ....... 

Ut'crirninj: in Wcslrrn Canada - ,. 

Conscriplidn in Canaila 

Thf Fifsi Conrnm'cnt . . . 

Canaila's Army (Hi Hit' llij,'!) Seas 

Whm' {'anaila Won I'nilyin^' l-'ani: 

TIk' Kaniou- l'rinf('s.s I'ais . . , . ; . . . 

Maki'-iiii of ihv IVincrss Pais 

Na^m■^ of (UlUt'i's and Men ni' The I'tiiuvss I'lUs 

Our llcroi'sof ili<'2iin<l 

'\'\w- St'i'imil ('o]Uii\i;\'n\ 

(Ulicr Miliiary Aniviiit-s 

Fiircslrw Uailwa\ I '(nislr'Ui-li'iri and rMnslrufliun 

CanadaV I'alrinlir Klforl 

Till' Canadian Pahiuiii- l-'mid , 

'['III' Canadian IJrd I'fuss Socici) 

Tin- Oltaua Women's CanadianCliil. 

Caiholic Armv Huis 

Tlie V.M.C.A. Overseas , .. 

Canada Foud I'.i.aid 

The CftsI lo Cana<la in Muney 

The Viehiry Luaiis , . . 

TheCosi to Canada in Men . , . 

Cn'iniany's Apiieal fur Peair 

Terms Ou) lined by Wils-m and Lloyd Ceurue 

The HenitUiinn "f the Knd ol" Kai/eiisin 

AiiKtria's Sunendei' 

The Armisliee Terms ... 

St, Hloi >Typiealol Moihrn Warlaivi. 

Canada's Aehievenienls iti l!'ls ,,....... 

Sir Sum lUi«Ues . ........ 

A Mountain Metnorial 

'Tis liie Fnlnre iliat we Ci.nlront 


N'ominul UuU of Um' ;lHtU Uutialiou 
Soniinat Koll of ||h< 'JJud Itatlalion 
N'omnval Unit oT Uie 77lli Ualtalloii 
Nominal Roll of ihe l!ii7ih llaltaliim 
Nnmina) Uol) nt Die -J:|iitti Isatialiori 


lu 11 






"i'l ."iT 































:Vis !W2 



:«T ;U,H 

:Wi ;ii)'.' 

'.KM :l"r, 


ilM HIS 

NlNBtV. hMint JHMIH \, I.I.I. \<(W>|M, KWtM Jt><rM» Mill* M aUKKI fHhtkh M tNIUNin K Mil«< 

KHl>-l»t I" \i. II iii.1 x-rtHi in Nt. »;nli.|..l ii. ^ti.t IUHuJkh., iihI •«.! t' in Jult. 1«IT. nn.t *t...l .. 

(•■((•-I'tulxi IranM- Hi frann. Mit.ill M-i>|»iitl. II lulotiiio. 

ran, t;.ti. u—ii, HhHrnfUilh 


NiHscii Siitren A- A. M< l' >i n-i 





Nl lUIIHIl SNTKM \liti>NM t'.. Ill 

ln.-)M<iil« III t'rvnrp ami kni>lji'" 


I »:il«liil«l *r|il. Ki. 


l;nllit-<l In Ni.t.. I«l<i, «• \ur«' m 
lit.t--riiil Nrtvli*-. Mt'til III f|.|>i 

TfiuiiMl 10 Si-aaili, N J ni> ||w- 

KUl WiHil infti-^n AlMll I, IHIH, 
»ii III ttw<r IK SiiM^mlM. latn. 

SIhf fflpasaiip 

Wrilliii III! rr fi-'iiinj lifi'li iKiul In hii- iriu <i U ir irrik 

luf..r- h. 

»■ xkiiluiu, Fr,>m;. 

1 1 THAI" siKtIi I lirint' y<»i. wifr .. 


YY Ulicn I cntiu* hack frnm the 


A rihium ymiDN'ar hrnwn liair ti 


A simui iViim a Itcrlin slorc? 

Say. shall 1 i-lnuisi' sunu' Prussian kna 


Wlicii the riilaiiH \vi' (iviTuln'lm 

Shall ! lirinj^ yciii a INttsdam «<»lili'l luirk | 

Ami a cri'si frnm a I'l'ltiri-'s hclnr 

Ijtlh' ynii'd care what I lay al yniir 1) 


liihlinii iir (■^^'^l or shawl. 

What if I hrinu you tiolhin^'. swt-i'l. 

Nor inayln* ccunc hiirm- al all'.' 

Ah. Imi you'll ktn»w, l)rav(' heart, you'll know. | 

Two tluny;s \'\v ki'pt In sfiwl 

Mini' honor tor whii-h you liaili- nir ^t 

Anil inv love ni> love to ihc cim 


a r II e r o v s i n I li c <i r c ii t IJ" u r I il 11' a r 


0\' -U'XK '2!-': lilU. till' hi'ir lu llu' ;i iii;ul Italian anarchist. Tliey liail lieen 

AusII■ia-Hun,^al■ian ihnuu". .Xrclnliiicc (.'StranircH tor tnanv \t*ars. iuil tliu Kniperor 

Krancis I-'crdinand. and his nmruanalii- had never ei'ased tti slnt\v a deep idi'eetion 

wile, the Pueiless ut' IIoller.hel'L', ivefe lor Iter. 

sliot to dealli dri\in^ Ihroiijrji Ok- caijilal. A l,(ss than ten years before, the Ktnperor's 

youthful .'^ervi:ul student lired the sliots iliat only .■;on, the Crown I*rinee Rudolph. :t man 

eude(l the lives aud added another to tile list of aliiUty and i)romise, ntet death in a mystery 

of terrible trai^eilies that had darkened tln' whieh has iie\'er been cleared. On .lanuary 

reijtn of Ijiipi'l'or Francis .[oseph, ;l(i, 1.S.S9, the dead boih' was found in a 

First a bond) was thrown at the autoiiio- luuitine lod^e al MeyerliiiK. not far front 

bile in which the>' were drivilij; to the Town \'ienna. Beside his biid\- lay that of the 

H:dl, biu beinj: forewarned of a possible I' Marie \'etser;i. 

attempt a.naiiist his life, tile .\rchduke w,as .\rchduke Charles Frances, |)opu- 

walchful, and liuvled the missile aside. It |;„lv as Karl, who becomes heir to the 

fell under an automobile which carried .some Austrian throne owini; to thi' mortianatic 

of the membi'ts of his suite, wouudiiii; Cotnil l,;nh of Archduke Francis Ferdinand's ehil- 

von lioos Waldeck anil Colonel Merizzo. ,|n'n debarrinu the suece.s.sion. hiLs bet'n 

The bomb was tilled with nails and lead ciu'efullv educated with a view to littini! him 

lilliiiKs an<! the explo.sion was very violi'nt. for the iio.siiion of Finperor. He dilfers from 

'1 he iron .shutters on many .shops were pierced :i|| ,,ther members of the Imperial familv 

\iy llyini; fraitmenls and iron rails were inasmuch as he is the hrst memlier of the 

shattereil. In all. about a scori' of per.sons Imperial house to have been educated in the 

were in.iured. .several of them heiut! women public schools of \ienna. wliere he mixed with 

and children. .scholars of everv class of society. H.' asso- 

Oii their return from the ■r()wn Hall, the dated with workini; men aitd ti-wles-people 

Archduke and the 1 luchess were drivini; to ;,nd jonied them in their /ames. thus pitting 

thehospital when the. s^ervian. Cavrio I'rinzip. into clo.ser touch with the a.spirali(ms and 

darterl at the car and pomvd a fusilaile at the jiieals of the people than of the other Hap.s- 

oeeU|>ants. burtts. He is a lirsl lieutenant in Lhe .Austrimi 

^Tany •|-raaedies ":i^>- ,.. ,, . . , , , , , 

In \ letma the a.s.s;issmation of .-xrcnduke 

The liiml iraiteily which had ne to the Frtuicis Ferdinand and the duchess of Hiihen- 

House of Hap.sburi; is th.' culminatiim of the |„.ru caused a pri>fountl .sensation. The 

persontd soiTows that overshadowed the life of ..directs were ((uicklv thronged and anxious 

the Kmperor. His reinn bejjan with sini.ster in.|uirM'S were made requestinK the details of 

omens, for he eau.sed internal dis.sensions (i,i..;. the latest addition to the list of terrible 

from the moment he came to the throne. In traitedies that htive befallen some of the 

l«,"i:l the list of lr:ii!ic inciilents bei:an with an proniini'nt members of lhi> Imperial family 

attempt upon his own life when :t llunuatian dnrinu tile i>resent reiun. 
etdled Leteniie wounded him with a knih'. 

Fourteen y<':us huer his brother, .\rcii- RnibittiT Kelatiims 
duke Mjixitnilian. l-'mperor of Mexico, was 

ctipturi'd bv who lost au'tniisl him, con- ll "its feared thtil the Saia.ievo traKcily 

ilemned to deiilb bv court martitil anil exe- would still fuvther embitter the tame li;o 

ented. Then followeil lhe burning to death friemlly relations existin); between Austria 

of a uiwe in Vienna, a sister in I'aris and and Servia. lioth the youths who lired the 

the (leiilh by .suieiile in Stidirenberi; Ltike of fatal shot and the bomb were Setyian.s, with 

!i cousin, close a,ssociations with llelyrade, 1 he bombs 

III IS'I.S the I'hnperor's wife, who was the nls" came from Itelcrade, 

dau)[liter of Maximilitm .loseph. Duke of .\rchduke Fimicis Fitdinaial'.s deiilh was 

Biivnria. was slabbed to deatli al Cieneva liy eerlain to have eonsiderabk' elTcct upon the 


Kill,-! al Vim> Khli^r-. Mu 

Kiili-Ii-l in :-.ili H.11II-V. 

Kit Mhir tmni Mi\w> I'n;. T. A. Al'\«f. 

Knli-|.-I H.N \S, K.I, [■■ir.iiv'.- -■!.•. Kiili.|.-1 111 ■.'■Ih lUll. Tran-r.Ti.-l 

ilnT-«.|i- \!ir,'JI; I.I Kriiii.'. l>ri-. I. MilUi. Vc J:l. Wu.. »,.unii.-.l and 
kill.-.| *lu;. (Kiii^, \\.r,\ 1. i''l-. i.M.~.-l \la% 1\ I'-l'l. 


I.-.1 It. null Hal 


hiiii<i»i \>ia I. iitr-. .iii'XHd. Ki>ii<i»iin i.:i)i Mull in I )ii r> 

ilii«»l Miiil .Ix'll ■li.«-h>-t. Tmif lun III. Uini >.t.r. ■• ihi . I'l 

irm-.! I.. iTiii tun., imi, <ii. i< ti.|. Tfwi.f.rrv.) m IUil»«- Trii".|«M 




Miili-ii") III 2:iiii]i llittlali'>i., \l:,; 

Wi'imili'.l Jum' : 

: \l. <;. \MiKHsi.\. M.r 

I'iK. K. II. AMih 

l".A.S,C, in 1II1T. 

1I..UI1. K. M. AM'KliMi-< 
Knli-Oil in .'Ulnl Ilatl^n-, Marrh, 'I 
ni!i' ■•^. Kill'il in BiTliiin im Aus. I 

U.mrn.U l-M.. 


ti r H (' r o t 

I h V ^' r r II f \V o r I il \V a i 

European situation. Rijjhlly or wronjily. he 
was credittHi witli liavin^ aml)it!ons for the 
further exter.sion of Austrian territory to- 
ward tiie (luii of SaUmiki. whicli would, if 
attempted, lead to a t-onlliel with Austria's 
neighbors and thus again eause a rupture 
between the {'uai monarchy anti Russia. 

.\n Act of Revenue 

Tile fact that .Areliduke Francis Ferdinand 
met his death in the eapilal of Bctsnia. the 
annexation of whicli to Austria has been 
attributed to bis initiative and thattbecrime 
was committed by Slavs, who have liitterly 
resented this extension of Austrian territorv 
at the expense of StTvia. leads to the iielief 
that the crime was an act of revenj;e for this 
successful coup of 1!)()S. 

At the time, the annexation of Bt)snia 
caused a .sensation in Europe and threatened 
to drag tiie powers into the oft-predicted 
European wai' tbnuigli Russia tiecoming in- 
involve(i with Austria in defense of I be 
Slavs against the Archduke, althougii he ex- 
erted himself In showing the keenest interests 
in their :LS|)iralions and bad latterly been 
accused by the dominant nali<malities in 
Austria-Hinigar\'. (;erman\' and Magyar of 
having favored ibe Slavs. 

The darkest war cloud which bad a))peared 
in the European h{)riy.on since (lermany sent 
warships to Agadir i lOll iiad ari.sen within 
forty-eight hours. Tlie Servian Ciovernment 
refused to comply with Austria's demand for 
the expiation of the Sarajevo murderers, for 
whicli Austria held anti-.Austrian conspiracies 
in Servia responsible, and for guarantees of 
future good behavi<ir of the humiliating 
kind ever asked of an independent nation. 

Russia's Position 

The vital "luestion to Europe w;is whether 
Russia would come to the resi-ue of her little 
Slav bnitber. leailing to the involvenu nt nf 
the other powers and making nf the war a 
dread struggle of Slav Teuton for 
Eurnpean supremacy. 

Report.-» from St. Petersburg stated that 
the Russian army was mobilizing several 
coriis when Austria annexed I'.osnia. and the 
(Jerman Emperor, stepping to the side of his 
ally, as wjis said, "in shining arnKtur." pu' a 
veto on Russian intervention. 

.Austria and Servia were both mobilizing, 
but the silence of all the (h'Spatcbi-s on the 
subject of miliiary preparations indicated 
that an irondail censorship had been est:ib- 
lished in both ci)unlrie.s. 

The Servians tleciiled to attempt to defend 
Belgrade, the garrison having already been 
withdrawn, according to \"ienna reports, and 
the seat of the government was removed from 
Belgrade to Kraguyevat -'. a strong strategic 
point si.xty miles to the south. 

England showed no enthusiasm over be- 
coming embroiled in a war which might prove 
a great calaniit\" to her interests. As far as 
opinion could be gathered amid the i>aralysis 
which overcame all British activities, senti- 
ment inclined towards Austria. This was 
based on the belief that Servian intrigues for 
undermining Austria by a F*an-Slav move- 
ment had been so (t[)en that no nation could 
tolerate them, and in the exuberant state of 
Servian national pride only the sharpest ;uid 
most ijerenijitorv measures could have ai.v 

It could ntit be expected that a great 
power having a dispute with a. smaller neigh- 
bor would submit the matter to the deci.sion 
of a European .Areopagus. Far less could it 
be hoped that two great powers would submit 
to he summoned in the role of accused before 
sut-li a tribunal. 

(lountor Sujijiestions 

(lermany madi- the counter suggestion 
that negotiations for peace be conducted 
between the cabinets instead of by conference. 
She was prepared to welcome any further 
suggestions to localize further conflict as lar 
LIS thev were consistent with Iter dutv t*i her 

Public Nervous 

The public in the (lerman capita! became 
very nervous and alarmist rumors continued 
111 circulate. The run on the .savings banks 
in which the i)oorer deposit their 
money was resumed. .At five o'clock in the 
morning there were long lines of depositors 
oul.side the Municipal Savings Banks and the 
peo|)le insi.sted on having their money regard- 
less of the rea.ssuring statiMiients bv the 

The stock market was disi'ourage<l as it 
.saw its hopes of a speedy itiitigation of the 
tension disappoint<'d by Germany's failure 
to agne to Sir Edward (Jnw's suggestion. 

On .July -!S came the announcement of 
the declaration of war b\- Austria-Hungary 
on Servia. immediately after (ierniany 
and .Austria had notified Sir Eilward (irey, 
the British foreign minister, of their refusal 
to attend the mediation conference. It w;is 
a.ssumed that tiie efforts of the European 
nations would now be ibrecled toward local- 
izing the area uf hostilities. 


On I 

Ry Special Cable to Ottawa .(ournal and 
Mimtreal Star 

I.omlnn, .July :28. "Austria Invadi's 
Servia." This startling hfadlim' upon the 
farly editions of the evening journals today 
weakened hust ni^'ht's liooes tliat C.rey's 
prompt invitation to [taly. rVance and Ger- 
many did at least provide a hreathinj: si>ace 
iiefore all Europe plunjied into what (irey 
calls the "^Teatest eatastrojihe that has ever 
hefallen it." 

The Tension in Canada 

Wliat part is Canada to play in the ter- 
rible war {Irama threatenintr the world ? 
Politieal. military and linaneial circles in the 
Capital were asking that question, and 
yuessinji at the answer. The air was thick 
with rumors and conjectures ol' all kinds. All 
eyes were watchin;; London. In political 
circles there was a t!rowin,ir lielii'f that Sir 
Ritliert llorden w(>u!<i cut short his vacation at 
Muskoka and return to Ottawa. Another 
rumor was that if the war continued the 
jiovernment would call a ytneral ele .ion. 
appealinji to the country for immediate linan- 
cial aid in defence of the Empire. 

Con.servatives were pointinj: to the hostili- 
ties in Europe, hefore defence of the Tri[)le 
Alliance, as a juslilicalion of their enier;zency 
policy of 1!H1. "They told us."' said a 
leadinjj; (hitario Conservative, "that every- 
thinji hereafter was to he settled by arhilra- 
tion. and ihal it was impossible for Enirkunl 
to hecome involveil in a European war. Yet 
what do we see today? And if the Empire 
does hecome involved, which Heaven r<iri)id. 
we cannot even say that the Moiher Coun- 
try has either our moral or mi.lerial supintrt 
in prepariuLt fitr the inevitable." 

Militia Council Meets 

Ct)l. the Hon. Sir Sam Hughes humedly 
returned from Eind.'^ay on the morning of 
July 2Sth and sumnione<l a meetin^r of the 
Miiitia Council. While no oHicial statement 
as to the purpose of the conference was handed 
out. it was learned that it was for the inu'pct.'ie 
of discussing the European situation. 

On all sides the altitude of Caniida in case 
Britain heeanie involved was beinj: discussed. 
The prevailiny^ sentiment on all sides was thai 
if the Empire izol into ihe \\\i\\\ Canadians 
could not remain (uil of it. That Canada is 
al war when the Empire is at war is an axiom 
or principle accepted hy liotli the political 
parties. I'nder just what circumstances the 

the Crviit World War 

Canadian j^overnmenl would otfer troops to 
Britain was a matter for the government to 
say. There was the precedent of the Soutli 
African war. altl^.oush this crisis was of more 
N'ital im(;ortance if En.dand were compelled 
to interfere. 

The \\ar llejiins 

On .luly ;U a Central new> des'^atch from 
Britain stated: Tiie Russian ti'oops today 
hiew up the frontier railroad hridye of the 
\\'ar.saw-\'ienna railroad. 

On the same day the momentous an- 
nouncement was made by Premier Astjuith 
in the House of Commons that Rus.sia had 
proelaii7ie<! the <renerai mobilizati<m of her 
arm>- and fleet, and in con.sequence martial 
law had heen proclaimed in Cermany and a 
ixeneral mobilization in Cermany followed. 

Premier Asquith's statement was as fol- 
lows: "We have heard, not from St. 
iVtershurjf. hut from Cermany. that Ru.ssia 
has proclaimed the jxeneral mobilizatictn of 
her army and her tleet. and that in conse- 
quence of this martial law is to lie proclaimed 
in (iemiany. We understand this to mean that 
mi>bili-/ation will I' Cermany if the Rus- 
sian mobilization is general and is proceeded 
with. In these circumstances I prefer not to 
answer :uiy further questions till Monday." 

.Simultaneous with this announcement, 
the British lleet deserte<! Wei-Hei-Wei and 
sailed at nnd-day with sealed orders, thus 
fuHillinK^ its lonjr standing: orders. 

A despatch from Berlin to Reuter's Tele- 
jjram Company stated that a state of war has 
been proclaimed in Cermany. The ' ^tate of 
war" proclaimed in Cermany means, in other 
W(trds. martial law. under which tln' military 
authorities takechartje of the situation of the 
Cerman Empire. The Kinjiihmi of i^avaria. 
however, was excluded from i he operation of 
this proclamation anil would have to is.<ue a 
similar decree if il clesired to do .so. as it is 
an independent kiniiilom. 

The pro{'ianiati(ni was signed by the 
CiTman Emperor. Kini: of Prussia. 

On August Isi. a Daily X'ews despatch 
from Berlin, timed at two o'clock in the niern- 
in^r. .said: Cermany has addressed an ulti- 
matum to Russia demanding that mohiliza- 
tion shall be stopped within twelve hours. 
-\ question has also heen addressed to 
Erance. the ilespatch staleii. in regard to her 
attitude in certain rontiniiencies. 

The Daily Cili/.i'ii's Paris correspondent 
repttrted mohili/ation has ln-en ordered. 


im:.. \Vi>iiiiiii-<i ui 



Our fleroea i )i t li c (] r c a t \V o r I il W a r 

The CiTtiian CtovornnK'nt in its ultimatum 
In Russia asked Iut to suspend moliilization 
witliir twelve hours. In thf demand sent 
liy (I ;-niany to Frani-e the (lovernment at 
Merlin rei|uires Kram-e to inform it within 
eiy;hteen hours whetiier in ease of war between 
(lennany and Russia shewould remain neutral. 

Tlie (ierman .Xniliassador to Italy 
;isked to he informed as to Italy's attitude in 
the event of war between (iermany and 
Austria-Hunnary on the one hand and Rus.sia 
and Franee on the other. 

Marquis di San {Hulian<t. the Italian 
foreign minister, said he would reserve his 
reply until hehad eonsulted Premier Salasdra. 

Kmperor WilHam stated that he would 
wilhn^ly take up the task of mediator, and 

aeeordinnly diplomatie aetioii was initiated 
in Vienna. While this was in pmLcrt'ss tlie 
news that Russia was moliilizinii; arrived in 
Herlin and Kmperor William telegraphed to 
the Kmperor of Ru.^sia that his role as 
mediator was by this endanjiered if not made 

The communicalion a<".ded that a derision 
was to liH'n taken in \'ienna on that (hiy 
in reirard to the metliation proposals in which 
(Jreat lirilain iiad joined (iermany. but that 
meanwhile Russia had ordered full mobiliza- 
tion I if lu'r forees. I'pon this Kmi»'i'or 
William aihlressed a last telegram to Kmperor 
Xii-holas emphatirally ileelarin^ that his own 
resp(msibility for the safety of the (Ierman 
Knipire had forced him to take defen.sive 

rni M\MU\(i 


IripU- hiili'iitt 
c;r>'tii ilritiiin 
K;tiw*iiii Kniitin* 

Dulk'iii Stutf,* 


lrl|>U- I riu>tii« 
(irt'iii Mririiiii 
KilMJitti Kliit>ir>' 



S.). Mil.- 


iii.mal Hrl.t 



IJl -tl 

$ ;t 

,^r, J,,,, , 

I. Ill MK 

;tiK L'Sii iMHi 

s i;i7 ti.'.T 


.V.:i INS turn 

1 :;>! INK 

:i<i.lti)l (Kill 

I'll? IC)! 


JS,[ t;7.'>,IMMI 

7!IL' .M.'i 

■'\ am Mm 

171 111.-. 

7tl ;l-Jl IKKI 

t :M!i IKK 

•JTL' ISl Till!' 

•' 117 117 

i ir. 

imi :iiil IKKI 

;l L'JI 

Pri'iHl- <i 

■ li.r t 




miiiikIiI^ IliiH 



IS ^ 




III I -Nil! 






:| 17h,:hh 








TrlpK' Mll.iiu. 





Si| Mill- 



il \M.\ 

Ailivt' Art!i> 

III irja 


■Jll- 7' 


1 177 


"lis r>iit 

Kl till 


■Ml fi: 


1 li.M 

;Hii IKKI 

1 :titii ntHt 

:ll Tiki 


lii> «: 


■J 7lHi 

lio'i mill 

■.",11 IKKI 



rir 1- 


1 'i;!.*! 

:i7:t IKKI 

: :\:^ .Mil 





\i .mil 




■i|;t :l;is 


J <t«il1 IHIII 



I'ts :m 





■:h» vvi 


<l s)ll IKKI 



1 , 4IHI w:^ 


II r ff (■ r o (' s ! n I h r C r v a I W » r I il \V o r 

Speculation in England regarding Canada's part 

in the War 

"Canada's Rally to the Fhi^r:" " Kmpiiv ditl then she could <ln ajiain if ihe nwd arrivi's. 

is at (hu*:" "What Canada Can Do She l)ut pray Cm] it may not arrive. There may 

Will:" "rndouljled Loyally of South Af- he essential defeiu-e work tt> he done in 

riea:" "Xinv Zealand Pled^ies Her Help." liritish |»)rts and naval stations in the event 

These were amonti the head-lines of the nf the liriti.di re.izulars hein^^ called overseas. 

Dominion's messaijes in London journals. hut no (ttlieial dare s|)eak of these ihinj^s at 

Kspeeial attention was jiiven to the Montreal the present moment except as possible future 

Star's demand that Canada utler troops. A eontin^encies. You niav iissume the war 

hi^h military olllcial to whom the messa^"'"- otliee is in the closest touch with your minis- 

weie shown said: "Of course 1 must not talk ters. Your artin^' Hiyh Cnmmissioner's pre- 

for publication. It is only necessary to speak sence at the last meeting of the Imperial 

to aM.\ man on the street to realize how deeply Defence Committee and the fact Ih;U he is 

Kni^land is touched by this whole-hearted also a member of the D<iminion Cabinet are a 

and spontaneous desire to help in the Ktn|)ire's visible si^n of new intimacy :mu1 a.ssnciation 

need. You ask what Canada can ilo? We between the I^irilish an^i Canadian K.xecutive. 

know what .she did so majrnilicently in the The thinn for the mimient is that Kurope sees 

Boer war. These colonial continuents g;ave the peoples of the Ih'itish Kni[>ire are moving: 

our po.ssihle enemies on the continent the as one man." 

lirst clear under.stanilintr that Knjzland's isola- Wimiermeri' in the Ottawa .Inurnal. 

tiiin wa> a thinn of the past. What Canada .\u\z. 1st. I'M 1. 

Canadian Volunteers 

The Canadian volunteer niovenienl swept .Mobilization plans of the Militia Depart- 
over the country like a prairie lire. On ment were practically complete. The Nllnis- 
Aufiust -1th the Department of Militia and ter of Militia and his stalf were ready for 
Defence was literally buried under an ava- instruction from the ^iovernment on ri'ceipt 
lanche of applications for se-vice that came of a special call for help from the Motherland, 
from as far east as .Sydney, and as far west as .Already the permanent forces of the Royal 
I'rince Rupert. every regiment in Can:idian i^'j:inienl and the {''ield Artillery 
the country was reaily to respond al (»nce to were mobilized, Itotli t/uehec and Halifa.x 
the call of arms. werr practically under niarlial law. 

.Several members an<l e.K-niembers of I'ar- 

liament volunteered to rwrve and to raise Prepared lo Mohili/.e 

nu.n Tlu. w,,,K,nl>,|,.,l of Ih,. .■nunlry ,v- .,., ^yy. |v,,;>,M,„H,t ha,l |„v|.„v,l t„ 

"I"""''"' ■■^1 "''!>■ ^ "": '•'" ;' ''T " ,nnl,ili/,,. ;,„ annv . ivi^i^„ ,„ (M,.|„v witlmul 

asknm Ihal Ihcy i,,. s,.„t ,, llu. Ir,m as li,,l ^ ,„:;„,,„vri„t! an., was an|i,in.,l hv ll... 

( russ nu,-s,.s, liny ,v„uts a,ul a,l,.|s w,.,v ,,,,„„„,„ ,„V,,|,,,rti,.r, a f,.w mil-s ..„st ,.f 

almns as ,va,ly as U,,. inn, in „ir>TM,u 1" u- [•;„,,„,.. ,„„, „„, ,, ,, „,,,,, ,„,,„„|„„| ,|,,r,. 

l'\ 'm . 1 ,1- .1 1 for a few Weeks for iraininu purposes pending 

iTon.Mn.mval ,.„,.,. an utln- ll. uut:!, ,„.r,„,„„,„,,„s |„r irans,,,,,-!. Th.s,. arra,,,,': 

.'.','.'i /'"M.' ini'lUs wiri' aliva.lx Iniiii; iiiaili' willi lllc 

■ i I ■■"',■ 'r, •,"•■"■/' ''';'""■'' ""Vl';'''>' Mu.nls w.iv aliva.lx l,n,„- ina.l. will, Ih. 

•■ "■ '•;""''";,\',' ■■ V ',"«'"^>' ',".:' '.'1™ |!,.ilisl, ua,' nil,,-,, an. I Ih.. .\.h„i,",llv, Tl,.. 

I ,,",,■ ,.''i" ■■ ""7^ ",'" '""""■'' Mi'ili^i IVpa,-lM„.„l l,.„,p.,i-arih l„rlili,..l ll„. 

nir,.,wl„,-ais,.ali-,..,|,,.r.v„uls .-amp al (Wl,<--. A .-'.i.liM.M was l,.l f„i- 

11... .'I, yy, 1„„ w..,v ,vpn.s,.„i.,l. i{,.v, , . ' . ■^^,^ „,. ,„„., ^,^, \. ,. 

T. A. I'aUTsii,,, 'r.iriinlii. viil,ii,iiH'n'il his 
si'i'vi.'i' Siivl... D.S.O., ,<l Winnlpi'K, vctiTaii '^"1 
i.r "xri. anil thi' Siiull, Arricim i'i,in|iait!n. 
i.irc'i-c'il lllc' 'Jnih infanln linuaili'; 
Miijiir San, Shai'pr. M.I'., v.ilunlirri'.l hi 

earlier, ami nUl.'.'rs nf ll..' .■i,Kii,('iTi„i! slalT 
wi'r.' .scnl fi'iiM, Oiiawa l.i su|>i>rii,ti-ii.l Ihr 

III liiiiili witl, War onici- 

' .'alii, ..'I wiis il. si'ssi.iT, t'l.r the 1 
ihi' 111,,.', .Sir Uiil.i'i'i llnrili'i, 
,i,aiiy tyiH'Wrilln, [iuki's. iiMislaitl Inuch will, llic Itrilish uiir iillii:!' 

.services. The lisl i.l' ..llVrs vi)lu,iln'rs The i'i,l>i,.el was ... scssi.ia fur the urcaler 

issucil hy Ihc Mililia Hi'partini'nl I'livcrcil pari i.f Ihi' lii„c. Sir Ucl.crl llni'iliii wii 


W-nl i.> An., ri 


I >.li-iHl in uw :«il> IlKiialLM 
Jmiuati. I>>K. \|i- rl>i 

h Mai I Hi Jm<i I.i.Ii-ImI .•■ Iti» III. I MH. Jmi.. 

KillnlBI \>iiit lli'lKi*. 

-I M« i'.l, \»\\ 

r xUr. A«,. i.v 

yii ^ 

) -li-ll-l ' .-L.l lh.|n,l tl.l 


I <,h -Hii ». <i.r j;ih lutxiMH. \,„ . t III 


kllt»l IH VU.». h 

<!< <i». «r- "• » *>* 

l-»» I-, 1»1>< KlllHl I 

ti N-iif-mls-r II, loin. 

O /( ,- // V 


C, I- V a t \y nr I il 

niul ilif liuiit'riiil (lovi'niiiK'iU. and H(ni. 
(it'orjic II. IVrU-y. artin^' Hi;jch ('uniiuissiniu'r 
in Lnndoii. An t-vt-nin^ sessiun tif llie i-aliinct 
was lu'lil and tlit' lexl nf Sir Kdward (Iivy's 
spocfli was I'aiioi'ly jionc o\{'r. 

Advii-t's rvi-fivi'd wcrt* of tin.' ^avfsi 
pn.-;sil)k' <'hararti'r. and wliiie llu' nuMnluTs nl' 
tlu' ,L;(>\t'rnrm'nl rctHsfd In ixt-t cxrilod tln-y 
wi'tv wiM'iiin^ witli pri)t'iiund ivalization »>!' 
tlu' ^rravity o\' ilu> situalinn. The Militia 
I Jcparlnicnt nn InajxtT sk'pl. It ln-i-anu' (inc 
livi'. at-livf* otxani/ation. ancl a liitrli nllinT 
ivniarki'd tliat lio.lUHl nu-n i-ould \h- placed 
nn till' hi:jh .-^fas in siu-h a .slictrt tinic thai 
nitist Canadians would he happily surprised. 
The L'nvernment iii.--tiuited a cen.-^or of all 
eahles to Kurnpe. Majnr C. Krt-derick Haniil- 
tnn. Deimty Cimiptroller ol' the Kuyal N'ni'th- 
WesI Miiuntod I'nliee. whose hmtr experienre 
as a newspaper man and niilitar\" knowledixi' 
periiliarly lilted him for the position, was 
appointed as eensor. 

On the Ith of Au:iust the tir.-t men of the 
Canadian Militia were ordered on duty, when 
the Kirst Canadian .\rtillery. the (Cird Halifax 
Killes and the (ifilh Priiu-ess Louise '•'u.silii*rs 
w*Te lietailed to a.s.sist in manning the fortress 
at Halifax. 

Kxtracl troni I'ri'iuk'r's spi't'ch. Dec. 3, 
V>\2. when he suhniitted his pr!)p«)si'il 
i^rant of naval aid to John ItuM: 

"'roda\. while the etoud> are heavy 
and we liear the hoomiiiL' i>f distant 
tluMKh-r and sec the li^hlnini; lla.shesahove 
the horizon, we eamiol and we will not 
wait lor deliherate aetion until an im- 
pendinji storm >hall have hurst upon us 
in fury and with disa>t('r. Almost un- 
aiiied the motherland, not for herself 
alone, hut for us as well, is su.stainin^' the 
l)urden of a vital Imperial liuty and eon- 
frontinu' an overwhelming necessity of 
national existence. itrinijini; the hest 
assistance that we ma\ in the uri;ency of 
the momeiii we come ihus to hi-r aid in 
token of our determination to protect her 
and ensure the ^afe^y and inlenrity of thi.> 
Kmpire. and of our re.solve to ilcfend on 
wa. as wi'll as tin lanil. our thin, oiu" honor 
ami our heritage." 

Roply ro Kinji's Mussa^os 

Canada sent the followinjz reply lo Ivinir 
( leiiriie for his messajit' thankini; the ( )verseas" 
Dominions and thoir assurance of loya' co- 

"in the name of the Dominion of 
Canada I humbly ihank your Majesty for 
your ^acious messajje of a|)proval. ( "a- 
nada .stands united from the I'acilu- to the 

.\tlantic in her tradiiion of our Kmpire." 

Charter 'I'heir Own Car 

.\mon,e several hundred volunteers fnmi 
the West was a Moose .law company, com- 
posed of men helonirin.!.: to the l.e^zion of 
Frontiersmen, and their determination to 
li^ht for their country was seen in the fact 
that, even ihiuijih their services hail been 
refused liy the government, they chartered 
cars at their own expense, had them allai-hed 
to the train carryini£ the volunteers and 
proceeded to Ottawa. All were in the South 
African war. 

They were ckul in khaki puttees, irou.sers. 
and shirt, with loose knotted handkerchief 
lo match around their throat ornamented with 
small holder- of wA. white and lilue. A 
hroad hat with left side trimmed, completed 
the picture. 

The r>00 volunteers of tlu' Western eon- 
lin^'ent. IVincess i'atricia's Canadian l.i^dU 
Infantry, arrived at Ottawa hy special tram. 
The men tieirained and marched lo I.ans- 
downe I'ark. where niiarters had heen pre- 
pared for them in the Machinery Hali. The 
volunteers were worthy of note, llroad- 
shouldered. deep-chested, care-free .sons of 
Canada, tutisi ttf tjum <lre>>ed in niufii except 
■"C" Company, who wen- in full reviimenlals. 
I hey swunvr alonir the hiy:hways of ihet apilal 
to the nuisic of iht- Kdnionttin pipers, l.'i in 
numlier. l-'ive 1 onipanies in all arriveiL 
Kdmontonwith I'JH men, Calyary l:;l. Moose 
■law !M. Witmipev; 71. .Saskatoon 77. under the 
connnanil of Majtir Duncan SheasI of Cal- 
i!ar\ . 


O n r H V r n v 

t h < 

drviit Wo, I, I \V 

Notable Speeches at the War 

Mr. I). (). l/EsFERANCK. MoiUiiKiLtny: 
(Translation.! Mr. Speaker, this is a time 
f()r deeds, not fur speeelies. Wliile fully 
apprec'iatinfr the eompliment paid U* tlie 
Cdunly of MiMitmairny liy the rijiht hon. 
leader of (lie ( Invernment. iti (.Jillin.L: on nie 
Id seennd tlie Aildrcss in answer to the 
Speerh frum tiie Thnme. I do not pro|)ose 
to take up more Ihan is necessary of the 
lime of tile House, so as tti |)ermit the 
mejusures as are rendered imjierative by 
developments of the most grievous ami 
ominous eharaeter for every part of the 
British Kmpire. 

"I have the honor U) represent in this 
House an essential ajjrieulture eonsti'u- 
eney. that is to .say. a peaeeful. thrifty and 
hariKvorkinu comnninity. deriving prolii 
and happine.>s from the rullivation of th-, 
hroad aeres ileared hy our ancestors, 
eini^rraiits from la helle France, and for 
more than a century eiijoxinir peace and 
liherty under the folds of ihe British llai:. 
Inileed. it would have heen for me a more 
pleasiiitr task. Mr. Speaker, to leave the 
Mou.-:e under circumstances of a less painful 
charaetiT when I miixht ha'c heen content 
with follnwin^ in the footsti ;>s of my fore- 
runners, and after their i-xanii.!". though 
in le.-^s feli<•itou^ laniiuane. refer in uencral 
terms to thr prosperity of uur tine and 
inunense country, extol its wealth, point 
out its inexhaustihie ri'snurics. the devel- 
opment of which i.s harely starleti. ihen 
takinjz a look into the future, forecast with 
rea.Minalile certainty Ihe L'real destiny in 
.store for it. hut IVovitlence ha.s not so 
willed it: tlu'lask which ha> fallen to me is 
unfortunately of a h-ss ayreeahle and nuirh 
more Imrden.some nature. It is for the 
purpose of di'lVudiiii; the herita^'e of our 
fathers, of sa|■e^ruardin^! our homes and 
our lilierty in ,ieo|ianly. that we are 
a.ssemliled now, 

"There was never a more opportune 
titne for every one of us to repeat with some 
slight alteration. Ihe appeal uttered hy 
Nelson when ijivini: the Sijrrial for that 
meinorahte hattle which was to eii,-ure 
(',re:il Mritain thi' mastery of tin- >eas: 
'( anada expects every lion, gentleman in 
this llous)' to do his duty," and sjiouhl we 
need some encouragement Imm the ex- 
ample of olhrrs, we have uniler our eves 
what hiis tHTurred in lln' Kreneh of 

Session of the Canadian 
, 1914 

Representatives, where, in sjjite of the 
fierceness of the war wajxed lielween the 
various political jrroups. a free hand wjus 
;iranted. unanimously and enthusiastically. 
to the (Government of the Repuhlic. so as 
to ensure the safety of the country in the 
hour of danijer. In fact, it may he 
a.s.serteil with ahsolute certainty" that 
France at this nionient is read> for the 
fray, as fuli\' ;ls she has ever heen at any 
lime. The Frendi people are ready to 
make every .sacritire ami to spill their last 
drop nf hlnod to repel (he ( lerman in- 

"We have still in our minds what 
hap|)ened recently In the iiritish of 
( "onunons. when a jireal les.-ion in patriot- 
ism was iriven hy the Irish N'ationalisl 
leader. John Uedmoiiii. did more, possibly. 
to forward the ^reat cause of Ireland's 
autonomy in the hearts of the Knirlish 
people than all the li.iihtinu of hy^nine 
centuries. lUit why should we look 
abroad, when in this very country we slill 
have soundinji in our ears Ihe noble words 
of the rijiht hon. leader of the Oppo.sjtion. 
stating; at the very openinji of hostilities 
that he would concur in every measun- 
which the (loveriunenl nni:ht think lit to 
lake, so as to enalile Ihr most ini|)ortant 
colony of the Fm|)ire to |)articipate in the 
common defence. The patriotic staml 
taken by the rijzht ln)n. Sir Wilfriii 
l.aurii'r in the terrible emerjiency which 
the Canadian people and the Kmpire ar.' 
coiifmnled with will be n-ckoned amon^r 
the most admirabli' achievements o| his 
lonu and fruitful political career. I shall 
not ililateat greater lemrlh on this suldi'i't. 
It apiHTtains .o ln>torv and not to me to 
record in iiolden letters the patriotic deeds 
of French. British and I 'aiiadian slates- 
men who. at the proper time, have haii the 
wisrlom i>f .setting asidi- their quarrels, to 
better insure the silvation of Ihe country. 
Such examples .M't by men in hiirh positions 
will be followed. I a'u sure, by all Cana- 
dians whatever their oriirin. their creed or 
their party alliliations. 

■'.\ thmiderclap such as thai which has 
just upset Kurope ami sjudxen in its very 
foundations the whole connnercial. indus- 
trial and linancial fabric of the old atid the 
ni'W wurld. such a thunderclap. I sa\'. was 
lUH'ded to make us properly realiw llie 

O » ,■ II V i-„i' s i „ I h V Cm, I ir f. ,i il Wo r 

solidarity" nl' intcrt'sis wliirli hinds I'very iTeiict,' of tipinio'.i as lo tlic ahsnlulo noct's- 

part of tile Rritisli Kmpirt' in tht' maltfT sity of our i-o-Dpuration in ilic dcfuniv ()f 

of national (iufiMuv. ihc Kmpiro. 

..u--,i- I ,■ .1 <■ '■Alrcadv tlu' (MiwrnnK'nt have taken 

\\ ilnm a ut'ck o the o ncninu oi , - . , , 

hostiliii,.-.. ilu. Di-iii.h Adiiiirultv w.> in a T"'''' "i«'-i"vs ;,s c-„vumsiam-c.s renjlored 

imsitiu,, to unnouncv in ih. whnl.. w.,,-1,1 ."'I'.'^liyc.; lh,s H.mse w,ll n,. .l„uht Ik; 

II , .. . -Ill .■ .1 anxious to sani-tion i hem and approve o 
that ine ureat eommetvial .imhwav ol the ,, .1 i- 1 n 1 1 1, 4- 
Alhuili.- ;..«ui n,uia 1,. utilized sitfelv l,v ; " "H'^'i-^ «1>.>'-1' "'H . '>' l"-"UK 't ;!"»" I"r 
.sl,i|,s ■.!■ ilK. allii.,1 .„• neutral nations, ' »,: '-"""Ip--^ ■^'•"'■■•O ^ I'n.l«-lion and 
Thu vi.toT-v. whid. is of t-nnsiderable 'li'l''"«.' . "I "^'r ^^f^ s«'i;"rts; ac-tiv.. 
beufint' and of tnispeakahlo udvuniaue to ■■^"■■"■vision ol our larw hns.ncss arten. s 
the «i,oU. ol- Xorth Ameri.-a. an.l os,,,- '■j'"''''^ '""' ■'^^*' judu-lous tncreas,. o 

■ 11 ,■ ., ■ . -1 . ■ . the paper currencv. so ;is to prevent 

e a V iir this coi ntrv. wasa s ent V r orv. ', !• ., ■ ^ ■ *r ,. 

. . , i .1 1 .1 1 ■ speei at tin or the e.xportaton of nod. 

won uioslentaOuslv throiiiih the sheer 1 ■ . ■ r. r 1 r ■ 

. .. ,. .1 ,, ■■^- 1 ,1 . 11*- 11 id ma ntain our ered l on a so w hasis, 

superior tv o the Br t sh eet. and beiore r ■ c 1 . . . .1 

y. *, 1 .• 1 II,- . . 1 , 11 aetor ol sueii txreat nipnrt to mr trade 

( anat a na-. even had t me to eon rihule 1 ■ 1 , ■ 1 ■ ,1 - ■ i »■ 

, . . 1 ■ 1 1 1- iind K ust ■ U's ( ur m t h s per od o eeon- 

a sinj; e cent ni cash or a snide drop o . . .,,.■. „ ' -n 1 i 

,.^,■1,1 • ' omie strnmenev. 1 his House \vi a so hL* 

( anauian hood. ,, ■ . ' , .■ .1 i 

called upon to \'ote mone\'s tor the seiid- 

"I was in New York, the i^real com- in.t: of contingents of Canadian volunteers, 

mereiai metropolis of the United Slates, in accordance with the reipiirements of 

on the day followin.Lr the ileidaration of nationa. defence. 

war lu'tweL'n (Ireat Britain and (Jermany. " N'ot without a pany: will we see the 
The dismay cau-;ed in the hu.siness circle.-. pick of our militia leave our shores to ti^ht 
of the I'nited Stales in the course of a few for the lountry outsivle the houndaries of 
days, conseiiuently on the hlitckadinir of ("anada: hnl I am .sat islied that Canadian 
the ports, the coniiestion of trrain and mer- mothers will he courageous as their sisters 
chandise. and the interruption of inti-r- in France, who have words of enconrajje- 
nalional trade, challenges description. The nient only for hushands and sons for 
worst panic which has evi-r been witnessed whom the parting hour is at hanil. 
in moilern times was avoided, thanks to iutely controlling their feelings until the 
one eircnnisiance only: the a.-^sur:uice that dear ones have departed. But. then, 
the lieet would succeed before how dill'eiently countries are situ- 
long in restoring freedom of inlercourse ated. On the other side all the men in 
between the two countries. po.sition to Itear arms are drafted into the 

..-,., ■ M ^. I .1.1 si'rvice; everv home is deprived of its 

llu.n I was ilr. speaker, that I |„,,a,|.« lalluTs. husbamls. hro- 

and sahnary aetiun exerted m the airau-s „ ■ ■ ;,;, ,,,|,„„. ,,. i',,,,-,,,,, ,„. 

III tile worli hv the lornndalile invineilile ,■ ,, ,,,,', , , ■ , ,■ „■, • 

llrilisl, Heel. The British Kmpire makes '^^.n ''"''"' "'""' "" '^ - 

us,, of tlial loree and of that power, noi '" T.',, ;^.;|| |„. i„,,„„|,,,„ „„ „„, ,;,„,,,„. 

for the purpose ol ensiaviw people or ot , „,, |,,. , . , ^,,. „,.^ ^.,„^„|,.^. 

restnetn.ji the tt^ade ae ol , s eom- ,„ p,,,vide for thesustenan,-e„f the lamilies 

petUors, hut will, the o Meet ol upho M.n« ^^.|,l„.|, ^^.|| ,|,„^ |„, ,, .^.^.,, „,. „„ .,, „„,^,„^ 

reallesandeonnnuto he reseueol sates . ^,, en!iu'ht,.ned palriolisn, 

00 weak to delend themselves, sueh as ,,„„„.,„,, that eaeh on,. sholM ,lo his 

l!,.|«u,n,. ur else ol prol,.etinK th,. Ir..,. ,1 , , ,, ^^..„i 1^. 1,.^ ^,,^„.„ „,. 

u.t,.r,ours,._ „l alh,..l or n,;utral |.m,.rs. ,^,^(,,,,, ,■,,,,Z\■,^ will n,.v,.r !„. ahl,. to 

sueh as -rani-e or the I mle,l s at,...- . ,. j,^ ,,,,|„ ,„. ^,,.„i,„,|,, i,„,,,,,|, ,|,„„ 

muuh lh,..v ma.v he rivals ol (.ival Uo are Vavinn t" liulit ahroad in d,.|,.m., 

Ilritani in soni,. Iirjuiehes of eoniriK're,. or 


if the eomnion ,.ountr\. (dtir\ and 
lonotirs shoulil >:,) first t,i thus,, who ar,. 
"We hav,. had in llie pasi our diller- 111,, lina in th,. fray, liul il is in,.unilp,.nt 

enc's of opinion: furtlu'r iliir,.r,.n,.,.s will on lliosi. who ri'iiiain ami who will iirolil 

i-rop up h,"tw,H.n us in Ihe futur,'. wh,.|i this hy llii. si.lf-.saenli,-,' uf ihi. lo li,.lp 

l,.rnhli. ,.ri.sis is ovi.r; liul Iheri' ...sisls al in olhi.r ways; liy ,.ontriliutiii); to th,. 

this mom, 111 I liiak,. this slat, .m,. lit with- fund or;!aiii/|.il hir llu.nlii.f of Ih,. woumli'd 

oill of ionlradii.|ion lli,.re I'xisls al willows and orphan.-: hy leiidi.riin; help 

this inoni,.nI jiimtn.^ ( 'ana,iians no dilf- In the families tt.iiiporariiy il,'priv,.il of 

u r H V r n (• >■ / II f h v <! r v n t W <> r I ,1 \V a r 

their liread-winncr: l)y pivv('nlin,!j; in iiomc lilV. Tlu' noi)lf siaml nl' tlu' XaLioii- 
every way ixissibk' criminal spt'ciiiaiion in alist leader. .loliii Kedninnd. Ln whom I 
foodstulTs and staples. Those -wretehes referred a moment a,iro. has had its eounter- 
who avail tiieniselves of these Iroiihlous part in previous history: ihat was the 
times to ^ii-ow rich speculating on the stand taken by the Catholic cler>ry of 
misery of the people should be considered Lower Canada, about one hundred and 
as enemies of their e()untr\- and dealt with forty years ai:o. at tiie time of the War of 
aceordintily. I understand tiiat certain Independence. .And since then Krench- 
cla-sses of ^ooiLs. owinii to the increase in Canadians have not receded from that 
the demand or the restriction of imports. stand: on the contrary, they have ad- 
will nece.ssarily command a hiiiher price. hered tn it with iirmness eon- 
\Ve are willinir to abide by that. It is the se(juent on the re.spect shown by (Ireat 
inevitable outcome of war. liut that. Ilritain for oin" privilejies and laws, and 
barely a week after the declaration of war the wider autitnomy irranled to us by the 
in Kurope a staple article of food, such as mother comitry. 

susar for example should in Cana.Umuui) - j^ j^ ^^^,^ „„^,._ ;\i,. speaker, when 
two cents a pound. I -say that such a !ea|> i.^^)^ „^,j. piother cnuntries, France and 
can only bethe result ol a an< Kndand. are liuhtin'.^ hand in hand for 
shameless spirit ol -speculation which I rivilizatinn an.riiberlv. that the French- 
do not fear to brand as erimmal. Canadian will adopt' dilferenl methods 
"It is incum!)ent tm the (iovernmeni from that which was laid down for him by 
to at once take rigorous measures and his loyal and devoted cler.u:\' nil (he da\" 
punish all .uuiliy parties, whoever they be. fnllowinjj: the 
The i)eopie who will be called upon to make "The sons of those jjaHanl Krendimen 

enormous .-^acritlces for the defence of tl 
countrv should not be made to 

who .settled ( "anada. a cross coverin,^^ the 
breasts, with one hand clench in,Li; their 

ruthlessly for the sole benelit of some un- muskets, while the ..ther held the plniiuh. 

feeing individuals. ,-,..^,. „^.j^i^,.,. i,.^^j,, ,j,„. j^^j^.j^ ^,.,,,.,^ -^^ 

".A few words. Mr. .^pt'aker. and 1 shall comes in defend, as in this case, the 

he through. 1 |)i'iunisi'd at the outsel to intejirity of the vast F.mpire. which as- 

he brief, and I ilo not wish to inipnse for sures to them the jrreatest mea.sure of 

too lonu a time on the .u'nod nature of the freedom and happiness which ever people 

House. Fuil\' aware as I wa.s of iiiy was allowed to enjov . 
inability to proi)fr!>' addri'ss this House in 

reference to these momentous evi'iits of Mr. Donai.p Sitmi-mm AN'I> Snulh ( )xfnrd ' 

recent dale. I hail decided at the outset rnsi' to move ihat an .\ddress be presenteil to 

to decline acceptinix the honnur which was His Royal Hivrhness the (lovenmr Ceneral 

tendered me. However, 1 ihou.izlu I otlVrin^ (he humble thanks of ihis House to 

owed it to the county i repri'seiit, as His Royal Hiirhness fitr the ^raeinus speech 

well as to the ^reat mass of my fellow- which he has bi'en plea.sed to make to both 

peo|)|e, farnu'i's. artisans, whose labours. Houses of Parliament. He said: 

elVorts. sorrows and joys I hav.. shared in -. ^i,._ Speaker, under nrdinarv cirvuni- 

my youth lo exi.ress in the common but „,i„,.,,, ^ j, ,,H,Mdered no mean compli- 

sincere ian^mane of the peo|) e. what I ,„,.„( ),,. .j ,.„nstituem-v in have its repre- 

think and I do not fear l.) speak aloud. senlalive .selected to inove the .Address in 

".A member hailing from another pro- i'e|)!y In the speech from the Throne: but, 

vince than ni,\' nwn I'lmuired from me last in \iew of the circumstances neee.ssitatinK 

week what IJucbet was ^oin<,' to dn in the the calllnii of an emertiencx' session of 

present crisis. "li'sdiKy. Tell me. at i'arliament a( this time, the people of the 

what lime in (he history ni' the ciiiintry did ridinu I represent doubly appreciate the 

tile French-speakinii Canadian turn a deaf cnmplinient paiij them, I bnlli appreciate 

ear when calleil upnii tn defend Ins i-oun- and reali/.e the honor and responsibility 

try. his reli^rinn. his tongue and his rights?' of having that task deleyiated to me. 

In this war all that is dear to the French- However, my fears in (hat respect are 

speaking I'anadian is at slake. The somewhat mid.uated by a consciou.sness 

defeat of Kn^land. the dismemberment of (hat ihe present is not a time fnr empty 

the i'',mpire. wiiuhl siijnify for him the loss words, but for actinn. \'o lengthy dis- 

shnrlly of all (hat lnake^ up his strength. (piisilion would (lierefnre lu' in keeping 

ensures his pnisperit>' and hap|>ine,ss tA' his willi the nceasion. 

i>TK. i:i>iiiM> lit 

■he K(B <>l m. Willi (•■ l-'l 

It i> r II , ,„, .. ; ,/ / // r t; r ro I \V n r hi W a r 

"The Ailiircss ilcIiviTt'd til IkiiIi Mdiiscs sions. and t(i nvur-run Bi'!,iiiuni witli Iut 

dl" I'lirliatncnt. [huii^h cniUaininu IVu arniU's. in (li'liam-c of trcalii's tlu' most 

wnnls. ronvfvs a nii-aninu, and is a sacrcil and hindiniz in wiiirh she was a 

remindtT tn tlic in-nplt' tit' Canada thai party. War has liccn fdrccd upnn thi' 

thtTf arc duties it\' citizenship, which in Kmpire. and liritain has ^;one In war 

limes of peace may have iH'cn Hjzlitly rather than have a dishonorable peace 

regarded, if noi altoticthi-r nejzlected. Wiih that would lie unworthy of the traditions 

all our lioarit'd civilization, advancement of the Kmiiirc. We helii've their is 

and proirrcss of ihe last lifty year.-;, then- just, and as Premier Astiuith staled in 

is hut one thought in ihe mimls ut' Ihc tin- Imperial House of ( "onuiion?' when 

people today, and the eneruics of ihi> askintr for a vof.- of credit of L'UlO.UOO.dOO 

nations of Kumiie have applied and de- and power to raise an army tif nilO.DlHI 

voted til mainiaininjz what they errone- men (Ireat Mritain is (inhtinu to fulMI a 

oilsly termed 'an armed peace' by ihe solemn intemalional ohlijiation. which in 

preparation of the most tremendous and |irivale life would have been rejiarded as 

Icrrible enjrines of dotruction ev<'r con- an obliualion not only of law but of 

ceived <if. Rumlilinns of distant thunder honor, and secondly, to vindicate the 

have been heard and dark and threatening principle that small nationalities ari' not 

clomls have lu-cn visible on the horizon lo lie crushed in deliance of international 

for sevi'ral year>. Thesi have at last luhhI faith by the arbitrary will of a sinm^r 

burst forth like a lornadn. and threaten nation with a clearer and str(ln^ier convic- 

the whole world with the nitisi terrilic and lion that ii was ti^luiny. aot forajmression. 

devastalinn war the world has ever seen. not for the maintenance of its own seltish 

The jiri'a'est disaster of recorded time is interest, but in ili'fenrc of |>rineiples the 

al hand. Many millions ot' men are now mainti-nance of which were vital to the 

ennaLjed in one of the most desperate and civilization of the world, 

fearful sirunnlcs the mind of man can " rule has triven Mritish subjects 

conceive of. the ^frealesl lienrei- of peace, liberty and 

"rnder thise circumstances we may protection enjoyed by any [leople in the 

well ask ourselves where we stand, what world, and had ln'cn received from every 

position wc oceuiiy, wnat are the senli- tme of Ihe self-yoverninn dominions of the 

mt'nts of our people in ri'nard to the situ- Kmpire of help to the limit of their iv- 

atinn. .\s a part o." the ilritisli Kmpin'. sources, boih in men and money. There 

when thai Kmpire becomes involvi*d in is no mistaking Ihi' sentiment of the pi'ojtle 

war, we of neec.v^ity are involvi'd in war of Canada. T<iday wc are reaily to face 

and subjected lo all that that implies. the issue, and justly so. The Mritish 

"How ihe Uritish Kmpire became in- Kmpire has been forn.l into a war to 

volved in the >truv!nle is familiar lo every n*deem ils pleducil word and insulted 

one. 'Ihe Mritish (itivernmeiit exerted honor. This is not lime lor discussion or 

every means in their power, in the face of hesitation; all thai can be done must be 

ureal provocations to the conlrary. lo done. 

prevenl war. and have soujiht peaci' with "Anioni' the citizens of Canada are 

an carneslnexs worthy of responsible many people of (lerman exiraclion or 

statesmen nol a ilislionorable peace, but birlh. who are helil in hijih esteem as 

a peace in keepiniz with Iradilions of ihe citizens, and loyal subji:-ts to His Maje-^ty 

|triti>h Kmpire, and in ketpinji with ihe ihe Kinv;. and who are not in sympathy 

civilisation of the a«c in which we live, with the autoeralic. niililary. mad am« 

The propo.sid madi- to ihe I'.ritish (iovern- bilious of the (Itrnian Kmperor ami his 

mi-nl bv the auiocrai who today > itrols ilovernment. The alliluile and the seii- 

the (lerman Kmpire. ihrounh his Chan- liments of the Cerman citizens of Canada 

cellor, in return for ltrili>h neulralily in with renard lo the present war have. I 

Ihe war into v\hich he had pluniii'd Kurope, believe, been clearl,\ and truly expn-ssed 

was an uisult lo Ihe honor of the Hriii.-h m a lelter in the local pnvss of my county, 

nali'i'i. and vva> will characterized b\ from ihc nen of I'mf. K. \'. Uietlulorf. of 

I'rei. f Asquith as an infamous one, It WiMidspH-k Colleue, a pari of which I am 

was priiiosi'il that tlreal liritain >hould t'oin^ to ijuoie. as follows: 

remain passive and allow the di-spol of '"We must deeplv symimthiw with the 

(ierniany. if he i-ould accomplish il. to ( ierman |«'"l'''' '"'*"' '*iill"''''i'iK'* n'l'l 'ln'i- 

beeoine ihe despol of Kumpe lo ^ihp eers brouKht upon ihem by their ruliiitf 

I'Vuhee, ( in'at Ithiain's idly, of her pos-ses- ela.Hsi-N. by llieir oliuarchic, insane aiili- 


() n i 


I h . 

, I \V 

/,/ \Vu,- 

laiy ;j;i>vi.'rnmenl. \i is tiu' (ierniany df 
llu" ■fleiK-lu'd list' ami Uu' 'drawn swoni.' 
(tf i\\c "shinin^^ -drmor' aini the '.sahrr 
raltlinn in tiu- scalilianl' that calls lor im 
sympatiiy nn mir part. It is liic (Icrinany 
tiial has priTipilalf'd llif iimnsirnus wurl'! 
stnijjjjli' of tiu- day thai lills us all wjili 
horror and indiLinalion. It is fnr thr 
iiilicial Germany and her It'ust-r and soul. 
U'IMiarn M. that «(• Iiavf <inly dctcstatinn. 
not i'lir ihc iifad'ahli'. kind, amialilc and 
.sine (Jcrman [jcoplc. 

■'■\Vf arc at war with the sysli-mcf 
(icnnany. nut witii the (K'rnian rai'c. 

■"I am a iiaiivc (Icrinan and ftirnit'r 
( Icrnian snidicr. My loyalty tiUhc Hritish 
liaij niakt'-' mi' stand ay:ainsi any antf all 
cncniics of Uritain. If nci'd 1m' I should 
('Veil \\\ih\ airainsi (Jcrn'any. llmu^jh with 
a l)U'Miinjz Itcart. I-'urihcrniorr. i dt-sirc 
disaster \u the (lernian army in this war. 
for the reason that it will mean restoration 

of t'ellowship anionu the p^'opl^■^ ol' Kuropi'. 

A liiiiTaled. IVev. denioei-ati.- (JeniianN will 
start on a new anil la^tin^z free land and 
( >erntan>""s dclVat will (ncati (he <'stah!ish- 
ment of a ( lerman republic and the 
elimination of William 11 and all that he 
stands for. Such things as ' I tlvine Ki^lu ' 
an<l 'mailed list" are anachronisms, an 
in.sult t') the intellim-ncc of liic pcopU- of 
till' twentieth I'cnturv. "A illiam i> the 
cornnion toe nf |*afr'o|)i-. and he must he 
eliminated. PelVat of (Irrmanv in lhi> 
WHY nirans nlliniale sahalion and 'recdom 
I'ur her: < lermany will ho the ^irealer 
Plainer throujih defeat. This is my con- 
sulutiiin when I think of the Icrrihle atllic- 
tion which this war will hriniJ: her. \ic- 
lor\ Cur the (Jerman arms wovdd make 
William 11 the war loril nf the world. 
He would rule the UiWwr uilh an iron 
hand. The niilitariMp of the future unulil 
he far wor^e than the militaiisni of (he 
present, and there unnld he no end to war 
and hlooilshed.' 

"(lermany will and must |ii>e in thi- 
righteous war. Im; she will umy after 
a hard and hilter fiizhl. <ienitai' citiz<'iis 
and those t>t other nalionalitie> have 
foimil, under Uritish rule in ( anada and 
liie sell'-ifoverninii do?ninion> of the Kni- 
pin'. that lilierty has proven to he the 
keystone of the success of tlie Itnlish 
Kinpire. not only under our present Sov- 
erivtn. Kitiu (letir«e \'. hut also uinler i>ur 
lati' lieloVi'il S((vereii!n. Kinu IMward 
\'ll, whose devutioji )ii dul> and peace 
earned foi him m the hi>.tnr\ of kiny-. and 
natiiinsa place which will endure tln' title 


of Kdward the Ceacemaker. i.iiu'rly also 
characterised the reign since all of us 
won- horn; imd it is recorded in ))!siory 
any aj^e so commanded the admiration, 
all'eclion ami esteem of all nati')ns as 
did t^ieen Victoria the (lood. We can 
assure His Royal the (Jovernor 
'leneral. the sole survivin;^ .son of the 
royal mother, himself a distin;^nilsh<'d 
soldier, statesman aiul diplomat, that the 
people of Canada feel they have been 
hii.'hly honored and henelitted hy his 
appointment as (lovernor (leneral, and 
iiy the services which he has rendered 
Canada and the Kmpire durin;^ his term 
»tf ollice; and we have learned with 
pleasure and satisfaction tliat he is to 
remain in thai capacity until the ter- 
minaliiin of the present war. durinj: which 
his ripe ex|)erietU'e will prove of inralcul- 
ahle value to Canada, ami will do much to 
sirenirtheri the lie.- I'uit hind together the dominions oC the Kmpire. and pro- 
mote the hiessines of British liberty. 

"The (lovernmeiK are (o be commend- 
ed for their proniplness in immediately 
taking action to htrward irooj)s and 
'aunitions of wa.' without waiting for 
Tarliament to as.s,'mhle. with the certain 
as>in'ance that the sentiment of tfie people 
of Canada and <if Parliament would en- 
dtirsc and su^fain siuli action. 

"Canada is ('normously indi'hted to the 
motherland hi)' nuich we enjoy today. 
The whole burden of maintaining and 
sustaining the defence of the Kmpire has 
fidlen on the shoulders of the peopk' "f 
the motherland. Well may the blush of 
>hamc mantle oiu' cheeks when we realize 
the position we ocrnpy today. 1-et Us 
hope and pray ihal before the crucial test 
. omi'> in Ihe pre-eni war. the llower of the 

\outh an<! manh I of our natitui, win. 

are today volunti'cring by thousands, and 
who are ready, if necessary, to saerilice 
their lives for the causi' of Itritish libi'riy. 
which means the succes.s of Uritish arms 
and our national evi.sN'nee. fnay be Unuu\ 
lighting shoulder lo shouliier with the men 
of the motherlauil and ihe sifter liominions, 
"The war ma\ be a hMm and bitter one: 
the of lib' is sure to he enormous, 
suilering anil wan" may come to many 
who are dependent on tho-*e who go to 
the frotit. or who may fall in battle. It is 
therefore the liuty of the iieople of \ anada 
am) the (Jovernmen) of Canaitn lo make 
nrovi-'ii'n bir llie alh-viatjon of such sulb-r- 
iM}i and want. Wituld not (be tribute we 

Knli.TH.Iinth<- 11-1 IliiiT.. .ir>i 

(HfnTl til ih>- :lnl lUitaliim. Jitii. 
It'll. itrturm-.! \|inlJ '. l"i: 

tVlinurv 'J-J. l1i1ii.Mi- II. i(i-liirn»l nlV ii|t.- |o Wnunili.l \uitii.| T: 

for liuly in I'una'la. 


yn Hn\K HiJ»>tiiN I'n;. JliiMi lltiwcit 

. Kr«ii.T. Ihif 


KiilKlnl Ik IhrrJllh lUl' 

I.H.Ii iniMx: t:iili*li*l in ilx- Jtut IInIIbIkhi In 


>. \-,t . t •,ll-l»t "1 ItH' H V 

I >.i..t. I iH itw li^h Mm 


Il>«iua lirni-h. (M, ii. l*|ii, 



Crra! World W 

would he r;illi<i uiinii tu pay hi- must 
lK'ijtzarl\' wlu'ii cuinpat't'ii with \\\r sacri- 
fic'f.'. the trilmli- uf liff-ldinnl paiii by nur 
fountn''s (U'tViiilcrs? 'riuTf is m. sai-riticc 
the (ift'asiiin licniaiiHs that the proplc iif 
Canada arc tint [trcpariil t'l makr. i.ct 
tmr rcsiHinsf to tlic needs ol" ilic Knipin- he 
immediate and suHicient." 

Kijrhl Hon. Sir Wii.ntin lAnUKIi: 
"Tlu- ()l)servati<ms whieli i shall have In 
olfer to the House an- few anrt lirief. In 
faei. apart fnun ihe ustiai roinplinients 
and eoiijrratuiatinns u* the mover ami 
seeonder of the Address, wliieii, 1 am 
lihui to s;iy. I liave more tlian usual 
pleasure in eMendlnj: tn them. I have hut 
one declaration lo make. 

'■'riie^ravilN of ihi- oeea.sion whieii has 
railed us to.u:ether makes it ineundieiU 
upon us even to disregard llie formalitii's 
and eonvi-nlionaiities whieh in ordinary 
times the rules uf the House, written ami 
un-wrilten. enjoin us a wise safeyuaril 
against preripitate aeiion. luil which, on 
sueh an oi-easioii as lids, niiiiht impede us 
in dealinii with llu- innnu'tilitus ipiesiinn 
hefore us. This ses>iiiM has heen ealled 
for the purpose of nivinjr the authority of 
I'arUan'.enl and the sam-tion of law to 
sufh mi'a-sures as have alrea<l\ heen taken 
liy the (lovernmeiu. and any further 
treasures that may lie nei-ded, t<> insure 
the di'l'enee nf Canada and to u'ive what 
aid iray he in our power lo the mother 
eountn in the stuprniious siru^L'l'' whieh 
now eonfron'.s hrr. Speakinv: for those 
who sit around me. speakin.t: for the wide 
ronslilneiieies whieh we repreM'iil in this 
House. I hasten to .say thai to all tln-M' 
me;i.sures we are prepared to yive imme- 
diate a.'^sent. If in what has Ihh'Ii done or 
in wlial i-emains to he done there may he 
anythiiiLr whieh in our judumeni should 
not he done or should he dilfefenllv done. 
we raise iii. t|iiistion. we take no i'\eeplioii. 
we olfer no i-ritieisui, and ue siiall olfer no 
eritiei^ni so juni: a> there i> danger at the 
fi^iitl, ll is otu' dul\ , more pres.Hin^ upon 
U!4 than all othi*- duties, al onee on this 
(in*( day of this lAtranrdinary .ni-ssinn of 
the Canadian rarlianient. to let (Ireal 
Itriiain know. :md to lei I he friends and 
fiH's of (ireal Mrilain know, that there is 
in Canada hut one hearl and <ine nnnd. 
and that all Cimadlaiis >iand hehind the 
mother eountr\, eonseious and proud 
thai she has enuaued in this ;var. not from 
any sellish motive, for an> purpose of 
iiuui'andisement, hut t>> M>ainlain ntilar- 

nislu'd the honor of her name, to fullil her 
ohiitiations to hiT allies, to mainlain lur 
treaty ohli^alinns. and lo sa\e ei\ili/.atioii 
fnmi the unhridled hist of eonfjuesi and 
domination. We are llritish suhjeets. and 
today we are fare lu faee with tlie eonse- 
i|Uenres whieh are involved in that proud 
fael. I.onj.' have we enjoyed the benefits 
of our Itritish ritj/rnship; today it is our 
liuty to areept its repsonsibiiilies and its 
saeritiees. \Ve havi' lonir ■■^uid that wbi-n 
(Ireal Uritain is at war we are at war: 
today we reali/.e that (Ireat Krittun is at 
war and thai ( anada is at war also. 
Our territory is not liable to atlaek and to 
invasion So far there is no bir 
ai*im'liensi(in. bir it sei'ins to me obvious 
thai neither Austria nor (Jennany our 
bies in ihis war ran ei'minaiid any biree 
to make an atlaek so bu- from their base, 
itu! no one pretends ihal our marilinif 
rities on the i'arilir and Atlanlir are fp'e 
from the p(is.sihility of insult by nn 
aiidaeious eorsair. who. desrendinjj: sud- 
denly upon our shores, niiuht subjert th"m 
to an insolfut raiil and deramp with hi> 
bootv ln'bire punisiimetit could reach him. 
This is not an unbiunded dna*l of dan^'er; 
Ihis is no mere illusion; it i:' a real and. 
iufieiul, a pntxiinale ilan^fr. sinre il is a 
matter of notoriety that both on thel'aeitie 
and on the .\ltantir there are Cerinan 
cruisers whose mission is to inllirt all ihe 
injury they i-an upon our <-onnnerre. and 
even lo raid our cities should ihey llnd our 
harbors uiiKuanled, We an' awan- thai 
the <lovenniient has alread-.' taken inea-- 
ures. and very appropriately to ^uaid 
ais'ainst ihis dann'T. Wv know thai one 
of our battleships on Ihe I'arilir has lieen 
seekinu the etiemy. and if she has not yet 
etiiravred him it is because the enemy has 
eluded her pursuit. 

"We have another and nmn- strikinu 
evidi'iice that when (Ireal Mrilain is ai 
war we are al war. in this ilial oiu' com- 
merce has liMeii interrupted, ami perhaps 
the expression woulil nol tno si roti^f if 

1 wi're lo sa> that it has .leeii to somi' 
extent disloealed. From the day war was 
declan-d nay. from ihetlay Ihe possibility 
of war wjis lirst mouted itur sbippinii lo 
(Ireal llrilain and Kurope has been iii- 
lerrupttil. .'ships wen' lyine al llie dtw-ks 
fully loaded and n-ady to put to sea, bul 
Wen- unable to do so because of the bui 
that when Knitland is at war ( anadian 
pni|H>rt> on the hiuh seas is liable lo 
capture, our ships iheii'bin* had lo remain 
it< port so lonu a- pitH-aulioUs had not been 


//' . 

. / W. . /,/ \Va 

lakt-'ii tn i-ii'iir the way Mint to ensure their 
siifi' jnussatre ui-russ llu* .)C'eaii. W'hal 
measures have been laken in regard tn 
that we have not yet hwii tnld, hut I 
liave nn ilnulit that we sluil! have that 'm- 
rnnnalinn in tUie tiine.. 

"Tlie mrrespcimlenee l)rnui;hl linwii 
yesterday. hnwi'Ver. has informed us thai 
ihe Canadian (InvernmenI has ah'eady 
laken steps tn send a cnnlinirent nl' twenty 
thousand men nr llierealinuts tn take llii'ir 
piaee ill tile liriii^: hue, I'pnn this neea- 
sinn 1 mve it tn tlie House and tn myself 
to speak with ahsnkite frankness and 
eandnr. This is a sulijeet which lias often 
heen an oicasinn ttf dehate in this House. 
I have alwa\"s said. :uid I repeat it on tliis 
nrcasinn. Ihal there is hut one mind and 
one heart in < anada. At other times we 
may have had ditl't'rent views as tn the 
methods hy whieh we are tn serve our 
country and our empire. More than onee 
I have declared that if Knizland were ever 
in danger nay. not only in dani:<'r. hut 
if she were ever enyaiied in >ucli a 
as would put her slrenirth tn the test 
then it unuld he the (htly nf Canada U^ 
as>isl the mntlurland in the utumst of 
Canada's ahjhty. Knirland tnthiy is nnl 
eii^ai:ed in an onlinary coiuest. The war 
in which she is enua^eil will in all proh- 
ahility nay. in absolute cerlainlv Mnii- 
Vier the world with its ma^'iiilude ami its 
hniTiir. Hut thai war is for as noble a 
causi' as ever impelled a nalinn to risk lu'r 
all upon the arhiiiameiii of the .sword. 
That i|ue>tiou is no lonj;er at issue: the 
,iuili.'inent uf the world has already pro- 
imunred upnn it. i siieak noi only of those 
nations which are eii^favu'd in this war. but 
of the neutral iiation>. without dissenting! 
voice, is thai toda> the allied nations are 
lijjhtln^; for freedom a^rainsl autocracy, for 
civilization UKiiinst ri'veisinn tn that stale 
lA' which is thf supreme law of 

■"It is an addiliiiual .snurce of pride In 
us that Knuland diii nnl seek this war. 
it is a matter >>\' hi.stnry one nf llu- 
nnbU'st paizes nf the history of Knuland 
that she never ilreu the sword until evcrv 
means had been e\hatisifd to st-eure and 
ktH'p an hnimrable peace. Knr a time it 
was ht»ped Ihal Sir Kdwal'd drey, whn nn 
more than niie iH-casiun has saved Kurnpe 
from sut h a ealaniity, woulil apiin avert 
Ihe awful scnur^fe nf war. Sir. il uill i:n 
down on a slill nobler pane of history Hint 
Knylanij could have averleil lhi> war if 
i*he hud been willing |o fiirfUn ihe )Hwilion 

which she has mainlaiaeil lor man>" cen- 
turies at the heaci of Kunipean civiliza- 
tion if she had been williim to desert 
allies, to saerilice her obli<zations: to 
allow the (lermaii Kinperor to bully 
hemic r.el,uiuni. In trample upnn isnlaled 
France, and put 'hiwn his bnnied heel upnn 
continental I'.urojK'. .\i that price Knu- 
kuiil would have securet! peaci': but luT 
answer to the Cerman Kmperor was: 
"Your propnsds are infamous." And. 
rather than accept ihem. Knijlami has 
entered into this war: and there is not. 
tnday. in the universe a British subject, 
there i> nnt nutsirli- Ihe r.ritish Kmi>ire a 
single man. whnsi- adiniratinn for Kn.ulaml 
is not trrealer by reason of this firm noble 

"Sn today Kuglandisal war. Her fleets 
are maintaining the freeclnm nf the ncean. 
Her armies have already crns.sed t'u- 
ehaimel towards plains made fanmus mtire 
than nnce by I'ritish valor, this time to 
maintain the iiidepeiideiu-e of l>ely:ium b\' 
lakinu a |)lace in the ti;rhiin>; line liesi<U' 
Ihe .small and heroic llel.vrian army, and 
lo help scarcely less hemic France, wliose 
hiives are conciiitrated in an ellort to 
repel the invader and to maintain ami tn 
save intact that whii-li to a pmud natinn 
makes life wnrth livin-.!. 

"I am well aware that the small enn- 
tin^ient nf snine men which \vv are 
uniiiii to send will have to show tloubU' 
courage and double steadiness if they are 
tn uive any account of them.selves anmny; 
the millions of men wlm are now cnnvern- 
in;: Inwanis ilie frnntiers t)l' Fraiu-e. where 
Ihe battle nf giants is in lii> decide<i. Itut. 
Sir. il is ihe nplninn nf the Ihitish tlnvern- 
nieul. as disclnsed 1^ the cnrrespnndence 
which was brnuirhl dnwn to u> ye>terday. 
that the a>si>tance of itur troops, humble 
a.', it may he, will be appreciated, either 
for its material value nr bir the t'reater 
nmral help which will be rendered. it 
will be .sit'U by the wnrld that Canada, a 
dauuhler of nl<i Kn^land. intends tn stand 
by her in this ureal cnnllicl. When Ihe 
call npMies our aii.swcr t'ln-s at onee. and it 
^'rH'sin Iheelas-sical laneuawe of I he Hrltish 
answer lo the call of liuty; 'Heady, uyo. 

" If my wnnij* ran be h*iird iHWoml the 
walls of thin Uiuise in Ihe prnvini-e from 
which I conie. amonji the men whn.He blnod 
llnws in my own veins. I should like to 
renu'tuber that. In lakini; their place Imhiy 
in the raidxs nf the Canadian army to 
liuht for the raust- of Ihe allied haliniis, a 




i 1.1 ih.- Isid ll.niiil..n. l-:r>li-ii-,l 111 ih.- Mh r.M 11.. 

W.mni1.-i. At. IV Tm.. i.iir- ir-lrTi,-i,,r i.i I-! 

■ •t>: llini.t(T J tlHII-^lM 
t-:!!!!.!!.! m iW lo|l< Kmi.l. 

I'ltl lltH IIH\I< 


luiui , r»ifi»i I 

KnlMnl III lh« .l.^Tlh HalU 

I r..«i- f #■ 

i.i.i t.. ixti h.i _ „ 

Mat .'II, l!!l'i. «iun< inrfw*. m Ati^t**, l''1l. «■"! 

11 IB 

I i,| II. II.P ^11.1 ll.iial ) .1. iti>. IJii.l lUilrt) III ri.l>.i.-.i ,„ ihi< :<ii| llatiil 

>\*ti.t>«, l"1l. «'>ii'« .ixtva- Ml Mm. I., mi.. Mnumlrd ■! M)n» Jul>. I'll 7, al ih» ■■^ ii( i;ii (ii> 

(letiibH, IHII. it«* lU Hiitf* A|F 10 rhcriwl u ph)Uni<!i mill. 


t) » ,■ I! , rocs ; „ ! h r (,■ rra I \V ,> r I tl W n r 

doulilt' <luiy ivsls upni) ilu'iii. Tin- very the (iirnian Kni|HTnf invoked i!k' nit'timry 
c-aiisf for v.hirh iht'y arc calluil upon lo of his aiu-i'slors and calU-d upon \hv 
lijilii is lo liit'iii (ii)ul)Iy saiTi'd. hU'ssin^ of (lod. Tiu' (liTnian KniptTor 
"In tliis iimntry \\v arc nut ail of ilif niitilit have ri'mcniliiTcd that il'.t'iv is a 
sanu' oriy;in; we are not all of British or m-aty guaranteeing the iiidependenee. the 
Kreneli desi-ent. 1 was struck by the inleixt'ity. Llie neutrality of Helirium. antl 
words (if the hnti. memher for South that liiis treaty was signed in the last 
Oxford ]\Ir. Pcmald Sutherland i in refer- eentury Ity tlie most illustrious of his 
enee to our fellow eitizens of Cierman aneestors. Kniperor William ihe First of 
origin. They are lertainly amnn:J[st our (lermany. He mi^lil have remembered 
best eitizeiis. 'I'liis has been aeknowlediied also that there is this preeept in tlu' divine 
on more than one oi-easion. Tlun" are book: 'Remove not the ancient land- 
proud of the land of their adoption, whieh marks whieli thy fathers liave set up.' 
to many of them is the land of tlieir birth. !Uit the Crerman Kmperor threw his 
and they liave shown more than ome lejzions ajiainst this landmark in the ful- 
their devotion to British institutions. ness of his lust of power, with the full 
Hut. Sir. they would not be men if Lhey expeelation that the very weijiht of his 
had not in their hearts a dee|) feerm.u: of army woulil erusli every opposition, and 
atfeetion for the land of their ancestors. would secure their passaiie throujjh 
and noboily would blame them for thai. Bel,i;iuni. He did not expect, he could not 
There is nothin.u. perhap.s. so painful a> believe, that tlie Beliiians. few in number 
the situation in wliich mind and heart are and peaceful in disposition and in ocru- 
driven in op|» tlirectitHis. But let pation. would rise in this way a.nd bar his 
me tell my fellow eoentrymen of (Jerman; or if he harbored such a thouiiht 
origin that we have no ;|uarrel with lln' for one moment his next thout:;ht was that 
(lerman pi'ople. W'l- respect and ailmire if he met sucli opposition he could l>rusli 
a> much as they do tlie |)roud race front it aside !>>■ a wave o|' Ids imperial hand. 
which they have tiifir descent; we ac- Sir. he should have remembered that in 
knowledge all that the world owes lo the the sixteenth century tin- ancestors of the 
(lerman iieu|»le bir their ctjutributiun to Belv;ians against the despotism of 
ihe happiness of mankind by their pro- Philip II of Spain, and. thnuiiih years of 
jiress in literature, in art, and in .-science. blood and lire and miseries and suH'i'rinj^s 
But perhaps our Ciernian fellow citizens indescribalile. they maintained an unetjual 
will permit me to say that, in the struir^rle contest a;:ainst Spain Spain as powerful 
bir constitutional freedom which has been in Kurope at that time as the (lennan 
universal in Kumpe during the n.-n- Kmpire is today. Sir. if there are men 
tury. the (ierman people liave not made who forirel tlu' teachings of ilu'ir fathers 
the .same advance as have .■'ome of llie the Belgians are not of ihal class; they 
other nations ()f Kurope. I am .sure that have pntvt'd equal to the teachings of 
lhey will ajrree with me that with the their fathers; lhey have m-versurrendered; 
institutions of the land of their adoption the blood of the fathers .still runs in ihe 
llus cruel war would never have taken veins of the sons; and ajjain today, 
place. Xothinv! can be truer than tlie throuiih blood and liri' an<l miseries and 
words which are repiirted to have been sulferinns indescribable, they hold at bay 
uttered by a (ierman .soMier made a the armies of the proud Kaiser, 
prisoner in Belviiimi that t hi.-- war is not a "I repeat. Sir. lliat ihei>siieofbattiesis 
war of the ( Ierman people; an<i if lla-re is always uncertain. There may be dis- 
a silver lining to ibis darkest clouii whici. appointments, there may be reverses, but 
now nverban^is Kurope it is that as a we enter into tbi> liyht with full hope as 
result and consei|Uence ttf this war the iti the ultimate re.sult : 
(ii'rmau people will lake the d< 'terminal ion 
to pul an end b.rever to this personal inr ir.....i.m,- i-aul.. ..,,..■ i,..«,.n. 

imperialism, and to make it inipos,-^ible tih.oUmi Imi. wrv,.r«cin, 
evermore for one man l<i throw millions 

of tlie human race into all the horrors of "Sir. upon this iKrastnn we too invoke 

modern warfare, ihe l)le.ssin^ o! (iihI not the lUn\ of 

"We cannot bavet thai the issue of Battles, but the (iod of .lu.xtice and of 

buttles is alwavs uncertain, as has bi-en Mercy; audit is with ample confuJence in 

proven alri'ady in the present contest. IVovidence I hat we appeal Ut tlie justice 

Jn iiivadint: Belgium, .some two wei'ks a^o. of our eausi*, 



/ h 

' I \v 

- I il \Vn, 

"Say, mnrc. iilrt-july l-"n,L^l:inil lias wmi 
;i sitriial vicinry. a vict(ir\ wnn'v pri'i-iini^. 
)>t'rhaps. than any ibut can lie achii-vtvi 
Iiy her llccts or hy Iut annifs. Only a 
few wui'ks ano tlic Irish prnhlcin was 
pending ill thr sralrs nl' di'stiny. 'i'lic 
]»)ssibilily iil' civil striiV in Ireland alivaily 
rt'jiiicfd thi' t'vi's of Britain's (.'noniit'^. 
But tixlay the spi'ctri- nf civil war ha> 
vanislu'd IVnni In-land; all Irishmen arc 
united, ready in tiv^'lil lor Kini: and 
cniuUn'. 'I'lie voliuiteers of the noith and 
tile vdhmtvers t)f the siiulli. rnpieiiiniz 
their pasi dilTerences. stand shoulder lo 
shduldor ready lo shed their blood l'.)rthe 
common cause. And. Sir. may I not say 
thai iiic hope is not vain that in thai 
baptism of bl()od may be washed away 
the distrust of one another which has been 
the curse of Ireland in aiaes past. 

"But ii is iiiii only in Ireland ihal you 
lind llii> union of hearts. In the two niluT 
united kinirdoins the voiic of factitin Ikc- 
been .silenced. Kven those who on [irin- 
ciple do not believe in war acimit that this 
was a just war an<! that it had to lie 
fought. That union of hearts which 
I'xists in the I'nited Kinuiloni exists also 
in ('anacia. in .\uslralia. in Xew Zeidand. 
Yea. i'\'i n in South Africa Soiuh .\ffica. 
rent by war ie^s than twen'y yeais aii". 
but now united under the blessings of 
British in.-^titutiiins. with all. British an<l 
Hutch together, standing' ready to slied 
their blood toe tlie comniori cau.M'. Sir. 
there is in this the in.•^piration and the 
hope that iVoni thi.-. painful war liie 
Bnli.--h Kmpire niav enic'-^it- with a new 
bond of union, the pride of all its citizen.-, 
and a livinj» lij;lit to all oilier nations. " 

Ri^ihl Hon. Sir Uohkiit BoH!h:v Trinu 
Ministeri: "Mr. Speaker. I di'.sire 1 1 
ciale niy.srif wji)) (he ivonls iif appreciatioi) 
uttered by my rii^ht Imn. friend Sir 
Wilfred l.auruT' with re^'ani to tlie 
.«peiH'l)i*.s to wl)irh We l)a\e Just l)>Iened 
from the mover and the setonder of the 
.\ These .<peei-hes fully recoijnize 

the duly of unity at the jire.M'iU titni'. not 
only in Canada but llirout'hout the Briti.'^h 
honiiiiions. to meel a crisis, a po.ssible 
daiijier, sucli a> has not confronted this 
Kmiure for one hundred .\ears at least. 
1 have listened, loo. with the utmost 
interest and p?-obiuud admiration to the 
palriolic >peeeh which Iiun just fallen from 
my fijihl hon, iVii'ud the leailer of the 
(tppo.sition Sir Willri'd Laurien. Alreaily. 
even before I'arliament had been calleil. he 

itp 41 

had anntiunced lo iiis friends and to ihi- 
countr\" that his nieetiuLrs were ilis:-iin- 
linui'ti. that tlii' voice of party strife was 
luisheil for the time bein.u. and that he and 
his friends would ro-opirale in every way 
with those upon whom falls llu' duly, the 
very reu.sonable duly, at this inonient. of 
adminisierinji the allairs of this country. 
in taking all such measures as may be 
iieces.sary for the of Canada and 
for maintainin.u the honor and inle.u'rit\" of 
the Kmpire whose tloais ovi'r us. 

"The war has inme uiion us in the end 
very suild'iily indeed, and perhaps we 
have ntii all adequately considered the 
awful resjionsil.ility tliat must have rested 
upon the Fofeiijn Secretary and tin* I'rime 
Minister of i!ie I'niud Kingdom when 
ihey ami iheir colleagues took the issue 
which nieani ihe ^leneral l-'uropean 
war for a hundred years, and beyond all 
i|uesli)in ilie mo>t appallintr war history 
has ever known. '.\'e read in the pri-ss of 
lln' ha^itiard fai-es and the irenuilous lips 
of Mr. .\si|uith and Sir Kdward (itvy when 
(he\ made their announcements: but 
there as here they were sustainc'l by the 
ihouu;!ii that for the time beinir parly 
>(rife ua.> stilled; and \u- do not Wiriivl 
Ihal tho^e in tin- B>ritis!i IsU-s who had 
protested uiosl sironu'ly In the first place 
a.Liainst the f(articipaiion of (Jreal Bntain 
in this war united in uplioldinir Ihe luuids 
of the ,^overmnenl and in niaintainin.ii the 
itUi'fesl.s iimi duty of (he Knipire. 

"! need not dwell ver\ loni: upon the 
incidents which led up to this war. Last 
eveniuL' I i^ad tlie opportunity of readiiii: 
wilh the deepest posMble interest the 
White I'aper which wa> laid upon the 
tabli' of the House Inday. and which jjives 
Ihe untiriiiK t'lVnrls i>f Sir Kdward (irey 
who has been ri^zhlly characlett/.ed by 
his collea^^iie the Prime Minister. Mr. 
.\s<|uith. as the peacemaker of Kurope 
to preveni war. The spleiidiil ell'orts 
made by Sir Kdward Crey lo |ireserve the 
peace of Kuropi' command om* warmest 
admiration. When tlial proved impo.s- 
sible he masX earnestly endeavored to lind 
.some way of escape, short of dishonor, 
by which (Ireat Britain miuhi n-main 
neutral in tliat awful eonlesl. The untied 
force> of Kuro|ie, as we all km>w. duriiin 
the pa.^t twenty or iwenty-live years, have 
bi'en increasing bevond measure, and the 
closest siiidiMits of the World's politics 
have believed for many years ihal 
war was bouutl lo i-oine. Il did come, and 
wilh .Marllinn .suddenness; and it i>* my«y 27. l:ii:.. 



\V..utirt.-l May :l. i^HS, 

f:iili-i.-.liiiih.-C A.M.r. iiiK,.! 


l-li. Ktili. 

21. in JutiK. lit)-,. K>11<-<l I 

! Alinl. I'UT. N,.. 

£ J3 

.l!>-<<inai'(.ii>i,Jun<-.lvK. Atfi'-I 


il In lh> J.lxli r.,ntiti liiM. htillxlnl In lh» ;lMh lUIUln-i. in l.i>1>-'«l In Ih* l:l»ll> llBtiriliiiii >m 

I. l^i|>i. Wm luirt III Vtu\n-. Alitil, I'M'*, Br- Jl. <i«--*il uikI Jiinu«r>, IHlll. WniinOol i-n "<-i 
:<.>ulh AlrKBti M.i.'iaii. .Ml i.h..rki>l ^'|<t. :..|l'i1i.. 10, tUi;. 

');/,■ Ilrrn's ill f li , fifi-dl W I, I I ,1 W ,1 r 

duty til -■;!>- th;it after ivadini.' tlu' .Incu- vittiun, al'iiT liaviiii: reail the (Iciciinicnts 
montsto which 1 have alliuli'il.aftiT'^'ivin.L' to whii-h 1 luivc aihuii'd and 1 dii nm 
thnn till' must i-ari'fiil and attentivi' c-nn- tllink any iiicmhcr cif tllis House or an> 
sideration whieli was poi-niitti'd to mo in man in this cotuitn' ran I'scapo thi' i-nn- 
the short timo that has olapsod siniv their victinn that there was a delilierale de- 
arrival. 1 am eonvineed that no pivern- termination in tiie lirst plaee to I'oree war 
ment ever with iiioi-e whole-hearted earn- uj'on Serx'ia. reu'ardless of any hmniliatioii 
estness soiitrht to keep the peaee of the In wliieh she misjlu consent or of any 
world and the peace of this l-'.mpire than conseoiiences whii:h nii.ltht result front 
djd^ty■s (iovernment in the that war. I .say iliat such is my ilililiiTite 
Tnited Kin.szdom. It ha> Iteen the polic>- conviction. '1 he niitst imperious demand 
of tile IJritisii (iovernment for many ever niaile upon any free ntuion in the 
><'ar.s past lo seek rediulion of armaments world was niadi' hy the .\nstro-llimj;ai-iaii 
and thus to les.sen the danj:er which lurks Moiuu-cliy on Servia on the 'Joril day of 
in the enormous armed fcn-ces with which .lul\-. It was not to lu' called an ulti- 
the nations of Kurope have cnnfrunteil niatum. as they afterwards explaineil. 
each other. il was to he called a •demarclie,' with a 

-.M an,I ever .since The Hanue Con- '''™- 'j'"';,- ^','"' '""''■'; "»■'""'■ '•""', 'I"; 

ference ill 1!)(17 British statesmen have "l^'l^, '" 'I';"'!;''":""! made on the iird 

pleaded with nations of the world to re- "."^ ■'"'.>"; '';"' ^" ''," 'li'l'V<-i;v<l not liiter than 

duce tlieir armanient.s. .\t The Haiiue *'^A }", "" '"' "'""'"'~ ,"■, "'," -■'"! 

( -onferenc,.. and on mam- occasions since, "^ ' "'V ' '".'V ■' «'"iniary ol the de-iand 

Creat r.ritain ..lleivd to irive up what ■"" !'' ^''''V'' ^ •'"«"''■ ""der my hand 

woul.l .se, m to he verv material advantaires •'"' ',■'■!> "'•" ■' l"'"."^;'' ,"' '!'■" ''•■'"■'".'1 

to her in time of war if. I.v .such conees- ■"^'' "' ''"' ■"'^":'';' >\'"'h >vrvia itaye to u 

.sions. she could induce ( lermanv an,l othe,' imp' us with tlie truth ol what Sir 

countries to ahat.. the awful increase in Kdward ( ,rey .s ated when he said; It 

armam,-nis wiiidi had lieeu proceedinj;. '^■™"'' t",""' ,' "" t!»' ■--■■■■vian reply al- 

Mr. .\s,|mih. Sir IMward (irev. Air. ready iiiyolved the greatest humihation to 

Chnrehill. Mr. McKeena. A'r. .\cklaiid Servia that I had ever .seen a country 

I have their utterances undirniv hand and "" .'.''M'.'' , , , , ,. ., 

could read them to ilie Il.uisc if there were -^11 demand.s. demands oi t le mos, 

occasion time after time, year after year. o.slreme characler. were .■oncled. except 

occasion after occa.sion. the ISritisli 

thai was rejected onl\" conili- 

ou occasion aiier occasion, me isrillsn .- n .i i i i- i' 

( has shown itself most Irulv Honally: and the .lemand which was iiol 

and carne.stiv ,lesiro,i> of hrinitinu' al.oul '"m-ede.. was one winch w.nild h.ave 

such condition., in Knrope as would mak,. I?'''''", '" '.''^' Aiislr.i-Huivarian monarcliy 

lor permaii,.|ii peace if ihai ,-.,uld he '',"' ^Y" .""T.' ."•.'",'-' '""""'. •'''"";:" "' 

accomplished. Thos,. wlio mav read ihe llio .Servian jii.hcial system, m so lar as 

papers that have Ueen laid upon Ihe lahle ■'" ""l""'> "''" '',' '"; I"-'"' """' ''■'';"," 

of the House todav will liiid that in the '"•""■!'-^ conilecte.l wuh the iVKrellahl,' 

very moments' of peaiv, l.,.|ore ( h-eal a«i*smatlon ol the unlorlunate .\rchdukc. 

Britain liiiallv emliarkc'd in the coiillict. " ""■.'■'■P.l.^' «;'- ';■" '■""''■'Ivred sati.slac- 

she made lliis earii,-si pn.posal lo the lory. .Servia.. .■iv.larl.itrati"- or a reler- 

•"■rnian Covernnieiu; ihal if Ihis most '''"■''i'" ' '»■ "•'S',"'' "■''"'"i'l- 1 1"' rep y 

apiiairniK crisis could he p=i-M'<l she would " ","' ■\''-sl|'"-lluimarian monarchy to 

ev,.rv inlluence and everv elfori that "'" '"""ilialini; suhmi.ssion of Servia was 


.she coiiM coinniand t,. hriiiK ahoul such "''" ''V ^'"f ;'' "■'^,""' ",'"■"'> " '"; 

an umlerslandiier hetwcn (lermanv and l-'rarded and i •^as lollowvd hy an almost 

..\ustria from aiiv pussihie a -ehension in.stant deelaral.on ol war. \ ell. as you 

of attack from that .|uarter: and the know, the British i.overnmenl. and par- 

minisler declared himself lo he inspired I''." ■"■'■ "",' ''"'■'■"■'" ^'-'i'-'r "^ "I'""/'''""," 

with a verv full conli.leiice Ihal if this this tremendous re.spon.sihihty rested, made 

crisis could he pa.s.sed that ^reai result. .very possihle atienipl ai ""•; k;""" "VI' 

woul.l he hr.amhl ahoul. ■'",'''' ''■"• , " ' "" -•'"' ■""' " "' '''!.■ ',"' 

.Inly hi.'d Ihe u'H'ai powi'i-s ol Ihe 

"I will not ilw.'ll for more ihaii a world to join in nieiliaiion. ami .'Very on.' 

nioiiK 111 on Ihi'i'arh.'raspeiisof ih.' war of thi' ur.'al pow.'rs i-on.senl.'d to thai 

tlu' war tthiih hroki' onl l.elwe.'n .Xu.stria ini'.lialion .'.v.-.'pt Ihi' liov.'rnm.'iit of (h'r- 

an.l .Servia; hut I cunnol escape the con- 'naiiy. The (iovernmenl of (lermaiiy 

I I l\.. r ! :f W 

accepted ii in prim-ipU', iiut ;iIut lii:u 
there was merely iiiaclioii and evasimi. 

'■[n the eiul tiie elhirts tif ineilialiin; 
were al)snlutely IruiiU'ss. All pacifi'.- ar- 
(iofi uas evadeii. aiiW 'lie iiiiestioii arose a> 
to what shuulil he the course ol" (Ireai 
Britain willi reuanJ lo the war. Cival 
Britain soutjlil hy every possihle means, 
hy ne.uoliation am! olherwise. tliat war 
should he carried on under sui-|i i-'>ndilio!i> 
that her iiUerventiim would noi he ne<'es- 
siuy. And Ihe lireal <|Uesiinn which 
anj«r .it once was as to Ihe neutrality and 
indv.M'Mdencr of Beli:iiim. iinil u> have that 
neutrality ard independence respected hy 
the LTeat jinwtTs of l-airoju'. particularly 
(lermany and K.-ance, li<)lh of whom, in 
common with (Ireat Britain, had iruaraii- 
teed that iifutrality lirsi of all in lS:;i. 
afterwards in IS:'.:*, and airain. so far as 
( lerntaay and !■' ranee wviv eoticerned. 
during the period nf the Kranco-l'russian 
war. I need no! read llie disposition of 
the treaty. It pntvided thai Belgium 
should for all time to come he an ahsolutely 
neutral and independent country. That 
was ;^uarantecd !»y France; that w:is 
;j:uaratiteed hy <d'eat Britain: (hat was 
.guaranteed l>y (iermany: that was y:u:u'- 
anleed In" al) ihi' ureal powers of I*ajropr. 
So ^real was (lie interest of (Ireat I'.ritaiu 
in this ri'^xard ilurinu the Franco-Prussian 
war that she ne,u'olialed twn treaties at 
that time, one with llie Xorlh (lerman 
Coufederalion and tine with France. The 
tp'aty which she nei;otiat"d with the 
.N'orth ( lermau ( ■(Miredcratioti provided 
that the neutrality of Belirium should 
he res)»rled. ami if the neutrality (if 
Beljjium were not respected hy France 
durin>i that war. then (ireat itritain 
i'oun<i herself to liyht with the N'orth 
(lerman ( 'onlVderation airainst France in 
(Ivl'i-ncc of Belirian neutrality-. Shr citn- 
cluded also another treaty witii France hy 
which in lhes;une lenns she iionm] hiTself 
with France that if Ihe Xorili (lernian 
I ■onh'diratiun dm-inu the war sliould vio- 
late the neutrality of Beiuiinn. she would 
tiKhl with France a^iainst the N'orth 
(Jerman Coiiiederation in suppitrl of Bet- 
irian imlependence and Bel;iian neulralil\. 

■■ t canciot re.sisi Ihe eundusion. and 1 
do not think that any man who reads these 
ddciimetits eati resist (he conchision. that 
it was iIh' deliherale intention of the 
(Invernniei)l of (Jermaay. formed many 
years aijo. to vitilate the neutrality :md 
inde|)en)ience of Belgium in case war 

.should nreafv out will; rVance. Mvei'.v 
man in this country, every man throughout 
the world, knows tliat plans of campaiirn 
are not made after war hreaks out. IMans 
of canipaiiiii are made Ion-; in advance, 
and the ''lerman plan of camiiaiirn whicii 
has heen carried out in the present war is 
one wiiicii involved as a tirst step in their 
warlike operations the ah.solute violation 
of (he inde[»enden<-e of Beldam. 

"Let me read a few words from Sir 
Kdicard i'lrcy'^ .spee<-li in that reirard. 
lie .said: ' We were sounded in the of 
llie lasi week as to wiiether. if a,iiuarantee 
were ^dven that after the war Belkdan 
inteiirity would he preserved, that would 
content us. We repherl that we eould not 
l)apj:ain away whatever interests or ohli- 
LTaiions we had in Beliriati neutrality.' 

"In spcakiuii of the interests of thi' 
small nationalities of Kurofie in tliis 
event, he iioiuied out what will commend 
iisrll" lo Ihe judument of every man in 
this House: that once a free nation, once 
asiy t)f these .small nationalities commits 
it.self to the princi|)le of havini: its terri- 
tory overrun liy the armed forces of 
anoiher nation without oM'erinii: any re- 
sistance, from thai time not only the 
neutrality Iml the ind''pendence of that 
country Is yone. Sir Kdward drey went 
on to say this with rcu'ari! to Hollaml and 
Beiirium: ''riiesmalUrstatesin that re,t,'ion 
of Furope ask hut one thini;. Their one 
de.sire is tiiat they should he left alone 
and inilependent. The one thinii they 
(ear is. I think, not .so much that Iheir 
inteun-ily 'out that their independence 
shi'uld i)e interfered with. If in this war 
which is hefori' Furope the neutrality of 
one of countries is violated, if the 
troops of one of the comhalants violate 
its neutrality and no action he taken to 
ri'senl it. at tlie end of the war. whatever 
the integrity may he. the independence 
will he L'one.' 

"Further on he quoted with striking 
elleci the word.-; of Mr. (;!ad.slone. uttered, 
if I reniemher correi-lly. at Ihe time of 
the Franco-lVussian war of ISTO. Mr. 
(dadstone said: "We have an interest in 
the indi'penileiice of Beluium which is 
much wider than thai which we may have 
in the literal operation of the nuaranlee. 
It is f<tund in the answer >>f the i|ueslion 
vhether under the circumstances of the 
ca.-^e, this country, emlowed as it is with 
inlluence and powir. wouhi quietly stand 
hy ami witiies.s tlte pi-rpetration of the 


MKJ'.f J, K. llMniA 
Knli.l.'.lmlti-I't M. Mii^ 
Itngiuli- III Aiiuu'l. l''iX. 

|-n, Iti. iitHK iiHi von 
l.hlKiMl in ihf Uh't till 


inilHlinJaniMri, lui" itc>Jt W.hiihM in AufuM. irtlT A(i I* -hr NimnH S.x 

Alitno* M H<<< 


I iH 1*1. riin«iiii.t Mi, t ..l.-H» M. 


Onr llrrnrs 1,1 f h r < ', rr a I W u , I il War 

(lirost iTinic lluil cvit slaitifii llu' iKijii'snl" of mir U'\U>w ciiizi'iis n\' (ItTiiKin (IcsccnI. 

history, ami tluis hccnnu' parliripainrs in So far as thnse wlm were Imni in ( Icrniany 

liu' sin.' or Aiblria-liuii^ary arc i-unrtTncit. and 

"Thai was ihi' i|U('stit)n uhii-h pre- \\\u\ haw nunic Cana'ia their adnpU't! 

si'iUt'il ilst'lf lor tht' cnnsiiii'ralinn nf the honu'. I may exphiin that since the oiil- 

niinisters n*" the i'niteil Kiivudnm. and hreak nf the war \\v have had In nmsider 

that was the i|Uesti<in in llie interests of tlie disposition of those who. under the 

this Knipire as a wliole deehireii that thi'y laws of their (■ounir\. are hound to per- 

iiiuld nttl answer except liy alhrniinir tliat form military service, and wehave adopted 

the whole pDWer and resoun-es of this this principle whicli I tliini< will eommend 

Knipire were pleil;j;ed lo defend the in- itr'<'lf lo liu' judgment and common sensi* 

de|K'ii(lenct' and inlcLirity of lleliziuni as (tf .he House. We iui\i' no reason lo 

^luaraiUeed Iiy tlie treaties of 1S1:1 and helievt' that' people are inspired hy 

lS:tM. It is true that a promise was made ihi' militaristic tendencies which inliuenee 

thai after the war was over tlie neu*.''ality the tlennan (M)vernnient at the oreseiil 

of lielirium wtmid lu' alisolutely n*sp(H-ied. time, or the Austrian (lovernnient. for 

hut the words i>l' Mr. .\s.iuilli put tin- that matter. We have no rea.son to douht. 

cas'' with regard I'' that as coirently and and we do not doulil, thai piHiple 

forcihly a> it could Ite put. lie said: will he ah.soluieiy true lo the C(tunlry of 

■What would have heen the position of iheir idoption. 

Ureal Uritain today in the face of that ""rherefore we have declared hy order 
spirtaele if we hail a.ssented to this in- in ( oun.-il and hy proclamation under the 
fanmiis propo.sal? Yes, an<i what are we aulhoril\ of Mis Uinal Hiiihness the 
to ;.'et in return? .\ promise nothing (lovernor ( leiieral thai those |ieople who 
more: a promi.M- as lo what (lerniaii> were liorn in (lermany or in Austria- 
would do in certain eventualities; a li-.ninary and have eonie to ( atiada as 
pmniiM'. l»e it ohserveo I am >nvvy to adopted citizens i if llii> couiUr> . whether 
have lo .Nay it. I»ui it must lie |put upiui they have liecome naturalized or not. are 
rec(trd jiiven liy a power which was at entitled lo the protection of (he law in 
thai very mitment aniioiincini: its inten- (anatla and shall receive il that they 
lion to violate its own treaty and inviting shall not he molested or interfered with. 
Us to (In ihe same. I call onl\ .say. if we unless any amony them should di-sire In 
had dallieil or temporized, we. as a govern- aid or ahet the enem\ ttr leave tliis 
nient. >hould have covered ourselves with coimtry for the purpose of lii-hrniii against 
ilishnuor. and we >liou!d have lietra\ed ( Ireat hritain and her allies. If any of 
the inti're>i> (if thi.N cnuiiry. of which we iheni shouM he >o minded we -hall he 
lire trustees.' ohlip-d to follow the law.-^ and usaires nl' 

".\n<l I am >ure that every man in war in (hat reuard uith all the Initnanity 

t'atiada will sjty .\nien to Mr. A>i|uilh'> thai may he possihie. Mut up to the 

declaralinn. I was uhid indeed in listeti present lime we have MH't) im dispnsitiou 

to Ihe words iif my riuiit hon. friend with anionu ihese people to do anything; of 

reiiard lo o ir atlilude toward Ihe (lernian the kind, Thi'y are pursuim: ideir usual 

peiiple. We lia\ e ahsoluiel\ no .piariel avocations and hehaviim llu'inst'lves as 

with the ( ierman | pie, I helieve that yond citizens of ( atiada. 

Iliey are not iiaiuralK a warlike people. "We honor and re.specl them for it. 

allhou;:)) tmforlunateiy lhe\ are dornin- ami have every conlidence thai ihey will 

aied al Ihe present lime liy a ntililarv )>ursue that course thniUL^houl ihis erisi.<i. 

aiil'M nic> , N'o ntie can oveii-siimatc- Imwever tonu il nia> I'onlinne. 

what civilization and the world owe to " Il is proper ihal I should slate to (he 

tiermanv. In lllenunre. in science, arl some mailers which have lo do 

and philosMplu. in almost e\iT\ flepart- with the precauli«itis which ihe (iovern- 

inenl of human knowleil^e and aelivit\. meril was ohliued to take on Ihe oulhreak 

lhe\ have .Mimd in llie \i*ry fore fmnl of t.f war. I nei*il mil s;i\ thai in the I'niUil 

the world's advaiicenient. Nearly hall' Kinjfdoni amnuu tlmse imM closely in 

a miliinn of ihe ver\ liesi citizens of touch with these mailers, esnecinll) amonu 

Canada an* of (ierman oriuin, and I am (he military and na\al aulliorilies in the 

suri' ihai no ntie wtudil for one ninmmi I'nited Kingdom, there ha-* hn-n for inan\ 

di'sire lo alter an\ word or u ,• an\ veurs a cnnviclion that wime elFeclive 

e\pn'ssinn in dehale which would wnund oruuii/atioiiin thi-dominionsof the Kinpir)' 

the f*<'ir.n't*|nri or hurl the fe^'linur^ of uiiy should he pnividetl wi thiit an ciiHTHfticy 


( h , 

ii! Wai 

such iis tlKit uiiifli anise sn sutiilt-'iily 
would nut lind us alliMrcthi'i" in coufusitm. 
"Documents won' presented to the 
(loviTnincnl of Catuitla. and suhmiiu-d to 
me lor ninsidcraliou. liy llic rndiT '^^•v- 
retury of State Un- Kxternal Atlairs. Sir 
■loscpli INipe. lasi Uecenilier: and tin the 
(Uh day of January, litl 1. after liavinj; 
^(me rarefully over the do.-unients which 
were so suhinitted. I wrote to lum the 
follnwinn letter, which I think it desirahle 
ro i-onununii-aie rn the Hou.-^e: 

[■kim(, Misi-n.K"- oiH.t 

OTTVWv. ,r;iimur>" •'• l"l"'' 
Mkak Sik .li^Ki'tl I'oi-k: 

I liitvc t'lin-riilly •ttni-i'liTtil ilu- piitTM wliii'h you led 
mi* :i -liitrt finii' mjn rflatiiiK In u ))nt|H>w4l ttmfc.-ftiiT nl 
i|(init> lii-inl". [nr llii' |iuri»v>i' i>( (iitiitTtint; iiivibiurtf tn In- 
rjtl.fii t»y \)u- \.\ni»t- <]>-|>:ir)rm'iiit itt ifir Uovcriimcfit 
|iriiiiuril.v it)iiriTni-<l. ni tin- i-iinliiii;i'lii'y of an amiltn-ak (if 
wilt alTvi-iiiiic Hi" Miii>wl>'n <litiiiiiiii)ri!<. uiid ynnrt- ]i»r1i(-u- 
tiirly of iimMiiftTitiK liii- iin-|iuruliiiii nf a War ttiKtk *hii-h 
'hull -u-t ftinh ill ili'iail tin- actinn t« In- lakt'ii liy fVcry 
rc«|ntiiHilil<' iHlidul iii llii< muI nf (ii»vi-nimt>nl in )))•' <-vi>mi 
ti( *\w\\ an i-nH'Wniy. 

Till' NUKitfMliiin mii-u uiUi my a|i|inival. iin<l a* \\w 
\\r*\ notklii'Hiltm nf \\w niiUin-ak itf limiitiiuv umiUI 
I'niuniili' from ytmr (U-|>arMiifnl, I aiithnrixi- yntj. an rn<l<T 
StiTftiiry nf Slalf fur Kxirniiil AtTalrn. tn viill xudi a 
itmU'Tfiu-i- of i\v\>Hly iwitiin. ui iiiiii'\ii in itic fir«t irftJiti''^ 
nf I yniir.rlf u. rhainiiini; 1 (li<- ti.tvi-ninr Cnirnil'- 
Si-iTftiiry: :t iIk- Di'timy Miiu-ut i>i Mllllju and l>i'^ 
ftniv: f till' Iii-|>iit\ ,\tiiii-'irr "( .Iditin-: ^^ if»* l^v]>• 
iil> .MinlMiT .if Naviil M[i>ir<, w tln' ('.minii«i»n<>f tif 
I'li^loni-' 7 III)' hi'iuiiy Miui-li-r iil Marine iuhI KUIi- 
irii'.; * i)ii- l)i|iiil,\ I'lt-t Mti-tiT i;iTn«Tiil; » Ihf 
|)i-|.ut> Miitisivr nf ltailua><> mxl {'mmW. \«itli Mainr 
Conlmi M.ill. \\\\\\i\t\ OjiiTunniM rfjin-M^nl 
iim \\w Di'imrln.n.t ..I MiliKa .iim) IM<'i«r . aixl Mr. I(. 
M Sii>|<li('n<. Diri'i'lor '>f liiiuiitTy n'pniwntlMii i)it' IV|i<iri 

twnX ill Ou- Sn\.l\ Si'fMII". W JuiUI Scrfctiirlf., 

Villi Mill ki'ifi nil- infiiniiiHl from tiiix' tn tlrm- of tln- 
|in<|{n>« .iikI ri'Oilix nf ymir ili'lilHTntinii* 

SIf hiTtOi l>o|M>, SiKTMil |{ ). llnxniA 

t ...I.T S.' ..r ^i.ili h.r Kll.fll..l \tUll: 

"The work Weill mi duriIl^! the winter 
iiiniith.s. uikI. if the llou^e will fHTinit tne 
to do Ml. I can d(>siTil>e what has \hvu 
iHTomiihsheti more euMveiiienlly I'v rt'iid- 
hiu a memoratniinii which hu.«» hi-eii pre* 
piire<l Itv (he i-hairnian. and which is as 

M<->int |.„„ nLllll.d tn .1 ininfiTiFM^' nf >tl'|<Ut> 

IkiIiIh nf ivrtHtn ili'imriliit'iil* nf ilu- iHilillr ■«'r\lii'. «hii'li 
mil III niii«„ III till* i'rtrl> |inn nf I'MI I" iiiinrr1 hh-h 
4iUM^ (or thi' IrHHiiiK tip n( n Hi'iit-rul |)i'tH|iii> SriM'tni- 
(» War HiwM. ■■iiilii«J> iiiK a nttiftl nf tin- n.hniT In Im. 
liiKi'h ill Wnw nl t-nit'nii-iii'> '■> f\ff\ n"i«"wi''li- inllttiil 

III till- M-Hl lit DiiMTIinH-lll 

(il IWl i (hi- ,*(<iTi-tnr\ 111 ^(Mli- fnf (In- rntnlit*-- .■nm 
mntDt^lwl In ihK (t<i«*>ritiw'iit rifuun miMmrattilil ■•( iln' 
(Kcrvrx* l)>tr<ii'r riHiiinlMt^' millllilni Ihi' itcilini l>> Ih> 
iNkfn lit (III- iiHtiil unit mlliury iitllh»riUp« wlirti rclu 
llnio «llli Kilt fiinitfti iHiiNff liM^i nr •irniiiiHl mK'I nn 

Ikf im|lir*-Hh ti( Hur 

~iik:i;<'-'>Ci<i!i »;i- >'.<iu.'\i'i( ihat liii' i;n^<Tiiiuvhls nl 
in,-. M'lf-t:<iM'rr)iiik: •Inriiiiiioii.' iiiiulit 
a similar r.'iiinl in cm-h i-a.-i- in tnt>i-l sm-h i-oii- 
i,.., IS, liy tin- iliri-t'tion of lln- (iiivmimi'til thesi- 
ri-i'ii.tinu-iiilatiniis v%.>ri- iMiisidi-n-il l>y lIu' Incal IntiT- 
ili'liarenrtiial CiimmilUi' wliii-li iw i-nmiui^-il nf |lit> 
• .luTi iitfinTs nf il«> Nav;.1 iiinl Mililia l>i'|iiirtnii'nl* 
-itniii; tn^nthiT . Tlir iiiinniitifi' ri'itnrtfil ihui a ii>n- 
iiTi'iirr it[ (fnwi- ,li-tnHy miuw'iT' wimsc 'Ipfiurlnwtitu 
^iniilil lif imnianly iiITitIihI liy iiii onthmik <>( war fhiiulil 
l.f lu'lil i>. i-on:-iiitT linw liir*t In uivi- .■tTi-i-l In tin- iirii|insals 
"fthi'Ovi-wa!* Commitiif, 

Tliin mii;it<**li"n mil- stiliiiiiUiil In llic I'ritni' MiMi!<iiT 
ami ri'i'i-iMi: thi- a|i|>rnv:tl nf iIih unviTtmii-nt. TlMTi'Ulinn. 
:i niii-liim nl tin- uniliTini-iilintii.l iliiuity In-mln. itiKKlht-r 
ttiili tlif (invi-rtmr (niiiTul'- Milit:ir>- Sivri'tary, wa.t 
li'lrl ntiilir tln' iliiiirinari.liij. nl Sir ,lin«*jili l'o(n'. Inili-r 
Sfiictary of Sliiti* fnr Kxli-rnal AITairfi, nn tlii' l^ttli 
liiiniiiry, Ptl 1: ilii' Di-pmy Mini.*ti'- n( Miliiiii ami 
lu-d'iut; if»- Ih'iHity .^tiriintcr nf (he N«v:tl Scrt id-, tJif 
lif|itity Miiiiiti-r nf Iiimhi-. iIii> l>i-|iiity Minister of 
Cii-inni-'. Ilu- l)t')iiiiy I'n>tnia4ti-r tii-m-ral. tlu' Pr|inty 
MiniM.T . 1 ltitil«»ay/aiiil I'anuN. tlir Dvi.nty MiniMiT nf 
MtiriiM-umi *iili ( Hull. 
of militiiry oiH-raiinnf ri-lir«-fiiii'ii* iKi- Ili'iiartmt-nt nl 
Militia iiml IMi-ii.-i- . ami l.i.-iin-ti.iiit IC M. Sti<|i)).-ni.. 
'lin-i'tnr nf iiumiiTy n'|in*fmiim lIu' l)i'|iarlm<-nt nf 
Ilu- Niiv;t| StTviii--, UK jninl wi-ri-1 iirii-H. 

.\t tlui tnit'iintc it Aim ilii-iiliil tliiit llti* Hi'<-ri<t)irif!> 
-hniilil ai-i)iii)inl i<ii.-li miMiliiT nl llti- iimft-ri'mi' nl tin* 
i-.irinii- '■on ((«((*■"<•('■" Htiii'ti niiit'ri iiriM' in tin- civnt nf 

\\)ii.'li til HiiiiTiitinn nl lii^ ilf|iartmi-Ml wnillit lie rr- 

Hilirni): Uitir. i-iialiliii|! Iiitii tn ,li-.-i.lf what -t.-|» wniil.l Im- 

mT<-"ary tn uivi- .'Ifi-.l tn llii' il,-fUinii» of lli HlltTi-mi-. 

ami In ili-liiil an nlll.-i-r nf lli* ili'liaritm'iil tn rniifi-r with 
llit< -I'lri'tiiritx ill llii' ailtial rinitiiliillnii nl llii' War Itni'k. 

M>'i-lili«. "I till- -nl.- nniiltfi' vM-rt' -iii'i-inimitly lii'M 

Irn'ii timi' tn timi', ut wlllrli llii' m-i-iifi..iiry il.'linll tn III' 

laki-Ji li.> ilif variiiii' ilt'iwriiiii'nt" m li wnl nf i-i-rliiiii 

i'iihliiitt<>m-ii-i> iirltintt ua- I'.ir.'fiilly i'nm>|i|i-ri>>l ami ili-ti-r- 
miii<-i|. Ka.'li ili'iiarem-nt ilii-n proi'i>i-ili><l in ili-vi<ln|> It* 
nwii lim- nf ii.Ilon ni ilt-tait, llii- .ifml.- t.i'i'Kt •.Ht"'«(<l'''"'>' 
■-n iinlinnliil tiiiil im-oriMirali-'l in om- x-ln* m-. tmliruiinu 
lilt' I'unrw In Ih- fii|lnw<-i| liy tin- (i.iM<riiiiii'iit ii« a wlinli' 

nil an i-mt-ri: -y arloiiitt Tlil,' -.i-ln-.n!' wiw tli>>n t>til>- 

mitiml tn itml a|i|imvi-i| l<y iln- I'rlnt" Mininti-r. 

Till- tiikinu III iIk-vi- |ir.'.'aiilinmiry tni'iinuri-o imiviil 
mn>i fnriniiitu-. a.* nti llii' rii-H|<t nf iiili'lll|ti'ni-i- iltiriliu 
Iln- 1it»t f.'W «iH-h< nl ilii- Mrioij* ■Uu.nnni in Kiimjk-, (In* 
U»w>rtim«'Hr Imtml )lM-)f in a |ii»ilinti lo liikt>. wltlioui llm 
■littlilt*! ilvliiy. «tiili aiiliiri a» itm t-iiifi-mif« of ilin ninmi-Ml 
ili-mamliHl. i-nmiirn-nilv wiili Mi> Maji->iy'< llnM'fiimt'iil 

in.f Willi ihv ■f.t.r ilomini of ihi- Kinfiirr 

I7tli Auiin-i. I'll I 

"I eannni nverefttinmie the ureiu ad- 

vantage tt) Ihe counlrv which rexultcii 
frofi) IjJiviiiK lhe,>;e mjiiler,-* eofL-iilrred. 
determined and arraimi-d in advance in 
coniunciiiin with I he Imperial ilovern- 
meni, The arranuemeiils wldi-h \vere 
in.staiitK necessary, and In wiiich I shall 
alludi' more in tietait in a moiiieiil. were 
made wilhoul the ^iulilest confusion, 
MI cMfunKinieatiotis from (he Imperial 
aullioritie.H wen* acted -ipoii promptly and 
with, as I say, an entire ahsetice ol' confii- 
sinii. Kvery delail had het'ii previnuslv 
wnrkett "ul wilh prei-iftion. ami 1 am 

t'urp» in AiMU'i. pi| I. ■ 

II \\*\ i- 


'*""■ I,',;''!". '"*' 

t Hlioxl kiO, ih* I !><(. lUtial 

>.)>' tMtttlli 111 < 


!•< ItH' I -i-lh lUxil 

|l*1» \tf IS Kllllnl 

•riHHi mftt. IK, miT. 


K.iili-ir.1 »iih Ihi- ■'•"Ih lt>Hii1i..n „> Khli".-! oiili ihr .'rfllh A.S.C. K.iur K>i1 

1 K\ .\i^-i--t. Knli-i 

iiili- III S'. K1..1. I'MK a 

l*TB. Hbiit (iin 


'"' ' ""f ™"""UV.Ii !■> ^vrniv. 

I \\.',.l «> s.-..i1.n<l. 


%» I'll; Kl.ttVKl. !■*»*•.* I'll, \<>Ktl> <'tClkl\ 


■ml HI iIhi MMh lunni • ».»1t-i>- 

JunrUI. t«>> Svr J>. Ih>' 

^ ^ 

/ . .^J^ (- 

»»r i. K>1M III ■■(■•■« i>. Jatiuw). nt|; Kp- U. 




// / Wo r ! ,1 ir 

itilnrnii'd In ilu- iliainnan nf t!u' cniifcr- 
cncc ihal ('spivially an- tin- thanks ul' the 
people nl' this I'luinlry due to Major 
(^tnion Hall am! Mr. Stephens, upon 
wiinni a \-ery larjie part of the work in 
niakinu these arranjrenients necessarilv 

"In ft)nneflion witli the outlireak ol' 
hostilities, ihe (ioveninient has l)eeii 
o!)li,m'd hi take some extraordinary steps. 
and certain of these steps will reciuire 
ratitie^ition l»y ParlianvMit. We realized, 
and I liope ever\- nieniher of this House 
and all the people of this country will 
reali:'.e. that there was a tremendous 
res|iunsiliiliiy upon us. and ! can assure 
all the inemliers of this House that In as 
far as we took any action which niijiht 
require tlw ratitiration and approval tii 
i'arlianient we ti'ok it only we 
lielieved that in the exercise of our duty 
we were liounil to (hi so hefore I*arliament 
could possiltly a.oemhle. On the very day 
before the war limke out we purchased 
two suhniarines. having lirst consulted 
with the Ailmirally. Crews have heen 
procured hir both, and I lielieve the ollicer 
iti i-ommantl on [he i'acilic coast at the 
present linie is an e\i)ert in such matters, 
and that the erews are already comiH'tent 
to make lhe>e suhniarines usi'fnl for the 
defence of our coa>l> ami of oin- shipping, 
if occasion >hould reijuire. Tiie liainlmw. 
already In cunimis>ioii. wa> furnished with 
the tu'ce>.>ar> a;nmuniliiin and sinres ami 
her ci'ew wa.-- snpplemeuled hy a numlier 
nf naval volunleers. I think that ^rreal 
praise is due to thoM- in command of her 
for the enurajieoils act which they umier- 
look in L'oini: south in face of two nioiiern 
(Icrman cruisers to a>sist in l.ritminiz hack 
the small tio.t[". Al^jerine and Shearwali-r 
uliich were then in the >outh. The 
NioJH- ha.-- also heen put It) commi.>sion as 
she po.ssesses some tiirlitinn .-(Irennlh. and 
she will he niantted in part liy the crew.s 
of Ihe .Shearwater and the Alvrerim* and 
in pari li\ Mrilish naval re.M'rvisi>. All 

of lhe>e hoats have lieen jtlaced under the 
direction of the Admirallv l>v virtue of 
the auihoril\ cotiiained in thai hehalf in 
the N'aval Service Ai-I. I'Mo. 

'■*rhe correspondi'uce which has piis>ed 
lietween Ihe ( iovernnient of ( 'anada and 
till' t lovernmeiit of ihe Tniled Kin^ 
anri also the inrri'spondi-nce wliicli has 
taken place hetween Mr. Perley and 
myself, ii- well as tln' Orders in Council, 
have lieen on tlie talile. I may siiy 
thai, on relurnii<>! (o (Mtawa on the 

morninji of Au;:us( 1. 1 consulted with such 
of my colleaiiues as were in ( Utawa at that 
time, and I sent two lelejjrams. hoth of 
which since have heen made public, one 

yesterday and one on a previous occasion. 
The lirsl leljrram I sent on .\uuusl 1 is ;ts 

.XiiKu^^t I. nn-i- 

SKCKt'rr. Ill vi<'» of ill.' iiniM'ihiitit: <linit:<'r >if \<.ar 
t-uolvii.i; ih.' ,.m|.ir.- my ;ulvi-.Ts ;.rr :.nxmii.|y ,„risi,l..r- 
itm III.- riii.M rlTi-i-iiv.' Tii.'iiris »f n'lul.-rini,' .-vrry \,o>m\.1,- 
mA ;in<l liii'y \<ill wi'lroFti.. any siiKucMinn-' ;inii mlvin- 
wlil.h Iriippriiil tiaval and miliiury uutlioriiifM may dtn'm 
11 fSfH'ilifni til iiltcr. They an> cuntiilfiit thai a i-onsidtr- 
:il>le fon-c wiHil.l lie avaihihU' aliruad- .\ quiwtion iiiL» 
ixi-n iniMittil ri>s|i)<<'(inu ilu- siaiiw itl any ('uniidiun fnr<t'. 
Canadian Militia .\(-i iintviili-.* that ihc acriti- militia 
i-aii (inly Ih> plat-Mi un lu-iivc ^crviit* l»t>yaiid Taniida for thi» 
dt'ffiKf ihiTMif. Ii lias \»fn ^iij^i-sted that rcKinn'nts 
iniKlit fnlist jl- tiniHTial irixiii- ft>r stali-tl ImtiimI. t'aria- 
<!iaii CnviTnim-iii uiidiTliikin« to maki' nil mn--,tary 
rtnunciul imiviMiiiti fiir tlii-ir cciiiipiiicnl, jniy and niain- 
tcnainf. This )ini|)(iHiil li;i.« mil yi-t liet-ri niiiturdy i-cjn- 
*idi'n'd hen' and my aitvi«Ts wiiuld U- flad in luivr vii-»^ 
itf linrxTJal (ioviTimi.'ii; thiTiim. 

"The answer which we received and 
which was not made miblic at that time, 
as war had not yet it,' iken out. was on the 
:!rd of Aujrust. and it is :is follows: 

Willi rrfiTtTii-i' 1.1 your .-miIht ii'liv"r;irii i>( Jiid .\uuu^l> 
l>li'a<i inlorm y.iur niiniiHT-. ili.'ir |iairiiiiir rvadin<*A< 
io r.'iii!.T .-v.Ty aid i.x d.-«'|ily ii|.iir.'.'ini.-.l l.v Hi.- M»"—yV- 
liov.TiwmMi. I. Ill [|ii-y H.iuld i>ri-h'r |>.>si|>,.uink: d.-lailnl 
iil'«.Tvalniii' iif I 111' ■.iiitui' |iiii forwant, iiciiilini; 
furilirT di'v.'liii.iiii'iiH X-. «>(m a* *ittiiiliiin aiiii.'ar-. In 
r-M fiirth.T tii.-;i.ur.' 1 Mill i,'I.-r;i|.li m.u ^i-ajii 

"Thai lelenram is .sinnilicant because 
it .shows that then, on the third of .\ 
the Imp, rial C»»vermtient not only were 
Usin^ every endeavor In preserve peace, 
but had hopes thai peace nuyhl be pre- 
served. Therefore thi'\' made their an- 
swer to Us in ihe L^uarded kmenai:'' wliich 
I have just inioted." 

"Mr. W. K. M\rLi:\\: ■ l> that sinned 
by the S<rretar\ of Slate for the Col- 
onies?" " 

"Sir KiiHKliT UiHtlU'.N: That i- sinned 
by the Secretary of Stale for ihe Colonies, 
Mr. Harconrt. .\ll these eonununicalions 
vjo from Hi--' lioyal liinhness to the .Secre- 
tary of State for ihe Colonies, and Ihe 
replies are rceived ir) the same way. 

"On the fourth da> of .Viinust they 
sent us the billowing furtlier lelenranis 
with regard lo tlie siiuw nuitter: 

Tliimitli UkTi- Miviin lit lu' nil imiiifdlult' iii-itoniiy 
I'lr iitiy rit|i|(Mi nil Diir tmO (or an i>«|iis|it Jiiiur> tiiri-<' 
(foMi (uMuda, I itntik. In vh-u nl their Ufni'Mii* nlTor. y.iiir 
iiiiiiioiff* uniild Ih' uim' In ink.' all lii(i<liilivi' and nihcr 
.|<'|» t.> «)i|r)i llii>> wnilld Ih' .'imtilitl Mllh.iul dflity In 
l>ri<vldi- .mil u fnni- iti . aw It ilnml.l !«• rf.(nirr<l luli-r. 

a , 


/ h V r, , 

nl \V 

■hi w 

"On l!u' (iLii liay of Au^rusl ihey si-nl 
us thu followint; (icspatch: 

Willi t-ffiTeiii'c 111 iiiy icIi'Kniiii 111 AiiKiiNi l, Hi- 
Ma jcsly'.* (irtviTiimfiU urali'tiiUy iUTcpi,- idltT of yimr 
Ministers to s«'n<t ftpiiliiidnary for-t- tn ttiL-t rauntry, ami 
wimld 1)H Klufi if it miilil In' ili-siuitihi-d il' .*<»on ii," jMissihlf. 

■' Tlu' sujiU'^'sU'ii coinpusition which 
rollowt'tl Uitt-r was. as stated liy my rijiiit 
hci;,. friciKi the k'adtT of tht- <>pl>'>sitinii, 
tu whom I have mminuniratfi. several <tf 
these (lespalehes in the ineaiitiine. that 
we slumUl send rurward a divisicin. enm- 
prisinjx aliitul 22.5 ' men. 

"My advisers, while expressing tlieii" 
ninsl earnest Impe that peaeeful snlminn 
of cxistinji inlenialioiiai diltieullies may 
he achieved and tiieir strong desire In 
co-operate in <n'er>' poss'hle way for that 
purpose, wi.sli me to convey to His 
Majesty's (lovernmi'ni the lirm as.surance 
tliat if uniiappiiy war .--liould ensue tlu* 
Canadian people will he united in a com- 
mon re.soivc lo put forlh every elfori and 
to make every sacrilice neces.<ary to ensure 
(he inte^nt>- and inaiiUaiii the hrtnur of 
our Kmpire. 

"To which on ihe L'nii of .Auj^usI the 
foMowinn reply was received: 

Willi r.-t.Ti.ii.-.- 1.. VMi.r t.lruraiu i.l M AiiiiuM. Hi- 
\Ia,.-ly's (liiv.TiiMii'iii i-rali'fully \M'ln>m>' lUi' u-.Miraiu'v 
■if yiiiir (JoviTiiiiifiil Uiiii ill ilit- [in-.H'Til t-risl. ihi'y may 
-•').>■ im Htn>li-lic;)rii'iJ i>.)-i>(,(.nilii»ii i>/ ihf }H-op]f i)f 

"I Spoke ill that re^ani of the uiiiteil 
spirit and action of the people of Canada, 
and suliseiiuent events liavc shown that I 
was not in any wise niistaken in placing 
that estimate upon the sentiment of the 
<anaifian |ieoplc. The men of Canacla 
who are lioiai; to the front are ^\>\u\: as 
I'rrr men in xohnKan enlistment as irrt' 
men in a free country. 'I'hey are ctuninii 
forward Vi)hmtaril> for the pur)»isc of 
serving tins Uuniinion and this Kmpire in 
a time of pi-ril. Ah'eady I am iid'ormed 
hy the Minister of Militia that lhousuid.> 
more ihaii will he fc(|uired iiave volun- 
teered to jro. I de>ire to cvpre.-s mv 
ahsolute concurreni-i'>[in the view put 
forwani li\ the hon. jiieniher hir South 
Uxhird Mr. Sutherland in hi> eloi|uent 
address, namely, thai it i.•^ the duty of the 
people of Canada, and of the tewenmient 
of Canada loo. so far as mav he in'ces.-<ar\ . 
to make all ^Ultaillc provision (or the 
families and c-jiildrcti of those who are 
^'th\ii to Ihe (mut. Wr are irivim: lo our 
countrv and our Kmpire at thi> time of our 
het*l. and we are ]n*oud to do it; hul we 

must not forget our liuty lo those who are 
left hehind. Neither the people of ( 'anada 
tinr the (Joveriiment iii' Canada will over 
for tine moment forget that <luty. 

"There has also heeii made j)ulilic a 
lele^irain which we despatched lo the 
mother country with rejiard In a provision 
which we thought would he very welcome. 
ntit only I'nr the matf'rial assistance which 
it wdul(J atfonl. hut as a tvmiader to the 
mother country that the people of the 
Dominions were with them in every, and thai this irreat i>omiiiion of 
tiurs has heeii justly called the ,ixranary of 
the Kmpire. Therefore we sent on the 
titli day of .Auuusl. throu!J:h His Royal 
iiiKiniess the Governor Ccni'ral. this tel- 

My iiihiiiTs ri^|iii-t ni.' to iiiripnn you Ut;il tin- lutifh- 
.,f I'iHUiilii tlinnii-li tlii'ir llnvi-riitin-it li.-^in l<i "Ifcr one 
Miilliiiii liai:s iif ■iiur of iiiii.ty-.-iulu iiiiuiul;. t-ai'h n- a «ifl 
111 Ui.' iHHipl.- Ill iTiiUMl Ktnu'l""'. t" I"' liiaaif at tlii' 
.li>lH«al ut Hi< Miii.'siy-- (J.iv.TUiiMit ami I.. In- ii.^.'il I.T 
.^iili piir|....-i-s a;. Uiry may ilr.-ni .■\|,.-li,-iil. 

"U was ihounht desirahle that this 
-•should iro as a nift from peo)»le to people, 
hut vhat it should i>e placed at the dispo.sal 
of the Imperial Ciovertnnent to he used 
for.sueli purposes as they aiijzht determine. 
We receivi'd ill reply to that the fullowinjj 
telegram Ufuler dale of .\u^'usl 7. e.\pres.s- 
injl the jireatest po.ssilile appreciation; 

On lirlialf i.f III.' Ii.M.|,Ii' of Ihv fiiilnl Kitii:i|.im. Ili^> 
Majt'My\ lidvt'ninifiu iirii-|ii \^iUi ili-fp Kraiiliiilf llu- 
■'tiji'iitlld ilikI Vkt-liiii)ii< ii\l\ of Hour frtxii Caiiuila. wlijcli will 
In- itf tin- K"'""*' ort' tor tfi" ftfcwilj-iiTK lit ((ricc^ ami nM 
iif iliittritw ill ttu?> i'nimtr,\. We run in'\«r fnwi ilii- iji'ii- 
• noiity mill |irii'ti|ilitii<l<- "t tliiN Ki't -"I'l tli<> iiiLtrii)tiH;n 
fniiii vtliti't) it «|iriiiK!*. 

"1 desire to express appnriation at 
this moment of the action of the provinces 
and from indiviiieals in Canada during 
Ihe pas! week or ten day;;. Kroin pni- 
vinces and from individual--" ^MfIs have 
come. ]in'\\\ and small. >howin^ Ihe intense 
eailerncss of the people and of every 
province in Canada, hut in the mi»ther 
country itself and in evei'.\ I'ominion will. 
1 am sure, feel the most ^M'ateful apprei-ia- 
tii'M and render l!ie warmest lliaiiks for all 
Ihe aid Ihus rendered. 

"I have alreaiiy spoken nf our action 
with regard to reservists; I have s;iid thai 
we havi- priH-lainied t() tliem I hat u> 
citizens oC Canada they are entitled (.. 
ihe protection of ttur laws and that they 
are not (n he ttiole.-'teil. imhw they attempt 
to leave this counlry t" Ituhl anaiusl uk. 
or to iiive aid lo the enemy or otherwise 
violate ohlinulions undertaken as cili/.ens 
of Cunudu. 

I'lt:, »;. I'lHEKiis l.iL:i r. r. II. I'iMI., Iran--- KnlKtitl in thv K.A.r 

f.Tr.-.i I., th,. ITih Itmul An.- in fr-w 

r.n\\>.u-i m ih.. sTth Hui 

Kniiiliil in thr .'Ir.l IIm> 
linil»T-. .U<- r ^'> ■■'■■■ 

fi 1 a 

htil»(«t in Airt- 

M It \f :t I 



i:i, 11. 11" t.^tl. lUl 

1.1)1 f W I I «N<>N. VI 

lolt.xM -tiu-i 

t liii' ". \»y 



-r 1!M'- 

V.\.Wu:\ in ih.- IMnil, 1t,„i, „ Ktillxtiil m ih<' :lM)i 

llr-.Tml».r. Il'i:., ,\i;i' :;'i. KiM.hI ItanstiTir.! ii. ih.> Jn.l 

m iir-i.itt Mm :l, L'tr Kill.-.! m Vimv;.'. Mi.r 

. \Ur,li. l!.i:., W,-.,. in Vn 

\t..- ;: r' 


\u«.i". •"'! I<"i 


l.nli'lM In '■ y I 'iinitiany i» 
l"ih lUiialMin In rH-ruaiy, 


« i'»n». I" 'i»h It'ir*!!". A#»"J! 

O >i I- // . rots ; ,1 t h r C n II t \V ,> r I ,1 W a r 

"I mi.L^lu alliKit' to llu- fiu-t tlnit \vc •'In n niurtinn with the .uit'l to which 

found it niH-essary to estalilish censorshiii. I alUulfii a nioiiU'iit a^M>. iht' iiilt lo 1\h 

Thai was reiianieil as al>snlutt'Iy essiMitiuI Mritish iM'opU' tt\' a mihioii hatzs of Hour, 

at thf outset; ami Wf ton!; upon ourselves may I adil that ihirin.Lr llie past week 

to order censorship. lrustin,t: that I'arha- we have been in correspondence with Mr. 

meat, in so far as mi;.ilit he necessary. IVrley with a view to ntfenn!^ to the 

would approve our action afterwards. ( lovernment of France, if tliey shouhl 

We had also to provi<le for tile pnO'.ihiiion ti<'sire to accept it. a ho.spital of fifty lieds 

of the export of certain articles. That which we will he prepared to acquire, 

prohibition may not he fount! nece.-^sary cMUip an*! maintain. The proposal has 

for the purposes of war. it perhaps may Ih- heen put forward through Mr. I'erley. as 

further rela.xed from time to time. Hi^h Coinniissioner. who had been in- 

■■|-n,m even- part of we hav. slnulj..! to a-snTlain th,. wish, s nf ih,. 

,i..U.rni!natinn of tlu. |H.»pk. „f this 1),.- ' '";'";^'' ;| ^"nilai- Pn.n"-.-^itl,m Ita- l..rn 

mini,,,, t,. supp„,-t th. ,;,.,ther c-,H.n,rv i"a.i.. I,y ,h,. Bnt,sh („,v,.n„,v„ t„ Ih.. 

a,„l tlu, -HluT ' l„i„ii,i„ns «-hic-h a,v h„u„il '' 'T"''' ■"^■'■'•"'"'■"' ■ l'">- ''.' . ' I"' , •'!;- 

t„wlh..r hv tl,v stf„„K.-st p„ssihl,, ties. th,. I'-'""'*"' f'^r •'."• ' "■'■--"'•'■, "^ fi^'' "'"'•' 

ties „r ahs,.li,t,. Mritish MluTtv an,l ,.f T th,. (.„v..r„me„t „l I-falf..,. at 

p,.rlV,.t s,.lf-ir„v,.f,„ii,.at. Th.,s.; ti,.s hi,„i ""; '"■"'■"] ,"','■ '*|'"^'' "■""Tiim,.„t hav,- 

,„„.r- th,. p,-„vi,„.,.s ,.r < -aaa.ia i„ this ","', 'T''" ^'''''; "."''•"» •'" atlsuyr t,M,a,-s^ 

l>„„iini,ms „r th,. Kmpir,. witi, tl„. „„.ll„.,- '";'■. l'"'"'-'>' ?'";', "'■" ''"' '■'■V'™'";:"' 

a lime „f stress an, |H.rl,aps „r peril s'.,,-!, ""■'"• '^''"■'' ^','" -»■■;■»■'","'" I'" w,t!,l„.|, 

,1 . ,K 1 ' 1 ,1 . . ;i'e prepare! to esahisi. eiiuip ;nt 

as this, thev have proveil the stronues .'.'., . ' ' . 

p„ssihle ciesthat ,„, 1,1 he ,ievise,l hv anv '"^ >ta,n. m l-ans ,,r ..Isewlu- ,. a Ijusp.tal 

«„v,.rn,nent thn.uuh,.ut the w„rl,l. ' '"^'l^ "« I'." ^ , ■ 1" i 

^ ctmifort ol who may be wounded 

■■ it mi^ht not be out of place to say a in the war. 
word with reirard to the navy, which has "The leader of the <'|ipi>silion has 
been alluded to very elt»|uently by my alluded to the uncertainty of human 
riiilit hon. friend anti by the mover ami I'vents. and particularly events such as 
.sfvonrler of the .\ !t is ban'ly two are before us in the vri'at war whii-h now 
weeks since war broke out. .\Iready conlVonls the Kmpire. Tru-'. the future 
nearly every pathway a< theoci-an has is shrouded in uncertainly, but 1 hehi'Ve 
been cleared. Our ''orl■i^'n commerce has that the people uf t anada lunk forth upon 
b(eli hut little interfered with, very I'ttle it with >teadfast eyes. Hut. let me .<ay 
indeed. The splendid ortzanization itf the that while we are now upborne by the 
lirilish navy hrs enabled this to be aci'om- exallalion and enthusia.sni which come in 
plished. Those wlm are familiar with the tirsl days of a naliitnal crisis, so jzrea' 
reliirious service ii>e{| al .--I'a will rt'niembei' that it moves the hearts of all men. we 
(hat pi'ayei" uoo up from the men of the nnisl not foru'i'l that da\s may conn- 
navy, ir) peace as in war. that they ma\ when om' patience, our endurance and 
be safeiiuarded to their Sovereign and his our fortitude will be tried ti) the utmost, 
ijominions and a .security for such as pass [n days let us .see to it that no 
upon the seas upon their lawful oecupa- hearts ^row faint and that no "ouraire be 
lions. The (luaint words of thai ohl found waIllin^^ I was very much loucheil 
prayer as pi-rfectly as may be by the words of a despatch which came 
llial which is most es.sential for the in (ndy an hour avio ihese ilespatches 
sei-urily ami inle^rrity of this Kmitire. a are seni !<» us front hour to hoiu'. It 
.-afe pathway iIh' seas. Surely that shows a s|tirit w!iich later we may need to 
prayer has Iteen fullilled even in tins t-niulate when perhaps lidinus shall come 
appalling: war. for already the .silent vie- to us that these nf our and our 
tory or, tin' .sea has been won. The tiearest who have ^one to the front have 
.Atlantic now is. and we have every rea.son fallen in battle. I will reail the words of 
to believe that the raejlic shortly will be. ihi' ilespatch. which are very simple and 
practically as .safe and secure bir Ihosi' direet : 
under the protection \i\' (he tiair as in time ^,^^^^, \,n,,„, ,,, ,, ,„ ,, „ ^ w,.iri;..i wiiii it.ur 

of peace. ,nu* in i)i.- Fnnrti itrin> i<hIii.v ^u,1hl'll •liiNtty dowti ttir 

-l.-,,s -f ,m, 

■ "f 

[li.- rnuniVii 

mI < 


■!■>. aIi.t.- n-l 

:itiv.',-i :.n- 

»llici:Llly iiifi 


il \\lii'iiiiT • 



iin- ilvinl, «. 

inmiii'il iir 



• Wil.i l-M- 


wliitf. Iiut hi' 

T I'MUitlOli 

wiui «rf;it(T 


1 >'oul<l 1..- , 



I'll in tear.-. 

A fri.-,i.l 



aii.isiml: - 


■ im Kimii 111" 

*^' ium 

... Kh.a ...y 


is mU:" 


■s. ' 

I hey iin- ul! ; 

'iif.-.- «:i> 

i(i.T..ply. -1 


ATi- siifi- in 



ns (.r thf Kati 

her: I an. 

,.rnu.l ... uiv 

1- .lil 

tn lli<M"iM- 

"U is nut fittinji 



1 sllnlllil 


this del) 


, In III 



i'u! (lawn 

of tlu- 

II I- If (■ rocs i II I h V <;,-,' a I Wo, I il \V n r 

'i'iu'ii. uncxpcctfiiiy a!u( s|)nnianc(iusly. 
tlh- war came Imnn'. The itcrsimiu'l domin- 
atcfl Parlianioni. Mt'mlicrs talked in husky 
tonos. their vt)ii_'t's al times ahiinsi lircakini:. - 
Triimte was paid to \Un\. Dr. ileland. liuMi 
stTvinif al the I'luvrnmt in the lU'iiJcian 
Medii-ai !'i)rps. 'Vhv MK'ntiiin nf the hernir 
wnrk ahvady aa-nniplishei! by the quiet 
Ktvnch-( 'anadians was utveleil liv applause. 

illl.-> ui-iKln-. Ill till- ilUlLlI lUlUd 111 lllf 1 -1 ■ ■ I 1 , .1 1 l-'.l IV • 

.■^.,..,t..-i ,.-.... ti, ,.- ..11 u .- T- wlulc jrtvinj: heed tu the wcprds (i( the Utvinc 

ln■eate^t war llie world lias ever known. i. i ..i . ,i . ,. ,i .i ■ 

;» tii.> i....... „.i„.., ,. ..a ..*■ 1 Ixtnk. Let anv that putlelli on lIuMr armor 

\n the hour wtieii per roll runls us sui-h ■ , i ,i ; .. .i ■. n- ■■ i* t in 

lu; i.-,„, ;.. 1. ., . (■ I (■ r lioast as he ihal puttelh It o I. I)eeare<il)r, 

us this i-.miiire has not hieed dr a hun- -vi- i i /-i i . .i i ,■ *i -n- 

I,. 1 ,. ,,,. ,. ,.,. .. ■ Al i-hael ( larke. at the r ose o a thru nii 

ilreii xcars. owvv van or unneeessarv ,, „ ..,,. , , i- .i . ■ .i ■ 

u<,nl >c,;m a ,\Un„-d. As t„ ,„„• <kav. M .'■''''"■• .^^ " -^'''''"'"'V '•• ■'l"-<' ' >•'! "' " '--^ 

-.m' ;,«nrcl: «■. suu-.d sliouhl,.,- 1„ slmukl.T ",'-'f ^''^■'■'■,'.- '".'. 'l;', "l'' \\", "'"^ '"^''l "- '" 

uith llritm,, an,l ih.. oiIut H.-itish ,1,.- ■^."™ ■"^"i""- , may ... 1 ,1,,. H,.us,.s„n„.- 

„■,„:,„, . ■ , ,1 ■ . ,, ,,.,. 1 < 1,1.1, thmjr it prohaliiv dofs not knttw, exe asnied 

nnnion> ni Hum uaire . .vnd that dntv we ,., \i-, - , ,• \i-\-.- ..i\ n e 

shall n„t rail tn lullil as th. Imnur of H' Mills ,t ulM.hua, - Our ,-ull..aum. fmm 

Canada Km fur ,h,. l„v,. of «"! l'''':^''^^-^^'^™; l.iss,,,, ,,, ,h.;sj.n-,«.,, Ins 

l.altl,., not lor lus, of ,-.,n.,u,.st. „u, lor ;-';""t>V- A.rain ih...-lu.,.iin!.ol Ih,. im.mb.Ts 

,,v,l of possvssions. I,u, for ,l„. >.a„s,. of '""^^ ,;"".: ^V ,.,,,,,,,„., ,„:,, ,,,,,., 

honor: ,o inainfain solnnn „k.,l..s ,o .■ uH;;- Jl^,,.' „, ilflou ' do ^t' 

u pliohl pnnt-i lies o lilnTlv. to wi h- ..,: i t, --r, ; „ . ,., n c j ,. -. ■, ■ 

, „ I r .. .1 . 11 ' . .1 11 "-'1"' 11' • It --^ not a m tier o i ul\ i s a 

st,n,l,,iv,.s thai would ,-;i;,v,Ttlhi. world ■ -^ , , , 

no this var. an,l. uliil,; m-ivHy .on- i,,,,,.,,,,*- ,„,,,, ;„ „„, ,,„„i„j,.,„. \„,, 

snous ol t|„. tivnu.ndous issu.s nvoKvd ,,.„, p,,,,;;,,,,,^,, ,„„ i,„„HVivd I. loo. would 

and of all tho sat-rilit-i's that they nia\ 
entail. \\v do not shrinii from tlicm 
Willi linn hearts we idiido the o\cnt. 

(JovtTi.oi- (lom'ral l*roroiiiK's Parliamoi.i 

.,, ;, , , J ■ I .■ , ! lUivo liad a son in t he continui'nt. Mr, 

iitail. wr do no s irink roiii hem. in ,■,.,!,.,.„ ,.ii,, i i , ,i, , i i i ,i ii.. 
,;,i, ,. 1 , I ■ 1 ,1 , (iialiani aluidi'd to thi' sudden dealli three 

years aeo of his son. Captain Terry Cirtiliam. 
a former esleenieil member of the I'arliameii- 
tar\' Tress (iallerv-. 

al of I'lisl War .Session of IVc-mier ll.piilen look ...e.-csioii in the 

its History rlo.sini; words of ihe .^e.-sioll to pav a warm 

(■ana.laV War Parliament to its Iriiml'''^; njipiyeiaiioi, to the spirit ami the 

liidii'sl ellort in its last hour. It was mosi ^yV'''^ "' ^"' ^^ '"'■'■'' '«'"'■"','• ■""' '"- '"jl'^ei-.s. 

pol,.„i .-,1 its el».se. lis u'real ivork. able and '. "'I'" ,\" ''".I"'''* '"■\''''''l' I'I'Piveialion. 

unitedly done, il awtiite.l ihe arrival uf His "'"'.' "'^' ' i-™""'. "' ll"' eo-operation ami 

Rovariliu' proro^ralion. Theiv was ;.><>-i^t:.iH-e Kiveii lo us as nu'inbers ol Ihe 

non.. of the eusi.imarv hreakinK-up reyelrv. »>':"'™^»^<- '" '!'■■' '."t-' ""I' ■' '[\IUcnh ami 

none of the partiim plea.saiitries of former •'T'"!-' s""'"'""- ,)\>;-"'-' ■M Mmg a weal 

elosiniis. Comnauiers .sat .silent, reaiiziim jea I his memorable hour. We are n.elm 

thai their lirst serious task was alone aeeom- ''•"•I''"".';"' -'^ ;' '"'"d o ( anadian.s. Ihe 

l-lislKvl. lY<.mi,.f llor.ieti tuid .Sir Wilfr,,! f<'"'';'^'^y «'"■', l"--^ '■."""'l'"! "' I'ft.v -^lnf>' 

eonf,.m.,l in whispers at the open d • of the ''•'■■^ T ,1 T' "■"";■ ■ i 1 ''" 

ehamber. .\s th.v talked the strains .if """"' '"'■"' ,T ""■>' "'''' '''-: ![-'»";'' ''V/." 

.li.siaiit bands reaehed tl,.. buildim;. The ']"■•'"•"■ l';'">- pun-^;^. I iie four 

11 ps were marehiiv to waitiiiK trains to 'l-'>t- ''i',V '"V' i' ^ '"''"'H";; "' ' ■'"•"''■'." 

eonvev ih..m to Valearlier. the .ste„ of I'"'.''"- "'■ •'":' «dl stand torll, as a„ ni.sp,. 

their pi'omvss toward th,. front. .•'"": ." Pi'Hi''"""".-)"' l'f<' "' Ihis Dominion 

' tor all time to i-orne. 

( lad in liis kliukl unil'onn. tlu- Minister of Sir tlcor;:!' Koster was manifestly movt'd. 

Militia rose to infoi-ni the House tliat over "We Iravi' these rooms now/' lie pnnveiied. 

liili,nno Miuiiy Canadian^ had already voluii- "wi- wiM not meet ajiain for some months, 

teered. (tniy 'i'i.lMm wi-vv tu'cded al the Wliat thitse months are to mean is nv{ ^iven 

pn'sciit (iine, hut hu-otnint: trains were hririj^- us lo see tui\\\ The i.ssiics of war luv nt'vei' 

iiiu liT.oim. "Tiiey ai'e i limliiiii: on so |>er- eertain. It is always that riv;hl triumphs on 

.^ish-nlly Ihal we i-an'l keep llu'ni olf." Ihe one occ-asion, the one liatlle iuid the one 

remarkeil the Minister laennieally. The eampaiiin. We solemnly reniemlier that 

sileiiee was hrokeii Ity hearty rlieeriuK. there is more to war than the hrst mairh out 



KMli>li-<liiiili>-:;ii:th lUlullim Ahi KkI 

III. Traii>l>-rr«l «■ thv '.iiiil llaii Jan 


o „ , 

II < 

it I 

nl \Vu,i.} \V . 

nl" thf raw iriiiips, ilu- lii'st blow ul" iriinipi'ls 
:unl liu' lirst \\;ivin;j i>|' liu' tlajj. In htTnic 
lU'Iuiuni men haw swii their hotin-s in llanu's. 
thi'ir wivi's ami chililn'n sainiia'cl ami ihoir 
nun h.i(iii's>!ii)( i(. piiTcs hy ilu'^rini weaimns 
I'f war. W't' iiaxi' luii ha<i it nurscivcs, we 
may \t't. Canadians in tiiis Jiour lia\"(' nct'ti 
III put nn tlu- t'liil arnmr of coiirajjt'. in stjuul 
lurth undaunU'd amid whalovtr trials may 
i-nmc. Sunu' nl iiur i-nmpaninns and ruj- 
Icamu's take their places at ihi- front: nthers 
sent their suns. It is tin- lime nf trial there 
and liere. It is liu- time nf tri:.! fnr nur 
eniintry and fnr Knrnpc. lUit in the mii. 
< Ind and ri^hl will irimnph." 

"it is also the last nf tliesfssinn." rei-eived 
a Irihiile mnre elnipienl than applause, a 
•-nlfinn ami >ympallH-tie siienee; then eanu' 
itie tlireo knocks nn the dnnr nf llie ( "nrnnmn 
I haml'er hetnkeiiini.' the arrival nf the ( leii- 
tleman I'sIht nf llie Itlark I{nd and the 
>unimnns k\^ His Ilnyal Hiiihiu'ss in attend 
the prnrniralint! eerenmny in tlie I ,'per 
( hamlier. The pmeeedmus were simple and 
ditiiiilied. shnrn yy{ all ihe usual dis)>lay and 
lilting: tn the neeasinn. Mis Royal Highness, 
in ih" serviee unifnrm ^^i a Kield Niarshal. read 
nne nf llie shnriest sulije(t.> I'Ver heart! fmin 
ihe throne ... ..roMnaiion. 

H, ,111111, nhlr <:> ,>tlinn ,> „i Iht S, ,„tU: 

fhllllltlll,, „nlH Ih'HS, i,\' (\„n,i,i>us: 

"I Ihank >nii fitrlhe promfit and etreelive 
eipiisidenition wliieli >nii liave i;iven to niea- 
sures mress;iry for assurinn the defenee of 
Ihe enuntr\. for ionser\in^! Ihe interests of 
our people and for nKiinlaimn^ the inle^rit> 
of the Kmpnv \\\ liie present emervreney. It 
is my fervent liope anil my mnlidt'nt antiei- 
luilmn that ihe>e measures will pnn.- 
adei|Uale m ever\ wii\ for ih" ;rreal purposes 
whieh Ihey are desiune*! 'lO fulii." 
I iiiithmtn (if till- //iM(.vf of i'niHiHiiiis: 

•J thank vou m His Majesty's nanv- for 
the hheral provision whieli you luive made 
fnr tlie iiei'ds of tlie eouiitr.\ in Ihe n'l'Ve 
eondilioiis whieh liave ans4'n throuudi the 
iiuthreiik of war" 
tlu„n„nihl, t:,,>tl,n„„ of Ih,; 

t',intli,mn !»/ //(I Untisr nf t'limmtnfs: 

■In leheviMu vou for the 'itne heinir from 
the iir.portanl ami responr,dile dutii-^ lo wlueh 
\ou wvrv suinmn.ii'd so <>uddenlt and uiie.x- 
|ie<'li-i|l\ . I inniinend to ihv I hune pint eet ion 
till' people nf ihir. | iiimmioi) iTi tho lain trust 
that till- fuMirc will eonttmmlly iirow hriuhter. 
and thai there will Ih- ti favouruhh* iiml 
hnnourahle i<viue from the war in whieh the 
Kmpire ir« now mvolved." 

The fourlh se.>sinii nf I'arliainenl was 
prnrnu'ued. The meml)e'"s liied nut to wateh 
the (Ulawa volunteers niareh past the I'ar- 
liameiit liuilditiys on their way to the fmnt. 
Wilii them was Canada'.-- Minister nf War. 
Colnnel Sam Hughes, in his a'-live ser\*i('e 
unifnrm: the usual eeremnnial iruard of hmior 
was in the line, uoini: on a more serious dut\ . 

Mnrninu and aflernonn siltin^£s nn Satur- 
dav were devnted largely in the rnutiiH' *t\' 
windiny; up the le^ii.slalion. 

Cnlniu-1 Sam Huddles staled llial .'j.H'tn 
trottps hail reaelied \'alearli»'r Friday and 
o.ii'Hi more were e\peeifd on Saturday. The 
eamp. he stated. Wnuld i'ecnnil)leted nn Sep- 
tember and readv Inr in>peeli»ui. He 
urjjed as many nf ihi- niemliers who eould 
piissihly ch) so to vi.sit il on or about that 
(late. He was not yet in a po.silinn In 
annnunee the eommander nf the Canadian 
troops, "hut." he addetl. "I ea:i a.ssui'e the 
House that whiu'ver i-onunaiids will liave the 
ennlideneeof the volunteers and the enntidiiiee 
.)f myself." 

Provincttii (^ifls 

i'remier Ilnrden animuneed that several 
I'rnvineial ^rifl.-' had been aeei-pted li\ the 
Imperial authorities. ,\lherta has sent .■)il(i.- 
(KKf bushels nf nat.-: N". ,a Smia Klll.iMMl 
tnns nf eo;il; tjut-bee l.DUn.iMm pounds nf; while hnlh t )ntarin and i'.rili>ii Co- 
lumltia liad eoinmunieated iheir intention of 
making substantial ;i'fts, the iiatun- of whieh 
eould not at the iire.eiit moment lie openly 

I'remier Itordeii, wlio> prnin- 
ivd inunediate (Invermnent enn.sideralinn 
tn Hnii. Mr. Piiu'shn '> ?.ui^iie.>t ion of a ( 'ana- 
dian reen;.'nition to the Kin^dntn nf Iteliiium. 
stated that the ( lovernment had not yet had 
an opporlunil\ lo deal with the matter. 

" Sla,\ I now. howevi-r." proetiMJed iIh' 
I'n'inier. "\oiee the ver\ earnest appreeialion 
of this Hnu>e and this itmntr\ nf the hemie 
saeritiees made bv this ally ofCn-at I'.ritain. 
and of the eniiraue, the emlurani-e and 
fortitude of tlie Itelirian people." Sir lit.berl 
pfiK'eeded thai he had just re*-ei\ed a eable- 
itrum from Hon. Mr. I'erlev eo.u-t-rniim 
Uu.ssia's keen appreeintion of Ihe ih-lwian 
stnmuU'. He eoutd only linpe lliut the 
Keluian example wnuld inspire all yninu 
< anadians tininu to the front, and that ihev 
would underun llie nnh-al nf battle and e> me 
thmuuh tlie trial with the ^aine aeeeptanee. 

The members of the Mouse nf Commons 
who will •^'[in-sent < anada on the Held tif 
bittlle an' lion. I )r. H. S. Itelaml. who hii<> 
hi-en nn a<*tive serviee in Meliiium sinee the 

(I r I !l , r ,,, y i H II:, C , , n I IV <. , I ,1 \V „ f 

war cinniiu'iii-ciJ: anti Cnioiu'i .f. A. <'iirrjt' If. (nr iiistaiicc. an tiliii-f ux-rc in'iiicii -.voril 

anil Col. H. F. Marl.t'iMl. who will cDmniand was scni niu and almost h\- nia^ii- H was 

uiiils in Ihi' ci)iilin;;i'iw. Mi'mbcrs wIid liavr liticii iiji with Ihi' ni'irss^iry liiniiluri'. ,\ 

iiivcn their sons tn the aclivc service afe word tif praise is clue the owners nl" nidvin^; 

Cdl'ttiel Sam Hujilies. Dr. Miehael Clarke, ])ifiiire theatres thri)iij;h(tut Ctmada. who 

Hon. Frtink Cnehrane. Mr. William Smith. unhesitatinLd\' uavi' over their huildin^s to 

Mr. K. M. MaeDimahl and Mr. K. .\. the work nl' r'ei-rnitini;. We eainiot speak loo 

eiister. hiizhiy of [he aid reniiered !)>■ these men. and 

Ki'iriiitiiiii in Canada 

perhaps nothing eontrilmted so nitich to 
> as the iiKnin;^ picttircentertaiiinu'nls 

Itmiuiit heofspeeial interest to Canadians .^peirhes. streamers, plaetinls. 

this ,late to j!o liaek lo tlie .snlijeet of 

\nvs> notices. [lalUfililets and all ot.'icr advcf- 

recruitin^ in ( anadti wh..n war lifc;ke "iii. ,i..||,j, „„,,|i,„„s „ere ii.s,,l to ct.pacitv. Tl,,. 

and up to the time m IHI wlien the Military ,,„.,,,,.,^ ,,,■ ,,,j^ enterprise and patri.iti.' .spirit 

.Service .\ct ctime nil re. ,„, n,,, |,.„,i „|- ,.|,i./,.„., ,..^„„„, i„. |„ea.sureil 

it was the custom foracninmanditijiiiHicer in the numher of men sent over. Il is not .so 

of an overseas haltalion to arrati}j:e for all the much a matter of inuintitx" as of niuiliiy. and 

recruilinir in his territory. It was his privi- if it c:in lie said of Canadti that she conlri- 

lejre to .'ippoini oflicers and .send out recruititi,it liuted Iter nunierical sliare toward tin* cause 

serp'tuits. In addition to the intliieiice of freedom, with more emphasis can it he 

t'.MTled by these po|n]!ai' comaKindiny olliccrs. ,s;iid lli.ii no liner i> pe of manhood e\er fouirhl 

it must he liorne in mind that the civilian on the lields of i-'lLinders than -lack t "anuck in 

(lopnlalion exerted almost e\er> elforl ill a Khaki, eiiiluisiastic manner to co-operate witli Wliile recrihtiin; was a liic'e .success in the 

the military autl-.orities. Indeed we vetiture nmnlier and i|ualit\ of the men recruited, 

to state ihtil hail it not heen for the enlini- .-ame a time when eiuliusiasm over-stepped 

siasm of the civilians and the willinimiss of ihe liounds of nood .juiimneul and it was 

■■our hoys" ili;il recniilinc iniclii not ha\<- fi.und Iliat voliintarv enlistment wa< a 

succeeded .so wonderfully. success ecouoinicallv. 

liecruilinj; was rarricil on for (lie ino>i The senditif.^ of intirried men in latv'e 

part liy representative men located in con- niimliers Innl proveil a Kfeat striiin on the 

\eiiient centres. These men or^'anizeil piililic linances of the i'oiuitr\- ;ind a source of worry 

nieetin^s. and Used all the mediiuns known to to the main' patriotic tiiid lieiievoleiil 

modern man to attract ymnii: tnen :nid to sicieties. It was felt. too. and rightly so, 

convince them of the necessitv of .Mi-viiii; tile iliat many single men were not coming for- 

Kllipire. It inav he said that, while these ward as liiev miulit. and in conseiniellce a 

I'iviiian organisations wi'i-e autliori/.ed l»\ the lertaiii aliloiinl of iiieiiiiali(,\' pre^tiiled. as 

military, thev were linanced from funds rai.«eil well as a leelini; that justice was not iii'iii;: 

h,\ priwile stih.seriptioiis. lli'in^' in ti position done, 

to defray all cMieiises in coniieclion willi In Ureal ilritaiii, and sulisei|iieiiilv in the 

these ineetim!s tliey were eiialiled to draw I'nited Slates, the iscriptioti m..vemeiit 

Iherelo some of ihi' hest speakers on the had proved successful and a iireat iiiaiiv 

continent, and not the least of these were citi'ens of Canada came to look up.m this 

some of our own returned soldiei-s men who as the oiil\ einiitalile nieaiis of raisiim men, 

had done their hit and who w.'ie ahle to tell and that some form of coinpiilsoy siTvice 

us ill lirsl liaiid of the liorrihie airoiilie- of ,,h,,uli| lie usi'd in Canada, That the exislinir 

the lliiiis, vtovernmeiil, under the leadership of Sir 

Thesi nieeliiik's were not coiiliiied lo hall- liolmrt llorilen, saw Iroiilile ahead mv* 

and Iheaties, hut Ihe cri for recruits went up without .saymt'. In a dennKTiitic country 

from the open air. from the iilalforms and <ii''" tis i aiiada eoiiscnpUon was a wonl to 

from the pulpits, \o spei-ial hour was alihor, l,ilieral-nunded men iii hoih parlies 

chosen for these uatherinus morniii!!, iiooii wei pposed lo coinmilsi..ii in aiiv form, 

and iiiuhl. on the street, into Ihe workshop, Ihe prime nuni-ier announced sliorllv after 

into ihe stores and ollicesWeiit tlie,»e nolile and tl"' oiilhiviik of war thai conscription was not 

palriotii' citizens ol ( aiiiida to Kiilher lo the propo.s,.d, and lie ri'iBvit.vl lluil vijiiemciil 

colors ■•men and more men" for our jiisl li'""' l»» I'liive iii the lion f Commons in 

emise, N'or wi'iT eoiiiriliiilions eonliiieil to .laiiuarv. MHii. 

coin, diir citizens lii'ld notliiim of value II was KeiiiTalh loiuhided ihiil coiiserip- 

wliiw II wiiK MiiliMl til "Kiivi' Ihe ilii)." tion wmilil never lie eiiliiiH'iil in I iiniiilii. 


Ab- 11' Kmti.-.- 1.11 \r.rl|■J^, l''l« 

^3 ^3 

S1I.JHH1 Aiw :l 


\«»1>I ranlMM 



r<»M»*»<i t>4u« 

. urn I Ht|> •• I hw 

 «i ihr .l><iti IUfUli<>f. t:rili<i»l<n ;;-<h l(a<irr> trl>. J>, J^'l .. 
Jatmarv IJ. ■••i;. Kirn~IN.iv IHIT, 


l-Tt I.. \ 11 \Hk I. I'..NI' I. II I I tMI. ' 

I l,l,'<..l .1. Ih. II > |i \ar M l.'.1..|.>l .<i ll„. Kl. >■'. -.Ill »'>'1>I 

\\. ■'-*- • ri.-. . I'lii ».. ■-■.■ T»". 


ivti 'it, l"l^ \tv i 

rt.t.-f T tnrlt..'l.-,/\.ri 

iKMII.'lh* l.ll>h«lli-f. \fl" '"n \f :. «..l.'"l"t I.I" 

XiltHmM iMim (■ ,,,4 ■hiU' i» I •■iiM' 

IcnImmI ih itw tMk Halia 

l«l'. w Ml « 

> HallalHW 'H. I.Htl-tHll« 

It. (-,..«,.■ Mm 

\t>- m tahtt. m-HfW-l-' IHi . tt*i. ».. lix 

II at \imi lt»l«r ^H il. I"l 

II ,1 r II , r „i ,< ; « /// r i; , r„ I W „ , I ,1 \V u r 

W'hili' a liuty n'sii'il u|niii ( 'muuln as rfs!'i'i-l> rnunl\. hut in rnany i-ascs tlii-sc (itlicci-s 

ilu' I'tri'i'tivf prttsnnitinn nl" tlic waf. it \\a^ >iiiipl> sal in ihrif titlircs waiting; fiir rirfuits. 

I'l'It tlial tlnTc wi'fi* Dtiicr ilutif's id'cssinj; upon aii<i an arti\f rampaijzii of (■(jucatioii iinisl lu' 

ln'i- as \vf!i. Till' i'l'iiiiii-i'iiu-iits III" till' mi'H at iMUt'ivil upi>ii tiiat wmild awaki' imr yiiuii;: 

till- fi'ont wvw as vital to tl.i' iiaiiciit at wav ini-n to their (iut,\-. Tn start tlu' niuvciiu'iit 

as were the nicii themselvi's. and Caiia-'a. a pitlilir nirctiny: iif the citi/.cns of Halifax was 

till' (;raiiav\ 111' till' Kmpin-. was I'Niii'iinl In licld on the 21st nl' July, llllo. Karncst 

pn)\i(if till' rli'cissaM riinil. aiiilri'ssi-s were iK'li\i'r('il t),\' Icadiniz cilizi'lls. 

That ilii' c|iii'sti(iii was L'iviii .iiu- and :ii"l ll'is ini'i'lini; led lu tlie lunnalion iif tin- 

di'lilii'ialf innsid.'iati.iii irav he 'jatiiered Hami-ax lii;riitlTlN<; AssiiriATiiiN. A rep- 

Irnni the leiinthv eiinlriiiutiniis IVum tile resenlative ciniiniitee was appuiii'ed. wiili 

east and the west, fruin Mr. Ceiirce S. 'lie fnlluttint' exeeutive: (1. S. (■amphell. 

t'aniphell. I're.sideni .if the Nuva .S'lilia ehairnian: I'. .1. liureliell. seerelary; I). 

Ueeriiitini; .\.s.soeiali<in, ami fmm llun. i 'liief MeCillivray, treasurer: tiiid Me.s.srs, W. U. 

.lustiee Mathers. I'lesideiit nf the Manit.iha- l'"wi'll. I. I '. Stewart and .\. H. Whitman. 

Saskatehewan .Xssneiatiiiii. Miliiarv Distriei The eampaiiin was npeiied hy a ureal iiuhhe 

Xiiinlier III. wliieh lolluw: meeting in the .\riniirii s. I'atriutie addressis 

were j-ivell h.\' pilhlie men of the priivilU'e. 

Ri'criiiliim in Vena Scotia :ii"l i' "n^ fuilnwi'd up hy nieetinj;s in every 

part nf tile eil\ anil eiiuntiA' iif Halifax. Tlie 

Ihe ni-nmiiH! pinhlem in this prnvinee ,,x;„„|,|,, „|- i|.,|if.„ |,.„| ,|,;, ,,|r,„., „|- nmusiuK 

may Ih' sau l.i have pa.s.sed Ihrniwh Iwn j,„,.,.,.^, ,i,rnu^.|inut the entire prnvin,-e, and 

.siaties. and has now entered upnii a third. , I,,. Halifax ( nnimilt,',' were asked to prnvide 

l,.'t us hrielly enn.sider Ihe .|ueslinii under speakers f,.r meetiin;;; all nver Nnva Senlia. heads: 'l-l,!, si„,„.,.d the lU'eessitx fnr a wider and 

Kirsl. When war lirnke nut a eerlain iimre e.impreheiisive myanizatiun. and at the 

iiumher nf men whn had taken an aelive rec|uest nf tlii' niililar\ :iMthnriiies ihe N'ovA 

inieresi in Ihe Militia, and iherefnre fi'lt thai SioriA IJi;iitririNi; .\ssiiiiati)N was 

ihe\ shnuld he ill.' iir-t t.i answer thi' eall In with reeruilini; enmmillees in prae- 

arnis; paril.\ hy .\..ui.i; iron wlm had nn ii,.a|K everv enuiils . 'I'he exeeiilive nf Ihe 

.s|»vial ties iir respnilsihilities, and whn en- I'mvilleial .\s.sneiatinn is as fnllnws; His 

listed frnm a spirit nf patrintisni nr shii'r llniinrlhel.ieuleiianl-Cnvernnr.hnnnnirviires- 

advenluri': and parllv ,nen whn happened tn i,!,,,,!; (;. s. Cainphell. ehairnian; '('. .1. 

Iienul nf wnrk and In lind einplny- Kurehell. .sii'i'eiar\ : II. Mi'l lillivrav. Irea- 

ment in liuliliiii! fnr their ■niintrv. 'I'hesi' ,nri'r; Sir Kre.leriek Kra.ser. .Iiidiie Wallace, 

men did iini ri'c|uiiv tn Ih' urued l.i eiilisl l.v M, W. K. i'nwell. I. C. Slewart. .\. 11. 

any nvruiiiiiii aueiie\ . and su withmit aiiv Whitman, and Ihe eliairnian nf eaeh emiiitv 

spiK'iiil eirnrt nil the part nf the Military nr emnmil whn e\'nirieiii heenmes a meiiilier 

Civil aulhnrities, Nnva Sentiu siipplieil her nf the eeiitral exeeiilivi' al Halifax. The 

'|ii"i:' "f 1" liifii'H iIk' Iir"' V'lir "' ll"' war. j'rnvineial Kxeeiitive kii'ps in Imieii with thi' 

.Sei'imd. .\s the war welll illln the sf'eniid enuilt\- enmmiltee. and ui\es Ihelll all lleees- 

year, the lasl. etiiifrniuiin! the Knipire lie- s;irv a.ssisianee. supplying speakers, niiisie. 

eame innre apparent, and the 1 invernineiit nf pollers, ete.. when asked in dn sn. The 

I "aimda ealinl fnr nmre iiieii. The respmisr expense^ imurreil Its the assneialinii are met 

tn thi.s seentid appeal wa.' lint so spnllljinenlls h\ the vnlimtarv ennlrilMllinlls nf ptllllie- 

as wiLs hnped fnr. and fnr a lime reeriiilinit spirileil eiti/ens and :( nmderale uraiit made 

limUed in N'oMI Sentiu. This enlldilinn nf li\ Ihe liH'ul (Invenuili'lll fnr purely pnivitieiiil 

nlTuirs en'iited snme eniu'ern ;iinnnuHl a iium- piiriHises. 

her nf the eitizeiis nf Halifax, whn fell thai The interest en'aled and sastaini*d liv Ihe 

there niiisl he snineihiiiu wrnnu if this nld eiti/.en's ninsi'ineiii viimulaleil iln' iiiililar.\ 

priiviiiee dill iinl dn her full dul\' ill prn\'idiiii! aulhnrities. and a marked imprn\eiiient snnii 

men fnr llie liuhiiii'j line. ln\'estit:alinn heeame appan-nt in their reertiititit; nru'aiii* 

revealed the fact that ilieri- was nn ade<|imle witinn. .s prnsiiieial reeriitiiu: ntlieer was 

maehiner\ fnr hriliuiim iiefure the \nullH men appninted, ami enlll|H'lelll nllieers .seleeled 

nf the I'mvinee imr vital intei-est in the war. fnr Ih umlies. who alleieled the niei'tiiius 

the uruelit nei'd nf mi'ti. and the (H-rsniml nf the usMH'i:itii)ii ami enli.Hted the men whn 

n'spniislhilil\ whieli lax at eaeh man's dnnr wi-re moved li\ the patriolie apiHtils nf the 

In dn his individual share nf Ihe Imhliiiu speaker- I hir nssn.ialinn .seeiired tit i- 

II was Iniiiid thai Iheiiiihtar', iiiillinrities had nperalinn nf the eniolovers whns4' work was 
indi^'d aiipninled n-eruitaiL' nllieers for eiieh nf speeial iin|ioriaiiee In aii\ iiidiistrx. 'I'he 


roiilt nl' ilic iiuivi'tncni showt-il iiM'H' in ilu' I'H'nrt^ arc licinji inaitc tn scrurc an appruxi- 

ri^iim luiml'tT (if recruit.-- iiliiaiiirii. 'I'lic J.')ili male i-i-nsus nl" the nicii of military aiic in 

\nva Scolia Itattalinn was rnlhiwcii liv llu- cadi tlislricl of the province. As tlic men 

l(i[!i, :inil tlic (illii. ihf sritli. tlu- HnHh ami willin-^ to enlist liei-unie alw.rlied in the 

ilic irJlh. and the climax was reachi'd when variniis units, recruitini: nalurally liccanie 

three hatlalit)ns tt\' HivrhlaiKicrs. the llitth. nmn* dillicult. and we have muv reached a 

the isr)th and 21!H!i. were recruited in three point where the hu.^iness interesis of tile 

ueel;s" time. In addition to these Infantry province will he seriously allecled. 
r.allalions, recruitini: wa siniiillaneousl\ Third. Thai lirinys us to what may lie 

carried Oil forolhercor|is.. such aslhe Mounted termed llu' third or present slaiie. I'p to 

Killes. Artillery. IliiLdneer.--. I'inneer.-' and -lune ;l()th. liMfi. X'ltva Si-olia had eiiji.sted 

\arious other Ii'ciinical iniil.--. The a.--sucia- for home and forei^'n service about tuent\- 

tion made It a point in all to work in Iwo thousand men. All thini-s considereij 

co-operatinn with the military authoritic,-.. thi.> i> hiiihiy creditahte. hut we llilnk if an 

recoynizinjr Ihal nrruitini; is essentially the improved sy^tem were adopted we could do 

hu.-^ini'ss t)f the Military Staff, the function t)f still hetter. .\noiher one hundred and lifly 

tlie a.-^sticiation hein^i to I)ack them up as far lhousan<l men are reijuired in Canada In 

as pos.silili'. We may meiiUnn thai oiu' eom))!eli' the complement asked for liy the 

a.»orialion has made it a rule nut to ir ,erfere I'rinie Minister. These ue are in honor 

with or recommend military appoininients. as hound to supply. (Uir province is naturally 

\\f reco^;nize that our work is valuahle only expected to proviije her share of which 

so far as it is tlisintiTested. Our oni' excep- would seriously cripple the liusine.-*s of the 

lion to that rule was in rei'i'nunendinji Colonel province. .\ lar^e proportion of our men 

llordeii to the Conimancl of the Highland should etdisi. hut in spite of tlie lad that we 

Ihiijade, and for that there were very excep- ir.ake it a point not lo approach them, a 

liona! n'a.sons. We may add that our ex- certain numher eaimol he prevented from 

perience sht)ws ilial succe>-- in recruiting' for joininu tlu lot's. If then' were any eom- 

any unit lariiely tiepends upon the personality pi'leni autiiorily lo point out to ihetn thai 
am! com)>etence of ilie commandinu ollicer. lliey are doiii>i iheir hit al honie they would 
and for tliat reason the >hould Ih' ap- he conlent to remain al work. The same 
pointed as soon as possilile alter the unit i> remarks apply to ihose of special technical 
authorized. It is jrratifyiriK in stall' that in iiuatitications who are lillini: important posi- 
this province the elforls nf the a.ssocialion tions. and wlio cannot he reiilaced. Wilh the 
have heen hiuhlv apprecialed hy the ( leneral ur^'iT' call for re<-ruits a larjie mumiIht nf 
anil Slalf of ihe di>lricl. and not the >lii:hli'sl man it d nten fell called upoti to ojfer them- 
fri^-lion has arisen smce ihe citizens" move- .selves, and their families nalurally add lo (he 
tncnl was inaui;ura1ed. A> a resull of the Inu'deti of ihe stale, while on the other liaiid. 
(iimlimed elVorls of the mililary and civil many alilediodicd yttuni; men who have uo 
orpattization 'In- rrovince of Nova Scolia lies caiuioi he persuaded to enlist. We 
had made :i line and eli'eclive conlrihulion lo think the time has i-onie when the Kederat 
I lie liuhl inn forces ot the Kmpire. To .secure Cove-nment should lake hold of the whoh* 
these results all clashes of i he con)numily recruilinii pmlilem and pul it nn a pr per 
Ihe IVess. ihe Cler^v of all iieminunalion>. hasis. The tii's) importaiil ihitm is In tind 
ami Ihe women all over ihe pro\ inee h:i\e oul how man\ axailalile men we have, and 
vied will) iMcli ittlier in devoliim time and where Ihey are. Till-, can only he done 
means to patriotic work, and the e\eculi\c >a(i>lacioril\ hv enadini: com|nil>or\ reiiis- 
of iheasstH-ialion ftill\ reeoiini/ed iliat withoul I ration lor men of militarv a^e. If this were 
.•«ueh co-operal ion the sucfcHH Ihal hascrowned tlotn' no furlhcr compul -ion rinuhl h" nece.s. 
their elForts would have hn-n tuiiii- impo>sitile. >jir\ . as eviM-rience in Ih'iiain proveil that 
.\h (he nmvemenl developeil we learned hv reuisiralion induced a lar^e mimlier of hen 
e\perienc(* that the most eth'cliv<* speakers lo enlist who wished lo avttiti eompulsiiin. 
were not civilian orators. Iitil soldiers who If after reuiviralion still more men weri* 
had relumed from Ihe Ironl or were yoinw rei|nired. it \^oulil he necess;n'y lo decide 
there, Men of mitilarv au'e who were not in what Iraiies and occupalions .should he ex- 
khaki tiriived more of a hindrance than 1-. help. empled. and for ihal purpose competent 
LalterK il had l>ecomeap|>(>i'<'iil (hat the most <'onn?ussioners nnuhl he nppointed hir each 
elfiH-live work cuuld no longer he done h\ province. .\ sijecial hadye should then In* 
putriolir -peeelu's. hul lt\ addressinu ))rinled proviile<l for men exempled lor s|M'eiul or 
appeals lo \outm men, followed up as far a> medical rea.sous, Cnder such a s\->lem the 
iHiMJlile liy |N'rs«inal iitnvaM. 'I'd Ihal end men would he drawn Imm the eluHHcn vvlu<n' 





ITlh IMMl Ktf- ■l\ V,.«. 

|\- •' *- 

. .'l..! K...I.I !.U|.|.H I "IH-l 

rmiri. M>n \f-ltl H<Hin<lnl ai 

\r- 1» H •Hin<lnl ■ 

1 1 II I- II I r ni s ill III, lit HI I W ,1 r I ,1 W ii r 

ilicy iciulil lie lust spari'il. iiiUTlVri'iui' with iKilioiuil lilc. ami wliilc lu' assiiivd us thai 

luisiiH'.-s w.iiilii lie rciliuccl 111 a niiiiiiiiiiin anil i-onsmption was iint |irii|iiisi'il, ii can he 

wv wiiulil l:i' spari'il tlu' iiijusliii'. tlu' ix- plainly si'i'ii llial iIutc \v;is iuwI I'lir snmi' 

pc'iisi', anil llu' iiu'llii-ii'nc-y nf uur present oIIut system than that of vuliintai-y enlist- 

slip-shed inethnils. We afe "f the iipininn ment. in unler llial only those who were not 

that if the ilnvernmenl \ re to adopt sonie aeliially reqnired at home niii_'ht lie permitted 

sueh measure, it would lie warmly weliomed In i;o overseas. ForUiwiih it was d' eided 

hy the uretit hulk of our population who wish thai Hireitors of Keeruilini; he appointed in 

to .see Canada iloinir her fi .! share in derenie all Military Histriels to eo-ordinale all as;en- 

iif our eommon empire and promptly. The eies eivil ami military eonneeted with re- 

younj; men of the eountry are already lieiiijr eruiliuj; alonu' the lines .sui;L'esieil |i\ Mr. 

sulijeeted to a speeies of eompulsion. and ( I. ."s. ( "ampliell. 


'I'lu' (iall of the I'.inpire as Rospoiuled to 
in Militarv District No. Ill 

eompulsion in the most undiiinilied and ol 

.jeetionalile form, and we lielieve the\ would 

consider it ;l relief if the tloveriunent were to 

deeide who were to );o to the front and wh" The seeond anniversary of the (Ireat War 

were to do their duty at home. amonjr the nations of the world will ^ro down 

We have arrived at the eonelusion. tliai in history as markinn the time liy whieh 

under pre.seiit eondiliims it will he very Western Cantula had. under a voiunttiry 

dillieult to raise the neeessary numher of ...ytem of eidistmenl. raised its share of the 

men in Xova Si-otia. ;ind it we do suereed we half millioti men pled,i;ed liy the Uominion to 

.shall have unneeessarily anil unju.sliliahly the Mother < 'ountrv in defein-e of the Kmpire. 

interfered with the leuitimate of For military Canada is divided 

the provinee. For these reasons we eonsider inin nine militarv ihstriets. Three of 

a ehanjie i" ""■' system is uriiently requinil. viz.: l)istriet >s'o. Id eomprises the we.stern 

.■tinned (1. .<. CamI'Iiki.i.. porliim of the I'riiviuee of (hilario. lakini; in 

Hai.ikax. N'.S. the territorv of Keewatin and the Thunder 

.luly -Jiiili. l!ili:. i;.,y .,,,,1 |[.,i|,y Kiver distriets and the 

The last partiitraphs of Mr. Campliell's j'rovinees of Manilolia and Saskatehewan. 
letter would seem to eyplain fnll,\ the I'eelini; headi|iuu-|ers in Winnipeg'; Di.striel \'o. 11. 
exislinv: at that time reiiardieir voliintarv the i'rovinee of itritish Cohutihia: head- 
enlistment. While in .some jirovinees it was i]uarli'rs in \'ietiiria: and liistrii-t No. I. 'J the 
felt thjit eonditions wotild not permit of a I'rovinee of .\lln'rt;i: headii'.uuMers in Cid^ary. 
eoiitinutmee of our eontriluitions in mi'ti tlie The .'idd.itiHi men to he raised in Caitada 
forees wi-re lieini: sent overseas in laru'e num- repre.sent approximately F! per eent of her 
hers. male population, aieorilinvi In the een^us of 

In the six months from .Inly to I leeenilier. lull. The male popidalioii of Western 

l!M."i. there were alioiU !i."i.llilii enli.stmenl.~. Canada or that part of the I lominion inelililed 

In the six months of lUKi there were in .Military Distriets N'os. lu. 11. ami 1:1. i> 

FW.diili enli.slnuinls. Fver since the de- l.(i.")ll.iisl. and I:! per cent of this is FIT.T.'iS. 

piirture of the s(H-ond contingent it stead\ Fp to .Inly :il>t. Ittlli. Militar.v hislrii-l No. 

stream of Canadian troops h;id eros.seil in lit h;id recruited 7'J. 1:!!* men of ■|'.'i.!i:iO re- 

Knclanil tit the rate of ahout I'.iiuii pi.r week, i|uired: Military lli>tricl \o. II had ohttiined 

Hn.Ianiiarv 1st. IHlH. was annnuneed the :l:l.siil. thiiiit;li its share w:is only ::'J.o7 1. or 

increase of Cantida's militarv estahlishmeiil 2. !i."i.*i more than its nuota. which w;is :i!i. I IS. 

to ."il II I.I Mil I. In the of Common^ !he Fron llle foreuoini; it will I hseived 

I'rime Minister .^tiid. "I realize Ihat ."iiiii.iiiiii ili:ii while Mililia Hisiricl No. Hi yet reipiiri's 

men is a liuv'e force hir us to undertake in :t. lUl men to make up its >h;ire (h:it Militarv 

Ctintiila: and I realize further thai the Districts II and |:i hiive raised l.iiiiil mure 

nalinmil stiviiuth of Canada must he intiin- than their iiuota. Dislricl No. HI has a larp' 

lained. and thai in .irocifititut with our population of eiiemv-orivtin. and also tt threat 

elTort 111 increase our hirci's in Canada we manv other fureimiers within its liuiinils. 

must h:ive regard to the attricullural and Thoc. willi few exception., will not lie 

imliislriitl intcrest.s of this counir>'. Canaiki :iccepti d li\ Ihe inilila)'\ auihorilies. The 

:inil all the elemeiiis of her naliunal life must I.I III which disirict.'- II and Fi have over >lieir 

lie kept sironi.t anil we shall have rctiai'd lo shari' ntore than ollsi'l.^ ilie :l.llil which 

Ihtwe I'linsideratioiis." disirid 1" still lacks In the aiiitii'itule Ihe 

While the Prime Minister w;ts lietermined .hree liisiricts have contriluileii l:l.s.:l77 its 

ihtit "v\t' .shall have regard to those cnnsid- antiinsl l:l7.7.'iS required as their share of 

iTutiuim" lus to Ihe elemi'nl.s of Canada's the .'illll.lllHl. 


') ( 



, I \y 

W,i , 

Wi'.liin :i vvii'k 111' Ihi' cli'<l;ir;ilinii dI war 
bclvvt'cn Kniilam! ami (ici'maiu' Aujiiisl Itli. 
nil 1 laiiaiia ha.i'ci In scml a ciiii- 
!iiiL'.Mil of :lll.liuil men civcrsras. This liiM 
(■tmlin.iU'nl was raiscil llirnuirii Ihc callin^i of 
MttniitctTs i>{ till' artivf iniiida unils ihrnuj^ll- 
oiil llu' Dnniiiiiuii, Tlial ilii- ■First Call I" 
Amis" nu'i Willi a ready ri's|nirisf in Military' 
llislrii-l \ii. 1(1 is cviilciiccii ill the fad lluil 
within ten ila\s' tinn'S,2()l nu'i! laiii rcspiiini- 
cil to Ihc call am! ^M'r<' in rcailini'ss In pfni-ct'd 
In \'aU-arlii'r Catiiti wIutc the tvndjis were In 
1)1' i-Dnct'iUratetl. 

The lull, whii-h f.illiiwvil hetwcen the ciin- 
I'l-nlration ul' the Irnnps at \'aleariier ( 'atlip 
diiriii,^ Aii.L'Ust and llieir departure fur civer- 
seti.s the follow iiij; Oelolier. was taken advan- 
tage of hy tile arti\e militia units in Military' 
iHstriet Xn. 10 in tiiitieipation of a fiirtliel 
eall for more nieii for ovi-rseas service, so that 
when orders were rei ei\i'd in Winnipeg. 

towarils tile end of Oetoher. aulhorizillLr the 

271 h and 'JStli ovcTsetis l.altalions. no diilieiilty 
was experienced in niohilizin.u these h; the 
end of the same niotltll. 

'I'll" 'JTth Mattalion l.ieut.-( 'ol. Snider , 
wliieh w;is later named "'I'lie t'ity of \\ iiuii- 
jieu liattalitin." was rtiised li.\- the four active 
militia units stationed in tlie eit\. a eompany 
contrilinted hv the followiifj: the T'.ith I 'aiii- 
eloii lliuhlanders of Canada, thelltlth W'inni- 
pefi liilles. tlie Ittttth Winnipeg Crenadiers 
and the Itltlth Winnipe.ii l.iyrht Inl'antr\. 

The JSih llattalion l,ieut.-Col. F'aidiur> 
was raised li\ tlie se\i'n ai'tive mililiti units 
in Military |ii>irict N'o. Iti sttitioned outside 
of W'innipej;. namely, the ')'^iu\ Ki'iiimeiit 
I'rince .\lhert \*olunteers>. K.-itiL'ers IJran- 
don' and thi' lti.")tli Stisktiloon l-'u,~iliers. 
The JTth and isili liattalion> were traini'd in 
W imiipi'U diirinu the tall and winter of llll l-.'i. 
and left in Ma\ lor o\erseas. formini; ii part 
of the tit h lnfantr> llriuade wliich const it iili'd 
a part of tin- second di\ ision. 

in N'ovemlier iiiid lleceinher. l!Hi. orth'fs 
were received authorizitit; Ihe I'aisiiiK of the 
tollowinu additional units, viz.; the 'ith 
\rtillerv Uriuadi' at Winnipeg' l.ieul.-Col. 
Iiii.'harme . the 1st I'antidian Mounted Uilles 
at lifiindon l.ieut.-Col. .Stephenson i. ihelPth 
( anadian Mountetl Uilles at Kej^iiia l.ieut.- 
Col. Ilodson . the mil I'tinaditin Mo: .iti'il 
Uilles tit UeKina l.ii'iit.-Col. Cowtiir. (he 
l;lrd at Winnipeg Lieut. Col. 'i'liomp.soiii. 
the lltlitit Uinnipei; i.ieiit.-Col. Wevland'. 
the l.'pth til llnuidon l.ieiit.-i 'ol. Clarki. the 
llitli at MooM'.hiw l.ieut-Col. Ila\ '.and the 
■VIrd tit I'rinee ,\lherl l.ieut.-Col, jletltli.s- 

The .IJnd lltittalion. which was rai.sed 
from the .\ctive Milititi Cavalry I'liits in 
Jlililtiry District N'o. It), left for over.seas in 
i''ehru;iry. V.H'i. :ind ihi' Uird Itatttilion went 
;iwa\' the I'oliowinK M;i>- to re-enforce the 
Canieron lli;.:lil;inders hy which active unit 
the liatttilion was rtiised. 

In May. '111.'). Xo. I Kield .Amiiulaiici'. a 
I livisional .Xninuinition Cohiniti. and Xo. 7 
jlivisional Train were authorized, viz.: The at Wini'.ipej; l.ieut.-Col. Murrtiy . the 
li.'ith at .'sa.skiitoon l.ieut.-Col. I.anji'. the 
(isth til Ueniiia l.ieut.-Col. Kircaldy. the 
7itlh at lirandon i l.ieut.-Col. Cliiiifaii'. 

The niontli of .lune. l!*!.'). witiu'ssed the 
opetiinii: of the lirst real military ctinip in 
Military District Xo. 111. Camp Sewell, 
which lias since been re-named iind is now 
known its Camp lltttrlies. w;is iirevious to the 
summer of llll.") used only as a triunin'.; camp 
lor the acti\i' militia units in District Xo. H'. 
Tile followini: units went into camp; The .'ith 
.\rtillerv Bri'_'ade. the 1st Ctinaditm Mounted 
Uilles. ihe lull Cantiditin Moiinteil Uilles. ;uid 
the llth. l.'ith. null. .'^Ird. dlst and T.-^th 
0\el'seas ji;tIt:ilioiis. The .VJnd retil;iined tit 

I'ort .\rtliur. the li-'itli at Stisktit i. the il.><lli 

at Ue^rilt:^ and the Tilth al llrandon tis (hirri- 
.soii I'nits. while the Tilth C;itiieroii llii!lll;ind- 
el-s and the lllltll Winnipei; Uilles tictive 
lllilititi Ultitsi ticted :is the ( Itirrison I'nits in 

During; .lune the .'ith .\rtiller,\ I'.ri^ade. 
under the command of l.ii'ut.-( 'ol. C;trruthers. 
and the 1st Cantiditin Mounted Uilles. undi't 
Lieut. -Col. Stephenson, left camp for o\ er.seas. 
Iti'tween .July and Seplenilier two drtiftsof i'ltl 
men e;icli were .vent as re-enforcements Ity 
the .severtil renittinini; units in cam)i tind the 
I 'ann-ron Hi;:hl;inders of \\'iiiiii|ieiz. while the 
."I'JlaDit I'orl .\rtliur;uid thelltlth al Winnipe); 
eacli fttrnislied one drtift of J.'iti men its 
re-eiiforcemi'iits diti'iti^' the camp .•'easoti. 

In .\ui;usl. nil.'), the :17th and tl.sih (Iver- 

.^elis llalleries were authorised in \\'illlli|ien. 

with Lieut. -Col. Dueh;irme in command. 

;uid illtrillk' Xo\elulier elewtl tidditional ( )\er- 

.seas llattalions, viz.; The lltltlt at Winnipei; 

Lieut. -I ol. Mutino. the IHitli at Sasktitivon 

l.ieut.-Col. (dentil, the Kiillh til Winnipei; 

Lieut. -Col. MitclielL, the Idlst al 'Vinnipei;. 

l.ieul.-Col. MeCleail'.Ihe ltl7tlKlt \\'illtli|iei;. 
l.ieut.-Col. Ciunplielli. the lll.-<th ;it .Si'lkirk 
l.ieul.-Col. iirtidliiiry, Ihe I'J.Sih ;it Moose 

.law Lietll.-Col. I'iiwlett'. the list ill Korl 
Kl'ances l.ieut.-Col. McKellzie'. the llllll 
al Winnipeg LieuL-Col. Morlev '. and the 
l.'iJnd al U'l'vliiirn 'l.ieul.-Col. N'elles). 


Lnli-rixl in llw iTIh lUllal.nn iki I '.Iki..! .mIi> Jn.l Ixi.n lUKalmii. ti<li-l-li> 

Vln>> ll«l«-, Apnl t<i, lui;. 


h M«th i. IHIT. 

H.'iil IriluJMfnl In lOlItl I 

■I \lmt IliilKv. liMurncU t'th. I 

ITT- IUhxlii Au.*m rii*r.i 
Unh'tnl wiih lVut»^*'i I'iitvpf«l(y 

I .>iiii»K<-i<i ih Apiii. ivi.i. Ai« aL 
AvMdail D.C.M. 

n f 


I h 


-I.I \v 

In (U-tnlicr llif Ilfli :iiui Killi Uatlalintis 
k'ft camp liH' (ivi'i'scas ami in N'(ivt'ni!n'r tiu- 
J)th ( "anadian Mnunlcii Ritlcs. Uif oiin.l 
Batlaliiin Irum Pnri Arthur ami drafis I'nun 
till' l^Tih anti :lStli UatttTics hi Winnipeg 
f()llnwt'(i. I'linn tlif l)ivak-up nf lanij) llic 
units tiuTc wiiirii had not yd id't fur nvcrscas 
Wert' (luartcrt'ii Uw Ihc uinter in Portatri' !a 
Prairie and W'innipci;. 

I'p lu tills linn' tile units whit-li Itad lifcn 
and wtTf hi'in.u raist-d fur nvfrscas sfrvJic in 
Military Ilisirict Xu. 10 had Itt-cn atulinrizt-d. 
At the huyer ccntri's. in cirdiT tn slinutlatt' 
rirruitinj.' in the rural parts of thi'districl. 
thf Militia Di'partnifnl. early in Xovfrnin'r. 
divided the pnivinccs of Manilnlia ami Sas- 
liati-lu'wan jntu four arciis. wliich ucrc disiii- 
natfd as follows: Area "A." southern Mani- 
toba: "Area It." northern Manitoba: "Area 
('," northern Sastcateheuan. and "Area l>." 
southern S:iskatelH'\van. The military au- 
thorities undertook and ajrreed to billet an<l 
train reeruils for the winter in an\' town or 
villaiie wlii.-h eould rai^e 2.") men or more. 
This unciertakinir proved to lie a iiopular one 
and resulted in the securing: of a ^real many 
men during: the winter: these men fi.nneilllie 
nurleu> of tive Hatlatlioiis. 

With the authorizinij of eleven new Itatta- 
lions, the return of the units whieli had been 
in eanip to the cities and the creation of the 
■'areas" covering the runil jiarts of the 
district, the fall of 1!H.') witnessed ihe real 
bev:inniny: of an active campaign for recruits. 
The >Ireets of the cities were alive wilh 
Kecruilinu 'Mlicers and everywln-re tiirouyh- 
out the towns, villajzes and rural ilislrlds 
wi're founii men in the Kind's rniform 
lookini! for men ami invilinir every fellow 
lliey met to "come and ilo his bit." 

I>y the \^\m\ of the year llU "). or during the 
iir-st 17 months of the war. Military District 
No. lu. in addition to the men contributed (o 
the lirsl contin.uent and tlmse st-nt in drafts 
as re-enforcemenls, liad raiseil. equipped and 
sent oversi-as seven battalions, twct Mounled 
Kitle regiments, the ."iih Artillery Urijiade. a 
Field Anibulani-e( orps.a l)ivi>ional Aimmmi- 
tion ( ohimn and liivi>ional Train, and had 
ill Iralninvr or in the course of formatii>n 
eiifhlceii ballalion-^. a Mounted Kllle reu'lmenl 
and two Itatteries. 

In .lanuary the I Uh * iver.-eas Hatlery was 
auth'tri/.eti at I'rince Albert, and a draft from 
the Hull Canadian Mounted i{ltles at Porlane 
la IVairie. forming: pari of ihe :\Yi\ Divisional 
Cavalry Sipiadron. left for Knulimd. In 
February tlie ;l7th. :[!)lh and Ilrh Itatierles 
went away, also the :!rd Divisional Train. 
No. 10 Field Ambulance, a I'laioon of ( vclisis 

ami ihe :!rd Divisional .Xinmunitlipii Column, 
while durinii March the loth. 'y.\vi\ and (ilsl 
Hatiaiions left \\'inni|) foi' overseas. 

In April the TiHli left from Brandon and 
tile loth Canadian Mounted liilles from Port- 
a^'e la Prairie ius a i)art of the llli Divisiiiiial 
<'avalry Squadron. In May the Stii Station- 
ary Hospital and Xo. 11 Field .\mbulance 
from Winnipejz. and the lolst and a draft 
from the .-\rmy r^ledical Corps Trainia.^ 
Depot left from Camp Huirhes. 

The success which hail atteniled the 
etlorls <)f the Commanding Dtlleers of the 
year by the way of .<ecurinii men. supple- 
mented by the decision of the Dominion 
Covernmeni in December to raise < "anada's 
contrilmtion in defense of the Kmpire to 
.100.000 men. resulted in the authoitdnii: of 
r.onie twenty-three additional overseas batta- 
lions in District Xt). lo. 

These battalions, with their headi|uarters 
and eommandiiiir olllcers. are as follows: 
The ITUh at Winnipeg: Lieut. -Col. Cantlie). 
ihe ITitth at Wiiiniiie.u l,ieut.-< ol. licidi. the 
ISIsi a! P.randon l.ieiit.-Col. Priice'. the 
lS:]rd al Winnipei; I. lent. -Col. Kdirecombei. 
the iSlth at WinnipcL^ !.ieut.-Col. Sharpe'. 
the iMSth at Prince Albert Lietit.-Col. Uon- 
aldsoi^. the lIMIth at Wimiipe.u Lieiit.-Col. 
Watson I. the PJath al Retina I.ieut.-CnI. 
(ianieri. the PMith Cniversiiles Batlalinn 
one conipan\' from each of llu' four western 
provinces . the IHTth al Winnipeg l.ieul.- 
Col. Fon>eca . the 2(IOlli WinnipeL' l.ieut.- 
Col. Ilinnveasllei. the 2o:',rd a; Winnipeu 
l.i.'Ut.-Col. .1. K. Ilan.sford'. the L'oiMh al 
Swift Current laeuI.-Col. Smyth-, ihe liloih 
at Moose .law I.ieut.-Col. Seaborn i, the JlJlh 
at Winnipeg l.ieul.-Col. Hatesi. the lilllh 
al Wadena I,ieut.-Ct)l. Ileariiei. llie 217th 
at Moosomin ■ Lieut. -Col. (dilis*. the 221s[ ::t 
Winnipeg.' Lieut. -Col. Li^hllooii, the 22;'.rd 
at Winnipei; Lieul.-Col. ( ;ilk*>|>ie). tlie22i)tli 
al ^b lose .law Lieut. -Col. Lawrle^. 

Lieul.-Col. Pell had succeeiled Lli>ut.-Ci»I. 
I'aiUlle as Commanding Otlicer of the 171th. 
owiiiL' lo ihe falling' health of the latter. 
Lieut. -('ol. I'eaubier IkuI succeeded ihe late 
Lieul.-Col. liruce as Comniandinjj: OHieer of 
I lie ISlst. The 2-J-Jnd Kalialion. under 
Lieut. -Col. Livrhtfool. comprises the men 
recruited in "Area .\" durin^i the f.ill and 
winler .if PH.VllI; lln' -J-Jlith. under Lieut.- 
Col. Clllespie. those n'cruited in ".\rea li;" 
Ihe •J'JIMli. under Lleul.-Col. Pickett, those 
recrulled in ".\rea D": uliile those recruited 
in "Area <*" lia\e been divided betwetn tile 
IMiili a; Sak.-atoon umler Lieul.-Col. ' lleim 
and the l.sMh at Prince .\lbert under Lieut.- 
Cut. Donald.son. 

f) >i r 11 r rocs 1 „ I h c i; r ra I Wo, hi \V a r 

The ixvrcilinu; iiaru^ia|)hs of this artii-h' IVivule citizens all (iw-r ihe wfst haw rn- 

liavc dealt primipaiiy willi the iu-tion ancl ii|)t'ratt'(l most hfurtiiv with the iniiltary in 

iMii'iuct of the militan" authorities in orjjan- ol)tainini; recruits. At lirst no dilliculty uas 

i^'in;:. "(luippinir and training the men who experienced in fillinii the ranks of every unit 

so nohly responded to the call of Kin^ and authiirizetl. hut little hy little the supply of 

Country and the readiness with which these iiiea who were wlljinir lo yield to moral 

men came I'orwa'-d. The story of the c--ui suasion became scarcer. 

of the Kmpire as responded to in Miiitarv Throuirhout the winter of lilM-Ki there 

Pistricl N'n. It) would, however, not he were ui)wards of twenty units heini: recruited 

completed withiiut at least a l»rief reiVrenc- in the city of Winnipeg' alone. Kach of these 

one way or another to the men i^nd women units had an oliice with recruitinii nliicers in 

who have lakeii their phic- and are to-day charjje. and met with very dlscouraudnu 

playinir a very important par' in answ-r to results. Karlv in Fehruary. lUKi, the Win- 

;he Kmpire's call. iiilK-ir Hoard of Trade invited one hundred 

■■ Wh'-n the hutile sotnided every man jack prominent Winnipej; citizens to meet and 
iif us should have fallen into line'" said a consider the situation. The result wa.s the 
Commandinjr Ollicer not lonji in meetinjz formation of the Citizen's I.eairue. 
the reason advanced hy a man v.ho had not which went a'-tively tt) work an<l the result 
>et enlisted. "I don't mean." said the wiu< rellected on the recruitinir returns of 
utiicer. "that every man .should shoukh'r a nearly li.ltno recruits in Military Ilistrict Xo. 
rille. take his place in the ranks and iio to the 10 for March. There h;us been a >ri";idual 
front, hut rather that in some capacity or fallinj* away until it has arrived at the con- 
other every man should .-^erve ami do some- elusion that there are l)Ut few men left who 
ihin.u to help win the lijihi for lihi-rty and will res|)ond to anylhinji .short of U'i:ai corn- 
freedom in which Britain and her .Mlies are pulsion. 

now enjrajjed upon the blood-stained battle- Citizfii's Kecruitinjr I,ea>:ues were also 

lields of France and lieljiium." formed in Fori William and I'ort .\rthur. 

The enlistment of so many men for over- Portage la Prairie, lirandon. Carmen. Crystal 
seas .service many of whom were married City. Russell. Kei^rina. IVince .\lbert and 
and had depemients and the trying limes Saskatoon, with the object and for the pur- 
caused by the war hrouu'hl with it the need pose of stimulatin,u rei-ruitinnand assistin.Lr the 
of assistance for ihttse who had j:iven up miliUiry aulhoritit"^. ( )ther organized budies 
hushaini anri father. To meet and cope with of citizens which have zealously worked, not 
this condition of ali'airs op^'anized elTort was only to obtain recruits but to look after those 
nec'.s.-;ary and resulted in the formation of an who have returned, are the .\rmy and N'avy 
.\.s.sociat ion known as the Manitolta Patriotic W-terans' A.s.>iociation and the lieturned .Sut- 
Fund now an incorporated body. ll hits diers' A.s.sociation. of which His \Vors)np 
in tlu' city of Winnipeg and the province of Mayor Wauirh is Presi<lent. 
Manitttba literally raisi-d by suli.scription In August. liM"), throu^rh the etloru of 
millions of dollars to aid the dependent.-* of I tr, Fllen Douglass, the Winnipe^r Womens' 
Ihi- men at tlie front. .\t the last session of Xulunleer Ke.^erve was orjianized with the 
ihr Le^!islalureof Manitoba an act was pa.s.-;ed object of training women .so that, in case of an 
at the request of a convention of mimici|»al emerjiency. ihey mijihl br able to handle 
repre.seiiialives levyinu a tax of one and one- work hack of ihi- lirlnir line, or sei ve in any 
half mill> on the dollar on asses,sd)lc jiropcrty other capacity that the military aulhoritii's 
for the same purpiise. From this tax an miviht t-onsiih-r praclicabh'. The rejrulation 
ailditional sum of alpout .. .stlO.DOtl is expected. dre.'is of the Ue:.erve is a khaki uniform and 

While the men of our cities, towns, hat and tan shoes, and the aclivi(> of its 

villaiics atnl rural districts wen' sending in metnlK-rs in patriotic entertainments has bei'n 

their donations in ca.-^h. the women, throu^'h a stimulant to recruitinjr in Winnii»e^. 

the Ueil Cross .<ociety. the St. -lohn's .\m- Throujih a itejjistralion lUireau. maintained 

bulance and the Auxiliaries formed in coniiec- by the lie.'itTve. many women in the city have 

tit)n with eaih battalion authorized, were indicated their williuiine.-^s to do work now 

looking after the welfare ni (he boys wh<t had done .solely by men. and theri'by enable them 

yone away. The maii\' comforts provided to enlist for acli\e ser\ice. Several members 

by noble women ami torwarded lo nf the Keserve are now lillinK positions of 

France and llelyiiun have n<it only been meti wh(f have joined the colors. 
a|»pi>'<'iiited, but in a ^reat many vum'S have In no pari of ( aiiada has the ( all to .\rn)s 

no doubt .saveij the lives of our ifallanl son.s been rl'^pomled to with urealer alacritv or 

at the front. with more utiaiiimily than in the thrtH' 

I8il 78 

■r.ii., \..i 

h VrnllMs ti'i(a<l- 




l.,i..i... .f. .h» j.i;ii. Hat 

(rtml I..II.I. , M'l llBi'f 


Onr II,tn,'s in thv C, r i n t \V a , \ tl \V a r 

iVairit' IVuvimcs. Tlu^ Call was answiTfil families i)f youii^ rhiMrcii cnlisii'il and their 

liy all flassi's <if till' roinimmity. iVnrii Ilu- Sims wivo liavc heniically laivd the jn-iililfiii- nf 

tif l,i(".ili'naiU-(!o\"*'rntirs in the lumihlcsl lift- alunc. Oiu* small ilflirali' unnuiii with 

\vaslici'-\viim''n. Sir Hnimlas ( anuTnii. late an Irit'aiii rhihi. whusc hushami was lare- 

l-ieuteiiaiU-lnivernnr. hail imh Iwn mims laker of an aiiarlnienl hlcck. iinilertDok Ii> 

and biitli are at ihe frnnl. Sir .lames .\Ikin^. ilci Uie wnrk herself that he mi^ht j:*'. ami fitr 

the present l,ienlenant-( invernnr. has nnly Iwn winters she ahtne aeted as fiirnaee 

one .-na who is niiw with hisreviimi nt at ( ■amp attendant for thai lar;;e hloek. working 

Hiijihe>.. and Hun. 1{o1ktI Ilti^er's only son pnictieally ninhl and day. 

i^ on the >IalT at the same place The ,,•■ , , . i -.i .i ■ .\ 

. ii., ,■ I. .■ I I 1 \\ idows havi' liar ed wi 1 heir stins. One 

Archils up ul i I pert s and, ui \ cue son. , . , ,- ■ . ■ i i ■ i 

,1 - ', Vi , 1 ■ f I .■ ■ 1- -M st-n wu, who nutzh >ide hv s de une was 

and he IS he'i'. 1 he ( e .U si re ol Alam- in, i.i .i . i i- . , 

, , I I 11 I ■ .- Ti ,1 1- ki cd and he o her sluud over is prostrate 

oha. oh Ml k fd r act on, I he ( ne ,. i r i. .i i . ■ i 

,,, ,- r .1 I- -PI I h>rm am foii^h on un i U' was stricken 

.lust ce of lie K ij: s Iteic , o v one sun. ... , .... ■ i ■ u- i . , ,i u 

I .1 ■ 1 . r 1 ■ I- • ■ . > id. I he r heri>ic !iu; and mot e sa\ s :■ e 

who. m the must o his I niviTsitv career. n . ,■ ,i i ■ i ' ■.- 

;■,,,, Li; I 1 I . 11 [■ .. (■ ^^'' "" mourn or hem. am is unlv wailing' 

It led the Hur a ders aid has heel \e i i .i ■ i i i ■ i i 

;' „,,,. ■„, ,1, t.. „ 1, !..(, . i'..t. ....1 uinl her third .md onlv remammu .■'Oil is uld 

months m the ireiiclio. .li du'es dall ami i . i .i i .i .■ i • 

,. 1 1 . . .1 r . enough to uo and avenue the dea h o hs 

( urran lavi- ear \\n >nns a he fro i. i .i it ■ i i ■ . i i . 

nroiher. Her widowetl si.sler has luit one 

The mayor uf Winnipeix has only two suns ,;,,„. a vmith of 18 vears of ajje. who left a ^.'ond 

of li^'hlink' ane. and lioih joined; one of tliem pu.^iiiun to enlist. In some cases fathers and 

is home, a cripple for life fnmi wounds re- suns have uone. in ui her eases the sun unlv 

eeived at Festuhert. and the ulher is ser\ inv: Umw live and six mil nf the same hmtse. 

in France. Ma\ |)enni>to;.n. K.C.. now Th.-re are stnvts ni the cllv uf Winnipeu tmce 

Lieut. -Col. |)emii>ii>un. with his two snii,-. pupuluus with voun^' mi'ii on which not a 

joined .he lirsi tuniinuent; une of them. man of military aj:e can miw he found. 

I.ieui. .lack, ha-- since IuM his life, laeiit.- ■ ,- , , ■ ■ . 

Col. Mckeanx at i.resent at Camp Muuhe.s. . All -his is very .splemhd. hut there is the 

ha-salreadv lust one -on and ha- anol.her al other side of the picture. . tare are numher^ 

the fnml ' "' hunilies. well-l, -do ami utherwise. with 

Very few cif the well-lu-du families have 

frum uni' to live or six t'li^rihle suns, nut 
uf wlitnn hius enliNted. and who hluntly 

an\ Mills al heme all are .servmu. IheMin^ (,„.^. ,,„„•( i„t,.,„i („ ,|„ ^„ others in order 

ol ihe hankers, merchants. e..mpan> „, save their faces attended the (Ulicers 

managers, manufaeluivrs. lawvers. d.H-lor> '|Yj,i„in« Classes, and upon nreivini: a .-erli- 

eler^rym.-n are. with very few except lun.s. ail ,„..„,. p,,,vided iheniM^Kes wiih an uilicer's 

in the then, have hivn „„ir,„.,n li.-eaUM' ihev lila.l that slvle ,.f 

killed. W M. l-i>her. former manager ul ,,^,.^^ .^,„, j, ,-„.|,.,, ,,„. ,,,;,. i,„„ |„.ii,.v,n^, 

the ( aiiada I ermaneiU ha> hM hnlh hi-. that Ihev were un active .service. To put a 

.jmiis. and I.ts .sueeessur. ^lr. Harris has iwu ^,, ,„ ,,„.^. p„|,r„.,ns .li.suuisinu th.-ms4.|ves 

hoys with .ne culur- in I- anders. Mr. Hall. .^^ si.ldiers a miiilarv order was is.mied. 
former mana^'er u| the l-.a-tern I uwnslups 

Hunk. ha.s lost his uiil\ sup. as has alwi ( hief Others aiiaiii iia\i' perrnitled their mhis to 

.lu.-tiee Howell. KdwanI .\nderson. K.C.. ami Join (he arm,\ . Imt have at the same lime 

.lohi) Call, wholesale merehant. .Xmoni; s*rn to it thai they nere su placed (hat ihi-ir 

lawveis and law stuileiit.s the enlistment has pr«H-iuus hides wouhl never incur Ihe danger 

heeii parHcularlv heaw; main larwe law of heimr pum-tured hy a Cerman liidle(. 

(inns lusi nni unl\ the irn-ad-r par! uf iheir Kur this latti-r class it may he .sjiid ilu)( llii-v 

nietidter-ship hut praeiiralK all their >tudeni.s. are happily not mmieruus, nor ah- they eoii- 

1n I'orta^'e la IVairie. a town with a du/.en lined to one pnrticniar party, 
lawvers. only two are left, .,.,^,. ^,^,..^, ^^,„„,,,.^ j^ ,,„^, ^, ,„.,„^. 

Hut enlistment wa> not conlined lo the huiulrifls of falliers and mothers have sum* 

welt-liedu; lahnriiiL' men have tiune )i\ tin mniied up suthcient fortituile to let their 

thoiisiuid. man> uf tliem uivinu up lucrali\e Ih>\s t>u and lu wjive iheii i smiling farewell. 

MTmaneiit emplu' meiit. ihie man named Tu the heroic moihers whu are livimidax after 


Nlnrmw. with an .-lued mother and invalid day in avloni/in^ siispen-te. Canada and the 

fiither to supptiii. L'ave up employment as Knipin- owes a iin-at dehl of uratitudi'. They 

niilwa> eoniliiclor and a steadv iiicnnte uf dearlv luved their run.-, ami lieeatM- they 

SIT.*) fH-r nioiilh and enli-^led as ii private: he l<.\ril them lhe\ would rather ha\e (hem die 

hii* !«iiiee l»e<n killed. This i> onl\ one an hernic deadi, and tK-cup\ a Mildiet's i!ra\e 

in.slaiice in thousands. Men with larue un tin- hliHid-Hiained liehls uf France, than 

hiiM' ilu'in si:i\ 111 Ih tile in saffty. I)i'ariiiu ilu' On AuyiiM Ith. IHI 1. ( Irrai I'.iraiii <i-*- 

iiiviMlili', luit lU'viT ficss imli'lililc. liraiiil nl' riati'<l war nii (M-rmaiiy. i tn Aiiiru-^i 1st. tin- 

l!u- pnllnmn. ( aiiailian ( invfniniciu a'lvist-il the i'rilisli 

liiMi. Chief .Iiisii.c Mailirr, IVi*siil.-ni ui .lir ( Invfrtniu-m lliat i aiKula ua> rcaily if iifctU'it. 

M;mii<iliii-S:i>k:ih-lirvvim A>.s<»-i:ili.'ii Tliiii \\\v llrillsli ( liiVi'l'tlMli'liI <iiii iml itllllli'- 

Milikny I hsniii N... Id. .lialcly airrpi Canaila's litlVr was .iiii' to lu-r 

Kvi'i-y I'lIniM was niaili' to raisi- riiKi.UDii assuriMliu'.-,s thai (Ii-nnany wouM lumur hi-r 

ini'ti wiihoiu having In nsnrt tn cnnstTiiili'Hi. sijitiatiirc In liic paptT ixi which slu- iirinnisf<l 

liiit iht'sc cirnrls priivfil iinavallinu- '•► prntt-rt the nculr.ility nf Ufluiutn. 

( 'oiisi'(iui'!iilv in .Inly. I'tlT. tlu' Www- \Vlu*n il was M-i-n that ( Icrniany rnnsiW- 

Mnii.--li'r annnunttil tliat in nnliT tu cnrnplt'tt' iTr'! this a> a turn* scrap .>t' papi-r. anil wIumi 

ihis ihimiIht ami tn cniiiiniic to till up I'lir v ar liail aiiually hrnkm out. Canaila's niTrr 

fanks nvcrsras it wxs ncivssary that •■'•^\\\y. w;i.s fnrnially an-fpti'il. licinu prcpari'il lor 

men nC military am* he tlrafU'fi ■ li ■ the wurst. and althinujli Canada's iiilcr was 

Military Scrvii-c Ad. not iiniin-ilialrly aiveptfil. .slu- was n-ady 

This annmniiTnu-nt i-aitii- in certain Muar- "'»'" ill*- call came to her for assistance, 

ters as a Imlt from the lilui-. and immeiliately Itetween .\ui.'iist *»th and Aiiirust loth 

tliere was rai.M-d a --liirni of opposition. rc-riiitinL' wa> alreadx under ua\ . It wa-- 

This re.--ullid in the yeiieral electioM> of well ihal "-lip^ hail heen taken preliminary 

Deceniher, HM". when the I'ninn (iovern- to formal autliorizaiii'ii liccause tlw of 

meat, which had previously been formed volimteei-H wa« even ^^reater than had heeii 

under the leadersliip of Sir iioliert I'onlen. anticipal'd. (hu* of the |)reliniiiiary steps 

\\as returned with an unanimous verdict in was the choice of \'alcartier as a desiralile 

the west and a huye majurity in Ontario. location fur a military citrps. 

While I.M-al <iisturhance> and a few act> of "i-],,. tir>i week in (Jdolier. I!'l I. Canada 

lawle,vMie>s fnlluwed We do not feel ju.-tilicd h;i,| raised. ei|uipped and dopatrliid :!:i.(i;i:i 

in referrinu to these matters la this vnlunie. „„.n_ „it|, v.oon hurse.-. ami :i vast ;nnount i.f 

Thai ilie Military Service Act had lieen a war material. Within si\ weeks from ihe 

surct'.ss; thai our youuu men had ifone otitlireak of war this force was reaily for 

smilinjjly: that thi'V ha\e dtine their part eniharkalion. and it was only hecause trans- 

nohly. cannol h<> ^ain.said; and sui)sei|uenl purls wi-re not availalile (hat il had not 

hatties have showi' tint one Canadian is as einliarked .sooner. 

much a hero as another wiicn put to the linal Knlluwini' is the compositiort of the lir^i 

'''■■^'- Canadian Contingent as It s;iiled for Kurope 

As a .sequel the follnwini: liuMires will he of it, ) ),.1nl»er. IIM 1. 

""'''*'■■■''■ \\\ infant r\ division> of ;'. 

I )• to M.trtli \\%\. I11K. Dif h.nowiiiil lr....|ii. It.xl l»v.ii hriuades. 

""' ' ' ' .\ hriuade consists of 1 itallalions. 

A lialtalion consisl.s of t.ltit) otluers 
and men. 

A divi;.ion was usi,all\ accompanied hy 
lialler\ with anunmuiion citlumn. a divisional 
anununition colunm. thre«' field companies of 

.... ,,, , eimirttiTs. a divisional sii;nal companv. a 

Ihi- HrM (.untinUi'iil division. I supplv and transp.iri train and :'. 

"The storm hroke suddenl.\ and the medical held amhulanees. The hillowini: line 

eounlry was confronted with responsihilities of Connnunicallon I'nils were also with the 

K't^'iKer titan it had ever fa -ed. The sit uul ions di\ision: ihie divisional amnninllioii park. 1 

demanded action: il deniandi'd ittunediate castiallv clearing: station. '1 siatioiiary ho.H. 

ami unheHitatinw action hcyond tlie aulhor- |)itals. 1 ueneral hospitals. I ad\ance depot 

i/.ution of the law as il then siood: it was of medical stores. 1 divisional suppK colunm. 

inilMifvsilile for the uovernmcnl lo wail; anil I n*MTve artnminilion park, I radwa\ snpply 

li\ Oriler-m-C umiil we promutwatfd neces- detachment. I depot uml- of -nppK . I hakerv 

.siu'\ inea.siires m aihanci' of the mniinu of sin-iion. I remounts depot. J nu'lMle \eterin- 

I'arliainent. The iniiple of Canada liv\all\ arN sections, t \andi'po' ol veterinary storif*. 

a('<|iliescei| in those measures and our i-ourse I ordti'ince atui 1 lia>e depot. 

hiu< liei-n ratitlnl bv the necef*Kir\ legislative With thel-'irsl I >i\ isioii weiil ihefollowiim 

fyuu'tion." TlieH)* are the word?- of the Prime arm\ it'iHips ami supplie;.; The Uo\al ( ana- 

MitiiMer of Ciumdii. diaii hr.tuiHins. Uird Sirathcona's llorM*. A 


l.trtli Uol 

I11N. Dif h.nowiilil 

r...'|ii It 

Marlitiiv 1' 


u .'ii;- 


at xiu 

1 (niartti 

111 .vj:i 

\Uiilr<il>it 1 

t)>l .-^'i-k \m*,m 

-.1 .VM 


XA I'll' 

ll.ih.t, l»| 


Hi 47:1 



iHBi JBb JoMt iJrn^ 

• iMtIa*. llorhHTRHl 


!• I'.IU' \»> 

»t<ml in Ihf l*Mli MaliB 

I'tk llii tint. t>> 


i-i«i 1 Mtai»i (n 


lHfM>l W MM>«. mil. 

IxI'-IhI <n tt^ tUi 


Kt>li-t>il >n thr V t »)•• in Maf 


I'-ti.. A«r "ill. Im.--,! 
Krliruary. ISti. 


All- ;lii. Tr.n-lrT-1-.t II 


Ktft\- Tf«i.-(it"-t 111 ^.■l■ 

IWIkHl ItH'NynHw. tuFfri. U. I"|U. 


o«; III, II,. < :„ II,, c , , ,1 1 w ,1 , 1 ,1 \\„i 

:mi\ li llnlli'iics nl H.>y;il ( [iiKiiliaii llnrsi'. (Ill lunc ITlli. lills. lliiTi' uviv -w.isi 

ArlilliTv. I'riiui'ss I'airii-ia's ( niKuliaii ].iii\\i yimntz men iif niiU'U'i'ii yi'ars rc;;isUTi'il. and 

Infantry, ami licyomi ilu' i'iini|iU'iiU'nl nl ailili'.l tn CUuss Onr. As iirii;inally ilclinwl 

infantiy siijiKcstei! hy ilic Hriiish (Imirnnuiit Class Oiif c-iinsisU'il nf mi'ii luvnly years nlil 

Wi' scnl liyc surplus liallaliuns nf infamry. anil linrn nut earlier ihan ISS:!. who were 

Also with the lirst enntinjient was an unmarried or wiil.nvers wiiheui .-liildren. 
arniiired tnoter niaehine ;run hrijiade. Xnw that we have shown the eil'orls put 

That did not stop at this mar- ''.""' !'> ""' If,'''''' •", '."""': '" "r'' '" ,''i'','"- 

vellons work ..f traininu. e.iuippiiiK and ' •'"'';•' """''' ■"''' ""- '""- 'lin>u«h, let 

seiidiie.' overseas :i:',.li(i(l men within six week> "" '"'""■ ',""■ '"r? '"'■'' ""''''' ■""' "''■ "'''" 

or the .iuthival< of wai- w;ls sh,.wn hy the '"'■>■ ''•'^•'' '"■«'" ''"'"«■ 

Prime Minister, when on April Iiilh. 1111.-,. (:;,„;,U;,'s Armv >.n lliuli Seas on Wav 
he Kitve out the foltowini; detail.-. ,(, SL-ene of War 

Canada had under arms and in irainiif.; The raising traininj;. e,|uip|,iin; and em- 

al ihal date: harkini; of thirty-two thnnsaml men in I'iilht 

owr-..,.- .1.-. ij'i weeks is a eredit to Canada. The veil of the 

II Ik-rmu.tii ■<;»:: eensor has heen hrushed aside. .\fter a 

„„,'"!.' fortnii,'ht of rumor, of \'aune street anil 

'liu'iim " ni'wspaper I'onieeiure. of anxiety and ini- 

i:; tr.; patience, thi- tliiek otlieial t iirtain was rolled 

lt.'..niittti f..r I ii-iTwH« s..rvi.T. :i .vm up and the Canailian puhlic at last knew 

I .»:-..r a.m.. niiiiiu ■.,777 ||,:,i ihirty-tliousauil men tlw salt of the 

''"""■""'"' - '"' e.iuntry's manhood wiTe on the hiitli setus. 

.J.,.,, I i„j _r,,j„ laving towards the liattletields of I'Yanee. 

Kor nearly it week huite hlaek and ure\" 

Thus ean he seen Ihal in ei(!hl mouths hulks were niovin;; silently down the .^1. 

Canaila had'd ar. army fo'.ir limes l.awreiiee. laden with human heip'.rs. Kor 

j.Tealer than the liriiish fori-es under Wellini;- more ilian a week hisiorir tjuehee reverlier- 

ton at Waterloo. ated with the iramp ot marehini; men. wil- 

liul this was not all; dnrinmlu' hillowini; •"■"^''l seenes that have awakened faded 

sixl.HMi moiiihs. up to .\imusi :!lst. lim;. memories ol her iiinnorial pasl. TInrly-two 

Canaihi inerea.sed her arm\ to ami ihousand khaki-elad soldiers in an army len 

duriuK the lirsl seven months of Ullii lar limes ureatiT than either ol those eommaudwl 

men Were reeruited on an average of 2l.i«io I'v Wolfe or Levis or Mouiealni marehed 

a month. While Canada's armv had in- ihrouith lite .niaint old-wnrld streets of ihi' 

erea.s.'d to this I'sieiit it must he rem/mliered Aneieni City, emharked on ::ii or more mvai 

that lie i'rime Minister had on .lannan IJ. ~'"l'-. and 

lulu, promised to it still further to l-m- ^ ^^^y suns 

the nnmlier of ."ilHi.iiiiii. and that in Ihe hill ... , , , 

of liUT Ihe Military Servie.. Aet ean.e into , , ' ""f '•'> ••^""■".Ir' ••■ "'' -"" ""'" .■'""" 

foree. What this .\el aeeomplished ean he '"''"» ll"'CT'at walls ol Ih,. oweriim eilad,.| 

Withered from ihe followiiiK linures. as of '"" "■aiis,,oris. Iieariiin Ihe l.isi thousand..- 

Ill St, l.iu-iii 

111 I 'Ullllll.l llllll .111 ll 

K.-M-n.' tiiliinlry 
1.1 Kill.'> 

.luile l.'.th. IIIIS. 

mori of the Canadian eonlinuenl. steamed 

sileiiiK' .i.iwii the river, {''.xeept for Ihe few 

lotal n.iiislralion under the Mihlar\ hniidivd [leople who stood on I Hilferiu Ter- 

s<.rvie.. .\it of ( »s.s (lite. lii;!,l:i.-,; o| these ,.;„.,, ,„„| „.,i,„,| mi h,,. hi;. M.s.sels had h.ileil 

then, hiid hirn pliieiMl with Ihe eoloiv : f,,,,,, ^ |,.^^ i,, n,,. ,.v,.„|,n, |„|,o n,;;, hmu, „ver 

I V'.lu r.i .■ 1. Jl» Ihe Isle of llrleaUs. I llei'e Was lit I le or llol hill^' 

.. Mm. ..r.l«i..l 1.. n.|..«. .■ IT :i.l:l p, denote ihe ureal .in. I hislorie oeeasion 

,1, IW,.li.n.l iMmiller.. ..iinilW i «:« ^^.|,„.|, | |lese ships' departure marked, l^lelKT 

I I i.ri'i.'Uii.r... . i.fu.ill|.f«, rim. t.. T HI . , i.e. , i e ■ 

had u'lovvn .ised In ,s:iiliin. troops, lo .soldier .s«l Cl«» I i.ln.-r.l .in .luly 74 TTl lilUlinil ,.oil-ll>es. Here allll I here a Fo'llell 

Inn niiulil l>.' heard lo whislle the martial air 

of die Miirsellliisi', ,\lolii. the il.ieks n.<l- 
eii.ll ell sent iiiel.^ si and With tlisleiiiliu liayotletit. 
lull Ihere is iiitie 111 ilii ehi.i.rin«, of tile 
parliiiu leai-s. of the fmi.l and f 'rveiii fun.- 
welU. whiiii Ihe iiiiatiiualio' is wont oiippn'- 
eiale with Ihesecm'of s>i|ilier> kouik ii hallli'. 


li> ...MIttofi 

In thi-*- »»•«• '^-n lmtni-<liut>>h «v 

1 \I.. 

orilcntl lit ri>|,<>rt, nini- inr 


■.ftiiiK Hill >«•! iirrtiwl III .IM 

-• Mf 

t iniHiMllittfl.v iiMululili-, tmi 

1 >i-l imlcrtH] In rcixtrl Jt ^^^ 

(' « /■ // .■ r nr s ; I, I h I- t; I , II I ]V „ r I ,1 U ii i 

lil'AUiiKii in WMisiMi's Kcinipi. It i.s ihis: Im>i- iln' tirsl liriic in 

Imps „..,.• llu. nmuth „f ll„. Atlantic- l.iKluw.v, -",'"'".''■ '", ^'";' ''';:■■ ""' '';•. '"'"."' '!"'■' 

thirtv ,„■ nmiv liiu-rs uviv ri.linK- m nm\un- "'.' ; .^'n^^'la .s hr ln.l< whi>-li Amcri.a 

waitiriB lor ih,. h,sl !«,> ,.r ll,,. \Lt. T.>.b^ '"'"' '••"!•"''•'■■,■ ''•"'■"'"' '''I'",!',''' "' •'"' f '1'"' 

th,.y aiv all snm.-wl„.,v nn ll,.- Ailanti,-. ';"•'■'',,"' '■i;'!"--''"'" ^""1 '«■'•'>■ "i ;;"fT 

u'uanl,-,! In a waU of llrilish warships. 'l;'V.-liian tins, -onmry ha.i known I o,iay 

l..-a.l.-d lor a .U-slinaiion nnknoun. "'"■,'"■"" ''''•''}'^ ■;^mn,l.s o k,-..p ,l„- Inu-s 

•riu.s. <-i.,lu wwks alter th.- .U..-laralio„ of " '■'"■''""' '," "'' ' ,'' "'.'i:''' .""-"n,..' P. Ian 

vvar,(ana,lal.asrais,.,l.,lrill,.,l.rullv,.,|aipp,-,l '.'■' -""y "."j'-'' „"' '"'^"■'' ' '""' '" =' 

an,l pla«-,l at tlu- .iisposal of llu- lid.linL' l"l-'l>v •'"''"'"'' "^""':-. , , . . 

ro",-,-s of till- Kmpirc Ihi- lar^.-.-t arnn iliai ^''^■'■'' ''•"> ,"';' ■■^"I'lu'rs "f tlu- Ameni-an 

lias i-vi-r l»-.-n or^'a^iz,-.l on I'anairuii soil. ■onlnicnt haltk-il for a i-ausi- more just, 

niori- troop.s ihan WcHinclon ha.l ol llrilain '"""■ """''■■ '™" '■'""^ ''"■ "''">■'' ""'' 'n™ 

uncl.-r his i-onniianil wh,-n ho linalh sniasli.-,! I'-'^''' '"'■'"'" 'I"', ™"'''l- -^"'1 l"' of 

ihi- power of ih,- .^ri-ai Xap«k-on o» ih,- thai the- now workl is ilulv prou.l. .<oim- of 

I'lains of U at.-rloo. .\n armv L'ri-al.-r in point I'l''"' "'.H '"id a last n-.slin.i; pku-i- in Ihi- .soil 

of nunih.-rs than iiiosi ..f tiaw- wliic-h havo "' I'l'll-'niin ol (,,-rniany, and of l-raiu-i-. 

liHurod in .sonu- of the niosi do.-i.sivi- hattk-s '■'" »"'■" '»'■ ''-"I "f 'I'ath tlial is n-apiiin 

in,,i-vof thoworkl. ""' "iirvi-sl ol ihc a»-s in Kuroiic is over. 

whon nils w-.vr ol mm- nalious isdoiu-. wt- !«-- 

s1'i.i;mhp \riiiK\i:>M;\T li''\'o il will In- wriUt-n of our Canadian hoys 

, . . . , , , , . thai llu-v fow.'ln liki- soklk-rs ami ai-Miiilli-d 

\,-s liav.- .M-olfi-d at ( aiiada .- ||„.„,s,.|vos liko n..-ii. 

iiiiprt'pari-dtn-ss: o>nics lia\(- siuen-d al ll 
i-aiiip at Valiartii-r. lUit iiK-n who kni 
whose iiii!itar\ i-xpi-rii-iu-i- warnnil Itii-ir lu-inji 

Caiiadhin TriMips .\rrivoil OtT Plyniniith 

rt-vtarcd as i-omin-u-m ohsi-rvcrs. an- c-u- On llu- i-vi-niinr of i ii-iohi-r l.'iili. llu- Caiia- 

thusia.slii-all\ iinaninious in sin^iinj; llu- praise diaiis n-i-.-ivc-d ik-liarkaiion onk-rs from ilu- 

.>f ihi- .spiril of llu- nun and of llu- ellieieju-\ "-ir oiliee iinespi-eie.llv. Despiti- llu rain, 

of iheornani/alk a. wl-ieii in i-ii;lii short «e(-k.- ir'i«(ls of pc-ople tiiriieil out pi walt-li tlu- 

wi-ldi-il out a splendid, fiillv e.|ui|ipi-d tiudil- kiiiiliin! ami eiiirainini; of ihc- troops wliieh 

inn h>re<- of iliii-iy-two ihoii.saiul men. Iiej;an with the i-uhiinj:em of Sirallwoaa 

Thi-re wi-re niisiakc-s nuule at \alearliei-. Horse. 
'I'liere is mil a niililarv iiiaii, from (ol. Sam 'I'ln' various eoMtini;eiils wi-re aided 

lluuhes (kiwii, who is not prepared to admit llirouKh llu- siri-i-ls by their haiuls and pipi-s. 

Ihat. I!ut the path loaelnevemelU isslrewn IHviiii; to thi- clillieult> .if h.-rllliiu; llu- 

Willi inislak.-s an. I .-rrors. minsporls in|U.-iu-.- ..f llu-.-hh lid.-, llu- 

Canada has lu.t .~p,.|ii half a .-eiilury pri-- .li-harkalion of ilu- Canadians is .■\|ii-el.-.l l.i 

pariiu: for w;u'. .s^he ha.l no: a inaehiiu- whk-ti he slow. 

iii.uu- .la\ i-.iiilil suninion mil I ions lo tlu-sv\.iril: Ml'\I.iii\lil.i: l'\K\r 

and let lis lit- Ihankl'ui for llial. Ihal sin- I'iiiis 

ntllier to ilt>str.i>' than to einulati- sii.-h a "Tlu-ri- eaiiu- a t.'allaiil ini-rehanl ship full 

sysU'iu. Kvi-ry man ia the rinks of lu-r sail lo I'Kin.uilh l!a\." 
arm;.' is a fn-t-tiian. a \-oliintei-r. Thai fa.-l Maeauli-y's fani.nis liiii-s. in whieh he 

aloiu- k'o.-s lo ihi- -.i-i-\ roois .if lliis .strum.'!"' simu a siu)n-ailous iti.-iil.-ni of itriiish historv, 

in tlu- fr.-i-iloin. llu- liiii-rl' of llu- in.livi.lual. will .louhll.-ss lo tlu- nun. Is of many 

for wlii.-h tile l-'mpin- tii:lits. an. I wh.-n all is who l.-arii dial llu- niiyiil\ Iraiisporls ali.l llu* 

saiii and il.'iu'. wii.-n allowaiu-i- is mail.- for ail.-n.lanl e.iiiv.A lu-arinu Canada's lirsi i-on- 

w!iale\.'r iiiipr.-paie.lii''ss. iiu-iru-ii-iu'>. ini-.mi- Irihulioii to ilu- yreat i-kisli of arms is n.iw 

peleme ami mislaki-s ilml may have l«'.-ii siiiv and s;ifi- nithin llu- wali-rs of I'lynumlh 

ma.le. ( 'aiiadians have ,\el r(-a.s.Mi lo he phiiul .siound ami as 1'ai-a.s the lieiul. 
..f «hal was a.-.-.miplishi'.j til \ al.-arti.-r, Tin- lr.i.i|.s will 1..- ahh- t.. sii tlu-v 

proii.l of its .iii/i-n ariii>. with its i-vi-rv f.iuii.l a luk.-wtirin ri-.'.-plioii. .-m-ii iIumii'Ii a man. and il.s .-v.-i-y man a s,, ii„.v ,..-imi- in i.. Knulaiul alinosi In -l.-allh. 

AV iiiui;ir i.K.s.s.i\ 

If Ih.-rt- is aii\ iirunihhnit ..n ihi- su1m.-.-i it 
' from tht- famous .-t-aporl ulio w.-n- 

Oiu- i.lher ihoiiifht in linumiil hoiiu- to us iinaWle. owinu l.t llu- r.-slri.lions altemlaiit 
li\ the .leparlurt- .if this lirsl Canadian on the (-in-iiniHianees, to i;i\e siit-li a .lemon* 
<-.mtiiiu>".ii for the likKnI-elollul livMs of siralii.M as ihey have ilesin-il. 


|iHi\>K J..1.S l'tii~.v Smult J.ihis I. I>»»«.i 

K'nl»i«t in ih- :::.lli IUli.-r> \t, KnloT^I in (hf :rjnil HkMi 

l.lw 1. fJlH Aki. 

U.iH.I>nl'.T in Atiril. ■'•I'> .W- 
Trifl III to inM'.v, l.iii mi^h 

llr Skiwis |I(u 

lt»- Al'HM- I'». 

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hhitra (oil* ItKixMii-r I'm fMniHt-iti iMinMHi 

IJIh • ••■•■l>a<> »iil<.li^ Blth Ik* rrMirh Hrwo*. ».till».il i' 

ftM \I-KI >NI> h«H>k< 


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W or 1,1 \V 

"I'lyninuih has si-cii qiiiU' a ft'W siiilus in 
its linu*. hut ilu'iv lias nt'VtT \nvu ainihiiiLi 
like this." (Urlaivii tht- vt'iicraldt' inhal)itant. 
as he \i:i7A'd fnmi llif I'luvshtitv. Out on the 
wattTs iht' slati' ixivy liiuTs. havinir n-arhcil 
aiirhDraiif. wtrc wailiiiii lurthcr nriicrs. 

MAI'l.i: !,i:\K FtiKKVKU 

The arrival ut '.tit'st' traiispnrls a 
suriirisf tn ilu' .'zrcai niajnnty of the pciiplc nl' 
I'lynmulh. The ships slirrt'il slowly in llu' 
early ni.prniTiy:. folk nn slmrc walchinj: them 
mnrc iir less iiily. nnt a surprising matter, 
cnnsidcrinir they have heen ahle tii wateh the 
niuvenieiits of a jjnud many vessels whirh are 
slranuers (iurin^ the la<l few fateful niontiis. 

It w;us the men on hoard wlio made known 
tiieir amval. As the jzreat vessels drew in tn 
shore, nuisinu ehoruses of the soldiers ut-re 
heard in ■'The .\hiple [.eaf Forever." Hear- 
ItMU'd miy:htily to l!n<l t'.ie lirst im-idenl in 
their nmmenlous niis.Mon aeeomplished. the 
men hroke into wihi eheers. With eavier 
enthusiasm to look out on the rieh land of 
1 >evon. tiiey swanned on to trie t<i|) decks 
and into tln' rijr^'in^' rheerinix passing: iiMni 
shi|) to .-hip. " \'o ordinar\ erowd of soldiers 
ahoard (hose lioats." was (he tliou;iht,L: 
amon^ the puz/U-d onlookers. Then in a 
llash the real eharaeter nf these Voyagers 
dawned upon the watchers. 

"ITS Tin: r.\NAI)lANS" 

"Why. it"s the Canadians!" The ex- 
elamalion pjis.sed from one little jn*i)Up ot 
heholders. to another and straightaway the 
ciavrs ipf those on the transport received 
res|H)nsi' from the yood folk of the port. 
The news spread further and each company 
of watchers ad<U'd to ju numhers eviry min- 
iile. From the dei-k of at one trans- 
port came the .>kirl of (he ha^'p'P*"^- 

If the news which reached port cau.sed 
intense disippoininient arnonj: the Canailians, 
the ilis;ippointnient was corre.spondinw!\ in- amony the townsfolk, hecause there had 
heen no means of liestowinu a hearty welcome 
oiher than hy an ahnormal display of hinu 
power. lie tins as it may. (he Cana-liaiis 
will not fcMvel their reception ai thi.^ por(. 
the denionstraiit)n lieiiii: the more noteworthy 
hei-ause it was so completely spontaneous. 

If there was any formal reception helweeii 
ihe comman(h'rs of the transports I'jui the 
military antl naval heads of the port, il was 
of a purely privati- character. The pulilic 
demonstration wa."* entirely hetween the folk 
of the three (owns and (he rank and lile of 
the enni indent. 

The weather t!u-ouj;hout the voyajie was 
ideal, scarcely a single man inconvenienced 
l>y the penalty so often impose*! on cK-ean 


In the cast- of Ilie horses, thouu'h. it was 
not so fortunate, as *'viderue showed wlien 
the animals weiv led ashore. They were 
landed directly on arrival, and some of llie[n 
showed the elYects of the voyaLte hy reelinj;. 
However, they soon recovered themselves 
and we'-e completely eslalilished inland. Life 
on hoard the transport is of a conlined char- 
acter, hotli for man and heast. and the latter 
feels it more than the master. The cr.tmpeil 
iiuarters make the life dillicull in other ways, 
hut on hi>afd the Canadian transports there 
was pretty regular routine. Kveryhody 
lurnecj out at half past and there was 
daily drill, especially in (he way of physical 
exercise, and the men were quick (o devise 
methods for kee])inu' tit and (rim. Itoxinu; 
houts were a ^^reat feature, and men t)f one 
conipan>' challenjxed others in uii:-of-war. 

livery transport was a teetotal ship. 
Those who have already vrone ashore sa>* life 
on hoard throughout the voyage was of the 
happiest character, the only disadvantage 
heinu there was .scartn-iv room enough to 
move ahout and little (o do exce|)t to iro 
through (he s;mii' over a^ain and 
indulge in the sinne restricted area of pastitne. 
In spile of these drawbacks the men from 
Canada were mwer more lit than ;it this 
moment. On nearly every ship a daily 
newspaper was puhlistied. It jjave the latest 
war news i-eceived hy the wireless, the editor 
also devotine a small por(it)n of the meajire 
space (o .small inciden(s happeninj: on Itoard. 
There will he many ;i lauizh in Canadian 
lionii's over some of these peronal para^rraphs 
when mail carries ilu-se newspapers hack 
alon^! with letters to tlnw left h.-hind. 

The voyam' at niirhts was eonducleii with 
porthi)les shrouded, hul helow decks erowiled 
companies conlrivi'd a i.'ood deal of imiocenl 
revi'lry. The folk on shon- at I'lytnouth 
were surprised to llnd Canadians were ap- 
parentl,\ not familiar wi(h "It's a l.onu Way 
to Tippi'rar\ ."' IVthalilv that ihev were 
(oo liusy (o learn it when at \'aicar(ier. 
Sotiirs of a more dotnestic <-liara'-ier were in 
evuh-nce on (he tr.uisporls. 

(hil\ a small propor(ion i»f the men re- 
ceived shore leave when the transports 
herthed. the privilege heintj Rcanted mostly 
to nieti havm^f friends and relatives in the 
nei^hliorhooil. Some ollleer's came ashore on 
vari(»us duties. 





-hi w 

Kn^laiifl hits iu'i-n avvaitiiijj the arrival nf 
tlif i-ontinjrt'nt for wt-t-ks past and niiliiary 
lU'ccssilit's liitliertn iviuit'rcd it itnpossihlt' to 
jrive prtfiso Jnfnnnatinn I'oiici'rninii tlu- mnvf- 
mcnls of the troops frnrn tiu' hnminjon. ami 
in const'fiut'nci' soini' fantaslic stork's rnn- 
(-I'niiiitj: tht'in have hwn circulatfl. 

Many voluntary a^rt'iicius in Knu'laml arc 
cajriT to assist in tlu-ir Wfll-lK'in.u; wliilf lu'rc. 
and spt'i-ial I'lForts arc licin.u' iiiadc lo keep 
till' i-oniin.mMil supplied with ni'us[ia|H'rs fi'oni 
the I loiniiiion. The Canadian c-olon\' in 
London is considmnti several other proposals 
for iheir t-omfovt. 

KNt;i.\Nl> i:Xi 1TK1> 

On (U'tuher Kith utn-d eame fmni Lonilon 
as li)llo\vs: IMymoutli is ail auoy: witli exeite- 
ment over the landiny; of the ranaitian>.. 
Uiy;ht up in llie est nary transports are steadily 
discharnin": their ear.i.'oi'.- atniiUt scenes of 
keenest cnthtisiasni. Yesterday the surprise 
in the famous port uas unliounded when the 
transports suddenly eatue into the harlior. 

From south to north the eye travelled u|i 
the coast Tine follouin^r what seemed an 
uiiemlin^ line of masts and funnels until il 
faded away in the dim li«;ht of the hiyln'i' 
waters hefore i^ikini: a Uf.'n for Saltash 
liridjie. It was an iin|)reecdentcd si^du. one 
imleed without parallel in the histttry (if the 
irreat west of Knirland. \evcr hefore lias 
tliere In-en svich an a--sen\hlaire of tliis cl;is> uf 
ships in these \\ater>. and il uas jiltoyctiier a 
Miosl hi^pirini; scene. 


The sh'])s and decks were thronged with 
khaki tijrures and the eumpany of each >hip 
appearing in Ilie ha|ipicst of sjiirits. Killle 
steamboats, dwarfed almost into insiirnilicancc 
heside these i,'real le\ ialhians. paxsed ahout in 
(■very diri'ction und atldcd to the din of wel- 
come with >iren honicrs. As tin- small 
passt'Uiier steamers passed, those on hoard 
waved and cheered lo ihe smiliuj: faces hii:h 
altove them. wh»v ackno\vled\ied the i^reetiuij: 
ill true Hrilish fashion. One of the trans- 
ports had on hoard some of the klllies 
reKinienls. anti as each of tlie ships passed 
alonw tlie -ikirl o'" hawpipes came over the 
waters and Ihe met» cheered to the eclio. 

Inhahilants of the Ihre*- towns wen- al- 
lowed to sif Ihe ("aiuduins from a di.stance 
only much lo the disappoinlment of the 
public ashore. Xone of |)ie conlini." nl were 
allowed lo land. 

l)N SAl.l.siU KV PLAINS 

Salisbury. Kni;.. < K-t. Ki. C.A.V. ■ - 
("ountn- folk for many miles around lined the 
streets of Salisbury <iurin.t: the whole of this 
aflernotip. and later into the eveunin in readi- 
ness to iiive the Canadian troops a musinir 
wi'iconie into tills famous city, liut much to 
iheir disappointment there was no sijin up 
until nearl\ miilni,i:hi of any of the coniin- 
iienl's arrival. Il was. in fact. Jusl on the 
stroke of twelve when tiie lir-st detachment 
n'ade its appcai'ance. The men looked none 
the worse hir Ihe lon.u sea ami train Journey. 
and on rcachiiii: camp tlwy were ri'freshed 
with tea ■.vhich ha<l been brewiui; for .some- 
thing; like sixteen hours ui expectation of 
their hoin-ly arrival. 

Contrary to reports the ean^ps were all on 
Sali.sliury I'lain.s. within three t>r four miles 
of each o'her. and the men lived under 
canvas, not huts as the story ha<l it. In 
more ways than one ilie Canadians I'dund 
their new quarters a irri-at imi»rovemeni on 
\'alcartier. where .sand anri dust in particular 
cau.sed some trouble. The irrounds are 
judiciously .-itualed on .izenlle .slopes, are well 
drained and t he men should be I luite delighted. 

sri/.:spii) vovAcK 

Military neces.sities render it inlpos^illle 
to s;iy anythin^i of any matter uiiou which ihe 
Canadian public will he eaijer for informal ion. 
The voyage from Caivida was a deU^htful 
i)ne ami on everv transpori there was niain- 
lainedth"sameeanerne>sand line .<i)ivit which 
was shown in the day.-' before sailing'. It 
is understood there is a clean Itil! itl lu-alth 
ami insist t he men. but many jii n » 1 h« » 
die I on the voya;:e. 

The task of disemliarkintr such an mnnber of riien and such a vast 
<;uantity oi equipment is naturally a tre- 
mendou.-' one. hul the arranjiemenis are 
working with compU-t.- smoothness. 

The "Western News" says today: "The 
arrival of the jireat conlinjient. an event avi- 
nurinir well ft»r Ihe future of the war. These 
splendid men came, .Nonie of them nearly .si\ 
Ihou.sand miles, to testify ti» tin- unity of the 
i-mpire. and take Iheir share of Hie bunh-n 
which rt'sis uptpn Ilrit.<ns the world over of 
bein^' ihi' stoutest champions uf justice and 

" Kven if the numbers were smaller, we 
wouhi hail their arrival as a symbol of s^ili- 
ttarity of ilu- Ilritish race, but they eami-. a 
larvre number themselves, yet only the earnest 

iA' inan.\ more t me if llie\- are riei'ded to 

hel|) in defi'alinc ihe iniposiiit.n of C.erman 
ivrannv and niililarism tm the world. 


lAlNMInl ■» Aut, I 

M. il>i-t>.'lil 

t.: t 111 <■•- IHh IlKI' 

\<lr ■;«> KIII.-.I IK a-l"." Ill 


■Itsn.' hHt. l/titvo •.SIntal. ^ r l<H|» 



i:t' ..t. M4> .>.'. Tr,<,.r..rn.l I 

H.l'.l-.i... *,.,' 

»>i It, ii... mi. ■ 
M»-h I. ■•■lo Aif I' 

I |l..>.'., .... foil.... 

■•'•mi ttulj un l^'.tiijrt Sh. il. 

Si.tPMiwt iir. i*>t 

^wW. IH Ktiftan.l W>-iH'lnl If) FriH.*, 



Ouf Ui'l>'is i u thv <;,rot \V„,I,I \V,I, 

THK Vicoii ADMIHKt) -'In liidst' supivmt' trials ( "atKula will strike 

■■•n. .u .. ,1. ,. .. . u 1 r .1 11 li*'i* lil'iw ami niaki' iit'i" sacritit-t' Ini- ilu' life 
1 he sliorc lliev tvai-ncd lor llu' old ,. ., ,, . . , i- ■ i .i i 

cnuiuiv as ,\wv staim,.! into tli. harhur ".' . !„■ I!riti>l, I n,i.i.y an.l ih.- d,.m,.(r,t,r 

yc'stmlnv and iIk- spLndi,! vij;„r and spirii ''vlizalinn .,1 11,. w„rd 

thry displayed shnwUl tlu-y hav. l,„th the ■^'»-'"'"" ^^'^^'"^ ' '" '•'""•'■■ 

will and tile pnwcr to yivt' jzdod accounl of 

wortliy cnniradi's of tin- dauntless liand <tl' 

luTtH's who. under Sir .lolin l'"reneh. have on 

unstinted admiration from our KreTicli. Be. 

ciaii and Russian Allies anil inil.rd of the [i;;;*'!,;;;',!!";:;-,,,,;^',,!!?:;™'?"!! ""I;'ir";!„il' "'Jm Z'. 

whole world." l-fiiin <i..v. 1 '■,.■ ,1, '..A "'.t- -1, ;.,,-^..f thi-wiir. Spju-t' 

vioulil ■ . ~ Oil- stories of uU Ihf 

lijiUli-. ' ■ V had lione in otic 

,\l!KI\.Ai, SKlIlKT l.Mt " ;; ,; 1 .lone itl Other.-. In 

Kivinn sir -lohn Kr-Ticd- >tur,v m ttir .XTomi Hilltlc of Vj.ri'!' 

I otifloii l\i't Mi f* A P I \\ Ii\- rlu. we in no sense wish to imrtifuliirae. The men of t'oun^-lette 

LOnUlin. Ult. 10. ;l .A-rJ U n\ tne „„rt m the Somme. »t Pn«..ehet.ilti.|e .m.l Sl Kloi. an.l 

-seerecy of the ptn-t of arrival of the ( anadtan nt an.v jiiuce in *hieh tho.v foouht. «.t uniiy tis in»v,- 

trottps was niaiiitaiiietl. .sa\s a rhaiiouth -i- were the mm at Y^n- 

ile.spateh. may lie jiathereil from the faet that 

ihe population of nearly a ouarter millitm WIIKRE C.W.XD.V WON I NDMNCi 

are oiteiily ignorant. Iml all the same man.\' 

thousands have been out on the Moe anil 

foreshore all ila,\" lonji. eheeritiK transport 

after transport as they have, with statei.e 

ilii:nit.\-. threaded their way in across the '" ■•" '■''"' '"'"i' 

harlior to the inner waters of the Sound on ... , ^. .■ . , n- 

their way to the pivernment anehorane. '" '''"' Seerelary ol Male for War. 

The heartiness of the weleome has heeii Cknkkai. Hi:AlHir,\llTi:ils. 

uiimistakalile all of the iioiiulation l.'ilh .lune. IHlo. 

have tiirnetl out and left their work to uTeet .,■ , „„. Seeivlarv of Stale lor War: 
( anada s sons. Men with ineuaphone.' have ,i i i , , , 

.shou'ed warm words of weleoine. in res , ^'^ '■"«"■ ' '"'V'' ""; '"'""i' '" ''''111" 

111 the .Ties of ".Xre we downhearted'.'" '■ «'! ^i'";;; jl"' il"l'' ''f i".v l;i--^I 'M':'!''/' 'll' 

.\ertiss Ihe streteh of water have e.ime sueh -^l"'''' "'•," '" »' '""'>' 'II ''''"""■ '""''''■ '!» 

negative replies as have startled even the '■""imanil has 1«™ u.avily en«aj.ed opposiie 

sturdy ami husky folk of Devon, (hi the ."'ll' ll""l<« "< H"' I'"'' '"'I'l ''V H"' l!'''t'^li 

apiiroaeii of the I 'anadian ships men wiirkiiu^ "J"'""' .. , . 

in the Kovernment doekvards dr ,1 their ,, '" ,""' "'"•"' ''"' .'""',". »'"' '''r"'"'' "' 

tools and eea.sed lalior to ^Teel lh',,„, whilst ^ I"'''" '"'"' """' "]"'l' '" ""•" ™'."l""«" '"''''l 

even the men in Lord Kitfhener's army. ^'''-'''^-^f'lH.v tlefinded vjuorous and 

training near the seaport, .stopped their ilrill >"»l"ii"''l '''^'"'K'^ ""i'l<; [v lii''W f'"'"';' ;'f I'"' 

and shouled lustily in i-reetini:. ''"'■";>■, ;'"'l .^'iilil't'rtetl I'y n ma.s.s ol heijvy 

and tielil artillery, whieli nol only m iiuitioer 

.Story of (he .Socond llallle of ^ pres 

Strathrona's llorse eame in for a jirati- 

liut also in weiulit an.l t-alihre is superior lo 

,- - ,' 'tM 111 !■ .' '1 I mil illSII \M' U I il .1 111 11' IS Slllie II III 

vmu.refeption 1 hey eou .1 he distinwislied ,,„^. ,,„„,,,„r,„r„n of ,uins wliieh las pre- 

iv heir .spirial Imniier displayed on the liner s ^.. •„„|^. „^,, .,,„, „,.„ .^„ „,. „„, n,,,, 
iri,«e. 1 OS., who have .■om.. m elii.s,. ,.,i„. , • , ^ ' . ^ ^ . , 

laet with th.. eonliiiKenl were d..lmht...l at , j,, , „ ,.,|^,,„ |,^, „.„^^ ^^ „,. „,„ ,.,^^, ...... 


ihc sniilicrlv ln'iirlni! ami hrartiin-s> nf tin- ■... i. , r .. i ■ i i . - r .. 

,„ , .1 .1, ■ .1.11 ■. 11 ■■ t» ihf riui'H' tif whii-h I lave re a nf c - 

lop.s, nil their spenill spirits, and lu'lie •.• ., , ,, , f, i,,^.,, ,„„|\,„ , „ , , 

II l', li 1, ' " '"' tuiviifiMiu the ...i,.my. while 'rl 

li,. a suinlv help m the hel.l. |,,,^ 1^^,,, .^l^,,^,,,,,, „, ,|,^, ,,„^,,.|. ,,,,1,.,', ',„„. 

M.inlreal. del. li. A .•aide m Ih.- Mon- ,,||i,,, 1,,^.,. ,.,,^,,1 on with sueh I'larked 

Iri'iil "Star" ri'iiili 

su.'.-ess utfllillst 111.' ellem.\ 'w positions Iti Ihe 

l.ontliin. Oet. Hi, The lirst lor.l of the .'asl of .\rras anti I.ens. 

a.hnirally semis ihe folliiwiim mi'.ss»iii.: | ,„i|,,i, |.,.„ri.i thai durint! the iieriml 

"I hi Mis Nia,iesty'sSeiVi.'.i, till' Ai|miralt,\, iiti.hT report Ih.' liiihlini; has li.'i'ii fhai'ae- 

1 .iiidoii, I' ,s.' her aid at a liinet.v teri/..'.! .in Ih.' .'ii.'iiu 's skk- li.\' a r,\ iiieal luitl 

nioiiienl 'I'h.i .'intlifl mii\'es lorwnrti t.i ils harhartiiis disreKnrd of th.- \\.'ll-kn'i\\'i u-saites 

terrilil.' .-limax. ami rii'r.'er slruuKh-slie h. fore of .■ivili/..'.l war and a llaiirant .l.-fiani-e of the 

Us than an,\ wtii.h liiive \et ti.-eii fouuht. lla^iie ( 'mn' 

Oh,- Uvinrs in th, Ciiul \Vi,,lil ir«/ 

All IIk' ■■i-it.'iUilu- rcsdurivs of <i('rm;in> On iln- cvi-nin;.: nt' the iMh ilivsc iwd 

hiiVL' appiiivntly hirn lunujiht into play tn hallalions wfi-r ivlicvi-d liy lln' liii'i Hatlaliim 

proiluiT a t^as of su virulent and so iKiisimuiis Wcsi Riding lle^rimcnt ami llii- -nd Battalion 

a nature that any human iH'in^ l'i*<'U.u:lu intn Kind's Own Vnrksliire Li^ht Infantry, who 

ciintai't with it is paraly/cd and then meet> a^ain stonni-d the hill under ciiver nf heavy 

with a lint^erinn and a^rimizinji dealli. artillery lire, and the enemy was diivt n itfT at 

The enemy has invarialily jirei-eiled. pre- the point i)f the liayonet. 

pared and >uppnrted his allaeks l)y ;t dis- In this npcration lifty-lhree prisnner> 

ehar>ie in stupenduus vulunies n'i these poi- were captured, inckidin.uf fmir ollirers. 

somius \iii' fumes whraevtr tlie wind was On the 2fith and following days many 

favDrahle. unsuccessful attacks l»\- the enemy were made 

Such weather cnnditiims have only pre- un Mill <in. wnich was ctinlinu()Usiy shelled liy 

vailed to any extent in the ni'i!.ihlii)rh<ind of heavy artilifry. 

Vpres. and there can he mi ilouhl that the (in Ma\' l>t annlher attempt liuvcapture 

elfirl nf tin'sc pdisnnnus fumes materially Hill lio was .--uppoi-ted hy •ireat viiiumes of 

inlluenccd the opt-rations In thai iheatr;'. a.-phyxialinn .ua.-. which --aused ue;:ily all the 

until experience su^iiesled effective cnunter- men alon^i a front of ahout I'llt yards fi 1)e 

measures, which have since lieen so perfected immediately struck down hy its fumes, 

as t<t render them innoxious. The splendid coura^ie with which the 

Tl.e hrain power and th(nii:ht which has leaders rallied their men and ^uin!ued ihe 

evidently Iteen at work hefore this unworthy muural ton'lency to panic which is inevitable 

method of making war readied the pitch of on such occasions*. comi)ined with the prompt 

elliciency. which lia> been demonstrated in its intiTVeiition of supports, once more drove 

practice. ^hou> that the (iirmans must have the em'Uiy hack, 

liarliored these di'si^ns for a lonjz lime. A .secoml and mort' severe jriLs attack, 

.\s a soldier I cannot help expre.ssinj: the under much more favoral)h' weather c<mdi 

dtH'pest rehire) and some surprise that an lions, enabled the enemy to recapture this 

anny wliich has liitherto claimed to be the po.sition on May r>ih. 

chief exp<ment of the cliivalry of war shouhl The enemy owes his .-iuceess in tlii-i last 

have .stoopeil to employ such devices ai;;.inst attack entirely to the use of aspliyxialiliii itas. 

brave ami gallant foes. jl was only a few days later that the means. 

On the nijiht t>f Saturday. April IT. a which have >ince proved so ctl'eelive (if 

commamlinu liill wliich atforded the enemy '-ounleraciint; this method of makinij war. 

excelleni artillery tibservation toward the ere put into practice; had it lieen otherwise, 

west ami northwest wa^ successfully mined tlie enemy's attack on Mav .'ith ut>uld mt)st 

ami captured. Tliis hill, known as Hill (10. certainly have shared ilie fate t)f a I ihe many 

lies opposite the northern extremity of the previous attempts hi' had made. 

litH' hehi liy the 'ind Corps. Il was at llie conunencenuni of the 

The operation was planned and Ihe mining; Sei-ond Uattle of Ypres, on the eveninji of 

eommenceil h> Major-t ieneral lUiltin before April 'I'l, thai the enemy first made ust' of 

the urouml was iianded tiver to the triM)ps as|>hy\iatiuw ;ias. 

under l.icut.-di'ueral Sir Charles Kerjiuson. Some days previously I had emnplieil 

under whose supervision tlic operation was withCenera .loMVe'.s reipiest to take over the 

carried iKit. trenches occupied iiy the Kreneli, ami on the 

Tile mines weii- siiceessfully Tired at 7 evening of tlie 'J'Jlid the troops lioldinn tlie 

p.m. i>n the 17th .\pril. and immetiialely I ties east of Ypres were posted a> follows: 

afterward the hill was attacked and yuilied From Sttn-nstraate to Ilie east of l.aiiue- 

without ditliculty by the \>\ liallalitm Koyal marek as far as llie I'oelcappelle Itoad. a 

West Kent Ile^'iment and llu' lind liattalinn Krench divisitni. 

KinirV Own Soil inli llorderers, "Iheattaik Thence in a sftuthea-terly direction lo- 

was well supported by the divisional arlill<'r\ , wanl the Pa-sschemlaele Haeehu're rouii. the 

assisted by French ami Mel^ian batteries. Canadian liivision. 

I'Uiinw the niyht M-verai of the enemy's Thence a ijivisiun looi» uii the line in a 

counter-attacks were repulsed with heavy loss. southerly dinrtion east of /.ounelteke to a 

and llerce handdodiand lijihline (ot"k hlace: point west <»f Uacelaere. whence anottur 

but on tile eariv mornilii! of the IStii Ihe division con'iuued the line southea.^t to He 

i-nemy succeeded in forcinu biu-ix the troops mirlhern limit o| the corps on ilsiii-ht. 

hotdiiiw the rinht of the hill to the reverse of llu' ."dh Corps there were lour ba'talions 

slope, where. howe\er. ihey hunu on thniu^h in Uivisional lle.srrve about Ypres; tlie 

liu' day. Cuiiadiun UriumU'. which lias juM hcoii 

"tm.t M«<.<M *U ir 

(Xiwi-B r M 

l^olKtnl ,n iIm i<»nh |ti>h lUnr*- 


I'JII Alt J I. H» 
KM AtMllt. IMU- 

<M In Avril. IVl 

n,ii M,/.i..s ill III,- <: 11 II I Will III Will 

witliilrawn al'tcT suHVniii; licavv Icissi's mi was pdsti'd lii'hiiul llii' njjlil "I' Uh' Imviu-Ii 

Hill lilt, was ri'stini: a!»n!l X'lanuTliiiiilH'. i>i\isi(iii. ami. hoinj; invnivi'd in tlu'ir ivlrcat. 

l-"oll(i\\in^ a lii'a\y li(iintiar<lim'iil ilic fell into tlu' fneniy's hands. \i was tvi-ap- 

t'ni'niy attat-i^ed the Fn-ncli Oix'ision at al)oul llli'fd l)y tlif Canadians in tiicif cmmtt'f 

-■> | usin;; aspluxiatin:.! ira.M's !V" tlic lii-si attai-lvs. Iiul tiic iruns roiilil imt 1k' witiidi'awii 

tinii'. .\ifcfatt fi'|)o)'t('d tliai at a'lout .") licCofc tin- t'anaiiians wcri' ayain diiviMi l)ail<. 

lliic-l< ycllim smukc liad l.ivn swn issiiinu Dui-ini; tlu' niiilil 1 dinvted tin- lavaliy 

I'niin till' t'.i'i-nian livnclli's lu'twecn'-'i'- and tlif Niil-tliuminTland Mivisiun. wliirh was 

inaivl; and r.i.\sih(ii>ti' Thi' Kn ni-li rirm ted ilicii in ncncfal iv.scrvf tn«>ps ficim lln' :'.rd 

tliat twii simullani'i'tis attai-ks liad liivii Icirps and tlic First .\rniy. to !«• hi'ld in ivadi- 

niadc I'ast of tlic Vpivs-Sladt'ii I'ailway. in ncss to im-i't uvontiialitii's. 

wliic-h tlii'.si. asphyxialiiw uasw liail Inmi In t|„. ,-oiifusion of ilii' wis and siiioliv tlic 

cmploywl. .... lioi-nianssiiiTi'i'di'd in I'aplurini.' till' lii-idiioal 

Wliat lollows alm".st dolii's lU'sci-iption. sitrn.stiaati'and soni.' un.-ks.souili of l.ixi'rni.. 

I lie cllirt of tlli'S.- poisonous pisi'.s wa.s .so .^n „f „.|,i,.|, „.j,^^, |„ ,„.,.,|,,,iii„„ l,v tlu' KlTllc-h. 

vitulonl as to tvndor tlu. wliok- ,,f tlu. nu. h,.l,l .,.,,,. ,,.,^..,„_, ,|^^,^ ,„i,,|,|i,|„,,i |,i,„. 

l,y lu. 1-ivm-h division nu'iitUMifd ahoy,. ^,,|,. ,„ |,^, ^^:^,^, „,. ,-,,_, ^. ^..|„.,| , ,^..,^ 

pt-u-tu-ally im-apal,k. ol any anion at a I. ,„„„.,,|,.,, app,-,.lionsiv,. of his .su,.......diim in 

It wiis III irst im|Missil)lc tur aiivniu- io i..:,.;„ . ... i , i ,. u i.v ., i ..,,.! 

,. 1.11 . n 1 I M-i 'Irivmir a wetiui' liclwt'cti Uic iTt'iu-ii ami 

ivalm. wha had ay ually appom.,!. 111.. |,„| > miops at this point. I dir....t>..l. 

-sniok,. and lnin,..s h,,l ..%mthin.. Ii-on, s,«ht. „„,,';,,.„,^, ,|,l„ „,„„. „,■ '„,, ,,i„r,„.,,ni,.nts 

and nnidr...i.s ol tn..,, wh-,. thrown nto a , ^| |,| |„, ,, ,„ „„,, .„„| ,,^^i„ 

,,,vdyiiiK,;on,lt,o,.a,,.l within an , ._ . , ,, ,, |,| , ,, ,,||,-„.„„^. ;„ 

hour 1„. whol,. ,o.s ,1,; had to l„. ahalldon,.d. ,,,,,,,„| ,,„,. f„,,|„,, ,,,,.^,„,,, „,■ i|„, ■,;,.,. 

tot:t.tlu.r with aliuut ilty kuh.s. ^ ^^^ ^ ■ , , 

I wish partic-ulanv to ropudiali. aiiv irU.a , , ... , . .. , 

of atlachim; tlu' Idani,. to th,. Fn.nHi ,, }' "'"«" tv" o .-lork on Ih,. nioniiiin ol th ■ 

Pivision for this unfonunati. in,.i<k.nt. (.onnw-tion was Inially ,.n.sun.d liHttvon 

.Mtpr all th,. ,.xaniiik.s our .jallant allies '!"' \'^ '.'[ H"' ' :'ii:"!ii;ii 'ivisioii and th,; 

hav,. shown of d„m'<i aiKi l,.nanoiis ,.ourani. V'"^''' T'",' '''""" ',''!-''" I"'"''';"''', ■■"■'''•"' 

in th,. main trvinn situations in whi,.li thcv ""■ ™i'.' ^ ''"' '',•; ."'.";" '"'■"''■'I ,''"' '"•"".• 

hav,. h,.,.n pla,v,l thnainlmiit th,. ,.ours,. .'if li'iuiii,.,. iiy 111,. I.ntish troops "I a tiiu,.|i 

this ,.anipaiKn it is ,|uil,. sup..rlluous for m,. "'W''' ""' "'•'" >l'.'l wliidi tluy l.a,l h.'kl 

to ,lw,.|l on this asp,.,.t ,.f th,. in,.i,k.nt. au,l I ''I'l""' '"■ •"•■'<•!< ."miia.iHv,! on th,. pnvnms 

wouki onlv niv firm ,.oiivi,.ti,iii that '""'". ""■'■'- "''i''' "," '■■.■-'■"■'■- avuikihl,. lor 

if aiiv troops in th,. worl,! Iia,l Ik.,.,i al.l,. to i-"ii"t,.r-alta,.k iiiitil r,.inlor,.,.iii,.iit.s. whu-h 

liold iiositions in th,. fa,,, of this al- «;'',"' '"•< ™;'' »P f"'i" H"' •'^':"'."'l ■^'•'"■^■. '"■''■ 

l,il.',.|li,.r un,.xp,.,.t,.,l onslaught, th,' Kr,.m-h alil«' t" drpkiy to tlu. ol ^ pr,..s. 

|)ivisi,,ii w,iulil hav,. St, 1,1,1 liriii. '''arly in th,. mornint; of Ih,. L'ilnl I went to 

'I'll,. Ii.ft Hank of th,. Caiiailiaii liivision *i'i' i;,.|i,.ral Koi-h. an, I fn.iii him I r,.,.,.iv,.,l a 

wasth,isl,.fl ,lanB,.r,m.slv ,.xp,.s(',l loa s,.n,ius ,U.|ail,.il la-ciunt of what ha,l happ,.n,',l. as 

atla,.k. ,.11 Hank, ami tlu'i-,. a|ip,.ar,.,l 1,1 li,. a r<.p,irl,.,l hy ll.'iu.ral I'lnz. (h.iu.ral Koi-li 

pr,isp,.,.| ,if lli,.ir li,.iiin ,iv,.rwh,.hni.,l ami of iiihirtiU'd m,. that it was Ins uil,.nti,,ii t,) 

a su,.,.<.s.sful alli'inpt In tlii' Ci.rmaiis t,i ,.ut mak,' i;o,i,l th,. ,.ri(;iiial lin,. ami ri'iiain 111,. 

,iir the tr,i,ips iiiruiivhin tlii' sulicnt 1,, lri.n,.hi.s whii.h th,. l.'r,.|i,.h I livisi,,n lia,l l,isi. 

II,,. ,.;ist, ' Ml" ,.\pr,.s.s,.d III,. ,l,.sir,. that I slioulii inaiii- 

In spil,. ,if th,. ,kuiu',.r t,i whi,.|i thi'v Hi.r,. lain my pri.s,.nt lin,.. assuriiii; nii. that Ih,. 

,.xp,i.s,.,l th,. Iaua,lians h,.l,l ilu'lr Kn'innl with oriniiml p,,sili,iii w,iul,l 1„. |.|..,.sialihsli,.d in a 

a iiiiiKniliv,.nt ilispku ,,f l,.na,.itv an,l ,.ounii;i.: tVw ,lavs. I ii'iu.ral Knli furth,.r iiif,iriii,.,l in,. 

amiit is 11,111 mi',.h t.isav Ihat Ih,. Ii,.ariim llml '"' liail or,i,'r,.,| up larn,. Kniuli roiii- 

ami ,.on,lu,.t of th,.s,. spk'mli,! lr,„,ps av,.rl,.,l fo|.,.,.iii,.nts. whi,h wir,. now ,iii th, ir wa.\. 

a ,lisasl|.r wlii,.h iniclil hav,. h,.,.n all,.ml,.,l I'lat troops from llir iio,-lli lia,l alr,.a,ly 

with 111,, must siTiotis ,.ons,.qu,.mi.,.. arriv,.,! to ri.inlor,.,. (Ic.m.ral I'lilz. 

'riirouchiiul 111,. iii>!hl 111,. ,.ni.niy'saHai.ks I fully <.,,n,.iirri.,l in th,' «i.s,loin of Ih,. 

w,.n. n.pul.s,.,l. ,.ir,.,.tiv,. ,.ouiilf.r-atla,.k.s w,r,. ( i,.|i,.rar.s wish to r,.-,.slal,lish our ohi lin,.. 

,i,.|i\,.r,.,l. an. I al k.imtli t,iu,'li was nain,.,l ami am',',.,! I, -op,.ral,. in th,' way h,. 

with th,. |.'n.n,.h riylit ami a iit.w lim- was ,ii.sin.<i. stipulating, liow,.-i,.i.. if th,. [Misiti ,n 

f,i;'l,l,.,l. was n,il n'',.slal'lisli,.d wilhiii a limit, 'd liui,. 

Th.. I'ml l,,imloii ll,.avy lk.ll..ry. wliUli I ,.,iul.l allow Ih,. Ilrilish lr.«,ps i,, 

ha, I l>....n atta,.|i,.,i I.i III.. ( aiiadian I Mvisioii, n.inaiii in .so ,.xp.,H..,l a siuialiou as thai whii'li 

Our lleru,'« in I I, r C, r m I IT,.,/./ W i, r 

tlif acliiiii nf till' pivviims twemy-lour Ikhiis Diirini; Ilk' wIkiIc hI' this tiiiii' the town nf 

h;ul nimi«'lk'd Ihem in i>i-cupy. ^■|ll■^•s uml all llii' mails to tlu' i-ast ami wi-si 

lluriil;; till' wliiikMil' tlu' 2-ir(l till' I'ln'iiiy's utiv iiiihitiTnlpli'illy .■iiilijirlcil to a violi'iu 

aniiln-y was viry ai-tivi' ami his attai-ks all arlillrry liri'. hat hi splii' of this the supply 

alonji (he front wore stijipurlcd hy sonic of both f i ami aniniunhiun was niaintahicii 

heavy .u'uns wliic-h had hccn liroiiKht clown ilirou,u'li<ait wiili onlorandi'llick'iicy. Durinii 

from the coast in thiMici.L'hliorliood iifOsicnd. the afliTnoon of the 2.")ih many (k'rnian 

The loss of the i!Uiis on the nisht of the prisoners were taken, ineluilinir some olT'eers. 

Hm\ prevented this lire from lieins.' kept The liand-to-hand liiihtins; was very severe, 

down, and niiicli aii^ravated the sitiiaiion. and the I'tiemy siiiFered heavy loss. 

Our position, however, were well maintained Uurina the lith the Lahore Divison ami a 

hy the vi.uoroas eomiter-attaek.s made by ,-avalrv divi.Mon were pn.sheil up into the 

tlie .>th ( oriis. li.iiiiinu' line, the former on Ihe riirhi ..f the 

I InnnK tiie da,\ I directed two liriKaiies of Frc.nch, Ihc latter in .support of the .'itli < 'orp.s. 

the :!rd torps and the Lahore Ihvisk.n of ihe ,„ ,|,^, .ji't,,,,,,,,,,, ,|,^, |_,,|,„„. |)ivi,.i„„, i„ 

Indian ( orps to he moved at ) piv.s area and con.imiclion with the French rinht, .succeede.l 

l.laced at the disposal ol the .Vcond .\rniy. i,i pusliins; Ihe encniv hack some litlle di.s- 

In the ol these two or three days i;uu-e to\.ar<l the north, hut their further 

many cnrumstaiices comhined to render the advance was sioppeil ouim; to the continuai 

situation east of the Ypivs Canal very critical cmiilovmeni hv the encmv of asiihvxiatin'.; 

ami most dillicull lo deal with. ir;i<. 

The confii.sion cau.sed hy the suildeii Dn the ri.uht of the l.ahori' Division, in 
retirement of the French Division, and the the Xorlhumlierkind Infantry Mriraidc ad- 
necessity for closiii,^ up the uap anil clii'ckin.s; vance ajxainst Si. .Inlicn, they acftially suc- 
llie enemy's advance at all costs, led to a ceeck'd in enterinj!, :md for a iinie occup.i iiiji. 
mi.sin.u: up of units and a sudden sliiftiiiL' of the .southern poriicMi of thai villaite. They 
Ihe areas of comniand. wliicli was c|niP' were, however, event nally driven hack, iaritely 
unavoidalile, l-Vesh units, as tlie,\* came up owinjz to jfas. and linally occupied a line a 
from Ihe south, iiad lo he pushed into the shtirt way lo the south. This attack was 
liriii);dine in an area swept hy artillery lire. most succe.s.srul|y and .itallantly ied hy 
which, lAviiis lo tlie capture of the French llrisadiiT-lienerai Kiddel. who. I iVKret lo 
Kuns. we were unahle to keep down. say. was killed diirintt Ihe of Ihe 

,\11 Ihis led lo very heavy casiiallies; and operation. 

I wish to place on ri'cord tile deep ailmiralion .sionie jralkml attempis made hy Ihe 

which 1 feel hir llie resource' and presence of Lahore Division on the L'Tili. in i-onjuiiclion 

mind e\inced h\ the leaders acUialK on ihe wiih llie French, pushed ilie ciicm.v to Ihe 

spot. north, hul Iliey wire partially frusirated hy 

I'artt^trapli 7. .Vn instance of Ihis oc- Ihe coiisiant ftinies of ;;as to which ihey wer\' 

curred on Ihe aflernoon of the 21Ih. when Ihe exposed. In spile of this, hmvever, a ceriaiii 

enemy succeeded in hreaiiiny thpniith Ihe anioanl of iiround was (jained. 

lineof.^i. .Iiilk'ii. The French had .siici'eeiled in relakintr 

Larauraph (i. The purls taken h,\' !\lii,ior- Lizeriie, and had made some proirri'.ss at 

lieneral .'^nim and lh'ii;adier-(leiieral llull ."^leensiraaie and llei .<as. hul ii|i to ihe 

were reporled lo me iis hein.i; parlicularl,\ evenint; of ihe JTlli hail failed lo regain the 

miii'ked in Ihis respect. original line. 

MriKadier-l leneral llull. aciini; under the 1 seiil instructions, iherefore, Pi Sir Her- 

ovders of Lieuleiiant-f.eneral .Mderson. or- herl i'lnmer. who wa> now in charite of the 

uanizeil a powerful coimler-alla -k vviili his operation, to lake preliininar\ measuri's fur 

own hrittade and some of the nearesi a\ailahte the relil-emelll lo Ihe new hue which had heen 

uiiil.s. He was called upon lo conlrol. \\itii jixi'd upon. 

only hishrinadeslair. pans of hal lalions from Iin ihe mornini; of ihe'Jhlh 1 had anolher 

.six si'parale ilivi.sions. wlii.'li weri' iiiiile new iniervk'W with (leii. Foch, who informed me 

lo Ihe uroiind. .Mlhoutih Ihe allack did nol i|,iit siroii); reinforcemenls were liourlv arriv- 

siicceed ill relakinj; Si. .Iiilii n. il ell'eciiiallv m^ to supporl (lea. I'ui/,. and uiwd me lo 

clii'ckeil Ihe enemy s furlher advaiici'. po.sipoiie i.^siiinit orders for any retirenienl 

U was imly on the niorninj; of Ihe 'i.Mh unlil thi' resull of his attack, which was 

Ihiil Ihe enemy diiri led a liea\ \ lilow afainsl limed lo idmnieiice al ila,\hreiik on Hie :llllh. 

Ihe division al liroodseimle hy a powerful should he known. To iliis 1 iiKiei'd. ami 

.shell lire, hul he failed lo make any prov!re.^s. inslrucled Sir llerherl I'lunier ac nlinnly. 

Kniiottd in Aiiril, : 
Wi>unil.<l iin.l in.>- 

A;;.' ^r^ K .1 

I II. I,. ht^iiii'iN I'lK. JtHt.> II. KiiKu rw.. \Vu. \uim..». |iiii>. i.n 

Kiih-i.ii in u K..r.-io KuMuhuii. in ili.' IJii.l iliiUal,..., iti 


Kiiutidiii-ii May :::i. i;m;. 





Hinimlnl on Snx. Uli. IHIK, 

Ak*10. KnIUlHl 

f) > 


I }> 

I I \V n r I <l Wii , 

Xn sulisianlial advaiUT luivinji bt't'ii madi' 
li\ i!u' Freiuh. I issued orders Ut Sir Herlit-rt 
I Mil tin 'rat tnu'o'ilui-k (ni May 1st liu-iiminenft' 
his withdrawal to tlie new line. The retiiv- 
nienl was eomnieni.'fd the rol!(iwini; nii-'l. anil 
tile new line was occupied on the niorninL' of 
May 4. 

1 am itf (he oi)inion tliat this relirenienl. 
carried out deliberately with scarcely aii\- 
loss, and in the lace of an enemy in position, 
reliects the i^eatest possii>le credit on Sir 
Herbert [Mumer and tJiose who .so ctiicienlly 
carried out his orders. 

The successful conduct of thi.-- operation 
was the more remarkable from the fact that 
on ilie evening of May -. when it was only 
half completed, the enemy made a heavy 
attack, with tlie usual iias acconipaninient. 
on St. .lulien and the line to the west of it. 

In both cases our troops wvw at tir.-^t 
driven from their trenches by -ias fumes, 
but on the arrival of the support i'roni about 
Pntij/.e. all the lost trenchis were re,aaiiu'd at 

On May '■). while the retirement was still 
iroinn itn. another violent attack was directed 
on the northern face of the salient. This was 
also driven back wi'h heav> to the enemy. 

Further attempts of the enemy durinji the 
niirht of the :lrd to advance from the woods 
west of St. .lulien were frustrated entirely b.\ 
the lire of our artillery. 

Purina the whole of the 4th the enemy 
heavily shelled the trenches we hail evacuated, 
iiuite unaware that they were no loni^'er 
occupied. So .snori as the retirement was 
di^^'iveri'd the (iei.iians cotnnieticed to en- 
trench ( our new line and to advance 
their .iruns to new po.sitions. Our artillery. 
as.sisted by aeroplanes, cau.'^ed him consider- 
able lo.~is in carryini: out thes<' ojieralions. 

Throujrhout the whole period sin-e the 
first break of ihe line on the niyht of .Vpril 
-•Jnd. all the troops iti this area had been 
loiislanlly .subjected to violent artillery bom- 
banlmetil from a lar^'e mass of ^tuns with an 
unlitnited supply of ammunition. It proved 
impossible wliilst under .>o vastly suiierior lire 
of artillery to di^r ellicient trenches, or to 
properly reopianize the line, after the con- 
fusion and demoralization caused bv the yreat ijas surpri>e ami the sulw(|uenl 
almo.^i daily jias attacks. 

\or was it until after this dale May Sth 
Ihal elVective preventives had been ilevised 
aticl prn\ided. In these circumstances a 
violent boinbardiueni of nearly the whole nf 
llie ."(til I nrps front broke <mt ai 7 a.m. on 
the tnofiiin^f of the -Slh. which irradually 
concentrated on the front of the divi.sioti 

between north and south of I-Ven/.enberu-. 

This lire eompletely obliterated the trenches 

and caused enormous lo.sses. 

Till- artilk-ry bomliardment was shortly 

followed b\' a heav>" iiifanlt"\' attack, liefore 

wiiich our line had to ixive \\a>". 

I relate what happened in Sir Herbert 

I'liinier's owti woriis: 

"The ri.tzlu of our bri.Lrade was broken 
about lltrl") a.m.: then its centre, and 
then part of the left of the briiiade in the 
next section to the south. The Princess 
Patricia's Canaiiian Lij^hl Infantry, how- 
ever, althoujih suH'erint: very heavily, 
stuck to their lire or support trenches 
throui^hout the day. At this time two 
baLtalions were moved to ;ieneral head- 
quarters' second line astride tlie Menin 
road to .support and cover the left of their 

"At 12:2.^ p.m. the centre of a bri.uade 
further to the left also broke: its rijxht 
battalion, however, the 1st SulTolks. which 
had been refused to c<tver a yap. still 
held on and were apparently siuToundeii 
and overwhelmend. 

■■ Meanwhile, three inoi-e battalions 
were moved up to reinforce, two other 
hattidions had I een moved up in support 
to jienerai Ik .(dt|uarters' line, and an 
infantry bri.u'ade came up to the jirounds 
of \'lamertinnlH' Chateau in corps reserve. 
"At 11::!() a.m. a stnall party of 
(iermans attempted to advance ajiainst 
the left <if the liritish line, but were 
destroyed bv Ihe Kast V.s^vx [ie^iment. 

".\ counter-attack >\a.- laimched at 
:')::Jll p.m. by the 1st York am! li-ncaster 
liejjiment. :h-d Middlesex I'esiiniei t. Jnd 
iloyal i)uli!in Kiisiliers and the isi U^tyAl 
Warwick.shire lieizimeiit. The counter- 
allaek reached l-'ren/.enlierii. but was even- 
tually ilrivi'u back and held up on a line 
runniiiv: about north and south thmuuh 
\ erloretn-oek. despite repeated ell'orts to 
advance. The 12lh London Kenimeiit on 
the left succeeded at ^real in reaching; 
the original trench line, ami did <-onsid- 
erable execution with their machine y;un. 
"The 7th Aryyle and Sutherland Hi.uli- 
landirs and the 1st Kast Lancashire 
lie^iment attacked in a northea-^ierly 
ilirectittn l(twards Wieltje. and connected 
the t)Id trench line with the ground grained 
by the counter-attai-k. the Hiii' beimz 
consolidateil durin.ii tin- iii^lil. 

" I Hiring the niirhl orders were received 
(hat twii ( "avalry divisions would be 
moved up and placed at the dispo.sal of 
the oUi Corps, and a 'lerritoriiil divi.sion 

wiiiilii lie mnvi'd iip Id he ust'd ii" rcciuiivd. hnnilKmlnK'Ht fnllfAvcd. ;uu! iliis linii.' tlif 

On tho 9th iho 'U'vniaiis aiznin rt']n",;t.v'(l (UTinans siu'ewdt-d iu :^aiaitvj: u Uvncli 

tlu'ir hcimlianiini'nt. Wry heavy sholl uy ratluT what was lift »>!' it a Int-al 

lire was otu-ciitrati'il for 'W(t hours on {■ounU'r-aUa'-U faitiii.L:. Howi'w-r. (lurinir 

Iho tvtT -hos of Uit' "Jml (;ioiK-es.tiTshhv the- nitrht ihcorn'my wcivuiiuiii driven out, 

RoniriHMK and Jnd Canicron Ki.tjhlanders. "tht' Ircm-h l)y this time \)v\n\i prac- 

followed I)y an infantn altaek which wa> lieally nun-cxisienl. tlie jiarrison found it 

successfully repulsed. 'l"he Ciermausa:j:aiu uiileiiahU' under tlie vei'\' iieavy shell lire 

Ixmibarded tlu" saMent. and a I'lirlher the enemy hmuirht to liear upttn it. and 

attaek in the afternoon suceeeded in tlie iren'-h was eva'-ualed. Twiee more 

oeeupyinu I-"»<l yards ol treneh. The difl the (lennan sni|ters ereep Itaek into 

(Ilouresters enuiiter-attacki'd. hut suH'ered It. and twiee mon- they were ejected. 

heavily, and the altaek tailed. Finally a retrenehmenl was niaile. eutlinj; 

"The salient Ik'IU'j: very cxixiseil lo nlf ihe sahent whieli hail heon contested 

shi'll lire from Imlh Hanks, as well as in thiouirhoul the day. It was won owinjr 

Front, it was doemeil advi.saiile not to to the suj)cr)or wei.uhi an<l nunil)er of the 

attempt to retake the trench at nii^ht. and inemy's iruns. hut linih our infantry ami 

a reti't'iiehnicnt was therefore diiir across it. our artillery look a ver\' Iieavy toll of the 

".At :\ p.m. (lie eneni>" slarted to shell enemy, and the j^round lost hiis ]>rnvcd of 

the whole front of the centre divisii>n. It little use to the enemy. 

was re|K)rled that the riyhl liri.iiade of ihi> "On the remainder i)f the front the 

divi.-^ion was hein.iz heavily (umished. but day passed comparatively tiuiet. thoviiih 

continued to maintain its line. most parts of the line underwent inter- 

"The trenches of the |iri.uades nn the miilent shellinjrity -luns of various calil)re.s. 

left rentre were ul.-^o heavily .slielled durin^^ " With the assistance of the Uoyal 

the day and attacked liy infantry. I'.ot'n l-'lyiuLr Corps the ^'Ist Heavy Battery 

attacks were repulsed. scored a direct hit on a (lerman ,tzun. 

■•(hi the mih instant the trenches on .Vnd the N'urthern Midland Heavy Uattery 

either side of the Menin-V|ires road were irol on to .some (Jerman Intwitzers with 

shi'lled very severely all the niorninir. }j:real success. 

The lint! Cameron Hii:hlai\ders. U' Uoyal "With the exception of another very 

Scots, anil the :)rd and Ith Kin-^-s Royal heavy hursl of shell lire a.L'ainst the rijllit 

Killes however, repulsed an altaek maile. divi.Moii early in the morninj: the 12th 

under cover of jias. with heavy Uiss. passed uneventfully. 

Kinally. when the trenches lia-l been "On the nijrht iif the 12th-i:lth the 

practically destroyed and a laryc number line was n'ory:anized. the centre division 

of the 'garrison buried, the ;lrd Kinvr's retiriui! into army reserve \o rest, and 

Royal RiJK's and Ith Rille Ihueade fell their places brinL' taken in the trenches by 

back to tin lieni'lies immedialely wc.-;| of llie two cavalry divisions, ihe arliUer 

IWIIekaarde Wood. So heavy iia<l been and engineers of the centre battlion form- 

t he shell lire that the propo.sal to join up in^' with iheni what was known as the 

the line willi a switch throuirli the wood "cavalry force." under the command of 

had to be abamloned, the trees iirokm by ( leneral Oe I. isle. 

the shells formieu an impa.-isable entanuU- "On the loth l!ie various reliefs havin^r 

tnelit. been com])li-ted without iiu-ident. tlieheav- 

"Afteracompuratlvely (tuiet nljfht and bonibanlment yet experienced broke 

miirninw ^HUh-lIllii the hostile artillery out at l;:iii a.m. ami conljnued with little 

lire was einu-entraled on the Irmi-lies of inlenl■li^sion tliruuiihitut llie \iay. .\l 

the lind Cameron Highlanders and !.•-! 7:l"i a.m. the Cavalry ltri.irade a.slri(le the 

.\rple and Sutherkunl Highlanders at a railway having: sulb'red very severely, 

slijiiilly more northern pouil than on the and their tn'nches having: been ubliter- 

previinis day. The (iernian^ altaiked in aled. fell back about S(l(l yards, 

force and v:ained a bvtiiu): in p.iri of ilie "The N'urth SomiTM't Veotuanry (»n 

li-enches, but wen- iiromi'tly eies-ted \\\ a the n\:ht of the briirade. idthou^jh suirerinn 

su|>portini: company <.^i the IMh Royal severely, huniriinlo their trenches ihroii.udi- 

Scots. out the day. and actually advanced and 

".NftiT a >eeond Miort artillery b\in\- attack\'d the enemy with the bayonet, 

bardrneni the (;erman.-> aiiain nllncked The llri^ade on ils riuhl al.Mi maintained 

about l:I."i p.m.. Inti were ayain re)»ul>ed its posilion, as did al.s(( the Cavalry 

by rille ami maehine ^un lire, .V ihivil Oivisiuu. except the left snuudt'on. which, 


Eoliitnl in lh>- < 

I'.tlT. Ar.-!:!!. 

IiNrHHEk A. PvitrEi... ■ ....._ 

n July -i. KnIiWpH In thi- Hlh lt«erw Bmll«- Knliolnl in tht- P.P.C.I-I, on April Enll-tnl in Ihi- 3tfnrt lUlliYi o 

tion. «lr ■nivi- wrvin- fiir (nur 1^. IHIW. A» 30. Wnil iivit<mji iin January «. IttlK. AUi' IH, Wft 

monthr. IK Mm, l»lf. liitumi-H l»w, '111, iivi-nm> im Miruary 5, I9l«, 

ItK. Mtrtitim |)i 


An- Kiili-i*-l >i 


l*TK. I'AI I, hl-WRjII'l.T 

Knlififl In itH-JnU ltr|>»i IUilalii>n y.nli^f 

••n March :•, ni". \t* ::>>. «fi Ju 

ITr. F^imtHK IiiNT"s lit: J.iiin IHjitiin 

■ImI >n ihi-::lr'l M-mirnl ll><l>- Kr.l.<I.<l in ihr IMih ItaiUli..! 

■■■■ ■■■k mHHB 

rtr tt«i I111M I'liHc. It K r t< I II I'll t,i>iu> I'ti.iti 

rnlKlixl in ihP tiih lliwrx' tUMa Knli>lxl In Ihx 'J-iH'h lUilon. I ..I I in ih- IMh llaiial ti 

linn nn AuRum 'iS. Iitl (,n a(r -ItuHlim Hallal>"<i \*r I : . W.t.i I mitnlm J;. (HIV AtfJI Tiaii. 

nl JJ. Wml tn tniUH'l i.- rrnni*. Iitml mttiP^inil llaKalmn In Kramv 

l*t», I tKH II rwtia*-. 

|i^i'tn'l«!i;. "hI.v' Atr*!-!' Trail'. «>.*I"K a'ki- i!- Tran.(«rr. 

litrHlliitliP^.'nilllaKallnnlnl'ranii- t<i l'ana>l<an »:n|in"f ■" J<>l>. !"> 


t'TI IhHAH t:«ali.S I . ^' ' 

t ..I <' ^ Mt'.on Aio.n. tiM-u.\ ■ ■ I. . 

I-'li. .\». II, Traii-rnM-l ■.. .Uiniai. - ■ ■■ 'I I:. 


Oil,- II 11- ties III I li I' t;ri<il \V <, r I (I War 

whi'ii rt'cliu-cd In s!\iwn nu'ii. I\'ll back. '■'riitTi- Inu'c hccn in:ui\- eases nt' 

'rile 2ini Kssex lleiiiineiu. realizini: ilie iiiiiividual ^allaiury. As instanees. nia\' 

situation, prmnpllv- elKirLie(i and retnoli lie i:iveii tlu' t'nlldwini;: 
llle trelieii. Iioldillu it till ivlieveil hy the " l)llrill,L' ime i>\' tlie iieavy attaeks 

eavaln . inaile aijainsi ouv inrantf.w iras was seen 

■■Meanwhile a munter-attaek liv two lollin.u' forward I'nmi tlie enemy's irenehes. 

eayali-y liriuaiies was launeheil at -^-.-W I'riyate l.ynn of tlie :iiiil Laneashire 

p.lll.. anil saeeeeded, in spite of yerv l-'usiliers at onee rnslled to the nlaehhle 

heayv slirapnel and rille lire, in renaininj; !-'i"i without wailinu' to adjust his respira- 

Ihe oriL'inal line of treneh;'s. lurninn out lor. Sinnle-hauded lie kept his ..'uu in 

the (uTiiians wlio liud enter.'d it. and in aetiiin the w'lole time tlie cas was rollini; 

.some distance. I'.ut a very hi.avy sliell oyer, aelually hoisiiuf: it on the parapi't 

lire was aiiain opened on ilieni. and lliev to t'et a lieiter lielil of lire. .Mihoniili 

Were affiiin eompelled to retire lo an ir- nearly sulfoeali'd liy the ;;as. lu. poin-ed a 

rejiular line in ilu' rear, prineipallv the si ream of lead into the advaneiim .■nemy. 

eraters of shell holes. The eneiiiv in ami <-heeked tluir atlaek. Hi' was c-ar- 

thi'ir eounter-attaek sulfered very severe ried to his dusi-ont. Iiut hearing another attack was iiinnineat. tried to jr,.t hack 

' ■■The lilthtillc in other parts of ihe I" ','''" ^'""' '''"■'■"'.y-f'""' 1'""''^ l^'l"' I"' 

line was little severe. The Kast 'J'"' "' ►^'''■■l' "«"">' Innil llle elleels of tile 

Lancashire lU'L'imi nl were shelled out of ^^'i-^^- ... , . 

their trendies, l,ui their .su. 'ort com- ■■.^ .vc.uni; suha tern ni a cavalry nri- 

paav and the ■Jnd Kssex Recimcnl. attain ""'"i "''"I '""™'':l '" Hi'' I""' ""''. ■^'"•r- 

aelinu on their own initiative. V I'M them """", 1" '■cconnoiire. He koI niio a 

hack. The eiieniv |.enetrate(l 'nlo the "■;'"'• '■^."" .""'''^ "'. I,''""' '.'^ '""' '""■■'^: 

farm at the nnrlheasi corner of , lie line, winch he ound occupied hy (■ernians. and 

hul the 1st llille ISriiiade, after a severe «""<' I'ack with the information that the 

slru'jitle, expelled them. ';')'''">' '''"' '■^'■"'"^'led a trench and were 


.,., , , ,, ,., ,, ■ diunint; another informal ion which 

111,' 1st Ham,i.shre leuiienl a,.-. ,„.„;:,,,, ^„„,, valuahle to the artillery as 
U'(l ;in ;i1t:u-l;. :iii<l Killed I'Vcrv dcr- .. ., , i- ,,,-, 

Wi'il US \^^ his iiwii \inil. 

" «V1 «',tjiin lilty yards of ther „ , . ,. , 

trencu'S. Ihe .>th l.onilon Reunnent ,„„nni.~iioned oilier of the Isl ( ■amhrid'.-e. 

despite very heavy casual, lesnanilained , . . , ,,,,„„„„ii,., „ 

ir !■ I i)l t' If I he ft >rui;uU' was , ,1 ■ ,. ,. :. , .. , ;■ 

.. Ill' . ■ \. .1 I .' call s') ( s in r I M;; t u' ircsc ci- c»l 

h,' whole Ironi .\1 the end ol a verv , . I ; , , 

hard days liuliiin« ou line reniaiied in , . , .,, ,,,, ^ ..ppar-ntlv pro 

IS fonner po.sition. with he exception ol ■ ,,',|„^,.„u, in I leiliateK I, '. 

the .short ihs.ance l,y one ( avali^y „,.,„, ,|,,,„. \|,|,„„„h lliev knew llial 

Hivtsinn. La cr. he imc was 1 shci ,, ... . ,. ,, ,^ , • , ., , 

,. , , ,. 1-1 H' L'a StI II I' t • ' I' lU U niin' I'M 

lorwar, . ami a new line was '!"«;" '"'ss J^ ,,, ,„,,,,_ 

expoM'. post,,,,,, ,l,|.htl in ri'a „ I ,a, . . y^ummv^u^W. in pulling out a 

oriKinallv l„.l,l, I he n.uhl pas.seil ,|U,ell> , ^,|.^^^, ^,,||,,, ^^.,|, ^^|,.,,, „/,.,„ ^,„, „,,, 

"Wotkini; parties of from l.^.illll to ,leeper's iden'ilv disc. i„ie ,,f Ihe ollicer's 

l..snii men have liei'U foniiil I'ViTy iiiBhl revolvers wi'iit olf. .\ collver.^alion in 

hy a Teri^iloriiil division an, I ,,ther units a^italeil wlii.p.'i's hroke ,,iil in Ih,' Herman 

fur work on rear lines of ihhiiee, in a,l,ri- ireneh, Iml Ih,' patrol ,r,'pi xdeK awav , 

lion lo till' work pi'rf,,rini'd hy the i-arri- ||„. ,;iirrisoii heim; im, Martled to lire, 

sons in ii'consiruelin« the froiil line ■■ Mespiie Ihe ver\' severe -hellini; lo 

ireiu'hes which weri' daily destroyed l,y „hii'li Ihe troops had \nv\\ suh.ieeleil. 

shell lire. which ohliterated the Irenehes and eallsid 

"The work performed li> (he Kii\'al vcr\ inan\ easualtie.>. ihe spirit of all 

l'*lyinii t 'orps has hiH'ii iiiNahmhIe. .\piirt ranks r,'n ains cNcellcnl. The 'H.-niN-'s 

from the hostile aeroplanes aciiiali\ de- losses. parlieula'K on ihe liiih and I:llli. 

iro>ed, our airmen have pii'vented a iia\e nii,|Ui'stii,nal)l\ heeii seriou-.. (hi 

lireat deal of aerial reconiiaissaiiee In llie Ihe latter day Ihey e\aeiialiii Irenehes in 

etiein\', aixt have ri'uistereii a lartte nuin- fiiee of Ihe cavalr> i*oui)ler-atta''k' in 

her of larnels with our artillery, wliieli wer aflerwanlK foiiiid inmntities 


() II r II, III ('.I ill I h I' liirill Willi-: ii'lM- 

iif (■(|ui])mcnl :in'i simif nf llu'ir mvn '\'\w Isi ;iml li" ;m l)ivi^■,^ms mhiUi of 

woiinilc'il. Tin- .'ni'mv hiivc Iwn seen X'cuvc ('Iki|icIIi' nu i li iin u'rcai.T siic-ccss. 

slrippinj.' iiiir dead, and mi thriv "ccasidiis and nn Uic I'vi-nins .: l\w loili 1 sam-ticmcd 

mi>n in khuki hiivi- liwn s«ni advanfinj:." Siv I liiui;las Main's |m inisal to concfntruLf all 

On the farlv mornini.' of 'he illh a our availal.l.' i-isi.nm-on the soniliiTn point 

violcni oullinrsi of an^ auainsi ni'arlv ilu' attack. 

wli..l,. from wa.- followed liv hi-avv .-^liell liiv. 'Hic Till Divusion w;i.s moxvil round from 

and Ihc mosi doii-rniiniil atla.-k was drliv llio .|th ( ■orpsaroa to support this atlac-k. and 

iMVd auainsi our casl of Vinvs. 1 directed the lien-ral Dllie.'v ( onnnanrUni: 

The l,.,ur the attack commenced was :.':-):, l''^' ''"■'^' -^'mv /'' '''•''(>■ ,",.""% '■'""f ', '" A lart£e proportion of ihe men were '■'■''"'' 'I '■""'■'H'l :""! 'lelilurate artillerv 

tuileep and the attack was too suddin to j.'ive piepaiaiion. 

tluTO time to put on respin.tors. Tlie I he operation ol il,e till, -u, I Klin formed 

L'nd Itoval IriMi and the lith .\r(r le tuid i"" "' a t'encral |. Ian oi ailaek wlueh the 

.Sutherland Hi-hlanders. ovcrconie hv -as Alius wvre con.iointly condnelniK on a hm- 

itnne.-. wer,Mlriv,i, out of a farm held in front esiend.uK Irom the north olVrras to the 

,.f the left division, and this Ihe euemv pre ^""tli "' Anneniieres; and. allhou.!-, mime- 

ceed,.i to hold and fortii\ . ■'"; i";',«'-';t "''-^ ""I [»'."!'■ ,""•"": >'!';^ l™^' 

.... 1 . ,: 1 '.1 111 nv Ihe llrili-n lorces. iheir allacK assisted in 

lllrouKhoul ll„. da.v the whole line was ^^ ,|,^, ,,,.||..,„, ^,„,^.„^^„^ .„,.,i„,„| , to one ol !,e most violent aril lerv , ,,,.,.,, f,,,.^,,,^ „„ ^,„.,. ,..^|,, ,„„ ,„,,._. ,,^. 

at ackswhieli 11 lKid,v,.r undergone: an.ltlie , ,,,. „,, ,,,,,,,„^. „„ „,,,j,: |.,.,„„ ,„„ |,^. 

.,ih I orps and ihel avalry d,visi,,ns ,.np,K,.d ,, ,,;- „„. ., .„., „,■ „„. ,;,.,,„,,„ ,,i„|„r,,.. 

had o liuhi hard to maintain Iheir positions. ^'^.,,;^,| ^^. _.„,,,, ^^ ^ „„ ^i,^,;^ 

(111 Mill I . il I. .11-1 mr it'll' 111 iit'iii'.ii' (hii liltii \i'-ic ■■• ■> <-• t II 

On till' fnlluwin.iJ: <Iay. linwcviT. ilu- line was 

fiuvcs I'a^t III' \nii> 

•onsohdated. joining th,- riiihl ol the hvnch „ ^^.^,^ ,|„..,|,,,| ,,,.^, (,„, .,,(,„.,. ,|,„„|,| |„, 

, Ilu. .same place as heloiv. and passmu „,,| „„ „„, „; ,,j ,„ „„. ,._>,|, i„„,,„t. 

Ihroum, Uie lie which was srouudylorlilied , ,,,,. „,^,.,,|,„,. ,.„„|i,„„.,| „.,,, ,|„|| ,„„| 

in a .-on hery d.rection on to lloo^e. where ,^ i„,..rf,.rinL' much will, arliilery ohser- 

II,.. eavahy hav,' since strolli-ly ocelipi,., Ihe ;; ,,_.^|^,,.^ ^^,,,,.„ |j,,.^,|^, i^^,„„,^ ,l„.,,.ro,>.. 

chalean. and pu.-hed our line lui-thereas. f,,,. ,|„. „,ii„„ „, comineiiceon li,e i,i«hl of Ihe 

In as^^lranc^' i)l a which 1 inade t<i |_-||, j|],.,i;|ii| 

ihe Kiv.ich coinmander-iii-ehief to supiiorl ' n,,,!,',. i'r„i, M.iv I nvived the laiia<liuu 

anallack which his troops weremakiniton Ihe i)ixi.,j,,„ j,,,,, ii,,. isi Corps and pli'acil iheiii 

Ihh May. lielwei'U the rijthl ol n>y line and .,1 ||„, ,ii^|,i„;,i ,,f .<ir Poimlas llatu'. 

\rras. 1 direcie.l .^^ir |)..iijtlas llaiu- lo carry |;„. i„f.,in|.v „f d,,. Indian I ■orps and the 

oiil on iheCirinanin'nehesahoiii Uouuehaiic ^nd lii\isioii of the 1,-1 Corp- ad\anced to 

norihwesl ol Kronii'lles l.y ilie Uh fori,-. n,,, .,||,„,i; „f ,), „,,„v,, nviicln.s which 

and lielwreii Xeiiv,' Cliapelle and liiveiiehy ,„;,,.|,a,.,| tVom liichehouiv to l.'.\v..ue in a 

l.y llii' Isl and Indian I orp-, .-oulhwesterly direcuon. 

The Ipomliardineni of ihe enemy's po,-',- Itel'ore dayhreak Ihe 2nd Division hail 

lions I'ommeiiced al ."i a.m. Half an hour -uceeeded in eaplurim; Iwo lines of the 

laler ihe ,sih liivision of Ihe llh Corps I'ap- eiu'iiu 's Ir^nclu-s. hill liie Indian Corps were 

lured Ihe hrsl line of (lerman iremhes nlnnit iiuahie lo make aii\' pro;rre,s- owinu to the 

Uoiiueliaiii-. and soiiii' delachmeiiis .^'izeil ii -iri'iimh of tin' I'liemy's defences in 'he 

few loealilie- hi'Voiid this line. Il was MHin neiuhhorliood of Uichehoiiri,' 1 '.\voiie. 

hiund. howevir. ihal the po-iiion wa- much .\| dayliii'ak the 71 h Hivision. on iheriKht 

slronj;er ihan had heen aiilicipaled and Ihal of the :;iid. advanced lo llii' ailaek. and at 

a more evleiisive ailillery pieparaiioii wa- 7 :,,m, Imd enlreiichid IheinseKi's on a line 

nei-es-ary to crush Ihe resist mice olVered hv riiniilm; nearly north and sotilh. half-way 

his numerous forlilied posts. iiehvei'ii Iheir oriuhial Iri'iiclies and I41 

'riiroiiKltoul ihi' !Mh and luih repealeil (;uiin|Ue line, haviiij; cleareil and eapliii-ed 

elhirls were made lo make furiher progress, several lines of the eneniy''lndind 

Ntil oul\ wa- lliis found lo he impos-ihle. a numlier of forlilied p.tsis. 

hui Ihe \ ioleine of ilii' eiieinv s maeliiiie-KUii .\» il was found inipos-ihle for I hi' Indian 

I'lre from his posts on the Hanks rendenil Ihe t'orpd to make anv process in lace of the 

ca|ilured Iri he- ,-0 dilliciill lo hold Ihal all ciieniv s ilefences. .'-ir I ioui:las llaivt ilircn'ted 

Ihi' uiiils of the llh Corps had lo reiiiT lo Hie ailaek lo he su.speniled at this poini iiinl 

Iheir ohKinal poMlion In ihi' niorninu of ihe ordered the Indian Corps lo form a dehnisive 

lillh. lank. 

I***. hmS Kllip I ITT I'lr Wv II K »:Nlil..>lt I'ta XftlilKI Ktltllmtt 

«MM«l 1«. H'lV MfUt Kl "I'K I. Klllxl .1 I •»>l.ra H»|iiri>, ii..t. > ulumii Am 11 r«.i .h... 


I .INI-. John H. 

January. IBI-'i- .\f-ii- Uh. 
April. i:iin. 

K[.l<.<*l <.. -h- •^■;ii.|li.<i.l 

Ki<l<.l»llii llalUa, •••n-tr Jai> I" 

Tranufwrnl tn ;.'^n<l lluf 


Knllxnl al tlir air i 

\Kv :.l, Tf;.N.|.rr.-.l 1 

1 Ilu' ll^l HulUlioii <n h:iihi>ti-.l in llir Jl>7tli l>ulli>li«ii 

I ilwhariM ■■ m.iltiiitl> TraoHrrrHd m iIip uml |laliall<in 

unHi. liilN. MM in anlun In Ma). ttitM 


ITr Kf>:M<s Mlii> 

t.»l<-iMl in lit- ;:>..| lUiiiitii'i 

\tlfhl.l ll, 1<>ll. Al'-'L'I. U>IIIIMl-f 

rhartMlM AdHI 11. I 

? £4- 

January n, miii Af 17 Wai 

I'.nRliwr* .«> Jan. 


n II r II I r ,ir ^ i I, I !i r C i rii I W „ r I ,1 W ii r 

AI>out iwo luinilivii |iris,.ilcTs wiTr i-m|i- line sli,i;luly t.i ihc riyhl anil ri'|)ulsi-.l lliri'i' 

tuivd (Ml thi' KJIh insiaiit. Kidiliim was vcrv scwiv lupsUii' iDiuUiT-aUacks. 
«.su,m;,lat .layhivak. and i,.v 11 oVln.k tl,. ,,„ Mav 24 an,l i". tho ITtli Divisi.m 

,U. Div.sin,, lu«l madr a nmsi.kTal,!,. a,l- |,„„|„„ 2,„i 'iVmlorials. .sun-mk.,1 in tak- 

vaiKv. ,a|,iunnu: srvrral n.niv ol ih,. vnvmy s ; , ^,„„^, „„„,. ,„. j,,,, ,.,„,,„,. -^ ^,.^.„,.,,,,^ .„„, 

lmK-u.s. Ilu. task al Ui,.,l i„ ihis ,livis,.,n ,„.,|^i,,_, ,_,„„i ,,„, „,,,„„„| ,,.,j„,,| ,„ „„. ^,.,,, 

was til push on ni thi' clinrtmn ol Kw .^^^^^ ,|,,|.(|, 

IVOuviTl. '.'Iiali'au St. l;<ii'h. anil Cantcli'ux. ' , , ,' . • i i . .i 

The. 2nil llivisiia, was iliiviii' 1 to inish wlin. , ' ''■"', "V"' '■'■■'^"" '" '""■;'"■'■ "'" ,.""' 

.< Ii'tll 11 ii'limh M'-ic 1 n in-iMiiiiiiiiii I 111- tliii lii>.;l 

tilt' sitiiatiiin pcrniittcil inwanls (hi- Unii ilii 

lallli'i whii-li was i-iminii'in-t'il li>' thf lii-st 

nil- .^11 llillli'll in- IHH llllliLlli-^ lIll- IVlll- 11- -\ t 1 1 1 1 .1 ^11.1 

^'•lrais anil \ inlaini's •"''"^' "" -^'''^ '""' i'i'"i'""l "" ""' ''"111- 

"'()ii I'his ilav'l ravi. Inr thr -Mst hi'vins a'taiiu.l liir Ilu. inuim-nl tlu. inimi.- 

Hidilanil nivisiim to mnvi. inn. ih.. ni.idi- '''■"'' " '■''■'.' .' '''"' "'/•';'"■•. -Ii'^lil tint h,. 

hiiriiiiiiil i.f Ksiaiivs ii, li,. ,-i.a.iv tn snupiii.t l»Mlu.|- aetiy.-.y vyitlt: ami I irav.. 

tlu. iipi.iatinns iif Ilu. Fifs, Urn: At almut '"•''-'.f "'■ ^-'r, """fl^'- Ham to curtail his 

luiiin till, (.ni.niv was ilrivn, nut i.flh,. l|.,.ni-hi.s •"■.'''■'•-' ,■'"'"■" •"''' '", ^'■'■'■iV-illi™ ami .oii- 

anil piiiiits whiih h,. iii-cup;,..! liHwi..-. ihi- ""'"'■'"' """ »-''''"""' '"' '''"' """■ 
twii ilivisiiinsi tlu. iniU'r Hanks iif whii-h wn.i. In ilu.|mttli.iil l.i.stulu.rii 

uiiabk. tn join liamls. ''it' t.'U'inN" was ilrivi.n Irnm a pnsitiini wlticli 

livniditlall tlu'-imlamlTthllivisiniisliail "-'s siroiv„'ly i.| anil iiirtilii..l. ami 

maik. nim\ pniirri.-ssi lhi. aiva nl i.tiptuivil '.iniunil was wiin nn a Inmt nl Imn- un!i.s n. an 

ariiuml hriiuj innsiili.ralily i.\t™ tn ilu- aviiraiii. ilc.pth ol (iilil yards, 
fiijhl liy tlu. siii-iTssfiil opi.ratinn of Ihi- Tho enemy is known to litivr sullVri'd vcfy 

lattei". heav\- losses, and in I he enufsi. ol' the battle 

Tile state of the weather on the inorninj; '>*'> piismiers ami ten inaehine .i;uns were 

of the ISth iiiiieh an eir(.elive ea|ilured. .\ iiumlier of iiiiuhine nuns were 

artillery liomhardnient. and further attaeks td-so deslroyed liy our lire, 
had eonseiiuently to he posipiined. Infantry Duriin; the period under the army under 

attaeks wt.fe made throu'^liotii the line in the my eoiiiniand has taken over trenehes oi-eu- of the aftermioii ami e\eniii^': litit. pied h\- si.nie other l-'reneh di\ isioiis. 
although not vei-y niui-h proiiress was mmk.. 1 ain iniieh iiuk.hted to general DTrhah 

the line was tidvameil to ihe l.a (iuimiue i-ouimamlint; the liilh Kreneh .\rmv. for the 

Kue-lSethune road helore ninhilall. valualile and ellieient support reeeived 

^ (In the l!Hh May the ,tli and 2nd Divi- ihrmmhoul the hattle of Kesuiherl from three 

sums weri. drtiwu nut of the line in The ,_,,.„i,ps of Kreneh To ■.entimelre ._'un-s. 

7th Ilivisinn was relk.ved liy the Canadian ,„ „| verv inifaviiralile weather enndi- 

I msinn ami the iSeeond Ihvi.Mon hy Ihe |i,„„^ I'enderiim oli.servatinns mo-sl dillieulli 

..Isl 1 liBhkmd livi.sion. our own arliller^ did exeehent work Ihroimh- 

Nr liouiilas Hamplaied ilu- anadianaml ,„„ ,|,,. i,.,,,,,, 
• list llivisions. toL'ei her with the arlillerv ol n - .i - . i .- i 

the 2ml ami Tth l>ivi,.iiin.s. umk.r the mm- .'",'■'"[-' ""' "."I""-'."" operalinns de- 

mtuid nf l,ieut.-(;em.ral .Mder.snn. wlnin he :.''''''""' ;'''"^'' "hieh were earned nii hy the. 

direeled 1 nduel Ilu eratinns whieh had '"■",•'",'' r'"". •":'""•"■,""■ •;'■'' ' "n'V""" 

lie,.n ean-ied mi In the ^-eneral nlheer emn- I"."' "'"I'l'-ly ne live m imiknii: deimin,,t rat inns 

mandinK the Kirsl Cnrps; and he ilir,.eti.,l "'"',-■' "■,1''",,'" j"'''^'''"""*: "• '■•■ 

the Tth Ilivisinn In remain in Army Ke.serve, '■'■"■'"'"■■ "'" H"'"''!'''""! ■"■'■a- 

Iluriin; till, ni'itht nf the l'.Mh-2nili a small -\s an iiisianee nl ilie sueee^slul allempis 

post nf Ihe ellelnj in Iroiil of l.a IJuimiUe was In ileeeive the em.m\' ill Ihis respeel i il I1K1\ 

eiipturedi Huriim I he iiielii of the 2iMli-2lsl he mentioned that mi llieiifiernooii of tlie2llli 

the Canadian Hivisiou hrilliaiilly earric.d on iiisiaiil a liomliardmeiii of ahmit an hiiiir wiis 

theexeellent pro(.'ri.~s made hy the Till whole earried out hy Ihe lith ilivisimii with the 

liiH' -si.veral hundred >arils. A minilier nf nhjeel nf disiraeliim alli'iilimi fmni Ihe 

prisoners ami >mm. inaehine jiiiiis were cap- ^'pi'es salient. 

ttireil. I niisidernhle daliia..;e was dnlie In the 

I'll the 22nd iiv-iani iIt .-ilsl lliuhland enemy's para|«.ts and wire, ami llial Ihe 

Ihvisinn was aitaehed to t!ie Indian Corps. ilesir d impi'e.ssion was produeed on Ihe 

and ihi.ueneraloHiei.ri.niiiinamliii« Ihe Indian ineniv is evideiil from the (ierinan wiri.|e.s» 

Corps tiHik eliaDje of eomluetim; the oper- news of thai daVi whieh "West iif 

alioiis In the iiorlh of thai plneoi (In this liille the llnlUh all|.|iipls to alliiek were 

day Ihe Canadian Mivisimi eMemled iheir nipped in the hud" 


<) II r //( ruvs i „ I h , <! r> nl \V ,: r I il \V n r 

In pivvicms rcpdrts I have drawn aticn- plant' lias Ix-cn Urnuulu lioun in lur" tcmiury. 

linn to till' t-nlcrprisc liisnlayi'd hy liif Kivi' nion-, iiowevcr. havf l)iH^n i-huii'ti ilnwn 

triHips (it" rlu' :\vd Corps hi cc ulufliiiii iiitiht and foivi'd to land in niosl unsuitahli' irround. 

rci-oiniaissanccs. and to tlic i-durauc and In spite of tlir opposition of lio.^tili- air- 

rrsourcc shown hy ofru-frs and otiuT patrols i-ralt. and lite urcat nnndu'i- of anti-aircraft 

in Ihc conducl ol' Ihcsi- mint)r opcralions. .uinis cinploycd l)y ihc cnoniy. air roron- 

l I' ivi' nuu-h pU'asuiv in ui^alu *'>;pn'ssiu:i luussaiu-c has l»rn v-arrird out with ri'ij;ulariiy 

ni\ warm a|)prtTia!ion of th^' aihnirahlt and accuracy. 

inanncr in widcli all hrandics of the Medical I desire to lirin^' to your lordships notice 

Services now in the lield. under the iiircction tin- assistance u'iven by llie French military 

of S,iviienn-t leneral Sir Arthur Slo^iieti. havi- au1horiti^^-. and in particulai Uy (Jeneral 

met and deah with ihi' many dillicuii situ i- Hirsihauer. Director of the French Aviation 

tions, ri'sultinu from the operations durinL: Service, and his assistants. Colonel Itottieaux 

the last two months and Colonel Stainniler. in the supiily of 

Tlie meiiicai units at the front- were fre- aevimautical inateiial. withoui which the 

quently exposed to the enemy's lire, and etliciency of the K.ival Flyinu' Corps would 

nian\ casualties ocenrred amonjrsi the otlK-ers have iii-en serious!' impain-d. 

of 'he regimental Medical Service. .\l all In this despatch I wish airain to remark 

limes the olUeers and non-commissioned olli- upon the exceptionally ^ood work lioui 

vers and men. and nurses, carried oiu their thrnujilmut this eainpai^m hy the Army 

duties wrlh fearless liravery and irreat devfi- Service Corps, hy the .\rmy Ordnance De- 

t ion to the welfare of the sick and wounded. partmenl. not only in the held, hul alsiion the 

The e'-aciiati<in of casuallii'S fr<'ai the lines of connnunicalion and at ihe base jiort--, 

front to the hasi' and to Kn^iand was evpedi- 'I'o foresee and meet the reciuiremeiUs in 

tiously accomplisla'd lp\ the Administrative the mailer of annnunit ions, stores, eiiuipment. 

Medical Staffs at (lie front and on the lines of supplies and transport has entailed on the 

eommunicaiion. .Ml the raiiivs employed in part of the olVicers. noji-commissioiu'il otVieers 

units of evaeualiuu and in base hospitals and \w\\ of tlu'si' services a sustained etfort 

have shown the hi^rln-st skill and untirin-i zeal which has been rewarded by the most eon- 

and eneriry in allevialinvr Ihe condition of ^picuoiis success. 

those who passed tlirouj,'li tiieir hands. The close co-opi-ration of the Railway 

Thi' wiiule or^ani/alion of ihe Medical Transport I leiiarlment. whose excellent work. 

Servii-es rellects the hiiihes! credit on all in combination with the French Kailwav' statf. 

concerned. has ensnn'd the re^rularil,\ of the maintenance 

I have otict' natre to call your lordship's services, lias j^reatly coalribuled to this suc- 

utlenlion in the part taken by the Uoyal cess. 

Fiyinw Corps in the general pmnress of ihe The decree of etliciency ttp which these 

eimipaijrn. and I wish |)articularly to men- services have bei'ii hroii^'ht was well demon- 

tjoii the in\aln:d'le assisianci' they rendered siraled in the course of (he si'cond balt'e nf 

in the i>peraf ions, descriiii-il in tliis repnri. Ypres. 

under tiu- able direc.liur. uf Ma.ior-(ieueral Sir The roads between I'operinvrhe and Viiris, 

I >avid Henderson. over which lrans|)oM. supply and ammunition 

The IlityaJ Flyirm ( 'orps is he.-ominu nmre columns had to pass. werecontinuall.\ searched 

and more an itirtispeiisiible factor m the com- 1)> hosllh' heavy artillery ilnrinij ihe day and 

bined operations. In vu-operation ssith the utKbt; whilst the passage uf the canal ihrounh 

artillery, in |"articular. there has been con- uie town of Vpres. and alonir the roads east 

linunus imiu'ovemeiil both in ihe methoijs ,)f thai. couM oni\ be ellecled under most 

ami in the lecliriieal material emplo\ed, dilbcull and dangerous cotidilions. the work 

The ini;enuil> and technical skill disp!a>>'d wascarvieilon with perft-et urder aMdellieiency. 

by the tiHicers of the tio\al Fi> iiiLi Corps, in Since the dale of my last report sonn' 

elfeclinn this impri>vemcni. have been niost divisions of Ihe "New" army have arrived in 

mavk''d. this eouniry. 

Since my last desj.alch (here has been a 1 made a cUise inspection of one division, 

eonstderable incri'ase both in the number and (ormed uii on parade, and have at various 

in Ihe activity of (iermaa aeroplanes on our limes .seen several units belon^dnt: t(M»lliers. 

front. MutinLT this period there have been These divisions havens yet had very little 

more than ,-t\I\ comliats in I he air, in which experience ma;'tual liiihlimilmC ,iutlnin« from 

not one llritish aeropkme has Iwen lo-l. As all I have seen. 1 am of o|>iMion that lhe\ 

these liehls lake (ilace almost invariable o\er ouuhl |o prove a valuable addition hi any 

or III 'hind (iernmn lines, only one hostile aero- tli'hlinii force. 

lu. Hi|l<il> •■»>i>>1>'>t. 

ITK. lUvm Vvn 

frhruuv -iK Ittlll. 

f £f 

Oh , 

n i 

th ■ 

G r va t Wo ,- I tl W a > 

As r(>iEar;ls ilic itiramrx". llu'ir pliysiniit' is 
(■xi.-1'llt'm. whilst tlifir lifuriii.^ ami appcaraiici' 
on parailr rt'lliris \i\\k\{. civilii o\\ \.\\v oliii-rrs 
and siali's ivsponsililc for tiioir iraininjr. 
T!u' units appear to ho ihontutiliiy uv!l 
oHietTod and commanded. 'Ww oquipmont 
is in jiotui ordiT and I'tlii-icnt. 

Sevt^ral units of artiller\" haw iit'on ti'siod 
in the lirinj: line lichind thi' tivnchi's. and I 
hear very jiood rt'iMirls of them. Their 
sliootinii lias been extremely i^oixh and tiiey 
are quite tit to take tlieir plaees in liie hne. 

Tlie I'i(ineer Battalions liave ereated a ver\- 
favorable iinprossii»n. tlie otlicers ki'en 
and ini:enioiis and tlu' men of jrood ])hysi(|ue 
and !j:oo(1 ditfixers. Tlie e([uip'ment is suitable. 
Tile ti'aininjr in Held \\nrks has been j^'ood, but 
jzeiuTaliy speakin,^ they require assist;uu'e tif 
re.tinlar Royal Knjrineers as re.ij;ariU iayinu out 
of important works. Man for man in <li^, 
the battalions .should do practieally the same 
amount of work as an equivalent iium!)er of 
sappers, ami in rivet tiniz. entan.dements, 
eti-.. a irreat deal more tlian the ordinary 
infantry battalion.-. 

I Hiring; the months of April and May 
se\eral divisions of the territoi-ial foree joined 
the army under my comman*!. 

Kxperienee ha-^ shown that liiesf troops 
have now reaehed a standard of ellieieney 
whieh enables them to be sueeessfuUy em- 
ployed in eiunplete divisional units. 

Several divisions have been so employed: 
some in the trenelies. others in the various 
olVensive and defensive operations reported 
in this dopalcii. 

In whatever kind of .sueh work these 
units have been en-a,i:ed. ihey have all borne 
an aetive and distlniiuished part, and have 
[troved tht-mst'lvi-s tiioroui.ddy reliable and 

The opinion I have expre.ssed in former 
de.spalehes as to the use and value of the 
territorial Um-v has bi^n fully justified by 
reeent events. 

The IVime Minister was kind enough to 
acee|)t an invitation from me to visit the 
army in France. :md airived at my head- 
i|uarlers on May :ln. 

Mr. .\squith made an i-xliaii.stive lout of 
the front, lo hospilals. and all administrative 
arrangements made by I'ommanders for the 
health and comfort of the men behind the 

It was a iireat encoura^<'ment tit all ranks 
to see the I'rime Minister amonu-.! (hem. and 
the einiiueni words which on several occasion.> 
he addressed to the (roop^ had a m(t.s( power- 
ful and benelicial elfect. 

As I was anxious that the French eom- 
mader ^n-chii'f should see somethin,t; of '"he 
Itritish ti'oo[)s. 1 asked (leneral .lolfre to be 
kind enoujih t(t inspect a division on parade. 

The general aceejited my invitation, and 
on May 27 he ins]ieeted the Tth Division. 
under the commanil of MajoMIeneral H. de 
la I*, floujih. C.B.. which was resiiny; behind 

(leneral JoUVe subst'<iU'entI>' t'xjiressed to 
me in a letter the pleasure it ji;ave him to .see 
the British troops, and his appreciation of 
their appearance on parade. He requested 
me to make tins known to all ranks. 

In eoncUision, I desire to Wnvz to your 
lordship's spe^-ia! notice tlie valuable services 
renilered by (ieneral Sir I)ou:j:las Haij; in his 
.successful haiidlinii of tht troitjts of the First 
Army thmu.uhout the battle of Festubert. and 
l.ieutenant-deneral Sir Herbert I'lumer for 
his line defence of Vpres throughout the 
arduous and ditlieult operations durini: the 
latter part of April and the month of May. 
1 have the honor to be. 
Vour lordship's most obedient servant. 
Fjeld-Mar.shal. Commander-in-Chief, 
the British Army in France. 

Story of the Famous Princess Pats 

Frii!n tlic New York UtTuld. Wt-lnpsiliiy. P.'mnli.T I.".. VA:> 

This is the story of the bejrimdnir an<l the 
end of (he iVincess Patricia's Canadian I.i^ht 
Infantry "the li^ihlin.u; force the world 
\v,\< -een." It bejiins on a bri.udu, brisk day a 
year a^o las( Sei)lember. in tiuebec, when the 
rei:imen(. with every man wearin.i: a previous 
service ribbon, .swuni: on board a traus|)ort 
amid a babel of sound and riotous colors. 

It emis in a crescent -shaped trench at 
V[)res on the eiiihth day of last May. amid a 
ijjreen vapor of strannlink' poison and a ^ray 
surj;re of (ierman infantry, with bayonets 
fixed, writhini;: over the broken s;uid-batf 
ramparts. There ihe men of "Pal's Own" 
wrote their name into history and disbandeil 
at (he command of the Ki'i'Jdest of all eom- 
manders I>i:.\rn. 

Of the 1,1 2() picked men who stood proudly 
in view before Kinu Ceoruc and l.ortl Kit- 
clienei- at SalisbiM-y Plains as they strode 
down (he lines only ninety-t In ee are uninjured. 
There is still a reiriment of Priiici'ss Pat's 

•III Oil' 'ii-iK' Hi<ii<«oii^il we iiKC tlu'Hi <| nrntlMif YpDv 

lo the'i' "f li«lil'r ilmt li-fl t'luiiuiii ti. iidniiicp the 
IliiiM, wi ilii tti- itK't' Jim ttif sinrj uf lliv humoU!^ I'rincew 


n » r n r >■<>,■.< ; H Ih <■ C r, a I \V <> r hi \V ,i r 

Own ill tlu' Ifciu-lu-. nil ihf West Frnni. darkiu'ss. and aftrr nm- niifJU'.- >iM[» liu' rc.Lii- 

But in place ol' liie sturdy men LcanuTt'd from mrni niaivlu'd lu ilifirinsht'n. iu'hind tiie 

the marts til' i lu- worid arc tVcsli-faet'd xoutlis. lirin.L' lint-'. All day tlu'v duir rosi'i-ve trLMU-lics. 

just from the schi)lastif lialls tif Mcdill And then that niiiht ihc word came to rolit-w 

rniversity. in Canada. Tlicy art' uplK.Mini: Dirkclliusrh. .Ul ol' thcsi' points aiv within 

tilt' traditions .so lunvly made of the men a radius ot' twenty-live miles from Vpres. 

wh(» went out liefore them. where the liereest lii:htin'.r iMi the western 

Yestenlay Corporal William IJ. Kysli. of from was pro-j^ressinir. 
" I*ai's Own" thai rejiiment whieh Twenty miles the re.uiment marehed. ar- 
went to tile front a little more than a year rivinir at IHekelhu.seh at nijrht. foittsore and 
auo ti)ld the story of Its lie.dmiini; and its weary. This was on December 7th. and 
entl. He told it in jerky snatches between hardly had lliey messed when the command 
liuick intakes of ci.iiarette smoke, while a came to occupy the trenches. The French 
hand, .scaly and maimed IVoni shrapnel. who hail heen i'loldini!; tlieni needed relief. 
stroked his yellow face. So into the trenches the men crept. 
■■I'm sorry I can't tell y* more of thi.s." crawlinii on their siiimachs. when the star 
he apolo.uizeit. "] never was much ol a sliells from (he (ierman lines made the 
spieler at Ik'sI and now. I'm rotten. Xerves heavens ivil; nsinir and scootin.^i wlien wel- 
jione. y'know can't eat. can't .sleep. come darkness rttdi' di)wn airain. Kor twenty- 
Yet Corporal Kysli was a .seasoned soldier. two hours they crouched in tlie trenches of 
as were all of his comrades when he took the Dickelluisch umier a rain of .shell and shi'apne! 
Kinji's shillin.L,^ and donned the Uritish uni- lire, with only emergency rations to su.stain 
form in (^iieoec. He was -Scrizeant William them. This was their hapii.-^ni of lire. 
Kysli. of the Twi'iuy-ninth I'nited States •"liulty iieef and hard t:u-k and jam and 
Volunteers in the Sjianish-.Xnierican War. cheese, with a .scouper of rum each nij^ht." 
and Corporal Kysh. of the .\r;;yle and Sutli- .said Ky<h. '■My wonl. it was tnu;_dil" 
erland Hiirhlanders at .\sliaiili. In between "We came under a rain of ' whiz-hanizs' 
he has hvvn a [jurser on board'njier they are .star shelU machine uani lire and 
steamships running to Kuroi)e and the Far hand urenades. We three men <Kvui)yiny: 
Kast. He was Iiorn in Fnijland. but is a the trenches, and line fellows they were, 
naturalized .\niericaii. a< were .so many of They were Uwyer. of lluntin;it<in. L.I.. and 
the men who difil at Ypres or before Vpres Meyers, of Inilianapolis. line boys, and Ca])- 
was readied. lain Xewlon. I )wyer 1 liked, especially: 
I'rincess Fat's Own left l^uehec on Sep- always willi a lauuh or pun. no matter what 
lember ITtli. l!tM, on lioard Ihi' Koyal Ceor^re. happened. And he went out iiefore he had 
under ctnivity. They were part of (hat j^real seen a trendi. continiient which has ixiven .such a "Well, we left the trenches after .seventy- 

maimilicent aecoiml of ii.self on the western two hours and marched liaek to West-outre. 

Front. The rejrinient was maile up of where we resteil for t'orty-eiuht hours: then 

veteran.s. only men wht) had seen M-rvice in back into hell airain. For tins time that was 

South .\frica. Kjiypt and the Soudan. From wiiere we went into trench C-Ill on Hill (iO. 

the far-llunj.' heii^hts and valleys of the world You've heard of Hilt tin'.' .lust a little snakinjr 

they .u'alhereii under the^jn of (Ireat nmund. but it was worth .something; to boih 

Uritiiin. sides so each kilK'd and killetl to L'ft it. 

.\fter three wt-eks at Salisluiry I'lain. the Cuess it's smashed to pieces now for they 

rejjimeiit was attached to the Fijzlith liri.ijade. certainly wa.sted explosives eiiouiih to blow 

makinij up iiart i)f the Twenly-.scventli IMvi- up a mountain just to izet it. 

sion. compo-^cd olhirwise of Ilritish Kejjuhirs ".Vfler hirty-ei^ht hotu's back we crept to 

just biu-k from service in India. The transfer West-outre a^jain lo spend our Christmas 

followed the leview by the Kiuii ami Kurd lliere. We left some dead and wounded 

kitchener. The liritish Field Marshal, they l)e!iind. I viucx-- it was elevi-n killed. Snipers 

.say. as he pas-scil down the line and .saw the picked oil' .some: ruachine^un. shells and liajul 

service ribbons across the coats of "Fat's Ki'f'n'Kl*'^ J-'"' the others. So we went back 

Own." said, .softly: "N'ow I know where all and forth. thinnin« the ranks a little each 

my old li^diters are." time, until February *JS. Then we made our 

The lirst week in I )ece(nber saw the rejii- lii'sl charge, 

menl oil' [o the front. Tb.Te was a march ■'Our artillery .shelled the (K-rmans for 

from Winchester to Southa'iip on. and there two day> wliile we lay in the trenches wailing 

the troops embarked on In .\ ' the Cardigan- for the word. Tliey answereit back, 

shire for Havre. Havre \\a.> reached in the and once in a while one of our fellows would 


ITt. <;h<>. t'lKUi i-TK. J. J. FISAS 

KnlisK-il in ih(> :!Sth KBllalinti in Knlisml in ihf :l)>lh Dattuliii 

AuKUKi, IDU. AKt 11). Killnl in Junuarv. ntl.i. Aki- l!U. Kill> 

iirlicin ut Ia'iis un Muv 26, KUT. ;i.-ti<>ii ai llitl lid on Aprit M, ] 

ITU. W. H. K.WIi 
Jiilk i:n1i>'tKi| In ihf in-th lUlUhioi nn 

II nil VUy ;:;■, IHIil. Ak<- :IU. Wpnt 

uv<ir>.MlD,iuni', I-JIT. 

>, r If r rm s in Ihv (] , , <i I W u r } <! W u , 

\i\i. with :in iinti oil' ov a lu'iid sniaslu'd in. ■"Wftuul lo stay in ('10 Inr mx liay.-; afti'i" 

At lour oVIiK'k in tln' nuiniinji llu- \\*m\ ramc this. WV wviv siu'ilt'ii. slu-ili-H. slicUcd. 

to i-liariH'. We srranilili'il nvcr llif trench and Day and ni^hl they rained al)iuit u> ;nid 

ran iDuard the (u'l-nians. sixty yards av. ay. ht-hind us. cutlini: iiir relief. We Inst WT-, 

They swept us with niacliine .uuns and iiored men killed anil tuimhers wounded, 'i'lien we 

us with luuid i:renades. iiiii .laek .iohnsonV i^ot out and the Kinvi*-^ Royal Ritles relieved 

sereanieii al us fnun liehiiid tlie lines and owr us. l-'rnm then on until May '^ we went haek 

our lieads went hark our arlillery answer. and forth, in and out of the trenehes there 

The (lernians ranie up over the trenehes to without delay, 

meet u.s. and we used the havonel. We ..,,■ . - ■ ,■ .-n .■ i 

anil .ultiML.; lh..,v was no chaiH-,. 1„ sl,„„i «"V;'"kI'1,"' •' vortra nmYmr '™n artill.T.v 

,-an-i ,,,. >-„l,l si.,.l. Tlu.v w,.,v |,il,,l up in ™'>-'-; "r.m;,. In our an. Mm- an.l w,. .■au«l,t 

it was uau.nal.l... an,l all,.,- a wlulv w.. ha,l to l"'",' ''""" 'T''"'^' ^'•V ?"f,'' '''f "" ' ''"V,"' 

' , ,, (.crmiuis wiTi' nsin across roni us. ahiaii 20(1 

lo our own trcruMU'.s. , u- i i i .11 

..,1' 11- ■ ,, 11-1- \ari s a\va\'. Wo ho 1 a iTosi-i'n -siialtoi 

Wo ot si'Von o- ou non ooh u 1 ■ , ; ., _ . , ., ,. ' 

,1 I-,,, , „■, f , , ■ , i II, ,1 Irvnch. am .\ av .1 wo ruuloi ho (.ormans. 

iho httli' str p ot twisioil 111 I tiotwi'on the , . 1 1 , i" 1 1 1 r .1 ,■ 

, , \ 1 (■ I 10 1- t c. 1 Init wi- hai lo <iufk naok. for tho ire was too 

hoavv and thoir trench was usoloss for 

tronclios. Ami froiii ( In for ila\s aftorwan 
wi' watclicil tiioso follows lio ihoro ami change 

liorn .loa.l men into lllinu's. i wako up these I"'"'"''!""- 

nights ami ^co one of em a line voam; " I'rom then until May S ilie Cerinans 

( anadian. with liloml llair, who urew a \ellow slu'lle.i us. The.v poureil tons of lea.l alioul 

niuslache. When he fell face upward, and »■■*■ N'" one could leave the trendi: 110 oiw 

liv dav ami liv niulit 1 kept looking al that couhl slick his head from tile siulus alioul us. 

fellow and his little mustache' inilil there Tlie dead lay under our feet and the wounded'l aliv hlee. crept hack ;ls liesl ihev could lo where llley 

■■Itchind ireiich (In was a farmyard: w u'd L'el aid. 

■d il Shcllv's farm, 'riiere had liei 

■ l\arl,\" on the niortiiiij; of Ma.\' S ilie 

lialllo then. ,.arlv m the war rijthl alter the , i,,,,„anseharucd. We knew liiev weroconiint; 

(lonnaiis were luriie. Icom I'aris. and all the .„„| ^^,,, ^^.^.„. ^v„iiinB, Tliev came over their 

lime the dea. had lam there unhuned ,,,.uches in .|llarter eolunllls. a solid, swaviim 

he larni was .sl,e||,,l .-onlmuous y. nicht and ,„.,^, ,,|- i,,,,,, j,,.,„. -i-ii..^ ..houlod and ran 

day, and il was this palh wv had lo f, „.^^,.„.,, ^^^ ^^.,. |,„-,^^.,„| ||„,„, ,|„„.„ n,.,, ,_,,..„^ 

eome^ al muhl. leavim; and enterimt Hie Our machine irmis. four to Iho seel ion. jusi , I , . waved in a s^mi-circle and waved hack 

■I didnl like lo cnvp ihroimh Iheiv, it .j^,,,;,, \v,. ||r,.,| „i„. Liv-Knlield's as lasi as 

""";"';'"''•'''■ ''!''\' ''"?>■'■■'"'. 'I";» I ''V ■■*''"' we .-ould pump lIu™, ami mi hullel was 

^li,. . I,. It.,, 111. I ... K. I. I.,. I.. I- ..I- .. .,1 . ' ' 

shells lijthled Up the lioilies. 'I'liey lay almost 
lhe\ had fallen, (wisled aliouti and 


Hare of shell and ■ whi/dianus' liroui;hl Ih.'in ," '"'V l''^' '" I"'','" '" "■""■' " .""' "■"''"■I"'-^' 

into fainl relief., arms ami hands I ami the piles were always wni;j:lm|J around as 

stK. them, 1 al niirhi now when I can'i *inie of ilie injured undenieath tried loenvp 

^|,,.|i oul. .\ wholi' liallahon of them were pill oui 

•■.\rierwewvm liac'k loounmn Ireneh the "f il"' «■»• '"'I'"''' Hiey drew hack and formed 

Hermans used I o sh when we came in lo ''"' imother chaiL'e, l.ehiiid covir ol iheir 

lelieve Ilie relirilli: i-iwillenls. 'Oh, (here ireMehes, 

,\ou are. I*ats we'll 'i\ \oiiI* ".\ml this lime ^ve saw poison itas hir the 

"Well, we charKed III, > iermaiis a)iaiii on lirsl lime. Il was ilie second as.saull, ahoul 

March I, We losi more mi'U, ami aKain had 8 o'.-lock in Ihe moniini!. We eoiild m'o thai 

lo ahaiidon llii' Ireneh we won, 'I'lie dead .somelliinu vva- eomini; olf, and (hen smldeiilv 

were loo thick and ilie .sieiieh was loo lerrilik', Ihere spoul"d up a Ihick Kreeii cloud, llial hid 

Thai's wlial is iiieanl when llley sa,\ ihe ever>lhiiiu in from of iis. The h'ilows under 

ireiiches are 'unleiiaiile.' In lliis chariie the (lerinan piles wriuuled iiardcr than ever, 

( olotiel Karijiihar. of our re^imenl. was and e\cr.\hod,\ in ou,' Irenclies asked, ' Well, 

killed, lie was diri'cliiiu the diuiiinn of what's coinini! oil', anyway'." The wind was 

ii'eiiehcs just heliind ihe lirsl line when a wtoiil' for 'em. and ihe < •ennaiis went hack, 

.shell itol him, and Ihere ua~ 'piiei unlil M o'clock. 

() „ r U i foi s i „ f h r i; , , a I W a r I ,1 \V a r 

"'riiis tinu' tht'ir .ijas r;inii' iti. ll ntlli'tt "lii' \v;i> a sidr-kit-k nf mitu'. KiiK'sl lad 

aioiijr the fH'Dumi like ;i ninvinjj; wall almui I'ViT. Always mil Inr llic cais. Aiirncvtr lln* 

I'inht fi'i't hi.ifii. I'cliind it we knew thi' Imlly litrf pulk'il. Hf cDiilii pick up a fhU-kcii 

(It'rmans wore cimiin^. hut \\v ruiildti'l sec nr i'n-sli meal any old day. \\V were side by 

ihi'Di. sn \vi' let liiv throiiirh tin- rlmid. Tlic side at Vprvs. and he jii^t lurned u> me and 

tKUs had holes hlnwn in it ami the ioire of tlie urinr.ed aller the lirsl attack of (iernians had 

hullels swayed it a hit. hut l)efore we knew it failed. ' I lioi to see 'em run. Kysh." he said, 

the lias was ntilinji in the trenches. and peekeil over. .\ liii of shell ,m)t him ri^ht 

... 1 1 .1 . . .... across the head and took it oil' at the ninuth. 

''T T"' '•"™"« ■'. "'"■. " ""■ H,. IVII a.iainst im- an,l I V.M <lnun. 

I .ml .s wluT,. Ih.. ,MS s triu-k hrs, jusi a. a ^^.,, , , , „,. , , , , , ,,„„ 

^lu■ll hrusc.,! m,. and tlHi, 1 pit . „■ ^a. ,„ ^,,,. ,,i^ ,„„^,,^.,. , ^ij„,,. ,_,.^ „„„|,^.,, 

n M I. Urol 11 lii^il. lor I was hall ,un,.,l , , . , , ,. , ; ,. ,, , , 

u Uu; .Hows ah»«l im- s,-,vanu.,l an.i ,„ll..,l ^^^,^,.,| ,„,. ^^.|,,,,.,, ,,,, „^^,^ \^. ,„ ,»],.„, ,„ „,|, 

iipiisi! ihev weiv Imne I.eufsiniiaiiii pravniir. . ,. ,, ,, „ ... 

II cauirht you hy the tln'oat and humeri its '^''' ' '^""•'"- <''i- 

way into your; then you couldn't "tiji. they were a line huiuh of soldiers 

hrealhe it out. and you hurst t)r slohhered. and .uenllenien. fnini old 'Mickey' Welsh. 

I crept Imck on tny stomach, for I had a hit who'd seen service in Kjiypl in 'i<'l. Ut IVrry. 

of shrapnel in my stomach and a hullei in my "Mickey" was reslinn in a lillle scooped-out 

le;.'. just as 1 saw the (lermans dropping nvw hole at the hottom of a trench, and he looked 

the .-and ha^s. 'I'ln- fellows who rou!d stand up at me. *( '(►r)iural." he says, "we thought 

knifed tlii-m Willi liavonels or hit and foujjh! W'"'! ^<'>'n war. What muckers we werel 

them. I saw four of niy pals riyhl fellow- When I j;el out of this I'm .k'oinj: to lead a 

ilii> were Ivin^f almost over each other, all 'l"i'*' 'iff' and he ^^ot u|) and ^,'o^ a hullet 

of them with ^as in them. thmiijih his eye took the eye clean out. 

"'Oil. Christ. Ky.-hl' one ol "em rallid. 'Hu' corporal is still weiu'inij: his service 

■^cl me a drink. (let mi ' and a ( lennan >hoes hi^, hrcpad hrojjaiis of oiled leather. 

.In.vo a lwy,|n..t llmuiirh his th,,.al ami ..,.,,.„,. n,,,, ^.^^.^.^■■ ,,, „,,,,.rv,,l. and 

lur.u's ».|,.,-.. h- nuil, imsh M. \,„l thw, Iho „,„,,, ,„„„|,,,, ,i^.,,„,,u, •■ W,\\. I mrss I'll 

sa,.,,. (...nnan knil,.,l Ih. ,„!,«• hoys. ,,.„ ^„„„. ,„„„, ^,^^„. ,.,,„.^ |,,,^.,, .,„^, ^^^^-.y 

"Thai was Ihr cnil nl' ■ I'riiiccss i'ai's liul hciw I'd liki' a slcak. I'hV" 
Own." \,rn\f lii'lori' the (icnnatis canu* the 

last tiinc IhiTc wiTcli'l sixlic'ii iiii'ii nl' lln' Maki'-up iif " Tlu' I'riiuoss I'als" 

sixlt'cti plaluoiis of ilu- i-cuiinfiii »vh iild 

di'fi'iid llu'iiisi'lvi's. I tinil IVn rounds tin- In coimrclicni uiih ili.' inakiii|i n|' ilu- 

self fniin ni> Lii-Kiilii'ld, and ii «as m. h"i nriiriiial I'r'iiu-c^s I'ais ii inii;hi \'r inliTi'slint; 

1 cnuldni liiild luT. I iTc'iil iiai-k ami simu'- In miU. thai, nl' ilu' l.iiJS nllic'iTs ami lui'ii: 

l,n,iy ||U1 ,m. n„ a Mall.s,. ,■,„ ami KnI „„■ In ,;„,, ,„, |,„,„ ,.- ,,,, ,.„,„ ^^,,.,,,, „,. ,, .u^,, 

Dicki'iliusi'h. 1 spcMI SIX niniiths iii a hns- ],\,-t\t 

jiilai al licirhliuiT I'ar'k and liu'ii I'aini' nvrr 

In (Jm'liir, wlwrv 1 Kniniy iliscliaiyr." , lid nr almui 11 pir .nil u.'iv hnni in 

Ami Cnrpnnil Kvsli. still ni.niiii; ih.' ,,' , ,. ,. ,■ 

hami thai was i-a.-k...l«itlishfapii..l,.v.ThU !M ..r almul ll p,T wviv i ana.liaii 

ycll.iw face', liKhl.'.l annth.T .-iiiari'lt.'. '""■ 

.,.,., ■1.1 ij . 11 ■■ 1 1 T-"i nr 11I1...11 7 jHT .'.■111 w.T.' Iinrii ill lOrin's 

1 h.'l-.' s Ints 1 cniilil till y.iii. lie said. |.,|^. 

all.T a iniinil.'. "liul I'm nni.'h K.uid al ,,. . , 

l.'lliiiK Ih.'in. My iutvcs aiv nilL^n. 1 1" nr aliniil 1 p.'i' .■.•iil «.■!■.■ U.'l>liin.ii. 

Irii'il 1.1 pi t.i w.irk In.lay. hut 1 iia.l In .-all 'riw sun.' luiiiili.i' vmt.' Imni in Sniilli 

it nir. I wi'iil d.iwn 1.1 111.' I''i'.'ii.'h lin.' Alri.'a. 

an.l InM '.■in I'.l liav.^ In lav nil' a liil luilil I ,■ ;„ |„.|„, 

II . I . . ' .1 I II 1 iin 1.1 . 
d n.^t cas.^.j up .sniu.', 

. , . ■'! ill Auslfalia. 

.111.1 111. '11 h.. Inlil in.' Ih.^ stnr\ nl hnu , 1111 J I ■ 

".^lim " I'.Ti-y .li,^.l, ".<lnn" was lli,^ y..uiii;.T , -^,1" ","' .'""l"',' .Ifl'"."!'- ""''."|"' Vi"'''.'" 

.Ill ..r a «.'ll-kll..v\li KiiLdish I'anlily^ wlm ha.l 

III.' W.'sl lii.lif.s. Itritisli (luiaiia. Italy. Kuiwhi. 

.-■■11 ..I II 11 <-ii-i\ii^>» II i.ii^ii^ii i.iiiiiii. Hiin iiiin ,. I III-. 

liv.^il .■..■v.'ial v.'ars in .\',.« Y.irk. Al 111.' I'''""'''- I'^'mnark an.l Kwypl. 

slai'l 111' ill.' Will- 111' hun-ii'il up I., tjii.'l...' an.l <lf ll"' nlli.i'rs 111 w'.t.' linrn in Knukiml. 

I'nltocil. In in Caimilu. '-> in In'lainl an.l Ii in Inilia. 



A*nlt.l»i). IWWMi iM., ivii. 

KnlioK-l i>i III.- Mill lUl (■liiiii <»i Kiili-tiil iti th>' ;l'>lh 

AiiKUol II. I»U. \f<-il. Killnliii Aiirll i:>. niir>. Alt! 

arliiinal Ijnitp-marrli nn Miy III. ')'> nv>4wu in Auaii 


l«*fHel*t b. IKin. 

Oh,- II, roes I,, Ihr (] n- a I W n r I d \V u , 


Mn.. It, T. IVllj 

. 1 'hM'lUurM 

. r.neUnA 


noulli. Kill! 



K Knit 


i|)rlntns l.uni 

t.).li r 


f\ \' 


• nil'W. 

r»UJll<- K>r<' 


. l'.ulipV.r...r 


>.>ni>M K»rli>' 1lri..i-i 

n. I>«tulai;«an 


. yA*>n UniKM<' 

.l.mi-. !< 


iiKi. \V>llkamU«llrU^ 

I'rwv. (■ 

:,»• llWtUtr 




1, Kr»l. Krank 



Mvni, 1 

Iliiiih W 

il) llriin-Krp<l 

■ '■IMIH'II 

.1. Iall-.i Mrrrw 


, ILf-r,! Ktnr-r 

■i<'h>» . 



»;.,.. ILin..-^ 


f J. S, Ml,-.. 

IJir.iUi.ini.-M , 1. 

r-. lUir-mitli 

Kaitliiilni. SI. Iti-. 

h., S.J |-,p,nv..i 

M.>iii.4h4I.>. Ciiniiilii 


Wl1niltiKl»n. Surn'.v 

Killih Al>mi 
iharl* A 



I*r.>ai<' \'i<l<'' J»m.. J.iinlr \niln— n Hunntllli-, <h» liHaml 

ITKirv \im«n.i.«. Il-»r% tranr>- \(Ri>'r..i>tf S,iHi»|ha> tM , l^-.- !■ »:>iH *:M|Han<l. 

I'pitai.' \.p. KlIh-.. liM.rav Mliil>unl>, !>i'"i S.-.itUi"l 

|-ri\ai<- \».uti,t.i»rK.' M.n \ii-iln Itmlmt. Kii« Kr.iUn.l. 

l-ri^at.' \'<»rf.|. naiiain i I. \ri...|>l T-nmio, < ■»• l:r.«tar>-l 

Ifiial- A>t.l-t.n.lliam Mlr-I \*..Ir> M alliam t.rm. U>r.<< Kh^ i:»Nla»<l- 

I'l.. V. M Sriil )l>H.lti'V J-.t'iit' ll'l<^^ \i Ilmlk- Trn Iln> rimUml 

I'riiBI.' n.-,ili.'r. Il.'t. ti t-.IWn \\-uUrr U»| Kml Uio-. I'Holim .KhM » ■■Nlaiil 

'*i^«nirit lir..mi. J .rg. Ualilv llfi.iiii llTamiiliiii, Itiii iJiKlati.l 

frisaii- I'iK'K', Uitl.HKi Jalir Muiiii- T<"»li t hni|la>»l 

■^-tcanl l^'-iliain J. .Mi nU-x llrolmm t-.arli I '»IIH. hin<lrn, »;«H Kii«la»<l 

l>rl>aU llrK-ll \ltr.<l (.t-rlrwlr llrax « U>nH|-trt, lliiflrm, Ki.|i ».i>«l*i>il 

|-rltai<- liKM .J.iTH- Mar* lt«if*n«t T..nii>i». ni.t Ki>ala>"l 

l-riiX.: It»lu.,<k. Uilh.ix ^.ui-a|lalN...k IWlFwnl Sl..n<. VUi-ImiI.^I Khr ^.'iKlarol Ill>- 1 .a- lark W-" T..r..t>(... Itni Ki.fl 

ItliaK' llrmk.l.-.'^ Iltvion' llfx k Tiininlv, tint KkmUikI 

|tl>ai>' lk»t.a»ii» IImI.'Ii Maxa'i^l Hii< I ■i.aii Ti>nm«i, Itnl I aiiailH 

Iti HU^kl.. J«M.» 11... mrnkU T<»<.«l», C)ni ln4a>.>l 

Ifiialt |li,.<itr. hafnuti Maiai^ ■ ■■•«■•> llmlra*. Or.i< ?>nill«ii>l 

I .*I-.ral I.,.,.. \1ar> lUrfHi Ti.f.m Inl h:.i«1ai"t 

■"foilf HuMx J'.t'H Ma»t Krt.<l>i>k llln« S > • 

\M-<^t.f,-fC Itf.Hk *.l»».«i>t>l...> Mr- f: i> ll'<'.k T<-r<.tii<..i)ni l..(laii>l 

I'tl.ali lliikM-i. JartH- ll.-uW -- llh..>. Il>.u-r, U i.i.l.-'ir-'i', i uB » HkIi-i'I 

lt.vai>' llrii', Wiiliaii. Kliulo'i). It<>-- llirmlii«h»m, ».»« tixlan-l 

l-rital lla.>i.(v( (Mlwuk '^ah |tati.c>-. TinHl.i. tHil t.ndsh'l 

l-lttal' tli.-»'ll, llvMi h*t Ih-aHl Tiffmilt., il«t < al>a-la 

|'rl>a■^ llMxb-K, riaxri. «arah ItuMMi Tiwmiii., Imi f.iiMlaMi 

|-><..>. Il-*t. . « illiam «tlhr««>>an<.*» T>H«nti>,4H« < 

l-tlai.' Il>in.« .\nnMii .rtii*rll llHllaIn, \ V . I rt 1 ».»«lai<>l 

l-iivaii- llla.lif..pi|, Kuhof \,>nh 1llvlil..t>l M.wlrntt, l'(J Ki>alai«l 

I'riiaf ll)a<t>..4'>. Ji««- i.<4iii lUa'^kn.a*. i i.alham. »:»« l'»l'a' ll.rt.>i v,.|,»^. I.MH. ||>-a>' I ij< ^..ff >.>.Hlat>J 

V'lilli M».f, \<l><l*-><.>i I n< >i<«'ai..l 

«..H.«il. I- g < iHa-la 

r.m.r I..I ln*lai..l 


„ r // r 

I h 

■„t Wurhl War 

:i. J UiMlniii 

... Illlt 





.. \..rf..Ik. f 




1 iiil!.-r(>. Allirrt 
1 >.iii.. Tli<.nia> 

tt m. 1 1. . bM 


\\m 1'i.l..T 
Klllml.rlt. |i.>t 


..«. K.,B 






. 1 till 



I'r.'.k. All. 


i..»..ii;;.. K. "1. y.Kg 

K..1!'.. 1 

lUs. 111,1 




. ( ii.i 




i.,K. t;u^.«, S,„. 

Ull-I iSF..llll<l.l. 

, Sn.lUn.l 


. I)nt 



1 Wmi.HM.I Ham 

: K>.it f^^ndnixl. 

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y »r-u.U«>, 

, MdU KliKlBI^I 

r.'nln, tmi 


. i..,>i,|..i., i:..K 






»>iink nr 

r:l<««lHit. (..11.' 






<i*«l<am. II..M 


• l>.nl.<ii, Jr.hx 


U>lli-«. fiW'ti 


HillMh'*. Ilrtt1ri^l 


,II.HMh, Hillom 




Urimih>. ^m.H'l 




ililh«. Iha- 


ll.>*-l, tlu*< 

tll>M4l<l. »-l.f wl 

\Ui'l.-nhMKl. »:<•! 

T"f..««.., MM 


• '»lfl>r». Alia 


iKrh-llaiv. Hki 

< anMl*. 

T.w..n«»« .UM 


(■r.»l.>, l«n-i«.Mn. (.i<v 


MWiLam, i:*-'t, »:»■ 




InaUH.t*l«M'r<<H,lM-l*. K<.« 



fl» MM 


JillH'-J. l!i|«. Ak- 17. Tri. 


II JBiiuary 1, I'tlN. Af. 



»-nHlh lUlUlinn. \e. Kiili-li-l ill thr'J-Jnil HMlaliiin. Auo 


[•tk. I'linii'i'K i;\ 
:lit. WiiunilxltK 

tW « 

'I H«1t. Altr t.lll 

r>4ir.iar\ I'l. I'-H' \»f Vi In- 

^ no 

l:n I (» 




AuKU'-i. I!t! I, Av ^I't, Kill-'l II 


Akv ;"'. t:nl'-' 

\\\u,. Mh> 


W.. jn U... 11 


IIMllll >•« J<ll> I. IMIi 


tl«iHr ..t \)ttr.. I"|i.. 


n ,1 r II I 

III , 

r, 1 , ,: I \y I, )■ 1 ,1 w u r 


H.n. Anliur 




llatin'. Williim 

rrivBte . 

tUnnan. J.m.- 


Ilirko. William 

Pri^le, . 

II..CR. «;' 

Priv-aW . 

ilarr)!.. Charl.-. 


tlumitiutim. llari 




Hun. l(M.r>- 

»i.rn. W 


l<»l.<>. ll-rWrl 


IUr.lliii:. l-oa- 


lluuii... Witliatii 


11.) «. llarrj 

Pr)\-mt« . 

llwrirk. J..iTii 


llBK-hman. J•>^.n 


llarn.«. .MIm-m 

PriVBiv . 



J».4«m. WaliiT 


JarkM<ii. Harry 


JotinHin. Krr.i.f.f 


IititlI, Saniu.-I 


K.-.i.i«l>-. ^.Ism 


Klna. J-m- 


Knkht. J- 


Kmu. i-ha 


l«-»-lv Ha 


|ji>', Jam!- 

llri'tGt'U Hi.'!.. 

Mr-- M. IllKUii. 


n- JarluHiii 
n- JarV^ui 

han John^.!! 


a.. Kins 
.* ai-l K*l~. 

Ji>hn I.>llp> 
KliMlH'lh Ui 

\Vak.liHl.l. V..rV-. Knt; 

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lli-ira>i In-lan. 
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M.'Ka>, John 
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Itili'kii-. Julin 

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1..m.|.m. Kill; 


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I.i.ri.<-l-iirl.. Mill 


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(Ullxitr, Julin 

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Wm. Armi'li** 

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M,-. M, Al»««. 

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,T, Will 

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mi-lt. Mamhall Younit 
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iliiK>n. Itichnnl Thomas 

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Mr«. M. llfll 
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I.ii-ut.-t'iil. m-vinct< 
J. ItUi'k 
J. i;. Illiini' 


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I. Hull 

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II. amiM 
A. <;. Ilrn»n 

Mr<. U. HnittM 
J. Hrun. 
Mr-. It. Clark 
Mi>. M. Hull. , I 
Mr-. K. Ijin 
P. Hum- 

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I^iiLlon S'.. Kni: 


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Tl.' 111,1 .uk;i, Sa-k 


Caltary. AlU 


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Kriniiml..n, Alia . 

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K.lm.<nl.m. Alia 


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IliKKinliySH. Kill 

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K..i»t. im 
KlrmiiiK. t 
Hint "ft. T 

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llaohriilii-. S.. 

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J. It. F~<l«llT 

It. K. »:. l-ra 


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Mr-, v;. n. 111! 






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•. K. Kami 


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A llarn-M 

It. Il<a-y 
Mr-. Il»li<i.- 
Mr. K, ll.'l 



»* Mill llra.|..l. 1 



t.-<".liT. KiiK 


lMiil|H«. Man 
i..ln<->l>ur>. Kill! 


iiiiit|-<. Mun 
vannah. 111.. 1 S 



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?l.4l»t. Ir.- 




I'lilliil Si 


Our Heidi's in l h e f, r e h t World War 

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lluKl. ILiiry 


llii.-l.m. Will 

HuM*avl«. 1 


11.V.. William 


Ir«m. Il..nrj 


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M'il^m. Mill! 


Siilli,.M. Alia 

Walfc.T, N.'Hra-'Cl 


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WinniiHi- Ma» 


H.iliimay. Ij.ii'l.ii 

N'.. KnB 


J.ili.-. Jnhl^ 

Jii-lin. Jumrs 

J.ij-,,.. Chn* 


KiTr. \Vm.. 

Kiil^m. Ji>n' 

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KiniitT. (l.T« 

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Kint. 1 

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t AI<'X»n 

UtiKfor-t. W 


l.»«Hiri. WlaliT(;.Mr 

Mr.-. Il-.lam.-- 

^■^ll^^»», Man 
fin~4iTwall, Ali.i 
W. Ilanir-'iaii. Ij 





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iw-iir A<T 


■. I>y < lla 



ni- NurM 



liiiH. V 

tw. Mill" 
rk-.. Kni, 

1. S.i,ilan.l. 



Mayor, Arthur 


Mi-arhi-ii. All-rrl 


Mrikl^jdm. Jam« 


1 'rival.. 

Milti-r. Willixm. 

John M»i.w. 

IMCani. In'luml 


11. Mari-linnt 

T..y-llill. ItraM.Hl, K..IH.. Urn. 


MrH.<-. Mun.hj 

[•"plur, U.n.l.m V... Kiik 


KmUj- K- Ma>i..f» 

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fn-stiin. KiiB 


K. M™rli.-n 

U>i«li.i. K.K , KMi: 


It. M.'ikli'txhii 

tlri'lin'of Allun. SiirlinK.S.'Mt 


Mr^S. MilliT 

Kilmonton. Aim 


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.1. MilllT 

ll<'lKni\.- Iiutt>, l.<'inwi<-r. KiiU 


Mr^. M. M.irciiii 

fl.wi(-iK. KnK 


Mr-. K, M.i«tKnm.T> 

\V..-m.«-), n..!(a«t. In- 


Mr-, J. M..r[ili> 

WimtMir. Mill , 


M. \. Mi.tii-m 

v:.lmmi.«i. Ah*. 

I'nmM Sv 

\V, [1. Mi.iil.l 

S|iiifk Illrminclmin. Ti 

i: Knulatiil. 

M'.-!-. It, M..HUI 

I'lalii Sl.m.T Sln-mni-.. (irliii< 

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'MclnlsTf. ■a.-j.f 


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MrKay. N-il . . 


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MafUrlilax. Auk 


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Mrl^wt. rwry 


MrMalMin. Thomi 


MrMoffi-, l!.i.nB 


M.'l')iii'. Atiau. 

CrlvnlP , 



S-ilati-.. J..III1 


N.'l«i<i. William \ 


N.'vtixi, Afiliiir 


N\™l. Wt^Wy 

■ ■rival.' 

M.HiU.n, Kifiinal 

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M,..|i..l.M.!>i. ■■! 


Mr-. W. r. Smiil, 


A. M.■l1^l^^.■ 


Mr-. It, M.-li.Mr.. 


Mi-. K, !■:. M.-lnivf 

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A. Mu..kuy 


J, MrKi'lif.*- 


\\U>,W. Mi...U.-i.liiri 


\\[^^\\. Mi...U.-i.lilri 



Mr-. .1- M.l.iHnl 

Kilmonlim, Alia 


Mr-. K. Willium- 

■ 'tymiiuil.. KnK 


Wm. M'iri-i-iii 

Kii,iM.m. n,ii 


Mr-. MrM.irn- 


,1. \^..l'li.- 

(IralUd'mi'iilh, S"il 


< 'llR-, Nllflf- 

K.IIII.1I1I..II. .Mta 


Mr-, ,\. K. N-.H^«,„ 

K.inii-l>Tu*n. l-i>i.lui. N\V. 

Khb KliutHa.!. 

\^r-. Y.. SiiMm 

KillliMnliin, Aim 


\\t^. v.. S.-«'i.iii 



Mr*. M. ». Nin>l 

WrtirUn im Sp.. v:«*», Klin 


Mr.. Ni.'..W.ii 

ItilrH-rtx' IliiuiH'. Jam>»< Hay. 

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lUixtU'. l.lvoriHK'l' KtiK 


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Mr.. W, ■'■«.. 

I'arlHiiii K.t.. \tili.|.iiry, \i 

i»ik Hiiulonil. 



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I'll \ W \ 

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inl HI iht- riin-arr> l~iiri» 

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\i>ril j:. I"!'. U. i; Kill 


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t:tl.V ttVni .iviT-™- i.ii Juiif i; Aiti[u-t .11. IHll. K.IM i.i ■rii.,ii 



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\Hr"-i II, IHIV ai Ih* MP- "I IH. 
Kl' jl M •HM M AMf. In. mil. 

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III Win hi Will 


\lf. K. ViAik- 


•: Unriiii 

Mr- M K, C.rk.-r 

\»rlh l{>«iii 

« ValwH'. 

Mrv N l'4rr> 

r,i.-hlfr. Kii 

Mr-. M IVmt-r 


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Mr>. K. IMlronn 

TonxilK. On 

\Ir^ M. I'nil1i|.- 


William l-K-iox 



Mr>. J-I'K IS.1l...-k 

i;«li. Uni 

Kil Irum' 

t:iHi Kiwii-^ 

1, .\1l.«u 


l-urvi.. K-ilvrt 


gulnn. J>'I.H 


IUm.l.ur>. K.l>i>r.l 


lUm.!.-. \.,rtrr» 


Koo^horx-. Milium J<il 


»"lTn«n. K..-.I 


|{rnn>i.. .\l-«-tlall 


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Itilry. William 


lltilti-y. William 


It-wk., l^..-rii.-fB.' 


IU*lr). J..|<n 


iW. Kn-I 






Stnlif. :\rihiii 

l>r<iaiK». Jan»- 

frit»<» l<Hll> 




Kimtiiiiif. Xritmr llFiir) 






SiNi'lalr. S<'<1 


■'«.,ll. JamM 


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"Itlllh. KHI«l 

!'milli. I'lllifVi 


Hmiih. Ilatf) Itu-rll 


rtiJfk. t'fni. Ilvtiil 


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tiM»n. llifrii' 


"iirllnM. l><inalil 


t.ow, Vrlhur Ua'«ula> 


■tipahrf. hM— t i.«pK 


tiuft,.rt. Mr»ai..lrt 


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H,kr. *fihu» 






Talo. Ja»>- 


TailHf.l'N-l-ti.l. W.Mia 


T-M, Jihn 




TfiHap. J-Mi 


TiitiBWift-, lUmiH 


T>1". Ilo-har-l 


\li»*«i tranh 


\iriw. Il<'r>al>( MoDaii 


MaW»-» !.«-«• \M..* 


«a><« J^f. 

law llHifi llHiftv 

Mt'lxtHwii, Craot* Jawr- 
MiU.t>. \ti*.ur 
MtLwH. AtthUialH Jam— 

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Mr.. A K l{.l. 

• I. -^alik* 

• I <•■<-« an 

II M \.'tw 
\U. T 1 acl-a 
*lr. « Wat«- 

J \ n.-i 

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T *.Uh 

\U- N t'atlHHi 

Mr- M WvriM<. 
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W K hxilwtxfi 
< an* M<HlM-r> 
Uf It «>M...*. 
1 1 « i1liaiii-ii< 
\lf II ilifl 
II J MiWh. 

\ K>I<M, 

\l(. J. W<--l 

llufiili-). Ui 
lMnl>.r-l. 1. 



liut«i-r> Mill. Atnroll'. ' 



vLlMiihim Mi<MI<--A 

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Knal ■!>'(. 

lun.-trB>l. I<ii>il«n, t.iii 




N H 


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N-alHtr , i 




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I...Hh>'a.l, Mh»»i|...i.. •>..-• 




ri,lk>->l<iM', !:•« 


«.«riv""v. «•!■- 


i:.ln».M..H. Mm 


'«Hu<ii'">i>'i-u. hiiiiuiH, !:•■« 


lUil. !.•'< 


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IMioxl, KixahMn. ^.I.■ *..■■ 


I».K l.nit 


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IlitO-h-. •Htft^.t.-i 


llalir.t, \ a 

1 anarta 

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llrivniaa lh-rnlrl>, Mn*! 


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ItaMh III 

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Im-I ' 

h. Hurt 




t. S \ 

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Ihr Crcnt W ii i 1 ,1 War 


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K.lm<>iii«n. Aim 


J. Shi>rtri. 

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ilk. Knit 


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W.-I SiNliury. 




iMrh. l>.mNlw> 


l'.«v. H.f.p) 

MrNi.h, Jam.-. 


M.'li..iiBl<l. \rr\ 


Marl>i..ial<l. ioli 


\l<-llr»l-. John 

Kini. rhark<llHi 



M Hut! .K 1) ^ t. 1 


i'i<il>< DuuKla-, S<iilUi«l 


rimliUrk lUI'-liiin'. N. I'.-l 

. S' SnilUlxl, 

run \..rihli.i.Si.i 


lnr..>n.r. l-uMiii. Irr 


iri«hliiif>.l«nri..r.. y.i't 


■ 'ultfary, AlU 




\|.|4H.m. IU> ti><>ii.l 




AHilrrwxi, t<«<i>ar.| 


lla^l'—. Maob't 

iB ?»r«i Mm.'t 

■I'll 1 lax. Alf».l !>.! 


|l'>.lm. <inir(i 


Ibotlmi-'k, wmiam 


llramhall. William 



HmnHi. M™fj 


IHlth, iVrr> 


lliirfru, tiwifiti' 


|la>liM. Mi-nt> 

If 1. air 

|<..h»|.. Jnhn 

Lsim nvrivani 

|lr>i*n. rf"t«>.li 


lllilanil. It»t»4> 




■lull. Ttwima. 

IWH. 1 'auk 


ttri'wii. Un-rv 


Hakrr. \MII>.ii. 


IUh». l.riMi 


ll..<, waiian. 

|l...lrr, fVi."' 


Iln-hl-ank. Il>t.<, 


1 t. John 


IWI. I«>nar.t 


IMI. J..(.» 




HuPt>«. rfank 


Idirtai"), John 


t^nrp I '•»|H<ra> 

llF,.kf, Alhwl J.ih 


lluti.., lt«.M 




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H.-. I*«nar<l 

Htnvk. H»t<'< 


tl»M>. *lf-r.t 

Uprtt-Ma*"* l> 

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c-,.l>r,« )!•»>•• 

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Oaia. NalhaxM 


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'i.M«ll<, UafitH 



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W.J llavli*. 


■ K. llnltiaH 


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. \. HorOiairl 


ii.<. 1 Irani h. 



T tt ll™.,H 


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' T llur«n» 

Mt. »; lutiio 


.J T JHhlan 


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II Hiri 

M> r llranl 


r. Il.k*r 


M M<lrh|i|l 


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H Hi-ahr 


M Hrorhdanli 


J Ihinlh 


J Klllirii 


M \ llrll 


J n I1a.n 


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•* ll.«l....t 


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(A J It".. 


W II |M>*I> 


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J <',••■ 


It t f«.k 


• M A < lark 


. \ < ...|«^ 



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• J laitn. 


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:'.>ii'Nii.>. Ill.r S \ 
M.'nirrvl, V II»i. It..i 
K»lk.- Ki>K 

tviiih. Will... r.»t 

llirkHil<'M'1. tnt 

\U,.,. 11,11. I(....|.|,K. I'.<ll 
II-.'. Ii IMI. I(.'a'<ir.||. r,»i 
lUlirai, S H 
T»n.nii.. Oitl 
M.«»-- Jan. Hank 
''hHhi'l.l, >:rii 
1l.«inii, Ha.l< 


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Win.lfrmrrr. WMimon^ 

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Hath, rni 

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»iHhr.r.*, Kr-1.1. I «« 
\a.hl.i,!«>.|l*>, A..*Hi 
llamilioti. onl 











.1, 1' g 

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MmilfMl, I' 4 

l>Kiri 1-H.ITt.l 4a.k 


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|4»|<H4I. U.>r.<»«l. 1- M 

M.>n>r*«t. I' »i 

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llantittcH. Ifnl 

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Knl»l<->t >■> Iho Tth ll.ltuU..ti 
tounriflliin A|inl::i. fJIJ.Bi Y|>[< 


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Alio IH. Two y<«rfl cin itru\ 

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li*lnl in IhP A.M.K. l'<iri» .tn Kiili^ti>,l in ih<- Jnil IIhII.) 

«. a, IIHfi. Akp IJt. Wiiunitiil Ki-liruiir> J".', liT.. Am- 1... 

Mf InlM-f i-J. MHti. uvpf>i'a« cm April !-'>. 1!M 

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.,K,t'4-a* <in<l<-li>lH-r:::^ IttU-killeit 
iir Vimy KMRf nn May i>. I1H7. 



lUilallon >m Knli. 

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May t. IHI7, \t» *•> Wi^< nr 

•.»4«n J,in« ill. l«n 

liinualv '!'*, I"l 7 A^i- I 

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\t<Ml, rnv W utnlit llM-|lHi>l<' M 

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K«rmpr, l-iwlif irk 
hlitrnninii. Samupl I ■■' .r 

tl.*lifl. Mum. 

Mr< It. IMhiilil. 
Mr- II I'hiK 

i\n. M. nirki.. 

I'l. St, Churls. M.. 

>iilr>«l. r 

\Xr%. It. |lu<-l.«rti» 


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1 'inxlu. 

Mr.. W. I»»*«>n 

Iliirtl)i-I'l. »:Kiiil»iun 


t. Knith..l)>. 

Mf- 1 'utihill 

l^.l«l l-ltiK 


Mi>. I>. I'lirl.^ 



.Mr-. .\. Ii«t.- 

\1t-hur>. Il.irk-.. t 



Mr. J. Klll..t. 



Mr.. .\. lth.Hl.- 

M..iiiniii. 1* I) 


Mr.. I(. Kin.ll.i» 

tUilli'. I.iv«p.H.!. 1 

Mr., r. l-'i.ii,..m..r>' . i<i< 


Mrv II. fumrr 

I^'U'LiM. Kne 


llun.ilt.'n. Mm 


Mr-, t; A. Ki.ll.f 


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K, liih, li.->ri>- 
IImiI^v. iWtM 
lt..«ar.l, llHir) 
IIb%<'I.h4>. H.-ilHfi 

lU.hlnR. Samuil 
lluiliH. ftllllam AlWri 
H>m*..n. J<.nn 
H«»bln. Mllliam .\Mhur 



llv*.l<, ll.-..r> Mar 
lt..rn^, lliKh 
llarnrt.i^ \r>liur 

Mr. K. iinUii. 

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Mr, r. » 

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Mr-. <■. Sniih 

UuimIh'. Sf.l 


Mr>. T. Aii.hti.r. 

SikiM I'urri'tit, "la-h 

S-mh \fri., 

Mr., r.. Il»»ar.| 

SI. lM>imr.lH>n-S.ii, Mii>«< 

.. y.»g. KneUn-l. 

Mr*. tMUvH'-k 

l-lni-..ln. SVI. . r S A 

Mr.. M. IUr»^.t 

M>-<w Jaw. !Wk 


Mr. .\, Hall 

Unrfbtr.-. Knt 


Mr W T 1l.-l.lH-k 

M'.titrpal. 1' (J 


Mr- .1 )l.rll.'ii 

M.-iiir.^l. r u 


Mr., ft<..i. 

M>iii1r.'Hl. 1- IV 


Ml- f,. lli>.ki<>K 


Mr- M lluMlu- 


M>- S Matr>«.i. 



Mr< It. I|.-ki<. 

I'y^m (., »:»■ 


Mr II llHh.r...t: 

Kar..n, |l,..k-. h.i.l.lnt 


Mr- II IUT.tti.4.. 

ll.n..l<.i... i>..l 


Mf M llv.Ki 

Wii. 1!, Ma.i 


Mr- ll.<Kl> ll'.rii" 



Mr. \ ( H.,. 

1i.' M.i'li.l V \ 

1 HiinlSlai. 

M' "' 11' 

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Jamil'. Mklnrs \ nl.l 


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Jtmlan, « illtan. 

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Ktxi. K.lliani 


ka-. Ml-x 

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(■Ml ill- 

Idhi'. !*laiili-] 

U«., Wn. 


Una, (t< 


li«i-h. Imlrr.ik 


l««a. Il*t<ft J<.i>ii 



M.—<> J«». H*.k 

1 aiiaila 



llaHilll»ii, lint 


1 M>l.>ril, »:-■'•. ».■<« 


C.*! Will.«m.lh.t 


MaiKll OM 

S..* \..rh, N \ ,1 > ^ 


Illl1li.».. M..t.l . 1 ;« > 


1 iin-*»>i. y.ft 


Vr 1, MoMlrval 1- tj 


II. ..■•.. lift 


MutilrraU 1* U 


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■*l ll«.r., Mt.r.lrr«l, C ij 

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M|fh.}.|lMI., MilrK.-... (:..( 


Mra.|'>.i.(, N.riK, llt>f 


KilMandn, 4..rt 


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l-riWl, , , 

IWvW* .... 

\\»- \l-»ti.l 

1>H«R|« . 

Maim, Tliuma> 





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M.111H11, Kr.-.kri 


Mi>.irr. Thum>» 

l-rinm- . . 

Munn.-, Mwiii> 


M..rwi,. Ilrj-n 


M'lrn., Tlximu 

l-nvaif . . 

Manii. Han^ 



\Ut1o.. All-rt 1 

l*rimo . 


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Nlv<-n, t;<«iv 


Swrn. tt<>l>m 



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^Ihti1"'Ii. Siiitluii.l 

r.. K. Mu-.ii 



r-. K. M.....l^v 


r- tl M.iu-ir 

Hu.til«>iirl.l. Y-rkMi.rr. (■-..lit 


r.. \ . Ilur- 

M.iiiir<-ul. 1' g 































llamilliiii. ilnl 

lt<mri<l Mil).'.. \ 

M-.n-amlv. Iaih--.. e:>.i! 

lluM Mimin-al. |- if 

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I ;tni-iiil, l.t. N S 






frivM* , 


l'r)t<'liNr<l, TliiiniN- 

llol-tu. Tbt.R>w 

KiiKBt'lNin. Krwik 

Idnr. Samurl .liili" 


It-Ill, U illiitm 

IUiiif>, I l>iUli-< hilairil 

IbKlH^. John 

IlKllii, Mark 

VtUl» . 

*™.i, Crmnl. 


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VtuH. IM-Ti 

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■itWtWU, MllllBIH 


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Ht •-*••(», J ■»<•■• 

Smiih. ^■^■.l 

Sdn-hf. »'i.'<ht>r 

-iniitHt. Kratik 



Mliilli, AIU'M 


•*.«ll. K^ittrth 


•"iwhi, tln<W 

'■••"» ' ■"t-'iil 

<(i.-vH<s Ih-rnart 


^«IIH»W. l«l.lll.-> 


rxiHnloH. ( hwlr* 




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M T lti.ii 


M K.."" I. 


K. I( '« 


l(. M. I|.iit 


M K tu<>> 


» M l(<- 


r. l(Hllr> 


J T. Ilir.'»r 


W |[<.'l>»hl> 



.1 l(..U'ri- 


J U..I-H.... 








" M. 






1, S.M.> 







ll.-ftr,i. T.*..t».., II., 
I..-*. I.mnilfi . Knit 
•iTiilp' Wrilx. K<til 


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I '4tiaiU. 











llaXKlKm. Oni 


Ma-. 1 ;> \ 

I 'a»aila. 

M<-n<n->l. 1- U 

< ana<U 

Hu<..l. rl«».t. K,.< 


llamiiKli Mil. U>l»l»n. Mm 



l..>i«li>n. IHil 


tla»k*lla). AiKiralia 


1 1 <Mit 


tiiniriH'i) Km 


* >!-«. Man 

t anxlB 

»■„...! Hill. t...n.l.,H. Kui 


IW>f>a, i<w>k 


Ij-mnri', ttrartHiriHiifi. hhf 




Mitnmal, f H 




1 iwUml 

1 ,»«,«.l, t>.< , 


1 a>.a<la 

t|N<k»i-<.U>n<l*m, »;>i« 



IU.t.-« 11.11. «t.M-1».l«t'», ►..» 


Itim.ii.iti. Out 




KniHtHi in ih<- linih llii 

In itw jMh lUti^i 


!■:• MiiKMT ilmrriTii I'ti; T.i.i,. H. A. limtntti Cii M i.»iiiii>i 

i:nlii>ti>l in Ihf Mr nn Ih- KiiIIkIhI In Ihp 3nit llituHun in Knii-lnl In th- III'MK ..n 1 1.~ 

ii-ml-r HI. Ilill. ■( ihv M" •>' ■•> Aucuil. IHl I. at ihi-ar-nt IT. Klll»l n-mlirr rln. IMII. ii lit ■«•■ nt 17. 
Wiiunilnl ■> thx lUfilx III I amhrar in artiiin in April, IVI^. I i|M-liar(<.<l 


Kiill.i--I in ih" riih lUii 

HiltnliMli Ktil»|n| III Ihr ;;ih lUllllloll. A|« 

iliacharrM an NuwfnliM 17, Itflu. 



AiiBU"! lil, l!t|."i. A(i'-^. 

Ktwip** In Autu't, l!)1ti. 


!...» ..HI'. Hknkv K, ( 

l-n, H. J. II,nj*\ I'Tt;. y. M- ntriAN 

KtiliHtiil In tbv :lNth Ilaltalinn iin Knll«lnl In ili<- Itiiyal r*nKillin Kn- KnllMnl nrllh itix HiKhtan<lM-i> In 

Jiil> LM, lltlft. An- ;I9, Wuunilnl ulnw" i-n April ;(ll, IWI". A*.- 2t, January. l»n. Ait" 11*, Tran* 

Iwin-. ttrturn«l in Juni". It'lT. f"rn»l In rb" IriHlh ilaHalinn 


l»fT. Nl'MHAH Mll.Mlll lUl.KKTT 

t:iiU<ilc<l 111 III" -oili iUtiili'iii i-n rnllalnl in itivllMh llalUilun. A|r Cn 

HrplrmU'r 'i. I'*!'. \t' ^i>. Ul, Thtiv irpkra (in arllvv Mrrlr*, ilT. 

Ttmtultttnl !>J Mivhli»- (Jut V<'. AwUxltlw MlllWy Croaa. 


IIIJ|v ..!• A|irll II, |ili:, 

O n f H I' )■ n (' s 

/ li r C 

I I World 11' or 




'. Ati-xanil>^ 


r. Willi.™ 


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Thom«. Churls 

ThiimpiMin, Hi'nrj 




n>. Il>'nry 



wk, HmIht 




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Wiirkmnn. Kilwarrl (' 
War-. i1<-nr> 
WbtiI. Jum'-- 

Mn.- K. Fanh-r 

T..r.mio. om 


«r^ U Th..ri- 

M>mirr.l. V. y 


Ml, rii-*Mnl. Swanivm. Kne 


rurkUnil, Itloum. IrHand 


Mr>. M.Turi..r 

Workiniiluti. t'umln'rliinil. KtiK 


Mrs. J. Utid.-- 

l-url-r-IW. S..mrr»-i.KiiK 


Mr. K. WnnbW 

Muntrtal. I'-g 


Mn>. K. WriKlX 

i-arhsl... Knu , 


Iluin.-lil. Yi.rk--. Knit 


Mr-. M.J. Wal-li 

M.H.wJaw. Sask 


Mr-- K. Wdi,,n 

.■an.drnT..»n. I*nJon. KnB 


Mr-. S. VVhi.r 



Mr-.. II. \VVt.l. 

M'HM- Jaw. Sa-k 


Mrs. M.J. W.1-11 



Willrom^. .luliii 

Mrs. M. William- 

Si.l stnt.-. 

Mr-- M. \Villi>m- 

l,<m|[> Itnrh. Kiiik-I'u,, N H 

1 'atiudu. 

Mr-. I.. W«l»h 

Slii'tli^l-I. Knit 


Mr-. K. (■.« 



Mt-, .A. Wrbl. 

SulMh. K(1K, 


Mr. W. Wriihl 



Mrs. 1.. Whitr 

S... V.irk. N,V,. r S ,\ 


Mr-, K, VVillinm. 

M..iilr^al, 1' (} 


Mr- M.\Vilkiti!~.ii 

llumill.m, oni 


Mr-, Wil!.-> 


Mr.. \. l>..ii.l.l...N 

S,.lm-y, .v.-. S.,inh W.l.- 


Mr>- t; (iaul 

llra.liM'l I'l,. N.J,. 1' S .\ 



Mr.. K. \V.,rkm«ii 

l-orKirlris. Ht^-l>iH. Kntt 


Mf.. .\. 

lUnt-. K.>« 
l,..T<.l.<ii. KnK 


Mr^. IUK'IiHI 

IliKiaaiKl. Wilhiirn.-. ll<ir->>), Km 

It Knvlaixl, 

Mr, 1'. 1. \Vh«tly 

S.-ul..rll.. KnK 


Mr, V\. W-.1k.-r 

Huml-rloi. Sr»i 


Mr-.<-. WhilrhiniN. 

I' llmh. Slat!,, Kn|t 


Mr-. It. J. Whilmorr 

<i..l.l>t<.n-i>n>S«i. SutT<.1h. Kt.K 


Mr., V, Voiinit 

M>.n(Tral. V.Q 




Allrn. »«.r> liran 


.^ilr)Hw>n. William l> 




Allan. Mrlvillr 


llrlMuwp. Arihur Urn 

1 'urpiiral 

llMilon. William Jid<n 


lllmlc. I'ha- 


,Hli.»«. fharl.- Kd»i 


■lain. William liani-l 


lluritin. i:d»ard Kran 


jllTMltry, AII--M Jw). 


lllalli-y. Atraand.^ 


'Harry. I'airirk Jan.- 


illyrnB. I'alrxk 


lt<.«li, Th<.nia* 


lllarin*. Jan»>K.I>ir 


llaki^. I'harlr. 




II Harl..» 


t) |l*k>>r 



art llarbw 

II r- 

(1 A lUlrti* 

TvHra*. l-ark-i 
<BlMry. Alia 
Winnl|H«. Mar 

i'«1>ar>. Alia 
n>-ar llalllrlor.l, Siu.k 
MvllHHiriH>. AudraDa 
llararavf. Hunlinctliin, I 

I arli.«. Ir« 
hiiHin. Ir« 
Mi>"»n>lr<i. tlu. 

Iriimtim X.W . Km 




K rial ami. 
KnalBP ■ 



tTivmte . 
Pri war. - 
IVivite. . 

Prinwe - 

fnllin-H. A I>.lli 

aw. im 

iitriiril. Jiilin 
(' M4rtiTi 
r-.ilvillr. K.Ik.». Min.'hin 
Ciiiln.. Samurl Williuni 
f.i..IHT. Wiltiam 


rk. 1 >■ 

KllKl.'llill.(llrl-.. AU> 
ThiirnU.npL-t:li. Kurk... Km 

■<.Ui'f Vk.. Mi-lf..ri..<». 
Amiul-. Alia 

<iiiiuii: lUtli-y, V..rk.,. 



V •^llanil. 

fin clan a. 

llr.ii.Mr-. A.W.ll 

'all MbI! v.. I..ti 

IVivaw. , 




Primip - . 

l'halm<'r». Thomax 


t-<H.k. m*M,l lU-nr 






'-hari.-. Kr^lHfirk 




i-nmk. Ilrnry 


rrant.-y. An-lrr. I< 


I>unr>rtt. tlavi.1 


llani.1.. Krnwl 


HavBon. Krnnt All 

Haviiuin, Viirman 1 


th-rM«. Il«l..r 


Ualliy. William 


l>Bvry. WmiBm Var 


l>BVi>, rra«l«r<l 


llirkwn. Julian 


Karh. \Valki>r iM* 




Fnnli-, Jamn Arthii 

Privaw . 

Fnx, lirr>n{<- UdIxtt 


Frawr. Arthur 


"ranw. Thinnan 

Privat* . 

FBrrtM-. Si<ln..y 

PiifnliT. JamH 


Piirman. Itxnrv 


Fru«n. Ilolan.1 CW. 


■lallaahrr. Um— 


•iarrflnet. William 

qUBrlrrmxm-Srri!' 'Jihlln-V. »«mu.^ 


lira). John 


liiiorr. !*■•■. 



<;iil«pir. Thnma. 


firlcvn. Anhur <i«» 


'Imidwin. l->l»Br.| 


MuRhM. Ili-nri Kbit 


tlill. WitllBmCr-iri! 


Il..ll<>«ay. Wllliatii 


Hill, Arthur 

IIihIw-. Th-ini.-. tl 


• IbII, IVtif 


'lBrti»m, !;«■«.■ f 

Privat* - 

llB<l.liTk. Th.m>u» 


tli-rloTi liti-tfi' II 

IVIvale . 

























f. <mlUliil. 
I KnEUnil. 

•;. 11 |la^.'l-«i< 

M.pprrlrv-<.n Tyn... Knfi 


;. A. l>avi..r. 

KtiUTl»B<l. Kne 


■. \h-fia 

\A»i.ii>n. Ki'E 



Fulham, Knit 


Mr- K i; 

AU.inn Hay. 1' K 1 


Mr- 1.. II llnrfh 

Itrh.'n Al.l"itl. Ilani-.. Ctii! 


iU'U- niiiin 

lV.->.t'in. Surfy. I'riK 


W.l!>.m Karl-|-... M..nBi[|.Bi.. Ir.. 

Mr.. Jiim"'K.irr"'l 
Mr-. <■. r.x.l.' 

I'B'Kvri. Alia 
Kinsx -111. Kilt 


W, tl F..X 

ll*rnl.r.( >.;-.. Hul.|lr. It.. 

in-l bnil 

Mr>. Arthur Fnl«T 



Mr>. I-. Fra-t-r 

(;lii.|[nw, Sn.t 

W, italKl 

Mr-, r- F..y 

fanlrriiur)', Hi. Pau'». Knu 


'«l>t. FnrsliT 

ttnut..l..»-. Kn« 


[■■rank Fnrmnn 


-. Fruin 

^<uth|H>rt. I.anr>.. KtiK 


Mr.. J (iallBch.^ 

I-r.-..!.*. A>r. Sr.,t 


Mr-. <;armlrr 



iy\n■■^ ti.-ltn-y 

■iurl,il..n. Kne 


Mr., r.rav 

Mrlluft, Sr<.i 


Mr>. 1'. For.1 

M<-lloki>. Alia 


Mrv N. (;r«.r 

M,.y.l-,..Tyr.«.-. If. 


Mr.. WriKhi 

It.-lla>t. Ir.- 


Mr. M llri-v.- 

|-.kBr.t .-lU MlB 


Mt. K. (im-Utn 

■Bliarj, Alia 


Mr. J.nkm' 



Mi" llueh- 

l..m.t..n W.. Kna 


Mr 1- T IIb»-11 

iilil-, Mia 


M'> S ll'>ll>i«i» 

llraliiirt, llanl... Ki.t: 


Sa.kaKBin. Saok 


lliNKBr. !4B-k 


' S«-k 


ll-wllr. Sa-k 


'4a<kat<H.n. Sa.k 


iUI«r>l 11.1.. KtiN 


T.-iri>r.l. Surrry. Kixtf 


*, K<-nxinainn. \j nili'i>. Kn 

a Kntlat"! 

Iiikili-r. limrK. 
Ivalt, lUralil 

laniun^ J ■■tin Itnlirf >«.n. »M»Br.l \Un 

t„U,Mkn. l<|(i.<. 

Mr lt»>-ri iKi' 

'ailhtH-'*. fn^t 



Mumlilo, dtanmrian'hlri'. f.nt 
<r«tketn. (»..m.T»l, Km 

Winnipr*. Man 

llitl^xmn. I,el.nin.|'irf. Kkk 
<lBr-tnl|iiarri. Man 



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KxtlolP.) in tb- ::<), llnlliilHin Mr> Knli-I^l in Ih- TTIh llill>ll-»i. T<>.. Ki.U.ImI li. ■ K..r...|t^ llnliahiin im 

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■Minn. Kiiv, .I'liiin. 



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JrnniiigK. Wil ism Urn 


K-.'Ipj, Thnmiis 


Kel) . J«m.* 


K.'iih. Jiihn 


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Ki^nlr. I'Mrr 


Kniitlil. Arthur 


Udlt^. ■-Iwrlr<ll<t>rt 


IjlLurn. irmr^ K..l-^i 




I.>|>«>, William Jam^ 



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Mirhlni><rti'. t:ilaar<l 


Marl>"f«l.l. U..lH^i »;. 





M->r>ii-a<l. John 


Muri-hN. Artimr 




Mw-lhmal.!. IVOT 


UrMilLn. luarlx 


M..ri1rii. H^nn 


MpK-t>na. Jam.- 



\titfl.h>. AMhur 


Miirrioon <i<^>n<- 




Moiiii. Mltliam 






M<tU(>, Man in 


MafLiFi. Jam.. Aril u. 


M.H.r.., »MN.r 


M>] , .( 








MatihMi*. Malthxt 


MrKarlatH', Pranh 


M..t<««l a... Jamr. 


Munrir. Ji.liii Arthur 


Miiiowan. Jamp. 



Na.... H»(<Pt> 

N...... Ihirlr- 


SlPholU, !<i<lnp> 






IVIrrwn, \ i. 


It.>l<l| •»». Aritur 


lliiltil-, In.tiaM 


IVtrfHin, William 


tSii,.^,, WilLam 


r*lit*«.>.. linWRi' !U.i 


IVll.-i. Mark 

IWt1 unm« 

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Kirhafl*, William Ar<l 



K.-, *r.h«f 


H.rti«.^l J.m« *H"M 



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lUwh J.<hn franr.* 


Iti-l-'f »:<l»aH 

Aimfom. J")". Mn' 

Wi.%h.hh< la>f»< 
HIaa. IlKhar-l 
<*harp, JaiM< 


1 1. Ju. l.«lll 

SaitUHin, Sa.k 






Man.Hotpr. Kng 




tl-!tR>t. In- 







Ciiu. Klll.>l> 



r. T. Kpptii.', 

s*.|iat.»in. ^U'k 

Vuth Air 


It. Kniithl 

lii.l-l.ury. Ma»...i-i>r. Ki.n 



A. K. Ij>'l!pr 

<'alKar>. Alia 



A l-ilriirn 

Antrim ll.l.. Hplla-i. It.. 



J. I.airil 

AuFhlp<tar.t..n, Ayr-hin>. Snil 





U.I.. U<>><l 







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1 l-lnc 




ll.>i..>i. Ma-o-, r S A 



K ttv 

A(1inliur), ShrpKnl.ury. Ktii 




lalKary. Alia 



K M;rl.1.t>i.-n' 

Sinalliamllill. Kim 



T M^|t..nal-I 

|>n. Kti« 



Mrl aiiKhl.n 

IMIa>l. Irr 


A. Ma. K»> 

l'arl..»a>. 1™!".!*™! 



II. \ 

Ta\i>ii<<pli. I>pv..n. Km 


A. Mur|i)i> 

«aUar)'. Mia 



\ na. H r 



11 Mar|...tial.t 





tl M t.l... 




. M M. K.ti.i« 

n miii|<t«. .Mat! 

■ -■•.•.ta. 



Vlp-t 1lri.t«H..ri. N.Ht... »:pi 



1 Muriihv 




r M..rri.>'ti 

(inlfH-y. Iifiiii'ml>, Knt 



Wm. Mii.l>.'l1 



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l.iin.l(in. nnl 



«■!,«., MillPT 

S|.arhllt. Iltrmiiiihan.. Kim 



Ci.i.. Murra.. 

tilafiw. !<.'.>i 


Mul.ll.-Un.-. KriR 
('■lKar>. Alia 

■'•1|Nf). AltN 

llptham, N.itltiuinlii'rlan<l. I 
I'ainlpy. Spfii 
Ki.irara. !■ f. I 

Mt- y. Ni.ii. 


II ll..«a»l 

HI.<H.a|P. 11m. Km 

.1 M l'ail.f » 

IMr.,11 Mf+.r * A 


^ |-l>lli|..t. 

SvkatM'P. <a.|i 


* I'hill.i- 

ILiii. >:m 


«< .l..l.ii> « . N II 



Wym.>nH»in<. N.'f'tlh. 


- \ 1-al !-«.■« 


U' Cai 1.^.11 

1 arl.t«n. H.ra.-li.'«-..i 


« \ llipfar.). 

t *tiw). Mia 


y. Itrail-. 

Mull. tC»i 


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I> MpikII.. 

1m.r> Miirham. »>a 



t l.rr|w..l, III* 

Mt Milt. I.hK in 

1 W ll..>k. 

\li..|<.. \.n. ti.,1 


1 1 l(».l> 

• airifK Man 


J * la-It." 

1 alaat. Ml. 


J II.I—4I 

1 alMM, Mta 


r «.^.«,. 


« Kat-... 


i Wraari 

t.ti HkilliaiP.Dni 

J Sa..n 


llamiti..n. iMii 


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Mpvl«»ftplil, Iturhatn. 


Man -Ipaafi 

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it lUcd. 





/// 1 

'III Wiiihl Wiir 

.■«Ihi»'. KmtH-lli lluiil'l 
Hllliatn Arldur 

Smilii. IViKf Allvrt 
Siiifli'T, IWuim Kiim 

Sulllian, Jamn 

T>l«t. Jsmi-. 
Tul-rna--!.-. I'aul Ib-ll 
Tuttirf, AMhu' 


, I'alrli'h 

Trinti, 1I>tbIi| 
Viiian. MIx-n 
Vlir. Anhur. tJI»Bril 
« alh^. Tl<i>mii> 
Uririilik, M>Hi>i>>l 
Uunt, All-Tl jKhi. 
W ll1iBm«in. Kraiih 
Wallrr. MM>r> KiUoxl 
U'lU>i.. liHiiif 
Walhln-, Jiim<* 

I William JiitH'* 

I, l>u.llr» tr.^1 Hill 

Wartl, »>anl. 

\t*l. MiftaMiir«ri 

>HMna. Iftllliam 


^. SUiaTH- 

K. H 


A. «. 

Sin an 


M. Ji^kii. 


J. I>. Smit 


K. Smiih 


II. K. Snj 



W. Slripi- 




llr Svaii 


L. Shmik 



J T»t».r 

K. Tal--r..a.H.. 


r \Ufh 


i. Tii"tn.i-in 




T. H- T'lw 


^ 11 llltllx- 





A U 



J, ttar.l 


V KihK 

1 H 

U atl-r 


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M» n>-i.l. 
Mr< J. H, W««b-r 
Mr> I. Muwlat 
Mf JnhnWK* 
Mr< M «■>■ 
Mr. «ti|hi 
Mr. tUit<4 
Mr* 11 f. |'> 
(' MlUm 
Ml* IIMnilth 
Ml. C J NhI' 
M» »: ViniM 

\.-i.l-.rl. Mirt... 
hjlinhunh. Srut 
I'ulnxj. Km 
Alamnla. Sa.k 

I KiurBtiiiii. Kia 

humliatlxii, Snx 








:|Mra>l. Iri-UO'l 





\..ltl>!'lli.l.|. Ktii 


tVill.Mi^i \u.lral><. 


Ilaiik.<.>, S..ul)i * alVBi). Alia 



T»r<>nl<i. itiil 



l..«..l.rt> N W . Km 


N.-..-wlr-..n.T)i.r, Kn« 


?ta.b*l— «. Ha>l> 

K<i n>ilM 

t'iiii-t<l'<t I loiHhm, Kill 'KntUitil. 

««Ii.Imi) . M ill* . I'.nff KhkUihI. 

I livailBffi Mill. Ma>»'l>r.ii4. Kix t^nitaml 

TamiiMI. John WiIIIbik IIobbI-I 
llii't. ttnaU Hn>ii 
l'Bi<-r->n. \ili«l>in<i> 

I t«l hMl<> , Jl*mrm TtH'ixa* 

laiH, (Vf. »:nia).| 

Mhi»MI. «<tll«>n 1,^'if t(..<.al-l 

MaMl>t. >:rw<l 

llnhMU lll»«» Mill 

Vim*. Sh-Mn-ki ilrH 

tiiH 1 ami<lo-ll til 

1 MaliHH. W.rfn-lif.IilN'. V-nt 



r.a.ll..iu>i»-, tliiK 


■*X^»tm».; 11.11*. »;»■ 



r«ii'i', II «■ 


Hriahii'ii: "u'wi. t:»a 


II N.-al.> 



•« lloll 

• altlFi, Alia 



ralham, 1 «•>,!.•••, r.Hg 


II 1'a.i.l.^wt' 

raliafv. Ml. 



Tho4>'. Mi.|.M«'«. ».t.( 


1 I.M. 

li.«n>UMl»n, K»* 


i Mun.M1 

1 al«.r.. Ml. 


K n»i. 

MHiilh T»*«a.*-, |lit-l..l, »,m 


T Mark. 


« IU«U.. 

H.-rMMa. M-mtrrd, f g 


II M n..i-i'. 

• al«ai. *li. 


Frl.t^Mr ««*«lh, ».M« 


M«<Mf> t*. |HI« ■( Ibr H* 

ul Him/,/ ir.n 


iT<liui>. Jami> IU«kiii>' 

MrKoMi. Itoli 

MNMIn, t^lwanl H 

r..*., Kf.-! Hiii-t-ll 

KmU'i.iivirii' Willi* 


tun. Il<«i><-ri J»^<l> 

WxmM-,, lt.4lar<l ArKiiir 
tUu(tt. K11III.HI llolaixl 
ti-rktiiii, llHliPfi sunu4 

M.Kx-11. Mr». Il<-I1>ii 
MiHirni-Ki!. Mr*. J. C 
lliinninK, 1*. I' 
<'ran> Itiitori 
Kitmanl*, <'h«tlH« tt 
<i>m. Mr.. A M 
llar\i->. Mn> 

l.r> AlU^m 


', Arrli 

Sewtnn, Mr-. Kalliln'li V 

AhbiKt. J.ilin J 

lllll>l.iir>.n>n<l KuK 

Akpt. Hiialirlh 

llwikirli. Kill 

\l.!ri.||l-. Mr-. HhditM 

A'lMi. Mr* Sarah Ann 

Stmiiuini. liitHi V.ut 

Ai.«rfl. »»-.r«P 

M-niiml f g 

killarii*>. Man 

AniliT-n. Mr>. Wm 

llani lion, nnl 

Anilffw., I'ain. Jai™-> 

( l»Mi S..un.l. ( ttil 

llUman. Vn» K 

ll<-l(a>i. \tf 

\r%iAt. HI lull-Ill 

I'lum-iciHl. Ijmiliiii, Khi: 

\r>i>Mn>ii|. Mr- 

Wi-M Mallioi, Ki-m. Kng 

K*lj. Mibuh- 

I'liri Arthgr. nm 

\..>«<.>.l. Mr<. •"ran. Mawl t^.lnn N'.W.. U Kr>g 

\lkiK-ri. Ktanr.. 

1-an.ll-. !<a>h 

A>rr>. It»l>r«l 

llarkrx't. Nx n. V<\t 

lluihr.. Mr.. KlIi'tiMta 1! 

I'.:riUii<1. (>.... r S \ 

ll«Hr>. \\r: VXW^^ 

llaih->. Mr> Mar) 

Mi.nnxKl.a'i., KhM 

llfwl. Mr- (-(niu.! 

Kail iliii-r. Mb»>.. r S A 

Hall. Kri J<-'l<l> 

Karl-'hin, rutmir). Km 

tlat>.». Mr. \.U 

i.inn.^, Mr. k 

i<>.lr>i>n. V.n» 

llBiatil-'. Mr- V 

Shal...l«f>.lh.r»t. KhK 

lla»l^>.»: A 

l"l>i..... v.. th-nm. Kt>l 

lUiKli. I{'>la»<l l><«> 

M--— mm, K«>k 

IWkl.oi. Vr> V W 

Dak lla>, II • 

Ih-aixn. Ml- \l.<'.- 

r<Hirl>->iH). It r 

Ilmliam. 1,m<'> )' 

IWmk. l>aM.I (Ini 

fi.> Hi..M»al1. Man 

• an. Mr> l-^tnnirtlin' Aila Kmiita. Iinl 

III. Mart \nn llirminvriam, tint 

l(lRH>lart, ' 
llilkil. Krt.) 
II...II. .1.. ... 


lt.>kMil,ain, l>hilli|> K1"nit»« 

ll..k.-ni.a<». Mr. II l> 

•*.,m|iiim(. UiftKiiiN, »:»M 


Id-if. J 

ti-iav. J.ii. 

\a|iH'r. S y. 


ll<iar... IS-tcr 

II,,.,*. l:.l....l 

Ilamtlt-ail. |j,t>,t,in. Y-nt 

l',i>«Ui>.l H.»r* Kml 



ll.>iH-i:IH,K r *< 

m-irvhor. t II 


H.'ial), iam*. 

Il>.>al1. William 




llra,llHi't. Mr> Miolrih 

MvMm. l-i: 


llrallrt. Tli*-nia> 


Naiw>m ,. It 1 


ltrai.t. Hrfl-^H l<arl<. 


KlllHiin. lM.,t',nitK . fna 


Itt.ii.1. II 


Nnitth.lPk. II llhlnn. I.KN 


ltn.«.|..» Jan... 

llr*«>iFt. Mr. 

M,'«rfia. it r 

Ili.n J... |.l. 

Mri«-, M II 

Wini,li*« Man 

Kii 1 

llK>l>r, ItKU-ri 

lln.|». Mr- \i.ii»^ 

ll,..lH'lMa. M-nlnal. f g 


ll>..a.i, MlHi l..|.ar.l 

llh>af.. J.,«.i, 

Tui.l>r<,ttr H<'l|.. K<'i.i, (»■ 


»».»•.. I hartr-l|M.» 




llroan llntp- 

Itr..*« t. 

tl.4.h«,, '«n,l 

llhniH-, IMlMl 

i,rahai.,. Mr. W 


ltr»Bn. |j|n(«tr<ith limit" 

ItHOh. Mf. * 

\r*a'h, NhM*, »:iin 


Hr,..., Thftna. Wr.t 

ltti>«i<. Ilaro 

• '|.arlt.*<>»l,Mli,i.l|»-«. Man 



Kai'urn.l I,ii> S> M , »'i<» 


llu<h Mik< 

ll„.k. II 

KM. lluMa 

ll<«>.la tl.><,...t 

llw!l«. I( 

ItuMii,. Irr 


ll..ll*n II.. i.a> t TupH- ■ 

llMlkti. M» Mar. 

l>»ilW.M. Man 

I ai<a<la 

r .«. )-.l 

Ilunlina 1 lara 

1 ,mn(,ff'l tiHl<i.ti,i< . ( i'( 


Ituf lax.) M illiaw 

MmUk-I. » r- 

iKiMin l» 


durk- h^n ) 

Knrk-. Ur. M 1 


tlur»>a> <M'.rf«..\< 

|lHi..,a. 1 arrt- 



hihir. Ml. J 

M.nnx.1. Man 


t •)»•..•. MtMom 

r*m>w»ii. MKtamlo 

U.anM'1,1. IHil«l-r, Mnil 

0,1,1 Un.l 

I1iUh.|,I<u>. ItHitrraaliitt'. tMitt 



O II r II I 

1/ Wiirlil Will 

HlNtlSS l-MKIC I \ 










t'l.*^. Jark 


n. VMtnr 


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1 iitih. 



All-f 1 r. 

tlt»r-t-l', il«.r 



l>.*Ii.m. Kfn»< 

IhnUHI. I'UiMl 


hMmiK. NiMi 



Munraii. U..l«l f 



l>it«. l»arHilliam 


»:»)». •inivK.lnaril 


KaH»l<n..ti. Vrrhll«l.| 



Kiaii. Mlrhtrl frai«» 


tCllwav, KiiMt llirkH 


MIto. llMirt 



l>», J«m.» 

l.>*H*. Wiltlam ll-mf. 


Kail liMaM 


Ka»t*ll A II 

V'^'n. lr,t\Vnnk 


rno-in. Ilt.l..f-I 

f llhin. IVtrt 



nanaiMM. Kxhar't 


KhXH. J.Hi.t. 


tifhp*. Jam» Ki-«'">t 

»*.OM»<. (•<•»•• •! 


^MilM «amH>t 


f».. %))<»• 

1 aMv-rKftMal 

rraxro. KMfh 


fr-lHlfhwn, ( ail 

rullhurir. Hrfti-rl 


f ItllxK. "■Illlfrl 


<lall>raiiti. liixiaM •»»! 

^r. Mr- 

• ■•. Mr^. Marili. 


Sitiilh, Mr-. Mwj 
nar*', Mr- 
l-limiT, Mr-, Wiial 


\. I{ 

< ri-l. I-:.! 

< p.». T 

\„i .la'" 

1 iirr>, M 

- Amur 

ItKrW. \ 

f. I-. \: 


Mr., K 

■ '■•III, i:> 



Mt. .■ 



' I*' 

l>aUs \l 

■ Matv 

IXioi. Mimindi- 
m.|..r.. Mt. I. U 

|l1l>>.-ali. IW-^l 



II,. f 

Mr. Ill..i.l. 


llaH.1.1 \U' 1 


»Ik..i, Mr- f 


Mr. M 


V, M.. ,1 


\Ul. \nm> 


•iiiiw r: 


H.t.. Mr- Ma' 


\ ( 1 


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tt ..,.,-, 

I «mi 

r..H, Mr. «« 



rrann- M«t 
t>*i|><ifhi>i< II 
fulllvtiip. II 



SiiulhHTn|>l»ti. Kti« 


Tni.ur>. K.-.. Kna 


Si, llclitT*. JiT-vy. ri»lll»'t |. 




ttlnnit-*. Man 


I'liHar 1-iHi.l. Man 


tt liwn. KrtK 


M<>r<'hani W... 1, l|r^t..KliK 


THliury. Cil-K. I-:><M 


N..I .U...I 

N..I -IKI. 

l-I.Mi niarl.-.. M<inir<-al. I> If 


KlnKXnn. Til IhiLlln. Ir<' 


( ■>tk. Irr 


U'liiUin. y.Bt 


\ai<alitH>, II r 


Mimtnal. f g 


N..«l-n1.M<><i, KtiK 


Trxiklail. <'..|.. r s A 




11x11. ^:i<i! 


I<»l..i'<<>aiiiiii. I> 1*^'. s 


?'i.|»i-t.ll 1 


«* »«. M«.i 


»vr,.i.. Ill' 



Kln.hur> I'arti. lj>H<l«n, f.nt 


\sl«l«ir). Ilu*-!.. , I'na 



»<>.ni,.r«, Mai, 


»:iti>iiitiP)iii. Sii« 


n HI ri'irU-. MxiXf'Ni. 1' \ 


K nan. Man 


i:ar*l>laim. r-<rfa'*l»ti-. Mr<>< 


MiHitmU. I' U 

Ilallla*. N N 

llMtHv^ |lunlin*<l<w)tli 
fLitM..,'. ralvllrt-Om 
llri«l«.m. » ut 

M.l». M>a-I kini r.-t 

INxlaH-ima, In- 
M..>iirp*t, I- g 






Knllalnl hi ili> \Mil 

rH(i<l l» \hr mil llHIInliim 

fl> llMVt^l «•! MitT t tfl xt|.SV) lloHtm IMIitl rUN tHK K'H kk>>t<l I I ■' It'M k .l< >ll» ■ • irmOtX 

' •-" '■' '•'■ i "■ "•i"«1 I^l ,1. i|... Ji.i 1un<ilH.» .'., )..),.it.t i>, It..' will. lUiisI ti. I s'll. it.1 II....I l.i.«iiu«'i 

t<t«r. IM'i Ai- J1 hilh-t 1.1 \iigi.i-t (. fill. II 'I, *$>■ ..I J1, HiliiUc I", l'>f. \(i. J I kilk-l ..f. -^ i.i-l.nnf . I'M, \m,- I| 

Mttonat VlmjiHldti, A«r I, 1«IT. Wm ismkI ■ml ih*!) thvthr-l. ■ntun "H Airfil «. lt>|T. ..•*ri-«> mi ih-t m, |«|I 


'■ II I li (• c 

1 1 \r 

■hi \Vn, 

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\M K\ Kt^lNhl 


Cranvillr. Hnmt.l M<t.-.Ii 
tiray. Arrhiltalil 

Hiilliirr. H..n. .'u 
CoriltiPr. Ann,- 

.r N.-1I ..i Km 




»-^. i:m 





tlninii. Alfn-I 
tirittin, llMiffrt'y I'l 

llBrbuliP'. Arthur 
llam>, Arthur Jii- 
lUrtirr. Ibilvrl 

Hii>-vanl. Arihur 

ii)rn, tlatty < 
1. W itiiani 

tirillin. ll.-i.r^ 

1 Knit 


(inltir. \. |i 

Winniixv Mm 


r.n,n.\:.. Mr.. Mur> 


ili.1..., Mr-, \l-.v \1 

r,.i,- S. Umi», Thr.- Unrr.. 1 

U KnicUixl 

lUll. J.«i.h 

\Viii<i>|>F«. Man 


Muvv. Su-i-x. Knu 


lUmmaM. Mr-. U 



IMlnfy. Ijinihin S,W.. KtiK 


llarnmxnil. Mr>. '. 11 

Kihlomn. WinnliHt. Mux 


ItarhKli:.-. Mr-. I.tliun 

ISf 1 Alhirni. Vaiir(.uv.'r lo., )« 

r Kt<Krai'.l 

llarrii-. Arltiui(iilh<-ri 

WihhI (iiwn. I^miliin. Knu 


l(..jr"il-f-. Mr- 11 


lUin.. V\. It 

nint)|>ri<tH. WbI<-o 


lUrr'-.M. Mr~ 

<;ramkam, l.liiroln, Kni- 


Harl VVuH.rr 


Hurlx.ll. Mr^ M 


II«rM.>, Mr- K 


Nnt slBM 

IU>>i>rl.. Mari, 
IU>'*Bnl. It. W 
ll^li, Mr>. KDiHIt 

Hi-aih, l':[ihrum 
llralhi^. Kmil.v I'la 
Ilmih. Kiihraim 

lli-ho|>. Mr-. I 
ItiTitiatm. Mr 

ll<rh-. Amit. 

i II 

ILuH. Su-M-i. Miiit 



Va<ir<>uv<-r. 11 <' 


I'r.Si rliwli-. Moxirtal. 



tltYi«-!<av. Km.i. Kiin 


n.Sl.Chatl,".. M-Mnml. 



Iluftil l>laii>l. *ru\ 

Si. Jam», Wln»lrnt. Man 


Siilwy.H I- 

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llamo. Kns 

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l'.iriaK<'lal>ra<ri«. Man 


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S, \ta.i.|.a.t. Kn« 




M<i1n»'>. Ilirfarrl Kraiih 


ll<.1nir-. Wfn-lrll llutorl 


llolniM. William 



Mi<r«n. Janw* 


Mu.|«u«. Ni>pmai< 


llufh.-..lli.f-lm. Wllliar.. 


Kuniharh »>M-I 


llul>'hli»>n. Milhamiohn 


llllnix.iirili. Kmtrrirli 

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Wltmlint, Man 

VVkhI k. Nil 

i*..n.a). VannmtifHanil 
Wlnnlt>nt. Man 
K-li'at, ^nrk-hirp. ^:nii 
WInnliNit. Man 
Itx'himitHl. Hum), t'.nt 
HaMrm-a iini 
ttirtihlH, \t„m»h. Irr 
nini>l|H«, Man 
M.itH-amlM-, I am- , Kiik 
V II Ian-. Man 



JnthlnsJ M 
Jnili»i«.Mt. \-\ 
Jh.w|.. Mia l: •■ 
J»iur«, Thnma- ' 
Jw. ranriM-, \U<. 
J>4it>-n. «>1I 


■- Mr- 

Ji.hM^»«. M 

!..(> |)*al, N.«th. »;»■ 






O II r 11 (■ r I) I 

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or III U'lir 

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Jnwl Jark 
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Kmml'^. Iwl-'l 

ll.'..-ll>ii. M... It 
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■iiivtir. Margarvi 

|j>n«miili', K II 
liiiati. t':<l»itnl J<>< 
l.iil..', K'l*in 
l.yiiti. K.-lHTi )l 


l^milim W.r.. Hiii; 


Win.lHrm.-r... II f 


(•aTl.^in, M.)ti., Kill! 

K II Elan. 1 

IjinHon. Knc 



Winnip.V. Man 


'M.-n>l. ll.-!Elum 


N..I suKhI 

Si.l .tal. 

N.-*.-rui|[ H.liiil.un[h. Snii 




IM[ii>r. In- 


TaviM.«-k. l«.-..m,. Knir 

KilKlalKl Mill. Nolt... !-:ii|> 


l..m.l..n W.. K(iB 


*imli.r.l. I-m.i.n. Knr 


\<'wniarkii,Siilli1l<, Km: 


Kii-laii.-. Viiii..u>.-r. It r 


1 .»»!..■.. Hue 



TrrnI S..I.- Vutm, N»I1>-.. Knit 


<:«»![.-..■. r-San.;-. 1 anr... UnB 


Th.irnslr -.m-T.i--. Knu 


Kilmii!iilr!i. (t.-Hlr.-w-t-i-.-. l^-i 


SM-iitnl— i.r U 


IMrai-T. In- 


Ijimlmniv. Mnntr-nl, 1- g 




lla-iini!. Si,.-.-.. Kiic 




•SlfaiHl. I...n.l.ili. Knit 




Ilalirai. N S 

frmn- ltu|<.<rl. II (' 


\Ull.r.».|i. l.i\.TinHi1. Knii 


Wlnniiit. M«n 



1 anaila 

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l.ii»-.>In. K.IV 


St, llilila- lUrni*. V.nt 




Wlnnipi-*. Man 


Si. Jiihiio. Niwrouti.lUn.l 


Wmnlp^B. Man 


1..u.Anc>4F>.|->l.. r S « 


1 ..t>H.m. Knti 



1 .m.lim. Km 


Sli.ittl.-, |)rrli\.. KnB 


|j<n.t>-n W . Knt 


l-riLiTllHW. H r 

NV» X.-al 



Murt». Kni>r.. 

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■. Am 1-1 

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Mi'lvi. UanM Allini 

M.iUl<in-n, J,.lm MiMi 
^*>i»ih. rianiin- llntlnal't 
Mur'l-rk Wlittami- H 
MullMi, J 

M«.'inun- IViit K>iii« 
M*.'inl><t>. Jam.- 
M.|hmall. ll<-t>rN 

M.'i .>■.'!., iixirr.- Wllli.m 

.\l>.>r.l.-..n. Si<i.t 

Mi.l<l1.'i.-.>. M'v l-nl'-llaT. (ilaMN..*. Hn>t 

Mill.r. .l.>M.til> 

Itumlni-, !tr..l 

\l...l.ll. Maronl 

raliar.v, Alt* 

M-H-iri.'. A. II 

t'..l4<«. Minliureh. S. 

M»nn.r. riarh- 

K'llnl.iirttli. Sr-.i 

M..(.(H' Mr- 1. 

ll'rmtnKl am, KtiR 


(■«l«ti«H. Man 

M.n^Kaii. Mf Maril.a 

M..riiai.. Mf. K.lilli N 

M.mtfval. !■ g 

M..ritaii. Jxi-iii: 

Wlniit|-«, Mr- 

M.'Tri., J i( 

S.iT>mFrtill*. Ui'thw-l In- 

M>wfi.. lt.>l>rr< 

IILlllni>l<gr<i,^>wi. Kmr 

M«r». Il>. |i finiil 

1lallina>b<-. IV lialoa) Ir 

Miwlintrr, Af tiif. "f 

Killnl'Ufih. I^ri 

M.xirr Mf l.ta 

t*a<kaii-n. ^«>h 

Motlln. Mr>- KA- 

KamWiK 11 1' 

Mul>|HWtt. H.m>tr 

lllarltr.«*, Tl'. I>uli!ln. \rv 

nifiilam, Kiir Knllanil<n««l> Jan 
M>-|l<.n*l<l. M 
M-H'<>a.h. Mr> 


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m. .MiMn. it. 

Ac- :tl. T^■ll^^lT^•■l t.i th.' l?.Kih [prml 

AuKii". IMI. At.' .■!.•. Woiih'l..! 

ur.i iuk<ii IT.-. ti.-t Art. I :;ii. li.i:. 

Hill[H-v. 1 ., 

I..I III IIm' ll'li II. I 

X^II'KII i:»->i. 1' lllX'OK 

.-Kil k»li til.' I 'ai>ii.t>iiii Hn- 

lh-<rn>\-t Uf, IWll. Am. .!■ n kImI Nm». I'll-i I.T-'txIi—l 

Wiiunilfil 111 AUSU>I. IIM.V '-.\nii1ii. TfHii'h Ir^if . Id'hirt 

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Atwil. t'lh. St* -i: i rMi<ilrrr»l 

ITi' y V. Ili» 

<( W. \k tf 


II r Her. 

I li r C, re II I \y 1) r I il W 



Mrlhinalil. Th«mii>fiiini> 

I'iMtan. J4> 

lila-ito.. s™i 




Mri; Mary 



Mr<;rviE<>r. It<>l«-rt Muit 

l-alrr^m. Mr>. M 

IslanalSi. fV-I^- S-.,i 



M.t'.rrGiir. Willium 

Mrtirrip.r. John 



MrtliTKor, Williim 

WilH>n. MncJam.- 

lli.tim.ll. S 




Mr<:uirk. Mary 

l.H.TTHHll. Knt! 




MHvor. Mr-. ItiLiiT 

■k raUani-h..'iIorni.«ny.S.-oi 


ITivat..,r. N..rm.n 


AlioiL-oll. VaiK'i.uvu Maml, tl <'. Taiiada 


MrKay. I>aiiii-I JiM'ph 

M.-K«y. Mr-, r. A 




MrK.iiii.. Wult-r 

M.-K.>iiii... Kwiiwlh 

I'llaiHKil. Kuo^Kiiin-. Srol 



MfIuukhIhii. <)ilh<-n 

MrUuKl'lan. Mrs. 1 

t:<linhun;h. Srot 



Mcl.aii8liliii. J"«"1ili 

Mi-UauKblin. II 

Hobniyffnm. Onl 



Mrl-i^Kl. lhiniU<l 

Mcl«-t, M 

Slornimny, Smi 



Mrljin-. Ti».n.« 

MrUn'. Manila 

Kviir. Aj-n^irp. Snn 



MrNiv™. Nfil 

MrXiivti. Mr.. Cii 

rrine 1 adn-miih. « »' 



Mi-i-nn-. Ilunran 

Mrl'h.*.. Ki'timio 

c:i>-mlal>-. IkIfuI Skyi-. Smi 



MrKar. Jnith-h 


<l.-fk.-n«rlt. 1-on.toii. K.C.. !■: 

>K Kniclanit 



Marlillrhiv. IhinaM 

Tiifonlo. llni 

... S.-oi1aml 


Nalum. AnhurC'.llruii 

Naiiiin. Mii.F 1,«Ih4 

\ <iiuria, Il.r 


Nclli-r. JiBrph 

Srwmati. Mr* 11. II 

Tn.worth. Surrey. Kn« 



NtwlHlt. MiinlHV 


\Vinni|H«, Mai. 


Sc«(.y. Si.ln.-y H.-nr>,y, Mr-. Anrir 

Mark M.intrval, V Q 



Nolan. G.'orRi- 

NiiUn. (-.m.nEi- 

Dunflilk. In- 



SoUn. MirruM I'uinrk 

NiiUn. W 

furrah C-amp. In- 



iri>»>.-r. \Vill:am 

Oliwyw. l-Binck 

CarriEBholt. In- 


lUisv, J<i<in 

1 MivM-, Harry 

I'hall-BTn. Kfnl. Kn« 


r .!■■ 

.Uliir. Willi.m 




r>aii>-. W-ll-om 

fait'-. I>«ar Ki.I-ti 

K»m..mli. IH-vnrsi-.rr. Knu 


I'almi-r. I'liurU'^ V:'!!!!!!!!!! 

■'almiT. Louisa 

|iijrl:aii.. Km: 



ralm-T. Kmiu-i- HuI-tI 

l-almw. Mr., f II 




I'ulnur. IUn<la1lll.m..'<' 

MHulloui;!:. Mr-. A 



I'arMiiw. Kilcanl 

Tart rill ![■■• Itiniinatil Watti 

I'l-arn. lloU-rt 
l-iarKon. AltrMliayiiTi 
i'lTkiH. William <■ 
I'l'lllipf-Siiln^v A 
I'lai't. Kimfi Jnmifi 
Elunkrlt, AlRrrnnn Wnali 
IViwi'll^nniT-. U'alii-r Jam 
[•imh, HrrlTTt 
yutnn. J'llm Ki!m- 
Italoon, SamuH 
IUn<.a*. IliilimwinUm 
KiiMir Frank 
llu^. William U < 

>ui:h. N.irdilk. KiiKlaH 


-. fr 

r-l, N.rt'man 



n. AriluirWi 



1. Krii- 


n. Jark l.>l^ 


r-. K 

ni'il liny 



llMir> A1-> 



. ItolH-n 


Htruan f>mr 



. William Til 



JaroF. U 



Walkw Knw 


IIdI-hti <i<ir<li>ii 

ItiHPf. \* 

• 1- IlllWt'll 


IM-, KilKar('|iitii|i 

I'mth. llolanrt 

S.Hit|-.|H.rt. Kiig 

guinn. Vriil. I 

Kal'wn. J 

Wnil.urM. S1..WI. Knir 

lt»m-h.«. Mc- Kli- 

r.«1i-r«*, FtTiii.*. II r 

nilkr Mi» MiEEU' 

T"ninto. 1 inl 

W> William 

rr«yil<iii. I.onilim. Knu- 

tl»<l. Ili><-'II H-iry 

I'loioiton. Swk 

U»lpalh. Mr. 

llitforil. In> 

IlMklM. t>BVi.| 

llnli.M,, luni--.. Knit 

tlrt-vi-, J IH-pil 

|..n,!..„\ W.KfiK 

Kirhartl>iin. Mr'. V. \ 

\i>.ii." .Knit 

llirharil«n. V.ll.'t. 

Elar.,-.|..>.\..rk... KnK 

Kirhanlnoii. Mr> A 

D.Hiliani Ont 



Ith'l Mi^ty 

«,.>„„..-« M,i., 

llanlmt. Mr., W. H 

Itntimwiii. M»r> 

WiMiiiinv. MaT> 

llanlnrr. Mr- W. il 

Witmii-nl. Man 


illainni*. S"H 

Srrift.Mr-. 4-. t: 

li>ii|«Mlil.Mai<i-hi-f'r E 

Usmb. Mr- V li 

l|Pvi4.iokv. il 1' 

Iti-. ItiiliPrI lliinlon 

l^-irvnM-, Kn» 

lt.«M-. Mr.. MariarH 

Alu-rajnm. fanliBan-liirr 

lk>«i>i r, T1ii>m» 

tlr<irkl<->, Ki'iil, Knit 

llotHoii. Mr* II 

I'ark liati'. ^ork.liiri', Kn 





I. Mr- 

SniM, WaltM 
S.iai«ili. Witllani llniry 
Slwiw. William llvnry 
N ipin. Ali-taiHli^ KraH-r 
HhMH.. Samitrl 

Saunili-rK. Mr- NVIIk' 
Savaci-. Xlf. Ja»- 
S™nin«, rharl™ 
Srii<i, ,lanw> 
itnill. Itirhanl 
Hhaiimit Kali" 
Hhari*. Mr- r.ML\ 
Hliipirt, llaviil 
!(hi<4<K, Mi« M 


, KiWar 


l.ltlHmrt. Kb . I amliriitCF. Km 
Winniptv, Man 
H«-«1rk^.n.T».-«l. Ki.« 

IMFaxi. Irr 
TunhrHlif Wi4N. Kni: 
l^imliHi. KiiN 



■2i I'Ml. 

'i. rm 
IT. rm. 

/ // (' <: re it I 11" N ,■ } ,1 W it ,■ 

:.\N.\I)IAN l.lf.lll IM 

Itl IM lll« I'V 


Siiihiran, Thcimii» 


S<iulhy. tMHin 


S|Hiin-r. ViTiH-y 


Sp^Mi'. <'h»rli-' 1 


Si«k,».K Kv,T,.i. 


;siail. WmIikt 


StatTurd. l'hri*liii>; 

l-tivrnte. . 

. . Slwili-y. Gr«1trfy 

SK^ihi-n. Al«Bni!'' 




Skiilmiiri'. J■■^<>•■ 
Small. JnM'ph 
Smiti. Mr.-. .\. I" 
.•:mitli. F 
.Smiih. Shihui'I 
Smith. Mi>. <'. A 
Kulion. .\li■»ll■ 
S^ulh. Mrs. Mauil 
Snari'. Mrs. K 
Si>lhi'rari. Mr» 
SimUiy. Mr-. V. 
Spmivr. tlllii- 
SprmgB.-, I'lilimil 
Wll^m. Itoruit'A 
Carri'U. MrK. Sur:i 
SI .Bon!, J. T 
Sianl<^. Mi>>< I 
Sliiih™, Mrs. \ 

l.<> Ki>t; 



S..uri5. Mai. 


Virinria, 11 C 


Sun.i.t1iui.l. Kmk 


Si.Jumri.. Winniiiii;. Mnii 


Ij'vtim. Khrvi. i'.nVL 


Aitiit«.. liiitpiHil, Kni! 


Hal.-; Hill. Halifax. Kuk 


llBl>lii<'<inili-. Siiulh tlrvim. V.iw 

e Souih Ati 

S.-aiil,.. Wu^i... r S A 

r s A 

Ki-nit.ip.l. Hm; 


l^'ii. -i.r. Knc. 


MaB.ii.-.trr. Kti« 


MurxnultiY. Kinranllmi-iiiri-. : 

'«< SniltaiKl 



lluHmnrray. S.-..I 



ir. niii 

!■>. 1!>11 

17. mil 

-j;i. i!iii 

::t. lull 

VtitMm . 

jStnnf. Lnnarit 


ir-t<i»c. I-kltar 

Private. . 

iSlrafhan. Allan 


Sullivan. Aifrtil 


[Sulhvan. Uolw^t \U 


iSuUi.aii. Tliiima* 

ISltlt'XI. John 


'S»an, Harry Hutil 


S,-..!!. Danli^ 


Tailxn. Amiil.l 




TB>li>t. Krnml Mai 


1 Ti-al. I-Mw 


TMihrorkp, M.-Kill. 


ThnmiHm. i;H..rv 



IThiimwin. I><>iii;la 


■nnirnl».v. Williun 

I'rlvate, . . 

iThnrntim. llurr\ 


;Thri»|[. Airr»l ll> 


JTlldrtlry, 1-r.ilM-. 


iTril*, Jam.- !-■.> 


Tmkrr. HitIh^m 



TurnbuU. Jam<- 


Tiirnw. K.kar 


;Turn.-r. Jr.. 


TvM-nl. Wm.t'tai 


Tyl.l«dry. Ilar«l<l 


t'nirump. Arthur 


r|.l.m. Harry 



;V<i'k.^, II«u||Ib> 


.Vlrkwy. HmUvI 


IWallarh. |-.4<-r M 




Walkin. I'aul 

Private .. 

Wa(m.«-. It«l<rrt 


Wflili. John H>-m 

Private. . , 

IVVIrh. Thnma- 


Wi-llrr. K>>iinMh< 

* H-'n 
ttVIU, WlllnUKhliy n«-%.. 
Whtvilpy. AII»Tt 
WhtHMtry. FmlrrlPh llrrlirrt 
Whi-rtM, Riiy Ijimlwrt 
IWhlllanK. ltiil<Fri 
While. Allrt'ill'yrU 
While Kdwanl 1.i>tBTt 
iWhiiiPR. Harry 
h'h'linn. HurliirkSiai>lfy 
W'lihtman. An-hlloM 
Wllliami, Ithv K.lwaiil 
Wllliamwn. llnirK.- 
Ull-in. Arthur 


k. Ii-..ri[i' 



... Mr. Ju 



ir. T. II 
I'haii. \\m 

Sulli\an. Mr". 



1.-. Mr.. K 

:. K 


A-an. Jam.- 


on. Amm' 


n. Maritap 
1. )M1.- 

.■1 !( 

TunliPiilK"' W'AW. K.'t 
\1.mlr™l. (• *J 

l.nt'HMHil. V.n«. 
KiU^i'hill. l.iviTiiiHil, K 

tiranl. Major 

I ,m.\,»,. y.^<e 



■i, I'll.-. 

Tli..mii«. Kmitj 

Knitlaiiil^■, r.T.y 

VVonlwu-h, Kifit. KlIU 



■i mil 

Th..m|w.i,. Julir. 

Fulham. Uin<l»r>. Knn 



Tlioma-. Mr- lUao.i. 



Thomwn. Axnif 

IniiiiW, SoH 

Sr..tlani)'y. Wm. (■' 

Winr.i,«K. Mm. 



17 U'U 

JuMli*. It <■ 


Nnv. ; 

M Itlll 

Thr;»E. Mr>. K. 'Ii'lli^li 



VI- mil 

Tilrl.-!J.>y. Mansar.^ 



TrilH'. I1.-0 

Virt.M-ia. H (• 


N.n, 1 

Turk.r. «. It 


j;i. 11*11 




N..V, 1>.l.u1l. Jam<-» 

Yarrxa. Srtklrk..'irui 


Not . 1 

II. mil 

Tiirm-r. 1.- V 

Sin-atham. IJindon. Knii 

Nol >lalHl 

Jan*. 1 

rj, m^^ 

Tunor. K. W 


Sill Matixl 

M. mil 

■|«.--.l. Mr-. W. K 

,Kil1am>-y, Man 



1.-.. mil 

T%M™l.-y. K 

Siiuthpiirl. ljin<.<L. Knii 


( 111 

n, I'Hi 

ii.^\v,%. Ml- A 

V«-Innl|>nt. Man 



« I'tU 

I |i>i>n. Mr* 

Thnlnnl Min.-.Wi-l.rg 


■;. mil 

Vail Khun. I'^rnr.l 

Ml-l<ll»>l>r(iuith, Knn 



i-z. mil 

V..k.f.. T U 

Xllnky, nrar t'nvi-nlri, Fni" 



It. |!ll 

\,.k..r> Mi- II 

I'rinrr AlN.rl,Sa.k 


M. mti 

VV.lU.Ii. Mr> llo- 

|-|<|x.r N»r*-««l. l.on.|on. Ki>K 



a. mil 


1 'arll»l<', Kntt 



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WuL^rlM.). Mr-. W 

i;lu.-.-lla>.N S 


ri liiii 

Atkin. Mr- K 

T«ii.n>v.l1... gui'.-n.lan.l. Vu-lr 

all. KnntamI 


T. IKtl 

V^atmof. M A 

i:..tU.i.rMi .Su«.M->. Kni: 

Sol •lali.'l 

1 ii't . 

;:i. mti 

W«'l.l.. Mr.. K.lilh 

Ti.wli-r-1 Mm.-.\\.-l. 1' g 



VVVIHi. Mnnw.' 

M<mtr<'al. 1- U 



211 IIMl 

VlVllw, VVlllmm Hrnr> 



3, mil 

U'rIN. Anno- lllaiirhi- 

Monimtt. I> g 



u. mil 

Whrallny. Allr^l 

York, ^orkihin-, Kdk 


1 >ii\ 

;h. lltll 

Whi«tl<», KlU'ii 

Kil.-nkilll... Slra-lmrit, Ha.k 

Iff la ml 

1 •.■.■, 

Wh«^rr. Frank 

Val>«iilif'. 11 r 



11 I'll! 

Wliiilanx. Jain» 


VVhl(i>. Ttmrna' H<mr> 

Kiil'Mlvalr. Alia 



Whhr. Mr 



" 1"ll 

Wliitlnit. Mr-.Jaiif 

It »(, Kttil 



11. Il>l.-t 

VVhIiiim. Mr<. Aiitiii' 

I.,m.l.m Km 


VI. mil 

Wi«htmar>, Mro 



1 mil 

V\'llllaR<, Hrl-n 

Ht„nit*«. Man 



m IIMl 

VVilliaiii«.n, Mr. Jpwh' 

VanwuvM. II f 



VVdiHm, Mr*, .tt'an Ann 

Iturion b^nnanl,*. Kiiit 

Kr<Kla>i 1 


.; i'.n 


1 I ,■111- W Ml I 

l.nii.l»l 111 }t<- iMll lta(l>l<i> 

MllNM IT. I'JIS. .\«fl«. Wimliilot 




\t'- >'. Killi-l ij 


\,-i m l)»' 1 •llh Mallitlii.K r.h\ 

li> Tmii-rnrot III Ih- 3l>i 

f Q J H 

■ II, ■ti.^l iM l..i«latiil ai 

III %N»,H n«iiiiH iiKSi.iiiS U%\ ^»li<>i I |.i<,iMi<»^ Mit^4ii*i> It ham |si.».iw<.m l-tM Jmm J, l»<i*aH 

|.i,1i.<*.| II. ihi jMh Mat«M> II. Iiil 

^niiH'f iin \i»|ii<i ).k, l*la. 

llH-Mr.ill* «M 

■!■ >i> »>■•«• 




Ma- «■•*-■ >"< ■•"•" 

tlnlii^nl In Ih* l'ana.tlan Kiiaitifn. 


31. I«IH. \» IM H 

>■>■ IM f 


^ .' 


-1,1 w 

I.VNADIAN l.ll.lll 




WikkUII. uaimi 


tt.>«lrr>.ti, Allr«l 


U iiM Miiitti'ii. All ml U 





• '..lur'Sr 


WnIw, ll.ih.f.l 


. Mr-. M..w..t 


. Mr-. Mariwn" 


. Mr-. J..|«. 


. J T 


. Al.'l 


iti-. Mr< M»r> .1 

Mr., M.f^B-M 


Mr- S.f.., 


ll.Mr-, M,r, A 

I, (■ it K..(l.>i t:t„i,ii 



MrI)iMi*lil. Uwrvp t' 
Miitaun, IVrriial 
llsnri). luntrl lialrr 
Markraiir. I'hilii' 
,*niilh, (iwrti- M»li-"lm 
A'lania. Jiihn Ijuiiii > 

■ Mt-m, William J.ihii 

JAllan, Ab-umlrr 

I MUn. tlrriiaril ItvtonM.n 

'Allrti. JanH-*Stuarl 
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Hull Half. 

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K^tl. Drift 

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Ma>|l»"all. «»n< M-«aa<l.f 

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MaHiHai lia-l 

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Jul* ■ itia 


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hll.t>.l.m \tr txlixHIiKhr o^lh M*lial«>n U* ^M'- 

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>* <■■ :-' IU>I>M< on II \\.!t ' t ■•ll<n<B—l •....•■nil^lT .■<■. 1t| . Vw>- l» Nll.n4. ,n Ihti.lM. |Hi: At> i* 

•itu* •■■'• i>f Bar \tr Jl Killt-I in ■riiixi on \f"' .*. ■'■<■ IVoiiiiittil lit !lM|vaHI 

111 S 

(«•. I.' r'hi.. !■»»••. LI, CI" \|. ji »*.. !«.-.. I<i|« A|« l^ ».fl - «.frh »., |K1« \t, !*■ ttrnX' 

"""' '" "' """' " '" I5'J 

i«l> \r- '■• rhi 

I I, r t; i 

n I W 

■hi Will 

















Maithi"*!'. John U»ri->i.'<- 
M. \Mhur. Siirman 

MrtimnWI. Fr«iM-r Utiiiamiii 
\l<-i -•■nm-11. William Allim 
M r I HiuibII, Krir Itraham 
Mi-lim, John llr>->in 
Mnimr. Slanlon i'.nuU- T 
MrlaUKhlln. I.'-Thomp-M'o 
\lrlnn, John VUtiir 
Mrl»-I. ItoimMl. 
MrNauahfnn. Ji>hn ^*i•••■ 
Mrl-hM^-n, Krank Ti..>m«. 
Urijunti. AlrvantlH KoIh-m- 
Mrar>. <'iiarl»nilliam 
M.niEh.'ii. Ihntli-> 
Miino, Hmntv K<lwin K 
Miln.-. UillrKi 
Mirrhrll, ttllloin h>^\:\ 
Mofian. Murtay Alr>an<l<" 

!•'. U>ll<ar 

I ,M<-t. 

MuifMv.Mal Williant 
N»I>IM. llMir> 4l>-un.l.'< 
NiHin>. Jiihii 
Surp'an. Jiilin llarlp> 
■ ■•irum. Anhiir Uvih" 
ilifr>. Wllllan. t'liarl— 
I'aiwif. Kmwt ll»«>r<l 

|V«M. Alln>l 
|V(kin>. iuhn Hurioti 
rtHiifi>. JantM ItiHiita- 
IV<M<>. \»n<iii<lrtall 
t^llllt». Karl* \trtfHi 
l>>i>t<. \nliut t:<l*ar>l 
ITirv Mmill 
|'>h», Urtii. IMlrtrk 

Ham ■')»•• , frani'i* < 
lU-'. »>l>ar>IJ->hi< 
Ha)m.<»r|. Anhuf t:.t»i. 
KnMl. KM-t-H-h \«<..rt 
llfilU.i'harln rrc^wi'l 
rirflHk %ilrlan ll.Wxm 
H>«l»r<l.iir'in Ha>i< 
lllarh, llarft \li-««ii<li'' 
1(1. hah^. MaroM • ••im.i 
Itxlil. Killiam Thiima- 
HiimtHHtw. Ilrrl>m « 
H>, Jam» llrun- 
Itirliflaitfi, iiflin Ijiui* ' 
HiilanH. %u(it*iiM Ji-wfi 

'. Il>f 

ll»aa»<l. ■ixWfralrt 
(ta.Mi.f'anh lUal 
*ta mix ■-■<>•■, \Mhu> * 
••ai.ilvr*. Snffnan Ma* 
Hant'lH, |ti>iN(U< IIh' 
OhHHi. |l>*t<Hi liraH 
!*h»ft»ia". (■fanri. .Ii.* 
Nmmx*. J"*t>h S 

VonniMol*. tr~lir imn 
Kmiiti, rhafl>-> 

>m«h Hilliam 
•tla|<l*> M>l(i« lliiaai 
WhM>h>( HaF<i«<l 

"•ratlnnl, ii—w»» Htai 

ManU. Mr> J It 

IW«i.-k, KiiiK- f 

Manti.1-.... Mr- M. 


f\V,m..p^. Man 

Mai.huU, K<UanI.I. 

. M'lM 

St, I..,m.. M.... 1 

M..1.W. It A 

Maul.."*.. J..hii 

MrArilmr. Mumii. 

K.lm»iil..i.. Alia 

Mr!l.,n. Mr: J 

F«r»l.<>r.i IT, ll.i 

l>|. J»> 

WinnliH-*. Man 



MH-«»I. Mr. 



\ J 

Vxuna. \U'- 1 


Mryu«-n. I>r 


M,1.,... Mr-. Tin. 

\a>lui..l, Mro. 1, 

Mimiri-al. C Q 
SmnmiT«i<li-, I' t. I 

K-lmiiiiKin. Mia 

M,... S.Hr Manrh-i^. »:.„ 

Wall..n, lu>T|.i>l, y.nt 
MllllniH'KH, \}-., r S , 
Monir-al, rg 
W.»i Siimnwrlan.l. II ' 

Wlnnlm. M>n 

• marl a 

Sr»PB.(U-.«. Tyi*. N.iflh . » 1 

i.( Knilan.1 

Vlll ilatnl 


M.m.r™l, !■ g 

1 anaila 

ISmii r,Tr\, Vanrtiui'r, |l r 


l-ar^*-. tM«l W 

< anaiU 

W.^pl., W 

Whallf) Hanti- Mar^rh. 

xlrr 1. 

•IK. IMan.l 

ratrlrk. Wall.4 

Tun IVnin-. (ilanwrian 

. S W. 

lll> Ualr~ 

l-aiKin. JohnK 

Tiif >nti>. 1 rill 


IVanH-h.MM II 1'; 

KattHtHi-, Yurh-. Cm 




IWfcin.. Mr> \1.K 



l'H.», r A 

it, H 


\rrpa*a. Man 


I'h.lUi"- «-ffil W 

Ih^oirkrall'. N.Y . r 

S \ 


l-.itii. Tbnn<a> J 



l-r... , Mr. K Y. 

Tiironiii, Oni 


l-jkP, Mr. J..WI.I. 

Itrmlxn. 1 <>n<i<>n. Kn| 


Italn><»><1>, Mr> Miili 

Mnnirtal, V M 


Mnutit Mt»ri.<>ni 

r anaila 

Itaw. Mn ttiifnif » rr 

><l> ^•■haioon, Hath 


lla>>n..n.l. A J 

Wr--IMwli, N II 

• anaHa 

H-wl Aar>.n 


t ana'la 

KmII). Mr>. Uilliani 

I'aliwj. Alta 


Kln(<li>n. ilf.1 


tUtf.^.|. t U.r. 1 

MofXrr.1. r If 


U'arli. Mf Ji'iini' M.'ri 

"•• M....<rp.l. V .) 



Iiihn \ 

IWanil. Mf* SffU- Aif-Hia 
IliM', Mr< MlMi llarrki 
((..•ami. It « 
Saint., t'an. >• » ilitBt.| 
\|r|>iM,Ball. lUi It t 
«anilrr<. Jam*-|il'il.1 

<Us|<lr*. Me ri'li 

< anliM. UUiMirgan. !> Val 
I ..».li«i. Km 
T.if»niH. tini 
KriiMim, MMiliani* »:h« 


M.4b>n. Wla.l H .\ 

ir llmilbra-l. Hiirrfi. fM 
t .ImMiLm, ^Ita 
r«»i NintHil, MM 
lltBnih«4. Ihrt 

Jhm> • l«tn 


<inr H e r or s i >i f h r Cn-nt World W 



, Fn-lM-irk 


r. Ivan VUnii 


, Alan K.H-i.T 

V. Knink''l.r. 


■ •. \\>lti>ni It 

• f\H^< 

[.-l.. flauil.. ' 

W .11..I 


|.-..n. tlTl'TI 


■urnf. Sii 

,.-■». h:.,K 





"■ Su-li 



la. It W t 


.l>'. Ti,\>u 

iC-i, II W 1 

H \V 1 

lr>. It^llilU'l A 
.iiSi'Br. U.'t U,T>. 
I>T1. WaXirl'inl 

iiILt. Mr. K T,...»r.1.Su--4-. V.-.i- K'kUii 

■.I..Mr> Mani^'fi M..i>! |-<f KnuUn 

>. n..\-^tl Unlhrr Walt-, Mr- \i>i> 

U^M. l«>diu'> Kt1i~ 

\\»H. UilliNTi 

VUiilint. l-'ranrln Jbi 


VVilUatfi.. Murk Vk-\ 

Willi.m*. Mr- 

Wiltmrn-. lUliih 11.- 




( '■ns'la 


ralMFv. Mta 



N -rph Mi.rHu<' 

WaltiH^l, llwl- , KnK 


Mr> <ilii<l>-ll 

sa*kat<H>n. f^'k 



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Ir- Mriatiili^r 


.-. Mt. II, \ A 

A^liNiril. K>lil. t'.nt 


llii.-<i>i. Sa<h 

I I. Mimlt^al. y (J 

farUttl. Uni 

I M\rR<«|Tlt*i ril%lr\NV lr<l PUSFimi IMfVT HR M I 

Kilr. tl.*.).... SUBl-. 

t il. ..I.ini.' V 

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lihn. \lr*ai>'lp« riH-lt- 

tiHHV-ll U 


■--1, 1- W 

\l»^|..i..-1l. lliiKh Wlllmm-n 

MHi'ilKiipll.tltiirii M 


T'.ft»l.iil1. Fr«Ml.k Infan* 



\nitw«ini. rraiiii* Jiivt'li 

\i,.l.«wii. ^rthlll 



Xw'tri'n, Jamt-" W 


^•,).l<i»H, MillrMH. <Inr.l.... 

A.r..t<m« \lr< Mau.< t 


■.S.I. !■ «/ 

\*haiili. JiiKn r»<)iH^xtl ■«> 

A>kBllh John K 


««.t>, 1 !»•..*■• 

1 ontl- 

1.1 N.w (:»» 

lUkM'. i'l.arl.~ M 

lUkrr, lli-flxrl 


num. M(i 

. »:i.( Ki'kUivI July 7. IHI-. 

. »«< l<.|laH.I July l.^ lor, 

lUkM'. 1 

'l.arl.~ M 

Hall. ri, 

..1-. KwUfi 

Hall, Ir, 

.».- . Il-'«ti 

Hall, Hi 

.yu.m ,t,.-|.i, 


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Jnhn \lllH« 



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■* K.">» 


,li«.fr- 11.11-' 


Mi^t-ti J*f<'< 

w. HKhanl Ml 


. Ilat^v Ta.l< 

IMI. »r 


. Mtr.»t t:.!.-! 


frank IImI.- 


lt..lHf< M 

IMi.. ntllUm 

MI<Hh, < 

»»lr«* t>»m. 

HIair. J> 

.^f• tU<llf>f 

|ll...» I ta.)«|: 
II.-I. Mar»M 
ll«44», Mnt-wi, Mnam* 
H..|«hI. r<l«atil J.-M>h \r<*>iN M>>a>Hlr« 
H .I..I, Mlr*<l IS«. > 
l(.«l»t«lrfc. «>lliaM \rrl 

thvtMi. Mt- Mar«ar<'i 

Tiir<i(ih<. tini 


IW« Sarah 

ftanilin. Max 


ll».f..(i. <afahK J 

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■ -■■.a<li> 

H«.B-",Mr. <'1,„ 

N«r«.,l«.«T»w. S.r"). 

. Kn« l>«t....l 

1l-...)r,. M.. llr^H. 

Miwifwil. !• g 

rotfUml Mr* ll.riw'i 


!«>. 1 •V«<lai..l 

IVii.. Mt. <l»<tii<l<' 

llriH<I.H. ^Ila 


Mal-H.. Mt. U 

rarluki-. 1 iHitk. -VM 


niaif ^• 

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I'anvia nx.i 

l'hillii"t«it/ 1' i; 



W \U..rl*.».4<l, 1 hnhlH', 

K..« »:»ataH.I 

It,.ll. J.IM.. t 

la.l Ualltn«, KhiI. f «( 



Um^HmiKA th.1 

IMati'l, Mr. \\mi\ \ 

|i;iii.».^.fl|.t, r.. Wftlor-I 

Ir. |t*lai«l 

thma. M.. la,- 


ItMht «.. t M 

IIMIaX'l IVk.|.M.I..t. 1.. 

■ lr.laH.1 

llMlliX. I \'.>)'.« 


Jul) 3* iin 

; l)tl.^ 
;ii tan 


H /// 

.,/ Wo, 1,1 w 


Kmiltonl. AllK'rt Virinr 
llrankin. Mirhwl 
ltrm>mhall. Kmkri.k WUIiai 
llruwnmt:. Il.flirrl Mimlaeu 

Climnn. Ili^r) V 
('tH-hran. Ilnrr) A'lnlpli 

C'iH»|ii-r, ("h»r1i- WilliBi 

i'ra>-l>inl. Uvnur 
> ril Sat 

' ll.ili 

■aft am. I**4ii- Mom« 
. Jamr* Ma'lhpk^ 

iii^m. N>.'l1'utrirk 
i»win. IIiiIhtI J (ill II 
■arliiv.'. nar.'1'l 
■fin-. V inivtii l^un-ni 
■vim-.jHt^ii In- 
mwr. IhiiMl 




,>i<l Walill.> 
IKikkW». l.«»r..i..-.> llvii 
Hunn. M<irii>ii<>ra> 
■ ■UThirl. William Smiih 

Karlr. Kml (iraham 
>:av.-s Frank l-Iiliaar-l 

Mwartl, V r Itio- 

rilsar.l-. ll.ina1ilS(r 

-r llui'h 


Ku4rl. Wallx t'lanln 
Flnrham, Huoanl Krank 
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KMi. (imntf W-lllatn 
n-h*T. Knulvrii-k Mair>i> 
»Vminir. Soritiaii 

linKin. (-. \V. y 

Mami-t.aH. lo-lri.' 

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i-arman. Man 

iilliriH. M i: 

ItriHulVM-w. Sa^ 

•mKiloii, Hnrn- S 

Parlmoui:.. N S 

.■.k. Wl- K'Irl. 

llai>l>am, llriM..!, Kns 

™.lirB. Mr- ^:.r„., A„. 

raii.l.T»<4l. 1 •»<<l<>». 


Il^ma. Saik. 

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Ilulllakr. S»»k 

..rnn-. Willmm 

Ni<riiiSu>katiH>n. Sa.<l 


. S...,iriil1. MI.M)-«n, 1 

l>r»p.-. T»<mia< 

Ki.^nmh. <>[>t 


ii».V\ 1.1.1 

l.v1lainJ..>. Y..rk*-, Ki'K 



I.J 1larii*W. Yfirk* . Knu 

num., Mr*. Kmn 

na It 

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llulll^.^. Mr^ II. 


l»uV«it>i-, Mr. 

U \.r 

Karlr. It. W 

llnii.lun. Mati- 

Wil«.n. Hofiraii 

\i«l..irth. IJ»«p.»il. Ki 

f:<la>r:l. John T 

<hitr^ Monl'.al. 

H.l* K. 11 

Mi'KKik'V. IMIa 

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K1<l<f kiti, S. \llr> 


WoKvllK KixfCmiii 

Kill.. Mr-. Il«)l 

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Mini.*. Mi* 

ThiMvlKii II mil. Sum- 



Kh-M. J<Mal> II 
Kllirliam, r 
Kinlaiwri, Amiilial< 
Kinla>'><n. Uilhan. 
K'*h. Arlhur Mnin.- 
fM^T. Mr. \ 
ni-miMM. Mr*. Mai> 
Fiirn^i. U'llliam 
K..m-.e». Mr. Chu. 
V„iMn. Mr* Vnun 

II""'-). I '••" 

lluml-ililt. Ka<k 
<ikq.r.w. ta-k 
I lam., Sa>k 
rinrlih-v. l.i.>»I.M 
T>l1<nnt>urK, iint Mill*. On 
fMinlmrih. Sii.i 

it \tinilmil, 1' M 

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I anuU 

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I anxlB 


I- S A 

llarMirk, W.ltiin< lr><«»> 
tia«ln.Krn<» iiiltiWi 
Itrrman U'lanH Kafh- 
(•IhMin, Alfrnl J^nh* li 

s.'BrlHwiiii|h. \tirka.. I 'ti 

». Mr. Max \ 


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tiani. IVrry HiUmi 




lUr l>i.E. f:<Ieiu J<M>r 


»u,iin«-.J-mPf. I.„. 

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Ihiii-tr. J ■■«<■« ICrii" 


ll«.r.v. Kn-I.Ti.k IC.. 


llrtUTt.. WsllHT 


llrrofi. liHiirvp Ib-v 




ILilKlay. Walter 


ll«KU,<l1iM-r Miiual 


llotm'-o. It1<-.>ar<l 



ll,.>IK.<.'(,.->rt. >t..» 


ll.ivre. VVitluT-i t-itiM' 





■■rtvaia . 


Cyril K 

■ anl 





C-cinal<l Ta.i 



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n J..m-. 








n. \rihu 

r Tauiko 


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Jm». Jani« 



iU-'.Ml< \ 


K'iKlall. t>e.l, 

K'tKlRll. S>.)n. 




><>. Wilh 

•m K<U4 

tluToiIfn. )C. II 

W.-,lmrn. Sa^k 

llunlmx. Ml-. 1.. rlt^Klr 

1 lilrnii. llri-i..l. Kne 

lla-kiJI. Mr- Ki/-.l-t.. 

.Swbaiuuii. .SiKk 

MuHiiNUs. \\. A 

l-luiit^vilK < ini 


S.«(orih. Oiil 

ll-Wi.-. Mrs. Jum. - 

Moiitn-al. 1- M 

ll..if>. W. T 

IMm.mli»l. Alia 

lluri. Mr>. Mao 

Wiimliuill .S|ia. Kt 

llmm. MtvCbt^l^i, 

T-inmKi. 1 Inl 

II..I.I.-.. \U-- X.U 

K-wna. Suk 

II..UU). Mr. Hmma 

llrxm-Kro •'. W<.rn->ti r . 

ILniK, Kninl It 

I'lirrj Siuiiil, Oni 


tlUKiirl.l'ii. Ma>ii. Ir<' 

Mrlii.!.,. Mr.. tla>ilt»i< 

H.iuGii. Mr-. tMi.., W 

H.».-. William 

ll.iurtK-nwuln. lUm- . K 

H..-,lm. Mr.. 1. 

Mu<i«r. William 

IMIa-t. Ir- 

lliiiilir. Mn>. Mar\ Ann 

lluiiiln-. .S<..t 

Mii.'.iii. Mrs. II. W iihi 

In-^in. KilwanI William 

Itramlim. W4>oi-k. Ki.e 

Irwin. Mi« Ann»' 


lr»m. Mr-.Jrni,i.C'art.f 


Ir.rii.'v.-j. ll.lU'rofl. I'l'iima 

k Ih-nmark 


■M. l'>\ 

1 ulKar>-. Alta 



■i". I'Jl 

-i.anI«f.l-U-ll..p., !■:»«.. K. 

e Imlia 


1 ■.hili'n ».t:. Knu 



14, lUl 

•:ml alula. Sask 

( Biwaa 


«, 1BI 

T.^inl". tlnl 



It. 11*1 

KimhlHlb^..r),llii.k.. 1^;. 



!►. lUl 

K.> — i..n. Al'a 



11, IHI 

1 . .1. Mni 

1 'anaiU 


•la. nil 



■■«l„r>. \tia 



•M. l»i 

Kl>^ili. Ilmmxtf 


U*. Ar.'lii»llul»Tt 

1 att, Tl«>mn< 

1»«. I'lil 






l*arm,.ull..T....m.- »■>«.„■> 

1 ..arin..iJil.. Mr- T it 

1 'nimila 


III 1.1 


In. iMotI J 

r. ri.oi... nm 






l..lMi.l<ii>. Mal.i'lm 

U-lKiil.m. J>.ii.. \ 

\i.. l-r.-... 1 ..iiiliin. Knr 






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l-haniH-l l-Jani! 




I •nmll. AHn-t 

llnn.41. J.ti 

sui,-tt™l( U.111I..11. Kkk 






Imloii. ('Iill»r.l\a» War) 

1 <fi Jan>->r 

1 alo'.>. Alls 





l4m>. rrank 

I....V. IVi.r 

■ AmlTia. IJui-ii-i". r 1: 1 





l4Wil«. l*Urn> ^:.t■•ua^l 

l..r>i.. II J 






l.iinvmv. Wtllml 

III > -lam, \\i- 1 \ 

■ll.l.illl|, Mi.llll.-A, Kt.l! 





li.«r.»l.r. 111(1. II i 

\\,M,.M<u'k. Knl 










Vt\-m* Juhii Xri-hlt^al-l A II 

Mt> H>arinl.r. 1' U 





MarKa). Jani<>K.Uanl 

MarKa<. Mr. S.rali K 







Mai'laiMiniiii. ham-l 

1 iJi tain-. I.<>iiili>nili'fr). In- 






Marl-nail. lhir>aM<-|.ril 

Marn.ail. Mo lima 

1 tliriili*'. Uni 






Maiiiii«-r«»>. lUt II II 

illi.n Allan, titil 

< unaila 





Maiiir. William Kvi-lyti 

Majif. Mr-. 11— ir 

►,l«.ry Hri.l«r. l-mili.n S H . t 

«» >:i.mUm.| 





M.<.;.all. HHI.amriiarl. 

luiiin. I»«^ Kim 






Mariin, llnhf^i Mr«' 

Mjrtlli, M.v M 

1- S A 





\la-y. il<«irr<'> 

SaAalio^n, Sark 






Ma»«. KriH-i Ar.-iiil..l<l 

1 inniln. 






UrAlliinr, Arihur 

M.AIl.11.., «im--.i 

Tni«ali>n. Ohi 





Millflitr. hr Vrnur fa 

IVrkhitn. l/iniliiii f.W . Y.nt 







Mi'llri.!.-. J.ilii. 

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MH'affn->, Jiwiih l'airi<k 


i-al|ar>'. Alia 






UH'ann. Kalph I'llmir 

MHant., 1 iiaTl.~« 

Ilu.l.lft1 K.>h 

1 H A 











\lrt'ut.Un J>.»llir.><. 

M,i uMiln. A.J 

IMi<>n. t>i>i 






MHull«rii. Amhr. 

UHiillnrti M.'' flillr 1 

Sr«l.*n < »r.Mf., tii« 






Mi'MiHtnll. lhMal.1 lan>...<i 

M.mairall. \>r;,ihai-' 

TlmmiI... "ni 

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Mr^ltaxu. Ir.mar.1 

M.', \n,iinil.|(' 

llaliixUlh', uni 

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M,ll...|...,, Mr. I- !■ 






Mi'1hiiI>. I'harln 

M<l , Mr< Manari'l 

OaMisiiuiKl, llnl 





%lrlnnl>. Ilualt .\tlMuf 

Mi'loi.1.. Mr*. Mal-t-lm 

< altar) . ,Vla 

1 ana-la 




Mrlntil* J<ihn nuiUm 

M.l.nii.. \P«U- !■ 

larw llM.C.1,1 




Mrlht.-(l,<i.-,«^ W.'llim 










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M.I«U|.ll«l. l-IKll 

M<'ln-I. Il.'rl.-f< 

MiNauKMlim IVrr> M 
Mrllrt '>■■)<■-. J >■■<>■' 

\ln*n.. Kikar MrHitrl 

- Il«r>4.1 

M.i»«t. Ilr«l.r> M11..H 



■t. \n«u. 


■I Urfcle. I-rirr 



It| .:!•«. 1' 


. 1.4.1.. J*rn 



..Mr. tin 



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Mr. Mati 


•(•••1. 1 

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1. 1- 



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• '■Imrs, «■(■ 









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l«t M 







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niian. 1 




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l>h<-4|» lla-rt 
ltlllH.t.. t ••■ MI<M* 

hill-, JiiAH tvirvii 
I'm murk, Itanilil 

■ '•■llixk. W iHiam Jol.n 

IWiH. t'i,attnTluimi» 

I'lt... ll.rfa.4K W\r 



Hi. \t«a>i'(i 


It ••■>. <L 



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•■> Mf 



f, II. If' 


W^ Ulfr-I S 


it- Mr. 



Il.»<. J..... 


►. M 1' 


■wrk. lU 
«fc. «r. 

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■..III. Ml 

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Jm. Mf 

\ M 

■<>i|. I- g 

• '-..Ml. *>ITt.> (.t.1 

T'.in> t . rnoalt. »,>.| 
t'linlHtr*... !<nH 
« akHtrl.! I- (J 

M ■() 

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IUhI VirliMlM«rr- 

ltr..l Mt^ t ■> M..1 

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llrwl rwli'lik ).*lt«> 

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IVfiH. ■ r- I"-*.***'. !•- 


Um.I >«mi..^ 

IU4.I ll»4*fi 


H„^. M„...... 

I.vm..... I Ml 

IV... 1. 

tl.rJ.. «...|rr. • I.*.!.. 

S..«ar II 

T^ml Iteil 


H'lrlw tl»HHV tlB«.-.n 

HHr.,-. M- 

T<»nl« tN.1 


ltHh»...n • II 

IV... IN" 

MM.>r*at «•<«. I'M 


ll... «M«I»<H. «Mr 

..i«....Ob., 1-M* 

It— IHI...I lHtl.'«l> 

lb--, iKin.^..* 

ll».*ll, iHfaM 

IC»«.4I, 4a»« 

T-.*~«ln. l)Hl 


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H.,rt.. t ha'k-(iM.'.t 

r.-niH'K I Nil 


*«.«). iann- IhuMH' 

•Mmwi., ThKma- II 

TMIMtH, I hi.* 

■•.laa IML'I 

-b««. Ml- 

Hraillxfl. ^iMh* »»• 


«>.am. Julir. 

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lt.*.ll.rf.l t.rfk. »i^ 

|-«i- y 

«<*>ai~l ^iiMut 1 .III 

■i*...*.!, \ II 

1 Vl-U', ) UMl-<l«Ml 1 •- 


•ihai, 1 (•»«.•* JaiKp. 

luhar. M.> U « 

ItvfllN^ ••ni 


-ha4.r Mr. It . II 

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•••ularf. Il»r. mt<l<> M- »H..I, Ua. 

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•-•.«•.>»«. M»- Matt 


•ktMir* <HMfr lliOtH* 

■b.fl«t U- » » 

I'll tall 

-awt l<a.<.IIUIU«iiw 

•«.mI «*»m 

|ta«>.lt. M.^ 


-•w)t> tHklhaH 

XM-a. Urfia* J<- 

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-■a.ih rMlMok 

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•wKb, Ma*«lri Ik.). 

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tM (. itet«> Hat. 

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llallitdH'*. I'M.* «~a 


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Uwatllllin iMHlMi t« 



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Six (.line. U<l1>*m.l..l. 


SiHM.Ili.»r. \ m.-^M 


SrKN-r, Tl..imi.. \fin.M 


S|>r.«t. J«r..l. 


Stnthrn*. 1 tinrul 



M.liMTNf. Mriiir J.n-|. 


^••Hiiill ■>■>>.■ I(»4h^I 


!<l.-*, Tli..m«. ttllm... 


Sl..n.T A>". T>U«. 


Tmklor. Anhur Itnixliill 


T»)W. J'frOrfirt.hi.i.hi 


Xni-T. fm-tf Krn.-! 


Trrmalii. iini>ai> <' 



TuMMiur N.^|-hMl» 


^t■(u^■ft, Janu- \li<i>t 


\Mi...i.. MilliKm 


\»lt.rr. I'iriH- Ml-fi 


Wiilh>lMi llul->i J1.I11. 


WarrI, ll»l-t«( hxillxn 


U«rl>. Mar.d.1 J.,(.« 


Wairrman. <ii'Uii>> I^ik 


MiHih liHMCr 


Wltham Juhii IUn»4> 


Wlit<fi, Viouriinftf^ 


Winilv, Ula-ll (;ri»afl 


Willan. \laili>» f'"k' 


Kilhix-'M, \n 


Willi.. I l>aili- 


U'l-M., J.>h.. 

«>U.>. n>lliaml)n.r< 


W.IMI, rt-liMI 

«n«hi. U>lliaM 


> »r«lirti. T«"nia* 

M-^Mmi. Mr- 
>|.liiill>iM-. Join 

I tin«b-ti.r't, V..r 
<l>ati<l »alU. (ill 

<- MIoYi Sa>k 

I M«><*hani IW . 1^"- 



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>-■■ Mt. 1 
1.. I J 


Mf. T 



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lull l« lfi|.-. 

I .•■M->.Mafr> WalU" 
H-.<tt»l, IVio Kil>»at<»- 
Itiurn*. Ciank I'hltnoan 
Mllilvi>rt J.ifii. IKil 
|(»l.iiiwt., I'ulM-tl < <-1»' 
VkrH. T-Ma..t. l|a'"M 
VIW.,1 lii^itilUf 


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\lUi., \U.»ai«M Miilai 

UUx. IM-rt 


Allan, \lriatHht M-f 

MUa. Mf 1* 


AO.IMOH. • > lai'llaa 

«i.4>«-wi> Th-ma- 


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lla-M J 1 


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Itt'HHW. (••I'n \lrt*>Klr> 

Ikitiwa ll>«'> JaiM- 

TmmiIh. < Inl 

IdIMM raowan I"''" 

IMham Jf«,« 1 •taiti 

Si«*hI>. SmMI 

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Ka<lM»^ *<Mh 

lll-M. Ma«4.lt1H.t*' 

ll«t-^., 1 - 

\vh«)n, K«itt*<' 

Hlaiik, «•««». 

lllafk. iM(.« 

MuhiU. i.. m. 

Hhtr*. I«*-M A)*taftM 

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MHHtfMl. r Ij 

Mk« rf^Lfc 1* H». 

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4«l»*« H *> 

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Unmin l«i» 

n..*lM t>a-k 

HittM. It***** < ath.wt 

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ht«>t>o ♦"--* ^lU" 

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Hm»1. « T 

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l?HMW. kdvi. 

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|l»..4« M*<- l*^»- 

■liaAr.. JaMP. !.<•••.• 


HmvT., t U 

ti«i-n« l>w 

H»«*t.. Iiiw 

ll.....^l.•.a. ■...«.*) 

Htm> lohitulH K 

imam vm r « 

U«Mf^. I' g 

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rr. I....S, |.i|„si 
Mli.inl .., ,H, i!..r.h Ham 



I'lt tii.»>r l.«i 

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rr> U I.M 

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Ih. t».| lUtillHf . 

i..t ,„. ^.„^i„ \y |H|v Ul 

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tIriikiH-. l»Iu- Alii'l«-rti 
Itrumlrni, Ihotk^' I' rp-laYiik 
llu>'klitiul. AllrnI II Julu- Ki^rkkOl Mik- 
lli<>l. Vkmiii- Alan 
lliirfiml, \Vllt»mTii>-tni» 
llufn»>, rlirliinl Kol*^ 
llulrharl. t'layKHi t»a<tit>» 
ra>rii>. ThiiniK-ltBtiit 
I'ntm. .tllim tUiailiml 

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I'hav, Ihinalfl llnlf.T'l 
i:i.«|>|»'ll, »^l<-i 


I hrwlw. Milllam lln>r: 
rUrk*. Un>r«r Kilaaiil 
I hw). Idilirri ll.>*aP'l 

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< •illm. Jam.'. )■>*» 
• ..ilirx. J>-)<t. Ar»»l<l 

lliir<»r.l. Uilliam J. 
Kuril r<l. Mllliam 

II, Mr- M Kl>' 
Mr \„t.-'"" 
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I frMniiMi. ll"«Brr Tittt 

r<|, Mr* Martani llran>irii<n. Iltii 

tta'lil*,! .>arW« I'MilHlo'iti 
l>a'"-, l>.»l.lJ.*n 
l>a>», lUlhii Manh 

iK^tllW, W>llW> l-'t.'! 

I>..i*. \rt....r « 

l>r IVrrt, llarr- l>i>U(la< 

I larllxi, jBn»'« H 

Itatio. 1 F.MW 
m^ilun. \llr»l 
IMII. Ml. Mill<«»i 




Ihtitlr, Nutman tK.nfan 
ImwaNll, lUli'h 

fn-Hh. »..'.k>.-l. ) 
f>rtNH«. J. «(.•. |i.> 

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thuvall J |i 
l>..,l». Mf Hav-I 
lHa|»* Mr. HtnA 
lW'n;k>\. i I 
!«■• «>l>ia>t< 
IMh. Uf M M 
nil., Mr- l.rat* t 
I ■..Im.. TN-Ma- >•« 

?•) I<if>n. N II» 

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rir*.. ( MlU- M.llh>m 

tVa'lliM, W.t |t.i... 
fxtla. J<M>H t aiH|>tK'< 

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tt-«>lt">f,t laTHM* 1 

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llalM. V ,t ih. 

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anititaO M>H<inal, 1' ^ 

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S»«. Mr. (lt**l<MK Ma< 
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>k. Uiltiam Smith 
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IMmiio. Mr. 1 

harl.->l( S«.k>iu.m. Sao 


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S„.,ni. Ilw.a.t H." 

Sl.Mr«-. William 


Simm.. UkIh^I Harr 

Sim mo, rrank 

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Smart.. 'uliu. A 

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Smilh, I'lt-iinr Kv*^-li 

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.«it>llh, Uonaril 

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Sidlar;.. Mr> Unr 

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lllwloMIh. Sa. 

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Si^iHi^l liarUJ 

M<>l<lr«d, r g 

Siriitii, Unman tJIknH 1 

Sir.m«. Tli-<ma>»: 

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t-ll»r. rharU- A 

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T. "nia., Tl...<«a-J..*ii.l. 

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Tlii.tniM'ii. ?>t«nl^s 

T)»>m|w>n. Mr* Su-x- 

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TtiNfur, Arlhur \lfn-t 

ThiTtw, Ur> AiinH> 


r»i.t>>. ll>4l>vr( !■ 

T.-.l.>. Mr. Marlh. 

..I.,. Mr. Marlh. 

ral-l.. T J 

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limml KiKk». M f 

ufiH'r. Mi-I. « 

Kurinal. MadMra Maml- 

h.lrr.iill, ICiHtarH 

•«aM>.. Mr. »:ll»U 

li IWIxa.. H>k 

dhm. ){ 

II.-I IhM Mm 

«fl. l-alni'k 

S..UII. T.iiinihim.^T.. 

rhl<. WiMlatn 


M.t.. W'lllam \rU.uF 

MoiilrMl r g 

Umi>t. J..tir) Ismao 
Urai.. llMiiwti MaiihiM 

Ufitht.l ha<lc Mil»- 

Mllham.. Mr. 

ViHM- Ja<..Sa>k 
II Nmii^ lllan<i>r«ii 
furl Kan™-., lit. 
Mxntr-al. |> g 
Ullilil|<f«. Man 

<ia<il. ('•<afb-* trmiiil 

illlr. Mr. K 
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tll-h Mf M.ftff*i<. 

tlW«. Tl.>.x>a' 

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llf.btn»Ml«.lir^ Vwli*. 


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/./ Will 








I'M villi 





AhaIi^. Art..uT\\ 
A>lwanl.J<wnil> Uilhuii. 
llHtiio. ll«r<>I.IJi>;iii 
»iMW» Clmrli- ll.tiiiiun 
llwn. WiUmni U>|..m 



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llaiiil.nrlp'. SI'1n.'v 
llahi-r. i;>rll.'Uiui. 

Hall. Jixwii.i Vrfin I 

llallanl>nr. Jamr- 
llar<Ha>, llolrrt tinaf 
llwnn. l(i>niiip llamilii'ii 
llanlrti. )(■•> IkiHitla- 
lta><, l>prr> I'Unnin- 
lta>>. ■(•Rinalil I'.ia'ii- 
IMI. Art.iur StanU'% 
Iktwin, 1trfkrl>-> Mat-. 
Ilirkl<>r<l. Kmlm.!. I 
IlKlilulpIl Itlrnafil Itrrl.-rl 
ilirlrr. I'n<li|> lllrMl 
llWkhurn. \Mt.n IU> 
lllMrkliH'k, Jim-pli Nr ;-•■•. 
IbiltiMi. lin-ncrN-tlll.' 
Ilunaiiarlv. I'luimf I'rinii' 
IbiuriHY, tiHHip' Karf' u lar 
llotrr. IdtinaM TH>in>a> 
Iti.yil. Ham Warli 
Hrawnlt.TiHiina. IWir>*l< 
HnHn|p>. Jam-* li>i|il 
llniinnhil.l, IIUKli l<»i<r 
llman, l>a%>.t 
itmaiK'. '\>li>li<i.u 
llur<>ar.|. \rl.iur Jain.- 
Il>lllpr. Ullllan. \m... S 
< alilw41. T.i<inia. 
<'at1a«I>an, K.toarrl |,Mk>' 

iia.. Mr- U.ui>- 

llamill..... IIM 


I 'altar).. Mia 


.U->. William 

»'<>ti<n, StinoVMH.. Knt 


laanl. J.M-pii 

llHi-ani \i.-«.l'rlii«.c„, 1' 

1 1 i*aiia<lM 

I.III. Th.>mai^»:.laar.l 

1 oliaila 

!«<'.<' J 

Kr»Tii llattMt l(.l . l^i^iHox. 1 

:.1K Kt.|(Ul..l 

in. Mr.- J.->n SlHo.rl 

\>tHiln. 1- »/ 


iMirxle.'. William 

> ariiiJ-. |-unil»lan.l. Kii( 


.»1.ri<l(i-, nilliaiTi 

Tarli-li-.l'iimli'rlanil. Knc 

Hnitlaiol,.n. Mu 

KrilliiKt Hirminciai 

Kritmniiti. Ilirmiiiii. ai 

(•HI, JlM-,1., 

alran Mr- t. I, 
•rr<ii>. Mr> I'llln. 


».>fk. N V .!■ 

•'Lirlini. Sn« 


roiunt. 1' tf 

*• Tl 

"""»■■ "n' 


V.*k. f:i.« 


irionH-. Il-m>- ' 


It nl 

o. Ml a 

tl. U>'> 

(III.-, tint 


Itiipf rn.<ir 



Hii.-r 11 1 


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t .iilman. Maliw J..l.ti 
< Urr. Ilan.1.1 T»>*>l 
I Urk. ■;il>-llxr>.ii 

• lark-. V<»nw<i Kkw.. 
t latk. William ii».fr.> 

• larkxm. William 

I .III. lll'KIt Vu«u-lu- 

t ■•tta-ii. Hanoi 

I .K. iHM^Imi 

I laM. M>4lii«l tlMtrum 

I .it<»iii(li.m, l>a.i.t Mr. 


» Itli •> 

|t.*lt*, ^t...l.l 'iMtt 
lii»(|-> »i»k<i'k 
|(ntinin»iHt. Ji>v|i,i (rn^i 
l)Hiii>l>« t (■(•'•••v %tt.rii<n 
t'lMrM, llrt'xalil Ik^taiii 
ypTW) . Jiihn I 'ml 

l-ani Mario. 

iaH«. rrank \'l> 
I'aM-, Mr. Mr.ic.f 
l'«>p. 1lri.l«Fi Miir 
I riilmaii Mr-. I ar 

ran. J".'!"' 

1 >iH(.ina..ani Mr- 1 ih 

M..>»r*al. 1' «J 

.ini.iH« Mt.. 11 \ 

MiMla \«l>. l^>n.|<Mi 

lialliw Mf Jkht M.raliH 


;>••-» M'< 

(.i.tfli'". till 

1>*>H~. Ili'v Wni talk— I 

l>...>vi..,.M W.-.. 

II....I.. Mr. I..M.M1 

• '.IM'> »Ha 

1 KaMim lln>(tr>< i ml 

\^« U<.<tt..H.lM.II 

UiHto tllMin-M 

l*.,^,.., M» H -wa,. 


\...a-ll.' V-tM-HH 

hm. a W 1 

taiiklna Hill, Itni 

|;.M*>i. Ml. W 

*»«.. Mr. 1 II 

M*"— •a •'-• 

»**«••-« >(■-' J 1 

1 .t(.'. \l.« 

r*ll<|«i ttiMln In 

»IH.,>M, linrikiH t 


I « \ 

I ?< \ 



■ ai.a<la 

• atx't* 

l>n I lOI'i 

(Irr p IHI-. 
\i>t 111 KM'. 

41 mtn 

■m |•|^ 

I.... .M«ni Mmu t<.ii.i«( 

Iraiiititpi.) t.> lltlilM Hwrlal Hn- 
tmCuriM. UiwbwnO Jan 1. It. 

/,/ II' nc 



1'-. lUli'li 


>n. Jiim<-« 

. 1 Hvk 

m IImIiiIi 


•ti»'. Virti 

iir MImi 

-t».-. Willi 

iam M<n 

•', Itiflx-n MiiiT 

mi riisrl 

« Wdliti 

1. Mlll..n 


n. Ilf..r> 


.11 M.«n.1. 



iili'>. Mlori tlari'lil 

«.. II..V r.*«t l\ 
I'll... ^tiliEiirClivl-* 

tiiiulil. Mr*. JiifH-t It 
ImiI.I.i>. Mr-. Allii< 
<iH.I.*. Mi>, ,MI"> 
liilMm. Mrf. Man 
laiiHiii, Mr> J. A 


h >'tiU 

Mlmim. lint 
IMrl KlKln. ( 
I'MM KiKin. I 


lin-Mi. ItHv. Wm lltmry 
MNchHlmw. Mf. Ainro 
llaln. Jamn Anilvrwili 
lUm. Mr>. M!ri>in 
Ma nilion. Hmr 


I Mf-. Miiri 

\lli. ft \1 


., l>r N.I 

lUrri.. Mr-. Ih— I. H 
I Urn. Jai-h-"' 
lUri. J<>.:n MMir> 
lla»kcn. •iiHirv-N 
llMtlU-y. Mr-. Ihin-.. 
Hniry. IbrlH-rl Jii.'m 
Umih-, Mr*. Aim imn 
Hi-Wn". Mr- Jam- 
llollk*. Mro. t-'aniiv . 
Ill ^r. Willi 


r, Willmi 

Aiiilpr^iiii. Mr- 

\'r t.tkw. 

Mutr. Ut 

l»-. KHH-t UV- 


inH-l. \ritiur M>'harry 


,. H.rlwi Al-'uiiiit.f 


t,i<iliii Klliali 


K'Tiul lliix. K.U , I 
UnH.nrf-.ll r 
S«i«.hu.TI. I' U 
ItiriinKiml, Ont 
Sii>. Aiini> ill- llrlli'vu.' 
FmtUH. I )nl 
il IliRhhury.'iiTi, Ki 
Wr^mni-nt. I' I) 
M«i.i"mSiiiimi. I'll 

M.i>iiUTi-f . t.imiT 
Nii-lln. Mmi . . 
Ilniniriiril, i»ii 

Iliiii-niUkr. Alia 
llliipriilatic Alia 
Irviiii". Ayr. .Inrt 
llantt, Sn.l 
Kilrmmton. Alia . 
Marllnvirn, liurliam 
Kilirnnlon, Alia . 
Ilal-i'vl. I-:.*'!, Km 
rhnlrrvllh-. Ilnl 

I h-rhy, V.nt 
Vauihall. liroai Van 




Ni». 3i. litis 

N<iv. m IU|^ 

, Ma- 



111 tail 



K>4li-t. J<ii.n 

» n>rma.i T 

klxK. Jam.-. 



.11 tnir.1 II 

1 anf. Ilrn>> 


rirf l»naiiu< 

1 aurlis 1 liHiMla- < arnpt \ 

laxr*. Il'li 


1 ■ktM-. J..1III 

1- Maf.111.1. 

.1. William «t. 

lr«i.. All« 

. Ilif l-ti 

1 Uin|.«iw. 

\rlliul llitr' 

1 iirli, IIkUki 

1 lliilli 

1 r««l*«l. N 

Lumaii. William Widfr 

1 yili.n. t:>l<>i 

>r<l \ Irlif 

(.Mr. Ktnn>BMl>al<Hl> 

Ml I'l 


Ua-iin. «alir> 
Mh allHHi W'tliam 
MH lHn« lark 
U<l>>-naM. Sixman 
\lf|h.»(all. |i»Hal<IJam>. 
M< »'a>la>i-l. Ml*rl Jn.x 
\tr|M>-4'. IMi'M WlI'Mm 
M< l.iir. Ji.f.» 

M.KlHWil, llnlirri MikrIaii 
UrKtttw, IlKkaM I'lifl" 
lI'MaMH. MHiiain f-ahh 
ilrTaii^. IhwaM 

UtHNK, Ml-harl 

IVrili. iMii 

1 aiiaila 

Uurlr. WlllliiK 

|la«li-li<r<l. t*«.k 

1 H \ 

l,avrf% Mr., II 

l-lvTniiulh, Ih^Kii. 




»Minl>ur|h, "nil 


li'Oi-. Mr- J 

MaWiii i»r^.-. I* ij 


li^l«,Mni-. Mr- 1 .a.l 

' lliwll 

liTh. Mr.. MaiMl 

Ti •»•••■ >i. 1 ifi 

1 anaiU 

U>uglH*.l. Mr. IttilK 

S«Wr«m ». 

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l,HNI.«. Ml.f.1- 

Illlilntrsli l> A 1' 


I'ft A, 

I.MlHn. f.i|iaar<l Miil-n 

Miitilrr.1, r li 

1 ai<a<la 

ti..l, Mr. \ r 

IHai-kliitf n. "ml 


Maili.Hial.1. Mr. MarnaM' 

1 1 aiM' llmni. N H 

( aiiaila 

Mirlhtmnl. Vli'taiiikt 


Mxli-, Mr. -af.). fliaat. 

I l»»«irrMlh., !■ U 

1 anaria 

MikIkih-.. M>- iinirfna 

t .Hilhur-I. Mia 


M»k>«*H-, Mr- lr..» 


Mw'l>in<»>l>. M» <»-<«(•' 

n«ll.. Hn- 

MaiklaiK. Huili 

Ti»»«ii., n«t 

1 anaila 

Ma>M. M.r 

N.» *r*ttfiln-tr*. 


1 anarfa 

Mann. Mr. tlitiruilr 

•«»i|t 1 iirrfiit, Hi-li 

1 aiiwla 

Man-IM<I, M<-* Mu'irl 

|*tiMh>nni,l'» 1 

l,.»rial. It- 


Maxitall. Mr. Marvar-i 

l( 11 N» a. KiMi. 



Matlaii Mr. t 




IhlMlV, <IM 

< axaila 

Mi^'alttim. Wil'iam 


MH tH««. II W 

1 aiiaiU 

UilUHiaM. Ml. \><>*i..|i. 

. kl.rtiltfal I- it 

1 <i>iHla 

M'lH-nall. Ml ^ 
MrKarl«i<l. Mr- i 
MH->->^ MiiNh 


> l<Ma«l>. t " TirtiM. I't 
II It No I lltr«IM>* imi 

•I Miinirral. I- l| 
IhitlMI. M IWhran*. Alia 
• li-wiH^. M»«)r»», ''ltd 
M>-iN.rf I- g 



O // ,- // ,. r , 

<; real u'r/ 1 / 1/ ir<i I 

.>rilirlli DalinfCnlKI 




Mniar. Norman t-Vrisii-n 


Mtltvanl. ItHulvn Hr l.n 


M,«,rr, 1 .^li.. I^rtii- 


Murra>. Kurl n-trlit-r 


N»li>n. Kuti-iH- Ihftvrt 




Norman. Kv.'lyii Kpliiait 


,Ny.m. Il««-iiri WUIium 




iriKHiiH'll. William 


IHt»f, Wnllrr MaitiH-* 


(MKirn-. K.'nnHli I'afk.i 


tta^n. Tlmma-liuv 


IVk.Tli.ima. M.rK««n 


fkk..l. (i«,rii-K.t|(.r 


in>M<i.h. J<il«i Itoyal 


l-UliliK-h. U illiim T>mm. 







l-M^nihr. llariM 


1><>I<«||.T, .Ml-.rl l».|.Hr< 




l>rtll«lU>. AMrlir 


■ISiru^Kranl. IC.-v.- 


ltaitiM>. William Thoma 

ftt««* - 

llam-a,, ftllllam VVnl> 

ItDnr.. Ualt.r liunvii 


Iti-aJliiit, lliiriMS>iltii> 


11. III. Nnrman W.-l^> 


III hi. U ilMim 


IUIIb-<. UilllamJohii 

IM.I. Mr- !>arM)i 
Krtil. Mr-. Mamarii 
KHIIxi. An>lr<-« 

lir111.1l I'.wk-. It I' 


l>a|w Nia y^'Mlu'Kl 


Marikitppam, \l)w,r> S.ulhl 

liiiha Ki'Ul. 

K|ianHV«t lllv, • Nil 
%.<» W.-<.imin>trr. N ■ 
Itu11<rf.n<l. \i.\ * 




It-iliHrl-m, K>l«l<i 

lt>il>M>ti>n. I»iii>-an 

lllli.rti lak*. Alia 

K.*. I1a.r> 

||..». Jam... 

Hywiw. Ilar.r) Krwl.ti.k 

Ilx-r-m. Mx ¥.\\>w,' 

i-'th llranifi<r.l. MM 

Samlwiii. I'larrnn- V-fi.. II 

WamiMin. lUtnnin 

I amniH-, Out 

Hanliwil h«nlll.W% 

sanli H. IVrF> 1. 

Mii.>rJa» *%-l 

!»afj»am fha.l.- ll«ll..f.t 

!*arjraiii. Charli- 

|li«lr, .Mia 

MwrHlM*. Kiiltu'> Ailanc 

"aiilLlir.. Mr- 

iiMar- JUil.-.lrn. h.iiili.n 

ttrhHI, Malnilm Ihi.iola* 

HI-I..II Mr- J.-|.).< 


Him. millam' 

?«m. Ji. 11 llim. 


Ski'liiKi J M 

T. r,.„t,.. n«i 

»•«•. Har.a.1 .\k(*n<lM 

^L^nr.d^iff. Will..-: 

n 1 .l,.r,. Ml. 

8RHa<..n. M<tliamniark-\ 

Hnwali.n, liaml 

\l.l~ fl, l> vi 


r*milh. I'Vaiih 11 

l>mlih,1niiiat.l ll>» 

Wtiii«..l1, Mr. I 

■t>- T..f..iii.i iti>i 

Hmiil.. Hi.t-*t 

Htnxli Hi.l»M 

>;.lm.<n M<a 

Mmiil.. William JVirLff 

Nmlil'. Mr. Mi^o-a 

\»..a 1l.rt.t.^i>. Mo. 1 » 

Dmiih. MilUiM Cur... 

•■fnili..<i..ln.., t;tiiii 

Kinll.. U«. ■ .liar 

<t.Ml* Ml" J.»«». 

Milltoai. ) attirt. 

Dlo-iirM, IWioahl Ji.1'1 

rt|...nrrt M" MaM 

* \. t>>t.ri Ini 

N|.-l<'W,Kllll».> II««|r 

'M-'li-^-'. Ml" l.'H'lt 

MiKiKial 1* M 

Maiih". liiviriH- I'riarU- 

»U|.I.-, Mr.. M I. 

.-rt.1.11. MoLtrial 1' l| 

lUitkinf. Ariimttlofvi' 

f>(arkln«., II J W 

lul-K, ll.^l*. V.ns 

Mrl^lH-n.. |j>iHar.l 

<r«*,*r. J 

W..I |la> li...^»... 

m<*iil*f|. rrank Ji«l<Ha 

Ht«»l-r«. ^tf. r.^^ \lnaiHkr < 

Wna^ W.lll«m Afitiur 

*...«-. ri».ma. H 

\*i««, Mia 

T«>r.atn, \l» Mar 

. •■•»' II II So V Mmhm. 

Th.m.*s< tu-ilii 

TM.nia* llla't)- 

('■I'mHk. «UI(>.. C 

T'n.m— 11, Ml. JhIi. 

. IVri M|l.i twt 

TiiMx, William Hui«» H 

T..|.i>.. Uf. \i.«ii'ti 

• Monir.41. 1* tj 

Thifcr lli-nr, J..h« 

Tri<k' Mr. II 

«..kali-« ".•k 

T...a. M-- J..«. 

•trailer.! <>ni 

Titrk**. II It*. 

William. Ml" (.a 

l^>rl ItHrarll Itni 


>. Mill 

.• Milltata 

Taltrff IMwrl Urnr*.- 
Vm »«hk r:»..i»H 
W«l»it. Witham |i«i>iFt 
Walki—laa, J..hi. MxltH'a 
Wait. t"'^^t^ 
W,.lr*'(in. ^ U«r.l Jan.. 
Wal-'i. l>->iih Ii4.>.| 

\at. Mr. I...i.a \ 
Walnrft, M.. K.-H'l 
«alkia.t.aa J<.*ii I 
Waf. Mf. 

Mi»«r*al. r ij 
MmiIhiI. I' U 

Nu. IM l<i|1 


ItiL !'AU:. J. ]• 

IIm bcrn I'stilly nMunil'' I 

K.ih....tln ,li.' lt.lMI.\. ..r. Ih- 

fti. itm. l.r' 



I \ n«i» Ai« i-a. 


|<-<I III ihE Ut l).A.('. in Jan 
1!H:.. Ar^ ST. WiTt 

1^ P Q 
.^M JSL iiik 


II,,- r,rv,il \V„rl,l \V ,1 , 

„\\\'\^\ ^lli Kl l\l IIK< I Ml M 

Wi'llNKim. iM^iri;!' K<lmiin.< W'lli.iurn. Mr~. ,\,:^e, .1 

William.. J<ilin Jutni^ VVillium., Mr.. I.illii' 

WllwHi. li.m..iu Itvrk WIUi... Mrs. Mitr. S, II 

WiImiTI, I'UvIiI IIoUkIw VVilailll. Hutlil J 

Wil«m. William \Vil,-i,n. Mr-. Mnr> llnnimi 

\V.Ki.l». .\li.»nili.r Itu-Mi. WinmIh. S. It 

Wriulii. Arlhur Janii^ WHul-l. .1. T 

Wtmlil. Wlllium Kriii.<l Wrii;.-". Mr-. \.|ili. ( ' 

Ol R FIKROKS ()!■ 1111. 22iul 

l-'rnni l.a l'n's.-i(' 'I'ranslatoil i 

It lifliiiiKs to l.iful.-Ciil. .\i'Uuir Diiliuc- III jiliiry hy iu .■iupiTli i|ualily (if atlafk anil 

|inii.-i' the ulnriim.'i tlnA Frcm-h-C 'anailiaii rc>i.-<lMiK'i'. The hisliiry nl' uur buys' l)riiver,v 

I'ctrinictU. Ill' whii-h lie i.-* iiik' iil' the i.-; wrilifii I'm- I'vcrniort' nn tin- j^uil nf uur old 

(li.-^tinjriii.-^lit'd ntiici'fs. Uur cutinlrynian ac- Mnlhcr cnunlry. 
iluitU'il hini.-^i'H'nf iliis la.-ik. Saltifilav cvrniiiu. 

IHr. 22nil. 1!)US. at a liani|llel n'lvcii in hi.^ "Anil now llial liu' uar scinis rmi.^llwl. 

hiiiKir liy Ihf Kni;huw.s' ( lull. inmluik'il l.icnt.-l nl. Duliuc "Ihi' siililicrs 

'. . . ,. , . are nimins: liaik. .Xl'tcr iiavitm licvn .'^tct'pcd 

In lis capai'ily u I'nnimanilnm ollucr ul ;„ |,i,„„| .„„| snH'waniv. wi. arc ci.minj; liai-k 

111., i-clcliralcil liatlaliiin. ].vmA iil. Dnl.uc |„.,,f„u|,,i|v luinian. W.' arc rcUn-nini; liciv 

has seen iiiir hemes at unrk. has Icil Ihcni nn „-i,|, „|| ' ;„-ilcnl thiist hir harmnnv ami 

lo vieti.ry ami supp..rl,.,i tlieni ni tiie nunier- „;„i„„;,i i.i.jiv. Mm-,, altaeheil than eyer to (htlieull'es ilial have nia.le llieir ,„„. f.,|,i, .„„( ,..„.,, |, |^ |„„ ;„ |.-,.,,|„.,, that 

.aiverinininrtal. In ivlemni: In iliese eyenis ,„„, |,,,„.„^ ,„,| ,„ i„, ., |.-,.,.ni-li-('auaclian. 

m his speeih. I.leul.-Ci.l. Duhue places llie ( l,,,, , if the war's ureal est Icssnus it is In lie 

lan.hiiark ol this maunilicenl epic, thai nur ....^relteii llial all liavc mil Icarnc.l il that 

hoys have wnllcn ami paiil Ini- with then- ^herc iliciv is a liuhl iniml ami a licart in llie 

hlnnil. nn the lialtlcliclils nl mvmleil !• ranee. ,.j^,i„ |,i,„.,. iiiiivrcnces of race. rel'iKion. elc. 

■I'he nlliccrs anil men vieil with each niher slimilil nm prevent mutual esteem or Kooil 

in liravcr\ so we cannnt ili\iiic tin- hnnors inn wishes. 

'■''"""■^ ■ We arc very crateful to l.ieul.-( 'ol. Duhuc 

In Ihc sail ihiysuf Vprcs. ihc iilack phase' Inr iiavinu vniced those nolilc thiiuuhls anil 

saiil the l.ieut.t 'ol.. anil at ( ourcelelti'. Ihai we hope thai llicv will he heard all over 

ailniiralile feat nl arms where a iiandrut ,,i ( anada. and that each one of us will thnrnuiili- 

nieii inimnrlali/ed Ihe name of Krciich-( ana- Iv undcrslaiid. regardless nl' ihU'crences where 

dian. at lieuina. al \'im,\. al I.eiis. at Hill To. race nr reliuimi are enncerncd thai what we 

at I'asschi'iiilaelc. al .\miens. al .\rras. al most need is nalional unity sn thai nur 

I'amlirai. at V'aleneicmii's and al Mnns, cniinlry ina> hei-nme ureal, slrnni; and prns- 

ever\'\vliere and alwa\s the --ml allained jicrnus. 



HHi (iiicsis (iivi' lloniaUo to (iDinniiuulinu 
OOiciM Diilnic of (lie 22iul 

i; fill I Will- III Will 

■* U'c Iifiiun ill a vt'i'\ liaril M-houl ;'. youl" 
in llu' V|)r(.'s si'citir a linrrilik' luiuu'l sur- 
fdundt'tl on tliTVf r^ides. wluTt- tn in'utect 
( 'aiais till' (tcrniaiis maik' us pile up uur lUwiS. 

Cniilniaitdin^ Otlii-cl' !Uil)Uc llu'U related 

iiiMww,- i>\'i-T\i i/.v 'll'' tuToie dealll tif l-ieul. .hu-iiues lirosseau 

llKlvOK LAHAIinN .^j^^, ^|^^, ,.,,m~xv.i.-ims eonduct uf .Majur l.a- 

l.ieul.-Cnl. Ariluir DuIhk-. I iimmandina IIiiIk'. whii is mnv a l.ieul.-Ccil. He alsu 

(liliciT uf tile 2:2nii, was llie uuesl of llimur al it;ive givat praisi' U> Cdl. (iaudel wlio fumied 

a niasiniticeiu l>ani|uet wiiiclt was jjiven liini ihe liaualitm. 

at the Kn;;iiieers' Cluii un Sauinlay niu'lit. d,, Seplemlier l.'iili. lilUi the Bij; Dav 

Deeemiid- 2Slh. IIUS. Two luindivd i-'uesls ( oi-KCEI.ETTK vou all know uf this 

wer<' present. Houurahle .ludiji^ 1,. '1. Mare- i„ii,ii,;ilile feat of arms, where a handful of 

elial presided and al his sides were l,ieut.-( ul. i,,,.,, immortalized the name of I anadian. 
Dubue and the Hunoi-ahle Senatur Ihindur- „ „.;„ ,„, ,„ „„. ,,„,,.„.,| „,,„.^. „,■ ,;^,„^.,,.,| 

and, .A the tahl.. ol hunur were also the •|-,,.,„|,|.„. ,„ ,,.,,.,. ,,( Cnureel.tle resnrreeted 

Hunoral.le Senators has. IVau hien. .1. M. , -....iHon- and ChateauKuav. m have awak- 

Wilsun. the Honural.le . ereniie leearie. Al- ,,„„| ,„ „^ .,|| y„, ,• ,|,|i„,, ,.i,„„,^ „,■ „„r 

hei-t .seyiBny. K 1. 'alenuade. ( .eiieral .„„.,.,,„r., l„~,verv, enduran.e. teiiaeitv. im- 
ahelle. I.leut..( "hmels. I K l.alleehe.M ..A. ,|„. ,..„,„,,, ..xaltatiun. to have in a word 

I'lehe and 1 >r. l.auel. Mr. Walter rraneis. [rjven us -i soul 
Mr. i-Mmond Le.saue. M.P.. an<l .los. .\rrh- .,*,.' i ,- ■ , 

■imliault .And what a Mini. .serene lair and eompassion- 

' ■ , Ml- ate in peace, ardent, lieree and undaunted in 

Ainonu the j-iie.ts were Messrs. l.ouis |,.,^^,^. .,..,, ,„|v,.,si,v. marlvr to dutv. siav in 

heauhien. H. I ateiuiade. I.iei.l.-t ol. iiurns. ,, .,|„|, ,„|^^,,.^. ■.„„| ^uir,,ri„j,s. ivadv' for 

Ma.|or (,il les A. .■s. Hrani-haii.l I lerre i as- .,„^. ,,,^.,.i|-„.,. ,,,.,,„ Uie su|)reme saeriliee. 
uu'am. M.P.. dustave Martin. Kene 1. I.e- '..,. i „ i . i i .i 

eleres. Ceo. A. Caniphell, M. Thihaudeau. , ' "yivelette heeaine oir standard, he 

Kinfret. I.ieut.-Col. )u Verier ami l.ieul.- '""'"•'■ V'j" "'"'^ I"", ''" '""'"'• "'" """ "'"' 

fol.d.stell and others. must not he tarni.shed 

'n. !•■ • I 1.1 .,11 ,1 " K'li \\v Inok UciiitKi. ikiul \ iniv. am 

I he Knirs u';i th was inasifi l)V llic . , [j.,. ^,, i n i i i i 

._ ;i .. ,■ ... I IV 1 . 1 i,r . \a'\\> aiic \\\\\ iO. am ra^s^ h-i t acU' and 

., . ,, ,> ,, .,..11 I,, I . M ,. I,. J n .•^t(>^u■ Am f s. A Ac acni r a ( at 

1 ^, ■,.- 1, 1- ■ I ■ I, Arras, at ( anl>a. al \ a f t- c cs, at Alims. 

am Mr. UalliT l'ram->, ad n a siitcch. .. , .... ^ ,. ■ ,, ., 

. ,;,. 1 . ,1 1, 1 1 I . M .. 1 \\"a.>i a wavs a IV K'l I in uf ( 01 Tclftlc 1 a 

nfautiliil Ul MuiuhIii jmd words, .[i.-iuc Marc- . ■ n 1 

.■hal rcmL-mi honia^f tn ihr luToisin and unr;t ,■! ..r Mnall.T .iruHr. 

. . „. ,. ,u .f ■ ., 1 n .1 wn- \\:is a si ^.Tcalc mantt'.stal n i 

...,. [■ , ,. 1- 1 ■ , ..1 . :, at Hi ill. 111 Aiiuus . 1!)1). when .>() uf (Hi r 

I his l.rave so , her ivpheil in a very heeoiniUB |,,,^.^ .^^ ,|^^. ,,,. i,,,^. ,,,. ,|^,, ,,.^|„ ^^,.,,, ,|„.,„,^.,, 

"'■"'■'■,•" "'"'.'■, . , , , , , „ , Ihire harriers of ariillery of „iipie,eiid,.iiled 

III' hanked his fnend.s and told them \wk •m,,,„sil^ . to earrv nuiiiilions and food to our 

hapiiy he was to he anioni! them, then he said ,.„mn,di.s from Nomi Seotia. Kaeh knew he 

he was aware that ihls demonstrall. n was ^^,,,^ |i|.,,,^. ,„,^.,.,. ,„ ,.,,m,„ ,„„ ,|„,^. ^.„|u„. 

direeted to hinher than he: to llii' ideal. i,,,,,.,.,, ,;,|,| ,,|||^ ., |-,,„, „,• n,,.,,, ,.,,„„, |,.„.|i 

wlueh for the moment he hac the honor o , .. m,,,.^,,,,,, so,, „f K. .\. li. Morain. «as 

persoiut\inw before them the Immortal JJnd j^^ ,.,,mm;,n,| 

•'Wlieii speakiim of the'J'Jnd," said he. "I ".Vnother maiiifeslation at Clierisy in 

am iniieh more ai ease as 1 am no longer AuuusI where order was niveii lo advance 

speakiim of myself hut of my old reuimeiil. aiivwav. In 'Jl hoiiis. 'J:! olliceis out of L'Jl 

and I could talk of ihem until the end of mid .•,iiii men out of liiKi «ere killed or wiiuiid- 

limc. ,.d. It was there that the regimental phvsi- 

"I hope till' day is not hir dislant when dan. (apt. Marin, who was not .so hadlv 

the n, lines will he made known of true wounded as the oilicrs. tore of his eiisimi of 

|taliiois who L'enerousK- contrihuted to the non-coml.atant. and continued Ihc advanct- 

fonnation of the li'Jiiil. wth what was left ol the hallalion. It was 

■■■|he hislorv of this hntmlion since ils there also that that KallanI ollic-er. ^!a,ior 

arrival in Krame in Se|ilemiier. lUl.i. is \ aiiii'r. lost a leu and that the yoiiiiK hero of 

millv, ill a wav, a historv of the war. i nly :ill yeais l.ieul. Koihlv Lemieux HI. 

wv wen> mixeii up in nearlv every Mi! o|iiTa- mortally wounded, in our halo of Khiry. 

lion, a: leasl on Ihc Urilisl'i front. Ilul we kept on. 


KnliKtnl in i>u>::t»l llattali 
2(1. Thr.i- ^vM* .11 nriiM 

SMMAS \VU. 'llLIH. Ijh:an 
h;iili»I.Ml UN u IViiy uitirtT m n.M.r, 
Niiv>. V\ii- u»uriti-<l thi- IISM. 

..-i in ih^ Inl »ai:a 

. I. rt,-:;.L. akh 


I-ir. li.A.H t.,. 



IfAlll WllM.I 


i:;;ilb llHitnlion. Ki. 

, lull.. AKi- IB. «.■! 

I llRlllt> tri i:. 

ilun Tn. in Janutrr, 


I<V lhf>l itl 
■■ on Mijr 10, IWIU 

<t II , 

n , 



■hi \V „ r 

"h luis Itivn chiinu'i in scnu- parts iluu 
Kiviifh-t aiuuliaii lilnml is slijflnly niixcil. 
We all aiircc Unhxy that it is invviK-ahly 
mixfd with tlu- [tiitvsi liliiiiit of France. 
Kii.ulaml. Si-dtlaiu! ami Ireland a just return 
n!" ihiniis tin the ^a^■rel^ soil i.l' France. 

Senator Hamlurancl toasted the health of 
the 22ml., I.ieut.-Col. l.alUrhe and Senator 
('has. Beauhitn replied. Mr. Thihaudeaii- 
RinlVet addressed a lew well ehoseti words to 
the ladies and this l)an(|uet (tf iilorious 
.-souvenirs eiidi'd .jovnuslv. 

TilK SF.(()M> (:()NTlN(;i:\T. 

The seeon<l enminjreiit did iioi y:n forward 
en hloe. as did the (irsl. hut hy instalments 
a.s ectnvenient to the War Oiliee and Admiral- 
ty. It was in Hn^land by the end of .Vpril. 
1915. So far as Canada was eoneerned il 
was ready and eould have been despatched 
at least three months before il actually sailed, 
but it could not he accommodated with 
iraininj; (]uarters. 

Certain unfortunate conditions tliai had 
confronted the tir.-^t continueni at Salishury 
Plains rendered the War Ollice anxious to 
avoid a repetition of them. In the meantime 
the War (Hiice consideH'd that Iraininjr <'ou!d 
proceed as well in * "anada. 

Therecruitinjf position on .\pri! loth. 1!M"). 
as detailed by the I'rime Minister to the 
House, was that there were under arms and 
in training: and on j:uard and outpost duly 
the followinjr military forces: 

llv.i>..-Li.-. Ni liiriiiny.iit unit Itt-in- 

fiirrcmcniK U.'i.l:!!! 

In IttTri)U<Iii, Kuyul Caninlimi Uticinii'nt !>H2 

In St. Liiri;i. (Icliii-hniciit!' for nurriwHi Uitl 

In ('ivnudu, and (iii nt'itn. litiil C'u)ttintt<-iil --.-Tl> 
Iti'HiTVp Indiniry iiiiil diniKliiin Muunt- 

«l Hill.-.« i;!. 
ItiM-ruilH) mill nric'^tiiKiKl for iivtTw-iis 

■x^rviif liiit not tnohiliti'il ii.-'iltil 

Tnttil oviTM'iiK fnrrw iiliroiiil unil iit hoim- >!t,:l.Vi 

III uddUiiiii III Ciiniiilii iniiln til iiclivf 
inlliliii in iK-tlvc M>rvii'v nii Kurrimin 
uml iiuriKwl limy, . i'.TTT 

I'l-nniiiii-iit forri- -'.l^Hi 

iir;iMil Toiiil llii.r>iin 

Thus a force four times i^reater tlian tlie 
llritish forces under Wellington al Waterloo, 
and nearly double the total forces of either 
Wellington or Xapoleon al Waterloo, had been 
or>iani/eri in eiuht mouihs not u ^rreat army 
al ail. The limil of 1511.110(1 set in July. 
MM."., was raised to 2rtn.n()(i in October of tlie 

same year, "in view of the recent appeal of 
His ^Ia.iesly and having; rejiard to the neces- 
sities of the war." Men continued to eonu- 
fi)rward in larye numbers. 

Durinii the winter of 191.5-l(j reeruitinir 
Vvas eatried out under the billeting system. 
.\ny small community raisinir 25 or more 
men within its bounds retained them throu^rh- 
out the winter, a special allowance !)ein^ made 
for the men's su|)port. The idea was that b\' 
keepinir men a certain number of months in 
the community in which lhe>" were recruiteil 
they would he under the eye of the relatives 
who would Clime to know the associalions 
under which they were ser\'inj; and ha\e 
jireater contidence in sendinp them forward to 
the camps at a later date, having observed 
their preliminary traininir. and also consid- 
ered that training had under such circum- 
stances was valuable for the early stages 
while they were undergoing stjuad drill, 
inarching and physical selting-up. The 
•■system was <iuite a success from the recruit- 
ing standpoint. In .lanuary. l!il5. Canada's 
military establishment w:is rai.sed to 50(i.(KJ0 

During .seven months of 191(), 145, 24() 
men were enlisted. .\ statement by months 
showing enlistment in each Militarv District 

Itt'tiirn Shimliift (In- Niimhi-r nf Ki'cnills for tin- Cliiili- 
(li:ni l.\|U'Jiil()ii:ir> rort'i- in tlu- Sovonil MlHtury 
l)isirli'i-< in CuiKiil.i lis on ViiUii-ti Ifith. Vt\h. 

Ni> ..f 

on .luly 
Ij. ntlti 




I -Inly 



M.litiir,\ hisirjil Nn. 1 


HI, 121* 














II I- II I' f I, ,: .- 

- of rviTuil.< fiir tniinili of 




1 h,' 

f; /■ 

(1 t 


/./ \Vi 


y Di- 







1. -,.()■» 1 





u - 

On January 12th. 191(). as stated, the 
military establislinu'iit of Canada was in- 
civasi'd from a total of ^.'jO.dOd to a total of 
.")iM».Omt. ini-ludinjf troops already raised and 
ihot^t* on puard and outpost duty. 

l-j) to the pre.-^ent time some ;ioO,(|()() 
oRicers and men have joined the Canadian 
Kxpeditionar\- Forces. On san'ison duty 
within Canada there are some 12.500 more. 
Overseas, elsewhere than in England, there 
are about !HI.UII0 etlectives: in Kngiand. or 
on the way there, are about S5.00(j more, and 
in Canada about $125,000. These lijrures 
deal only with etl'eetives, exeludinjr easualties 
and wastajre. 

The Force consists of a.i Amy Corps of 
four divisions, a brigade of cavalry, line of 
communication units, units allotted to over- 
.seas jjarrisons. and troops in England and in 
( 'anada. 

Somewhere in France tliere are enua^eil 
in active operations The Canadian .\rm\ 
Corp.s. The Canadian Cavalry Bri^Mde. and 
1 jneof Comnuniicalion Unit supjily columns, 
ammunit'on parks, hospital.^. <lepiiis, etc. . 
and a Kailway ('(instruction Corps {lelached 
on special service. Elsewhere in France two 
<'anadian Ceneral Ho.-ipitals and one Cana- 
dian Stationary Ho.-*))itaI are servinj: in the 
Hritish Mediterranean Expeditionarv Force. 
The KiMrd Battalion is at Mernuida. and a 
company of the Koyai Canadian (larrisnn 
.\rtillery is at St. Lucia. liritish Indies. 

The p<»rtion of the force now in Entfland 
i> niainl\' locate<l within the two ("anadian 
Training: Oivi.-iions. one ai SiinrnclilTc and the 
other at Hramshott. The principal Admin- 
istration (Mlici's an- at London, and acerlain 
number of units, depots, etc.. are at detached 
statiitns such as Folki'.stnne. Hover. .A.-^hford. 
Ilythe. Oenham. Horsham. Winchester. 
Southampton, Salisbury Plain. Swinilon and 

The tr» ops of the force within ( anada are 
di.".lribiiteil partly within the Military l>is- 
Iricts In wbicli ihey belonir. but principidly 
within military corps as shown Iv.'iow: 

1 ,r.;ri 

1 ."."7 

:iri. l.-,:i 





l.i.iisn Canip 
Marriflifh! ruiiiii 
I'l'iuwuttu Cami) 
Vaifartipr Camp 
AldiTshot C"itm|i 
('iiMiii Hunh'-s 
\'.Tririri ramp 
Sv.ln.-v. H (■ . (■;.! 


(iarrisoninii British Possessions 

The Royal Canadian Ueiriment. part of 
Canada's Permanent Force, located at Hali- 
fax. X.S.. at the outbreak of war. was of a 
strength of about (JiK) men. It was imme- 
diately recruiteii up to 1.(100. and. on the of the Imperial (Government, de- 
spatciied to Bermuda, relieving a liritish line 
reirinient there .stationed, which at once 
proceeded upon active service. The Royal 
Canadians remained as the garrison of Ber- 
muda until May. liU5. when they were 
relieved by another Cana<lian !>altali<m, the 
:lSth C.E.F. of Ottawa. whi<-h. in turn, last 
May. was relieved by yet another, the li^h'd 
C.E.F. of (.Quebec, which is yet at llerniuda. 
The Royal ( 'anadians proceeded overseas. 
They are now in I'Yame. with the 7th Brigade. 
:5rd Division. Tlieir Brigade as.sociates are 
the Princess PatriiiaV ami the -!2nd and UUh 
Battalions. The.lSth P.allaliim isin F^nglaud. 

International Precautions and the Monie 
(iiiurti Movement 

A mallei of imme(Mat<> cipneirn was the 
proK-ction of Canadian territory itself, which 
many considered by no means imnuuie from 
danger. There were rumors of intendeil 
raids of (ierman sympathisers ft-om neigh- 
boring territory. Precautions agitinst internal 
enemy elforl were ai.Mi advisable. Some ten 
ihons:uid iif Canada's militia were called out 
on L'Uard and ouipost duly. Protedinn was 
arranged for seaports, can;. Is. I'ailways. wire- 
less stations, elevators, armories, public and 

.W 21: I'l. 



KnliKti-n in ihi- 'Jnil SiaLinli llntm- Knli-n^l in Ihp Tlih lli 

liiin. AkpIIA. iUkf-iI at Ypn-iin !'■ >.'..r- Hi Fimiti.'.l 

■in May •£!, I!<i;>. lUlurniHl. 

Kiili-lt-l Willi 111.' IM',tM,.(. „i, 
S'liwrnlii-f a:i. im.'i. AKi' li>. Wh- 

killiil in arllim i> 

. Mm'mjim, M.< 

(n, r If r rors I ,> ! h > C r r a t \V n , ! d Wo r 

niluT liuililinu's. (iarrisons \wiv pruviii -il lor "sliimilaU- palri'.Uism. sustain rfsolutii'ii.aml 

Halifax. Quflii'i-. Ksiiuinuilt and nilicr ii'-u-t's hc![) to casi' tiic nervous strain iVnm wiiicli 

im tlu' Atianlii- ami i'arilir (■oa>ls. Tlu' '^i. all of us in a jrrcaUT or U'ss (!i>jrivi' arc suti'i-r- 

Lawrt'iKi- (ana sysicin and tlu' Wcllai'tl inj;." ni'vcrtlu'li'ss, for the tinii' in'ln;:. tlu- 

("anal weir pii-ki'ttt'd anil patrolU'd. Win- IVparlmcnl must set its race a.t:ainst ilic 

It'ss Stations an*! i.'al>U' landinjr piari's wt'iv raising of units, luvausi' it could not I'ljuip 

■luardi'd and di-fi'ndi'd. At important points tlu'm. nor wt'iv they in tact really needed. 

on Canada's two coasts iruns were nitunued. There was no fear of uriianizi-d in\■a^ioll. lin- 

and defences, not for disclosure, were pre- military slrenylli of Canada was ((uiie >ulli- 

pared. The military advisers of the Covern- dent to maintain internal order and to ward 

meat considereil that every rea.Minahle .sife- otf tilihusterinsj attacks, un matter froni what 

!.'uard ajiainst successful attack had been quarter. The izovennnenl could rely upi.a 

provided. Xolwithstandinjr. there was a the friendly co-operaliun of (he I'nited Stales 

certain amount of public demand in the Covernment. The Home Cuani mnvement 

I arly stages of the war Inr the e.stalilishnients sulisided. Wlu'n it became apparent thai 

under otticial sanction of a system of " Htunc trained forces in excess of anlicipalion.-. wer<' 

(.uards.* and a call fnr ilieir trainini: and lo he constantly within Canaiia. ihe basis 

eiiuiiimetit. The u'overiunent by no means of ihe movement failed. The candid ami 

di.scourajied the fomialion of bodies of .-.urh teasonaiile stalemeni of the Militia Hepart- 

.L:uard>. li con>idered ihat any niililarx ment was accepted, 
iraininji acijuired Ity any of Canada's man- 
hood at tliai critical .stay:e in Canada's history. Tielil (ains 
without risk of dis.sipalion of the national 

eneriiv or of disiraciion from Ihe ['i-edominant At a very eaHy sta^re in the war it was 

putpioe. could not but be of value to ihn.^c arranged between the Imperial and Dominion 

who would receive It, and that it was not (I-'vertnnents that there should be no opp.t- 

imiio.<sibl,Mliat .-^uch trainiMLimiiiht ullimat.-lv >iti"" between tliem in the securing of a 

le tuiiud to accctnit. Hut the e.;uiIlpin^r of supi.i\ nt field «uns. U was atrnvd that the 

-uch i-orps wilh arms and uniform^ and the Covernmer.l should sup|ily the Cana- 

lrainin« of them were. luite a ditli'ient matter. '''i'" Artillery witli lield L'uns of ('vt-rv type. 

The Covernnient was faced bv a need that i'"^ ^\*'" '» ''"' ammunition tlierefor. This 

was certain. The */'r home iruards arranut'ment has been .sitisfa-'torily carried 

was nut certain. In \menilnT the Militia "I't- 

DepartnienI issued for publication a stati'- MiU'hini' (iuns 

meiit >ettin^' forth that a lar^e force of 

enlisted men would lie ke|)t constantly in The ne<'e.ssity lor an abundant supply was 
Canada, and that as ihe\ emliai"ked for the realized, and from lime In time \'er.\ larm- 
fri nl their places wouM be tilled b\ nlheis; mimliers were ordered. In October of litj 1 
that allhouyh laiv demands liad bi'en made an oi>po:'tnnil\ ar«i.- ■ to actpiire li.'Ml (tf these 
upon Canada's ston > tA' arms and ammuni- jiuns. They were onh-red the same day. 
lion, ample remained for her defence. There .\nolher order was ^:iven durinu the aulunm 
\\f\v l.'iii piito of ailillci>. fxi-lusive of li\ed and winter and very considerable orders 
or moveable aimameiils of coast di fences. ihirinu ihf sprin^r and siuntner of l!ll"i. 
more than ."lU machine eun-^. 1 l:l.«il)(iiilU'sof a Hut with a world at uar deliveries were 
cla.'S ipiile sullicienl bir the appieliended necessarily soniewhat slow, llurini! li'I") ample biy yim anununition. and deliverii-s ui're hastened ami b\ fall were 
nearly liu.noit.noii rounds of small arm am- fairlv well in hantl. Durini! ihe summer of 
numilion. Meanwhile ihe mamil'acturin^; of lltt."i. owin^i I" ihe pres-s emphasizing the 
uuns. rilles and anununition was ymmu "i. vital necessity of a lhorou«h ei|ui|imetil of 
lUit until the suppiv <if modern arms, am- tin- < "aiiadian anniis with these muis, a popu- 
munition, clothinu ami accoulrentents had lar mo\ement was instiiuled lor the insurinvr 
cauL^hl up to the dematid the heparlineni of a sullieieni suppb , I'alriotic individuals 
would not be able to make is.sues to any of olfered to conlribule larjie sums for this 
the 4orps of home u'uanls which had spruiin purpose. The ;iu\ernment of Ontario made 
into existence since Ihe bejiitminj: of the war. a similar proposjd. and ll.rouuhnut ihe 
These could M'vvv a.-* schools of military i-ounlry various eonununities vtenenuisly .sub- 
instruction ami. a?* Micli. wnuld prove a wel- si-rilwui fiUMi-s fur ihi.-* objecl. The I'rime 
come addition t)i the afnted ?«lrenirth of ihe Minisler was absenl in Km-laiid, hul his 
nalioM While it wa> recoimi/ed thai the colleagues endeav ored to make il clear lo ihe 
lortnalion of Mielt corps would serve ■<■ Canadiiin |H>op|e ihat an ample .s||ppt> nf 


O I, r If cnv s i n I h r C r r <i I Wo f hi W a r 

machine jruns had heen (inltTcil and that tlirsc When tlu' t'lrsl survey was taken lo securi' 

w(Hild he paid ftir imt (if the Canadian trea- inlormatiiin as to what the personnel of the 

sury. upon which {tro|M'rly fell the cost of new units siiould consist of. it was decided 

ei|uir)pinK anci inaintaininji tiie fiin-es In tlie tliat three ^reat brandies wert- necessary; 

!io!d. Tiuit was the j;*>vernment's policy. that is. Forestry Kailwiiy Construction and 

and (in his return, .speakinp at St. John. X.B.. ( 'onstruction. Thfse were ajiain suii-divided 

and on iither occasions, the Prime Mini.ster under their own administrative lieads to 

empha.sized it. 'Uit the spirit and impulse iiandlc separate i)ranc!ies of the work which 

whidi prompted the people couhl not lie came within tlieir scope, 

stayed, and it was considered that any The first requirement was MKN', ;uiil men 

attempt to stay it micht have been consid- who were titted. not only jihysically l)Ut tiy 

ered unjrracitms. and mijiht have lieen mis- Iraininn. to take up the nii;ihty task which 

understood. The^'ovemment. althou^^h it had confronted them. for. on the Western front 

made every necessary provision for machine there arose as it wi-re ovcr-niiiht. such a 

jnins. lieeply appreciated the sfiK'niiid earn- need for lumber, limlter. etc.. of all descrip- 

estness which prompted these otrerin;:s and lions, that it could not be met. 'I'iiis need 

the overtlowin^f and generous patriotism of became apparent after the ^reat battle 

the donors, decided that the monies received of the Marne. w' --n tlie tleeinu tierman .Vrmy 

shouhi he devoted to the purpose for which had regained enouiih of its morah' and (Ms- 

they were contributed. They amounted to cipline to turn to face their pursuers and to 

the mannilicent ^um of .$l,:i()r).7.')li.!»2. in- hold their trround. To do this they started 

eluding $00(1.0(11) from the Ontario Covern- to di^' in, and in a few days, from the iieljrian 

meat. coast to the Swiss frontier, an unbroken line 

l'nMI.-*iT»\ Ijviiuw rnv^^Tiii i ""^ trenches was tiMed with 'Icrman^. The 

I lU.N .\MJ t.u.NMKi i.l iu\ forests and timlu-rs. in many eases taking as 
In former wars the numlicr of ujen thrown mui-h as tliey could with them and I them 
into hattie by the opposinj: armies, in most in huihUnu their own trenches. 
i' did not attain vireati-r numbers than in It then l)ec ime necessary for tin- .Mhed 
tlie thousand>. Most of the re(|uired materia! armies to meet like with like, and our yreat 
for the proper carryinji out of a hattie or an >ystem of trenches was tiien cimstructecl 
operation was available in the imnieciiate below earth level. I'Yom that time to the 
surroundinH locality. Trench work, with iis \ery end two vireat armies faceil t-ach other 
nect'ss:»ry timherinn. tunnellini;. ilu^-out.-'. from the trenches. Not a move was made 
sap.s and mine.s. all of which in the present- on either side without the ultimate objective 
dn> operations form a very ureat part and heinn a trench line, either tliat occui)ied liy 
lake a very hi«h position in altainin^ the i he enemy or .Mime line in his rear. This wjis 
ultimate objective, were |iractically unkutiwn. what made it necessary tti form spwial 
In the old days a liarrieade formed of Korestry I'nits to cut tlie timber and saw the 
loirs or trees felleil on the iirnund was possibly lumber necessirv to Ituild new trenches, 
the (miy timber or material t>f its kind that dun-outs, mines, etc.. and to keej) the old 
w;is ri'ipiired to hold the enemy in check. ones in repair. To net these men. in tlu' 
X(i special unil.-^ were reiiuireil lo do work of whole worhl there was no other place to turn 
this nature, but some times a whole company but to Canada. Here from i'oa>t to eoasl 
would Ik- specially detailed to perform what we hatl and it seems that I'rovidence .supplies 
was required to be done. our needs when that tieed comesi ijreat men, 
This jn'eat war. however, which \\n> both phv>ically and mentally, wdl-lraineil in 
htvn so .lucct'.ssfully brounhl to .i condusiitn tln'ir art. and the call wa.'- M-arcdy mounded 
by the jrranil copihinalion ami mulliplicily of that Foresters wt're neeiled when tlie recruit- 
forces of the .Mlii-d po.vers. had not pro^ires.sed in^r otiii-es were llooded with a|>iilications. 
very far. until it was found by the Cenerals in Thou.sand> were a-repted. bul thousjuids 
churn** of the operations tliat the old regime. weri> turned away, many on account of their 
in matty ways, was not equal to the tusk. ajie anci many f<ir pliy.sjcal (li.Hjdality. in 
could not shouhler the re.spon.sibililies and nuwi cjiws caused Ihrouwh sinw accident in 
could not bcKin to nui'l the ohlinations tliat connit>tiou wiili their <-allini!. To Canada 
must lie met so many times. almo,^i inslan- alone is due the credit for oruani/inu the lirsl 
taneously. so it was ileeided thai to nin-t Fore: trv Cnit.s in the history of warlim*. 
these emirwencies. new units, lieretofore un- Unnudier-Ci'm ral Mel louL'al was the man 
kiuiwn. nuisi U- fornuHl to meet the new wiio was put in mnutiand He then oruani/cd, 
n'iiuin'inent.s. .•H-ki-tinu a.-* his K.\i'euti\i' tUlicers men of 

171 183 


i-liiliM-, litis. TranKft^rnl ( 
i> i;ir<l llBtlallim In Vnatr. 

t \1 XKHliT W. f 

i. r A. M>i 

Knli'tril i>. Ma^lim 


Um.1 l.t t>at«'r 

III Mlh llraV> 

lUilMV 111 Julio. HUT. \t<' : 


r r«MWnt-lk I Ml 

I'u ll'O Ml l» 

llaM*ln<t< t..lM»l It. iM imih llitiat 

V». ill IranWnrMl <.. KF< |ii-»«.l*f mm ^r- *• *.«! |-Hti.MUf> m« it>*il«>>lr 


(') ,1 .- He ri>r s ; „ I I, r C r ,' n I \V n r I il W a r 

lonn expt'rifiuv in thf lumherin.e iiusiiifss in uounlrit's over which it. was to 1k' fniij;ht 

Canaila. and ihfsc men wiTo put in cliarjrt'ol' werv nt't-witrked with systems of railways, 

the various details in eonneetion with the Wherever one mifiht j;o, tliere was a railway. 

Fnr,.str.v(;nrps. Th. p;'r-"nn.: nl . F.ireslry ,„ ,;,.„„.,„,. „„. , ,,,i|„,,,. ,„t,„, 

L"',r "r"!;'m' '" ""V'. r "'-"''i; i'"'''^" wen- hii.l nut and planno,! to im.i.t the 

Statr „f Ollii-ers ana its ( nmpaiiv () heers. „ ,i„,„,,us „f il,is war. l.ints «<.re l.uilt 

A number of ilH. ,.llu-ers must liave lumhmn« .^|,;„^, ^^.|,_,,|^. ^^j,,, ,|,^, ^,|,.^,,^,^, „,,j,,,., „,. 

or milling e>^P™nee The men are seeete.l ,„„,.,,,.i„j, „,,„|„ |v,„„ ,„„, ,i,|,, „,■ (;,,,,nanv 

.rom all branches ol the lumbermK t a<ie, „_ j|,_; ,„|,,,,. J .^^ ^^..^^ ,|,„^,, ,|^,,. „„, ^^..^^ 

ineki.iniK swainpers a«. men sawers, rollers, |.^,,,,^ , .,^, ,,, .,,, ,^^ ^,^,, f^,,,,^ .|.|,,.^,, 

teamsters, eooks an,l mill hands. ^^.^,,,,. J,.,^.,,,,,, |.;,,,^ .^„,| i,,^,.^,,,^.,!,,), |i„^,, ,„„i 

■I'hc lirst Forestry I'nit .sent ovcrsea-s was ihi're were (.Teal railway eentn s, each manned 

the -Jl-Jnd. which .s;iiled from tjuebec in thi- I'.v ^m'" trained especially for the iiurpose. 

carK .sprlni; oi' WKi. Other unit.s \yer(. The .\llie.s. however, hail no .such prepara- 

forn-ed :,.s rapidly as they could be .-ecruited ii„„ ,||„| i,.„( („ ^,^^, „.liat was available in 

and were later organized into Briiiades m ,„„st ,..,,;,,s p.^n^ „f \,rMu-\\ lines, parts of 

Knjand and 1- ranee. These were anain trunk lines and their connectinj; links. This, 

divided into Companies, and in most nuses ,,., ,..,„ ,.,,,j,|i|^. i,^. ^j,.,, i,,^..,,,, .j,.,, „.hile the 

each company acted separately and was sent s,\\\,.^ 1,^,1 u', make shift to cnmev men and 

lo a separate part l.> operate .some lo .suppli,.s and had to meet everv obstacle that 

Sc.llaml. .■.onie to M-ance an. some remained i;,,n„;in imenuilv could pul in their wav. 

in Knt'land. I he forests in places were ,1,,, ( ;,,,.|„ans tlumselves had the full advan- 

cui by our I anadian men nit.i the reMuiivil ,.,^,^. „|- pre.;,ri.;,„m.d plans and well con- 

malenal.and lo'heiniiooneof nsknowshow ^in,,.,,,,! raihvavs with their ec|uipment at 

much credit IS due lor the ultimate successful (|„,|,. i|io|i,s;,i, ■ 
[ermination of the war. It can be sal'elv .said 

that without thiTO and where could ihev 'I'o meet Ihis emergency a hitherto un- 

have been replaced thou.sands of lives more known iiint in warfare wa.s orijanized that is 

would liave been saiTiliceil and pos.siblv new known as a Railway ( onstruction I'nit. 

monlhs more would have been rei|uired to Aiiaiii diil the war lords of the .Mlies have to 

defeat the eiiemv. Mav we not hencebirth tiini lo Canada to uive them what lliey a ulamour of romance an.l advenlurc needed. In Canada, where railway buildinj! 

around the lumbering camps and Ihe men had iiol yet reached its highest )i"int and 

whose lives are spent in them, which has where three ureal lines, each over :!.(Mlli miles 

hitherlo been lackinc. for have ihev noi in len;;lli. had been constnicled from coast lo 

proven bevond a doubt that the .spirit of coast, were biund Ihe men who knew how to 

romance and advenlurc. and of a Ureal build railroads, and they noi only knew how 

Ideal, was in them bv whal thiv did when the lo Iniild Ihem bin how to builil Ihem well 

call was sounded? and .piickly. 

When the battle of Waierloo was foniilit ■','!' '""''' niilways across Ihe .iiiiel plains 
il was biUKht in a rcstrided area. There "[ Wcslern I or ihroimh Ihe Kocky 
were no railroads to ,-onvev supplies lo ihe Moimlams or ihroiinh Ihednlariob.rests.was 
opposing armies, nor were there anv rail.vavs ■' '"•i'>':f "< companitiv,. safely anil a busines.s 
for Napoleon's troops lo use in their IliKiit '•"t<; nil to take a battalion com- 
from the liel.l of defeat. Had there b,rn l"'"'"' ','' ''•\' •'' '""'''''''"■ *'"•'' f f.™!"''' 
railwav.s. piThaps NapoU-on would have sue- ""'IV ^l'"^''' '"':"■ l'':""^!''!-*. ['x'^ 'Inllers, 
ceeileii in «cttin« far ,Mioui.h awa^ to reach a'T^ ^''.'xk a.\ers. elc. who were un- 
safe place and so have evaded his later capture "••,","'■'' and uiidisi-ipined in Ihe sense that 
bv Ihe, llwinu to the fa.'l Ihat there soldiers are ihsciplmed and Iraineil to stand, 
w'ere no railroads, the battle of Waterloo was 'I neces.sary, to face the lire of the eiieniy, and 
fouKht in a reslricted area and supplies ami "f""' l'"''-'' ""■"■ "'"">, I"'"'/- ■" "'K'"- "."I' 
men were moved l)V horses instead of ""' '"'i',"' '""••lri|''ti"ii "f a railway spur which 

would be needed Ihe next day for conveymn 

This world war. ho\vi>\'er. was planned ainminhtion and supplies to the men in Ihe 

deliberateh on a ;iiKantic .scale, a .si-nle trenches, was a ditb-rent matter, for, instead 

hitherto unknown or even dn'amed of b> of the golden sunlight of Canada to iiiiht 

the ttcirlds' tactiiians. and the one liieir laliors there svere only the star shells 

Ihin^t lliiit niade it possible to plan on such and lliin-s .sent up by Ihe (iermans for Ihem 

an enoriiious .scale wa.s the fuel that the to work by. anil, sometimes, wliili' at their 


Our II I' roes in I li r Cri'iil W <i r I (I W ii r 

labors the fleniliin artillt-n- wiiulil pour upon Cvinada's Patriotic Kfforts 
them a rain of shells, tearint; up the work they 
had eompleteii, killinn and maiming the toilers 

themselves; hiu were they afraid, did they .\ow that the men had aone Ui do their bit. 

stop their work an,l leave the line um-om- ;,nd uhile ( was determined to leave no 

peed No; it mattered how manv .„„„,. unturned to reinforce her armv at the 

shell.s the (.ermans Hunt: at them, it maltere.1 f,.„„^ ^|,^. „,„„^.„ .,„,| ^.,,j|j„„ ,„,„i,; widows 

icK how many were kille.1 or wounded, the .„„| ,„.p|,;„„ i,,. ti,}., ..^uel war were not 

line was eompleted and completed at the ncL'lected 
lime it was needed 

On ever\ liand patriotic citizens were 

li .ill could be written and sail! that miithi '.livlnt.' wiliinuly to anyihinc of a Patriotic 

be written and said about our Railway Clin- nature. They were determined that the 

slruction I'nits. many a tale of hemi.sin families of our hoys must be taken care of 

would be unfolded iiut as is u.sual with that and thai nothinj; was too jjoed for the family 

cla-ss of men tlie\- performed their duties in of .lack Cam . 

France uniler the shell lire of the eiienn as ,, ... , , .■ , 

uuietlv and unconcerneillv as thev had 'pet- Many associations were lorined lor the 

formed tluir duties at home in ( anada. The^ I'!"'",""''' "' "■li"'|"l-' 'l'-^ i-es... tmd the greatest 

did not no with the idett of atttiinin^. mililarv ',•) 'l',"^" ^fi"' I,';'- '•'''.'^ ''"' ' ^'."',"'''f.» ''"■■'"'"■ 

Klorv. but thev went because tluTc was '-""'.I-. I I"' Ke.l I ross Society lived up to 

work to l„. ilone. ami how well thev have '[-^"I'tion.s. while other leajrucs ihrouKhont 

done it! One has onlv to ,-ead the reports 'I"' V"|'.'"7 7"; ':'™'"l ''V '"''^'^ "■'"' -'•'^■'' 

that have lilled the pa^'cs of our newspapers ""^l""">uly "' 'I"'"- tm"' •""! '""»"•■ 

from day to day and the ollicial reports of The Dominion and I'rovincial (hivern- 

.'^ir Douglas Haic himself, who has jiiven ments' uifts to the Mother Ciamtry in order 

special mention of Railway Construction to help relieve food conditions are iis 

I'nits. to piin a small idea of what thi'ir follows; 

work has meant. ,, . . ,. ,„, , ,, ,. 

On .\unust ii. 1111 1. the (lovernor (.eneral 

Here anain let us throw a (ilamor of cabled the British (iovernment; 

romance ami a<lv,.niure over the men of the ..;\,,. .„,,.i„.,, „,uest me to inform 

Railwa.v onstritction I nils who went away ,.„^, „,.■ , ,|,^, ^^, |^, '„|. ,.,,„,„|,, n,,.,, ,, 

to unld the path upon which their brotluTs n,,.!,. ,;„v,,,,n„enl desire to otb.r one 

of the c.mbatant forces were to pass. ,„i||;„„ ,,.,j,^ „,■ „„„, „,• „i,„,iv.Hi;i,i ,,„unds 

In addition to ihe Koivstrv and Railwav Vi"''' f ■' «'f' ,'" ","' l»;"l'l""f ll"' l'"il'"l 

Coi,..t ruction Tnits there were two Construe- 5!"K'''™' "".'"V.'''"'"' "' I"' 'h.spo.sal o| 

tion Battalions, the lirst and .secoml. .sent His Majesty s (.overnmeiit and t,, be 

overseas. The.s,.s battalions were,l as for such as the> may deem 

labor units ami |ierl'ornieil, one mijiht say. expedient, 

the iiecessiir\ labor required in the main- ,. . ,- n • i .i ■ , 

tainini; of the mval camps throtij.thout llie . "",""' '""""H't-' '.'Y, ,'^'"'' "'liLv was n- 

counlry. There were, of course, other eeivedlromthelmiienaK.overnment; 

labor liattalions lornicd in Kni;laiid and "(hi behalf of the |ieople of the rnited 

hrance. but only iwo Canadian Cmts Kinjtdom His's (iovernment ac- 

were .sent. ,.,,|il., with ilei'p m-alilude the splendid 

Their duties were the building and iv- ami welnime ;;ift of tlour from Canada, 

pairint! of hinhwav.s. drains, pipe lines, con- ^^l'"'' ."'" ."' '.'' "'•' f".'f "-;: <'"' '1"' 

strucliim of buildiiiKs. etc. in fact, thev .seadynm ol prices ami rebel ol di.strcss in 

were available and coul.l be called upon ami ""■■' '■"V"tO-. We can never loiyel the 

d.'tailed to perbirin almost anv class of work wnero.sity and promptitud.' ol his mfl 

which does m.t come umler the ordinarvrou- '""! ^l'.'' Pi'lnctt-m ffom which it 

tim' of the .ombatant,-, Thev have taken "pniiK-". 

their place and taken it well, and wire a \y„ ,„, „„, f„||„wi„„ f,.,„„ ,, ,,„„|,i|,,tion, 

mrc.s.s;,ry part ol ihe tnnch.tie. no m r lum ,„ ,,^. .,„, ,.,,„^,„ Departmeiil. emliiitf 

insiKiuhcanl a part It may have been. Ihe ,,iih M'u-eb list I'iKl 

KHlniiK! of some objectivi. may have depeiideil """ '^'•""' ""'■ '"' 

upon some man with a pick or a shovel, who The funds included in the coiniiilation are 

can tell? tliirt\-three in nurtiber. iiiunelv : Tlie Patriotic 


// .' /■ < 

• II 

<irin/ W <> I- I il W (J I 

Fuml; (lonalicins by tht' Dnniininn (Joverii- 
nient lo tlu' ('.oviTnnu'nt uf the I'liili'd Kinji- 
(lom; llit^ Canadian Kt-il Cmss; thf Brilish 
Red Cross: (■(intrilmlinns for nuu-hiiu' ,mins. 
tield kiU'lu'iis. I'u'ld amliulaiKt's. fU-.. inadi- 
ti) Canadian Kxpi'dilionary Foilvs; Beiiiian 
Relief; Serbian Relief; Set'ours National ; 
Comit.* Franeo-Ameriquc; Soldiers' Comforts. 
Field Comforts Assoeiation: CanadJap War 
Continuent Association; the Maple Leaf 
Clul); the Reeruilinu Coinniitlee of New 
Brunswick: the Aeroplane Fund of Winni- 
peg:; the To'iaeco Funds Toronto I'niversity. 
(Queen's I'niversity ; French-Canadian Hos- 
pital; l.uton House: Seamen's Hospital; 
(^ueen Mary's Hospiial; Cliveden Hospital 
■ certain direct contributions not included in 
the Red Cross Fund ; Sir Sandford Fiemin,! 
House; the Scottish Women's Hospital: th 
Women's Hospital Shiji; and other Military 
Hospitals. !n addition, certain expenditures 
by municiiJal council,-^ and nthiT bodies made 
for local and other purposes in c()nnection 
with the war. di.stinct from the above funds 
are included in the total. 

"U will be seen." says the Census 
Report, "that the total eontributions in 
monev and in kind to which the valuation 
hail lieeh attached approach $2S.UI)(>.lillll: 
a sum which does not include the con- 
siderable quantitio »if materials donated 
to certain fumls on which no value lias 
been |ilaced in tlieoMicial records hut which 
doubtless run into .several inillitms. On 
the whole, il Would seem safe to sav that 
uji to March :nst. litKi. fully $:!;1.0()0.(I0II 
had been donated by tlu' people of 
( 'anada for patriotic purposes and dellniti' 
pledges ^liven for several millions in addi- 
tion. This, moreover, docs not include 
the clonatitins to miscellaneous objects, or 
individuals for which no or^'auized api)eal 
was made." 

The Patriotic Fund and the eotnbined 
donations of the I tominion and Provincial 
(lovenunents head the with totals of ovt-r 
nine and a liatf and four and a half 
millions respectively, with the Canaclian Ki'd 
Cross Fund third, showing a lolal of three 
and a lialf millions. Contributions for ma- 
chine muis and other militar\ ei[uipnieni 
approach a total of twn millions. whilM those 
to tin- British ked Cross are only slightly The Belgian Kelii'f Fund approximates 
a million and a half. 

Hy provinces. Ontario has contributed 
over thirteen millions, tjuebee over four and 
a half millions, Nova Seotia over a million 

anti a half, and Saskatchewan. Alberta and 
British Columbia close upon a million each, 
to tile r*atriotic Fund to March :Ust. 191(i. 

liritisli I'oliimli; 




N,.\\ Itri.,. ivi>-k 

:i2!l.UH 40 

Novit S<-(Hia 

4i:i i;u -i-.i 

1,:m,:J;l7 lio 

52 .282 Hfi 
■J, 4:15.484 8;! 


44li.21t:t .S4 

Nut Sei.;iraU-.l 1 

.y i'rovin 


Kriiiu <';ina(liitti Putriotic 

Fund $ 

Ib.'JTl 6-J 

I'ul.lir SiTvifv nf ( 


es.OlJ:! :17 

- InltTPS! 

<)l.:)li2 til) 

- Yukon 

■J4.JfiH ;i5 

CJreiii Ilritiiiri 

2 -241 ;w 

I'nitwi Stalls 

11.544 5fi 

All Cunailu 

* y.554.;ia! kt 

rthtT contrihuliniis ot mill 

juiin have 

■ heeii plediied. 

>iiTitrtii ;ili)ni- toMlliiik; fhJ 


ibiiiiitiis liv Doinliiioi] 

I LI lid [' 

rmiiuLiI (;.i 

nii'iit ii» Impr 

riiil (;ovi 




272. OOU UO 

llriiish Columliiii 

102,-24fi 84 


160,620 Oil 

Nfw Urunswirk 

120,041 86 

.\ovii S(T3Ua 

100.000 00 


»6.»yo 75 

IVitK'c Kdwiinl Islatiil 

72,072 y4 


ti2;i,897 56 


.I47,;i81 00 

N'lit TiiiiraUMi l.y rri)vini 


2.8(1(1.0(10 Oil 

$ 4.i1!i.^,k50 84 

I'lu' CLiiKidiaii U>-d Cr 



S 4(i »7:i Hit 

Unii.ii (-.ilimilMa 

7:t.y75 57 


120.116 10 

Ni'u Mniiiswii'k 

T,5«T 58 

NoVil Srntia 

74.802 Ml 


2 i.!U.22;i 42 

frin.-.- KdwanI hUu.d 

20.000 00 


206.:i67 »4 


50.006 60 

.Ml Camilla 

J .! .^1.92:1 y5 

llrliKti H.-d Cn.sH 

I'll lid 


$ <i 584 ;l.i 

llntiHh <'ului)d>ia 

12 :I02 17 


15,000 00 

\.-w llrimt.wi.k 

I6.76H im 

N>iv:i S<n)lj;t 

H5 51 1 24 


1;! 26 

I'nri.'f t;ih\aril Mimd 

5.SKN 6!) 


2:1:1. 270 40 


I4.yi;i 77 

Ail Ciiiiada 

$ I .>*84.0:t2 84 

NnTK. 'riif iiIhivc lul>l>> i» tii Sfpti'itiluT :tO, l!U5, only. 
Taki-ii friiiti Ariiiiiul l(i>|iur(. " KntlmiitiHl Unit hcvitiiI liiindri'd 
thDiiNiind dullarH tinvr nIiii'i< Ih-i'ii MilirrilKHl." 

CnMiriliiiliiMipi fur Miichinc (iuiin and ti) MIliMry I'tiitn. 
iin rfiNirlcd )>y Militlu l>i'tmflim>iil. 


t h 

■' (I t Wo )■ I (I Wa r 


Tlritish f/oliiniliiii 
New Rrunswi(K 
Nova SojliH 
Prini-e Kdwar-i M;ii 



Hrilish Columiiiu 


Npw Brun-wU'k 

Novu Sratiii 


Pritii-c K.ittiinl I.-liiiid 


Not sc para I I'd hy I'riivir 














lliari s|icfiliHi 1 '^n't Ml Oil 

Similiir .■(imriiiiiiions in Novn Si-..ti;i I !l|ti r,77 :!! 

SiiTiilur riiiitriliiitioii.* in -Manitoba Ilio 'iiii iiu 

SiimiTiary .,f dmuda's Cilfls and (:»iirribii[i<iiis li> 
March .tist. I'Mi.. 

I'mri.itir iMiiiii j; !i,r>j4.;'M (JT 

r)nnuni(.ri and rr.)vini'i:il (;o%cniiTi.'r<ts (.lifls 4 H»o.S50 >i 

Cana.iiaii lii^d (■n),.> :i.o;-:( ICt Ci 

ISritisii Kl■(i^^>^N 1 . ss4 , ./[-J M 

Machinf (luiis, otr , , 1 .0:;:l,-.>45 V2 

H..|;;ian Keli.-f 1.45!),5-JS 75 

.l.'wi.di Kflicf 10;{,ii;!i OH 

\'arioiis Hospitals . . - ,. 5;ifi.704 00 

MLsccllaMTOiis 4-11!*. TiHi 01 

isli ColTiTiiitia 


. Hriinswi.'k 

rtluri^ ldi'in*!Jahlc 



All funada. 

Tilt- lni>[)ilal funds inrlui 
Tiininto rnivcrsity 
l^uei'nB rniversity 
Krpnch-Canadian Hnsiiilal 
Wiimfn*,' Hnspiial S!d|i 
Lutnn Iloust' 
Seamen's Hospital 
Queen Mary'K Hospital 
Sanford Fleminj; House 
Cliveden Hospital ■ Dir»-(i 
Scottish Women's Hwpital 
and others. 


nritidh rolumbia 


New Bninsiwick 

Nova Seotiu 


I'rincp Kduard l.-lai 




N..t .^eparat.'d l,y I' 

All Canada 

The pri'i'i'diuB rornprise; 
Sei-Durs Nalinnalc 
'I'olia'-i-o Fiindx 
Acroplime Fundu al \Vinni|«'K 
Nt'W [tnititiwirk Ki'iTiiiiiuk: Coininittei 
Soldiers' Comforli* 
SoldiiTs' (iazeite 
Serliiaii llelief 

Cuiiitdiiiii War Cuniinut'iii Asxorintiori 
Winiiipeu Telt-urain llelier Ktind 
WinnipeK Ketiinied Solilirm' Fund 
I'leld < innrorls Av*iit'iallon 
Cntnile France AmiTiipie 
Calvary Kiiropi-nn War Veteran.'' Aw 

:!:>.-, w 




? i;4:i,4r.4 4o 

1)1)11 (III 




2.S«0.I)IH) oil 

000 00 

7.L'lli >•■ 

!)ti7 ys 

1^.177 no 

06:i 3iS 

411 :!li;! ■-'7 

iTZ 00 

40.:!!;:! i;7 

■.im J7 

4f«3.o:;6 o:) 

mo 00 

:iiio 00 

:i, 2:17, 806 W) 

i.OIH) i 
I Vt-1» {■■ 

Additional Contributions in Kind 

Tlio contrihutitnis other than in money to 
the vnrious War Funds have been literally 
innumerable. All manner of arlicie> have 
been furnished ami in lar^e ituantitii>s. 
(.'lothin^. beddinjz. linens, fond, tohaeeo. toilet 
articles, and an enormous i|uantity of hospital 
and suryical nialerials. Kroin amipti^ them 
mav be mentioned: 

: 17: 

' Handkeri'bii 

l>'J S.m Sbirls 

llil .'-1'7 I'liirs o( Sorks 

1SI,S5» PiUowi* 

174 445 Towels 

l,4'JL» rackaites of 'rob. 

;i7,l,''l lioxesof KuiabU' 

lL'4 .\nilmlivnees 

<i:<,01l SponKc* 

50 (HtO Wimh Clolh^ 

•no. 112 Hantl^ws 

55fi !<'A llreminKs 

155 505 \Vi|i.-< 

■I'.-ZM SiiitHot Hospital 

0.200 Suruical Kil- 


These varied eontributions in kind un- 
tiuestionably approxinialed live millioiiH of 
tlollars in value. The total Canafiian eon- 

l-.i \Vmi«m II MiN»ii« 

K1.I1.1..I „. ii». i.iiiiii itan.1 1 

April Jl, i<M<\. An i:t. Trui- 
(wml lu imh llaiiilirin an imt|»t. 


•JnH-.t. N.ittMIS It. M. t'llAI 
Kiill>t»l III the I'ml lUllaloiii 
AlllUKi V l!IU. All' 'it K 
m .rh,,., .t,Vff".""i ^■■> '.. I 

I'rr li (1, MiUniiK 
t;> «i il..' Il'iili Itaiialiii. 
May .'1. i'UN. AMf JM, Wm 
t-rinrc wUh llio Ullh lialln 


I! < 


trihutinns i:i rash ui.l kind, tlit'ivfurv. lo thr 
nul "f Man-h, litlfi. as t-nmpik'd by the 
Ct'iisus Departnit'iU Inr tliu purposes ()f ihe 
prt'sfiU summary, after ilirei-t reference to the 
eentral eommittecs of the various funds. 
aii.uTe,t:ale thirty-live millions of dollars. Sinee 
Man-li :llst tin- rash receipts of the Patriotie 
Fund appearintr in the present talile as 
^li..")."! l.itSl.liT have lieen auirniented l>y ^2.- 
."jnd.lHIO. liu' total i-ash receipts to the end of 
-lune heinj; :<12.:JllO.(l(M). Tile various acti- 
vities of the Ked Cross. War CoiUinjrent. and 
otiier associations are proceedin;j[: i)liiian- 
thropic etfort has not la.irirei!. U may. 
tiierefore. he .<aid witli some certainty that 
the tracealile and known eon trihui ions of 
the Canadian people, in casli and in kind to 
the alleviation of distress cau.sed by the war. 
lias l)een from :!(> to :{S millions. The plediies 
for the Patriotic Fund alone are $lit.(HIO.(Hlu 
fitr the year li>l(». Over half this amount 
iiad l)een i»ai<l up to -lune :5i)tli: ^-I.oMO.UPO is 
still to he paid. 

And still the .stream runs on! The Trade 
and Commerce Department are. as this is 
written, arranjring transport for forty-six car- 
loads of Hour to the British (lovernment. 
The shipment is a .txift fmm the Saskatchewan 
drain Cmwers. The Red Cross Ass<icialion 
in its work of comfort, th l*atriotic Fund in 
it> work of justice to the dependents of those 
who havi' consecrated themselves to the 
nation, numerous other philanthropic and 
patriotic a.ssociations are tireless in their 
endeavors. The click (if the knitting needle 
is heard all o^vv the land. The nation that 
owns such men and women as we now know 
are ours can liec<tme jxreal. It is ;ioik1 to have 
lived at a time when the charitable impulses 
of the people ranked .-second only It) the valor 
of their soldiers and the\ M'cond to none. 

riie 0>"-''h'i- llnspilal 

There is a line hospital in a \i'rv lianclsonie 
building' at Xo. 7 Hue de !a Chaise. Paris, 
which is maintained by certain municiitalilies 
of the iVovince of (Quebec ancj by sulwcrip- 
tions of public-spirited citizens of these muni- 
cipalities for wounded French soldiei-s. The 
Prime Minister visited this hospital in 1!)15. 
anil met there Dr. Dubonet. who is in charu'c. 
and the nurses. Several liistiniruished French 
soldiers were there at the time, .some decor- 
ated with the Legion of Honor. 

(; r ra t \V „yl <l \V a r 

I/IIospk'e Canadien 

Immediately aftei" the outbreak of war. 
the ( lovernment of Canada, throut^'h the 
.\ctin^ Hijili Commissioner, was instructed 
to in<iuire of the French (Invcnmient whether 
it would accept from the people of Canada 
the irilt of a stationary hospital which Canada 
wipuld be i)repared to acquire, equip and 
maintain in France !"or the comfort of those 
who mi.izlu be wounded in the war. This 
hospital was established at St. Cloud in 
France, ami was foi-mally handed over to the 
services of the Fi-ench Covernment early in 
1915. It is known as I/Hospice Canadien. 
[t is under the command of Colonel Mip'ault. 
The entir" personnel is French-Canadian. 
The formal handing over of the hospital for 
the exclusive use of tile French was done by 
Sir Cieorjre Periey. Actini: Hitih Commi.ssioner 
of Canada, and t!ie occasion was honored by 
the Presith'nt of the French Republic. The 
hospital IS an excellent institution, with a 
capacity itf about 400 beds. 

Canadian Patriotic Fund 

On AujJTUst *Jlst. 191 1. Hon. Robert lioii^-v^. 
then Ministei- of Public Works in the Con- 
sei-vative Ciovernmenl. moved tor leave to 
introduce a Bill to incorporate liu- Canadian 
Patriotic Fund. 

The object of the Bill was to incorporate 
this "Fund" for the purpose of collectinj;. 
administering anil di.stributini,' funds for the 
a.ssistance in case of ueed of the wives. 
children and depiMident relatives of ollicers 
and men who. durinj,' the war. may be on 
active service with the naval and military 
forces of the British Kmpire and Creat 
Britain's allies. 

The scope of the Fund was. however, 
widened by a Hill introduced on February 
HJth. I!)l."). authorizing the Fund to atford 
temporary assistam-e to men invalided home 
and to widows of men killed in action or 
dyinjr on service. The to the appeal 
for contributions was most elVective, as will 
be seen from the followinjj report issued bv 
I he Fund on Di-cember :tlsl. lilllS. 

During tlu Mrst forty-one months of the 
vrieat war more than thirty-f<tur millions of 
dollars bad been contributed by the citizens 
of Canada. 


(liir llrroc.s i„ ihr Crrol \V <> r I <l \V a r 


I'tu. lo i)i;(:[,\iiii:n .iisi. I'MT. 


Comriliuiions u> i-vt-nin^; i.' Dci^.-iiiluT ;;ist. 1HI7 S;U . Iii7 . Kill -',> 

Iriter.'si ri-miltcl tlu-n.'witli 21!'.:;i;i 7:! 

Spediil Fund Mcimonitc i-initril>iiiiiins ..... 'i.Tn.", 17 


Ailv;uin-:ir.-.,iitil fnr ;iih aiU'.- |.. |ir;im■K(■^ ... ^IJ! .'':M .:H:7 -1") 

Ailviinn- .irnmtu fi.r :i(h;uuf^. .\li.|iiumi[.- r.)mrii.Uliiin>. v;/..: 

M;iti:'.t;i'iiicni •■\\<i-nsi->. Sr.Tia;ir\ V oiiii-,., \ 

■:|1:,1, I!'17, V.y !•:, 

coMPMt \ ri\ i: srvriMiNi in- luciii'is an!) iaim.nihh his oi- iiii: (:\N\t>i\N I'MKHiih: n^.n. 

MONIH in \UINIH. \NI> IdK \ I'lUlOll (II t UIM \ MdNIIIS IU(I\! SI I'll \l III H Im I'lU. 
in l)l.<:i MIll.K .tlsi, I<I17 

Half li.., Ilj-lnirsi-rm-nl- Kx.'t'ss PayiiH^ms !ial;iniv 

."^.■]>i<'iiii"T :ni s u>:..i;.-iti ^;l $ wmx; hi $J7.j.:i7:i \'.> •■? ::7:.,j7.'i !!■ 

(Iriolicr :;i :M7,.'.i:i :11 -iU.'.is] :!> - :;iU.5(>:i HI! :):'I,>:!7 l.'t 

NovcinlHT :H1 -■ii:. -li!' 117 IM' UW 1> - ^i.Vi J-IV ■">:' '.•\:.-l>- 114 

Di-ivitilHT :!l 1 ti.'i.s.l.-jj 1-J J7!i i\M 77 - 77> .'il7 ;i.'i 1 7,;.", m)1 :!!i 


.lainiiiry :ill MiJ.ti;i: >:i I:!l.>Ji; (Hi 

!-VI)ru:iry lis :!|ii.>-l.". ni l-")'i ni. 1:1 

.\liir.-li ;il ii:Hi,ii--l j:; :^7 .Sl'l ti:'. 

A|iril :iU. . ill :1>:. \-< ^71.111- >1 

Ma.v:ii ... ;-■:.. vjt 1^1 -VM •;;- -J 

-iiiiH'-'ii) i- :;:;>i.'i(i'j 7i 

.Inly :U lliii.ri;!! 1:1 ■:>:.. ".U .Mi 

Auj;uf=i;il 2'J2.;U1 T> ;M) \<>:, ->J 

S('|ilt'Tii!itfr ;!(! :isri.;iiil ii> IJd :!ilT !'2 

Di'ioiHTin :j»5 ;nii M r)7>. >.',.-> >> 

NovL'iiihpr III) rii;ii s-j:i :;j :l."i7,I.'iH ii> 

DcivniluT ;n 7il> IN] :i.". ."jlir) .Hit! IL* 


.liimiary :!1 i;>:l..HI7 Ji; rjli'i IJ- >n 

Ki'liniiiry lis >s:! 7-Ji;,7!> tils ■•!-. lli 

Man-li:(l 1 117 >iij -Jo ,V.!i .-.liii |-J 

A|iril mi . 7--_' •2\> II.- >i:;i :i:.l .M 

May :U -|.:..:i.!ti .> stiit :i7:l .n 

.luiii'illt 1, (»;■'. i.ltl 'Jii 77J.1IJ1 71 

.Itily :ii .'i57,:[riii [II 1 iir..".,ll71 :..'. 

AiiKiiM ;t| l.i; :i:i lini; !':!.| .Vl 

SfiJtvTiilii-r :i'i 77i;,llS7 Ml '."ill. :[!;■• 11 

Oi-IdIkt :M 1171;, (IhI) 74 .-*!*.! ,s7li :!.'» 

N'.)\.'iiiluT:tli iiTS (ML' 7S s:!i;.s.VJ lit 

i).'iT,iii..T .'n i.T.'.T.Tiri ;:i !n;ii..Mi7 i;7 


.raruiary:il ii.s;l -J-iil lis ii.'.7 IJ:I Jl ir* ^U> H 

[■■.'liniiiry -JS l.lUi.MH -1:1 'ii\* IL". 11 > lii7.Tiil nJ 

Marcli :il :;. Tills. li;[S :I7 .''!'.'), :i::l ii7 ■ I (iri.ilHl 7fl 

A|.ril:i(l siif*.;!,^!! :(4 ii.l4.s4T 14 411 4';ii U 

Muy;n i,i;7i:.(ii7 ii'.i i.iiM.iiii:. 7:1 1 i>7.:ii :i'i7 



:i.l! 1111 


117 r,:l 

lUU 111 


'i7l 111 

■m:. -11 

.->.•) 1 77 


iir.T 111 

17.-, 12:1 


vjl :i.-, 


s(i4 ;;7 


li7(i l:l 


S!i:l 54 


7(i:l (H 


7»fl 4li 


TIS 45 


ins so 


1:40 li:! 


174 :l!' 


lin 11 


l!IIS is 










































1 1 





■J 14 























, i:i;l 











1 IIL'.*. 

lilJ 47 

1 l!l:t 

:llli 4!l 


r.u ;i'i 

Uti."! 7') 

I .iih ih> I.HxhllalUIwi 

NawMlM 1), tmi. 

ITi.. |i. W. Mis..\ 

Auicu>>t it. lUl.V \tr In, \Vii> 
Wnunilnl nn SprlfRiW I, r.)|'> 


in Nuvi-mlipf 1\ lUlfi. .\»- Min-h K>, lltl.'i. ' AK" :IV Uvt 

indH <>n NiivFinlw 7, l!H7. i.vrr-ra.. pn AutU't l:!. l»1.">. 

Our lliruis ill II, I' Uri'iit \V „ , I il ]V 

+ K\r.-.-* Kfivirtls 



Kxii-ss I'iiyiiu'di-i 


1 "lit 4:1.-. :,'.> 

'Mti 4fiO 55 

1 W2 !t75 04 

7,15(I.:;4« T't 

>1I..111H ^2 

7-.1 '.III; ;15 

+ ■j-J.4i;i >7 

7.172.(iM «« 

1 :tiij.iiii:i 1* 

V.^ IIJO 44 

-r ■Ili:l.;'s.-1 74 

7..'>7ii.(i:iS M 

!in t::. .u 

1 iitii liiii; i-j 

iss.s.'id 7> 

7.;ih7,7S7 fi'J 

1 tiitu:. -js 

>i:t,iiM :;it 

1- (lL:7.!iti:i li!t 

^ tii:.,7:.i 111 

1 J7ii,it74 :!:i 

.s:ir.,4.Vi 2t^ 

. 4:il.lil.'i (t;. 

•.l.'ill :liiii tiii 

l.>M,!i:(r) li! 

>T!i.:(:i;t 12 

+ l,l)05,uyi> 411 

!t.45r.,si>:i 15 

«:i1 o»ti.i;!'(l tit 

i.1^ 14(1 ;i27 ;i4 


!l ir)."» !i(>:i l'> 

.lunt- :10 
July in 
AuKU^I .'11 
Scpn-nilior ;i(l 

N'ovftiilitT ;i» 
Dm-mltcr M 


CstiiiKJu (ifritTully U.-,-i|,i., 

(*iiii:iilmn I'airidl-i' Fiiiul A-«....hinivi ■: T.'i :t~2 >i2 

I'lll.Iii- Srrvi.v i.f Ciiniiclii 1 ti; .■•:»! 74 



ilritii-h CoUiiiiliia 


Nt"A llrutixuii'k 

Nuvu Six)ti:i 


I'rinif Kilwiipl l>l;iii<i 



Nurihwiwi Trrritiiritw 

(in-Ill iiritain 

SiHiial Kuiifi 


Iriitwl Slati-H 

H.-a<i Ollii-.. Caini-aii:'! K\1«ti-..- 

Itiit-n-*! ailil.ti III Hank An-niml 
Li-MH KffiiiKl of Hx|ii-ii!Hv 

Ati iiilililiiiruil amntirit n( tMt.tI42.tlU wiu puid liy tli<* Civil .^itrvicv at Ottawu to the Honorary Trt>ib«uriT ihntiiKh t)ir> 
Oiiima Upaiiih nf tin- Fumi ilurinK tin- vt'nr litlT. 

.Muiiituliii ri<i-<<i)itii anil ailvattri-t ri-|>r<'M>ni only lht> itinlriliutmri!! torHunlifi m ilii> Moiiorary 'rri'unuriT uiiil afltTM iipIk 
Imiiditl liai-k liy Iiitn lo that I'mx inn>, din- to thi- (a<-l that it In u M'purati- nntaniiutiiin. uhivli iiirlt'tn-riilfiitiy i-olltH'tN and dUlri- 
liuifHi ill* ii«ri fund*. 

SlWH-iiil Kuiid, Mi-iiiiunitt> niiiiriliuitnii of I&,703.I7, wiih dinlrilitiiisl iMjuaily uoionuNt llii> ihn'f I'ruirii' t'rovlixi'* nf Al- 
U-ria. Manlloha aiifi S;.^kul.-li.-wan. iiii-i i- iri.liid.-l i„ jh.- i.dMui.-r* «lM.wti alwur of lli.-,.. tiin-.. IToviiir.M 

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I'roviruiiil Briinrh. $ Ilil! Don iln 

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it. (,;. Dull Comimny IIHI m 

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MiHiiiwiwka t'ouMly 

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N'lirihunilKTiand Ka."! Chulhani 

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I.CIC. KmiiiiurcM M. mil. .11 

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DiinilniiiM Kxjin'S!' Cii. nm- iiuartir 

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lift, ((47 (ill St, JithiiCmuity ■ .iiM.Ti|.ti.m lr..n. Hr^m. h 

2i),H:l5 IH) Siiwi-s 

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1I.5;12 27 Clrarli.tti-C.miily 

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!' 124 25 Miiiliiwiioka Coiiiiiy 

2.02:1 Hii K<litiiiM.<i<>n 

in.:tT!> 72 NorihiitiilHThiiul Ka-l (')iatlmni 

17 )lli!< 22 l(i->li|[ini('lii' CoiiMiy iiiiliKliiiit <'iiiii|iI-iHi<>m iiikI HalhnO'li' 

\i mt\ IHl Vi.lDriii ('•iiiiiiy 

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illlimH ,V) York >iMl .oiiiiiliury Kh-ili-H.-loii 

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2 (ill -■<!i Kmiiluycw itf ('((iiuiliMit rat'tUi- IUiIkh> 

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iB-wi: 'f* 

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jil NiH) on 

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I'n.. Hl.Hsii.1' M.I 

Juti-. i;mt. ,\«r i-i W.-( 

I'll. i: \l..,i.i,r SI.U..1, A- L. Ml j.-li.K 

KtJt-i-J n, ihi- I Ji'iJ. HjUjI..™,t^J in ifn- L'fr.l Iljrlalirin on 

Vp' -I'. Kill.-.! Ill iiriniii III Vimj AucuM II, l-ill. Aip- iS. R»- 

ltiilin-<in Ajiril'i. II'IT lurnnl in Sin^^mliHr. IStfi. 

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■hi War 





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Mntitn-al M.wi 

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irift 4i!4 ::•) 

SI. John- 

!i ^H:l 1>4 


:il 4H2 IW 


Stf. Hyaciiillif 

T,;i-;i It" 

St. Mauric-r 

L'T 4(ilt in 

Twii MiiiinliiiiiK 
\ uiKlrKiilt 

\ «■^t■^ll'^^i■ 
Wriuhl iiii'l li||itu:i r»i 

I'rovliii'ial Siit>f<''ri|>l 
twin (/iii'tn'i' 

111 this i'.iu(Hy ihi' t.mii .if lln.vui-iln 
sum "f $4l>!t.lil>. This lias l..-..ti [,.ii<i I 
works i»[ ihc Diiininion.s fan ruli;<' < '".. 1 
till- Mi)iitn>al HraiK-h. 

iMtriliiiii-il lh<' 

Kclit'l iiilniiiii.»t<'rt'<l ttiniiiuli Quititi- 

i-«ti'rt'il ilirniiKh Kni-iTvillp 



















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111 ailililiim to NulKi(TiliinKl«llit<Nali(mal ('anai)iaii t'aTri«ii<- 
Kiimi. Hiiiitiiiutnii liii.1 larwi for it-* own >Ii>|i<-nil<-nts. 

K.'lul iihfn lliri.imh KraxTvili.- Knm.h 

Kflii't uivi'ii tlirim«li KrumTvilli- Ilrunch 

lli'lii'f jtivni tl-.rnuK)) Fnwrvillt- ItRnu-h 

l)( tlUM aimiiiiit mnn- than halt it millinii uiui fontriliultil liy 
Ik' (MMt. ('iir|H>ralioii ami (lit- cmiilityMM of the (M'.K.: 
;.T.K ; 1 I'M: ami tln' Caiiailiiiii f^pn-ss Cn. 
















J 14 



•im Oft 
:t.iiii| :it 

11 ;<^« KO 
• 44 
:i.llft 1)3 

:i mt (Hi 

KraMT villi- U iTiihiilixl jti lliis iimtiiy. wliii'h iiImi iiiviT' U>r 
nlii-' I'liriHt..-* tht' liiiititiiM n! Mataiif, itiinniiKki. Kanamr- 
atkii. I.'l<li'1 aii'l Motiliiiauiiv 

KiUitii'l. in IM. .'oiiMty, lia» aNo .'unti-il'i I fl.<Kl>' llir.xiuli 

Mi>Mli.',.l Mni>,.'li 

A lurllxT Mint riliiit inn of 9;i,:i:>ll rroin 4 It IIih.iIi < nmr 
iliniiiitli ilic oiiiiwii Mrani'h 

nil m7 

Si'MUi NoTi: III ii'lililiivi 111 il<i< iiinoiiiitF* <'rt«liti4l t<> itii-iii in tin- nlmvc, a Kirui- 1 il'<'r »l laiinii l|>"tiii<M in (/ai>l>iT 

I'nivlno' )iii\)< -I'lii 111 -111... rijiiiniio Oiroiiuli Mii> ijiu-liir Itriiiii I1 TIicm> havi- Ihmvi liii'linlfil )>y lta> latUT in llu'ir nwii iiilxirlt'- 
tiimo iitiil iiiiiir(|lt)||l.\ HiTi' iitiatilf til itivt> irioljt id ihi* inillvliltuil Miiitilri|tiilitii<a. Tlit-n- •tliiiiiM. liiim'V<*r, la' cnHlili-il in iliciii thi> 
•urn itf ii|>|iMtl(im(i-)> *::il.iNHi iHi whith hii- Im*«i< •mlititl io llii^i tlatfutcnl In HU¥\ff Ciiy uinl Ul-irii'l. 

•11 lilt' (I re II I W II r I il W ii r 



Of ihis amituiil (ln;t«;i ciiy rnntriliittcfi ttii> sum of Sl.lliH.- 
.)J5.7:!, imluiliiii; till. Civil ^(rv;ii)l'ssijlwcri(Hi()H.s()f?JJI.tMLMW. 












1)1 ;i<l'iilinii tlii> .■oiiiity li:i, f(.r -..l.ii.T .i,>)pi-nd.-i 
■.«,ii,iv:«iihii, il»!.„nliT. 


, ami A.liliiicloi, I-, 

M.itiitoiilin l>l.iii 


111 v^l 1 


nil !ii!t : 


!■< I.W 7 


T-J-5S!P ? 


1 1 1 I.5T -2 


■J^T.;^(IT 7 

I'iirry Soiiii-I Din 


!••* r.i:.i s 


!>ti 11)7 00 


2tio Mo tl.'i 

lilt r.7s ir, 

r'n-Hi-ott iiikI Kii 


I'C (Ml *•.•> 

IVitin- KilMiknl 70 

Itaitiv HiviT 

111 Sh:( nil 


'-i&.7i-i •> 


■jwi.tin.'i .lo 

SiMnnotit llin 

i|ii» mill 


It: rt'Mi ji; 

Stutlmrv HiNtriri 

l.IU' 1-J7 M 


I'll '"11 ti7 

riiiiiiidT (tuy 

:..i »Hiu' 1 1 


■t" ;:iT ^0 


.v«l I'M i:; 


,(7,; ■s.\t' oil 

\\ I'll mill (III 

■:m :.i 1 ^.-1 

W.'Pit*i.rtli (i.i 

tlU iKl'l 


1 n:. 7't'» .'rfi 


J wi ":.: J) 

IV>vliiiKa Swl. 



•M-* ;i;io .III 

Till" i-ounty iiiuiii'il tiiw an inili-tx'nili'rit, tinri-niiuriiniliirv 
^issDi'iaiioti iunl ran-^ fiir tin- sulilit-iN' rainili<>H thniiii;hiini ttii' 
niiuiiy nf Liiiitiln, oulsidi' iif St. (':ilhiTitii'>. whiili lily nm- 
iri)>i]ri-iJ ;i]] Imt $-tn.O0 of liw :i}«>\i- aiimini. 
OrKiiniwii in .luly, VJUi 

ThiTi' luiM ulwi liwn MuliscrilH^il from iWif liisirici ilir >iiiii of 
$l!(.l-»:..(l?t. 'I'lii-t lui.i lifi'ti jiuiil liy llic I'tnjiUiyw-s iu ihi' wiirk-^ 
..f (■iimiilu Kxi.liuivi'H U.i.. ami si'iit ir ilir<vit:b thi- M..iiirr;il 

Onlliii liii- an inili-|iriiili-n( non-nititrihnUiry a^-ux'ialin 

Till' •■nntrilmtiiiM nf lln' M«iul Nii^l- ('<•. aii.l il< i'ni|>li>.\.'.-s 
(u (tic Njniiimi! i'atmiiliui l'inrr<ili ■ Sctfiy ItuM) iifin.tifin-*! at 

!»...fnii«'r:ii, li'tr., tai2.,i7;i.o::. 

'fVC.I'.K. i'in|i(nytr.*M'i'iit«'ni ai Si'lhi'llin irii>nt<''[ ulmui 

fl.noii jHTyi'iir tii ihf h'linil. 

T1>l< in. hull- till, .00 (r»ni ihi> Muiiial l.ifv \-^nninii' (K 

I.I1T4 •i' 
i>50 5:1 
* KM 75 
I M57 51 











UU I tM It \t IK U) (IKt'K.I 

llorninmi, ( '..nirilmliiin-, f.'iltrO.M 10 
irllmu'il t(iri>iit:i> t(n' (liiau.i Mninifi. 

tli« Civil SitUiv. .'Ii'IurIm 


Knll'lfil In i>i>- '.'ri-l lUiinli 
i^uxuM. Iim. Ago V'.. M.I 


I'TK. Vnr.t:i. Mill 

KiiliM.-f >Ti Till- ."il^t llaiiw>, ,\K.- Knli.ii- 

I". T%M> yiiim (in ai-iivo wTvirf, \ei- 1>. 

Killiil 111 Hriliin on AuKUit 2H, HUT. Kill<il i 

i hl.KAIIll II. Mil. 


n Mii> l.'i;. I.wui. tUxh a! I'apt, Mnn. lUH 

Kiili.lp.1 »lih ihf KMh ItaitftliiiK m Knll.tMl In lh» aUTih IuiikIIi 

m Miruury, llilT. Arv ;hi. Wi»i« \|irll, IHl.l, Kgv an, WVnl 

|H.rt <in Ajifll -i:.. llll«. An-- ■.-J. Juni- IS. I»17 A|h> ii.'i. VkVM 

O u i 

f h V <; r r,t t Wo r I <l W n r 


A.iiiiBCitii'i' rciiiicriHl rcsidi'nts nf tiu' Aiii-iptii Cnlniiy whiisi' lirrail-wiiim'rs ;iri' scrviin; iti llii' t';iiiuili;iii Niiv:il ;iini Milititry 
Fnrros iinimiiiti'ii in ?n.rt71.-l!t. 

Tlic ManiiDlm I'atriotii- Fuii.l is ;i sopurutc orKiuiiziilioii. iiirorinirati'il uniiiT I'mviucial siaiiilc. Tlii'v work in iuirir.niiy 
and iiiHHi iilinn.«t iili>ntii*ai lint's with the Naiiunul Cunudian Pairioiii- Kuml. Where ihc National nririknizatitm rcrnvt'S monies 
from rtwidt'nis in Manitolia. these are remitted to the Manitolia ratriolic Kund. The an.cniiit reniitKni to December :n»t, 1917. 

Provincial Branch 

<"anaiHan Cacific ilailway Km|.lo: 

r.iand Trunk Railway Kmr'loy.^- 

rnniril>uted in liHti. 
Nonhwpst Mounted Polin- isee ( 
Ilominion Kxi'rrss Co. 




1 ;i:;.T,(m« mi 

1 't^iritKHi (III 

Ni.rih Aih.Tla licad.|iiari.-rs Kdnn 
Siiiiili Allicria beadnnarlers ('ali;ai 

1.004,S»ti Ml 
$ l,80t>.(>ll3 lli; 

1 .r>:;7,!ii> (is 

$ :|. 005. 1*17.05 

Dominiini Kxiin-^s <'oni|iany 



nKI'Msn COltMlllA 

Tsoim 01) on 

$ 711.(;«!l 7.S 

J. -100 0(1 
17-J :il 
l,:i4r).551 71 1.819.449 98 

J 1' 4-17.107 >H $ ;l. 499,44!! W 


The Yulion Branch cures fur the siiidiers' <lependent.t [hrniiuhniii th>' Tc 
Fund iriemim of $4fi.l'(IJ.i;.1. 

Tho (ianadian Kt'd Cross Society 

Till' Canadian Kt'd Cmss Society was 
fuimded in 1S!)(J and irn'orporatt'd in 190!). 
It is .suiH'rlUuuiN t'nr us n> state tlial the 
iilije.'t iif tliis iirviaiiizaliim is tii lurnisli aid tn 
sick and wiHiruicd int-n. in time of war. as it 
wduld lie presumptuous for us to attempi to 
more I'laii outline this work in the space at 
our (hspos;il. 

The Canadian hndy was founded as 
auxiliarv to the Militia nepartinent and tlie Ked Cro>s Sm-i.^Iy. and t«» eare for 
( "anadian prisoners of >var. 

While the splendid work of the lied Cross 
on the field of liattic is known in a neiieral 
way to every inlellijient per.'ion in every 
clime, we ifive herewith a few items that are 
mil w**iierully known. 

F-'or instance, it is not known to the 
averaiie indivitjual that the i'resident of this 
Society is Her Kxcellency the Duchess of 

it is perhaps known to few that the in- 
'•iime of this Society in 11*17 was $2,ir2.71!). 
and that during tlie year the Soeiety ex- 
pended $li.(»:n.l:{tl. It' will surprise a «reai 
many Canadians to learn that tlie individual 
care of wounded Canadians tliroii).di Infor- 
mation Itureau cost $7<H.(l(l(l: lliat it cost 
the Society ^'lim.diUI to care for Canadian 
prisoners of war: that the Soci<'Iy spent 
$-ir)O.U(lil for Imildinu and other expenditures 
in ctmneclion with the Canadian Military 

It will also interest not a few that (he 
[lUfehase |>rice of supplies was $:MK,()()0: and 
that the Societv made grants to Itritish and 
tither militar.\ hospitals of $7!t.tUHI. 


Oh > 


! „ f h 

■i,l Wurhl 

Xot the )easl intemstinj,' item is !li;U .»f 
$104,(100 U) tlu' h<.si)it:il in Frana': while uf 
the V.A.D.'s I St. John Amliulanee Brijrade 
cost $50.0lKI ami Red Cniss work in Italv 
L-(ist $:i(>.000. 

N'or is the work of this iireat ori:a!iizatinn 
confined to works of nieny on Uie field of 
biiltle and in ihe ho-;[)itais. Rijiht here in 
our midst, day in and day out. the menihers 
(tf the Red Cross Society are planning am] 
devisinji ways and means to alleviule sunVrinn 

The Society is organized hy Pi'ovinciai and 
I-ocal Branches. Tliere are eiglit I'rovim-ia! 
Bmnches and one tiiousanti. one lunidred amJ 
twenty Local Branches. Kaeii and vwry nne 
of these local hi-andies is doinjr i!s share to 
tlie Mmit. This may he judged from the fact 
that durinjr 1!)17 alone the Society shipjied 
overseas 54.957 packa.ues. includinji iiospitul 
supplies, jrarnients of all descril)tions. foods 
K'unned fruit, maple suiiar. can(h"es. etc. . 
motor amltulances and lorries. Tlie approxi- 
mate v;ilue of these paeka.izes was .>'4,)il:j.7J*5. 

The Canadian Red Society also 
helps tlie Allies hy makin;; gi-anls of money 
and supplies to their Red Cross Societies. 

The Ottawa Women's Canadian Chib 
at Work 

The patriotic work of the Ottawa Women's 
Cu)iadian Cluh dates hack to the invasion nf 
iieljiium and its suhse(iuent horroi's. After 
-some months devoted tt) the collection anti 
forwarding; of food, money and clothinjr to 
the Helnian people, work for the comfort nf 
the Canailian stihliers was also instituted. 
Some time later, in appreciation of the heroic 
service of the Navy and Merchant Marine, 
the eare of these men was added to (he elforts 
for soldiers and the title <)f the committee was 
chanK»^'<! to "Soldier's and Sailors' ( omt'oi-t 

With the advent of Canadians npnn the 
lirinu Hue in the siirinjr of 1015. twti new 
committees, maile nccess^ny hy the misfor- 
tunes of wai-. were added to the work already 
estahlishcd. One was formed to aid in the 
makint; of supplies for the Canadian Red 
Cross StH'ieiy. and since 1915 thisanitiunt nf 
work has heen accomplished: 

I 2:il Hwiiilnl Shirt.- 

-m l>iiy Shirts 

.' ii:l^ n..-|.iml Niiihi-liiru 

.' ".-.: Strwrl„.r /■«[■- 

Tile sphere of committees was 
greatly enlar>.'ed and extended wheji Sir 
(leorge I'erlev kindly virarUed In Iheeluh the 
Use of the present heudi)Uarlers, *J70 Cooper 

Street. To meet the exftenses of 
this huildini; .such as salary of the care- 
taker, fuel, repairs, etc. a House and Tea 
Committee was formed. .A simple lea is 
serveii on the broad verandah in summer and 
indoors in the winter, and hy this means a 
suliicient fund for the maintenance of the 
huiliiintt is assured. 

In the autumn of 1915 occurred the 
lra,i,'edy of the ;:ri'al Serhian retreat, am) the 
sympatiiN' '''f the ( 'luh members beini; aroused, 
a Serhian Relief Fund was opened and 
another Committee added to those a!ri'ad\- 

Some months later another Relief Fund 
was instituted in aid nf the unfortunate I'oles. lio(ne)e.>s and slar^iuiz <-onditi(»n was 
no pitiable than that of the Beljxians and 

In October. 1910. tlie pressinjr needs of 
the French Kmeiyency Hospitals having been 
hrnuL'ht to the attention of the Club, the 
I>atriotic activities were still further extended 
In renderaid. not only ttt the French wounded. 
but also to the refuiiees from the devastated 
districts. This was most sati.sfaclnry, and 
tlie Canadian secretary writing recently frimi 
London slated that e.othing had ever been 
received from this Committee that was tint 
of the very best in kind and material. 

A [Purchasing <'ommiltee was early found 
necessary tn deal with the large amounts nf 
MKiterial and .supplies nece.s.s;n'y for llie ruv- 
rying on of the club work. 

.\s our war conditicins have develoj)ed.and 
changes both at home and abroad, the range 
nf the Club's work has been constantly 
extended. The work of the Belgian and 
Serbian Committees is now administered l)y 
one < "onvener. th<' former e.xfjeiided on behalf 
of the starving Belgian children and the latter 
devoted tn the Serhian i)risoners of war and 
the refugee .Serbian Colonies. 

To the work of the Folish Ctmmiittee. now 
unhappily suspemied for a time owing to the 
cnndition of Ru.ssia. has been added the col- 
lections t'tir I'alesliiiiati and .Armenian Relief. 

Uuring the sunnner t>f 1917 the Club 
entered vi^ry heartily into the ean)paign for 
the proiiuction and conservation of food, and 
food |>ledi!e books Were t)pened in the Club 
buihiing. War gardens were also planted l)y 
the Soldiers' and Sailors' Comforts Com- 
mittee, one of which won (he Orayion Cup. 
^iven h>r the best amateur garden in the city. 
>^ The gift of a Ford motor iriiek enahh-d the 
Committee to sell its jiroduce readily, and 
tluring the summer jusl past a Khaki Hut was 
erected on tin- Uriveway to facilitate further 
the sale of these vegetables. 


lurrvl tu ihr CuqbiIiiiu t'uitmUy L'lw. 

mil UQ M«y 4, tui7. Vhuii M.M. 

<) ii , II , ,„rs /,/ t h , t; , , n f \V„ rhl \Va r 

I'ihKt lliis I'diiiinitlrc a (lirPs Mf/hauic-al u»'ll kimuti lo (■\cr>uin'. Most a|t|tri'i'iativt' 

'rraiis|Hirl class was hfld iliiriii.t' l!u* pasl U'llrrs arc rcccivcil from men in pfison camps. 

summer, fur wliich mure ai)plicatitins wcic and tVnm thnst' wlin may wrilc ninri' freely, 

received than coiiM be accepted. The ndjcer liavinu heen interned in lliilland ur Switzer- 

in cliaiye of this class expressed himself a< land. Kacli relurneii pri.siiner alsn liears 

vei-y hi^'hly satislied with the wttrk of tiie entluisiastic witness io the alwilule necessity 

memhers and iheic elliciency. ,A' this work. 

'riirouifji (he instrumentality of liiis com- Uuriny; the |iast Nununer a lemporary 

niiltee three motor amhulances havi' hei'.; committee was formed to aid in the re^fistra- 

iriven for work al the from. One, the entire tion work of ihi' Kastern Ontario Hranch of 

•iifl of Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Wiiitiiey of tlii.s iheXalional Resources ( ommitlee. and at the 

(•il>. reijuesl of the latter a canvass was made of 

In Htlti a V.M.f..\. Hut was erected tlie merchants an<l Inisiness oHices of tile 

liehind the (aiiailian lines in France at the city to ascertain the atiiounl of availalile of :*il.r)ini. and donations towards its help for farm work. 

Ujikeep are made frt>in lime to time. V,y this Mv kindni-ss of tiie Minister of Aiiriculture 

rommiilee a contrilniiion of .Slim per month and the Oireetor t:f the Kxperinienlal Kami 

i> made to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Free tin- Ottawa Women's Canadian ( luh. in co- 

hulfel in \'!cti)ria Station. London. Knirland. operation with the National Uesources Com- 

Koonis wfre furnished in the Sir Sandford miltei-. was eiiahied to hold the lirst farmer- 

Fleinini; Convalescent Home. The Soldiers' ette's in thi.- di.sirict. it is satisfactory 

.\i<l Conlmi.s.■^ion and iheilri'ai War Veteran^' to he al)le to record thai the farmen'tli's are 

CJul) Mouse here in Ottawa. rendering valuahle service. 

One ttf the most iniporlant lirandies of the The total value of the work ari-omplis|ied 

Soldiers' and Sailors' Cumforts Committee hy the Wonien'> Cana<lian Cluh as rendered 

i> that carried on hy the .-uh-commitlee to March ;il>t. llHS. under the War Charities' 

dealing with letters and parcels M-nt to Act. is appreciative of the .-U|)porl iiiven to 

wounded Canadian >oliliers. Tt) each of the the work hy the jn'ople of Ottawa and the 

latter a lettt-r of sxnipathy is sent, ami on district, which has made i>ossihle this satis- 

receipt of a reply a parcel of comforts \> factory result. Since the ahove return was 

despaleh<'d to the man if so desired. l*p to made the work has steadily continued to 

dale this committee has sent inT.ilKi lettiTs rU'Velop. and it is the hope of every meinher 

and ti.TTii parcels. These letters and parcels of the t'luh that in the future, as in the past, 

are highly appreciated hy the nu'ii. ami they may lii' enahled lo "rarrv on" until the 

many a lonely soldier has written to say that eoal of Vict<'r\ is reached. 
Ihe letter from I he Ottawa Women's Canadian 

Cluh was the tirst he had receiveil since he , ... r .■ I , I. /■..!. Ii . \ . 

wint ov -IS ■• s kimihts of (.<)liin)nii<s. <.:itniMU- \rmy 

' Three 'kniitinu machines are kepi l.u.silv ""'■' '" '-"ropi' Siberia ami tin- 

employed in the Cluh headMuarters to auu- Doininiiui tif Canada 

nient the etfoi-t.s of the aftny of hand knitters f.„.i,,in„,,t 

who supply the socks for the |)ari-els and sent oversi-as reyuiarlv to the liiihtiiiL' The latent eneruy of the Urilisl. Isles was 

mi'n. hoth hy land and .-H-a. Altogether this rudely awakeneil as never lulore whi'ii a 

coinniitln* hiive sc-nl '»:t pairs of suck> wireh*ss ri'aclu-d London lillinw the air with 

over.M-as. alarm. Kuniours of war with all its nides- 

Karly eaeh aulunin laiyi' ciMisivrmiieiits of crihahle hnrmrs was ihrealenint: the peace of 

( hrisltuas sl.«'kinirs are forwardeil to yhi'l i'-n the world. Some were skeplieal. while olher.s 

the he'irts of "The |to\s" who Ufotne would not helieve. hut the eastern sky was 

children anaiti each Christmas Day. \,'\<\'l all ahla/.e. .\ui*usi. UM 1, with its lieree 

Christmas slnekinys have hei-n sent tip to sultry stare dispelled all ilouhl. The iirealest 

dale, nf all F.mpires with marvellous ci'lerity ruslu-d 

The inl" iduetion tu Ottawa of the popular to the defence of hieedink! Helvrintn. 
Service K!.. 's due to the of llu' Amonw tlie several nations uithin that 

Prisoners ol Aar Conimillet-. funils Kmpire lo respond lo the call was the oldest 

have heen jureally iticreased hv their sale. dauuhter Canaila. A few short nioiil lis hail 

They havi' cnlleeled $.V),.*»IIU and approxi- scareely none hy heh)re Ihinisamls of her 

malely $1.71)0.1(0 is fnrwariled eaeh i?ionlh youtiw men. Ihe Imivest of Canadian tiian- 

towarils Ihi i?iaiii(eniuiee of f ana'liaii |)ri- hood, \\ere already on tlu- hiuh seas speeding 

sutlers of war iti (Iernian\ whose hard lot is onwaivi to do or dii' that we iniiiht \n- free, 

(f H r {{ • ,■"(-.< in I h < i; rru I \V <> r I ,1 \V a r 

Iti I!*I."t [111' Militan' < 'liiiplaiii SiTvifi' ( 'urp^ 'lilioii u:is partiriilarly >o in ihi' cast' •>!' 

of thi' CaiKuliaii Kx|HMlitiiiiiary lAnvis .-aw Si'uford. Bexhill ami ilooik'n. Many snl- 

Ihc prarlirahility In'Mi cviry view [luiul uf <iitr> have i:«»rN* Immic ■:ratrl'i'l iiKlcc^lltcc-ausc 

imividinn rctTraliitna! as well as ^iiiritual ul' tlii' cxccplinnal kiiiiliifss ami ;j;iinil advin- 

cumfiu'ls fur ilu- Itnys in kliaki ami in l>ku'. uf Miss May (Juinlan. Mrs. and Sliss 'riirpin, 

Wilhoiit lu'silatioM the Chaplains enlisted the Miss l.ucas Slnnlwell and Miss Mi-I'liail. 

invalual)le services *t\' the nnlile women nf Mr. Hi'ed l.ewis. Honorary 1 ilnarian. direeterl 

the Mnliii'Hand. These heroims eagerly the dislrihutioii of lilnari»> at the dilVerent 

aceeiUed and immediately jrmed fiirers with iinit>. This work was nuu-h appnriated Ity 

our i-liaplaid.-" to la.v ihc f' .m<ia(i<ttt of what the Mil.iiers. I'Veiishiim P<iiul wa> quite a 

lias proved to he one of the iifeatest tilessinifs n.mlnrt reuirr. \\ liiii Kinnu'll Park. 

diirin;! this t<'rrihle world-iTi>is. In the ver\ Uhvl. was Dpe-ied a> a tiei))ohili;alion camp, 

heart of theKmpirethe'"(atholir Army Huts" (he Catholic Army Hut was iiiteii up and 

was nruani/.etk The Association at once now a secont) hut has ticen added. lUixtnn 

called into exi.stence a Catholic Army Cluh .-njoys a much needed Hut on account of it 

at 21 C.rosvenor < lardens. This undertakinu heini: a Canadian Hischarjie Hepot with two'ce.vsful that aiiolhiT Hut wa> o|icned Jariic hospitals allached. For <t\er i^iyhteeti 

at :iO (Irosveiior Cardens. The popularity moiiili> a comhinalion hut wa-- operated at 

nf thr.M' rei-realional centres was so en- PtirHt't'I. Chapel> and irrnaiion '(^Jarte^.^ 

cnuraKin^ and the general tone so elevatini: are maintained al Kpsoiii ami Siinninjidale. 

that a third cluh was ailded at St. Ceorne's the I'ormt-r heinir utilized to serve the larj!t' 

Station. All thesi- Huts were stalTed by the Canadian Convalescent Camp and the latter 

ladies of the Catholic Women's League. the Knresiry Hase. 
Soon suhstanlial sum> were spent on nrrea- 

lion <|i^i!irtcrs for the 1 "anadian .\rm\ Service KUAN* l-^ 

C.rpN.'n ll.i'ir I nn,l,,i, l,j,m„k... HnhTl.-ii..- ,,^^..„^ ,„ ,|„, ,,,„„|i||,„„ i„ k,-;iik-.> mv\ 

m,.nl w;,s pn.yi. Cllnr t,lm,l,, snMuTy,! M , ,„. ,;,„i„.,| ,,,,,„„,,,„. „„. ,„„„ „f ,|„. „,,rk 

hmlilrss >..,l„,>. .y ih.. «ai- pi-nmvsM,! „|. ., ,,,.,„.„„,„ „,,„„,, ,.„„i,| i„, ,,^,,,.,,.,1 in 

|u.ncn,v ,l..mnnsinit.'.l \hr in.lispi.nsalilr ^.„|,,,| i,,,,,;,,;, ,,„, |„„,^ .„„| ^„ „s,,,,„r(lin;irilv 

MMi ,mv ,.l an .•I.rdv,. mnnil s,l,■^:u;u■.l^ 1.. „^,,|.„, ,|„| |,„,^,, „,,„^ ,,^,, ,„ ,„. ,,,„,, ,|;,, 

.-,n,. I ,<■ iM<livi,t,i,il mpMuts ln„n s|„iiI(imI „„,„ „,,.,,, ,.„„,,.|„^, ,„. ,„,,,,„,^. „„, „,,„,,„,, 

rum. Inn also lurpisl, lii.nnl. ■-.■. , ,.lr|uli"n> „,.„ ,„„. chaplain wrnl,. Ihal il ih.. Catl.nli,- 

-ullialllvnvamuK ana.ii;unnanli...Mlmii..hl ^,.„„ (i,,,^ ,,,•,, ,„„|,||,^, ,,|^,. ,|,.,„ ^ ,,. 

ysrap,. .■..niannnalin,, In.n. \i.v an.! uvum,. „„ ^;. „,,„, i,, „i,|,,„,,, „as ,j,;slili..(i. Law 

()l,l,j!alinM.Mnlltipll.'.i>..rapi.lKan.l l.r.liall ,„,„,,,,. ,,,„, i,,.),, , ,,„„,■„« „, ||„, |2,|,. 

on Ihy MlHii-Mil .iiMK in Isnjrlan.i «a> i,,,,,,,,,., |l,inailr, Ihr C. C. I!,.inr,,.nl 

s„ c.sunMnw tlial an ai.pral was sriii to , amp an.! ilu' liiM I'.nxa.K- ..f Canadian I in' syrvuvs „( (i„. ( |.:„j,j,„,,,,,, sin.f llir Canacliai.. rnuivil 

KniKhl.snl ( nlmnlms wriv suujrhl an,! «..n. ,;,,,,„,.„„ ,, ,lnl. l,a> Invn ,>lM.,l fnr 

>nn.,>$S(MHlP.(H)«r.v,'ullr,i,,ll.ylh,.,,. r..,M „,„ ,^._,,;,| ,.>,,,.h.( ana.lian Maiialinn. A 

ihr 1 ..unriK pnn.'i|«lv a, IMHan,., an.l ll.r ^i,,,;,.,,. .Uil, l,as l«.,.n np,.m'.l in Ui,. Sv.m.l 

alhnlir fiuM.lx llir .'ir.rl wa» nia«u-al. .uKrifincTMu-ar lt..Mn, 
Huts sp'-ani! up f\i-T\ where ihal prudrm-i- 

MwM..d Itr.imsh.MI .•,! an.l I.,;- |,|-,, n,-,-^ |x^- sIllKIMA 

i-atnf pi'rhap> itnr nt Ilu- Itisi-linnwi. i atliimr 

lluu in Kni-'land. XMilili'V I'nilnwrd all.'i- (Kvinu l.i lliii- i-nlali'd .'.lunirv «;• hiivf 

>iimr liri-s"ini' foniialilii- had In lif ciivuni- iml liad man) i-cp"rl> 1" dale, lull il mai 

vrnlnl. lliTi' Ihr shell-shiK'ki'il and Ihc inliTiM uur frii'ml* In kmm iliat «c have 

ncTVc-rai'kfd Imvs IVll a fn-M-r unknnwu in >hipprd Ihunsamls uf packa«i'» "f I'lu'winc 

llif Iri'iic'lii's, This Calli'ilic' Ann\ llul i> uum; hnndri'ds i.f Ihnusaiids uf i iuarcUi*; 

rasiK ihi' lin.-i in Wlnlli'V I 'anip. Slii>rn- sullkirnl inusiral inslrnnanis lu r.iuip a 

illITi', dui-ini: IIII7 ami pari uf IHIS. was liand; fuur phunuurafihs .pi'iiall> dt'siiiwd 

.■ipiilipi'd wilh <ha|"'l ivadinf rcHinis. hnl llii' hv K.lisun fur ian\p siTviiis ihrs,- an> in- 

< aiiadian Iruups havi' nuw aliandunrd this ii'Usi'lv pupiilar: hundreds uf puunds uf 

ar™. likewiw Shori'hiini. While il is a candy and luliaec'u and uther eumfurl* fur 

well-khpiwii fai'l thai all uur lluls and llie l.u\s in Ihal Weak area. These siip|ilie.« 

I'anleens havi' heen nalruni/.ed mure l>\ eusi inan\ Ihuusands uf dullars. hul lhe\ an- 

I'ruleKlanIs iluin Calhulies. Ihis unii|Ue eun- ilislriliule.1 aliM>lulel\ fri'e lu nil, 


Our llri„is ill III,' Crriil \V n r I il W n r 

CANADA K. (IK ( . A(TI\ rriKS H ivas piissihli'. This was a most (.xi-dl('?it 

Til,, pivssutr all .lU^n-UTs ii, th,. I"""'' '""' ''^'^ '"•'' ";'!'' *-"■""'':''. ''IM'^nai. 
Spring „f 1:I1S ,l,.nial>.l,.l >:,vat,.r a,-livilv. '!" 'f'^' -"■P.™-' •"■'.kin.t' pnn ,s,,ms at Ih,. 

Sn satisfaH..rv and elu-miranhlK w,.,r the "' '^u-katlon pi,.|-s. I.«lay al Halllas. St 

ivsults IVnm nv.Tsras with thu ii.„ii,.,l •'"';" '""' "'■'"■'■; ""■'•'• ■"■'' wrl -nrtiaaiz... 

tllnnov at tlu. .lispnsal ot ih,. ( atholi,- Afan ■^''"'f ''-^ "'•" f vcluirnvr Kfnups nf hulu's an. 

Huts; thai th,. Caaa.lian Kainlus of ( oh,,,,- ^"•"1 '■"'<■"■ « '" ""'''l f I'"'. Ifn.ipships an,l 

hits in a spriit of i;,.n„ii„. ,-l,ival.v pl,.,iu,.,l J"""'V ' ''^Inlml.. ,;„ml,.,-ls n„.|,„linu ,.,(£ar- 

th,.nis,.|v,.s I.. ,.x,.,.i all p,vvi,>us ,.|l„rls lor ''"•"■ ';".'"'■ ^•'"'l«»l'f ■ '■""'>• ■"" f"nt t„ 
th,. ■•I.„vs „v,.,. tl„.f,..- A I)„tni,.i,.n-ai.i,. I'". ^"''';';'■^ lK;l„f,. tlu.y ,.nl,.r th,. tr„„p 

Ihiv,. was la..n,-h,.,l an,i Ih,. r,.sults w,.,-,. als„ ''■""•■^- , ^'•'V<""<"'i :" "-'I' -"^ ■""! .■" :'" H'" 

inspiring. (lv,.r fJI.iKKI. .(Ill was sul,s,.ril>,.,l. 'Ii-P'''--.' ;- ■"■""•"^ ■'"■"-■■^ tj,,. ,.,mt,i„.„t ,an 

Mr .l.,s,.ph I.. Murrav. S,.,-r,.tarv-Tn.asur,.,-. '": "'"','' "'"•,", ■^- '■""'"<"-li"";- ,^=""|^"> ^""1 

,.nthi,siasti,.allv supp.wt,.,] l,v the s,.v,.,-al «ilh a,.-li ,. ,.nv,r„ntm.nt tha is alli-a,-- 

Siat,. ii,ris,li, ■ri„ns, was th,. pfi.u.ipal in plan- '"■'■ 'Tl\ ,' '"'f '''■''■'■ " '" ", 

nit.K an,! th,. ,.i-uani/.int:. llis ,.|I„ris '' >,. "'^ ^^'u'"'- ^""l"' P'-''^'-""--^ '"^"'' \ 

in th,. pr,Klu,.|i,m (if th.. canipaijtn lifratu,-,. :^:''''",T- , V,, r "''-'"'m ',"','' "t,''"'"'" ':' 

' , , , , I • ''i>> Mil-Ill ( IHii-i> in \liiiilr>>-il I hw liiil lu 

was invalualMi' and pruvi'd a iTiiwninK siir- 

tlii- Head OlIuT in Mmitrfal. This hut is 
mmn as "l.v Choz N'mis dii Snldat.' 

liurhm AiiBUst. litis. s„tn,. .-laim,.,! ihat J'-']''^^'"'>^ '^rln'^' ''"c '^^". "'""f '■"' ^l"" 

faint traci's ai' "ilir lianduTJtinn mm ihc wall" 

iri'al, nni' al I'iiillips S<iuan' and tlir 'ilht-r 

lllll llil%l.-' ' "I 111' I lllllll II I I I II lU "II IIH ".111 ..1 I I ... V- I I- I .1' 1 I 

.,.ul,i 1.,. .<,.,.„ .m Ih,. \,.n, fr,Mit. 'l-h,. "" ^l';.''l'i""l<" -^ ■ N." ""'i' IikI'"!"! .""I 

spirit ,.f th,. lat.a.lians was still as Im.nant f"'P""".'ll> vv,.ll-,.,|,n|,p,.,l ,.,.ntivs ,an I,,. 

asl„.f„r,.. Th,.v f,.|t in th,.i,- v,.rv .s„uls thai '"'""' :'">«'"■'•'■■, \\.;ll-vc"iil:il.''l sl,.,.i„tm 

rifht must ,.v,.nuiallv pn-vail. Tlu.ii- «,.n- ■>i;;|rtni,.nts ar,.,.,! t„_ a,.,.,inin„„lat,. 

..nisitv ,11,1 ,i,.i l,.s.s,.i,.as ih,.ir lu.artv,-,. "" "'""■ , -^ "',"''!""' <"■"* -,' "■"'■^ '^ ,'"•"''' 

in S,.pl,.nil„.f ,l,.m,.nstral,.,l. l.vvva.v „l r,.K.ilali,m. \p|i,.ti/,,nK mi'als an; 

.,, ... , 1 ., . .s,.r\',.,i at ,.,ist. Ilii,. ot 111,, atlftu-tiv," atl,i 

11,,. Iiir,.,.|,.niti. ,.,itu..mplat,.,l wi,l,.niin; ,.,.|.,„; , i,,,!,,,.,,,.,., j^ Hi,. t-nnip ,,r v.miiK 

111,. f„.,l „f ,.p,.|.ati,ii.s "V>.rs,.a.s. I)i.,.ar.v ,.„|i,,, „.|,„ ,,.„.,, v„lunl,.,.|-,.,l tl„.ir s,Tvi,.,.s 

N„v,.,nli,.f wt,s ,.h„.s,.n t„ thnll Ih,. ,.|yiliz,., ,„„|,,,. „„. „ ,.,.|^i„„ „,. , .„|, Kiaj,.,,,,, :„„i 

w(,rl,l. 11,,. liilinus «,.f,. Ilash,.,i |„.,. stall ,.f kinHsKin. th,. „hl 

a, III,, .\tlanlt,.: 1 h,. ,.n,.m.v f,.r .• |,i„„,,„„„, fny- has l„.,.|i link,',! int„ th,. 

P'"'"*'. ,.|iain an,l warm w,.l,.,ini,. nr,.,.ls Ih,. Ii(i\s as 

Thi. .sinnini: ,.f th>. .Xrmisti,-,. pr,.,lii,-,.,l a i|„.v .stn.ll ,l,iwii Kiny St. t,i Hall. 

ra,li(.al chani;,.. l),.m,iliilizali,m was in th,' Ottawa is it, liii,. aii,l lias ;, v,.rv h,im,.-lik(. 

air. Otir (tallant l,,ns w..iil,l .-,.,111 l„. laiin,.. |„,| ,,„ |.auri,r .\vi-, \V,.st. "l '..ftaiiilvl 

.\ n,.w nl'.w radial,..! lit,. Iii'iirts ..1 inaii\ . ■ri„. l...vs (irsi in i.v,.rvtliiiiL'" was lii,. 

many ! lh|■..n^!ll..lll ihc laii.l, nspi.tis,. ,.| 111,. .S|. l'atri,.li's i Itil. wh,.ii ap- 

r..ri.alh (■|>r,.|i..nil tli,.niav'iiitii,l,...f til.. pr..a,.h,.,l l',.r .inarti.fs. 'roriinlii, with 

n..w lali.irs .■i,iit.Miplat,.,l. th.. |...:i.l..r has\ all III,, ilash f,,r whii'h it is not,., I. si.,.u|.,.,l th,' 

to lak.. his map of * 'ana. la an.l .Irau a line .\rliniiloii Hot,. I (Hi Kiiiu .S|. \\',.st and tlior- 

ilimuuli th,' prin,ipal ,-,'iilr,..- fr,.m Halifax In ouiihly ovi.rliaiil,.d this .irnami.ntal l.uildinn 

\i.-l,.ria. Till. iiiid..rlakinL' ,alli.,l for a so as to lo..k afl,.r Ih,. wi.lfar,. ,.f sotii,. 2ilil of 

L',. lit I,. man I,, lak,. ,.niir,' ,.|iarii,., on,, win. tmr hoys in sl(.,.pini.' and r,.fr,.shinn and 

was liroad-iiiiii,l,.,l. ..Ii'ar-lii.iiili.,!. with wiilc wh,.l..s,.tii,. ,.iiti.rtaiiiiin!. It is on,, of lli|. li|.sl 

<'Si.,.iiliv,. aliilil> an.l ..xpi.ri,.|i,',' in ailinin- in III,. I>..iiiiiii..ii. Ihiniiltiin, ' I., h,. out 

intc'riiii; a liiru,. pnlilic triisi fiin.l, Korliinat,.- .I.m... a..iuir,..l i; Hall an.. Ih.' " Ain- 

ly. l.ii.ut.-lol. Clai-i'ii,,. F. .s^initli of i.ili.iiis fin " i.« tip to .lat,. iloiiiu its part. 

«•ll^ pri.yaili',1 upon an, I th,. |.!\i.,utivi. in- l.iiiulon is prohal.K Ih.. of all. St. 

vili'd him 1,1 iii.| as I ■oinpi|.|ill,.r for Ih,. I',.t,.r's Parish Hall was olitain,.,!. Nolhini! 

work ov(.rs,'as and in our ..wii I >.. minion. iiior.. .■.ml.l I... .I,.sir,.,l fn.iti i.\,.r\' vi,.w point. 

Iiiirinu 111,, last four yi.ars. lol. Smith has IVirl Arthur may li,. ,.p<.ti,'il later. 

Ii,.,.ii proiniii..ntK iihtililii.,! with war ri.|ii.f ,,,, , ...,. 

w„rklMtli r,.|nuii..raii..n an.l lias won th.. MAMIdll.V ,\M> .^.\SK A'l i IIKW AN 

uriititii.l,. ..f l.v his .li.yoiion I.. \Vinnl|H>U. I'll,. |.',.rr,.si,.r liiiihlitm. a 

111, IS,, who liaM. sulli.| from 111,' ,.11,.,. Is ,if ina.ssiM. up-to-,lali. slru,.tiiri.. is tilii.,1 up 

this i..rrilil,. w..rl,l-ttar, tin lakiiix .'oiilrol. .■oiii|.l..|,. with lull lii.,ls, Siiskiitiioti is 

h.. .i...i.l...l thai all tlii. lulls or liosti.|s w..iild aii.Mhi.r link in th tini.nlal ..|iaiii, Ki'- 

1.,. ])la,',.,l 111 I'liaru,. of r<-tiirii,..| tncii wlii.n'Vfi' Ulna is li,<iii^ iini.stiuat,.,!, al.s.. Itraiuldii. 


; H /// r' <; , > n I W u ,■ I ,1 If 

Ai, i;ki;'! A 

'riiis imivinci' is pn'icu'inL: ;i iirn|iHsiiiiiii 
frnni a fiiircn'Ml •d\vj}i\ Xtit-.uumul XVd'uuwi 
is umltT i|i'liiK'r:ilii>ii. 

\;iiU'oiivi'r ;inii \ icloria ii;ivr >|)lf!niiii 

i|u;i|-tci's. Tlu' (■.iriHiT is i-t-nlniily [nriiUii in 
ilif iviu'Us-Silnum IUlii(litlL^ iIm- iutn-r in ihr 
]{\\A WouA. 

Ill >unmian/.inii. llu- ri'miir will nailily 
iiiuinviatiil ilial all lln- llut> nr MnslcU nifii- 
ti'iiu'd in Uif ri'imrls aiv fiiiiippHi with 
I'Viryiliitii: in tin- lint nf nimforl and im-UiiUs 
t'liliTiainim'nlN thai ai'c liviiik-ntiy ^;ivi'n i)V 
pnili'ssinna! artists \\\ \\\v imisira! ami dfa- 
nKi(i<- uurM. In tli('s<' ccnln's it is must 
rlrvatinii to have such a wiiiilesunn' atinns- 
pluTi' and our .uallant lioys an- uuilc oul- 
spt)kiMi in tlu'ir apptcriation. KviTythini! i> 
rrcf witli the fxn-ption of a noiviiiial rliarvif 
lor lii'ii and nii-als. Sonu- canti'cns in dilTfri-nt 
luits yivf away i-omforts; iitli»-r> rollci-t fo>! 
for Urxiirii's. It witi [\\\\> hv st-cn that iIh- 
iriist ruiid is lirinii I'l-onnmirally and jiidi- 
i-inii.sly I'Xpi'iidt'd. TJic slotzan is " K\rn 
soldier wt'lconu- uiihout disiiiu-tion of race or 
rr(H'<| nr color." tluis i-oniiihutii I! to tliat 
^t'liuiin ri'palriation which \\ill iiial<r fi-r 
pi'rmant'nt prai-f. 

riu- Military Work of tin- >.M.(;.\. 

'rhcrc art- livi- wcll-dotint'ii drparinii'ai>: 
1 Cantfi'a: I'J* Athli-tic; :{■ Kntrrtain- 
nu-nls: 1 Ktliirational; ■"> Kcliudous. 

('anti'4'n> pr<t\idi' ihr troop.- witli r\tra 
tonil'orl> not priH-uralili'i'lsfwiuTi'. All proliis 
arc dfvoicd to tUfdiny cxprnso of other 
V.M.r.A. stTvicrs. Sini'i' the hi'^rlninn;: of 
i!H7 I'rn' hot ilrinks ami otluT rcrrcshnicnts 
for li):htinu' men, workinj: pariii's, ualliiDi- 
wounded, and --iretiher ln'arei>, have lieen 

Athlelie e-iuipMient \> loaned free tn the 
troops. Trained Thv^ii-ai I>ireetors are lo- 
rati'd at all lar^ie c-ainps. 

Kdiiealional I'aeilitio are supplied in the 
•-ha|)e of liKraries in (he Htn> ami )>\ pro\ id- 
inu facilities and f\inils for the Khal\i I'tii- 

Kntertahinu'ntN. A iinifonn weekly pro- 
irram is carried on in tlie llnt>; the ueneral 
schrnie cjitiinii for three conrerls, two reli- 
irions servtce.s, and one pntiular hiture nf ati 
cditcalioiral ttadlCe caelt ucek. A traiiieii 
M'liool for actors is inaiiilaiiieil. Men on 
leavi'in I'aris and London are provided witti 
liospitalitv antl opportiinilieN for tmiritn: the 
tlld ( ountr> under nio,-.| witoh'Miiue auspices. 

An unlinn'led supply of free stationery 
anii niaira/.ines is distril)Uted al all centres, 

lieli,i:iou> .services arc held reiriilarly, [ni<l- 
week anil Sunday. 

S))here of ( )]ierations. Tlu- work overseas 
is rtmducled on the front line trenches: at the 
rear: in rest camps and hospitals in France: 
in .seiirciration camps: clearing ii<'pot in 
( Ireat llfiiain: and in London A centresi: 
:n\f\ .ill other larw cities. Transports are 
supplied with "V" secretaries anil outlit. 

!'ers(inni'l. In 1!)1 1 the nuinher of ('aJ)a- 
dian ^^^L('..\. .'Secretaries overseas was 7; in 
I!MS April 1 the number had increased t'l 
l;l:J. workinu' \~1 centers. !Mi of t!ie latter in 

Kitiances. nishursfnieiits for \'.M.( '..\. 
niiliiary work have lieen as fnllows: 

l!il 1 -■> 7.!fni» ))(» 

II'L'j :l:Lin"t oo 

liiKi :isr,.7:)l :!I 

1IH7 l.l:J1.7.")ti n.') 

1<<L'< :L<Hip.(i()() tM> 

I'<inipnient consi>Is of tents, maniuees. 
huts, ranteen littinizs. atlilelic and cinema 
oijtiits. piaiio.s. ^.Tamophoties. liilliard taltl"s. 
and all hut furnishinus. motor ears and 

In France. Iar;:e -inre> of canteen mer- 
chandise and oilier supplies are carried, and 
repair shops nuuntained. 

Military Work in Canada cover hospitals, 
iniinirit: camtis and ()iscliatv<' depots. In 
several of the lurLie cities Ued Trianule Clults 
for men in khaki are operated. The proeran) 
in Canada in the main i> the same as that in 

I hi' Canada I noil Hoard 

The otlirr of the Fond Cnntmller of 

t'anada was constituted in June. 11)17. and 
the llniioraKle W. .1. Manna was appointed as 
Fnnd Controller in .linie. !!H7. lie resimicil 
on .lanuar\ L'llli. 11»ls. and Mr. IL IL Thom- 
son, ol \i<'(oria. It.C., uas apftniiited in his 
place, ihi Fehruary IL the nllice nf tlie Food 
Controller, as sucli, was al»nlisl)ed, and the 
Canada Food l'.t<ard was authorized Ly 
OrHer-in-Coumil Mr, Henry It. 'I'honison. 
Chairman; the Ijnnorahle C. .\. I lunninji. nf 
Uei::ti:i. hirecior of Food I'mduetiou. aiul 
.1. 1 1. McCreuor. of Itrandon. Manilolm. 
I liri'ct'ir of .Xiiricullural I almr. 
wii\i Tin: I'lHiii ) uMitni.tiilt ii,\s AntiM- 


Savinirs. which in the am:re«ale amnutit to 
se\eral iuindred ton^ per month of lieef and 
hacon. have lieen ellectrd a> w result of a» 
t trder lU-Cninicil prnlnliilini; M-rvini; of these 
meal^ in anv of the Iti.liiio pulilic eating plaecrt 

Rntlninl In thi- Mm llnin 
Ki'hru«ry Hi, i;iH; \,... l'l- 


tlX K.H J Ml . 

Knlmicl In a l'.<n 

tlalullnn Ml IMin. \g,. 

I';i r r, \l.~.s 

Aueuxt i:.. l!t|H. Ate 'J>. Killi-I A|!<' ■•.. \:< 

i-Tt. 1 ll>|i<HI> Ml»r«H|l 

i»l K1 Oil' I .<.lh HbII.1i.iii on 

M«. I'l, l'.i« \f'i\ 




Ilti:.. Ak-'JI. Wn. 


Ak-<' -> Hii 



1.IM r. ^^^l^k Mi ■ 

Knl..!..! in i>.. llMt. lUuln.r 
I'tlH. ,V«r l> ln.>'harvnl i< 

I mil \vi-iu. l;Hih akv f 

111'. \r. Ill M,..,.., Trii>i>l>ii»l ii. »ii(ilai..l I.I lb.. Ilih 


^Inlitinl III SiiEiiiil TiaininK I Irpiii or 
MmyMJtIfi. Akp*:. Tr.n«fwr.-I 
W 13th Hrinii^. t\r.\.. in Kr«iio- 

fi*.. n I St. In ih, jna llmut 
^U|U'l ■. Ill I 
f*l>ih*r(i-<l 1.1. \it«ii-l l*. 

(ii-nr. .(. Ni:ii.s..s 

Knl»t«i in ih- .iKth IWiialinn U(... Knln.-i m ir..- HI. lluii.lii.Ti ..n«»rin 'rlsJl/in"Au'iiu«; I9U. 

O /* r II (' r ( 

/■ // / // 

<;,i'oi 11'..,/,/ ii-,M- 

in Canada on TiU'silays and Fridays and w- 
sirk-iinji ilii'ir use Ui nnc im*al nn oiIut days. 
The Food Conlnillcr lias upJti'd u|)on liuiisf- 
wivt's thai tlu'v should vtiluntarily rfstrid 
lilt' usi* of hvi-i and hacon in tht'ir hnnu-s in 
as jrri'ai or ^rivaier rxtent ihan is compulsory 
upon public catiny: places. Very nnportani 
savings of llu'so conimodilics have liccn 
flFcctt'd by this system of voluntary rationing:. 
The re(|uiremenl tliat public ealinii places 
provide substituies for white liread al all 
meals and \'oluntar\' use of wheat llour 
substitutes in the homes have resulted in a 
lartie savinu of wheat llmir for export to the 

Accurate liiiures are not available for the 
increa-^ed domestic cnn.^uniplion tif lish. Itut 
undoubtiiMy there has been a very ijreat 
increase in such consumption as a result of 
the Fond ("iintroller's elforts. and a convs- 
pondiii.g decrease in the Canadian consump- 
tion of beef and bacoii have been freed for 

The F I Controller ha> circulated 

l.loP.DPO pledjre and window cards enlisliiii: 
Nuluntary co-ttperation of lnuiseholders and 
nearly i.r>lin.nO(l other pami>lilets. reei|ie 
bdoks. etc.. ilealinir witli the food situation 
and showing the need of coUMTvation and 
sub.-iiitution of other fooils for tho.<e com- 
modities which are urgently needcil o\er.seas. 
The.-^e publications have been printed in both 
Freiuli and Fnnlish. In ad<iilion. the Cana- 
dian F<iod Mulletin is pulilished perioilically 
in both lannuanes and maili'd ti' rei>resenta- 
tive people thritu^dioiit the I dominion. 

The daily war menus prepared by a 
Uome-tic Science expert and issued from the 
otfic. t tile Fooil Controller an' JH'inir followed 
in thous;uids of homes and important >avinv:s 
of needed food coninioiiilies have been ef- 

The F I Controller for Canada and the 

Fniled Stale.". Food .\iiministrator in co- 
operation have worked out a system of 
export trade control which will ensure auaino 
any fooii supplie> from North America reai-h- 
in^ enemy countries, and. al the sum' linie. 
will make possible the allocation of the^urplu^ 
production being allocated in thi'besl interests 
of the .\llied nations, 'I'lie Mslem is being 
o])eraled with ever\' possible con-iiderat ion for 
Canatlian shipper^ ion>ist('nt with the larger 
national interest> midt-r proeni war condi- 

The Milk Coriiiniltee appointed b> the 
Food <cuUr<iller has eurefully studied the of production of milk and tpiesttons in 
connection with the supply and prices of 
milk in urban municipalities. Their re|)ort 

olfers a plan which, if adopted, wmdd. it is 
estimated. elFeet a .saving of more than 
.Sl..')(i(i.U()(t in the cost of milk <listrilnaion in 
seventeen of the principal cities of Canada. 
Their report has been published and is heinu' 
given wide circulation in the hope that a 
permanent solution may be found of the 
problem of rfdiieing the I'Xcessive of 
distributing milk. 

The Food Controiler has obtained the 
power to re(|uire all dealers in food comnict- 
tiiiies to .securi' a liceii.>e from his ottice to 
carr\ on iiusiness. Such licenses ma\" be 
cancelled or suspended for violation of any 
of the FoimI Controller's regulations. He also 
has been given authority to prescribe the 
conditions upon which any food may be sold, 
and to regulate .-iueh matters as grades, 
markiiigs. units of measure of weight, and 
price. In this way the Food Controller has 
obtained a control of thi' trade in food-itulfs 
which will be used, al his discretion, to 
prevent speculation and to kei'p llie profits of 
middlemen within a reasonable ammmt. lie- 
ftire applying the Hcen.-^e systen) to any 
particular trade, representatives of that trade 
will be considted as to conditions of licensing. 
I'tc. Legitimati' dealers will be jirotecled and 
will not be subjerieil to in.iu--tii'e or unneces- 
sary incon\'enience by an\ measure.-- which 
may be taken in the interest of ihe general 

The Food Controller has rciuireii all 
Hour mills with a capacity of liU barrels of 
llour or more per day to obtain a 
from his oMii-e, Fvery licensed estaliHsh- 
mi'nt mu>l >uliniil regular sworn statements 
of co.Ms of rnanufaclm'e and prohl^ on sales, 
and thi' net profits of Canadian millers have 
been limited to a maximimi average of 'J") 
cents on the milling of sullicieni wheat to 
make a barrel of Hour •>f \W pounds and llu- 
otFals produced in conned l<tn vvith >uch mill- 
ing. The mannfaeture of s'andanl grades of 
Hour, representing the highi'sl p'rceniage of 
exiraciinn from the wheat that will give a 
wlnile^ome loaf of bread, will be compul>or\ 
upon all mills. In this wa.\' there will be a 
saving in wheat because a larger proportion 
of the wheat berry will be utilized for hutnaii 
consumption. .\ maximum cash price bir 
each of the standard grade- will be lixed from 
lime io time, The Foot! Cnni roller has 
appointed Mr, W. Sanford Fvan-- to 
the carrying tiul of this arrangement with the 
millers and a special millerV (onnniltee of 
the Food Controllers' otiice has Iteeii eori- 

lly a temporary imihibiiion ol the sale or 
purchase of peas, beans, toniaiites. bei-i.s. 

O » r I! , ,„r,s' ; H t h , i; , < a I \V<, r hi \V a r 

reii'fy. rum. spiiKu-h. rluibarli. :iiu! imuiiikiiis wa>li'. Sliilcs with I'ikkI ciiiiinil niossa.m's \vi[[ 

when pivscrvfd in ("uis. Liiass jars tir oiIut sntui in* cxiiihiii'fi in t'vcry ihcatrf in Canada. 

<'<rttiain('rs. rfu- Faad {'atnvdUi'f .stimulated The tn'ttinti [lictdrc cxchanf^cs are handlitii: 

ilii' I'iinsuniption of ptTishaliU" rtvs!i v<'ir('- llicsr lilnis and slides wiiiinut rt'nuMicralinn. 

tal)U's ami madi' ])ns.sil)lc an inrn-asc in tlic An invt'sii.iralion lias IkH-n nindm-ti'd inl<» 

supply III' canned vc:j:e!al)U's wliicii arc avail- the cusi nt" produeintr e^iis and pnultfy. cost 

able for winter ninnlhs. In this way a heavy nj* l'ee(lini,'. ete. 

waste dl' fresh vei^etables was preventi'd and The Komi Controller's rejiuUilions in re- 

a saving' ell'eeted in tin plate. -jjard to the serving of JH'ef and hamn and 

In eo-opera(ion with the |)rn\'incia! irnvern- white hrvixd substitutes in publie eatinij; 

nienls nuicli has been done to eneoura^e the plares are bt'in;j enforced. A representative 

utili;<ation of inland waters as a source of lish of the Food ContmDer's oliice is \-Jsiiin,L' 

supply. liotels, re.slaurants. etc.. in connection with 

IMedL'-t' cai'd eainpaiuns have been con- ihc enforcement of the law, and the local 

ducted in several provinces anil arranirements police aulhorltii's are fully co-operatinir with 

made for similar campaiiins in other pro- the Food Controller. In several cases police 

vinees. In Ontario this work was dine in court proceediniis have been instituted for 

co-i)p;'iati( n with the Ontario ;)ri:ani/.alion nf failure to coniiily with the reiznlations. 

liesourres Committee. ]iy this fneads (he Canadian requirements of food su(>[»lies 

neeii of food conservation has been impressed from the I'niled States an' beinsj studied and 

upon tlie people of the Doniinlon. and the Canada's interests are ln'ine protected. The 

co-operation of the women in many thousands I'nited Slates Food .Vdministration is show- 

of homes has been secureii. 'wj. every possible consideration in this re- 

.\n orsianization represeniiui: liie Food >pect. and Caiuuhi will obtain iisfair propor- 

Controller is wt)rkin;j; in ea"h of ihe pro- lion in the allocation of all supplies, 

vinees. An educational cam(tai,y:n has beiMi Tlie Foot) Conlntller has prevented an 

conilucted and the people are beinii' informed advance in the price of suijar by rciiuirinn 

of Ihe irravily of t)ie i'ooil situation. From- Ihe reliniries io supply su.L'ar only upon the 

inenl men anti representative eondilitm that dealers shoulil not lake ad- 

wonii'M have been enlisted in this work, which vantaiie of the temporary shorlaiie to .secure 

is beinj: conducli'd with absolute iVeedoni hiizh prices. This was made possible because 

iVoni political inlUieiu-e. the Food Controller for Canada was repre- 

Uinin.ij: car and hotel menus have been .sented before the International Suirar ('i)m- 

simplilieii with a view to consrrvin.t' food. mission, which controls tie' allocation iif ail 

The Voinl ( 'onirollec has co-opcra!ed wiih su^'ar >iipplies. !jj like manner it has been 

the Fnileil Stales Food .Xdmiiiisiral ion. Ihe possible |o cheek hoarding by re'iuirin^ ihat 

11,-itish War Mission, and represent alives of only a reasonable amount of sujiar for the 

the .Mlied nations, and jftint action lias been temporary reijuirenieiits should be sold to 

taken in man\' instances to secure eiiuilalile each family. 

allocalion of certain food supplies and to The (eiveriimenl has announced tluitjno 

obtain for expoi-ts to the .\llies overseas packing eunipany will be allowed a ^Tealer 

su[)plies wiiicli ivere tii'iietilly needed. prolif than two [kt cent irn its total sales 

The Food Controller has secured rielinile ilurini;: any one year, that oni'-half of all 

infoj'malion as to il)e ciunniodities ni'isi prolits on packin.Li ojH'rations between 

neetied by the .Mlies. ami the co-opi-ration of 7 ami 1.') per cent >ni actual capital invested 

the Fedi'ral and Provincial Ueparlnients of in the business shall belong to the (iovern- 

. Viniculture has been secured in a campaivin ment. ami thai all prolits in excess of lo per 

for urealer proiiuclion. i'speciall\ of fotid cent ;.hall belong to (he ( iovernment. 

animals. '"lion the recommendation i^f (he Food 

I'nder the powers secured by tlie Foml I'ontrolier. an Onler-ln-Council has been 

CoMlroller to require ivlunis fi'om wholesale [>as.-.ed prohiliitin.u' tlie ust- for Ihe distillalion 

dealers in biod conumidities nuich iiiforma- of ptilable liquors of urain of any kind, or any 

lion has been obtained as a nuide to action in substance wliieh call lie u.sed foi' lood. For 

the lii'sl interests of all 'tuicerned. violation of thi.s Order heavy penalties are 

.■\ Motion i'ielure Committee has been pntvided. 

eoiistituti'd to co-operate with llie Food Con- An arraniiement has been made with ihe 

troiler. and lilnis luive been shown in every millers utuler wliieh mill l)y-produets will hv 

province of the Moiniuion. a> a means of sold by (lieni id cost, and (he marj.'ii! of prolit 

informinii Ihe public as to the iniiiorlam-e of allowed to tlie deah'i's may be lixed on biLsis 

biod eonsrrvnlion anti the eliminalion of for cash. 

n Marrh II. I-'I' 

Tin. A, v.. 
u.,\ II. >h>' ii.'.iti HatiBlI'm In 

i1t>l at Vlln> Ui>l||* Mmy U, 'IF, 

() » r II , r .M .V ; „ II,, f, , , „ I \V „ , I ,1 \V „ r 

Infitrnialicni has ln-i'ii nhtailu'il a> I'l itu* MaKinuiiii prii-t's ha\f in-t'il tixt'd for 

availalilc su[)ply (if lin plalc and tlif aliKiunIs wintfi'-rauv'iu iaki- lisli in llu' PrmiiK-i's of 

rt'iiuin'ii I)\" llu- fiHiil industries of tlic Do- Aitirrlu. Saskalrlu'wan and Maliitdlta. anil 

ininiiin. \',y cunailini: Ihc use ul' tin plate piotits ol' iniddlenien lia\i' lict'n limited sn 

I'nr uther pufpnses. whel'e pl'aetical)le. it is tliat the piiee t(i the ednsinilef will he in 

Imped In seeure a siitiieient supply tnr the liifert pi-:)pin-li(tn to the price a'.-tuali,\- paid to 

dairy industries. the lisherniea. This has eliiniiiati'd eniii- 

A Hureau of l.ieens.'s has heen oriianize.i petitive hiddinj; for the exjiori market. I'nder 

in reniarkaliU .short time and is iletdinu 'I"' 'i™' arniiwilient with the lish trade 

promptly with all imiuiries an<i applieations I'anadian ilealers must he supi>lied, so that 

for licenses for the e\|iort of the food a.ilil :i"ipl>' l^'I'-i' li^l' "'iH '"' availahle in weslirn 

other eommoilities emnnented in the list pi-oviiiees to meet domestic n'c|Uirenlenls. 

of exports which are prohihiteii e.\cept imder .Nulhorities of ea.-h municipality may reirulate 

Ii,.,.i,ji,,. the retailer's spretid .so that file entire trade 

■1 iiroutlll the Fish ( -ommittee of his oliice. "' wiiUer-cau.dlt western lake lish is suh.iect 

and with Ihe co-o]>ei-ition of the Canadian '!' •*"■"■' "'frulalion and pmhis re.nulate.l ;dl 

Coyernment Railwtivs. the F I Coniroller ''"' "■»■ l»-l">''-" '!'<■ hsherman an.l th.. con- 

arraimed a spe-ial fast seryice for fresh lish ^""!;.T- ,- , , ■ , , 

in refrigerator cars hy the ■■.S.aF.««i Special." . 1 lie l^isht ommittee has mtidereconunend- 

runniiti; three times per week from Mul,i,n'a\'i 

atioas with re.::ard to extension of seasons 

I Ullimili 1111 n mill .^ (.V 1 im II 1 1 .'wi •• I ui.Lii .1 1 V . , , ^ I , . 

X.S.. to Montreal, and re.lucini; time in '" various lakes, extension of catch limits, 

transit from the .Atlantic ( from (lH to l.", ;""' H"' ol transportation laclhlies 

hours. This reumlai- seryice. which was i'.v co-operalion of (.oyernment Departineius 

proyi,le.l without to the Coyern- i""' "JIhts. .Ninie of recommendations 

ment. en.sures a .steady .su y of fresh .sea i>.'v;;. Ih;™ put intoeired. 

lish. marketed Ihrouuhout (iuehe.- and On- . \) "!' "»■ ';"-;M"-'-iti"n of the Department 

lari... in uoo,! condition and at the lowest "< M:»-i>H;.an. 1-isheries. the hood ( onlroller 

possible prices. Co-operation .if the express arranced lor the paymeil l,y the ( .overnment 

comptmies has heen secured and lish con- "f Iwo-thirds ol the transportation chai-es on 

siKiimeiils are siyen special consideration. "-rtain class,.s ol I'acili,- lish. except hahl.ut 

The Fish Committee iv.eives reports on all and salmon, to points as tar east as W iiinipe:.'. 

hiiiments from the .\tlantic and inyestieites I" l ns way encuiraiiement was u'lyeii to the 

1,,, ^e of am (iela\s marketm.u of eihnle lish. which up to tlii' 


.,., ,. . . , ,. II- present time htiye heen little utilized, 
he ( ommittee arraiiKcl lor supplie.s ol u,i|,,,,s,,uatiyes of tlie F Control 

''asiilim- for llu' lisli iinliistrv in Uk- ^laiitinif 

tiicf art' lU'LTDtintiiiK with the Pacitic Cnast 

■rovinces and disl.lla es for the Pacihc ( oast ,i,|,^.,,„„, .„„| ,,,,„|,„.j„. |„„„,i, i„ „,.,|,,, ,„ 

hsheries, thus lireyenlmK a shorltlt'eol these ^,, .^,|.^, ,|,^, ,,., ,,|'|.„^, „,. ,|j^.^^, ,;^|, .„ .^ ,.^,.,^,,,,_ 

supplies which tlirealened to lie up the shore ,^,,,,, .„,;, „,,,^. -„ ,„.,,^,,. „,.,, ,|,^,^. ,,,,^^. ,,^. 

Iislnni: Meets on hoth coas s. ^^^,^^1^, availahle cliea|.lv to con.sumers in the 

Consumption of lish has heen cities of Western Cana'da. 

in the I'roviiue of gueliec liy a special i-p,,,, ,|„. recommendation i>f the F I 

campaign. Ueports from wholesa !• dealers Conn-oller the manufacture of oleomaru'tirine 

show that siiles have hei'a mcreased and that |„ r-.m-.uh: and its importation has heen 

many new orders are heiim reciMved from aulliori/.ed as a war measure only, under nrti- 

small towns. latioiis which prote -t the dairy interests from 

Some ."illll refriaerator lish dispUiy ctisi-s unfair competition and fraudulent practici's. 

haxe heen sup|ilied for relail dealers in lish This action was taken the hiali cost of 

ill order lojaeilitate markelintr i;i ,u'ood hut ter ami the demaniH'or it overseas were 

condition. The Fooil Controller's oMice is makiiin it impossihie for many people to 

payini; pmt of the cost in order that lish may puivhase fats in the i|uanlities which were 

he availahle to the local dealers at a price „ led in their diet, 

which will eniouruL'e them to handle lish. I'rohlerns in coimeclion with Ihi' dislri- 

.\ similar olfer will hi' extended to the trade hution of the Cantiditin potato crop htive hei'ii 

in Western Canaila. u'i\-eii much attention, and measuri'shave I n 

liy stimuliitiiiK increa.sed consumption of i-oiisidered to ensure consumption of the 

lish. and eiicourauin^' mjin> new dealers In larize siippl,\ and to pri'\ent in the spring 

handle it, the Food Controller has elfi'cled a monlhs from laivr stocks hein^ carried o\er 

ver\- larue savinu in heef ;ind hticon for export Ihaii c;in he use' I, The Food Controller litis 

to ihe armies ;ind .\l!ied countries. i.ssueil ;i surve\' of Ihe entire potato silualion 

II II I- II I I iirs i „ III !■ r, r in I ir„ ,/,/ W „ r 

m'kI liassuUvil tluil i:i i-asv l!»Ti' \v;i-^ cvidcH-c 'I'ho mrcssily o!' mliu-iii,i; liv as larili' an 

111' hiiariliii!; Ill- wilhlicililins; sli|>lilii'<. Iir miL'iil amnuiil as |i(issil)lc the i-:)iisuiii|)!i(iii in ihis 

linil it niTCssary In lix maximum prices. i-.unilrv nl' wlicat lias \nvn asiicrl in nialsc 

alldwiim priiiluccTs and liaaillcTs caiy rra- iviMinmi'liclalidiis as In Ikuv licsl Ihis sa'-iii" 

sDi-aiilc iinVcs. i-i,n hr i-IIc,-u>il. 

AiTanm'lni'ils liaw liccn ir.a.lf I'lir tin- I'lvliminary sli'iis have lif,.n taken li 

miiveinent in iar,i;<M|u;inUuVsiir I'rimi-Kilward i-unail Ihe use ul'ianc siiiiar in rhe manurac- 

islanil pinaioes ilurini.' llic winur months. J'T'' "' ™i''li"^- Manulaftuicrs have liccn 

for ih(. Iir.s( timi: iiidnlarici aid (^a-liw. inlnniii-J n! iHi- ,). i-.'s.siry for .savinir such 

Tills has hi-ea mads- iio.ssihlc li\ ili.. new car ^"'~;"' •'"■' ■"''■ ""^^ enileavnrin!; tii adjust 

fmv mm- iipei-atinu hi-lw.-i-a I'lim-e I-dnard ^'"■''' Imsmess in Uii- re;|uirement.s of ihi- 

Island and the mainland. siiualiiiii. 

The Fruit and Newtahlc C.imm.ttee has -(-|||.: (.-().s'(- -[-() (:\\\|)\ 

funhei- .L'ivea fulU-imsiiiei-alidn I 1 the lact-n-s ' movpv 

eiii'i-ia.i; j-itii the marlieti.1,1; iif fruits and Ml)M-.> 

veyet-lliles. The Ciiminittee at an early 111 addiliun In the items .uivel eLsewliere 

date will make rei-iimmerdatiniis which it is i 1 tills volume coverini; tile contrihulions in 

helieved will do much towards makin.L' :m- casii and fooil hy provinces, and the manv 

liossihle pui-ely specuhitive dealin.a: ill t' conlrilmted thi-oiteh the varioiis 

commodiiies. and will at tiie same lime en- assoi-iaiioiis. ii is i-siimaied that Canada's 

loui-aiie the leijitimale merchant to eonduci approximat-- expe iditure per day Is $il7r).(illll. 

his husiness on sounil aial fair lines. To eiialile the Coienmieiit lo llie 

The Kriiil and Veyetalile Commillee 

amount reiiuired to -,-ai-l-y on." it has been 

1 in I lull itiivi »»mniiiie \ iijiiMiiiiee nas ,. ., ,, -.,,. . ,1 ,. 

considered the ,|iiesIion of cslahlLsliin- a "•'''■--^'".\ ''"' 'I"' I' ■»•"'"■ ^Iini-^l"' •'"'■ill l"i' 

.standard u-rade of potatoes for Canada l-'":-'^- .1" H"* '-"""cct ion the total aliiouiil 

This w„uld undoul.te.ilv a.ssisi in e.siahli.shinL; ''»::'•''"''"!-';" the pre.seni wnliiii; Septemher 

the potato husiness on a soim.l ,-ommercial -'" ' ''".'''''-'■"'''^ n»mimoi, War Loans issueil 

1,,.^;^ Ill * anaiia are as loliows: 

.-\ll wholesale ilealel-s In fruits ami ve.ue- .'■', \l\','. i'' * ,1' ,''!;' 'I " 

tallies have heell reiiuiri'd to rojjister at the ^^','1 |,ii;' -l- t. "H] '^,",', ]",', 

ollice of tile Food Controller, and they will i-irsi Vi,i„ry'l.„,.n ' .iii T-.i .i.-„i mi, 

he rei|uil-eil to secure licenses to carrv on 1, 1 - . • 1 ,1 

husiness. Meiails of (he licensinjr svstem , , ' '""-\ '"' ';'"'''!'-''li"f "' ki"™- that Die 

I'live 1 II worked out. with the co-operation '".■'' ;;."'"'";',■, ;;f_^"'«''''l>^;'.-^ I" •!»■ \ H'ln.'V 

"f 111" ini'l". -'"li the plan will he made I-'- ' «;'^ ■^"'-lll '■'"' PnH-tii-all.y ten |,er cent 

ell'ectlve at an earlv date. .Ml dealers or " ''"' '"''' l"'l'"l;'.'"«'- '" addilioii to the 

handlers who do not conduct lh,.ir husiness ■''"':'■ 1;"'"'-V'"' ' ■"^'■•'"ni^i'l li^'-- lioriowed 

0,1 a fair hasis will have their license suhject 'I' '';',','l ;",',', ']' "''■„"' ""' '",''' "'')•",'•;','" 

to suspension or cancellation. The leuitiniate 1 .'.'J . . ' '"■ '" ^'Z '"'!"'" 1"'"'"''^ '"i «'•''•«■: 

dealer lUH-d have no fear of aliv har.lship on ■;nT-^''"' " r ' "I""' ' '■"''"'.' J^^' "'•'-'■ "' 

account of the hceu.sinj; .sv.stem. Pul.lic Service Loan, the sum of ifio.dhd.tKIU. 

, . ., . . maturini; 111 llii-ee ei|ual amounts m Octoher 

A .special ( omimllee a|ipoiiited hy the lillli. I:i21 and I!l;2(i. There is a tem- 

I'ood ( onlroller has reported on the condl- porarv loan oulstandinu in the I'nited Stales, 

tioii.s upon which hcen.scs should he issued issued in IIH7 and maliirini; llilll. to the 

lor the .sale ol cereal proilucts upon which amount of $lilii.liilil (idti. .should he is.sued for the .sale of The foreLi-oiiKr liirures .slii,« |ilaiiilv the 

cereal products ill packimesof less wei.dlt spirit of the Canadian citizens who are 

Ihaii L» pounds. Iheir i-i-comnii ndations com|ielled for various rearons to slav al home, 

pi-ovide lor the hceiisini; of the maiiuhiclure It would seem that with a population of onlv 

or importation ol pai-kai;e cereals when eiulit millions, the Imnleii is almost too 

i-erlaiii reiiulatioiis have heeii complied with heavv for us to carrv. Our far-siehted 

hy the manulaciui-er. 'I he report shows the slalesmeii have, hon-ever. ta'ieii this into 

relative cost III cereals when .sold in hulk and serious coiisideralioa. with the result that aa 

when sold 111 packages. The Committee's incnnie lax has heell eslahlished hv which the 

recommendalions are calculated 10 protect rich are compelled lo pa\ alnlii,' wil'h the poor, 

the iiitei-esls ol ihe cnsumer h\ en.surini; hut in proporlioii to their means. There had 

that package cerean'oods represelll fair value also heeli estalilished The Husiness I'l-olits 

lor Ihe price cliai-Ked for them. -Cax in llilii. mil only hir the purpose of 

l»!l 1.':!:! 


'sfr C^. 


Maxih J.IIIN J I 

A*., -r. VVii 


Knll-lixt tn ihi- ;.'nil MfxaJ 1 

I'M I..B.S..I I'*, 

^' E* 

1.. AlUril ol thf 


[■A Ml' LH J.n- Knl 

dhivkh h. r. r*. 


KnI Iiiitl'i' ■Oil- M II. A|r;l|. tliilKlnl in th>- 4IM llillaltim 

Itwilt ••■uii'M «nrl «■■•*•! itn Sit). Jmixary H, l»l.1 Klllxl In ar 

i>fnl>«B l<ti: Aoarilxllh-M.M. .m Marrh an, IttlT. 


Ul«>»l •.. Ih.. lllXt. |l.>l.ll..« I 

Marrk 1«IN. Ar l<l>t>l'. Mrt 

la Kfi|lMNf. 

Matth, l"l> \«> II t'ai'nawtnt 
la nm\ lUIUItiiM. T«ln> ■••tir.'M 

KHIhI Ii. »'pa>,>- 


l-tM » ■i.niin lUaa 

».>l»lnl M i)i> nih Hitlialt<-» 

TianaMfxl It! lih l«hw llatialttin. 

«MiM«l to r*WMtr. I>l"' 

n H ,■ H V r » r s i „ I h ( 

(leriviii^r rcvi'iuu'. hut to |)I:icf ;i limit on 
prolits (ierivi'd h_\- husiness men. so as to 
prevent what came to he known as "proti- 
teerinjr." Tl.i.-; V^;. uhieli came into foive on 
May IS. 19Hi. iH-ovided thai a tax he levieil 
of twenty-live per cent of the uniount h\ 
wliieh tiu' prolits earned in an\' I)usiness 
excwiit'd. in the ease of an in(nr])oraIi'd 
company, the rate of seven per cent |)er an- 
num, and in the ease of any other liusiness. 
the rate of ten per cent per annum upon tlie 
capital em|)l»tyed in sueh business. 

On July 2.'). 1H17. tills section wjisamemled 
hy providing for a tax of fifty per cent on 
profits exceedin^z lifteen per cent per annum 
and up U) twenty per cent per annum; and a 
lax of sevent\-li\"e per cent on alt pn-l'ils 
exeeedinn twenty per cent per antuiin. 

This was furtiier amended on May 21. 
1!HS, and itrovideii that a tax he levied on 
any person havinir a husine^s witli a capital 
of not le.-vs than $2.").(»H) and under $rif 1.(1(1(1. 
i)y which they shall pay twent\-li\'e piT 
cent of (he proiits exceedinn ten per cent per 
annum. The Inconu' War Tax came into 
foH'e on September 2(>. IJU". and provided 
that there be levied upon every resident t)f 
("anada the followiii^r taxes: 

I t'lT x'ni ii|«iii nil inii>tiit>N in fxrvfunf f l.')l)li iii 

ihi- i'ii.1- ii( iititimrrlfil pfrtiiiH 
i piT I'i'iit iii>»'i uil im-'mii' In fxitw (tf ll.tmil m 
the f'tinr iif miirriiil pi>r>uinK 

■i (»T ■■••HI III>'>H "II IIKti'lli' ill t-m-W** III f t; IHM> 

.1 UlJHKl 

H» :ui mm 

Ift :.u ii(m 

•a i.M« •"!.. 

Crvnl Wnrhl W a r 

This .-;eetion was repealed on May 'Ji. IIUS, 
and the foUowinji substituted therefor: 

■J i"r f.Tii u|ion nil ini-omf cxi-i-wlidK Jl.noO in 
ilii' liLst' ijf uniiiurritKl iicixitiH 

L' i>. r i.-ni ii|iiin ull \m-iinw exi-ti-ilirif; Sl'.iKia in 
the ranf of murritxl prrstiti^ 

1 I IT I'i'iil it|.nii ull innvr.f cxcfCftinK $],mi in 
ihc iMw of unmurritHl piTsons 

. ..r <-<>rii upon ull iticomi- PXi-wdinu *:i,iHH) in 
ilii' nuM- of marrlMl ncrHonw 

and in addition thereto, the I'ollowiie^' supri'- 

It is unnece.ssjiry in this vtdume to jjn 
fu!l\ inio the .Xet, its provisos and amen<i- 
nients of sections and subsections. We desire 
to show as clearly and brielly a-* possible that 
the (lovernment ha> not shirked in its duty 
in this co?niectiun. and ihal di.«icriminati»ui 
was ci'i'tainlv not the policy of the (lovern- 
ment in handing "Ht ta\e>. 

Wliiie the millionaire mu>l pa\ a Ia\ of 
lifty per cent of liis iiiconte. the married man 
who earn> less than $2. (Kid i> exempt. 

\ H IOH\ I OW V'\\ 
CKOMM I M lOI \1 ni I l( I Ml \ in I'OK I ID 
loUt'Mit'i wiOi t iiMi's) iliiitt t imiri's lor I'MT I n.tti 

tlriil>)> riiUin)l».t 





.M<ine'nl(-|i> ami Mnn.l 

Uiii>l.r<' (ttit«li|i- Mtinin-ul 

Nr-w llnin-«lil. 

NnvM Swila 

Crlnrf KtlwHfl MhikI 


04 ; 

' llllK lllln 

•i\ |t» .V)li 

;t:; ihm 

201 III t\m 

:: "T: mki 

it ilmi imp 

in 4ii;i ;iRii 

\» .MA -.'.Ml 

•i :l'J<< 4IH) 

t:M M'l 'Min 

Aniiatiii of MilMtritiluiri Inr UMT l^i 

rul H|it>l>i'iiMoii> lor IMtT Irfiun 

VCI 1 

111 IHHI IHHtf 

.11) iiii;i <(:>: 1 


|.^ IHHt IHHI 

ii* i«mi '.'ftii 


■Jll IHHI 


•Jll (ITI (Ml 


:i;i IHHI 


11 li:iii TIKI 




:l;lil ll&;l «hhi 




U'i 'IliJ JfUi 




;ii a:.Ni -tiHi 




IT !»>:: tihit 


I'll IHHI 


11 ■••2\ SAii 


■i MHI 


1 nil iiftii 


mT> »1T 477 



Mtl 'iwi 



*74 ;i;ii 

III (mi> " 


l!n IHHI - 

;H> 000 1 

:lil 00(1 - 


60,(HH( ■■ 

- 75.000 

T.t Olio ■■ 

" IIH) 0<K) 

10(1 (HHI - 


200 000 - 

- 400 000 

10" 000 '• 

- i;oo (Hio i 

C.iv^tt Wo, hi \V 

Tin: COST lo cvnada in mkn 

Ai-cnniinj: In ;i mcmiiraiKiuni issui-il t'n>m 
llu- Mililiu Di'parlmcnt. tho t'asv^alti(^^ in 
till' Cuniuiiaii forces |-('|iurlt'<l to Dwemher 
:JIst. lins. tiXailr.l 22ii.iS-I. Su less than 
(iO.:lS:l maiif ihe sii|)n'iin' sat-ritR-i'. hein^ 
nn'O kiiit'd in as'tiui). 'iieil i)t" nounds. fVwii 
nf iliscasi'. ilicd in Canada ancl pn'sumt'd 
liead. The halancc are wnundetl. j)ris(iners 
of uar nr niissinir. Tlie riienmranilum 

t irtinT^ 


Killi*<l iti ai'iion 



l)ii-<lii[ KiiumU 


1 1 .HIt'i 

1 ){(•<) (if iii-ifitNi- 


r. iv. 



1 l\W)* 

•l'ri«ntn'n« o( War 

I'rfHUrmNi <l<>uil 






Ill-nth* ill Cuiitlii 

■J.rriW hu\i 
|iriMiiuT> "f ttiir 



s \i'im:ai 

.'.I <.r >li<'>l wIkKi 

(OK viM.i: 

111 the 3lh 

Vppeal for I'eiue 
of (KtnlHT. 1'»IS 

I'rinei- Mjixiinilijui of Mji'.'en. tliedecman 
liDperial Clianeellor. annoiiiu-ed thai he ha<i 
>ent a note, throiinh llie S\vi>s ( lovernuient. 
M I're^itleiil Wil.-oii. in whieli Mr. W'iUoii wa--* 
rei|iie>Iei| lo take up tlie hrin«iun aliout of 
peare. aini lo i-onanunii-ate up<in the sulijeel 
wiih the other l)enieerenis. 

Complete Text "f \lii\linllian\ Speech 

Tile (e\t of the atiihT>.v o| iVime .Ma\i- 
ini'iuii of Itailen. tlie new hnperial ( liaiieellor 
nf (Jerniaiiv. oiillinini: hi> poljcio (o ilie 
Keii-iisiau, follows: 

"In iieeonlanee with the iinperial lierrer 
of Septeiiiher I'tH. tl'e Ceftuan Ktnpire ha-< 
umierKoiie n Ka?*ie ahi'ration of it- pohtieal 

"A.-v sue^-esMir to Count Cmrue K. voii 
llerUitiK. wlinne M-rviec^ in hehalf of the 
Kalherlam! deserve the hinhesl aekiiowli-dii- 
nw'Ml, I have hiH-fi ^unimoned li> the Knipentr 
In lend the new uoverniiient. 

"In aecoMlanec with fhe KovernnieiiMl 
inelhoti now inlmdtired. I .>ulMnit lo the 
l(ei(-h.-<lui«. piihlietv and vvithotit delav. the 
prilieipIeK uiion whieh I pn>pn}^> to iimdiiel 
Ihe uriive ii'spon-tiliililie^* of llu- otiiee. 

Principli's <if (iermany 

These jiriiieiples were lirmly esiabll-shed 
l)\' the agreement of the federated Ciovern- 
n:enis and the leaders of the majority parties 
in this hunorahle House hefore I decided to 
assume the duties of Chancellor. They con- 
Iain. th'Tefore. not only my confessiitn of 
polili<al faith, hut thai of an overwhelming: 
portion of i)k' Cerman peoples' representa- 
lives. that is. of the Cerman nation which has 
constituted the Keichst;;jr on the basis of a 
general, i'tiual and secret franchise and ae- 
eordiiijr to their will. Only the fact that I 
know the conviction and will of the majority 
of the [leople are hack of im- has ^liven me 
.stren;£th to lake Ufjon tnyseIC cotifiucl of the 
F'^mitife's atl'airs in ilus hard and earnest time 
in which we are living. 

"(tne man's shoulders would he too weak 
to carry alone the tremendous responsibility 
which tails upon the (iovermnent at present. 
Only if the pco|»h* take active part, in the 
broadest sense of the worti. In decidinu their 
destinii's. in other wdrds. if responsibility 
also extends to ihr majority i>f Iheir freely 
elected political leailers. can the leading 
statesman contnh'ntly a.ssume his part of the 
responsibility in the st-rvice of folk and 

■'My rcNolve to do this has been especialiy 
lightened hir ine by the fact that prominent 
leaders of (he labonnt: ela» lia\e found a way 
in the new (loxernment to the hiirhest ollires 
of the Ktnpire. 1 see therein a sure nuarantee 
that the new Covernment will be supported 
by the hrin eonlidenci- tif the broad nia.s.scs of 
the people, without whose true support the 
whole underlakiniz wnulii be condemned lo 
failure in .idvance. Iletice, what I sav today. 
I sa\ it not only in ni\ own name and those 
of nu otiieial helper-, but in ihe name of the 
t lermaii people. 

Answer tn l*;ip;il Note 

"The proirramine of the majority parlies 
upon which I take my stand contains, tirsi, 
an acei'ptance tif the ansWi-r nf the former 
Imperial < lovennnent in |'ni«' Itenediet's noic 
of .'.uuust 1. llHtk and an iincnndilional 
aeeeptiitice of the lii-ichstaw' feMthilinn nf 
■lulv Itt. the -vjune vear. ll further iliH'hiroM 
\^llltlllt^es^ (n jidn ;i Ui'ihtjI leiiitiie nf 
nations based nn the fnuiulallnii of 
e*|uiil riiihis for nil. hoth stmnii iiiul weak. 

Cdiiipli'ti' Ki'hiihlHliHlon of jtelaluni 

•"It considers thin dilution of the lleluian 
t|Ue?«tinn to lie ir the enmplele I'ehabilitalion 


JlMlwl llOlltll Sf J .••(■ M 

Mmi« I.. Ki^U-xl allh I.I • uoili 

Kr.h.i.-I m ih^ :lr.l I 

ITt:. '".iSTi.N !■* 

I •TV.. r*TKx*ini 

r.,.,-,.,. .., >...■ -- •■"li.nhil,^;!iiTihH.»«li<m.m tM\ 

At- la. Tr.n-i.rt.'.l ti. liim luii. Jun.iwy .-.. I!<1T, Tr.n-I.TfM t<i ■ 19K.. 

Si»nl ..Hi- >.-.r I'li xTivt- wrun-. Ut...f, 


JantiMi, IHIh. At* Jt> 

M Ami t. m*. 

n „ r If , rocs in the C r t « I \V „ r 1 ,1 W a r 

iwit'derluTsU'llinu n[' |U|uiuin. pai'tit-uLirly nl" ■■'^|li^ tlnntylit will lU'Vi-r (lie. This 

its iiKit'pt'iuicm-f ant I UTiiturial iniu^iiitv . <li.'vt'ln|imi'iU will lU'vcr ln' rcl rai-i't I ap- 

An ctlorl shall also lie nuu'c to tvarh an plau^c. anil 1 trust that as Iniiii as Ccrmany's 

uni'trstaniiinjr on tlu' qiicstinn nl' indcmnilv. fatf is riii.u'f'il alhuii hy daniicrs. ihitsc sivlions 

"'1 hi' pnijrramnu- will nut pcnnil the of the pi'upic oiitsidf ihc majurity parties and 

pt'act' tnatifs hilluTln t-nnrliuli'd Iti Itc a wluisr rcprcsontativrs dn mtl liiOunj: lo the 

iiindranrc tn the cnnrlusidn itf a iii'niTal (Hjvcrnnicnl will put aside all ihat si'paraU's 

pi-aci'. us and will y:ivi' the Falherhmd what is the 

The U:ilci(." Provincos 


This dt'VC'Uipnu'nt ncct'ssi tales an aller- 

" lis particular aim is that popular repre- atidii of nui* ('(institutinn's pmvisinns alnny; 

senlative hddies shall ln' fnrmed immediately the lines n!' the imperial decree of Si'pteniher 

in the italtii- pnivinrcs. in Lithuania and :)0. which shall make it pussihle that thcise 

I'niand. \\V will prnmntc the reali/.atinn nf niemhers of llic Iteiehstai; who entered the 

norissary preliminary conditions therefor (Mivernireni will retain their seats in the 

without delay hy the introduction of civilian Reirhsia,e. A hill tii this end has heen sul)- 

rule. All these lands shall re^zulale ihi-ir mitteil to the federal states and will imme- 

eonslitulions and their relations with neiizh- dialely he made the ohjecl of their considera- 

lioring: iieophs without external interference. lion and decision. 

Demand for "Just Pfiici'" All (German Parlies 

"111 the matter of international policies. I "{lentiemen. let us remeinlter the words 

have taken a clear stand throuy:h the manner spoken hy the Kmperor on Au^mst 1. IIHI. 

in which the formation of the (Invernineni which I permitted my>elf to para[)hrase hust 

was lirouizlu al.out. I'lion my motion. Decemher at KarUruhe: "There are. in fact. 

leaiUis of till' ma.iority parlies were sum- parlies, hut they are all < lerman |)artie.s.* 

monui for direct advice. It vvjvs my convic- Applausi-i, 

lion, nendemen. thai llie unity of imperial "IVilitical developments in Prussia, the 
leadership should he a.s.sured not only thr<mj.;h principal (lerman feileral state, nuisl proceed 
nieri' sciiismutk" |>arty alleviiaiue to the in the s|>irit of these words of the emperor. 
ditFerenl memhers of the (loverinnent. I and the ines.saye of the Kin^' of Prussia 
eoiisidereil almost still more important the promisin^i the democratic iVanchise nnist he 
unity of ideas. I priw-t-edi'd from lhi> view- fullilletl ipiickly and completely. .\pplause>. 
point, and have, in makinL' m\ M-lections. I do not douhi. al>o. that those feih-ral 
laid the iirratest po»ilile ueiuht in the fact states whic-h still lau hehind in the develop- 
that the iiienihers of (he new Imperial meni of iheir onstitutional conditions will 
(Joverninent siaiul on a hasis i)f a just resolutel\ foll(i\\ Prussia '.> e\ampli', Ap- 
peaie of jiistiee. regardless of (he war plause . 

situ: tion, and ihal ihe\ ha\e opei 

this to he their standpoint at the 

Mori' Power for Civiliiiiis 

time when we slood at the height of otir "Kor the pre.setit, as the e\am))le of all 

militaiy successes. Iiellit£erenl Males demonstrates, the exlra- 

"I am convinced that the manner in t>rdinary powers which a condition of sietze 

which imperial leadership is now cotisiituled conipel> cammt he dispen.sed with, hul close 

with co-operation of tlie Iteichstat! is not rel:ilion> lietweeti the nii1ilar\ an<l civilian 

something! ephemeral, and tliat wiieii peace authorities must he esiahlished which will 

comes a ifovermnent eamioi ak'ain he formed make it [lossihle lhat in all not purelv military 

which doe- not lind Mipport in the KeiehsUi^F itue.siions. anil hence especially as to een.sor* 

luul does not draw its leailir^^ therefrom, .ship ami o| a-'.M'nd)laiie the attitude of 

"The war has tonducti-d us hevon.l the tlie civilian executive authorities shall make 

old multifarious anil di.M'Uiited part\ iifeuhich itself heatd and linal det-ision shall hi- placed 

nmde it so dillicull to put into ixecutittn a under the Chancellor's responsihiltiv . .\p- 

imiform and dcci>i\e politii-al wish. The .. 

form.-'iion of a majority nnaiis the formation "To this end, the order of the Kinperor 

of a political will, and an indi.sputahle result will he sen) lo (he mililary commamlers. 

of the war has hten lhat in (lermiuiv , for the With Seplemher :iti. the dav of the decree, 

lirsl time, yreat pari ii-s have joined lop'ther lieyan a new ipocli in (lennany's internal 

hi a firm, harmonious prouramme , and htve history, Thi- inlemal policy whose ha.sic 

thus come into a position lo determine for principles are therein laid down Is of diTidin^ 

themselves the fati' of Ihc people. importance on ihe <tuestion of peai-e or war. 


Miikus Demniul for Inily nn'MK-nl ulicn ;i rinse dC the war set'iiis pus- 

'•■Ih,' siiikiim turn, whu-h llu' C.-vmi- ^jbU' to us whirh ,ln,.s m.t iitTm niuMiom.r. I 

m.'iit hasin ilsslnviimstnrpr;ii-.'rh.|»'iHis.)n ttu'rei,,,-!-. Inivt- nut vyaiU'H until today In 

wlu'tlirr it has iK'liind it tlir unit.-d. lirm and ''i*^'' '» ^^*'I' »" '"'*t'i'''* l'^'' "'^■*' '»f I"''"'''- 

iins!iai<aliU' will ut' the piMiph'. (inly wlicn our •'Siipporteil by the foijsent of all our 

fHi'Tnics I\tI that ihi' (Icrniaii in'oph- stand allk's actinj* in concert with us, I sent on 

iiniti'd hai-k of tlu-ir chosi'ii leaders ilien the nijiht of October 4-r». tbroujib the 

imjIv tan words ht'conu' <iei'ds. Appiause . mediation of Switzerland a note to the 

"At llu' peace neiiolialions the (lernian President of the I tiited States in which 

(loveniment will use its etrorls ,o (he rud I retiiiestetl hini to take up the hrinjiinji 

thai tlie treaties shall contain provisions about of peace and to communicate to 

cnnii mini! tlie proti-ction ot' labor and insur- this end with all the belliUeront states. 

an.-e nt' lal.oivrs. which i.rovisions shall ohlijie .-i-,,^. „„(^. ^.iH ^^ach Washinjiton to- 

ttealy-iiiakin;! states in institute in their 

day or i(»morrow. I( is direded t<i the 

n-speclfve lands \Mthin a luvscnhed lane a President of the I nited States, because 

nnnmuini nl >nuilar. nr at least r.iua lly. he. in his message (o Congress . lanuarv 

elhr.enlinsi 11 uUoMs U>r (he security o! hie s. 1<HS. and in his later proclamati(m". 

and h.;a Ih as Inr lie care ot laborers ni llu- particularly in his New York speech of 

case nl illness, accident or nuahdism. September 17, proposed a projiramme 

,, , ,, , for a jieneral peace which we can accept 

llaid \ears Behind .,., ., i,.,^,^ f^^^. ,K.(>otiations. 

■■(tf direct importance are the cnnclusinns "! have taken this step not only for the 

whicli the (Invernnicnt in the lirief r>pan of its salvation of (iermany and its allio. hut of all 

cNisteiiee ha> lieen able lo ijraw iVoni tile hiinianily which las lu'eii suilVrini: Tor \ears 

situation in which il linds iisclf. and to apply rhrouiili the war. 
[)rac(icall\ (o the situation, ^[or^■ than foiu" 

vears of (he lilotidiesi sti'uutde against a Believes Thoughts Siniihir 

w,,,l,l nl mm,.™ally su|«-ri,.r ..,u.mi,.s m,v .. , ,,.,^.„ ,.^;.,,„ ., .,|^„ |,„,..„,^„ , i,,,,.,,,^,,, „„, 

l„.|,ir.,l us. y.'ai-,s lull nl il». hunirsl 1,;, lU's ,|muKhts n■^,^m\\u^ ih,. fuuuv w,.ll-lM.inK „r 

un,l inu< iMinfu su.nluv.s Nrvrrlh,. ,,,„ j- .„„ ';,|,i,,,\„,,„ |„,,,,,,i,„,,, ,,, \u: 
we an' ol strnnii heart anil lull ol ■■onhdent 
laiih in our streniith. resolved ht hear still 
heavier -sicrilices lor t)ur honor and tVeedoni. 

and for the hapiiiness of our posteri'y. il' 

\\ ilson are in accoril with theiieneral itieas 
cherishetf by (he new (German (ioxern- 
ment and with il the tnerwhehninii 

e napp-nes^ o o„ ,,os,eM.>. .. .. ,„,»joritv of om people. 
-■aniiot beolhcrwrse. Ap|Maus«". ' . . in i ■ 

Nl hu- as I am personalK concerned ni 

(ierman l-roni I nbn.ken !'*"■'''*'■ speeches to other assemhla^'cs my 

hi'arers will leslily thai Ihe conception which 
"We reineuihcr with ileep and warm I hold of a future pi'ac<' has undirjione no 
;£ra(itude ttur brave (mops. who. under spleii- chancre .since 1 was eninisled willi Ihe leader- 
did h'ader^hiit. have accomplished alnn».vt ship of the empire's allairs. 
supcrliuman dei'ds lliroij(.'hoiJ( (he whole uar. 

and who>e pa>t deed> arc a sure nuarantee Sees Nd Distinctions 

ll,ulllu.ruUM,ru>MUvill|,l>ninfulu,vh|Mn ,. , ^,,„ |,,,,„.,. „„ ,|i„i„,,i„„ ,,|,,,„,,,,. 

<:: ■""' ;l'T"»'l;il'l.'' I'au.U M. l.rM- U.vuw. |„.,„,.,,„ „„, „.„i„„.,i ,„„| i„„,,K,ti..i.ul inun- 

h.r ,M„nlh> a ,n,„>. i.tiUh- ami nun- ^^ „,. ,, ■„ ,,.,„,, „,. , ,,,, ,,.„. 

.J..I...I1. Ii.irir.. Ii'i.. iiiiiiii i-'iiiiiiiT 111 tiiK III!'.:! ' . . ' 

tieron^ hallle has been rauinLT in the west. 

the deciding factor is solely llial all partici- 

.,., , , ' 111 1' UK in'( IIIIIIU lill |ll| !-'> >I'I1-M IllttV .III l'.ll«l\ >■ 

lliunkMo Ih,. mniupun,!.!.. h..n,i>m nl "ur .,„|^ ^,,^,|| ^,.,,, , ,,,, ,„„;,„,,. .„.|„,,;„|,,,|^,,. 

army, »l>„-h «, 1 l,w a.sai, im,M,..ial. :.'l„n.u,s. I,^^.^,, ,„,„„|,,„.^ .„ '|,i,„,i„^, ,„„'| ,,,,„., ,|,„,„ 

paj;,. ui Hi,. luMnry ..I Ihr (...mun .pi'' I"!' ,„ i, n,.. .■asc with mv aa,l will, Ih,. „lli,.r 

■'" '"""■ ""• "■'"" "• '"il'i'"l<""- ,ii,.iiil».i-s „l ,„ii- „,.« (■„.v,.nur,„.. Aii,l „ 

Siipporli'il by Allii's 

Willi an iiiiii-r p,.a, ,. which iii\ ,-l,.ar,',,ns,.it.m.(' 
as a man an, I as a s,.ryan( ,)!' iti,. p,.,,plt. ^!iv,.s 

"'Ihis prittiil ,.t,iis,-i, p,.rniits us ti, in,.. atnl wlii,.|i r,.sts at llw sain,, tiui,. up,m 

l,„ik 1,1 111,, fului,. Willi 1,11111,1, .11,.,.. linn lailh in Ihis iinr.l aiiil Uiir pi'iiplc. Ihifi 

Hul. li,.,' wi. ar,' iiispiri.,1 hy Ihis p,.,ipl,. ,.apahl,' ,il' ,.vi'iv ilcv,,li,iii. an, I up, in 

ri'i.hni! aii,i 111,. ,.,,iivi<'li,,ii thai il is als,, ,iur lh,.ir ul,,i'i,ius arm,.,! pnw,.,'. I awail Ihr nut- 

,hily 1,1 niak,. ,.,.rlaiii Ihal Ih,' lil,i,i,iy .slruiiilli' ,.,,iiu. ,,f Ih,. hrsl a,.li,iu whi,.h 1 hay,' lak,.u as 

1>,. M,,l pri,tra,.|,.,l f,ir a sinijl,. ,la\ hvynn,! Iliv Ihi' li.a,linu slalv.sinan nf ll». Kinpiri'. 


' I'm. 'jnil ll>ii<'r>. ^nhoird in lh>' rlNih ) 

Firiil Arlill.T> Miirrh. IMl.'i. Kilhil i 

hthli-inl itiihi Itxyal ilii: 
Miirrh, mi:. An.' lM. 

Ill; imii. J, I'K. 

I9|i. Ktilin 

;. J. I'KARWITi 


ITK nan. II. lt:i'K 

il thf ■Hi' »( (IJ ywrii. 

'. Wu. Kksnv Ta 

W.tii 1.. fta 

I.II.IT J.'H\ M. i'lTKKlW 
KnlLnlxl xlh th>- rBiii.liMn Ku- 

itiiundril kiiil rpiurnnl lu t'anulB. 

Vu- Wf. T. Iiliuils 
KnlMl*<l in Ihr Mwhuilnl T>mii*- 
imfi .It ih.. r.ASC. Ai- (It 
Wtmt M rnmm w Hky, HIT. 

!l < 


1 1 ir. 

■/-/ Wr.r 

"\Vh;iie\er this (nitfonn.' may I>e. i 
will Hml (lerniany Hiialh resolved atnl 
iiniteil eilher f()r an iipriiiht peace which 
rejects every seliisli viiOatiiin of the ritihts 
of others (ir for a dosiiiii of the striii>iile 
for life and death to which our pe()i>le 
would be forced without our own fault. 
if the answer lo our note of the powers 
opposed to us should he dictated by a 
\\ill to destroy us . 

Hopes Door Opened 

"I (ill nui despair over the thoujiht that 
tliis scdiiul altenuitive nia\' eoine. I know 
tlie iireatiiess ()f llie mijility ])owers yet 
jn)ssessed 1)\" our people, and I know that tlie 
inennlrovertibie convietion that they were 
iinly li}::htinji for our life as a nation wouM 
double these powers. Applause'. 

'*! hope, however, for the sake of ail 
mankind that the President of the I nited 
Stales will receive our offer as we mean 
it. Then the door woiMd he opened to a 
speed\ . honorable peace of justice and 
reconciliation for us. as \\ell as for our 

ri;\T or Nori; 

Tile text i>|' the note forwarded by the 
Imperial (lennan Chaneellor. i'rinre Nlaxl- 
inilian. to President Wilson, throuixh the 
Swiss < InviTnini'ni nn Oeiolier "t. litis, fol- 
lows : 

"'111*' ( ierinan t .ovcnuiietit reiiiU'sts thi- 
President of tin- I'liiled Stales tn take in hand 
the restoration of peace, acqiiainl all the 
belliiierent states of this reqiiesl and invite 
them tttsend pi('iii|ioIi'mianes h.r the pnrpose 
of npcnJMjr net-otiaiions. 

" It accepts the proLTaninie set forth by the 
President of the I'nited Slates in his nii'ssaire 
to Coniiress on .lanuary S and his later 
pronouncements, i 'specially his .speech o| 
Sei>leml)er 127. as a basis lor peace negotia- 

"With a view lo avoidjni.' further blood- 
shed, the llevnian (ioveninient requests the 
immediate i-onrlu.--ion t)r an aniiisiice on latnl 
and waler and in the air." 

filh, enclosing the cimimunication fnim th( 
(lerman (loNernmenl to the President: and 
I am instructed b\" the President to recpiest 
you to make the followin,tf comnnnii<-ation to 
the Imperial (lernian Chancellor: 

" ' Hefntv niakin.Li; reply to the request nl' 
the Imperial (ierman (Jovernmeiit and in 
order thai that reply shall be as eandici and 
straiiihlforward as the momentous interests 
involved re(|uire. the President of the United 
States deems it neces.sary lo a.s.sure himself of 
the exact meanin;^ of the note of the Ini[)erial 

"Does the lm|)erial Chancellor mean that 
the Imperial (Ierman Covernment accept the 
terms laid down by the President in his 
address to the Contrress of the I'nited States 
on the Sih of .lanuary last, and in subsenuent 
addresses, and that its object in enterin.ti into 
discussions would be only to a.mve upim the 
practical details of their apiilication 

"The President feels bound lo say with 
re^iani to the .suuifestion of an armistice, 
that he would not feel at liberty to pro- 
pose a cessation <tf arms to the (iovern- 
ments with which the Government (if 
the Inited States is associated against 
the (A'nlral Powers so lonji as the armies 
of those powers are upon their s()il. The 
vroiid faith of any discussion would manifestly 
depend upon the con.^enl of the Central 
i'owers immediately to wiihilraw iheir forci's 
everywhere from invaded territiuy. 

.lust Wllhelni ^: Co.? 

"The Pre>ident also feels that he is 
justitied in asking whether the Imperial 
Chancellor is speakin^i merely for tlu' cim- 
stiluted aullmrities of the empire who have 
.so far conducted the war. He deems the 
atiswer lo these (|uestions vital from ever\' 
point of vii'W. 

".Accept, sir. the renewed a>suranc<\- of 
my IiJL'h consideration. 


"Mr. Frederick Oe.lerlin. Charge I »".\f- 
faires of Swiizi'riand. .\d interim in charije of 
(Ierman interests in the I'niled Slates." 

The President's Reply 

Till' b'xt of i'roidi'ni Wilson's rejily 

ir.UMs orniMi) m wh.son and 
i.i.(»V!> (;i;ok(;k 

reads: Proideni UilMui'^ buirleen stipulations 

"From the Secretary of State to ih-. .,| -lanuary Mh. lldS. on which the Central 

Cliar^e D' Switzerland Department Powers are willint' to neeotiate as a basis of 

(tf Stale, lictobir S. 1!»1S. peace, are as follows 

Silt: I have llie honor to acknowled^ie on "I. (tpen coveiianis o| pi^ace without 

behalf of Ihe President, your linle of Oelober private JnU-niational underslandinns. 


O „ r II , 

th i 

I I WurJ.I \V < 

"'1. Ahsolutf fi\'i'(ii>ni (if tlu' seas in [icacc 
nr war. i'\ih'|U as tlu'.\" may Ijc rlnst-il l)\ 
intiTnaiional at-linn. 

":i. Rcmnval <.^i all innininii- liarricrs and 
I'staiilislmu'iUs of ciiuality of track' cnrjditions 
amcni: luitinns i-onsctuinjx tu pcaeo and 
assiK-iatiti'j; thi'msehi's for its inaintfiiatu-t'. 

"1. ( iiiarantct's for the reduction of na- 
lional arnianu'iits lo tlic lowest point t-onsis- 
tt-nt with tiomfstic safely. 

".■). Imperial adjusiment tif al! roionial 
elaims iiased upon the priiiriple [Jiai the 
peoph's eoncerned have eiiiiai wei^'hl willi 
till' interest of tile ( loverninent. 

■■(). Kvaniation of al! [Russian lerriuiry 
and opportunity iiw iiussia's [lolitieal devel- 

"7. Kvaeuation of j'eliiium without any 
atteni|)I lo liniil lier soverriiznty. 

"S. All Krem-h territory to he freed and 
restored and reparation for the lakinu: of 

It. Kead.iu.-^tment of I'aly's fnmtiers ainntr 
clearlv" reco_t:nizal)Ii' 'ines of iialionalily. 

"in. Kree.-^l opportunity fur autonomous 
tievelopnienl of tile peoples of .Austria-Hun- 

"11. Hvaeuation of Rumania. Scrhia and 
MoMteiieyro, with aecess to the seit*- for 
Serl)ia. and international guarantee of econ- 
omic and political independence and terri- 
tonal inH'o:rity of the I'.alkan Stales. 

"VI. Secure sovereiiinty for Turkeys jmr- 
lion of tile Ottoman Kmpire, hut with other 
nationalities under Turkish rule a.ssured se- 
curity of hfe and opporluiiiiy for autontunous 
developnienl with the j lardani^lles perma- 
nently open lo all nations. 

"i:l. Kstahli.-'lnuenl of an independent 
I'olish state. mcUidinu territories inhahited 
hy indispalalily Polish populalion with fri'e 
access to the sea and political and economic 
indepi'ndence and iirritorial intevrriiy jiuar- 
anli'ed hy iniernaii<inal covenant. 

"II. (Mineral assoiialion of nations uniler 
specihc covenants for mutual iruaranlers o'i 
political independi'uce and territorial inteL'i'il\ 
lo lariie and small stales aliki'. 

i.loyd (Jforjii-'s (londiliuns 

More I'xpliclt anil more acceptable on ilie 
whole to ilritish opinion were contlition> laid 
down liy Mr. l,lo\d i !('nr'.ie only three da\s 
pri'vious to i'lesidelll Wilson's address. VUv rrernier's terms follow: 

I. ('om|ilele restitraiion of |{elj.'iuin hy 
Ihe (iermans and reparatiim hir tieva.stalion. 

'J.. Ilrstoration of Serhia. Monlene^iro and 
the occupied districis of Kraiu'e. Italy and 

jiumania. Complete withdrawal of the alien 
armies aiitl reparation for injusiirf done a 
fundamental condilion of permanent peace. 
'■\. " Kectm.sideratiou" of the annexation 
of Alsace-Lorraine in 1S71. In this demand 
we lU'f with the French democracv lo the 
• leath. 

I. .\n indepemieni Poland, tompiisinji all 
those Lii-nuinely Polish elcnicnts who desire 
to form part of it. 

."i. (leiuiine self-government on true demo- 
cratic prini'iples to .\uslro-liun,Liarian 
nationalities who have lon.u desired it. 

f). Salisfaclion itf tlie legitimate claims of 
the Italians for union with' nf thiir own 
race aTid toniiue. 

7. Justice to men of Rumanian hluod an.d 
spi'ech in their leiiilimate a.spiration>. 

S. Ilardanelles ami Hosphorus lo h.- neu- 

!t. .\ral)ia. Armenia. Mesopuiamia. Syria 
and Palestine to he reco^uiized as po.sscssinjr 
"separate national condilion.s." 

111. (a-rmun colonies lo he held :ii the 
di>posal K^i conference and llieir fate decided 
with primary reizard to the interests of the 

II. Reparation Uw violations x^i inter- 
national law. 

1*J. The estalilishment of >ome interna- 
tional tiriianization lo .supersede wai' for the 
settlemcnl of di.-;pules. 

"No Bargain or (loniproniise"' Presidont 

In his speech In Xew York nn. Sepiemher 
::7. President W il.-ou said: 

"Wc art* all aiiri'i-il thai ilu-re can be 
no pi-aie obtaincil b\ any kimi (»f hariinin 
nr compromise with tlu' (iovfrnnu-nts of 
llu' <:».'niral l-.mpircs. hfcative wc havf 
tleali with tbem alrea(.l>', anil have ston 
them ilea! with other (.overninenis that 
were parlies In this striiiii}'^'. nt l!resC- 
l.itovsk Lnul Putharcst. riu'\ ha\e con- 
viiucil lis thai ilu'x aro wiihoui honor. 
ami do nol intend josiicf. I lu-y ohscrM- 
no i-o\cnanls. acii-pt nont* but forii' and 
llu'ir own inieu'sts. Wi- lannoi 'como 
(o terms' with thrm. Thex haxe niaile 
it impossihle. The (Ji-rman people must 
b> thi^ lime bi- (nll\ auarc ihai wi' can- 
not aiii'pt the word of those uIh) forced 
this war upon ns. We do nt)t think the 
same thoutihis nor speak the same lan- 
^iiaUe of agreements. 

"It will be neces.sary thai all who sit 
dowti at the peace table --hall conie read>' and 
willing In pay lln' price, the only price, thai 
will procure it; and ready and willing, also. 









n u r If , 

' „ th 

,1 1 ir.. /■/</ W n / 

t(i rft'atr in some viiilt- tiisliinii liu- nnly 
instriiiiu'tit;ilit> hy whirli it lati Ik- nuuli- 
certain llial ihi' aeri'rnn'tils will In- iuninml 
and riiHilltMJ. 

"'I'liat |irift' i> inipai'tial ,iu>lin' in cxcn' 
ilcin III' llu- Mitli'int-nl. m- niaHir whiiM- 
intiTist it iTiissfs. ami onl> imiiarlial 
justii't'. lint alMi llu' satisfartiun of llu- ^;^■v^■^al 
pniplcs wIiuM* I'lirtunvs an* ilcalt willi. Tl'ai 
niiiispfi'.sil'lf instrunirnlality i.s a lia:^Uf nl" 
I'alinns, |oMiu-(l tniili-r nivi'nanis tint will lie 
(*tlii-ai'i"ii>. W'itlinut sm-li an in>triiin('nialitv . 
hy wliii-li the prai')' m\' llu- uin-lii can In- iiuar- 
anli'i'ii. p.'inr will n-; in |iarl itp'Mi llic unni 
of nullau>. aiul (inly npun llial unni. Tor 
(iiTnv.iny will havi- to ivdi'i'in ln'ichanu- 
tiT. nnt unly hy wli:ii happi-ns at tlu* 
pe;U'i> labk'. hut h,\ what fciHows. 

"It i-- nt-ri-»ai\ In i:n:.ranlfr thf prai'r; 
ami the pi'ui-f i-annni Im i:iiatanlif<l as an 
aricr-thiiUjL'lii. 'I hr n-a.-nn. tn sprak it*, plain 
tt'fins a^iuin. why it must he jiiiafantt'cil. i> 
that lIuTc will 111- paftii's tn the peace 
prniiiises havi' pmveil iintfiistwnrlhy. an<l 
means ituisi he tniinil in connectinii with Ihr 
peace seltlenienl ilsi-ll' tti lemnvf that >nut-ce 
of itisiruritv It ■\ill In- Inlly in Irave the 
miaratilee lu the vnluiitaiy actinn of the 
(;uverntnent> we have seen tIeMrny Itussia. 
ami deceive Hmnania. 

Ti'xt itf tht* (ierpian Ki'ply 

The tf\t nl till' Cennan |-epl\ I'l'ntn the 
llermati Knieii'ii iMlice iM IVi'sident \Vil>nn 

" In feply tn the iniiMinii> nl' llu- 1 'resident 
nj' the 1" in led Staler nl America, Ihr I irfinan 
I ln\ fintnelll helehy ileelar.s; 

'■11... (■ ('.... I I... I 

niTc-.-ary arranjienieiils concerninj: the eva- 

'I he present ( lennan (HtvenniienI which 
ha:' nndertakin the rcspnnsihility lor this 
>tep tnwaids peace, has been fornied hy 
cnnlereiici- anti in ajit'eeiiient with the ^real 
niajoMly ot' tht- lieich.staii. The Chancellor, 
supporled in all his aetions 1(\ the will of this 
niaioriiv. .speaks in ihe name nl the ( leiman 
Cnvernment and n|' the (icrnian pi nple. 
liiTlin. Octol.tT l-Jih. VMM. 

•■ Siune.l SOI.K. 

■"State-Secretary Knreiiin .\l- 
fairs I M partnient.* 

Ihe lU'ply of rresideiil Wilson Whiih 
Reftisos (iernuiiis' Reiiiii'st 

'Ihe cnmpiete le.Vt oj" IVt-.^idi nl \\il.>on'.> 
reply to the (ierman imle reads: 

"Silt: In reply in the commnnicaliiin ol' 
the Herman ( lovernnienl. dated the IJlh 
tictoher. which yon handed to nie today, I 
have the hotitir to re.|ue.-.i \ou to tran.-'init 
the loliowinw answt'i-: 

"The umiualilied accept anre hy the pre-sellt 
(ierman * lovrrnmeiil ar.d hv a larp' majority 
of the Keichstai: ol' the tirir.s lai<i down hy 
the Trcsident of the Tniled Stales of .Vnierica. 
in his addre.-^s to the ( nnyress of tlie I'liited 
States, on the sth of .laniiary. litis, ami in 
his suhseqiienl addre m-s. jiislil'.es 'he ['resi- 
dent in makinv; a frank ar.d direct statement 
of \u> deci.>iion Willi reiian! to the (-omniunica- 
tion^ of ihe (ieiman tiovi-rnnienl of the Mh 
and 1-Jth of Orit.her. I!M>. 

••|t nm>t he dearlv nndi'i'Mnod that the 
prnee» nf ivaiaiatinn and the conditions 
of an annistlrc are matters which nuisl 
hi' li'fl (o llu> judUnu'iit aiulviiMie af llu' 
military advlsi>rs nf the (lovernmeiii of ihe 
rnitcd State> and the .\llied Cuvernmi-nls. 
and Ihe rre>idenl teel- ii i- In- dni\ to si\ 
thai no armjsilce can he accep«e<l hy 
(he (io^einment of the I nIteU States 
whiili iloes not proxiile ahsoliiie salis- 
factor> safeUuarils anil i\(i;ua. tees of 
Ihe maintenance o| ihe jMeseiil s'lpu'm- 
•M\ of (he armies of ihe I niletl -tiili's 
anil the \llies in the lieltl. lie leeU . on- 
lideni thai lie ran -.ah'K .r-inne that nothl'lU 
hut this will also he the jmlUnK'nl a iil 
ili'ctslnii of the Mlieil (•o\ernmenls, 

"The rresi.ifiil fills that it i- also hi?. 
>ltii\ to add that neither ilie ( iovernmeiit of 
Ihe I'liiled Slates nor. he t> i|uiti' sitre. the 
(Joveninii'iits with which ilie I'ldteil Stale-* 
i* asMH*iat4-d as a Itelhuereiit will eouM-iit lo 
con>iiler an armistiee m> loiiu a> tin- aniieil 

o ,M II,,,, ,s ;„ ii,v i;,,,ii 11,,,;,/ ii',,, 

forces III' (!criii:in> ctiiliiiui' lln- illi'val all'i "Ai-tt'iil. >i|-. the rtiifu,',! :issur:iiiiT> I'f 

inhuman iirnclii-cs whiili ihey slill piTsist in. ni\ liiiili r,in>iilirnli,in. 

"Al llif viTv lime the Ccrmnn (hivitii- " Sijini'.l U( HIKIfl' LAXSIXC. 

incnl appniaclics ilii, Civcrnmi'nl nl' ilie "Mr. l-'ri'ilirii-k (ii'iinlin. i Ikii;;,' ,i'.\l- 

Cnilr,! States with pnipii.sals <tt' peace its lait-es. a,l inlerini. in i-iiaiye ,,f (;.rnian 

sLi!)niarines al'i- enyaile,! in sittl<in^ imssent^er inlei-esl> in ttte I'niteii States. '" 
sliip.s at .sea. anil nut llii' siiips aliiti,'. lint the 
veiy Imats in which their p:i.s.seni.'ers ami 

crews seek In mtike (heir wa> til .salety: tnul (Jerniaii Kepiv i<i Wilson 
in their present eninncii ivitlnirawal Irmn 

Klaiiilers tniil France ili,. ( ierinan artnics are 1 in- ie\i "I ihc (.ertnan nme. as iv.eiveil 

puisninc a ciiurse iif wanimi ilestrnclinn liy wnele». is as liillii«s: 

which has alwavs 1 n nwiriieil as in ilirvcl " '" :i''-<l'i"''-; il"' pfnpi'sal Inr .ni evaeiia- 

yiiilaliiin of the rules ami practices nl civilizcil I'"" "' •"'■'M ' li'rritnries the (lefinaii (eiv- 

waiiare. Cities ami villages, if n„i ile.strnveil. >'■""»■"' lias starteil Irnni the a.ssumpli(iii 

arelieiiii;strippeiliilallihevciiiitiiiiin,it,.iilv. '"■" ""' pr'"-'"'"!-'' "I Has evacutiltnn anil 

hut iiflen i,r their vcn inhaliilanls. The "' ""' '■"ti'lili'His "I an arinisiice .slnailil he 

m,ti, ;,.- a.s i,ii,'il ayaiiist I ierniany <-;niiU)l "'" '" li"' .imlnnient I'l ihe military tiilvisers 

he expecleil In aUrec ■<> a lessatimi nf ■""' "'■" 'I"' ■"'"i^'' stamlar.i iif iii.vver nn 

anils uliile ails iif inliiiniaiiiiy. spoila- '""" ^"''"- '" ''"' '"'"' ''■'- '" ''"■'" ''"' ''''-'^ 

linti ami ilesiilatiim arebeiim conlimieil. I"'' arraimemenls salei;u;irilin>! anil ijuaraii- 

wllii'h they .iustl> liink upon with hnrrnr 

leeiiii; this sttimlaril. 

aiul »ilh hiiriiin'u himrls. , •■'I'he (lermaii linvernmeiii suKtrcsts tn the 

.... 1 ■ , I , I'reslilelit that an oppnrtinilt v shnnlil he 

It is ,ieces.sary alsiiui iiriler that there |,,,,|,j,|,| .,|,„„| |„, li^i,,^ the ihtails. It 

may I.e m, pussihihly u t.nsumlersiamhni; inistsihai Ihe I' nf tlie Tniteil .Stales 

that tlie I i-esii eiil .shi.iilil very snlcnniK i-ail ^n, • „„ ,|,,,„.„|,i „,|,|,.|, „,„„„| |„, 

''"■;'";■" "' 11"; <i;'M'nn.ieni III (.ernuu.y i,,vciincilahh. wiih tin- hnnnr nf the Herman 

In the lallKUt.^e ami lilain intent III line nl the „„| „.i,|, , ,,„|„,, ,, ^^,,,. ,„ ,, ,.,„.,. „f 

lenns nf peiu'e which the derniaii (nivern- m^tice 

itient has miw accepieil. It is cnnlaiiieil in ' 

the ailiiress nf the I'ri.siilenl ilelivcrcil al Must IK'sIrnv I'nipiTtv? 

Mnunl Vermin nn the Koiirlh nf .lulv last, ..■,■,„. ,;,,n„an (invernmen't i,r sts 

II is a.s hiiinws. ai! Ihe reprnach nf illcL'al ami inhuman 

■"I'lie ileslrileliiin nf ever\ arliitiar\ actiiins maih' auainst the (lerni.ui lanil ami 

pnwer anywhere ilitil can se|iaralcl,\ . se- >ea fnrccs and thercli\ :cjainst the Cermati 

ereth. ami nf it.s simile cliniee ilisturli the peiiple. I'lir the yo\eriiiu of a relri'iU. 

peace nf Ihe wiirlil; nr. if it cannnt he desinii'iioiis will always he lUTessary 

presenll\ ilesirii.\eil. .tt least its reiluct inn anil ihe> are larrii-il mil insofar as is 

In virtual in>piilenc\.' pennllleil h> liilernallnnal law. Ihe 

"■riie pii«er «hicli has hilherm cnntt'iilleil ("'rnian troops are iimler Ihe sirlci 

Ihedirmannaiinnisnfthesnri here.lescriheil. insMiKHon lo spare private properly 

ll is within the choice nf Ihe I ierman natiiin "'"' '" ''^'T'''"'' <-'i-e lor Ihe population lo 

In alter ii. The I'resiileiifs wiinls iu-t llu'hesi of iheirahlllly. U heiv traiisures- 

iiuoteil naturallv cmisiitulea iililinii piece. -I""- '"■'•"I' "' -I'"" "I ll"""' i"»lruelions the 

ilellt III peace; if peace is I lie liv the ''""1^ ale heini; puillslleil. 

•;i:i''"'|, "I. ,""■ ;■'•""■'" P; m»'\u,^. >,..„.r s|u.||e.l life lloiils 

Ihe rreslihlll fiK'ls liiillllil In siv that the 

whnle prncess nf | -e will, in his jllilumetll. " Ihe (,elinall I ..ivernnicnl lurth.r lie - 

ilepeml upnii the ihTnutem.s.s timl the -ill is. 'll," ''"■ iierinaii navv m sinkniu ships has 

faeinrv character nf the iiutiraiitivs which can ''*'■•' I'l'il"""''.* (leMroyeil life hoiiN wlili 

iHMliven i.i this fun.lanicnlal mailer. ""•'■■ Iw^'MUiT*. Ihe Hernia Mln- 

,,..,. ,, ,. nieiii prill s vMih ri'itaril In all llinsi, 

11 i,simlis|H.nsaliclliatthel,.ivermnents ,.,,.„.^,,^ n,,,, ,,„. f,„.,, ,„, ,,|,.,,^,„| , |,^ 

llltiul •III'IKI^I f ...lllll.l 11 I ^lo.lll.l I It..!! ... ' 

lisMH-iatinl (irrrn:in> >liiiul(l kimu 

rii'iilnil intinni.Hsioiw 

l.rv|.ml a | »iih uhoin ^\u■^ a!v ..,„ ,,,,,,., ,„ ,,,„„, ,,„vihnm thai miuht 


liarnpiT ilir \M)rk •>!' prai-r. (iu- (irriiiaii (inv- 

"Tlu' rn^iilnil will maki- ii M-panitf rrnnit'iit lias cauM-tt unlrr^ tn I'. i|i ■.p,itt'hr<| 
K'plv III I hi- |{n\al aii<l linprrial (i-ivrrnniriil In all -<i)ltrnanniM'iiintnanilrr-< pmliiilhivl tlu' 
nr VitHiria-lliiDuarv. lnr|M'tliiinU of pkiHM'iiUrt ships ullhoiit. 

v»M V, y. I >■• 

k ^: W^ 

9> » • 


M I'M I 

iM'.llt IlKI-l ll>hli< W |-H>» 

1 *■> li..>.> i'.t«if.-|. 

il I < \ M • rn Vr\-: l.l.ll.lnl iH ih. \|..l rl vH.'l .'r,-.. 

I \,. - \\..'r,.».,, iwi I. I'll I Ic .'<• H" 

t rafk Hi '••• (•■«• 

'-■'"- *r._" 


>^f liih ItaOn 


n „ f II , I ,•<■ ^ : 11 I I, r <; n,, l \V ., i l ,l Wa , 

lumi'viT. fur Icihnkal ie;lM)iis. bi'inu rri'suU'liI Wilsiin's Roply li> driiuins 

ilbli' lo iiii;ir;iiili'i' Ihal llu'si- oriliTs will 1 1,,. i,,^, ,,,■ |.|.,.si,i,ui WIIm.hV ivpiv in ihc 

reiu'li t'vcr\ Niti'ik' subnuiriiu' :il si-.i ];ii,.st ( li'inuni nine l'i>lli»u>; 

lU'fme its return. ' -The S.vivt;in "I Sl;[lc m;iki'.- piililii- the 

"As ;i luinl;imfnt:i! niinliliim tnf pcan- Ilii' fnllnwiii);: 

I'ri'siiUnl piisi-rilifs 'ilu' ili'siruilinii 111 rviT> ■'Knim tlir Si'i-ri'lary nl Si;iti' in ihi' 

:ii-liitniiy iiiivviT that i-an sipaniti'ly. sirri'lly cliaruc iTAIIanvs ail intiTim in rharj-'i' nf 

anil nf its iiwn sinj;!!' i-liniri' Histiirli Ihi' pi'ai-i' ( iiTinan inli'i-i'sts in Ihi' I'niti'il Stairs. 

nl- Ih,. wnrM.- Ti. this Ihr CiTillall Cnvirn- I H.PMnMKNT l.K STATi:. 

""■'" ''''i''"'^: ■■iii-inhiTii. nils. 

■■lliihiTliiilii-rnpivsi-niaiiniini ihi'pi'nplr -sii:; 1 |,avn 111,' liiinnr lo ai-kninvli'ilj;i' 

in Ihr CiTnian Knipiiv has iim hivn ni.lnwnil ,1,^. ,.,.,.,,||,| „|- ^.,„||. „„„. „|- ,|„, -wml iran.s- 

«iih an mlhii-nii- mi ilir Ininialmn nl Un- ,„i,|i|,j, ., |.„„„„iiniiMii,iii umli-r clalo nf Ihr 

(iiivmininii. -in,!, i,.,,,,, ||„, i ;,.n„an Covmininii. ami In 

iihi.-i' vnn ilial Ihi' I'l-nsiiii'iii has insinuii'il 

New (ji'niuiii (i(i\crnim'iit 

mi' In rnply lIuTnln as fnllnWs: 

■■■|'hi> i-nnsiitulinn iliil iinl prnviilr fnr a ■'llavmi; ivmvi'il lln' snlinm ami n\pli.'it 

,nni-uriviu-i' 111' ivpiv.srntatiiin nl' the pi'upli. a.ssuram-i's nl Ihi' (n'nnali I mviTnini'lll that 

in ili'i'isiims nf pi'ai'i' anil war. Thi'si' I'lmili- " nnri'.si'i'vi'iily am'pls ilii' imiis nl prai-c 

linns havi' iusi nnw iiniliT^inm. a funilami'nial hml ilnwn ill Ills aililri'.ss In ihi' ( miuri'ss nl 

ihaniii'. Viu'wiinvi'innii'iu iKislii'i-nlnniiiil ilu' rniU'il Slaii's nn Ihi' I'lclilh nl .laiuiary. 

ill i-nnipl,'ii. ai-iniilaii,i' wii'i ihn wishns nn.N. anil till' iinni-ipli's nl si'llli'mi'iii I'liun- 

priiii'ipii's',' nf Ihn ivpivsriilalinii nf ihn liati'il 111 Ills suli.M'.ini'lu ailili'1'.s.v's. pari irillar- 

I ill', bnsi'il on iin I'liiial. iiniMMsal. ly llm ail.livss nl Urn -Jiili nl .■si'pii'inliir. ami 

si'i-ri't. iliri'i-I friini-bisi'. iIkU il ili'siivs m ,lis.n,~s ilm ili'iaiU nl ilimr 

••Thi. InailH-s nf ilii' «r,'al parlins nf ih. ^'PPli.-minn aiiil tliai Ihi. uish anl pnrpns,. 

Ki'iilislau am iiU' nf Uiis Cnvi.rnnii'iil. ';nianal..,l nm Irnni Ium. «nn liavi- liilhi'r n 

In llii' iMlillv nn Cnvi'i-nnii'iil ran lak ■ 'l"'^"' '™™',l ''> •"" '■""''"'■";i H"' 

,.„iilinui. Ml niliii' wiiliniil piLssi'ssiiiv. Ihn I":-'"' »■•"; "" '■'■ni'i'ii.vs l...hal lUl frnm 

i.nnliilnii.i- nf a mainrilv nf Ihi. Iti'ii-lislau. niiiii^i"!-- whn spi'ak fnr ill,'> nl ill,' 

Ki'U'h^iau ami Inr an nviTwhi-linmn nia.|nrily 
[if Ihn liirinan i pin; ami liaviin; ri'rniM'il 

alsn llln I'Vphi'il prnmi.-i' nf llln prisl'llt 

■■'rill' ispniisiliilily nf the (■|ialiinllnr nf (li-rinali ( invi'mmi'iil Ihal ihn hilinaiin nili's 

till' Kinplri' In III,' i-i'pri'si'iitalinn nf tli,' nf i-iviliznil warfari' will Im hIimtmiI Imili nn 

pi'iipli' is lii'iiiu h'ually ili-yi'lnpi'il ami siilV- laml ami sea liy Ihn •ii'iinan arinml Inn-i's. ill,- 

uiiaril,',!. 'Ih,' lirsi arl nf llm nnw (invnrn- IVi'siili'iit nf llm I'nili'ii Slalns IVi'ls that \w 

iiu'iil has li,',ii In lav lii'lnrn Ihn lii'ii'hsiau a laiinnl ilnilin,' In lakn ,ip wilh llm ( inviTn- 

liii; In allnr Ihn inllslilnli f till' Knipiln sn nil'llls Willi whil'h ihn Cnvi'mnil'lll nf 111,' 

Ihal llm inll.snni nf llm inprnsnlllalinll nf llm I'niliil .'slalis i.> as.~niialnil 111,' i|lli'slinn nf 

pi'iipl,' is i'ni|lliri'il fnr ili'i-i^iniis nil war anil anannislli'i 

I'l'opk' nn War iind VvMv 


I'll,' piTinaiH'imn nf llm imw sssimn i 

'111' ilnnnis il his iliilv In say at'iiin. 
Imwi'Mr. ihal Ibi' iinly arnilslU'i' bi' wniilil 

hnwi'Vi'i'. i!uaianl,,'il m.l i.nlv liv innsiin,: fi'i'ljusiilii'il In snbniiitlnu fnr ,-nnsi.l,T- 
liiinal .safi'unai'ils. lull alsn hy llm nnshakal.ln -I'l"" «""!'' .'"' """ "''''" -"""''I l'''»i' 

ilnlnrininiilinn nf llm <li'rnian pmipln wlinsn 

llu' I nili'il Siaii's and ilu' pnwirs asvi- 

,,,,-1 inamrin Mamls l.nliinil llms,. ri'fnrnis •'""■•I »l'l' l"'f '" a pnsliii.n li. ,'nfi.u'i- 

ami ilninanils ilmir iimrimlli' iniil iiniamn. ■'".^ arranu.'nii'nis ihal niav b,' >'"l>'r,'.l 

■•Th,' ,|,mslinn nf llm l'n'si,l,'n( with it»'Y""' '" ",";'"' "•'"■"';' "' '"-!"'"''- 

whnm Im i.nii llm (hiwrnnmnl a.s,s,K'ialn.l "" ""' """■' "' '•'•""""V l-I'"--'!'!'' 

unswi'ii'il in a ilnar nimiiuivmal inanimr l.v lransn,l.t«l I" MIU's 

Ihi' slali'ini'iil Ihal llm nlfi'r nf |inmi' ami an "I hn I'ti'siilmil has. Ilmrnhim. liaii'.inil liil 

arinislirr tia^ I'linm frnm a t In' t'tniimnl «litrh hi-- rnrrfpniiili'imn wiili llm [iri'M'iii tinrinan 

Is frii' Irnin am arliiii'ar\ am! innspniisilili' aulhnrilm^ In llm I InviTiinmnls with whinh 

iiillui'ii,'!'. ami I- ^iippnrinil h\ llm apprnval llm linvniiiini'iil nf llm I'nlli'il Stains ic 

nf iin iiynrwlmliiiini! ina,inrii\ nl llm (li'nnaii iis-sni'lali'il lis a lii'lliiti'ri'nl, willi llm siiiiui'slinn 

|Hm|ili'. Ihal. if lliiisi' Ciiyi't'iinmiils am ili-pn-i'ii In 

■ Siitni'il ,"s(l|.l''." I'lfi'i I pnarn ilpnil Ihn Inrliis anil in'imlpli'ji 

'uu\n-Ai'.-i\. thv'tr tnJlit:irv :itlust'rs :ind tlu* uliu havo liitluTro hicii (he niasltrs of 

military atlvisi-rs of ilu- I niu-tl States (Ji-rman polii-y. and In pniiit out oiui- nmrc 

Ik- asked lo submit (o the (JoverniiU'iUs thai in conrhMiinij; pcacv ami altcmptinjj to 

assoi'iaU'tl ajiainsi (it-rniaiiy (hf luvt's- tiiidc (he infiiiitc iniarics and injustices i\\ 

sary terms of sueh an armistice as will llii.> war. l!ir < i(i\ i-mnienl nl" liie Tniieil 

fully proleet ilu- inleresls of the peoples Stales cannot deal with any but \eritable 

involved and ensure lo the associated representatives of (he f.erman people 

(;o\ernmenis the unresiricled power to who ha\e been a'-sured ))f a liennine 

safe;iiiard and enforce the details of the consiitii(i<tnal standiniias the real rulers 

peace lo which the (ierman (iovernnienl of (KTiiKiny. 

lias aiireed, prtivided ihey deem such an "If it must deal with the military 

armistice possible from the military point masters and the monarchial autocrats 

of\iew. Should such terms ttf armistice of (iermany now. or if ii is likeJ\ to 

be suiiiiesled. their acceptance hy (ier- have to deal with them later in reiianl 

many will alTortl the best concrete e\i- lo the inleroaiiimal oblii-alions of the 

dence cd her uiu>(|ui\ocal acceptance of (iertnan Jvn)pire. it must demand, noi 

the terms ami principles of peace from peace neUoliaiions, but surrender. Xnih- 

which the whole action proceeus. ine ran he L'ninef! lis leavini: lhi> r»i'titi:il 

thiti.L' iinsiiil. 

Doubtful of (ioxernmenl Change ".Virept. Sir. the reneurd a»ufaiiii-> ..I 

■-.he l'lV.M.|elU woul.i .leeni l,iin>eir la.K- "'^ '^'^''' ';'.'"-''';''•"*';"■ , _,,..^. _ ^. ^ ^, 

iN« iti candor did he not point oni m I'le " •^>J-'"'"'J KOJd-J;J I,.\N.n1.\(,. 

Irankest po»ihIe uriiis the reason \\h\ i-Mra- "M''- I'Vi-derirlv i t,.,l,.rhii. < liarue d'Af- 

onliiiiiry safe^'uards niu>l In- demanded. Siu- t:iitvs til' Swii/eHand, a<l int-rini itieharjit- of 

nilieani ni\i\ irnp<frtant us (hi- .-oiistiKKional 'Jrnnaii iii(err>t> in Ihe Vm\ci\ Slates." 
thall^es seem to he wiiich Mv spoken of hv 

ihe ( ierman Kofeiiin Secri'lary in his n<tte n| 

ihr mrntieih of ( '. (ohtr. if dot"^ xuM appear *''>*' Mf^iniiiml of (he Knd <if K;iiserJsni 

that the prti.ciple of a <io\ernnieni 
responsible to the (ierman people has 
\i'l bi-en fully worked out. oi that an> 
Una lan tees eiilu-i exist or are in con- 
templation that the alteralit>ns of prin- 

iiple and i)f practice now parliallv aiireed .11 ,■ .1 1 . 1 ■ 1 

upon will be permanent Moreover, it ";'" !"'^r'""n.:'l. "': ';'"1,:'' ^•"":!rV ■""! 

ll tile \ear IHl I will i-o dttwn as the mo>t 
tnemofal'le in the annals oj' lii>iot\. Ihe \ ear 
lUls will take M'.otid rank, and parlii-ulafK 
ilie month ol' Xovemlier. IIUS, Wldle prate 
had Hot lieeii derlaied in I'.tlS. lhi> \ear saw 

do s iH>t appear thai the he.ul of the 
pieseni dilhcullv has been n'ached. 

"It max be that tutui e wars ha\e 
hei>n brouuhi u.uiei the iDniiol ol the 
(iettuan peopU-. but I he preseui war has 
not been; and it is with the present war 
that we are deallnU- 

Kaiser's INtwer 1 ninipalred 

It the eleventh liour •<]) ihe elexenlh day of 
the eleventh mmilh in li'lS the annistiee 
thai meant the end of the hloodiesi war in 
all liiiH'. was sinned. 

Ii is on!\ iu'ces.sary lo ^ti huek 'o the 
earlier inonlhs and watch the laelies of I-'oeh 
and I'ollow him in hi> march toward ihe 
< leniian bonier in -re thai the inevitable 
rlefeai of the ( ieriiiaiis wa> ai liaml, 

ll is true Ihal the Allies lhenisrl\e> did 

"ll is evident thai the (H-nnati peopli' imi look I'orwaid to the d<twiifall nf tin- 

have no mi'an> of cnininundini! (iir iicpiies. (liTniaiis until llir \ear lltit*. aiid tiiey were 

cence of Ihe military aulhnrilit's nf the l'!mpii"'' preparinu lor the hiu dri\e \\\ the spiT't; of 

in the jMipular will; that Ihe power ol the that >ear which wa.s lo lurii the (iiTinans 

KiML' nf |';i (o eonlfol Ifle polir\ of the hack to the lihille. 

Kinpife Is unnnpaai'd: thai Iheilrienninalinn t'erl'.ap> ihe wil\ lUlluiU'iaiis. timler their 

initiati\r viJH irin mis v\ilh ihosr who ha\e " Kow Keidmaiid," were the lifst to M-eiil 

hilhrff.. h.vM \\u Mi.(-fer- of ticnn.ifn., the (ielcal I'f The comhinatinn n( tyrants, for 

Fivhim (hat the whole peace of the world on Sepleinher :l<>th. HMn. llii'v conchided an 

depends now on plain speakinu and arniislice with lhi> Allies nii Ihe hitler's own 

siraiithlfof war<l a*iion. (he ('resident lecnts. Tlu-se terms v^ete siirtied nnl\ after 

deems li bis diil> lo sa> , wlinoui anv ihe Allies had penetrated ihilunriaii teirilnrx . 

aiiempi to solten what max srein harsh and were as fnllnvxs: 

woids. ih.ti the M.iitons ol theitorlddfr .S'\«r;ifn»' of llidtranan ft'Ialioiis with 

no) and cannot trust the xxord ol iho<ie I'lirkex , (iernian.x and Aui«lriii: 

O /( r II V r o V s i „ I h v C r ,- ii I W „ r I d if u r 

* Iiuiranit'i's by Ituljrarians to salVjzuanI hi Irclaiiil. Imlia ami Snuth AtVk-a. Tlic 

KnU'iUi' military <)pi'ratiiins and pivvciit Kiumt i-viik'nlly did iml know iha' linN^aria 

di'spatfh i)f (uTman tn>i)ps in iU)l.uaria: is the I'sscnco nf scifisiincss; thai the I'.iil- 

Kiiial ti'mlorial sfitii'mcnt to he left tc ;iai'jaiis liavi' m-viT had any tlnuiiilit for niln'ts 

.iirncral peace cdnlVn'Mn'; ihaii thcinscivi's: i hal their dream had 

l*enii)hil!zalinn ot liul-jaria.' army nr il> always been raee-uaily. and ihal their aml>i- 

eniplnynient elsewhere ajialnst the 'I'eulnnir liiMi was nui tci d' feat (Ireai Uritain and 

Allies: Krani'f and help win a victDry Inr (iermany. 

Kvaeiiation hy jiuljraria i*\' all leniinry The iUilj^arians desired tip annex that imrlion 

tnitsi<ii' her nwn huundarics. nf Maccdtmia which was pi'opled liv liul- 

!n the meantime the Allies were >till ai jrarians. Fur this they had alreaiiy rmi.i;hi 

wnrk drivinjr liack the enemy and (in the day twn Balkan '.vars and for this tliey were 

the armistire was signed with liiilijaria. the willinir tu rise nr fall. iJuljiaria Imt wail<'d 

Strliiarjs were then drivin.i: the i'lilijarians an oppnrtunity to ,^eI even wjtli Serliia 

ItMir.d \eles. Aliiiul this time it may be l)erause nf the ns.ilt nl' the Ilueiiarest Citii- 

said that the d»ri>ive phase nf the war had izri'ss df \U\:). and with ihe jireai war eame 

lieiiun. An Associated Press nespateh dated her uppnrlunity le >lab Serbia in the b-irk. 

September :S(ltli, UMS. reads: 'rhin,i;s were jininy lavurahh" Inr (iermany 

"'Tlu' sdlierest and mnst (Minservati\e ami Austria and what belter ehance than nnw 

miiitar\' Dbservers hi'rei-i insider lliat yi'stcrday fur liul^iaria in sprint; upnn a crushed natinn? 

marked the lirst sle|)> in the divisive phase of Had tilings iuen imfavorable In (Iermany 

the war. and favorable to the Allies ihere is iin dmibl 

■■'rile lielyians an' einse tu Knulers; the ihal liiilvfaria wnuld have made use tif ihe mareiiini: upon the l.ys. will nutllank vietorimis armies In -iain for herself the 

I.ille: Ihe Sie^frieil line is irninu tn pieces at coveted Ierritfr\ nf Macedmna. So thai 

two vital points, namely (ambrai and Si. when we see Itul^xaria renouncini: her allies in 

t^uetit in. the fate of which places is considered Septi'inln'r. l!t!S, and appealing' In ihe Kn- 

a H"»'"^tinn of hours: I.e ('alelel. Ihe central tonte fnr an armistice it is an auvrury Ihal 

pillar of the Hindenhuriz system .isoiittianki'd; t!u' end of militarism is at hantl. Willi this 

fien. Manizin i> diiviiij: the enemy nnrth of the first link unne thi're remained but the 

(he ( hemin des I )aines: ( len. ( lourud is at dcslructinn nf th.e armies iif Tm'key ami 

ihe iiales tif f halleraniit' "H his way ti> Austria In deal Ihe death blow to ( lerman 

\"nu/.iiTes. the ki-y to the lateral raiirna<l ambition. And that death blow was dealt 

cumnumications of the (lennans. in tlu' mnnih nf Nnvember. litis. True it is 

"Mnrenver. dui'in;; Ihe last week. I hi' Allii s that 'rarke\' (he w'a.\' nut and mnk 

on the western Irnnl have lakeii mnre than nppnrtunity In surrender tn the Kntente 

."iD.DUO pri.snners."' Allies iiefore .\u.^tria succumbed, but as 

And yet. even al this dale, the Kai>er. Turkey was nnly a minor factnr In the war. 

whn had come In be reirarded as a mad man. iin- fate ^^l' (Iermany ilepended iiptin the 

was boaslinu nl lii> ureal victories. The >ti'ps that .\ustria would take. True it is 

follow inn wnrds were cnnlained in a Ieh%'ram that Turkev c:iused a jxreat deal n\' aminyance 

which Ihe ■■.\IMIii;he>l " had fnrwardcd nii in Creat Britain: thai site kepi cinsed ihe 

.September :iii. p.tls. in ihe Weslphalian hardanelles and defeated (leiieral Tnwn>eml. 

I'alrinlic Snciel\ : but even al be>I lur doom was .-ealed the day 

"(iermany is derided to ulili/.e all force lu she fleclared war nn (ireat Britain, tlie 

Withi Ibis enforced defensive war imlil a iireatesl friend and prnlectnr she Iiad ever 

victorious end is secured, and (he falherland had in Kiirn)>e. 

pp'tecled bir all lime a"-iinst t'oreiyti oppres- But il remained lo lie .sivn what steps 

sinn. .\ustria wnuld take. She ha'l rcin-atedly 

".\ iilance at ihe mai^nilii-eiil succe>.se> u| a>.-.ured ihe wtdd that >he wnuld -land bv 

nur hernic ^nti> and their genial leaders out;hi (iermaiiv uniil Ihe end. and with her collapse 

In prnlecl llii- ( lemian jienple eveu ill llie it was plain to be seen 1 hat the enil luid conie, 

chaniieable b»rlune> tif war. a^'aiiist uiiwurth> .\nil on Novemlier l(h. \U\s, ilu> world was 

discnuraiiemenl and miiuslilied iloulit." slarticd. .surpri^'d. but elated In learn that 

It is tpiile evident. I herefnre, that llie Austria had surrendered and Ihal her surren- 

Kat.MT anil his fullnwers were as iirnnrani nf lur wa.s ctunpleie. i hi ibis dale llie lerm> 

iiuluanan l;isinr\ and the characleristies of nf armisiicc under wliieb the land and sea 

Buli:arian> izeiierailv. a> lhe\ were iunnraiii bm-cs ni wbal nice was the .\iisira-llufyarian 

as to ihr- stand lliat wnuld be taken b> ihe Ktnpire laid dnw ri iheir ai'm> wetr ammunced 

British I, inn's culis; as lluw weiv iniit>ran( as .sinuiltaiu'ously in Washinnlnn and llie Allit.Hl 


» r I! <■ r o (' s i „ f h V r, ,- .' o ^ W u ,■ I ,/ \V a ,■ 

Capiluis. The ttrni.-^ uiiirh Austria sJened It iviil alsti iticliKlc all iIk- islamis in tlu- 

arc as rdlldws: imrlh ami west nf Ihilinalia fnmi I'lvmuiJa. 

Military Chnises 

St'lvc. riltn, Sehfnia. Maon. I'a.L^'i and V\m- 
tadiira in tlic nnrth u)) to Mi'k'ita in \\\v snulh. 

I. The imnu'diate ct*ssati(in of hnstiiities t-mlnm-ina Sanlaiulrca. lUissi, Lisa. Tm-olu. 
hy lami. sea and air. (ur/.tila. ('azza and l,ai.'»ista. as well :ls the 

■i. Tutal dcmol>ili/.atinn of the Auslrn- neijihl.onim rneks an.l islets_ an.l;air»-s 
Huimarian armv and immediale wiliidrawa! '.;nly e>;(-e|,uimtlu. islam s n( (, real and Miiali 
..f all Auslro-Hunuarian f..ives ..peratinu ni, /•"■'•'^>'- I'-nt*'. N'ka am l>razza. .\ll leminry 
thc fn.nt t'nmi (he X<.rth Sea to SwUzerlami. 'J'^'-^ evariialed shall he mrupjed hy the 
Within A ustm- Hungarian territorv. limite.l '".'\*'^ "'^ "i'' -■^"'^'-'^ ^^'i'' l-'i^' ^ "'^^'<' ^^''^^'^ 
as in Clause :J hflnw, there .shall only he "' Amerira. 
inainlained as an orpinized militar\' fctn-e 
' I rediieed pre-war etfeeiives elTectiveness 

1a en Siirremler (ioal 

Half the divisional e.irps and army ar- All niililarv and raiUvav e(|iiiimuMU of all 

tiUery shall he eolleeted at point In he indi- kinds. ineUidin^r enal helnneinii tu nr within 

eated i)y the Allies and t'nited States nf those lerrilories. tu he left in situ and 

Ameru-a fur delivery lo them, heiiinniuii with sunvndere<l tn the Allies, areonlinu tu sptvial 

all such materia) as exists in the territories orders udven l)V the Conimander-in-f liiel' of 

tu he evacuated hy the Austro-Hunizarian ihf lurees of "the assueiated powers u|' the 

f"i*ees. dillerent fronts, 

Whore They Withdraw 

No new destruetion. pillajie ur rei|uisitiiin 
to Ite lione hv enemy Imops in the liTrilorie.s 

:i. Kvaeuatiun of all territories invadetl lo he evacuated hy them and oecupiecl hy llu' 

hy Austru-Hunjiary since the heviinninj; of ft irci's of the associated powers, 
the war. withdrawal within such |)enods as 

shall he detf'rmined hy the Comniander-in- Seize All 'IViinsportatioii 

Chief of the Allied fttrces (tn each front of the , ,,., ^ ,,. , ,, , , . , 

Austro-Hun^^irian armies hehind a line tixed '■ • "'' --^""'-^ ^'Vi" 'i'^\'' ^''^' >;'W''^''" ''"f^' 

as f(tlloW; 

From Pic Cmhrail to the north of tin 
Stelvio it will follow the crest uf the Uheiian 

nietit over all roads and rail and 
waterways in A list nt- Hungarian terri- 
tory and of the use of the neeessarv 

IS Days for Huns 

\l,,s up 1„ tlH. sources of tlu. A.iiK.. m„l th. •^'"''^ ;'" ^..ul |lunfc,n;.n ■ uans of trans- 

F.iL'l. passing ihHur In Mounts Kos,-!,,.,, I'""'"""- ' I"' ■"■"">- ''I '": ^'-'^">' ">-;.l 

an,l Ur. ,n,.r an,! ll,.. lu'.iKlus nf Dhz an,l 'i" ,' I "" "'■'•'"':■ ,^'"-'' '"'•'X''"'' '""" " '" 

Zoall.T. Th,. lino th,.n,-,. lin-ns soull,. ,Tossi„u. Ai'-^'na-Hunnarv at naos as thov may .l«.m 

^,i ,,,,, .J. 1)1.,.) ,- ,\ , neces.sarv lo rnahle ihem to conduct n)i tarv 

MoLitit I (ihlach and rneel ur t e p esent .■ . ■ . ■ i 

fronlior ( an.ic- Alps. It f,.llows this tontior "l'"| '"""^ ;"■,", '"^"" '■"" "'■;':''■ , 

up to Moan, Tarvis an,l aflor Mount Tarvis ""■>■ ^'l^' ' ''iV' ,""' ''"''' ,V' '■'''l""^.",'"" 

tl'o watorslu.,! of iho Julian Alps Uv Iho Col "" •"»'"'■" '"" >l"' ''""l'^ "I"'"' ^'»s'«-u.lo,l 

of lVo,lil. M,.unt Manwart. tl„. Tri.-orno I"-"'''- >^l»'r.'vor tl„v mav ho. 

Toriilou'. anil tho watorslioil of tlu' Cols <li 
I'tnlliorilo. Poiilaliisrain anil lilria. l-'roni 

thii poiiu (lio lino turns .^oullioa.-t lowarils .'i. ( oniplolo I'vaoualion 

llio Sohiioohurt!. owluilc- tlio vvliolo hasin of troops within 1.") ilavs not 

Ihr .><avi. ami lis Irilaiianrs. Krom Schrici- Italian ami lialkan froitts. 

Imrn. it tioi's clown tinvarilsthocoasl iti sui'h ;i .\astro-llua,i;arian lirritorv. 

wtiv iu* to inc'luclc Caslua. Maltu.itlia ami :ill ilrrman troops uliicii 

Volosra in tho c'vacaiatoil torrilorios. .\ustria-llnnnarv within tlio ilatc 

ll will also follow the ailniin.Mrativo limits li. Thi' ailministration of the I'vacuatcd 

of the jircsont provini'oof Hiiltiititia. inc'.alinj; torrilorics of Austria-lluni;ar.v will be cn- 

thi' north !.i.s;irii-!i anil 'rri\ania ami, to tho trustod to the local authorities umler tin' 

south. ierritiir>' liinileii lp.\ a iitie from the eontrol of .Mlied iinil as.siH*iateil arI1li(>^s i)f 

Seiai^rraml' of Cape Planea to the summits oreupation. 

of the \\atersheils eastveanls. so as to iiietudc 7. The itnineili.cie re[iairiatiim without 

ill till' evaeuateil territories all the \'alle\s ri'iipritcity uf all .Mlied prisoners of war 

and water llowin>! towards Sehenieo, anti Interneil Kuhjeets nf rivil pftpiilalloii 

sueh as the Cieohi. Kerka, lfulisnic*a tind e\'aeuateil from their homes on ronditious to 

their triliuliiries. he laid chiwii hy the eontiiiander-iii-chief of the 

;i.i 267 

III (.>llil 

of all 1 


onK' fri 



hut In 





have II, 



May |u. |H|T. 

a < 

' II t h i 

■hi W 

Inn-i-^ i>l' the as,-^(n'i;iiftl power.-- on the \':irinus 
l'ronl>. Sick ;tnci woiuitit'O who cannot 
be removed from evacuated territory will 
be cared for by Aiistria-liimjiary person- 
nel who will be left on the spot with the 
medical material reciiiired. 

Naval Conditions 

1. imnii'iliaU' t-essalion o!" luisiilitit's ami 
(ielinile iiifoniialion to hf u.\wn as to tlie 
lo/alioii oi'miiveniciUsora!! Austro-Huniiarian 
ships. N'titilication to l>e made to neutrals 
that t'rci'doni of naviiralion in ail territorial 
waters is driven to tlie naval and niercantilc 
marine of tiie Allied and assoriated powers, all 
(iiu'siions of neuti'ality l)einiz waived. 

2. Surrender to Allies and tiie I'nited 
States of .\meriea of lo .Austro-HiniL'^arian 
sLilimarines rtimpli'ted iielween the \'ears 191(1 
and IIUS. and of all (ierman submarines 
which are in or may hereafter eiiter 
.\iistro-IIim^arian territorial waters. .\II 
other Austro-Huni*arian siibniannes to 
be paid off and completely disarmed and 
to remain under the supervision of the 
Allies and I nited States. 

Ships to be Surrendered 

:l. Surrender to Allies and the I'nited 
State,-, with their complete armament 
and equipment of three battleships, 
three lijiht cruisers, nine destroyers, 
twel\e torpedo boats, one mine layer, 
six Dan idle monitors to be designated 
by the Allies and the I nited States of 
.\nierica. All otlier surface warsliips, in- 
eludiny ri\er craft, are to l>e eoncenlrated in 
Auslrn-Hunjiarian naval liases to lie desiir- 
nated ti\ the .\llies and I'nited Stales of 
Ameriia. and are to lie paiil otT and eoni- 
pleteiy tli.sarnu'd and placed under the super- 
vision of Allies and I'nited Stales of America. 

Sweep I p the Mines 

1. Freedom of navijzation to all warshi|is 
and nierchanl .-'hips of Allii'd and associated 
powers to lie iiivn in the .Aiirialic and up Ihe 
Kivcr Danube ;md iis triliutaries in llie 
territorial waters and lerritory of Austria- 
Hunuary. The Allies and associated 
powers shall ha\e the rijiht to sweep up 
alt mine fields and obstructions and (he 
positions of these are to be indicated. 
Ill order to insure Ihe fret-dom of naviiralion 
i.n Ihe Danuhe the .\Hies and ihe I'nited 
Stales of .America shall lie empowered tn 
oeeupy or di.smantle all fortiticatioiis or 
defense works. 

."). The existin-r hlockaile conditions set up 
!)>■ till' .\Hies and assoeiated powers are to 
remain unclianired and all .Vu.stro-Hunearian 
meivhant sliips found at sea are to remain 
liable to capture .-^ave exceptions wiiich may 
he made by a commission nominated by the 
Allies and the I'nited Slates of America. 

Take All Air Craft 

tl. -Ml naval aircraft are !o lie coiu-etu rated 
and impactioni/.ed in Aus(ro-Hun,i:anan base.-s 
to be ijesiiinated liy the Allies and the I'nited 
Slates of .\merica. 

7. Kvacuation of all llie Italian coasts and 
of all pons occupied b>' .Austria-Hunijary and 
their national territory and the abandonment 
of all tloatiny; craft, naval materials. ec|uip- 
ment and materials for inland naviiralion iif 
all kinds. 

S. Occupation by the .\lliesand the fiiited 
Slates of America ot' the land and .sea forlilica- 
tions and the islands which form the <iefenses 
and of thi' dtickyards and ar.senal at INila. 

I). All merchant ve.s.>els held by Austria- 
limitrary belonjiinj^ to the .\llies and asso- 
ciated powers to be returned. 

lit. No destruction of ships or nf ma'.erials 
to be permitted before evacuation, surrender 
or restoration. 

11. .Ml naval and mercantile marine jiri- 
soners of the .Mliecl and associated powers in 
Auslro-Hunirarian hands to be returned with- 
out reciprocity. 

With .\ustria out of the way and the 
terms demandinir thai siie must a.s.sist tlie 
.\llies if neces.sary. can be seen the hand- 
writiniz on ihe wall for Ihe (ierman [leople. 
aiconiin^ to ihe New York Herald of Novem- 
ber ')th. litis, which continues: 

'■.\s Uulyarla. Turkey and .\usiria-Hun- 
Liary have, each in turn, beimed for a beiziii- 
nin^' toward peace on the ba.sis of their un- 
conditional surrender, so Ciermany must ac- 
cept an arrni.-ilice if she is to have oui' 
ilictated in every line and every wonl iiy her 

■'Si^nis are not wanting lluit the Kaiser 
and otiier despots of Kaisi'ristn are still 
hoping to squirm themselves into peace 
ne^'"li:i'ions. Thi' Kaiser is out in solemn 
approval of a revamped constitution, which 
is a condiinalion of arrant sham and not very 
ilever camoutlane. Oslensiliiy hi- surrender.^ 
his 'divine rights' liut he immediately sti'ps 
to the front of the staij;e in thi' role he him.self 
has described as "hereditary president,' 

■■ He is foohnu noboiiy outside of i lennany 
unless it be some persons who want lo be 

O „ I- It , ,„,■.< i ,1 Ih , C ,<■„ I U',, rht ir<r r 

( 'oinnifminir nii ihis suiijcct the WcrM U:i\in,^ liiven ilic npiniims ni' liu' iciuiini: 

says; New York paiKTs \vc mniiot tin Ik-iut lliaii 

-The Icniis of thi- armisliic miuirwl of ivproduir hi-n-in llic wnnis nf lli,' Ottawa 

llcrmany l,y tlic Allii'.i powiTs ami tlli' riiiti^.l -loanial ol XovcniluT .). litlt*. as IdHuws: 
States al'f In In-, as liati Itri'li fxpt'ctt'd. tin less 

si;vHC than Ihosi. im|: wd upon Hulcaria aiid AlSTlilA'S srURr.XDKR 
Turkt'V :iii<i Austria-Hiiinxarv ia turn. 

••Thi-v aiv. hrntidlv sp,.:,kinix. such ;is will !" "'I"''- ""i'"^- ■'" /"-'ny "in-pniTalled or 

make. impnssihU. a ivsum|.linn „f h.istiliiic.s ;'Ull"ii|-dH has sunvndcivd or a hcsK.;:,.,! cty 

hv Ih.. C.Tman Covminiciu .m ,.ith,.r lan.l l'''V'"" 'i'' '■'"' ""''■, '•,'■" '"'"■'' '' "l"''™'''''' 

ur s,.a pcndiim a |«™ian..nt tivatv nf pua«-. . . l"''''i''f l""-"« .t'»', '"•lli!-'''ivnt nation con- 

... ; , , I j" ) ■ ■ rented to admit deteat and .seek peace, 

t was to have heen world ,lr,n,inion or |,^,, .,, ,|,_, .,,,,,1,,;,.,. ..,„„.,, („ .\^,„,i.,| ^,, ■„, 

dowalal,enna,iysow,, asser- „,„^„ ,.,,.i,„„|, ,_,,.,„,,, ,„ ,,„|^.,,i., „„| 

tlons. It has Ijerontedowatall.aii.) evei-\-|)od.\ a',...L.,.,- ti„. .,," !.,.i.... ;. i,. 

in tiennany Ifoni the Kaiser downwai-d is at 

last JK'izinnin^ to recognize the fact." 

Turkey, the sui'femler is not niei-ely of a 
litar\" forte Imt of ;i whole nation. 

Xe\'el' wtis tllere sllell a ilefeat or tltlniissitm 

Ihe Irihune ^ays that the terms ol llie „f ,|,,f,..„ ;„ ,ht. Iiislorv .if tlie worltl. One of 

ijrmisiice leave the IHialM.iiiartliy impotent. Hu, m-.-atest militarv in Ih,' ivorlil has 

1 h.. .MIU'il .lenian.l lor the evacuation ..1 the a,.kiiowle.lj:ed itself .-..mpletelv heaten. The 

llenlin... stria an.l Dalmatia eavesnod.mht „,,.,„^ „,• aimisti.-e suhmitled t.. Aa.slria liv 

ahmit the .hsp.isiti..ii ..I .orraine in any ,|„, .\|ii,,, ,,,„p|,.isi?.e in ev..rv .-laiLse that their 

armisti.'e with (.ermany .Msace-l.orraine ;„-.vptan.-e means al«.lui.. militarv capitula- 

n-ill )». .surrenilered. as ih,..s,. Aiislriaii pro- ,;,,„ .\ustria iias acceptetl tiiein in full, 

vin.-es have been sunvn.leretl. Ihe (.erman -n,,,,.,, „.as n.. tli.-tu.ssion of the terms. Tlie 

navy will similarly lie turneil over It. the i-j,.,,,,.., „.,„,| „.|,.„ ii,,,,- „aiile.l. all ihev 

.Miles or thsmaiitletl .st, that (.ermany can wante.l. anti .lefeat.^.l .\uslria lias ae.iuiesce.1. 

n.'Ver resume the war at sea. Of Ih.- I.Tins of armistice, tllat which .seems 

■■('.ermany. the arch-conspirator niost einphaticallv to speak the c..mpleten.-ss 

the peace of the w.irl.l. will he lioun.l. .just as ,,f Au.stria's capitulation is Ihe fourlh. Austria 

.Uistria-Hunitary, her humhie satellite, has is -lot only put t.ut of the war in .lefeal herself, 

n.iw hi'en hountl.^^ Imi iiy i|„. fourth i-lause of the arinisiic.. 

The Times .savs: ■■The irtiti riiit.' litis oiu-e ili.-ltil.'.l liy ill.' .'Ulies. li.T t.'rrii.iries tir.' lai.l 

aitaiu .-Lls.'.! ah.iut (i.'rmany. . . .'she .ip.'ii for .Mli.'.l attack tlir..u'_'h ih.'ui u|ioii th.' 

ai.iii.' an in.T.'asini; host of foes: .•.inle.l.'lale in .rinU' who.s.' halll.'s .sh.' has 

thiTe is no help for h.T fr.mi any .|uarler. an.l heen lijthlini;. (ii'rmany. Th.' .\lli.s liave the 

the territory anti service of of her rail tuid water transporuititm 

couulri.'s wiiicli were lately liy her fticilities an.) the .if h.Tstrateixi.-al 

side, ar.' ..pen I.I the use of the .Allies ftir positions iu an.\* operations lh.'\ ma,\' un.i.-r- 

attackinvt her up.iu fronts hith.'rt.i .secure. take a^tiiiisi iier ally of N.'st.'r.fay. My 

She must surreiitler. ami s.ioii. The terms acceplinn this coiitliiion timont: Ihe .ithers. upon .Austria eiKthlc her !" .iud.i»' tln' .Austria is d.iiiij.. luoyr thtm .'^un-fmifrini:: 

.se\-erit\ tif til. ise slu' must a.-.^.'iit for h.'fs.'lf.^^ sit.' is a.imittini: tlie «uill of her former 

The Sun sa,\s: ■■The eiitl is in full sijiht iiarluer: she is seekiu.u the tlefeat .if the re- 

now." an.l .■.mcluiles; •■The one ttreal prin- maimier of lite alliance of which she was part, 

eiple whi.'h (Ireat Itritain. France. Italy, tlie ihe overthrow of Ih.' principles prodaimi'.l 

I'nite.l Stall's an.l all .lem.i.'l'atic nations liy that allian.'.'. 

inl.'ri'ste.l in s:if.'i;uariliiu; their future anil The t.'rms of armistice are not peace 

111.' fuliir.' pi'a..' ..f 111.' w.irlii. must ke<'P in terms. Thi'V ;iri' only ihi' military c.iiiditintis 

mind when victory lias heen e.impl.'tely .if surr.'ii.ier. .Austria has alrea.l\ slat. '.I her 

a.'lii.'V.'tl, is the pr.'s.'r\alioii of eni'iny lantls. airreemeiil in ih.' .■.in.liii.uis ..f pea.-.' s.. far 

if for no other r.' than th.' .saki' of the outline.l liy tli.' .Mli.'s. 'I'he terms of Ihe 

preseryatiou of our own or.lerly .lenio.'racies arinisliee. whi.-li indu.le Ihe l.ilal .l.'mohili/.a- 

aiiainsl w.irl.l It.ilsh.'visin ; aiiainst the red lion of hi'r arm\ and Ihe surr.'n.l.'r an.l .lis- 

.'Ui's.' of .iisint.'tiration an.l anar.'hy an.l armam.'iil of h.'r navy mak.' anylliinit lull the 

chaos, I'.ir wlii.'ti moll passions ar.' always acceptauce of p.'a.-.' t.'rms .iictat.'.i l.y th.' 

pr.'pariim the li.'l.l wh.'ii str.iiu; (l.iv.'riimenl .Mli.s lal.'r on impo.s.silil.'. .V.-cptaiu'e .if th.' 

.' Thi' e-\|)i'rii'ni'i' of liii.s.sia has alri'taly .inni.sii.'i' icrms ri'mlcriiii! her iiiililaril.i im- 

illustrat.'.l this with stallliint an.l iii.illilor\ potent is a.'i'.'[itali.-e in pra.'li.-al form of 

si^nilicatice of wttrnin>;." .Mli.'tl petv.-e Th.' .Allies retain 


m m 

lllliLKH Jims l{..HIHI-'-v IIHIIIH l.l.'Ul K. lt< 

Knli>l<*1 111 ihi- I'liTth llail>:i>»i <>n Kn.xiiit m IlK' :ilh ll>ItPr>. 

MirilT, ni|^. A||<';::. TmnnLrrMl <>i> Jiinuiiri I, n*IH, Avail. 
I" lh« ;iMh lUlUli.m in Kr»nr.>. ipvi.r«.M .m Kflrumry il 

III! Sf I* >>«i 

. \.t,ik... II *. 

It'll Hill, IS III I li r C I , II I W ,1 I I il War 

Ihrir mililan t'slahlislinu'lits until sin-h :i pfnilil tlit- luissiim- uf llu- ( ii-riiuin ilflcuntiim 

\»Kivv ;i> thi'> WiitH i> i'irt'<-t('(l. i'or ariiiisticc m-^intiatinrts thniuult tin- lines. 

Uflnn- CuTriKinN ran iiavc vrVwi rrnrn ilu- Tilt' nnlt-r was yrivt-n to ccasi' tiring nn iliis 

hiMlini; niiw hi'ini; inllirtcil un hiT. thf frnnt al tluTc ci'i-lnck in the afli'rnnnn until 

Allies will assufc llu'nischcs in the same fni'Ilier 'ifders. 
pfartieal inannef. prnhaliK' tn a irreater 

(leiXfi'e il' that he pn>sil)le that slu- will he Muvi' in "'l"ho Iniori'sis of lliinianity" 

altle tn .la nnthinu else hut suhinit II' their .,., ,. . , i- r 

terms {if iieiee " '"' "'''!"''" wtreless me.s.sai!e askniK for 

OnlhetilhurN,.ven,herthew„rl,lre,-eive,l ^'" ^'liP'.'inlmenl to meet Marshal Koeh sa.vs: 

the ^rla.l ti.iinKs Iha, llern.anv was hen.linL' , '"' ';'™'.''" {•'"■'™"':"' ";""''' '■■.'"- 

to the will of the .Allies. a„.l that a .leleuatinn siraulat.. itself mil..' huinan.ty 

.■nt|-ain,.,l a. IVrlin to pn„.,,..l to ll„. \V,.s,ern ' ">-■ •'"■'Vil "' Ih.' I ..Tn.i.n ,l..|,val,.„. ..n 

lr..i.. for il„. p,„-p„.s,. :,f r.r,.ivinK fn.m F.„-h "»' .^'l"'--, '"'"' .""«li /'nm^.^'l'.'.'Ut a 

Ih,. .\lli,.s- i,.,n.s of sum.n.l.T. .in th,. 7th pn'Visional .sus ,.s,on ol hostihti..s. 

of N'ov.'inlier. Mai-shal l-'oeh nolili.'.l th. 

I'ht' Offii-ial D.n-unienls l-'orwardi'd 

I i.r.nan Mini, I that ' !''■ '""■'''! l>"^-""H.nls H.rwardi.fl 

■■ If tl... . ;, nnat. pU'lli .■ntiari..s wish to . .'.V ''"'"""•i"- imh ish...l ..nwht lollmv: 

m.vt Marshal K,.,'!, to ask him f,.r an armis- ,""''■;■ ",•::„ ■■"■""',", "r"n ■ 1- ' u"" 

t,,.var..l,.a,lvan.v.oth..Kr,.neh..ulposis ,V"''"''- "!-!■•".•'■"'■ H"' Mlowmj.. from he 
hv th,. I l,n„av. l-ourmi...s. I.a ( apiOl.. an.l ;'■■•'""" '.'"='' < "tnman.l l.y ...-.l.j .,f the 

(iuis.. ■.)nl,.rs haw niv.^n that ••'■rman le;y.Tnn,..,,l. .o Marsha l-o.-h: 
,1, ... ..r > 1 .. ;,- 1 .. 1 . I,, . 1. tt, 1 H- (icrnmn (ni\ti'min'iU. liaviMH iHi'ti 

pla.v lix,-,l for th,. inlervi..w." inf..rni...l throu.:!, th,. l'iv.s„i,.nt of th,- I nite.1 

tin the .sth of Nov..,nl,..r. th,. C.-nnan M:".'--^ l.l'al Marshal hK-h ha.l r.r...v. .w.ts 

.l..l...:al.s arriv,.,l at Marshal Koeh's h..a.l- '.' r.v..|v.. a,...r,.,l,t,.,l,.s..ntal,v..s o the 

.lUart.Ts. Th.-v ma.l,. a forma man.l for ';'™'-"' ',■.■<:■ '•™";-"< •""! .•...nnni.ii.'at,. In 

an armisti..... •n,.- t, xt of th,. of > "■'" •■"""|'.i""- "' •"' ^"'1- ••'■• ihf folLiwinK 

tl.- \ii; .... .. . I . ., I 1 \:,- ^ I t .u .„ iH'nipoU'Mtiaru's ha' t- iH-rri nainci i»v it: 

■n,. . .. L. I f .. . . .; .. f ..«,.. ;. ... Mat lias Krzhirwi'r. dt'iicral H. K, 

ref„s,.,l th..m an.l th,.v w,.r,- mven .M.v,.nfv- «"'"''■'■'''■ ,'.""'" AH";! v.m (ll,..rn,l„rir. 

two hon,-s ,0 answ,.r. Th.- h.ll..winK im.s.s;,«.. "•'™™' """ ' •"'>•""'"• '""I ^•'«'' ' "I'la.i. v..n 

was s|.nt l.\ III.' (I.Tman il..l..t!ati.s to th.' ''.'.". -ei i . .■ • . .u . .. 

( ;,.r,nan lli^:h I ...nman.l: , ' '"' pi';"'!'""'" tarfs r..,|U..s that h.'V 

■■Kr...n th,. (I.rman pl.^n t,.ntiari,.s for '"' i"'"""'"' ''^ «,"-"l;-, ". H"' Pl;'';" «!"•■■'■ 

anannisli,.... toth,. ImpLrial (■ha.„-,.llora.,.l ""'> 'i"! ""■" M.;':>l'al ■".It. I"vv «il 

Ih.. i;,.rman lliuh I omlnan.l Kri.lav morn- l','''"'':" '!> ;'"l"'""l"l'; "'H' ^.iho,-,hnat,.s of 

itti!. at .\1|...| i;,.n..ral ll,.a,l,|uart,rs: Th,. H"'.;- alf ""I"' pltfe thus appoin ,..l. 

|,l,.nipo.,.nt,ari,- r ,v,.,l th.. ,.on,lilioi,s of ,, ' •'•"•l•^ «-7 «'"■» to ....a.s,. hr.. .m Ih.. 

'.n ar'niMi,-,.. a. w,.|l as a formal ,l,.n,an,l that '""" '" ■' ■"''"•■'^ I'"'' """' f""'"''- '"•'l"'-'^- 

.-xpirinu on Mo..,lax tnornnw at 11 o-,l,Kk. '■'"■" <»"•'"« ''"«"' "' ^'"'"•"5 

|.'r.'neh tin.... "(In Nov.-nilM.r 7 ;i( 1 ;i') a.m.. Marshal 

"Th.. I iirnian proposal lor an iniini'.liat,. KikIi s..nt th.. r.>lhi»iiiu 1., II..' CiTman 

i-oiwlusion anil pr,, visional sUs|K.nsi,in of ho.s- ,, unman. I: 'If th.. Ii..rman pl..iiip,il.'iitiari.'.s 

liliti..s was r,.ji.,l..,l li\ Marshal K.»li, ,l,.-ir.. I,i m,..t l.'o,h an, I ask him 

"A (ii.rman ,',iuri,.r l,..ariiiu tl... Ii.vl ,.f th,. an armisti,,.. ih,.\ will pr,s,.nl tli,.ms<.|v..s l.i 
...ih.lilions ,if Ih.. armisti..,. Int. Ik...!. t,, ih,. |.'r..n,h ,iutp,ists hy ih.' I hima\ •l•',,llrnli..s- 
.<pa. n,, ,ilhi.r m,.ans ,if •.,imtmini.' U-inu l,a I 'ap.'ll..-. ,.iis.' r.)a,l. t)r,l,.r^ hav,. h....n 
pni..|i..alil.'. iliv,.n t,, r,...,.iv,' Ih,'in an. I .■,,n,lu..I th,.in t,i 

"l'l..a.».. aekii,,»l,.,ii!.. r......ipt aii.l .si'n.l Ih.' .s|hiI li\i..l th.' m..|i'inii, 

lia.-k ...lurif.r as s.Hin lis |Nissil,l.. willi \,,tir ".\ (o.rman wiri.l.-ss .h.spal.'h r..,.,.iv,..l 

lat.'st iiistru.'ti.ius. S..n.linu' ,"f fr.'sh ,1,.|..- N',i\fml),.r 7 al 1 p.m. sai 

i;at,.s is ii.,t ni.....s.siir> th,. mom,.nl. ' ■' ( ;..rnian ll.ii..ral li..a.|.| l,i the 

In this ,.,,nn,.|.ti,,n ii will h,. ,,f inii.ii.s! I,, Allii.s' (l,.n..ral ll.a,l,|.iarl.'rs: 'I'll.. H.^nian 

pllliltsl. II... (..\t ,if m,..HHau..s whi..h pj(,| ( ,*mman,ler-in-t hi.'f to Marshal 1.',h'Ii: The th.. (i..nnai.> an. I Marshal I-'.h'Ii ( l,.rinaii pl.'m|i,il..ntiai'i.'>f,iranarmisii,'el..av.> 

Thi'S). ari. uiv..n as f.,lh,«s: S\i;y t,i,la>. '\'\w\ will l,.au' li.'r.. at n.,.in 

lierman uraii.l hi.a.l.|iiarli'r> r...|>.,l an.l n.aeli al » .i',.|i«'k this afl..rn,K,n llii' 

\lli..,l tintmi h..a.l,| In wir..|,.x^ o, oulpiml" liy the Cliiiiiay. K.'urmii.». 

// . , „ , N i ,, 1 1, r i; , , „ I ir .. r I ./ n .> . 

I.ii Ciiiicilf aiiil ( i -<• niMci. TIliTi' will !»■ 1" TIutt was tlwii im .Iniilil lluil I liTinaii 

IKTsiins in ;ill. h' 'li'ii liy Sinvlai-y "f Stale inililarisni had iniiic Im all I'liii. anil the 

Kr/.lu'rRiT.' KaisiT -winj! ihi>. cnuaiil tliat lir was. left 

ilif tln-niU' anil liu- cnuiilry in tin- haniis nf 

Uniul-Mi'iuliiltt CDilipany l!rnii|>lil Aloim rcvcilulidiiisls anil alial'iliisls, a prry t" tllr 

..,.,, ,1, I , . 1 ■ ,• I'lii'nn ai liiinip anil aliniacl. TIuti' was IhiMi 

""■ l"ll"»i"« «"■';'.- 'Ii'spiii'li ii> I. IT- „„ ,|,„,|„ ,,.f, „,.„ ,|„, K.,j„., |,,„| ^,,,, ,1,,. 

man w:,s iv,-,.iv,., al 1 :0., pin, ^1,;,.^. „,^,„^ .„„, |,,„ ..j,,,.,, ^|,.,^ „„.,. „„,,, 

I iTinan H,.a.l.|uaniTs i„ tl,,. Alli,.! |„, ,„,, |,.,| Thrs,. tiTins, as stal..!. wviv 

(K.n,.ral|l,.:i.l.|,.rs. han,l,..l I,. Ihr C.Tman .l,.l,.ual,.s „n Nnv.TO- 

111.. Nipivmr (.iTinan I ..minaiwl m ,„., sih. mis. Tl„. i l.rman .li.liwitrs ww 

.Marshal lo,li: ,v,-,.ivr,l hv Marshal Knih in liir im.niini! at 

H-i.m til.. (.iTinaii nulpiisl.s „■ ,1.- ,,,,,„ „.,.,,^,|. .,, ., ,.,^.|,.„^„| ,.^„. ;„ „,,,„.,, ,|„. milpnsls nur .Idiraiinn w ;■.- ,„„„„,„„i„,..i|,.(lii,.r nf .hr .\lli...l l'n,v,.s has 

.•nmijani.'i hy a rnail-ini'mliiij; . ., li, ^^-^ ,|,„„.„,,-s. a,-.-nrili„L. 1 . ll... I'l'lil .h.nnial. 

rnahl,. autoninln ..s m pas.s lli,. I... i a|..-,l,. y^J^^ ,|„. ,;,.„„.„„■ ,r,.,|,.nlials hail In,.,, 

riiail. whii-i iash,,.n.|,.slr,.y,.il. ,,,„„| .„„| ,.,.,.i|„.,| ;^,.„|,i^,^ KnWm-v. 

111..« wir..| 111 (...rnian was |;,^,|,.,. ,,,. „,,. ,.,„.,„^, ,|,.,,^,.„i„„, ,|„.„|,i„i; i„ 

ri...m; Fn.n.h. ann..nn.-...riliai tli,. i I.Tinan (i..v,.ni- 

Ih,. („.mian > ( ..minan.l .. ,„„,„ ,,.„, |„.,,„ ^,,,,.1^ , ,,,,., ,„ \vils.,n 

Marshal V.,.-h: Uy r..a.s,.n „l .l..|av llic ,|„,., m,,,,|„,| |.-,„.,, „,,, ,|,„|ili,.,l t„ ,,„„„,uni- 

(..•nnan .l..l..«ati..n wil .i..i hi. ahli; t.. .-r..^ , ,„ ,|,„,„ ,|„. ^nj,,^- ,,„„|i,i,„„ ,„„| |k,.| 

111.. ,.nlp.,si In,,, uniil h,.tw..,.n .san.l in ..j,,,,,, ,|,,„, |,„ „.,„ia,.:,., t„ lak,. 

.,,.|,K.k l.inmlil at iall.ln.v. uv„ l<llnn„.tr,.s ,,',i„;,,,„,, „, n,, |,.,„„ ,„„| ,.v,.,„„allv .sim, 

nnrlnwi..«l n,>rtli,.asl ,,1 l.a i aprll... • ij.^ 

Th.. W..H.I wiu. auain slartl..,l snrpris...! '' ^,.„.:;i,:,,' ^.-.K-h ih..n r..a,l 111,. i,.rin.- in a 

ami , nil Nnvi'mhrr !Mh. lllls wli,.n a |^,^,,| ^,,.,.,. ,|^^.,.||.„^, „„ ,.,„.,, ^^,„.,| ■,.,„, 

(.mnan vvir,. , ni..s.san.. ann..ui,<.|., ll.i. ah- ,;,.,„,.„„ „.,.,„ , ,„.,,| |„ „.,„i-„Hi,ial 

,li,.at,.,n ,.t Ih,. Kai.s..,.. th,. war l„ril .,1 (,,.,■- ,„„„i,,,|,„„ |„,1 ,1,',. Mip,.laii..ns. as a whnl... 

lnall.^ th,. lial,.,l man in 111,. »..rl,l. ,,,„ |^,..,^.„^, ,,„ f,,^,,, ,„ ,i,.,.,|| ,|„. ,.,„„.„.„, 

lh,.|n,..s,sa(:i..Mat..,l: ,l,.man,ls s,vm,.,l I,, hrinu ili,.m h.r Ih,. lir: I 

1 1,. (i,'rman inpi.nal I laiu-.. .ir. rnn-r .. ,. .i, ,. 1;.,.,: ., ,■ ,, ,- ,i„. 

.,..,. .. I, , , , .1 r ,1 III. t ir. / Initi "t In,. >.\I,.|iI iil III,. 

Masiniilian III Haili.n. has is<u,.,l nil' f,ill, mini; ,. if.,. 

I I rl'l lIlilM iM'U'ill. 

.IT.,., ,■ ■ , .•■ , , , , . Tli,.v mail,, a IVw ,.l.,M'rxali,iii>. nii.|.|.|y 

I h,. isais..r an,l Knu! hav,. ,i„.|,l,.l n. .^ „,„ ,„.„„,...,| ,|n,,„|,i,, „,„„|i,m j„ 

rniimni,;,. ll,.. Ihr.iii.. j, ^ „,. ,.,„.,.^ j,,.^ ,„„ ,,„„„ „.,,,„„|ary 

I In; liiip,.rial haii,.|.|liir «ill r,.|iiaii. in , „^ .|.|„.„ ,.:,,|,,,,,,. .,,,,,,1 ,„, ., „„,„,„. 

„li,... mini 11.. i|iii.,-ti.,iis ,,,nn..,i,.,l wiih ih,. ^ „,. ,„,^,,|„|,, i„ ,|„. i,,,,,,.,,, „, |„„„aiiily. 

a ,.il,;atl„ll ,,l ll„. Kais,..- Hi,. r,.li„i,i„.||l.; I,v .|.|,.^ ,., ,,^, ^,.„.^,,,,| |..,„.,, ||.,||^ ,.,.|„,,.,| 

li..( r.,wn lnn....i,f lh,.lliri.i„.„l ll„.(„.rniai, -n,, l|„|,,eai,..s. hav iim nhlain,.,! p,„n 

Kinpir,.. ami nf IViKsia anil Hi., s.. ,nm np ..f ,„ ^,.,„| ,, ,;,„„...,. ,„ ^ .„„| ,„„„„„„i,.„„. 

.•■ |...|!,.n..y hay,. I„vn s,.| I..1I. l.„r Ih,. r,.u,.n,.,v „„,, ,,,.,, |,,,,. ,„ «j,.,.|,.>., wiih,lr..w. Mil.- 

I„. m 1., app.,111 ll,.pnu Khnrl as in- ^^ , ,...,,|, ',„„„,,|i.„,K „,,„„. ,,„ ,„,,„„„, „f 

| ( llan,.,.|,.r. ami li,. pii,p,,s,.s llial a lull ,,„. .,„. ■ ,„.,, „,,„ ,,„.,„ |„ ,,„ ,,i,,,. ,„ 

r''» ''7"«'' '" ;"■ ""■ "-li'l' i-lii»""l "' ^1 |.,.,,;,„.,. , I, „„.n,.,.au. wlu, n.,...iv,.,l lh,.m al 

law pniviijirm lor Ihr innncihiih' t>n'i:iult::t' 

linn i,U.,.|i..ral snlVrai:... an.l fur a ...iMilii- '" ,|.|„. , ,,,,.,„^,„ ,|,.|,.„al..s am l,i,li:,.l in a 

l„,nal „.rmaii Naiinnal As.s,.ml.K whi.l, will ^.^,,,,,,,.^ ,„.^,,^,,„, .„ n,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,;, ,„„,„ ,„,, 

S..H I,. hnalK ih.. Iiiiin... Ii.nii ..f ,in..rinii,.|ii ,,,. , ■„„ j,.,,,,,. .,|„| ,|,irn mili.s Irnin Marshal 

nf Ih.. <„.rnian iialii.n. aii.l i.l llins,. p,.„pl..s ^^.^^.^ h,.a,|,n,ari,.i.s. 

J,''"''."'"«'' .l..sir,.us„l,...minKiwilhiiilh,. ^^.. , ,|,,. , „minaml,.i-ii,-l hinf al Ih.. 



inn., i.f III.. ilil,.rvi,.w w..!',. Mll|,.|.-I li'MiTal 

■■■I'lili". ^^"^'■"''"•'■". '!"."> Masiii,. W..M!aiiil. Ih- av..islaiil; \i,...-.\,l- 

■■ 'I'll,. I.npi.rial I haiii.,.|l,,r ' " ni.ral .sir U,,ssl\ii \\.iin~~. Kir»l l.,ir.l ..f ill.' 

D.piiu Khi.ri. will,. a,.....|..liiiu l., Ih.' Ilritish \.linirally, ami \i...-.\. Iiiiinil S, Sims, 

tinnnah wir(.l...sft iiichsjik... is I., 1.,- ,\m,.ri,.an rfpr.'st.nlali\r. 

liniNTiiil I'liiiii.i.lli.r. is Krii.ilrirli Klurl. \ i,..- riii- .l.risi..ii .f lli.. (l..rinaii- was .l..lauTl 

l' I.f III.. .s.».iiil Di'in.M.rati.. I'aru ami ..wiiii: I., 111.. ,.,.mlili..ii- .,1 Ih.. ma,!-. 'I'll,',.|il I.f 111.. Main I .iminill.... .,f Ih.. aiiii.i.iii...ini.iii nf .Saiiinlav . Ni.M.|iil».r !Mli. 

Ui'irhstuu. ihiil ll". Kai.H.r lia.l was Hi., 

mil ilHft 

ntlti. .\trM. Hi. J .'( «.-un'l< ir 

luliin Kti- 

1!.l.i \,. .1.1 M,-t 
n MarHi .:», I1II7. 

J jr.' 

■•MU^ lUilmat >:ril»<r. 

I. Jiwrrti ItKOlM 

!-•. I'll.; W.i 


■ .*r y. f UiN.iK 
KniiatHl in ih* IIm ll«iiNii.-n ... 

»\.ni> llMar MayN.'t: M<i< M \l 

D I m 1 

»--i-<..4 •,■-- .■- . M n . 


i.mi iutw»rri<..>>M.ta 


• S....Mhi' ^. l<ill 

n « ,■ llrrnrs ,„ I I, r C f f ii I W ml ,1 \V „ r 

llial lirnkc Ihi' li.ninil> that had hcM ih.' oi-i-u|iatinii nf llii'sc tiTfitiirics wih lii' cli'tiT- 

lu'iiplc of the Alhfii nuititfirs Inf huif \'f;ifs. niiiicii Ity AUii'il ami I'tiitcd Slatt-s ,uafl'is()ti> 

ami nil Sninia>. ihf Itlth. the unrlil awaili-d tlic pfiiiciiiai ri-cissin^s i)f tllf Ithiiit'. 

hrcallilt'ssly Inf that scriiiiii wofd llitil was Ma\('tn-i'. I 'nhlcii/.. (nhitim'. tciifi'tlicr wilh 

tci tell then; Ihal cimv muiit pcai-i' had lomc liriciiii' hi'ads ul Ihiw |iciints in thirty kihi- 

anil with it \'iftury I'nr 1 )faio('fary. tiU'tiT radius on tlu' rij,flit inmk and by uarri- 

On Monda\ in» Xovi'iiihcr llih. sniis siiiiilarh- holdiiii: tlic stralf.nit- points nl' 

lillS. this iirii'f annoimccnu'iil \va> llasiicd tlic ri'uions. 

over tlic will's: -Thi' arinisti.-o has liivn ..\ ni'Ulral zone shall lie rcsiTvod on the 

siiinod. It was ^il;nl•d at liv,. o'cloik a.m. richl of tile Itllinc liitwi'i-n tlu- slriMin and a 

Paris tinio. and hostilitii'.-. will at cloven hnc drawn parallel to it I'ortv kilonielcTs to 

.•'eloek." This was I he word lor tlii' wurld to ,1,,. ,,;,..,i from the fnmtier of Holland to the 

l>reak loose and prolnd>ly the t-realesi day in parallel of I'.ernsheini and as far as prac-lii-alile 

the hisl.iry ..f mankind sinee the liirth of ;, distanee of thirtv kilometers from tin' I'tist 

.lesus Christ. The world was oni-c> more free of stream from this parallel to llie Swiss 

and jlldiiini; hy thi' armistiei' terms whieh frontier. F.vaeuation liv thc> eneinv of the 

follow it is unlikely that ever aKaili sliall tniy |{hine lands .shall he so ordereil as lo he eoin- 

one mail or nation he perinilieil i.idisnirh tlie p|,.teil within a further period of eleven dtiys. 

world's peace. ii, ;,||. niiH'leen days after the sipialure of llie 

The .\riiiisiiie Terms arnii.sUce. 

.Ml movements ot evacuation and occu- 

Mililary Clauses on Weslcrn Iniiil palion will he nwilalcd accorilin« to the note 

1. Ces.sition \^{ operations hy land and in annexed, 

the air. six hoiHS after the sijinillK of th.' i;. In all territory evaluated hy the (■ncniy 

arniistiee. ihere .-hall he no evacuation of inliahilants; 

■J. Immediate e\acuation of invaded eouii- no damage or harm shall he done lo ih" persons 

tries; licl;:iuin. I-Vaiicc. .\lsace-l.orraine. or property of the inlnihiltmts. Node.iruction 

l.uxcmliaiy. >o ordered a.- lo he completed of any kind to he committed. Military 

within fourlcen da>s from the siunalure of cstahlishmcnts of all kinds .shall lie delivered 

the armistii'c. intact a.> well as military stores of food, 

Cerman troops which ha\e not left the munitions ;uid eijuipmcnt not remined diirini: 

ahiive-mentioned territories within the period the periods lixed for evacuation, 

lived will heioinc priMiiiers of war. Occupa- 7. ,\|| civil and mililary personnel al 

lion liy the .Allied and rniled Stales forces pic.-cnt employeil on them .shall remain, 

jointlv will keep pace with cvaciuilioii in these Kiu. thousand locomoiivcs. tifty ihousand 

areas. All movenieiils of evacuation and wai;on> and ten thou.sind motor lorries in 

occupation will he regulated in accordance i,,i,,d working order, with mII neccs.-ar> spare 

with a note annexed to the staled teri.-.s. p;,ris and lilliin;.- .--liall he delivered to the 

:!. Hepat nation hetjimhiij; at once and lo ii.s.siiciatid powers witiiin the period lixed for 

he completed within hiuriei'ii days of all the evacuation of llcljiium and l.nxemhuri;. 

iiihaliilanl.- of the coiniiries ahove mentioned. The railways of .\lsace-l.orniine shall he 

incladim; hostaues and per.Min- under trial or hnnded over within the .same period. loi;ether 

coinicted. with all pre-war personnel and inalerial. 

I. Surrender in food condition liv the l''urllier material nece.-,-itv for the workiim of 

Cerinan armies of h.llowinn e.|uipme,il ; Ki\e rail,\a.\sin thecoiiiilr> on thc'lcft hank of the 

thousand nuns two thou.-aiid live hundred liliinc shall he lell in hiu. .\II stores oI coal 

heavv. two Ihousand live hundred Held.. ami material lor tin upkeep o| permanent 

ihirlv Ihoiwuid machine i!un>: three llious- ways, signals ami repair shops lell enf-c in 

and mincmverfer; two Ihousind aeroplanes. situ and kept in an elhcienl stale h\ (.ermanv 

The ahove to he delivered ill situ lo the .\lliis dlirillK the whole perold ol iirnusllce. .Ml 

aii.l the Cniled Stall ■ troop- in accordance hariies laken Irom the .Mlies shall !»■ ii'sioml 

wilh the dettiiled condition.- laid down ill the I" lliein. .\ note appi'ilded rei;ulalis the 

annexed note. Idails of ihe.-i' measures. 

.'i. Kvacnation In the licrmaii armies of ,>. 'i'lie lieiinan coinninml -hall he re- 

the countries on the U'fl hank of the lihiiii'. ponsilile fir revi'idiiin all mine- or delay aeliim 

Thc'si' couMlries oil the left haiik of the fiisi' ili.sposi'd on lerrilorv eva.ualed hy the 

Khine -hall he admiiiistered hv tin local I ieniiaii troops, and -hall a-si;.| in their ilis- 

aiilhoriiie- under the control of the .Mlied and co\er\ and de-iriiction. The I ierinaii eoin- 

ITiiled States armies of oecupitlion. The itiami -hall also re\enl destructive inetisures 

I) I, r II ,■ , u, s ; „ II, , i: , , :• I W i.rl ,1 W ,1 r 

thai ln:i> have hccii lakiMi such as pnisimitm that any I'lKun' i-laims ami (ti'inantis of Ihi- 

nr |^^lllltin,^ iif spring's, wells, cii-.'. umlfi' AHii-s ami the I'niU'd States nf Aiiicrica 

IK'liulty nf crprisals. fi'inain unairtTtcd. 

'■>. The finht III' re.iuisitiipll shall 1k' e\er- i.' 

eiseci liv the Allies alMl tlu^ rilile.l Slates im.l.Ul.ll 

armies in till ueeupied leiTitiirv. The upkeep lii. 'I'he InlluwMi!; liiKim-ial i-nniliucms are 

iif llu' troops of neeupaliun in the |{hine lan.l re.|iiiri'il; Repartilioii for chmiiic" ilone. While 

exHuilhlL' Alsaee-l.oiTtline shtill he ehalL'eil sueh anilistiee lasts no puhlie seeurilies shall 

to the t'.ernian uoverntiient. he renioved h\- the enemy which can serv<' as 

111. .\n iinmeiliate repatrialinn with. ml a ple.lsje to the Allies for the recovery or 

ivciprocitv. aci-orclinix to ileiaile.l coiiilitifnis. reparation lor war Inniiediate resti- 

which shall he li>.eil. ,.f all Allied and rnite.i luti.iii of tlie cash di.posit. in the National 

Stales pri.-oniTs of war. The .Allied powi'is liank of itehjium. and in .iieiuTal immediate 

and the I'liileil Slates shall he alili' to retnrn of all clocumenls. specie, .slocks, shares, 

of prisoners as thev wish. pa|iiT moni.y. toKcther with iilant lor the i.s.sne 

11. Sick and wouncieil who cannot he thereof, tonchini; puhlie or private interests 

removi'd from evacnatcd lerriiorv will l.e in the invade.1 countries. Restitution of the 

cared hir hv CcTmaii personnel wiio will lie Russian ami Rumanian iiold yielded to 

left on I he' spot with the medical mah'rial many or taken hy thai power. This ijold to 

rei|uiri'd. he delivi'l-i'd in tlllsl to the .\llies until Ihe 

si'^nalure of peace. 

Natal Conditions 

I). Immediate cessation of all hostilities 

Kasterii 1-rontiers of (ierniaii.v 

lli. .Ml ( lerman troops at presi'UI in an 

l('rritor\ which hehire the war hi'lomred t.. . j i c -. ■ r .■ . i • 

Russia.' Rumania, or -l-urkev. shall withdraw ;" ;',•' ■""' ;l"hnile inlonnatioi, to he pven a.s 

within the fromiers of (lermant as ihev to the h^ation and tnovetnent of all t.erman 

eNistedonAuKUst I. I!M1. i^ "',% N;"dicat,on to he „,vcn,, neutrals 

l;!. Kvacualion hv f.erman In.ops lo ll'td Ireedoin ..t naviumion in a 1 tcrrilonal 

iH'uiti at oiuc ami ;ill (It-rman iii>lriutnis. 

watiTs i> uivi'ii tu till- naval ami MUTcaiUik' 

prisoners and civilians as well as inilitarv •"•"•""- ot the .Mlied and associated prnvrs. 

agents .now on the terrilorv of Russia as •'" II;"" ',',""■ "' .'"•"".■'l"> '"■'">■■ «'"^:''l- . 

dehned lill 1 . lo he ivcalled. •''■ 'V ■'•'^»l ■""I merctmtilc marine pri- 

11. t;eiinan troops to cease at ,.nce all -""■'•'• "' "'"■ "' '"' .'^ I"'' '""I ■'•-■■""■':'. '"1 

■viiuisiiionsand seizures and tmv other under- Powers in ( .erman to he returiUHl with- 

takinu with a view to ohlainim; supplies out lei ipioi in 

intended for ( ier.nanv in Rununit, and Riissit, ^, ~- •'-.'""■•"I.'''- '",";.• ;V!"'-- '""I "V' ' '""•'' 

as derin,.d on .\uuu,st 1. I'll I . ^,'^",'■^,"1 '"";•"■■', "' '" ""■'" >"l'i"tir,nes 

l.V Aha. donm,.nt of ll„. treaties of iluch- '"'I"'!"';: all suhmarme crui.seis and mine 

aresi and liivst.l.itovsk and of the suppl.- l^i.vniJ-' suhtnarmes with their complete arma- 

^ III ||. ii '' meni and eiiuipmeiit in fiorts which will I" 

'' lli. The Allies shall have fr„. access lo Ihe '^l,»V'""'. ''> "l';,-^','"'" '""' ""■. '''"!""' ■^""!-: 

territories evticiiat. V ihc (h-rmans on "America. . 1 other suhmarnies to he ptnd 

ilieir ea.slern frontier cither IhrouKh llanzm 'f ^""' '""'I'l'"'!^,: " .'-■"'!;:'l j""' '''•"''•'I 'V", '''• 

or hv Ihe \ isiula in o, r 1 iv," supplies I."' ;"PiTvi.s,on ol he .\llied powers and the 

to the popu'alions of those terriiories or h.r ' '",;;'' .'^ •'";:■ ,','' A'""';'.'-''- 

iiu other oun.oses -■'■ ""■ l"ll"""'K l"'i-m:m surlace war- 

.un otnii puip..sis, shipswliichshallhe,lesimiatedh> iheAllvsmid 

CiMU'iTKlnii Kasi Africa ihe I'liited Stales of .\nierica shall forthwith 

IT, Cucoii.liiional c;.pitulaii..ti ol all ' h'f- he disarmeil and thereafter interned in ni'iitrid 

man forces operatiim in KasI ,\frica. within P"V~' ',"'.''"' 'I"-."^'"'''' I ',''"' '" ,^' ""' !"''''"; 

one iiionlh. '" '"■ 'IcslBlialcl In ihe .\lhcs mid the t niled 

, ,,. Stales of .\inerica. oIlK c;irelaker> heiny left 

{.I'lUTiil (.liiiiWH „i, |„,.„.,| |,,,„„,iy. Sis hallle crui.vrs, len 

\K Repatnaliini, without ri-iaproi-il \ , halllcships. eiu'lit liitlit cruisers, includmii two 

within a iiiaMinum period of one month, in mine laxers. lifu dcstro\crs of ihe most 

accordance with detailed conditions hereafter modern i\|M'. .Ml oiher surface warsliips 

lo he tivi'd. of all ci\ iliatis mlcrned ordeporleil inchidi;>« riM-r craft > ar»' to hi' conccnlraled 

who may he citizens of other .Mlied or a.sso- in ( ierniaii naviil hases to he ijesii'imted hy 

ciiileti stales than ihosi' ini'iitioniil i.i clause the .Mlies and Ihe I'nited Slates of .Vinerira. 

'•\, purauiaph miietn>ii, wiih Iiu- reservation and are to U- paid oil and coinpleleh' (lis* 



,riii"r< IN I'Ml. Ve-'i:: VV.,uiiiI<->1 

kllMll A|iril. I 

iUrd in 111. l-rtth llallai'on in Knl<^ in Ih.- I I' i I.I in Jar 

.. ■■ »(..^!. Tfan.r«n-lt.. .r>. l-'l.. \«.-l <i.».-.l.i 

.'llh IU<li!i.<'> ■•• Kranrv •..unU,-,t <u',.lm: ,n Our 

rnni III I anmla anil iliu'tiarfwi. 

•ilini.TJ m Hi- 4Ii>i lUllaliiin. Ar- 

il Junr II. I»l«. 

Knlotfl »i III. It*r llallalon,. 

" lUlia Km 

tiK tl?;H<HK S*1». 

h Ki*-.^.. Ilatia 


.. A '.t -*.*.,•. 

Hattax-'X I niHitH -n <t« T^lh had . 

tr » 1>*n>lM.Mli...,ik Cl 

. :>^ii>l llaltalM>n « 

tMI- Wml laaf— irti Hw 11 11 


n H r !I r rnr s / „ I h r <l r ,' ,i I \V n r I il \V a r 

iinm'd nnd pl:u-ci| uinliT ilir su|nTvisiiin i>t' ivstrii-tinns plaei'ti nn tlu' iradin.Li nl' their 

ihf Allies and ihe I'nili'ii Stales dI' Anierica. \-('Ssels witli the Allied and asstn-ialed roun- 

All vessels iif ihe auxiliary tleet trawlers. tries, whether liy the ( lerman .L'nvernineiU or 

ii5»)l(ir Vessels, ele. ■ are III he disarmed. hy private (lei'iiiaii interests, and whether in 

1\. The .Allies and llu' I'nited States tif return dl' speeifir I'tmeessinns.sueh a.stheex|>i)rl 
Anierira shall have the ri<xht to swci'p up all of shiphuildiufz materialsornol. are immediate- 
mine fields and ohs'.ruetinns laid l)y ( lermany ly caneelled. 

tiutside (lerman lerritorial waters and I hi' ;io. Xo transfers of (lerman merehant 

posili()ns of these are to he indieated. shipping of any deseription to any neutral \\i\\i 

2."). Kiccdom of areess to and from the are to lake phu-e after siirnatuH' of the ar- 

Haltie to he yiven to the naval and niereantile mi.sliee. 
marines of the Allied and a.-^soeiated powers. 
To.>eeure this the Allies and the I'nited Stales 
of Amefii-a .shall he empowered to oreupy all :'>!. The duration of the armistiee is to he 

(lerman forts, hirtitieations. batteries and thirty days, with option to extend. During; 

defence works of all kinds in all the entraiiees this period, of. failure of execution of any of 

from the Catte^at into the Haitie, and to the above clauses, the armistice may be 

sweep up all mini's and ohslructions within denouneeil hy one of the eontraclinii parties 

and without Herman lerritorial waters with- nn IS hours* pievious notice, 
oul any question of neulraiit> beini: raiseil. :{.'>. The armistice to be accepted or re- 

and the positions of all such ?nine> and oh- fused hy (lermany within 71 hours of notifi- 

>tructions are to he in<licaled. cali:'n. 

■J(i. The I'xistin^r lilockade conditions .-m-i 

up bv the Allied atul a.ssociated powers are to «. .1 i • i- .1 v ■ 

' ■ 1 1 I 11 , • 1 . At the p enarv session o the prelim narv 

remam unchau'red. ant a derman nierchan ^ ^'\' " . d ■ *i ,■. "i- 

1 ■ ,- I ."^ ■ , 1; 1 I I peace conference at i'ari.s. on the alternoini ol 

sups Ouni at sea ae n re nan lane to ', , , ,,. .,1 ,, ■ ,■,» i»„ ■ 1 , 

' l-ebruarv 1 Uh. at the tjuai < Orsav. iTesident 

Diirarinn of Arniislice 


.Ml na\al aircraft are to be cunci'ii- 

\\'i!s(»n. as chairman of the conuuission on 

tratTd and tnu;:!;;!;;:;! in u.i'nKm 1;;:. ;;; i'- '-^-' -^ '-^--- --< --' -"'--"' "- 

hespecilied by the Alliesand the rnitetl states f^"ll'>^^'"« m.ort: 


of America. 

'is. In evacuatinir the Beliiian coxsts and 
ports, (lermany shall abamlon all merchant iVcanible. "In order to promote inter- 
ships. tUL-s. li:^'hters. cranes, and all other national co-operalloii and to secure iiUerna- 
harhor inalerials. all materials for inland lionai peace anil security by the acceptance 
navi;:ation. all aircraft and all materials and of Dbiijzations ntit to resort to war. by the 
stores, all arms and armaments, and all stores prescription of itpcn. ju;a and honorahU' 
and apparatus of all kinds. relations between nalions. by the lirm eslab- 

'lU. All Black Sea ports are (o be cvacu- lishmeiit of the understamlinys of intcrna- 

aled by (lermany: all Itussian war ves.scls nf ticmal law as tlu- actual rule of con<luit 

all descriptions, seized b\ ( liTmany in the amuiin jiovernments. and by Ihe maintenance 

Hlack Sea. are lo he handeil <iver to the of Justice and a scru|)ulous respect bir all 

.Miles and the I'liitiMl States of .\nierica; treaty obliyation.s in the dealiims of orj.'anize<l 

all neutral nien-hant ves.-;els .-seized are to be people with one another, the powers sii^nalory 

reiea.--i''i; all warlike and oilier inalerials of all to this covenant adopt this i-onsi itulion of 

kiml.-- seized in llu'>e ports are lo be returned the league of nations, 
and ( ierman inaleriaU a.-' >pecilieil in clause 

■IH is to be abandoiieil. Artk-le I. "The action of the liijih con- 

;t(l. All men-hani Vi's.sels in ( hands tractini.' parties undi'r the ti'rms of this 

bel(m«inj: to the Allied or a.ssociate(l jiowers covenant shall be elfected ihroiiKh Ihe in- 

are to be restored 111 jHirts to be specitied bv strumeiitalily of a meelinu of a body of 

the ,\llies and the I'luled Stales of .\merica deliyate.-' represent inn th'' hijih coiitractiny 

vvilhout rei-iprocily. parties, of meetiniis al more freiiueiit inter- 

;;l. N'o (ivstruciii.n of ships or (if materials vals of an executive council, and of a per- 

lo be perinitted befoH' evaciiat lull, surrender nu'iient inlernalional secretariat lo be estab- 

or re.sturation, lished at the seal of ihe leayue. 

'VI. The ( ierman i:o\-i'rnmeni will iioiify 

Ihe ni'Utrai jiovernmenis of the world, and Arlit'k' II. ■■^Ieelin^;s of Ihe body of 

particularly the Kovermneiits uf Norway. delegates sliall be held al stated intervals and 

Sweden, jtenmark and Jbillaml. that all fnun lime lo time as occasion may reijuiri' 

On, llrrur.< !h I h r Crval 11'.,,/./ W a r 

fur tlu' iiurpnsi' u| .if:iliii^' with nmttir in the "Tin- MTfciiiry-L'cni'rul sliull act in ihal 

spluTc of arlinii nf the IcaiiiH'. Mcctiniis nf ra|)afily at ail nu't'Unj£s (if tin* btidy (if 

till' liixiy \ii (lcl('y;at('s shall Ik' hclii at llic ijt'lc^rati's or uf tin- I'Xi'ciUivi' i-niincil. 

scat of the league or at such other placi' as "'I'lic cxpt'iiscs nf the st'crdarial shall he 

may he found con\'<'nicnl atnl shall consist tionn- hy the states, nicnihcrs of ihc U'a,iruc. 

of n'jm'senlativi's of the hiirh contractini: in accordance with the apporiioiuiieni of liie 

parlies. K;ich of the hitih contractinj; parties e\pciise> of the international luin-au of the 

shall have one vote, hut may have not more I'niversal Postal I'liion. 
than three representatives. 

Article \ I. " Ri'presentatives of the hii;li 

.\rticle 111. "The executive council shall conti-aclliiir parties and (pf ihiise of the leairue 
consist of repri'.sentati\es of (he I'niteil Stall's when en^iaL^ed in the Imsincss of the le...mie 
of .\merica. the liriti.<h Kmpire. France. Italy shall enjoy dii)lomatic privileges and iminun- 
and Japan, loijelher with representatives of ilies and the huildiiiL's occupied hy ihe leajziie 
four other states, niemhers of the league. or its otiicials. or hy representatives attendinii 
The seli'ction of four stales shall he its meet inus shall <'n.ioy the henetils of extra- 
made li\- the hod\ of iiele^ates on such |)rin- territoriality, 
eiples and in sucli manner as they Ihink tit. 

Peiiilinil the upiiointment tif these ri'pre.sen- .\rlic1e \'II. ".Vdmissjou to ihe lea:j:ue 

tatives of the other .states. repre>entatives of of states not si;.fnatories to the covenant and 

hiank left for name> .shall he memhers of not named in the protoeal hereto as states to 

the executive ettuucil. he invited t'> adliiTe to the covenant, re'iuire.- 

'■Meetinv> of the council shall he held the a.ssenl of not less ihan two-thirds of the 

from time to time as occasion may refpiire. .states represented in the l)ody nf dch-^rates 

and at tini-e a year at whatever |)lace and shall he limited In fully .-^elf-iroveniinj: 

may he decided ou. or. failinji any such cnuntries. including: dominions and colonies. 
(Kri-sioii. at the .-^eat of the league, anil any 

matter within the .sphere of actiitn of the " No state sliall he admitte<i to the league 

leaj^'Ue. or atfectinir tlie peace of the wDrld. unless it is ahle to iiive etfeetive ^uaranti*es of 

may he di-alt with at such meetinirs. itssincere intention to oli.siTve its international 

■■ liivitatinns hall he si-nt to any pnwer ohljvrations and unless it shall conform to such 

to attend a m. 'thm of the i-iumcii at which principle as may he prescrihed hy the leamie 

sucli m:'t'ersdip ,' alfectiuLi its interests ari' in regard to ii.-s naval and inililar\ forces and 

to Ih' o..-cusseil and no liecisioii taken at any armanient.^. 
nieetii'v; Aill he hindin^ on such powers unless 

so invited. ArticU" VIM. "The hivrli coniractin^f 

liarties recojini/.e the princii>le that the main- 

.Vrtii'le l\ . ".Ml matters of procedure at tenaiu-e of |)eace will ri' quire the reduction of 
meetings of the !iod\ of delei;ate> or Ihe national armaments to the lowest |Miint eon- 
executive council, including the appointment .-^isitent with iialional safely, and the eiilorce- 
of iominitlee> to invi->tijzate partii-ular ment hy common action of international 
matters, shall he rcL'tilaled hy the Imdy of ohliiration. having! siieeial re^iard to the izeo- 
dele^ato or the executive council ;md may i.'raphical situation and circumstances of each 
he ileciih'd hy a majority of the slates rep- slate; and the executive council .-hall fnrmu- 
resented at the meelitiK'. lati- plans for ellVctiim such reduction. The 

"The lirsl meetinvi of the hodv t)f delejrales executive council shall also determine for ihe 

and of Ihe ex»vulive cnuncil >iiall he siuu- consideration ;md action of i lie several L'overn- 

moried hy the president of the rnited Slates meiits what military eiiuipment and arma- 

of .\rnerica. ment is fair and reasonalde in propnrtion in 

the scale of forces laid down in the prnjrram 

\rlick' V. "The pennaneut secretariat of di.sannameiu and these limits, when 

of ihe league sliall lie estahlislu-d at lilank<. adopt«'d. shall nol hi' exceeded without I he 

which sJKilJ .onstilute Ihe seal of llie leajiiH'. permission of the executive council. 

The secretariat shall comprise .such secretaries "The hivrh contractiii}: |>arties ayree that 

and stalfas may he renuired. under theiierieral the manufacture iiy private enterprise of 

direetion and control of a secrelary-^ieiienil of nuiiiilions and implenu-nts of war lends ii.srlf 

the league, who shall he cho.sen hy the exeeu- to ^rave ohjeciions aiirl dint-i the exeeulive 

tive council: the secreiaiiat shall he appoint- council to advise how t he evil elTiH-ts attendant 

edhy the secrelary-ueneral suhject lo con- upon such manufacture can he preveiiU'd. due 

tirmalion hv the executive couniil. lev-artl heinir had to the necessities of those 

KnU<l.<l 111 Ih.^ :::|ii[li Hal 

i.-l .r> ih, 1 .\ M 1 II. K.I 

■'"in M.rrli, l"l'v 

t:,il|.l.-t in <h.- 


vt-nu-aa iin Marrh I. f'l 

.\t. rtillKr.1 IK <>•' nr.| ItiKtial 

■■|«. Sf tit k'lM '« 


O // r // r ,- ,> r s / n I h v <] r r a I \V n r 1 ,1 W a r 

rinintrit's which arc imi alilt- lu maiuirarturi' within a n'a.<i>iial)ii' linu' and the nroninicn- 

Inr ihcnist'Ivi'.-. the niuniiinns anii imph'mcnts ilatlun nf the txi'eutivt' i-ouncil shall Ik' mailc 

III" war ntvcssary t'nr their salVly. witliiii six months uFUt the sul)missi(in of thi' 

■■'["ill' liiuli contracting parties iimiertake disputi's. 
in no way to conceal from each other the 

coniiition of such of their industries as an- Article XIII. ■'Tlie liijrh conlractinj: 

capal)Ie nf heintr adapted to warlike purposes parties aiiree tliat wlienever any (Mspute or 

tir the scale of their armaments, and airree ditFerenres shall arise helween them which 

that tln're shall lie full and frank inlerchan^fc they recognize to he suitable for sui)mission 

of information as to tiieir military -uid naval to arltitration and which cannot he satisfac- 

pro^n'e.-^--^. lorily settled li>' ili|)iomac>. tliey will suhniit 

the whole matter tit arbilralion. Foi" this 

Article l\. "A piTmam-nt commission purpose the court of ari)itration to which the 

siiall he constituted to advise tile league on case is refen'ed shall he the court aiireed on 

the execution itf the provision of Article Vil! by the jiarlies or stiu|ilated in any convention 

and on military and naval <iuestions peneraily. existing hetwtH'U tliem. 

"The hijih contracting parties anr*H' that 

Article \. "Tin' hiuh conlractinj.' parties they will carry out in full irood faith any 

shall undi'rtake tn respect and preserve as award thai may he rendiTeil. In the event 

ajiainst external anjzression the territorial of any failures tt> carry out the awani. the 

intenrity and existing political indepeiuience executive council shall propose what stt'ps can 

of all states members of the leatiue. In case liest he taken to jj;ive elTe'-t thereto, 
of any such awi't'"*"^'"'! '"' in ease of any 

tiireat or danger of such ajrjiressittn the exe- .Vrticle Xl\. "The executive council 

cutive council shall ailvise upon the means by shall formulate plans for the e.-^taldishment 

which the tihtiiiation shall be fullilled. of a permanent court of international justice 

and this court sliall. wiu-n established, be 

.\rticie \1. ".\uy war or thr"at of war. i-onnn'ti'tit to heir and determine any matter 

whether immediately alfi'etinn any of the hi^h which the parties recojini/.ed as .suitable for 

contracting |>artU'> or not. is hereby declared submissiiHi to it foi arbitration uncjer the 

a matter of concern to the league, and the I'orevroin^ article, 
hinh eontractinn parties reserve the ri^lit to 

take any action that may be deemed and .\rtifle XV. "If there shouM arise bc- 

elfectnal to safemiard the peace of nations. twi'en states, members of the leairue. any 

" It is hen-hy also declared and aiireed to di.spute likely to lead to rupture, which is not 

he till' friendly riirhi of i-adi of tin- hitfh >uhmitted to arbitration as above, the niuh 

contrai'tini; parties to draw the attention of conlractinii parties a^rree that they will refer 

tie ipody of deli'^iate.'s or of the executive \\h- matter In the executive council: either 

council to any circumstances atfectiny inter- party to the di>pute may ^;ive notice of the 

national intercourse which threatens to dis- existence of the dispute to the .secretary- 

lurb international peai-e or the nood under- general, who will make all necess;iry arran^e- 

standinn between nations upon winch peace meats for a full invi-stipition and considera- 

depends. tion thi-reof, For this purpose the parties 

anr»H' to comnumicate lo the secretary-general 

Article Ml. "Thi' hi^;h loniraclinn as promptly as possible, statements of their 

parties ai^rec that ^lioiild di>pute> arise he- witli all the relevant fads and papers, 

tween thi-m which camiot tie adjustetl by tin' and the executive council ma,\ forthwith 

ordinary processes of diplomacy, they will in direct the publication thereof, 
tin eu.s4' resort to war withnul previously " Wliere the elforts of the council lead tn 

submit tini: the (|i'eslion> and matters in- the>ellle?nent of the dispute, a siatemeiit shall 

volved eitlier to arbitration or to ini|uiry by be published indicatirH; the nature of the 

the executive council and imtil thre<- munlhs dispute ami the term> of H'ttlcmeiit. tuuether 

after the award by the urbitrators or a n-- with such I'xplauations as may be iip)»ropriale. 

coiiunendation by ihe executive' council; and If the dispute has not been settled, a n-porl 

that : hey will nit even resort I o war as aiiainsl b\ the council sh;dl be pubiisherl, M'tliiiK 

a niemlier of the league, which eo'tlplies with forth with all ueces.siir\ facts and explaiiation.H. 

the award of the arbitralnrs or thi- recorn- the rei-omniendations which the eouneil thitik 

mendatioM nf llie e\e«ulive council, ju^t and i)to|i4'r bir tlie settlement of the 

"In any ra.^e, under this article, the disnute, If the report i,s uiianinioush aureed 

award nf the arbilriilnrs .sluill Ih- made in by the meinlH-r.s nf the cniincil ntlier than 


n ,/ ,■ //. rnr s i „ f h v C r , n f \V o r hi \V .i r 

tlu' parlit's t(i tlu' disputf. thf hifrh (■(nuract- Article XVII. In thi' cvcni nl" ilis|nites 

inn partii's u^rw thai, they will nut yn to bcUvcun oiu' stati' memluT ot' ilii* K'auiic ami 

war with any parly wiiich fnmplit.'s with the annthtT state wiiicli is nut a mcnihcr nf the 

rwumnu'iulations and tliat. if any party shall li-a^in-. or between states nut nienihers t>f the 

refuse so to comply, the eouiicil shall propose league, tlu* hi^h eontrarlinu paities a^ree 

measures necessary to jiive I'lTect to the that the state or states not members of the 

recommendations. If no such report can be lea^iue shall l)e invit<'d to accei)l the oblijia- 

be made, it shall be the duty nf the majority tions of membership in the leaKne Ut^ the 

anil the privilege of the minority to issue purposes of such dispute. U|)on sucli condition.-- 

statements inilieatinii what they believe tti be as the executive council may deem just, and 

tiu' facts and containing the reason which upitn acceptance of any sueii iinitalion. the 

they consider to be just and proper. above provi.-;ions shall be applied with such 

"The executive council may in any c;use nioditications as may be deemed neces.sary 

under this article refer the rljspute to the body h\ the lea^'ue. 

of deleKat<*s. The dispute shall be so referred "rpon such invitation bein^' tiiven the 
at the rcfjuest of either party to the dis|)Ute, I'xecutive coiUicil shall institute an intjuiry 
provideil that such refiuest must be made inti) the circumstances anil merits of the di>- 
within fourteen days after the suhmissinn nf pute ami recommend such action as may stt'ni 
the dispute. In a <-ase referred to the bndy and most elTectual in the circumstances, 
of delegate.- all the provi.-^ions of this article "In the I'Vent uf a power .so invited 
and of .Article \II relatinjj ti) the action ami refu.sini; lo accept the obligations i^'i member- 
powers of the executive ciuntcil .■-hall ap|)ly ship in the league for the |)ur|iiise of the 
to the actittn and pnwers of the body nf league which, in the case of a state member 
deh'jzates. nf the Icajiue. wniild (■nn.--tilute a breach (»f 

article .\II. the provi.-.inns nf article .W'l shall 

.\rtk-k' W'l. Shnuld any nf the lii^di be applicable as airainst the state taking' sucli 

cuntractinL' parlies break nr disreyard its actinn. 

covenants under .\rticle Ml. it shall tliereliy "If lioth parties to the dispute when so 

ipso facto be deemed to havi* committed an invited refu>e to acce)>t the oblijiatinns of 

act <if war ajzainst all the niher members of niemlier.ship in the leauue for the purpose of 

the leaiiue. which lu-reby undertakes imnie- such dispute, the executive council may take 

diately to subject It to tlu' severance of all such action and make such recommendations 

trade or tinancial relations, the pmhibit m of as will prevent hostilities and will result in the 

all intercourse lietween tlieir nationals and settlement nf the ^Mspute. 

the nationals of the eovenanl-breakinn .state. .\rtick' Will. "Tlie hi;:h contracting 

and the prevention of all tinancial. commercial partiesaiiree that the lea^'ue shall beenlru.sted 

or personal intercourse betweeti the nationaU with ireneral >upervisinn <*{' the trade in arms 

nf the envenant-lireakin^r state and the na- and amnnmitinn with the cnunlries in whidi 

lioiials of any other state, wln'thera meml>er the cttntml nf this irallic is necessary in thi' 

>>i the league or not. connnon interi'>t. 

"Il shall hv the liuty of the executive .\rlicle \l\. "In i-nlnnies and 

cnuncil in such case to reconuncnd tliat territories which as a consequence of the late 

elfective military or naval force the members war have ceased to be under the sovereignty 

of the leairue .-^hall .severally contribute tn the of the >tate> which bmnerly owned them and 

armed bm-es tu he [.iM'i\ til prottH't the coven- whicli are inhabited b\ penpio nnt yi't able 

ants nf the ii'a«ue. tn >tand by themselvo under the strenuous 

"The iiiyh I'ontractinn parties a^rree. fur- cnnditinns of the i mdern wnrld. there shnulil 

Iher. that they will mutually suppfpft one be applied the pri u-iple that the well-bein^ 

auiilher in the linancial and ecnnmnic mea- and develnpmeiU nf Mich peoples birm ii 

.■*ures whii'Ii may be taki'U under this article. siicreil trust of civili/atinn and that securities 

in order to mituniize the loss an<l incon- for the pirforniMire *t\' this iru>.t >hnuid be 

venience resultinu frnni the above nn'asures. emlmdied in the cnnstilutinn i>\' the IcaniU'. 

and that they will nmtually suppnrt nne "Tlie liest mellmd nf jiivinn practical 

another in re-iistini* any special measures ('tfect tn ihts principle i> that the tutelaire of 

aiminj^at one of tlieir number by the covenant such peoples should I tUrustcd : > advancisi 

Itreakinw state, and tliat I hey will aiTord nations who by reason of their h'sounxs. 

pas-Hiiue tht'ouuh their territory to tlie forces tlieir experience or tlieir yeourapllicat posiliitn. 

of any m tlir hiuh iniilruetiiiM: purlien wlm can best undertake the respnnsibility. and 

are co-nperaliiiu tn protect the roveimnt.<t of that this lutelaue shnuM beacci'|tted l.v them 

the h-iiHUe. ha mandatori'-N on behalf of tlie league. 


»nliiio .., i^■ T I'. 11,11.11.,. ..I, 1.1«ii.,fi ..n ri.ii.i..i,.. |.i ii... \t. m,, 

Ait«H-< !■■ itn » Vim, AufU^ li. I^M lHVpt ■■■ rrwirt-, Hm«mj'« < -^na. 



Tie. W. <*. SiHPBON 

L.S.( . Akp 2S. EnlH-iwl in ih^ C.A.S.r. in I'Ufi. KnliKnl in the MOIh B«tlmU<ii 

July 21. IHIT \er -Jfi W.Ti i,> Kr.n.-.- Ar- UN. Sp.-nl ..n- y..«f .,v.-f«-» i„ Kf,no-, 

I'lnliaiHl in tht- Ulnd Itaiiatinn «n 
lipninbrr I. Ittlfi. Wi'unHiil ii 
>itny ltldsrl>*4-.34, t-JIft. Wi>n M.M 



»:niiiuil m itir iitil niv. Kixnai r 

lultl DImI ..I w..un<li> 

I't^ I lit- V --Willi 
tInlKlrrt In Ih- :l»ih Hultiili n „ . 

Janui'!. t"i:. ^i< « Ti»m An *« *Vm 

Ir'tHl I., lutli lUiia. T.-* ^rt rr Hi|«. Ttanilrtml 

■ - ■' -Tit. n*i)all»« 

t"M m Juni 
!•' Mnh Uati 

O ,> r If . , ui s in ih r C. , i at \V » r I >l \V a > 

"'\'hv i-li:ir;u'U'r m!" ilic inamlaU" must fair ami humaiu* cnnHiiiiins ol" lalior Tur nu'ii, 

(HtlVr accdnlinu to the sUijii' of ilu' (ii'vt'hip- wimu'ii ami t'hil<iroii Ixilh in tht'ir i)\vn 

mi'tit of the iicDpK'. the jiRHiirajiiiii-at situalinn (■(luntrii's and in ail cimntries tii whlcli their 

(if tht> tcrritiiry. its econnmic mniliiinns and comnicrciat ami industrial rvhilidns extend; 

(ttlu-r similar ein-unistances. and id thai vmi a.iirce Ici cstaltlisli as part of 

"Certain enmmunities Idrmerly heldnirhiii tlie nriianization df llie leatiue a permanent 

tii the Turkisli empire ha\f reached a staiie hureaii df lahnr. 

df develtipmenl u iiere iheir existence as Artick' \X1. "The hi^h nmLraetinj; 

indeiiendent natiims can he prdvisjonally parties aiiree that prdvisidn shall he made 

recdjinized siihject td the rendering df ad- ihrduirh the instrumentality df the leauue tit 

ministrative advice ami assistance hy a secure and maintain freeddni df transit and 

mandatdry power imtil sueli time as they are enuitalile treatment fdr the cdmmene df all 

al)li' Id stand alone. The wislies of these states, memhers of the league, havinir in 

ciunnuniities must lie a principal considera- mind, annuiir otlier Ihitijzs, special arranye- 

tidu in the seli'ctidn df a niandatnr>" ptiwer. nients with regard td the iieeessities of the 

"Other peoples, espi'cialiy tho>e of (en- regions devastated durinn the war df IiUl-l!l. 

iral .M'rica. are at .such a that the .\rticlt' XXII. "The hijih cdntractinji 

mandatdry must he responsilde lur the ad- |)arties ajiree td place under the control of the 

mini.stralion of the tiTritory suhject to i-on- league all international hureaus already estah- 

ditions which will izuaraiitee freedom df lished hy general treaties if the parties td such 

conscience dr ri'liiiidU. subject duly td thi' treaties cdusent. Kurthernitire. they ajrree 

maintenance df public order and morals, the that all such international Inuvaus iu he 

prdhil)itidn of abuses such as the slave trade. constituted in future shall be placed under 

the ann> trallu- and tlie lii|Uor trallic. and the control of the league. 

prevention of the estahlislmient df fortilica- Arliclo XXIIl. "The hi«h ciinlraclinir 

lions dr militar> di- naval ba.<es and df military [lartiesajiree that ever\' treaty nr international 

training of the natives lur other than police en^atiemenl entered into hereafter hy any 

purposes and the defense of territory, and stale member df the league, shall he forth- 

wiil also s(Ture et|ual uppdrtunilies for the with reiiistered with the secretary-general 

traih- and cdinmerce of diher memhers of the and as sdon as pos.sihle jiublished by him, and 

lea^iue. that no sui-h treaties nr international en- 

"There an* territories, such as Southwest jiauenieiil shall ln' bindinu until so reiiislereil. 

Afrii-a. and certain df the Scmth Pacific l.sles. Artick' XX1\', "It shall Ite the rinht df 

which, dwin^ to the spar.sem-ss df then- the liody of delegates IVdm lime Id time to 

populalitni. or their small si/c. dv their advi.-;e the recdn.^ideration by >tales. members 

remdtene.-^s fnun the centers \y\ civilizalidu, or of the leaviue, or treaties which have hecume 

their nedjzraphical cdnlinuily to the manda- inapplicalde, and nf international conditidns 

tory state, and other circum.stances. can be of whidi the cdntnuiatice may endanuer the administered u?idi'r the laws nf the peace of ihe wurld. 

niamlalory >iate as iniei;ral portions thereof. Artk'k' XX\*. "Tlie lii^ili cttntraclinK 

subjecl td till' safeyruards ahdVi' mentioned in parties severally ayree that Ihe present coven- 

the interest.", of the indiyenudu> pdpulatidti. ant is accepted as abfdyatinj; all tihliijations 

" In every ca.M- of mandate, the mandatdry inter >c which are incunsistiMil with ilie terms 

state shall remler td the league an annual theredf. an<l solemnly ennaue thai they will 

report in reference to the lerritory com- nol hereafter enter inld any eiiviam-melits 

tnitled to its charye. inconsistent with the terms thereof, in ease 

"The decree of autlioriiy, control or any of the powers sii:naidry herein dr sub- 

adiniiiistratioii lo he exercised by the man- senuently admitted Id the leaizu<' .-.hall, befin'e 

datory state shall, if not previously agreed becoinini! a party to this covenant, havi 

uptiM by the hiiih i-onlractiim parlies, in each. undertaken an> obliviations which are in- 

ciw be explicitl\ delliied bv tile executive consistent with tlie terms of ihis cnvi-nanl it 

council in a sjiecial act or charier. shall be the dut\ of such pdwer hi take 

"'I'he hiiiti cdntnH'tiiJn partie- further immeiliati' >le|>s Id produce its release from 

ajiree to es'alilish al ihe seal df Jhe te.inue a such dliliyalidUs. 

mandatdry coinniis,-idn lo receive ami -'xamine Arlii'li* XX\ I, " Aniendtneiiis to this 

the annual reports df Ihe inandalory powers, nuenanl will lake edert when ralilied by the 

and Id a.s.'iist ihe leauue in ensunnn th*- slates whdsr represrtitatives cumpd^e Ihe 

observalidu df (he lemis of all mandates. (■xiHiiliv)' louncil and by IhrtH'-fotirtlis of the 

Artifle X\. "Tlw Iul'Ii cdntractinv: states whose re|ireseninlives cunipose the 

parm-,* will emleavnr lo Mvure and maintain IhmIv of deleKtil''^-" 


n „ r n r r », s ; „ l h v <; r m I \V n ,■ I ,1 \V n r 

THK BAT'l'l-K Oi-" ST. Kl.OI ..r th,' ri^'lu. ami a line In whidi suiiports 

As Described by Lord Beaverbrook in raniiot lie Ih-huliIh up tVnm the n-ar is a!way> 

"(liimula in Flanders" in irravr danutT. So nuicli fur tiii' u't'iicrai 

Ki.iTni(-- Nnri;. Tiii- \v\{ i- i:i\ri. ;i- iniii- ,i..Mri|inv,. ui piisitinn: its parliciilar tValuri's have yet tn 

"""''■'■" ^^:""f:irr. j,,. (•( msililTClI. 

April .^rd. P>17 \\\. hjive ieanuHl tVnni a stii<ly nf \\\v 

On the iiijilil of April :{nl iK'^an the most Kn*iu-h reports at Venhin what can iH'clI'eeteil 

serums ennajzenient in which Canatliaii tnmps liy rniiceiUrated artillery lire on a selecteil 

had lieen involved since ihe Second llaltle of area. The frontage at St. Kloi was that of 

Vpres. The 2nd Division was ordered to flUlMo 1. (HIP yards, and aiiainst it was directed 

occupy the ground won liy the :lrd Hritish for over tlirec weeks, a colossal concentration 

iJivision in thi' two successive actions on of ( lennan lire, answered shell for shell l»y our 

March "JTtli and April 2nd. To understand own artillery. I'lider the conil)ined elforts 

the protracteil hattle which en.sued it is of the artillery of both sides and Ihe result of 

nece.ssary In have a clear ^-asp of the ^'(nuid mine explosions, the whole face of the coun- 

ovpr which it was fought. The oppo.sinii try was altered. Tlie "hiiih hills were laid 

lines opposite St. Klcti ran alnnwt due low and the valleys were exalted" until an 

and west. Instead of the north and south ^tllicer of llie :>rd liritLsh Uivision who had 

fronta^ie which marked the usual direction of stayed behind to assist the newcomers, twice 

.Allied and Ctcrman trenches. The old Cer- confessed himself utterly unahli' to recounise 

man line had been a .salient n(trth. pushed out ihe uround ilestroyed by tnan a^ bearin^r any 

towards Si. Kloi and recedin.LI from it rijrht resemblance to the ^miuid he had knowr, 

and left. The new line captured by the :>rd desiyn^'d by Xature. 

liritish Division was a salient thrust due tn this chanue will be lound the exi>lana- 
scmth into the (iernian position and receding tion of much that lollowed. Hut there was 
a^ain slij^htly on its rinhl and abrupllv on its to be addi'd another cause, the inclemency of 
left, tomeet iheold line. In other won Is. Ihe weather. In this i)atleri'd soil wa> 
the ()ld liritish line had been the arc of a bow nothing but mud. Kvery .shell-hole was a 
pushed s(mth. The distance between these pond, every step niivrhl lead one up to the 
ixtws never exceeded ."ilHi yards, and both of waist in tlie sticky element, and earthworks 
them were less than l.Olil) yards in length fell in froni the lluid as much as from the 
from end ttt end. with a direct frontage of shell-lire of the enemy. It is then under a 
HIIO yard.s. In the middle, nmnini; as Ihe doubtful star that we must ciuiceive of the 
strinj^ of l)oth conca\"e bows ami separated b> whole action beinj; fouuht. The trenches in 
2tHI or "jrid yurds from either ohl ttr new line. the lir.-^t lirinj.' line were little better than 
was the original (lennan line blown to atoms sealteri'd drains behind was the crater bar- 
in places and represented ibrouixhout the rier imderfoot were the nuid and the water 
centre part of its li'uirth by a series of four and abtive Ihe unceasim- whine nf shells, 
hu^eniine-cralers. These cntwned ihe mound The air was heavy with a damp misi. even by 
of St. Kloi. a rise in the ground which dom- day. and by ninhl all objects were magnified 
inaled the surroumiinn country. anil micertain till a shell-holi' a|>peared a 
To hold Ihe craters and the mound was in ci-ater. an advance of lift\ .\ards like one of 
look down intt> your enem\*s trenches. The .")np \ards. and an hour j:revv into yi-arsl 
explosion of the ureal mine hail leapt to hea- The italtle was fouuht in " \o ^lan's Land'" 
veM in a colossal shower of yellow .smoki' and a debris of shattered trees, sudden piml- 
debris; it could be seen from miles away and holes, and upraised earth, "where no man 
.shook the earth like the sudden outburst of a come>. nor hath come >ince tin- makinu of the 
vttleiUKi. The elVects of the eruption un a world." 

narrow .space of (1UI» yards were tremendous. Into lhi> area ihe 2nd Divi>ion canii' on 

Trencin's on both sides collapsed like packs of ihe nii^ht "f ■"Ird .\pril. Thi' (ilh Hrinade. 

cards under Mie shock; old landmarks were under Iiri>iadier-( leneral Ketchen, hiok over 

lilotled out. and rijihl in the centre of the are ihe inunediate IVonl, the post of hotmr wa.> 

of the bow .stretched a line of luiye tundiled uiven lo the 27th Winnipeg' llattalion. 

debris. In I'rotit lay ihe new Ireiiehes cap- conunanded by l,ieul.-( oI. Snider, on the 

(ureil by tiie ;Jrd liritish Division on .April riylit of llie line and tti tlie '.\\>\ Alberta' 

2nd. Behind lay the rennuns of Ihe old line, Baltalion. untler Lieut,-* ol. Kriibury. ih-cu- 

while the crater stood as an almo>i tmpa.sMibh> pied a position behind thi' craters and in tlu 

bar lielwti'ii I roups holding the one and cenlre. with its left suitpnrtin^ tlu' ;'Ist. 

troop.s holding tin- other. To ).\v\ lo the new It is on Ihe lirst two reirimenls \H\\ attention 

front Irench. you hati to enter il from the left must be eoneentruted bir the moment, bir 


I'tB. KllM«lll> HMITH 

Hrili«ti«l In thn HkhrI Tt 

r.,rt» in iHlt. At* ii. U< 

('■mr HON4I-H KMirn 

Knililivl in Ihr T7lh flitl«ll.>r m 
SriilrnilH-f, \V\i. Ago iU. Wu 


(li"<xaH It W SMItH 

June, IHn. MauHl In NovrtnlH-r, 

II Ih.. llJIh liiiu.ry 
:;il, I!I1.-.. Agf Ki. VVa> 
Ird ,,n Murrli :i. IHIT. 

K.bruBry lU, lUKi. Agr Ki. Wu- 
Wdunrfrt in Pnnpti. 


h:iilisl.'<li>i 1h. II. 

I Wm. a. SrN«M 

<) II r U f r <i (' s / // / // (■ C r r a f W it r 1 1! W n r 

llu'v had U> iK-fiipy iIk' sduthtTii thrust tO" thf Machint'-tiLins wcr*' also posted at intervals 
Mne and to lik' intn their new position fnuii alnnj; the line. It was foun<l neeessary. 
tiie ()i<l iine on either l)ank. owinii to the extent t() whieh these were ht-in^ 
A izlaiiee at tlie map will show the -isition. eonstantly put out of at-tion. to call for addi- 
uiiile (General Turner had ::riven a lucid de- tional jiuns. These were supiilied by llie 5ih 
sfrii)tioii ot' the state of the various defences !iri,s;ade. the ■22nd. 24tli. 2r)th and 2()th each 
three hours after the men were in. From tne sending u|) a Lewis jrun and team; but they 
rijxht of the old British line, the Canadian were not available till the niijht of the 5th 
communication trench, built by the 4th just before the ( li'rnian attack, when they were 
Canadian Briirade as I'lsewhere mentionc(i pnste<l l)y I.ieut. McLor};. of the 2Sth. 
broke straijrht t)ut to the left and ran eiust with The relief, in the lan^uajie of the otlicial 
a touch of south, until it met the oritrina! reports, was successfully concluded during the 
Cierman iirinj: trench at a point known as nijzht of the :ird and 4th. How much douiit. 
Sackville Centre, of which we shall hear how much discomfort, how much danger, a 
more in the future. The Ceneral descril)ed single sentence can cover! As the Canadians 
it as 2.")() yards in length, "a wet. shallow slipped and strui^jiled alonj; the wretched 
communication trench." This was held by a drains, or claml>ered over the places where 
company of the 27th. under Lieut. Wilson. shell-tire bad (iestroyed them, they found 
Cinitinuinjr l<t <mr left the line cro.ssed Ihe everywhere the men of the (ilst British 
lir.-it of the two roads that to Wyt.schaete > Brijiade. ^^rd British Division in a state of 
which run from norlb to south and meet in considerable exhaustion. They had been 
St. Kloi: here the front, after jioin^ .south- lijihtinu what was practically a continuous 
east for about lifty yards, swunir round due general action for live days under terrilic 
i-ast imtil it reached Bathurst Butts, near the shell-tire. The last push, which had driven 
.■^econii road; it then bent sharply north, so as the (iermans 2IIU or 250 yards south cpf the 
to complete the .salient by strikinji the old craters, left the British in such casual sliolter 
Cierman tirinji tre.ich aj:ain at Camiibelltown as they could obtain, encumbered with the 
Corner. ^This oit was about 540 yards in dead on both s'des and with their own 
lenjith and citnsisted of a deep untraversed wounded, whom l':ey were unable tcp evacuate, 
tirinu trench, with a few lirini: platforms A lirin^ trench with no direct way in or out 
facing north: that is. the wron^ way. fAp- from the rear its occuiiants to every 
parently the ord British Division had been horror and hardship and daniier. The sup- 
unable to turn it about after they took it ply of food, water, and ammunition, is inter- 
by storm. The la.-!t two hundred yards were mittent and uncertain, while the knowledge 
adds the (lenei; I badly battered. The that supports may take hmirs to come up in 
iV'ntaiie was fair.y evenly divided between cas<' of attack is afided tn '.be mental torture 
two companies of the 27tli. The left-hand and physical slalenc'^s indue, d by a persistent 
company thus secured the most .shaky point boml)ardment by heav; -runs. But the 
in the fronta^ze a 200 yards which pro\ed a presence of wounded nien in a ci'i >> d '1 'rench 
miniature irap of Al.^ace for the Cermans. |)asses the limit of horror. The dreadful 
From Campbelltown Corner to the oriiiinal nature of the injuries inlHcted b> bi^h line the circuit was completed by one explo.sjve. the irrepressible cries and moans ()f 
company of the 1st. Here the old British pain; the impos.sibility of brin^iinLr relief to 
line continueil clue east to the canal and was the sull'erers form a combination form si^zlu. 
nccupied by two nmre companies of the :!Ist .-uund and sen.sation which, if protracted btr 
with a third in support. many hours. absolutely unnervesthe unwiunul- 
._..,,,,., I ,. i. ed survivors and forms ihe niubtmare of their 

*Tn(' whoU- (if ihw lini' Ironi the (. aniKiuin rMmmunnuiiDri if. 

trench to ('umt'lx'lltown (\inuT ii)iii>int<>4l of (Jormiin cotn- Sleep tOf years, 
inunii-uiiiiii, nr fci-dini iinit tliini liiir, iri'iiflic!-, which hiul 

''; '"1 1" 'urii i'> ,1,, ri 1 I- April Ml ami 4(li. I'Md 

I'™,' '',"''■',','; .'{'"''i^^M ir.'iV' -1 " ■! ■ ' • :",™,,',".",;;|.';,'," I'-^'f" "'itli <■■"'' wcmiIut :mil solid (IcIVii.-i'S 

yim III' ./uiii''! ^i.v .^i i.iAF, ihi. ir(i.-ih „t liic tr»''iiri" a iiijilit ri'li<-f lias its trials; tiinlcr the i-tiinli- 

"^ '^Tli'i!' iN'M' ■ '(''■'J'nn' irVtrf n'n'Tmi""o «,. 'i'*'!-"^ "f ''l"' "il^tl' "I' April ofll. itS SHCl-fSS VV;iS 

r Iiti'li. nii'u'' .! • :• ', ,'-'p'^ri.iI„l'in ,Inkr"l'.."r,'.,. ,',rV.V.' all arhil'Vl'IJU'llt. As [hr 27th . \VillIlipi*«l 

i.uT n |,„n.|i.i h In . M . ijii,i umii he PI. u|, and llif :Ust Allicfia' siimrili'd 111 this hnl 

ml till' lilulliinn li'' ' .11 i '■!';■ ii h, .iiilk iilmm frt-fh, ,. , . .1 ■. 1 1 i ,■ ■ 1. ,1 

»iiiimii i.>,«™n« iii- !■ I ■ '■ ■ iiiiv ■ iiiTr, 111 iiiur»r III tliiinis. Ill till' |iiti-h dark iil niiilil. tlii'V 

''"■,":■'"■''•"»■""■"",' ■ 11 i''ini-'iim"7'iii;'l'»rii lisciiVHvd that thi' ullii'irs iif llli' (ilst 

mill Iilikllnrni wi>r<> nil Mil' iiiinii .I'll' III till- irpiirli. wliorciut Ui< ., ... 1 1. ■ ■ .1 1 i- 1. f .1 

wamni ll».m on tlic nutli .lili'. Tin' llr.1 Ihilm 11. ilii In Hl'ltlshl Ml'lllailc. llirnllKll 1111 lauil -ll llll'll's. 

I'liimirlnit u trHni'li tmm till' mmiy i» 10 .mi' 111.' .aiiilliiiKi. Iml iiwilli; tii till' lii' iif lllc isriiuild and thi' 

III till piiniiii'l iiiiii III ilritii lliHii ui-niiw III tni' (itni'r .lili< unit 1.. r . 1 1, 11 . 11 .1 

iliranmk.'ii ii..« iiliiHi.rni l.i'l..« iliim. I'dlldllliills ill the assault. I'lillld li'll tlli'Ml 


o > 


f h 

ul Worhl \V> 

prai-tically imtliinu uf the whereabouts of the 
enemy. They looked out into a noisy 
(hu'kiu'ss whieli covered llie rnknown. Sueh 
a stale of alfairs is hy no nieai.s uncommon in 
irencli \v; Taiv. Kunliermore. wliile tlie !ine 
lIuMUtrlioui could nowhere he hel(] continu- 
ousl\-. iliat portion of it Ijetween Hathurst 
liutts near tlie sectind road, and Canipbell- 
town Comer could only \w held by small 
boml)in^ posts linked lojiether hy visiting 
patrols. Hy dayhiiht it was altojjelher un- 
tenable for any body of men in sullicient 
number to resist a resolute attack. There 
was thus a jiap sparsels" and insecurely 
occupied by patrols of the 27th between the 
left of that reiriment and tiie rijrht of the 
:nst Hattalion. This was the joint in the 
harness, and against it tlie (lermans directed 
a CI inlinui )us sh< )wer i )f heavy exph isives. 

It was obvious to the hijiher command 
that if the positiiui was to he made secure or 
even tenable, a drastic scheme t)f consolida- 
tion must be set on foot. (Jeneral Turner 
tira.sped the situation lirnily and clearly: 
and after consultini: (ieneral Haldane :Srd 
British Divi.sioni. put forward the following 
plan. He proposed to repair the front line, 
to ditr communication trenches throujih the 
intervals between the craters, so as to link 
old and new lines tonelher. to make Rood the 
damage done t(t the old line, and linally to 
di^ another trench about halfway between the 
lirinn line and the craters wh'"'e .supports 
could be kept handy. Dutnniy trenches were 
also to be made in the lips of the crater and 
both lines wired. The work was carried out 
by .small parties, one X.D.C. and a few men 
oi' the 2.Sth. centre support battalion, and 
most of thi'in were overwhelmed by the 
(lernian onrush on the mornini; of .April fith. 

This plan would have .saved the situation 
had time or opportunity been ;iiven In carry 
it out, but the Kales rule<i 

The iirst ihinn to do w;us to evacuate the 
liritish wounded, and this eruesonie task was 
aeconipli.slu'd during the inorninfj; to the 
aeeom|)animenI of heavy'llintr. which be- 
jj:an and at ten o'clock am, lasted at intervals 
nearly all day. Lieut. Met "aw and his 
company, holdin^r the bad pari of the line, 
endured, without shlflinii an inch, a terrible 
bombardment which destroyed the ^rreater 
part of their position from under their verv 
feet. Out of the !MI men present for ll» had 
been sent back as there was no cover for 
Ihemi. (i7 were killed or woundeil a notable 
e\;mi))le of endm'nnce. The trenches were 
blown out of existence anil men lay down in 
the open uiuler wliat cover they eoiihl tind. 
As one wo'jndeii mini wius seen to fall, IVivutr' 

Smith dashed out to render Iirst aiil under 
the shower of hiizh explosives; he was himself 
struck down at once. I'rivate Howden went 
in his turn to the two men. dre.s.scil their 
wounds, and remained with them un'.il they 
both died, with no cover aiiainst the rain of 
shell except a slnjvel over his head. 

Wadinjz in many places in the 
mud. ('apt. Mere((ith of the 27th. who be- 
haved with conspicuous coolness and trallantry 
in the action which ensui'd. foun.d that the 
day's bombardment had |)racticall> wiped 
<)nt the position he was i(j occujiy. There 
was a little cover on the riiihl. just east of the 
sec{)nd road; but to the left, in the (lu)) 
it.self. it was impossible to do more than put 
out isolated liroups of sentries and bombers, 
to crouch in shell holes, or behin<l improvised 
shelters, ami trust that one would not be 
ob.served. A sinirle fact speaks volumes; 
althounh (apt. Meredith hail only 111) men 
for his company, it was found im|)ossible to 
j;et cover by daylight for more tiian a few 
isolatecl posts, and the remainder of (he men 
had to be .sent back in the early nio/ninn of 
-Aliril ;")th. to come up aj£ain on their weary 
journey iis >oun as it was dark. There was. 
in a word, no linijier a line f<»r over 2."iil yards 
of the fnmt. Some ID men were tryinj: to 
hohi the position of a strong company of 200. 

Nijilit, April 3th and (ith, 1*)1*( 

(tn thf following' niiihi. that of tin- ."ith 
and (ith, it was decided to relieve the two 
.sorely-beset companies of the 27th. ('apt. 
(Avynii. of the 2Itth Battalion, was tn take 
over from (apt. Meredith the left of the line, 
and Lieut. O'Brien, of the .-aine regiment, 
was to relieve the company of the 27th on the 
riuhl, It was durin^i the concludin^f staues of 
this relief that the (iernian attack took place. 
The hlastinK lire of our artillery had been 
well maintained on the (Jerman sectnui and 
third line trenches, and it was r-upposed that 
this barrage' had pmved ellective in pre- 
venting' any considerable forci' of the enemy 
reaching throuuh to their own front lim-. 
This did not prove to be the case. The 
(lernian 21 1th Battalion, with some units of 
the 2ltith. had according to the accounts of 
prisoners succeeded in pa.s.sinvr throuRh the 
liarrajje into the front line, from which they 
laundu'd thi'ir as.sault. 

t)n tln' ni^'hl of the .'ith, the Cermans had 
dashed through the /.one of our artillery lire 
in a siKre.'ision of small parlies in extetuled 

■A InirriiK.' i:< ii I'orirciitnitinh i>i wlivll lirr un a luiriiciilar 
txiiiit (ir rriiiitiiui'. *'* lut to niiiltt' ii iin|>a-wulil<' lu iln' t'iirrii>. 
It iiulNonitliHl"i-urtuinrirf"l>.v Mir Kn-iitl). It iiiii Ih> tini-il ii> 
im'vpm un attart, im oup'ii front line, «r i-liwk mntMrifniHiiN 
iiimlnn to Ihc enptny llwt llnr (mm thi* Mt-onil or Ihint liniii. 


KnltMnl In thi- Ambulant 
in Kebnwry. ISIB. Won 

-n Siir.-;, i:. nui 

.■HLh ItrM-rVK lUtla 

tiilinlhi'lt.N A K.inl>i-n-mlH-r. KnlbM In lh>- .'.Nl llulinlmn in 

.\t-'H- '/•'■'•I •'V.-rmma im I Irliihrr. I!<i:i. \.. ih<- 

Juniiurv ^. U'lX U'-Jnd HultoHiin. lt<-v.'Mi-<l m thi'-JUnd. 

Jttk JIL .jdL .JSL 

l-'K, \i,,. Jt \V„. 



Knl>-(f>l in iho aiM I 

I'lh r:>-<IKSK HtKKI 

. \fnl *. |!t|^ A»< 

V J !■ W»>il IK Kra 

I r'lano Kill, 



I'nitT. anri luui iluis. 

l)y i-h(Hisin;i tlu'ir 


iHrasiiins rscapfd with 

■ntiiparalivciy small 


easuallics. ami inassi'd 

in strcny;'!' within 


striking fiislaiu-i' of tuir 

fnint. h may he 


• » th i <: n at Wnrlil Wii r 

who IukI hci'n rclit'vt'ij ri'at'hcil Vwd- 
tin Fort siuTcssfully al aimut 1^:15 a.m. 
foiinii thcrt' sfvt'i-al nlliccrs of thi' 27th, 
also l.ii-ut. n'Hrif'H of tin- "JiUh. who wius 

said thai thi'ounlmut tlic action tlu' (iennans tryiiii: to ivliovc I.ii'Ut. Wilsons" company of 

showi'd a far iin-alcr aptitiidf for tiirhtinj: in thi' 27th. Less fortunate tlian (apt. (Jwynn. 

small i)aiMii's than is usual with tlit'ni. and lu' liad not succeeded in finding tlu' otiiccr lu' 

that tlu'V n(nvhere attempted tlie mass for- was to rei)lace. hut none the less he appears 

mation attack whlcli has izenerally Itcen a [a have j:ot his men somewhere near the 

prelude to their di'feat. trencli he was to occupy. This place he 

lUit while (he (lermaiis were formini: up found full of >tray units, ralion-carryinj: 

for the assault at dawn, we must return to parties of tile ■27th. many of whom had Inst 

Ihe fortunes of the Canadians. The workinji their way. anti havin^: placed his men in 

partie> are out t'or the sec()nil n\^\\\ in sue- p<isition. he al.<o returned to the telephone at 

cession, and a slronir second line trench with Krederietnn Fort in the hope of tindin^ snnie- 

liarheil wire i'ntani:lements luus hccn con- one in authority. 

strucied in front and south of the craters. The Canadian communication trench was 

Hehind and north of the third a supporting by this time practically abandoned under 

line is bein^ duir. while the relii'fs of the lu'avy sliell-tiri'. For the rest, then, one 

'Jitlh are struiiiiliny up through the delay.-. must coni-eive the remains of the front line 

of mud and barraue to ri'aeh the battered as Ih'IiI. where there was any cover, by iso- 

27th. lated groups of the "JiMh. inlermin^ded here 

Capl. Cwynn. of the 'JiMh. ha*l already and tliere with men of the 27111 who had not 

been informed that the left of his line would btt-n relieved or who had mis.sed their way. 

only 1h' oeeupieil b\' maehim'-;;uns, bomlMn^' and wit/ a uaplnj: space on the left, litnonil 

and sentry posts, and with si)nie ID men. this, the line on the left still held lirm for the 

picki'd out for these tlaniier i)o>ts. be went on moment. 

ahead of 'lie remainder of h\> cotni)any an«i The 2Tth Mattalion. tlu- relief of which 

buuid ('apt, Mei'editli near Hathurst liutts at was by now more or less complete, had suf- 

■Jo'clnrk on (be inoniiim of ibc till). The posi- fered a terrible experience. It bad been 

lion was I'apidly becoming' ticsperale, One of almo.^I eonliiuiou.sly under heavy shell-liri' in 

(apt. Meredith's subalterns. Meut. Itunlop. hopeless trenches for about sixty hours, 

had been out uniler a rain of shells !o try lo during which siin-p, rest or refresliment hail 

lind the orivrinil line to the left, held by the been practically out of the question. Major 

.■'.1st. and the po>ts holdini: it. lie returned Kilson had conducted Ihe defence of tlu' tirsl 

to say that he coulil lind no vestige of either line with skill and judL'ment, and the eoni- 

tlie irencli or the po.-is. Kverythinn had pany connnanders, (apt. Meredith. Lieul. 

been wiped out; and two machine-»:ims and MrCaw. I.ieui. Wil.-on. and their subalterns, 

their creWs perished with the exception uf ;i had shown ureal coia'aui' and eonlness in the 

sin^ile mail, who crawled back wounded hours face of adverse eireuinstances. Lieut. \i. K. 

after, .\ party of the ;{Isl who had made a N. .lones, of the same battalion, met a gallant 

similar attempt to keep connection from tlieir death in tlie early morning; of Ihe attack in an 

richi. ri'turned with the >aine news. Cnder attempt to keep touch with and collect the 

the circumstances. Capl. Meredith eould left of the re^timi'nl during the retiremenl. 

>uppl\ no L'uides into llir unoeciipied chaos He weiil out into the open tmder a lerrilic 

nf ^hell-holo which represented his left, and lire aiul was killiil almost inManth. 

the two olliccts havinu completed their relief ii j i i 

in the small fraction of survivini: trench. ■^1**'" "'"• ■' "•*"■ 

reiurnerl lo the nearest leli-phone. al Kreder- It was b\ now ihre- o'clock of a misty 

icton Fori, to yet onli'rs from the Colonel of niorniim; and a> the olliecrs around the 

Ihe JIMh Mattalion. Il ua> at this point in lelephoui' duu-out di.M-overed that the line 

the line alone that the letephone was workini;. was cut. and were taking cnunsrl to^fether. 

and thai only intermittently, in spile of the the Herman arlilli-ry preparation be^an. 

heroic oniluii of the >iunailers in uoinji out The sliellinu heavy but itifermlttent 

into the open aiiain and auain to repair tite ro!M- in a roar and the niuht overheati became 

»hullered wires. I.ieuti'nani linmne of ilu' pandemoinum. whih- the ground underneatli 

22nd Frencii Canadian.-* . of the llh Uriuade. dmok with ih neu>sion or ilixMilvi'd 'iiuier 

with his maehiiie-nun parlv. rennuned behind the explosions. Ojlicers endeavored lo rejoin 

with Ihe l<i men itf the J'.Mli on Ihe h'fl of (heir units, but in most eases found il im- 

llathutM Itults. The iwo otlicerH and (he pos.sible. and every uroiip turned to (heir 



'I \Vu,!,l 11' 

nnit'ial nr niitural Icadir t'ur orilers. It is 
I'iisy for thdsf whilst' rxpfrii'iico of Ixidics of 
nit'ii Is nmlincd lo reviews in peace time, ur 
1(1 llie iirLranizalion of a i)i^ political deinon- 
stration In consider that this siate of atfairs 
is not to he expcctcil of an army. Such a 
view simply springs rroni iiriiorance of condi- 
tions. Not h.Tc was a hroad plain. smilin,i: 
in tile sun. i>n which i)attalions could he 
moved with unifonnity: or the famiMar 
pavements, where every street '.urnini; is 
known to the marslial of the lielt'nalions; 
not lu'tv the frictionless chess-lHiard of tlie 
war iianie, witli it^. moves pondered sili'nl!y 
loni: in advanct-. The ijround on winch to 
move is certain deatli; the shattered and 
ahnosi inipa^sahle ireiiclies: tlie vast <hstanc 
away in time of any supporlr-: tl'.e l)hndncss 
in the sense of liirection wliicli aliects nearly 
every man on vmkown country in the dark: 
the line of craters lieliind and the noise of the 
shells overhead; these are the elements mak- 
ing up the picture of the situation which, on 
thai ,\|>ril morninv:;. thefilli (anaillan l!riv:a<h' 
had to face. The rilles and machine-^uns on 
which armed men are accustotneil to di pend 
for their li\es. were half-clonjii'd and uselesN. 
The very position of the enemy was unknown, 
liul the native hardihood of the race lu-^serled 
itself: ^Tou|.s made lip of I'very unit formed 
tlleinselves for the stfUUV-'h' I'"' eNir'lence. 
fought wlien- they coulil and retreated or 
died wlien the clioice hecame n'lirement or 
passive annihilation. 

April «ith. ^:M) a.m. 

On this scene of incertitude and di>t\irli- 
ance Ihe day lieiran to lireak. It was the 
hour when men ruli tlu-ir eves and shiver in 
the cool air and stand lo arnis to meet that 
period which is most likely to hrinu tlie 
attack. The liirht i>f dawn. Meallhy and 
su>pi<*iou>. was >lio\\inv; in the ea>t o\rr a 
scene of ruin ami de>olaiion. and in thi> 
valley of dry Imnes sornelhiim heyati lo move. 
To the nri)up of watcher> in the trenches dark 
forms advancing' could he seen tlimiiyh the 
mist. Thi*y came straight on wiilioul hesi- 
tating up the .'Nt. Kloi.\V\M-haele road. lo- 
ward> Sai'kville Centre. It was known to 
nur men thai >ome I'ioni-ers were out in that 
(iireiiion wirini; ihe I'ronl. .\ whi>per of 
doulit ran alonu the lini-. Were they enemx 
or one of our working parties ^one astray? 
One ^roup evidently had made up its mind, 
and a sputter of tin' liroke out how dilferetit 
in volume and intensity, alas! from the full- 
Ihroated crash of mu.-ketrv from a sironu'lv- 
held. \\<*lMilled ireiuh! Il \\a> enouL'h, at 
tmy rule for the dermatic. They had thnuiiht 

to timi nothinii ali\'e in the a^i'a on winch 
their uuns had wrouulu such havoc. The 
dark line turned hall'-riylit and swunji roiuid 
like a wave, .seeking: an inlet throujjli .-Joine 
rocky harrier. Instantly every jxun and rille 
which wi Kill I W( irk was 1 iri luudi t to 1 tear. 
I'.ut ihe result was one to break the hear'.s of 
men trained to reiiard their weapons as their 
unfailinji friends in the hour of nee I anil 
danger*. The ioul mud splashed over lliem in 
torrents liv the hondianhnent had worked 
into Iireech ami magazine. a;id men threw 
down their choked rilles with cur-^es, and 
snatched for one left behind 1p\ some dead or 
wouniled man. liuI thcM'. too. after a. shot or 
two. refused to do I heir work! .\ll alon;^' l!ie 
line the remaininir I.euis ^funs jammed. 
oups were too isolali'd to make a concerted 
counter-attack with the bayonet: and Ihe 
<;ernians passed alonu our I'ronl until they 
found tlie fatal jiap in the line. As they 
came ojiposilf tlie last post on our left. 
I.ieut. jirowrie. a niachine-mimier of tln'"J*Jnil 
French-Canadians, turned his |,t-wi> yun and 
what ritU'S the parly had full on to them at 
>hort ran;j;e. Somi' lifleen or twenty Ger- 
mans were .--een to fall, and ihe remainder 
threw lhems)'lves Hal on their faces. Then 
the inevitable hapiiened. anri tln' uun Weni 
out of action. .\> the lire dribbled away to 
the crack of a sinyle rilU'. the enemy jumpeil 
up. swunuMolhelefl of iheoulpost. ind lieaded 
straiifhl throu;.'li the undeb'iided breach for 
the craters l.'iii yards behind. 

The liyht had now y:rowti briiihler. and 
the olliii-rs al Sackville Crnire could >e*' the 
(ierman^ breakintr thnmiih to Craters '1 and 
:l. They turned tlieir remainin;r men halfdelt 
rear, and lired with every rille which woukl 
work. lUit the da.naLU' was done. The 
working parties on ihe second Tnu'. which 
was beinn built in I'ronl of llie cralets. hail 
been withdrawn before liiilit. and .he small 
vrroiip.-* of the jsih llaitalion in ihe crater^ 
lhi'm>elves nni.>t liave lieeii overpowered b\ 
the lino or :HiO (iermans who broke .,> on 
them. Once over the rim. the enemy were 
bir the monient s;ife, ami they proniptlv set 
about diuuinv! themselves in. ami p'ttinu the 
maclune-i;un> they had lu'ouixhl with Iheni 
into position. 

In all. then. >onie -Jiiii or :iOO (;erman> 
succeeded ill occup\ illi! I hi' I wo rrateis on the 

ri^ht of our position. I-Vom this point ihey 
bcKun to work lowar'ds our left, and in the 
eoui'se of the day or the billnwin;; tnj:ht be- 
came,se<l of Craters 1 and "». This 
inoveineni would hav<' placed t)]eit) in the 
rear of the men of the :tlst Itallalion at 
Catnpli'lliown Corner had that still I n 


Kbit. ij.M.-Shhut. Km^m 

]'t,. .;.M»ii. Jl. : 

I't* W \V Si. I 

l-TK. T, E, StoMIsIi I'ik. 

It'- KnlnHil •llh thi- lirrnadiiT Cuardu i:tili>li-<l «.iih 

K ■! m \uKUii. 11*11. .\f — ■ W" Jmiiimtv, I'H 

siiundi'tl tlirn- timr*. 

ixnuil-r. ITi At.' J 

July II, P'lA .\»f 

.,lrill«H.| fl 


l"1l. Air :l^ tt.f 

: '.I lt> 111.' lltl, \K^<\y lUM t 

^^T ^f 


., •■ (moihI mi |I»^ I>i>* ll.iuii. 

t) bi I ittinilk 


O ,> r // r r u v s I n I h c C r v ti I W n /■ / d \V a r 

ni-fui)it'(). As a matter of fat-t. liowt'vor. tlie line, but the precipitancy and thontujiliness 
cxtrenn' riulu and soutli positiiin of the ;Ust witli which they executed tills movement 
had heen aiiandoned and destroyed in the ad(ie(! to the prevailinjr disturbance. At any 
course of tile prehniinary boinliantnient. Al rate, on tlie rieht every party from Hathurst 
dawn a tremendous tire had luvn direcled on Butts and the extreme ri^ht of their original 
thi' top line towanls Shelley Farm' and the line was between two lires and In imminent 
trench lieiween ( ■amplielltown ( 'orner and the danjier of beinjr surrounded. So the scattered 
old Hrltisli line became untenalile. To stay groups betzan tt) retire t(»wanls Sackvilie 
in It was certain and useless ijeath. I'art of Centre and Kredericton Fort, where Capts. 
Its gan'ison ^ol back into the ori.dnal line. (Iwynn and Mereiiith were orjranizin,i; the 
(ttlier parties occupied tlie two sm;dl and defenc*. Their party con.sisU'd of some 
ancient Craters >-i and 7. Immedialely in suiialterns of ln-lh their refilnients, sixteen 
aiivance of it. under the inifiression. arrived men i.f l!ie 27th and live Pioneers. Tiiese 
at without (lue thovi^'-'. thai these were ofiicers determined to hold on iii spite of the 
Craters 4 and 5: while one platoon cut off by heavy machlne-j;un (ire from the craters in 
the barraiie moved to their left li '*> an old the rear, and to jiive time for the more easterly 
advance trench which aiforded them some parties to rally on them. They j;ol the tele- 
cover, phone to work and asked for reinforcements: 

.„^., , -I, ,..,. , .„ thev tried to establish a continuous line down 

.\l>rii n[ii, -I ..M( (I. 111. .1 /■ !■ ■ .■ . 1 I ■ 1 

' the ( anadian commmu'-ation ti'cnch. which 

.\t li^lo in the morning, or an hour afli'r had been deserted at its easterly end. and they 

the attack on the -7th, about -(HI of the enemy a.-;ked for lire to be directed on the eaplureil 

made a si'cond attack and attempted to over- craters from the jiuns and trench mortars, 

whelm the party holding Craters fi and 7: Col. Snider, of the l27th. was the first to come 

Major IJoujihty. of the :Ust. ornanizetl the lo tlieir a.ssisiance. Tlieir la.<t reqiust verjied 

defence wuh skill and resolution. He alloweii on the heroic, for their own trenches were only 

(he Cerman.-' to advance' within effective a hundred yards beyond of the enemy, 

raniie. and llien bniu^lu a concentric tire to and their po.sjtion could not be known 

bear on them. The isolated platoon enliladed to our iiunners far to the rear. .Ml this time 

them on the rinlit, while the iiriyinal occupants men were falling fast. The cover was poor 

of the <tld front line just behind and to the and to show one's head was to invite an al- 

left of the craters mowed them down from the most inevitable bullet. N'one the less. Meut. 

front. The attack recoiled in confusion. .hu'kxm. of the 2!tth. \ohinteered to nu out 

Some fled, others threw themselves ilown with the men of the 27th and try to locate 

into sheli-ln)les and lay there unobserved as more precisely the positions the enemy had 

lon^ as the dayliiiht lasted. Our tine was taken up. So nuirderous was the fire that 

suirerinir now the fate of a taut rope cut in within a few minutes he and one private had 

the centre. Kacli end recoiled instinctively returned alone. The othi'r three had been 

to its point of connection with the olil Hritish killi'd almost instantly. 

trenches. It camiot lie maintained that the The reiiuests for :ussi>tance from ^'un> and 

retirement on ilie rinhl. albeit il was from an men from the liri^ade could be very ade- 

untenable position, wa.-^ carrit'd out in a very qiialeiy met. The hiiiher command were 

skilled or urnani/.ed fa.-'liion. Tliis fad was under a double dillieulty. In the lirst place, 

due partly to I he mmdier of different units on so heavy was Ihetiennan fire on theeoimnun- 

ihe same front. The time of relief ami the icalion trenches that it was impo.ssible to 

relii'f of the 27lh not yet fully aicom- move supports u)> to them it) the daylij:ht 

plishi'd thouiiii lu-arly so with two sets of hours of that morninii. In the second place, 

ollicers and men ot) the .same front moving tlu- continual breakdown in the telephone 

contrary ways. i> always a perioil (tf some service made all information as to the pn-cise 

little confusion, and for that rea.son reliefs are .stale of alfairs in the front line i.npfwsible lo 

not carried out at dawn, because it is the likely obtain from niimite to nnruite, In so far. 

time for an attack. In this the circum- liowe\i'r. as mes.sanes canu' through they 

stances mad<' it impo»Jbl<' to jjei (he reli{'fs continued to conlinn the oriuinal evidence 

up earlier. Itut. apart from this, there were which had driven the Mriirade a radically fals*' 

small parties of INoi'eers -cattereil about in view of tiie whole situation. The view of the 

or in front of tlie line. It wjj.s nol, of course. Itriiiade wa.s that the ( lermans were simply 

the busine.«w of these latter to await the a .small niidiim parly who had broken ihrouuh 

(lerman.-*. but to «el back into iheir own a weakly-lu'ld part of (he line and seized on 


Crater 2, and pos.sililv Crater M. There ihev 
mimiiT nf <MU II MHvtv.-i, wen-. surrnunde<l on every sirle except that 

*Thi> Kurm «iut mil tianittl nH 

O n r // i' r „ c x , >, I h c <', r r <i I W <> r I <l \r(r r 

Uy whifli ilicy had rinin' in. li>' parties nf nur iiiiils in the n'trcal. ami savcil the iiiajorily 
troops in the closest |H'nximity in them. nf his team. Tiie rharaeter of ilu' force is 
('a[>ts. (iwynn anil ^Iet^ 'ith were close well illustrated hy llie private occupal inns of 
behind their line on the rivrht: ami it was his team. The serjreant was a stnrelieepH*. 
ciuite wron^jly l)elieved thai Major Daly ami I.ance-Cpl. Rose, a |)alternmaker. I,ance-( "jjI. 
the were cheek liy jowl with them in nuley. a hank icller. Private Arundel a 
Craters 4 and 5 on the left: in the cenlre. of lediier- keeper. Private Clarke a salesman, 
course, was our main force. To start a iieav\- Private Burchell. a private .secretary. 
!)oml)ardment was therefore impos.sihIe. for it The parlies of the 25th and li'Jth were 
would have killed more Canadians than (ler- never ^vvw ajjain. They must presumalily 
mans: it would have been u.sin.u a steam- have perished .ami iheir stories with them, 
hammer to crack a mit and crackin.L^ <'.ie's One lale. however, survives and thai is the 
own lin^ier instead. A homllin,^ and rille march of l.ieut. ISrowne of ihe "J'^mi French- 
attack was the onl\' wa\' to <leal with such (anadians and his detachment across the 
intruders. 'I'hat was the ol)vious argument. frnnl and tiuMUj^h the lines of the enemy, 
and it would have been correct iiad the .\s 'las already l)een related, l.ieul. lirowne 
p'-omises on which il was Itased bnrni' any found himself on (tur extreme leil with a 
relatinn to the facts. The dilliculties wilh Lewis .uun when Capl. (iwynn went back for 
which (leneral Ketchen was confronted ran instriiclinns. He (ired nn the Cermans a:id 
best lie appreciated in the li^hl nf the fact saw them i) lieliind him in the crater, 
that he was not dehnitely infnnneil till 7} "The enemy." he says, ■"marciied in ah.solute 
o'clnck nn the intirninii nf the (Jth »!uit the silence until 1 npcncd lire, and the>" extended 
t\v(t Craters 2 and :> were Inst, and that ami hejian to shout as tlu-y ran I'nrward. 
ail t'ommuni'-alion with the front line cea.sed in my opinion the enemy did not tliink tliat 
for twn and a half hours! .As il was. umler the the front line was occu|iied. which would ac- 
ur^ient pressure tif Col. Snider. i)f the 27th. count order until 
and Capl. (iwynn. artillery tin-, was linally struck liy our lire." .\s the em-my .swunu 
opened on Crater 2. 'I"he trench ninrtars in rnumi his left, there wa.-^ no nutbreak of lire 
our orijiimd riyrbt-hand Irenche.s. whose irun- from the Lewis ltuii of the 2.")tli Ilatlalion it 
tiers were near enouuli to see wlial lhe\" wei'e had been buriedand ilscrew presum;d>l>' killed, 
doiny, were out of ai-lion. i'"venluail\". l-Ai-ry ^^un and rille .save one llavin^f jammed, 
however, some IS-pounders were turni'd on and theenemy beinnwell behind theline. Lieut, 
tiu' enemy, ("apt. (iwynn. who oli.served tlie ih'nwne tnnk liis decision. "Xnl itein^ able tn 
linniliardment by Krederictnn I-'nrt. wasdnulit- dn any etl'ective work and beiievini; tiie other 
ful of its etlicacy. Itut the testimony of pri- i-rewslnbenul of actin]i; also seeing the i-nemy 
snners taken during tiie ensuini; ni;zht prnves cln^iniron theleft ttuvards the craters. I decided 
that the garrison nf Crater 2 Insl heavily, to r<'tire to '.he second line, there to unite wilh 
thoujfh not heavily enough lo ihdiice tlvm llie garrison to make a stand." 'i'lie party, 
to retire. Itut the main reliance was placeil which c< nsisli'd of live men itf the 22nd and a 
on a i)onii)inir and infantry attack from the few others, accordin^dy starli'd liack north, 
north and m>rth-east. and the 2Sth llaltalion. following in the wake of the advancin-^ (ier- 
which iuiii not yet lieen in action, was ordered mans. There was. however, no i:arrison in 
to come up from its Irenciies iiehind the our newly-du^ .second line .south of the 
centre of the po.silion and a.ssisi in thi' craters, hir the working party liad yone. in- 
ass;ui!t. stead they encounlereii the barbed win' tile 
In the meantime, the i.solated parties of working parties had put in Iron I of the trench, 
liie 27tli and 2!)th were making: llieir way 'i'he (li'rinan>. \>\ mm on ihe i-d^ie of llu- 
liack as best tliey could from the east to the craters. lireil on iliein as they wice siru^'iilinH 
rallying point in front of Crater L The ilu'ouizh. Lam-e-Cpl. Landiert. Private ilatte 
stones of these successive retirements will, in iVivate P.risel'ois. and a man of the 20111 fell, 
the main, never l>e lold for too often they but as they jiained the other siile ihey canie 
were cut sliorl by dealli. 'I'lie maciiine-;:un across a dinning party which liad lost its way. 
leanis of tiie oth Itrivrade were also involved and had not ^one liack willi the otliers. 
in tlie retreat. Lieul. Prowne commanded Hastily ^!;atlu■rir^^i men. Lieut. Prowne 
the 22nd. Sit^I. Na,\lnr tlu' 2llli, Lieut. i-liarv;ed b)r tln' s|fot wliefi' iln'.\ iiad l>een 
Wlute the 2.'ith. Lieut, Lockliart the 2tllli, tired nn. N'ot a man had a rille whiih wnuld 
Of all tliese. only one ^lun was l)rnui:iil oul of work, luit tliey rushed in like paladins of 
action that nf Sernl. Naylor. of the 21tli romance nn the anneil (lernians who were In 
Pattalinii. wlm slmwed ureal pre.M'm-e of tlu' trench, 'I'iiese tliey killed in hand-tu- 
mind in iniiiKatiiiK llie confuNion of the mixed liand cnnlliet vvtlh llii' liults of their rillos. 


ImMnlMW, luiu 

i*i>Hr. ('HML K Tmittwi 

KiiIWhI In th* TTIh Illllallon im 
Ki^iK-mlHt in, IHIN llkwIutWiiUIKl* 

I Aunuj-i. li<ir>. Mfvlvnlai lluogpon J'lnv 10, imu, 


// .■ r < 

/ // (' ^■ / 

<l Wo ,1,1 \v 

Al'lff this noial)lr iVat nl' arms i!u' parly \iol 
into the ntnv stvond line Ironch ami prot-wdcil 
ixUiUjX it towarils FrediTieton Fort. As they 
came runninjj; down the tivneh. tiie Cermans 
came i>ut oi' tlio cratet' against them. I>ut 
Lieut. Browne's detaeliment maiiaiied to 
elude the enemy. Picking uji some of tlie 
'2^t\\ and the ;^un erew of the 24th on the 
wa\-. Lieut. lirowne sueeeeded in reat-hin^^ 
Frederieton Fort, where he foumi Capts. 
(iwynii and Meredith. Of his (>ri,uina! see- 
lion only two remained alive. Xone the less. 
each new ^roup had lallied round this oliicer. 
and were "ready for a iijjlit at any time." 
Such a stitry of val(U' and discretion exceeds 
all tiiat hctiun had ever ima;j;i)K'd. At 7 p.m. 
on the mornin.u- of the (ith. all telephtme 
t'omnuniication with the otlicersat Fredericton 
Fort ceased. Tile last messatre which came 
ihroLi.ifii to ("apt. (iwynn as appeared su!)- 
seiiiientlyi from the t'anadian eomnuinica- 
tioii trench was a simple and ti'ajzic one: 
"We are relirinjz." L-^olaled liy now on 
Itoth rijrht and lefL and with the enemy in 
front and rear. ('apt. (iwynn still held lii-m 
until he was reasonal)Iy certain that the 
party from the ahandoiied line had come in. 
Finally, some two hours afterwards, no orders 
havinil been receiveil. as indeed they couhl 
not he. he decided to retire. His men were 
fallin;j fast in an impo.ssihie position and no 
alternative was oijeii to him. 

I-'orlunately. a messa.txe askinir toi" the 
su|)port of the m;'chine-tiun in our original 
Irenclu'S on the ri.uht had iutt throu,u:h. and 
under covei' of their fore and the shellinir of 
(later '2 liy (tur L'>-pounilers. (apt. (Iwynn 
conducted a successful retirement to the old 
lines. In thi.s emergency the 27th and 2i(th 
were ably led. and secondi'd iheii- oilicers' 
elForts to the last. Ttie news of this hnal 
movement on the riuhi did not reach the 
lii'iirade until some lime later in the day. 

With this retirement tho lirsi phase of the 
hattle comes to an end. '('lie new line has 
been indubitably l»>st with the exception of a 
few outiKtst positions like the minor craters, 
and the remainder of the prolonged struj:trle 
is devoteii lo the attempt to re-occupy by a 
series of cdunter-altacks ground which has 
been abandoned. ;aid to oust the enem\' from 
the craters. It will be well to defer to a later 
static a full cnnsidciation of all the lircunv 
slances which pre\'enlcii a successful issue, 
liut .'itinielhinir may be saiil wiih advanlaKC on 
the tiKlUinK from ihe niiihl of April :lrd. when 
till' Canadian 'lud I >ivision took over, to the 
mornin^ of the (1th. when the (lerman ail- 

vance succ led. Il is inevilahle tiial the 

mere eveul should leave behind a eerlain 

trace of bitterness. To lose trenches, liow- 
ever uKiefensible. can never be i)leasant. 
Failure must differ from success whatever the 
real merits of the may be. And it is 
part of the tra,iiedy of modern warfare tliat 
the real conditions whicii make such a ivlire- 
ment unavoidal)le can never he miderstoinl 
to the full by those who have not i:one 
tiirou^^ii the experience of a .ueneral action in 
trencli warfare. Xo W(trd paintin.u. however 
vivid, can make the iiiclure actual to minds 
whicii have mercifully been preserved from 
the exi)erience and to eyes which iiave never 
seen a modern battlefield. The shock of 
.squadrons, the l>ayonetehar^'e. ortheexchanjre 
i)f point-blank volleys between o|)pi)sin.i: bat- 
talions has become familiar to us in hislory- 
l)ooks. and the artist can draw them to the 
life. It is eii-sy t(t ^-asp Jie recoil of a column 
down the hill-side under the furious impetus 
of an overwhelmninji assault. But to be 
killed in sections by hi^h explosives and 
maciiine-iiuns in a trencii which is rai»idly 
ceasing to exist, so that the ajiony is pro- 
loniieii tor hours, is an ordeal more diliicult 
to virasp. The mere reiteration of its iiorrors 
dulls the sense of the reader us the actuality 
strains the nerves of the soldier. Fveiy 
sentence would iiave to end with the word 
"shell." The knowled^r,,' that to stay is 
useless no attack will be made while 
anyone remains alive: that to brinj; up sup- 
|)orts is impossible under the barrage, and 
that anyone who came would merely siiare 
your fate: the impossibility of keepinjr !)ace 
with the destruction of your only cover: the 
liitinn tire From rear, front and tlank; the 
impotence of .urippinji a useless rille these 
Ihlnns are indeed worse than the bitterness 
of death! The men of llie (ith Brijjade were 
rinht in retiring as soon as the line was 
broken and had become indefen.sible. and 
wiu'n no supports could be brouiihl up to 
their as.sistance. But. apart from the un- 
avoidable necessities of the the 2nd 
I) suffered frotu ill-luck. In all mili- 
tary operations luck is of primary importance, 
because even the lies! planned and 
carefully executed schemes are mi't by such 
unexpi'cled changes and conditions thai they 
uo to ruin through the Fnlorscen. Fvery 
( 'onnnander nnist expect a rea.sonable share 
of the i"aviu-s of fortune. That .share was in 
this action conspicuously lackini;. The mis- 
take about the identity of the Cralers 1 and 
.■> was the beniiminj: of all the trouble. Had 
the ;Usl Batlalion occupied instead of 
(raters (> and 7. when they were Itlown out of 
Canipbeiltown Corner, they miirlil have 
checkeii Ihe whole enemy aiivance ami made 


Onr Hrr.K's in n> v I'.rval \V a r hi W a r 

the (Jermans in (Valors liaiiii o what they were lavdr. ami lhinii:Ii laki'ii siii_i:ly thi'ir hns- 

for long believed tu he by the hi.irher torn- lil!l\ need not have pruved fatal, taken in 

mand. an isolated jn'oup partly suiTonnded liy eonjunetion they formed as irrave an olisiaele 

tlie Canadians. The initial mistake was the to victory as any i^eneral has enmuntered. 
precipitate action and belief of the illst Hatta- The l<ni>ll of St. Kloi is in itself of nn i:reat 

liim. due to the fad that no one knew the muiznituili-. From the plaleau which it 

jiround as it had been trasnfornied by mine crowns, the jironnd ilrops suddenly to the 

and shell hre. Hut the results of the blunder south and the (lerman second line trenches, 

were cumulative. liut thouiih it posst-sses this local advantatre 

The counter-attack on the nijrht of the it is in its turn dominated both by the rise of 

()th-7th dealt with in the next chapter Kikhof P'arm. .some l.ddO yards to the east, 

by the 2Tth and :?lst Battalions conlirmed and by ltuu positions well back in the (Jerman 

and exasperated the eri-tir by failinii to izet line. This drawback was ajzKi'''vated l>y the 

to the real craters. althou;j;h tlie men of these fact that, like most positions, such as Hoo_<fe 

battalions were tirmly convinced that tliey or Hill fill in the Vpres .-^alieni. it coulil be 

had dune so. The\* found men holdinix what subjected toaconver.Lxinifhi'e from liiefrontand 

they thoujjht to be ("rater ."), and natin'ally either Hank. The (lerman observiTs could 

believetl them. The re.sult was to immobilize thus look north pitst the knoll, and watchini; 

our artillery durin;: the crucial phase of the any siims of the movements of (tur troops far 

action and for days afterwards. Had we beJiind the line, turn on them a rain (tf 

known that the whole crater line in the centre shells from at least thrive points of the 

was held l)y the (iermans. we could compass. The Canadian hi;j[her command 

certainly have blown them out tif it. .\s it was compelled in conseiiuence to order the 

was our jiunners were cripi)l(d by the fear of disposilii)ns of their troops accordingly. The 

destroying the positions of their infantry. {livislonal frontage was taken by only one 

Such a mistake, no duul)t "the luck of war." brigade with two battalions in the advance 

and in the ordinary course of events it would positions. The centre and support i)altalion 

soon have been rectified by the photographic hail to lind cover farther liack. while the 

pictures taken by our aeroplanes. Hut reservi' battali(ni was right back near Dicke- 

here came the crowning blow of a malignant bu.-^ch. nearly three miles away. Such a 

fortune. All through the lirst fortniglu of dispersion cannot but be disadvantageous, 

the action a givat gale blew. It not imly Hut the cunliguration of the ground would 

hintlered our actions on the .surface of the have been of less importance had there been 

earth, but it absolutely stopped them in the no great concentration of ( Icrman guns to 

air. Xo aeroplane eoulil go up in it. and the face. Such a collection of heavy pieces takes 

vital facts of the position were hidden from days to assemble or disperse, and is not there- 

the comniamlers until the morning of .April fore to be looked for on the sidi' of the defence. 

Kith. Confronted by all these cir- The enemy, ex hypothese. should have been 

cumstances. the companies of the liVlh. 2iHh taken by surprise when the craters were 

and the ;!lst did all thai mortal men could blown up and the ;ird ih'itish Division 

do. In the faci- of heavy casualties, anil attacked, and plenty of time given to the 

holding positions under intolerable artillery assailants to consolidate the new position 

lire, they stood their ground tirmly so long as before a great concentration of guns could 

defence was possible, anil retired in rallying be brought to bear upon them. lUit this did 

groups when to hold on was merely .suicidi-. not happen, by a sim|)le piece of bad luck, as 

They did not command success: thi-y de- has been related in Chapter IV. In February 

serveii it. the Hritish Division holding the Itlull' to the 

north of St. Kloi. jusi east of the Canal, and 

.\pril ((111. Vnu 

incluiied in the subseipienl Canadian posilio 

With the morning of .\pril (ilh began that had sonie trenches there snatched from them. 

series of counter-attacks against the Cermans They look the matter calmly: gol up ihe 

which continued at intervals during the re- heavy batteries, including even I he nion- 

niainder of the action. strous bVinch guns, blew the lUulf |)ractically 

Here, in estimating the causes of .success to pieces, anil took back the lost ground on 

or failure, three factors are of primary im- March lind. This pi-rformance caused keen 

|)urtanee: the general lie of the land and the irrilalion to the Ciermans who looked around 

cim.seMUent disjiosition if our troops on it; for the best spot on which bi relaliale. and 

the concentrated lire ol the enemy's heavy selected St. Kloi. The (roups then who 

artillery; and the stal" f the weather nd carried the new line, and the Canadians, 

the subsoil. None (if th,.'^' factors was in our who had tu hold it. found a ready-prepared 

;i..;i 297 

ITK. C. M. TtKIMAN (-I>lll-. J. (- l> Tm.iH 

KnlMnl In Ihi- HOTlh lUltitliiin <>< Kiilwl.-.! ,n Ih.' T A Sr, in _ ... 

Hiyonvl Inatructur. TrMiH.UiUtb. In M», I'Jltl. 


I! , 


at \V„r!,l W 

ailillt'ry t-iiiu-t'iitratidn ;ii:;iinst tlu-m Inmi the 
nmrni'Ml ihcy started. The wliolf area was 
laid waste ami the olii British line in the 
i-eiiter. and nian> of ihesiipinn t and ennmuini- 
catitui trenches lidiind it. were rendered 

I'epth then, not lenjith. is the distiiiiiuish- 
inji I'ealure of the .seetitm oirupied hy the "Jnd 
Canadian Division. .And liere the third 
factor ninies into play, the .state of the soil. 
Ill war. distance, time and eneryv are inter- 
chaniieal)!e terms. The inlei\al Ix'tween a 
Hne and its supports is not tt) lie measured hy 
the number of yards between tliem. lait liy 
the time it will take to traverse and liy the 
amtiunt i>f fatijiue involved in the process. 
I'mlisturbed earth under rain forms mud. 
but in a country whit-h is not marshy it can 
iieeros.sed somehow. Hut earth tjisinteiirated 
by hi^h explosive and drowned in water 
becomes pulp. One can wade throuL'h water. 
or struiivrle over mud. but this slull" was 
neitiier. .\s men splashed from shell-hole 
to .shell-hole ami the surface of the eartli 
consisti'il of nothinji else they sank u|i |o 
the armpits and could lind no urip bir tln'ir 
feet. One t>f the stri'nyest men in the linii 
Uivision had declared that after sixty yards 
of lliis work he was incapable of uoinn 

To maki- new or. worse still, to repair 
old trenches out of this material was im- 
pos.silile. Kven by dayliL'hi. parties reported 
in the utmost nood failh that they hail reached 
sueh and such a point on the map. when, as 
a matter of fact, they luul ilone nothini; of 
the kind, bir idl the old lamimark> hm! 
vanishi'd. Yet it was on this iid'ormalion 
that schemes of atlaik had to be based. 

Morning, April (ith. V>\h 

On the niorninu of the (ith. as soon as the 
enemy attack was known of at Meadiiuarters. 
a forward movement of the .-.upports and 
re.-ii'rves of the *llh Uriirade benaii. Two 
companies of the 2!Mh were already U|» with 
the l^Tth In the oriiiirial Itritish trenches and 
the new ( anadiaii liiu . yond. and a bombing! 
party bilhuvetl into the b'rnicr position. 

1 he JStli occupied \ oormci:eele in lln' >upporl 
centre line. wher. ihev were subjected to as 
severe a slielliii^i as any experienced in the 
forwanl trenches. Two baiialintis. l.sth 

Western Ontario . connnanded b\ Licul.- 
Cnl. Huuhes. of the Itli Itriyade. took their 
placi's at I>ickebusch mi rcM'fVe. Two coun- 
ter-aitai'ks were thi-n oru'ani/ed. The attacks 
well' tn to be simultaneous and conver«itm- 
Kmrn the ritfht of the line the botninTs of the 
'J7lh luid the 'J!Mh were to juniil at) iLssaull 

against Craters '2 and '■). whirh lay to tlw 
south-east of the orijzinal line. Krom the left 
centre of the line, the Immliers of the 'JSlh 
and olst Battalions were to re-oecupy Cratei's 
-1 and .■). south-westerly direction. The men 
of these two reiiimenls had to eonie up from 
well bchiml St. Kloi on to jrroum! with which 
they were utti'rly luilaniiliar. and from which 
all landmarks had been blotted out. .As they 
advanced throujrh the half-ruineil comniuni- 
eations in the full li^iht of day. the (ierman 
ob.servers cauy:ht a of them and a 
tremendous barraiie of lire wa> turned on 
them. I)asliinir through this they .saw in fnml 
of them tin outlines of two eraters and immedi- 
ately a.s.sumeil that I heir objective was before 
them. Xo one knew at the time which craters on 
our left were inCierman hands, and as has been 
noted before, the .11. -l under Major Douu'hty. 
when they evacuated their forward position 
at the time of attack, were lirmly convinced 
that they had .seized Craler> I and ."). whereas 
they had actually oicu)»ied Craters (i and 7. 
ami from these repulsed the a.s.s;uilt. 

it was into two craters that the 
bombers of thi' two battalions broke, and 
buind one still occupied by a party of the 
:ilst. and the other abandoned under a rain of 
shells. They reported aecordirmly. am! the 
original error was a^ain ci)ntirmed in the 
mintis of the Hri^rade. In the meantime, the 
raid itn Craters 2 and ;l had cftnie to ^:^ef. 
It was delivered the open, where the 
only cover was .shell-holes, in face of a .swei'p- 
itiiT machine-L'un tire from the Cerman 
redoubts in the craters, backeil by their 
gunners behind their lines. To advance in 
the fac4- of this hail of dt-aih was impo.ssihle. 
and finally the attempt was abandoned. 

An attack organized btr I .:lu a.m. on 
April »ilh. was [lo^tponed whiU' nw artillery 
bombarded the ualet's. AM throu^ih the 
day the (ierman harraue had hardly lifted, 
but il w;is decided to make a new push 
a^ Cniters 1 and .'>, then >upposed to 
be Craters 2 and :i, as .soon as the dark 
descended. Bui at liusk the (icrmans them- 
selves took th-' initiative bir a niotnent. 
When the :Msl had repulsed the attack at 
ilawii on the (ith. lhe> iniairined thai the 
^urvivitiu (lermaus had made a Itnal retire- 
ment, This proved not to be the ea."*e; 
some ott or (10 of them had llun« themselves 
Hat down in the shell-hoIe> in front of Craters 
it anil 7 and the trenches on our left, ami had 
reniaineil crouch ini; there all da> . A> evening; 
f<'ll, thev leapt up >udih-nl\ and charged the 
Mlsl. A witherinu rille lire swept the enemy's 
uroups. which buled out of existence. Some 
fell and s<ime lU'fl. but a few rlropiMtl back 


„ r H V rues i „ I h r (,' ,■ v a I \V u , hi W n r 

:i,Lz;iiii inli) llicir slu'll-lmles, ;;ii() remained cratiTs stand out inninous and <iisthul. 

ihere (lurinji ihi' ni^ht. The strain appears lo We aeUially see dimn inin the hullnus held 

have heeii too mucli fur the nerves of the sur- liy the lurking (lernians as one ^^azes thntujih 

vivors. Hriven mad by their position and tin- sunlit <leptiis of a rockliound pool U\ 

tlie fire of our artillery, they leapt up ajiain where the tiny monsters of the deep dart in 

at dawn on the Tlh. and with their rifles and out of caves and reeesses upon the clear 

siun.ii danced "like Red Indians." its an lioor of the M-a. Away to the riirht lies ( "rater 

eye-witness oliservei I. in front of tiie Canadian 1. a i)erfect circle of li>jht and shad" wilh its 

lines. foliated ed.ues like the miliin.Lr on the rim of 

On the evcninii of the (ith. the 2Sth were a coin, .\cross a liattish. alnmsi unmarked 

eomiiiH np in successive parties to the support surface, the Canadian and the iJrilish i-om- 

of the rinht of that hard-tried hatlalinn. and munication trenches drive north and south 

had elVected a junction with Major l>aly of it from the strong serrated line of our own 

;Jlst I liehind our own craters. Their in- trenches, until they strike the intricate tangle 

strurtious were to pick up i>omhers of the of tln' old (lerman front line. Mut lurn your 

olsl and assiiuU and capture Craters 2 and eyes in the t-entre and to the ground which 

'•\. The honiliini: attack letl li\' l.ieut. lies directl\' lietween St. T^loi and the i-rater. 

\'. I*. Murjihy liotli who .succeeded in e.stah- The old oulstandin,i: IJritish po.-.itiiin on the 

lishin^r himself nearer the hostile craters than ri^ht crumhtes away into a va^iK' tangle of 

any previous advance had dune. He was flattened outlines. IVhind it the whole 

supported hy Ca|)t. Styles liSth' who e\- surface of thi' liround is pockmarked with the 

pn.-;ed hini.self witli the iireatest Liallanlry in white dots which indicate shell-holes, and in 

the continuous attempts to ki-ep touch with front of it (here is no solid I'arth at all. hut a 

the various M-attered unit> of the 'JMth and hewilderinji lahyrinth of minor craters sprea<l- 

i'lsi. Hut the null! was almo^l impassable. inir out till they touch the four hune eruptions, 

the darkness inteuM', the position of the On the left the sjiace is a trifle more open, 

enemy uncertain, and the uround a mere mas.-< ( raters ti and 7 heli! by us can lie distinguished 

I'f hoU'.s. as mere holes separated by some forty or fifty 

Dawn found the Canadian infantry still yards from the iiiant rim -if Crater o. Krom 

innvncheil in Craters ft and 7. but wilh no hiuh up it looks st) clear, hut to the men 

visible pro^rress towanis the etn'my positions. struvinlinn in the dark over thai iiua^mlre. 

The attackinir partits had lost their way or sweating,' to din Ihemselves in by daylitjlit 

been overwhelmed with sheer exhaustion. under the pililess hail of death, it appeare<l 

This is the more remarkable, because it is ctinfusion worse confounded. I.uokinu down 

clear that the (lerinaiis were throu^rhout the from a ^reai altitude on the passionless 

ni^ihl in position in ( 'raters 1 and .V ))iciure in hi^h relief it i?. hard to imaKin*' that 

,.. . ,. ...... ht-re men battled in the mud till thev ciiuld 

Nirtht. .Vpril Mh-/th. Vm ,|„ ,., „„ „„,r,, ,,„,| ,.,„,,! ,i„. i,i,u.nics.s of 

ll thus appeai-s that thr<)Ui:hout the niirhl failure, as they fouttht anil died for their 

of .\pril titli-7tli. the enemies cati only have country. The plu'Inuraphic record seems 

been separated by the distanci' of less than cold compared with ihi' idi'als and eH'orts 

forty yards, between Craters ti and 5. In the result of which il enslirines. (hie turns 

fact, a few Cennan patrols, us much confused from it as one mijfht lurn from ihi- privacy of 

as their opponeiils, walketl siraivihl into the the lunnan soul oulraued by I hnnisciencc. 

Canadian craters in the dark ami were taken All this chaos was to ihe aitvanlaue i>f the 

pristinei-s! .\nd yet neither si<te succeeded ( ierniaiis once ihey had the dnminal position, 

in cuniinn lo LM'ips with the other. It was as Kmni the rear came continued orders lo 

thouijh an inpi-nelrable curtain had fallen take the eneni> "> entrenchments at any cost, 

lietwei'U the contcndmvr parlii-s of infantry. and a constant trickli' of reinforcenient.s \va.s 

The mud. the darkness, ami the shells maile >enl .struuulinu up the connnuniralion trenches 

every movement a failure. That such a stale <tr dashinu acro» the open in groups ihe mu- 

nf atfairs could be possible can onh be metil Ihe liarraue lifted, I till in the condit inns 

imderstood by the insi«hl of imauinatinn tir existing at the front, all thcsi- u-roups >eemed 

liy an actual expeneiice nf the iinuind and to melt away. I 'nits went up and were heiml 

the cimdilions. of no mitre at Headijuarlers. The biire 

lUit a stiiiiy <if photographs taken b\ othcial reports are trav;ic. One can sehrl 

aeroplanes makes it at least inlelliuihle. any one at random: bir instance, ihis from 

.\inoni; the inlinile liaceries of lines, ireiiches l.ietil.-Col. KntburN . of ihe liMih; "1 told 

lU'W anil iild, which wrinkle Ihe face of the »"apt. .\. (i. Styles 'jNth' lie was to mme 

»'hnrl. the rini.-i of the four ureal leiitn- around north itf the eniter>, \\v sljirttnl olf 


»:nli-ir'l ■■• It,. :.->h luir. 


3", ;,1 .., .h. :;.h II.. 
iiiU. I'll. Vii'j:. W.Hi 


nil»l ..iin. «hi1.' Ml Kri 

'* .^ ' Tn«..(1.. r,fc »,|,KR«t Tim 1- 

i.-l ■'III th. I .,h t.>|.| \,n K»li*tMl iiillwiHh lliwriF h>i 

Jy ••" ■'*'l"'mt>if IJ, IHIK Januw) ■. mn \«» an, Wm 


l»1>i Tr>n>h 


I \lnfPii TnkVhi t' 



ttilllol III <l>i' M lUtUI 

4unx I". t"ii Ar- 3^ 

:il llSUiaiui k'I'l |):trl tif !iis men with Major Ko^hts; ami thf 21si Kaslcni OiUarim. 
llaiy. It was dark and raininy: hard and wo under Lieut. -Col, Hujilies. In elfeel, the 
had never seen tlie irround heinre. The relief whieh lasted over four nights, put the 
rraters looked just like the ordinary irround. Jlst instead of the :27tli on the right in the 
Styles went u|) and found Lieut. V. I*. trenches, the ISth re|)laeinir ihe 2St!i in the 
Murphy J5th at -1 o'clock a.m.. hut had no centre sui)|)orl p(tsition: while the Ltth took 
time to [i\ up for the attack. The men were the i)lare of the :!lst on our left and in the 
all in: they had only had lliree htmrs slee]) in Canadian craters. L,ut the higher command 
forty-eiglU." Hut it is impos-sihle for the of tiii' lind Division, whieh exhiliiled through- 
contemporary writer in the space at his di.s- tuu great determinati<tn. was not conient to 
po.sal to give a clear and detailed picture of the await the full relief liefore il launched a new 
movements of all these units or tif the valor attack on t!ie enemy. On the night of the 
di.^played hy intlividuals. The fog ot war lies Slh-iHh a fresh assaull was launclied against 
heavy on the scene of confusion and heroic Craters "2 and :!. 

ell'ort. and if which is verv unlikelvi it is lo ^ , . „ . 

lie lifted at all. it must he l.y the hand of the ^'^'^t. .\pril Stli-')tli. VHh 

future histtirian. The troops did their best. The object of this attack was to etVect a 

hut the odds ln)lh of man and Nature were lodgement on the north-west side of Crater 2 

against them. The 'JSth I'altaliiui througii- and ttn the north side of Crater :J tluil is to 

out the lighting set a notable exampk- of .siy. to secure a position where the St. Kloi- 

gallantr\" and endurance. W'ytschaete road passes through the craters 

Thai night of .Xpril (ilh-7th. the (;erinan> and bends to the righl. The assault on the 

ell'ected their relief. They had. tiy all accounis righl was led hy Ca|»l. Miller, of the 21st. 

of priMiners. suMered very severely from the who was wouniied during tin- engagement. 

lire of our artillery but they had held on. He and a .small bombing party succei' ed in 

retiring by a perverse .stroke of Irony to our gelling up to the edge of Crater 2 under a 

own -second line trench dug .south of the heavy lire, and in (he blackness of the night 

crater when Xhv bombardment became in- crept up imobserved. Here IMe. Coniego had 

tolerable. It caimot be <]ue>iitined that if we his right arm sliatlered. In spite of his 

had been fully aware of the relative positions e\cruciatingag<tny he managed ioci)nlrol him- 

o\' the iwo forces llu' ih'ilish artillery could self when a single .sDund would have given 

have blown iheir opponents bodily out of the away Ihe presence of the whole party. They 

craler.s. had e\|)ecled to liiid iPtdy about twenty of Ihe 

That night, too. tin- llh UrJgade. began to enemy, but. di.scovering a far .stronger force, 

entile up to the relief. The (llh IVigade iiad beat a retreat to secure reinforcements, 

done its best; i( had been ligbling continii- Kifty more men of the 2Lst went up with 

ousb for Ihrei' ilays and niglils: its supply Lieut. Itrownlee. who tlistingulshed him.self 

of i-ations had been inlermittenl : nian\ of b\ conspicuous gallantr\. to make a reiiewi'd 

its olticeis and men had had no sleep for allempl. liy Ihis time, however, the alarm 

days, and (he exhauslion bred of shell-lire and had been given, and such a ti>rnadti of lin- 

nuul was upon il. lis casualties were in all was lunied on "No Man's Land" Ihat Ihe 

(il7 ollicers an<l men. ■|"he 27lh had borne attack stuck fast. .\l AMU in ihe morning 

Ihe brunt of llie tirsi (iermaii onrush and the exhausted survivors succeedi'd in .strug- 

suH'ered proportionalely. Kighl of its otiieers gling back to the ireneh. In the course of (he 

ami 2n!t of its rank and lite had been killed or advance and of vigorous exchange of bonibs 

wounded. The ::isi. which held its line for wilh ihe (iermans. thi-y bail htst ihree-l'ourlhs 

tlu' longe-<i period in ihe llngade. caitn' nexl of Iheir nundfer. 

witharolli.f L^iicaMiallies. The 2!tlh l»>-l 117 (ireal bravery was -lisplayed by many 

ami ihe 2Mh. Inl. The llrigade hacl failed. men of the 21sl. Sniper /acharias used his 

but il had failed gloriousl\ ! rille in the assault until it was blown out of 

'Ihe relief eould only Jte ai-coiuplisbed b\ his hands; he then became a grenadier and 

(JegnH'S. To move large bodies of men up hurleil bombs at ihe (lennans until bis party 

siniullaiieou.-ily was impraetii-able. and the retired. Two lance-corporals. ( 'uirie and 

lighting was therebire eontinuifl b\ mixed Meriderson. made heroic elbirls lo drag the 

hallalions of the iwo brigades. The Ith woundeil back into the Ireneh under heavy 

Ih'igade. under <leneral Uennie. cnnsisied of and continuous liri'. Asa result pruelically 

the iNtli Ue-iern Unlario'. cnnimanded b\ all thi' woimded of the 21sl were evaeuated 

Lieut. -Cnl, Uigle; liuli Hularioi. under bv the siretcher-bearers. 
Lieut. -Col. ,1. 'I. Maclareii; 2nth N'orlherri The attack on Craler ;i by the iSih mel 

and Ceiilnd Onlariin, under Lieut. -Col. C. H. with im lieUer sticce.-w. Lieut. Kerr. wIk) ha.' 


a n ,■ U V rues i „ I h i C r ro I W ,> r I <l \V a r 

ivrniiiidiiri'ii llu' iiriiund on tlu' [H'cvidus was a very stuiiui auf. if due allnwaiu-c !h' 

I'Vf'iinji. It'ti l!u' pLirly im. l)ut tlu' heavy bar- tnadi' I'nr ihv fxtcnt nf ihcir UnnwU'd'rc. 

rage of the enemy ehecke<l their iinijzress. T!ie (lermaii cratiTs. then sup|)i)si'(i tt) eon- 

and linally they had to e<mtenl iheniselves sisl isnly i)\' ( raleis 2 and :!. were In lie 

with re-(HTUpyini: tlie old British lines and attacked siiniihaneniisly on three sides. 

imttinv; an outpost ptjsilion in advance ol' it. The 2 1st wei-e toaltaek ( 'raler L* frnm|ilifir 

tifty yards in front of the ( iernian erater. own front and thnui.irh Crater 1. takini:*jheir 

Tlie ISth Western Ontarioi foiiLihl left in reverse, and reoenipv" the jiositionsal 
throughout with threat eouraue. I.ieul. Kerr Sark\ i!le ( 'entre and Krederielon Fori which 
was wounded, and l.ieut. Baxter had lieen haii iieen held Ity Capl.s. ( Iwyiui and Meredith 
untirinfi in vhe most (huijxenius forni of ihuin.Lf the niornlnjz of .\|»ril (>tli. The 'J.i)l\\. 
rtfimnaissant'o, workinji on unknown .irrouiid: to their left, weri' to attack (raier - iVoni the 
Lieut. Klliiitt. the signal oMieer. went out o\er north-wesL The iSlh. further to Ihe left of 
and over ayain intti the open to I'stahhsh and tlu- line were to attack I 'raters J and ;> from 
keep I'onnection between Ihe fr(tnt position Ihe n()rlh. The lilt ii. (■i>nliiuhn,il I hi' line 
and battle headquarters, and was well backed aiiaiii io the left, were to attack ( 'rater 'J. from 
by his men. Hut. as in the case of the 'Jlst, the northwt-st. The IS' . further to ihe left 
in this attack was the yjeat ditliculty to brin-: of the line, were to attack ( raters 12 and :► 
in the wounded. ( "apt. McKeou^h. Company from the north. The litih .continuing the 
Sergt. -Major Kiehardsitn. Sergt. Cunningham. line again to the li'ft. were to close in and 
Sergl. Hownie and l.ance-Cpl. Kvans dashed assault the Cernians on their riuht tlank. 
out time after tinu' tit bring the casualties in. and .sti practically enclose them. The hrst 
IVivale Tom Jones, said to have bi-en in turn plan shows the pitsition as it actually was: 
a deserter from tile Hriti-h .\rmy. the ilritish the second as i! was acconling to the inb'r- 
Xavy and the .\nierican .\'a\\". though i|uile malion of the higher command. 
a yinmg boy. lost his life at this stage of the lUil here again all assaults from the north 
action. He had been heljiing to carry Lieut. broke ihiwn utterly. The men simply could 
Clarke 1 LStht. who was woundeil. into sately. not get on. and came staggering back into 
and on returning to guide an otVieer up. was the liiu' at dawn with heavy ca.sualtit's and 
sh(tt clean tlu-ongli tlie head, to Ihe grief of in a state bordering on collapse, tlnlherighl. 
his regiment. The at tack had suH'ereil heavilv however, a glint of success visit e<i our stand- 
losing IHII men in killed and wounded. In ards. It had been di.scovered on the previous 
the meantime, the Ltth Hattidion was en- night that Crater I was not in the hands of 
gaged in relieving the Jlst in the Canadian theenetn\. Lieut, havidson Jlst ■ taking 
eraters on the tuglit of tlie «Stb and !Mli, the place of ('apt. Miller who had been 
Lieut. Hooper VMh Hatt.'. tin- grenade wounded in tliea.^sault ofthi'-Stli and Lieut, 
ollieer of the Hattalion. had undertaken the Urownlee. once more led a strong party of 
risky work of reconnoitring the position in bombers from our Ireiicbes up into ('niter 1. 
advance, and Majors ^b^ore anil Morrison Seizing this, they charged into the old 
(|9th italtalioii> held this very awkwanl bit (lerman line about Lrederiitou Fort, whei'i- il 
of the line in suci'cssion. The LMh. in fad. had liei'ii held during the (o-rman main 
like the iUst. could give vi'ry little active attack by Capl. Meredith and Ca|>I. ( Iwytiii. 
assistance to the ass;uills, bir their position in They li'ok back this lo^l gnuuid and advanced 
Craterstiand 7 wasdominated by the tierman north along the trench to capture Crater '2 
Crater 5. and was exposed to hi'avy shelling. from behind. I'hi.- Ihe> failed to ilo. but 
The main tdiject was to liolil tlieir own. and they estalilislied tln'mselves to its south- 
this. it may lie said, tliey succeeded in doing. west rim, I he ground w«in was retained and 
Orders, however, to retake the (lerman ronM-Iiilated. and theJnd IHvision once more 
positions were peremptory, and. as each wave held niuch the sime position as it did on ilie 
ofassauii ri'coiled under the lire of the enemy. morning of April litli. 

and because of Ihe impossible slate of the Ctil. W ii:le, of the iStli Ihitialioii. bad iti 

ground imdi'rfoot. a new one was proinplly charge of both these >uccexNive night attacks, 

organized for tlie .succeeding night. ami his ai-comd of tin- failure of his own 

Tlieattaek on the night of tliettth wasof a Ualtalioii and of the 'JOth to gel on in this 

more extensive character and achieved at last attempt throws up in bigit relief Ihe 

leasl Mtme measure of The Ijlllli dilliculties confronling the coininantlers in all 

were Itroughl up from brigade reserve and these operations. "Tlie> had no proper 

thrown into a line between the right of thi' infonnaiion as to the ground in IfonI of 

iStli and the lefl L'IsI, and pushed into tlieiii. They eouhl not litiil a guide to locale 

action. The main uiea of the higher eonuiuiiid Crater :t at itight a heavy boinhardmeiil 


n II r II r r oi .1 i ii I h i C r i ii I ]\ u r I il W i, r 

ivianlcd prnsircss. antl l.ii'ut. Clarke n*p<irlf(i wires were cut in spite i)f itie lierdir etlorls 

tliat liis pally eiuilii not j;et tliniUKll. 'I'lie iif tile reRimelUal sijrnallers tu mal<e them 

Driiiade said tlu- atlaetc iiiiist prneeed. Tlie uniid. riiiuHT after runner risked his lil'e iu a 

result (if tile iiperatioii lirnuglu im etiaiijre dash aeniss tlie sheil-swt'pt area witli the 

tnim tile piisitiiin of the iirevious night." same pressing orders. I'rued on by their 

'I'lie 19th iiattaiion eontinued durinfz this eonnllanders and their own indomitalile spirit. 
a.-^.sault to maintain the positions in tlie the reiziments renewed the attaek aiiain and 
Canadian ereters it had taken over from the aiiuin. lUit the>' eould not iiet on. !n the 
:Jlst Iiattaiion on .-\pril SJh. and eontinued dayliirht the air was full of ll,\in;; steel, and 
to do so until its relief on the 12th. I.ieut.s. the lirijtht light showeil the assailants to their 
'rilomsoii and Maeilonald eommanding the enemies so plainly that the lines of the 
garrison of Crater 7. and l.ii'uts. Pepler and attaekers witliered away under that devas- 
Ca.s.sels of Crater f>. .\n advaneed maehine- tating hail. By night the iniijeiietralile dark- 
gun emplacement in a very expo.sed position ness and the ehaos of earth and water en- 
was held liy Privates 1). C. Ballantine. .\. \V. veloped each succeeding party liefore they 
Sharpe and W. Hull, for 70 hours without could get to grips with the enemy. In thi' 
repose or relief. There were man>' other liark iiours small parties were wandering 
notable examples of gallantry in the regiment. round trying to lind their location in vain. 
('l)l- A. F. I _\nch went out and dragged in a The survivors relurned almost fainting with 
machine-gun. the entire crew of whicli had exhaustion to tile nearest detaehmeiit they 
been killed. Pri\ate Magan carried Private could lind. Some were left behind as day 
Hotfnuin. who liait been wounded in both broki'. in the precarious shelter of small 
legs, to a place of safety .")(ld yards away holis. Private Warn, of th.' '.i'ltli Iiattaiion, 
through a heavy artiller\ barrage. I.ance- lived for ttine days in such a position sub- 
Cpl. liishop and Private .Schwann. D.C.M.. .sisting on the rations and water-bottles taken 
carried food and water out from the front from the bodies of men of tlie :lrd 
trench to tile garrisons of the cniters. who had Division killed in the lighting of tlie last 
been cut otr from all supplies for hs liours. da.\s of March. Marvellous to relate, he 
This act was done in liroad daylight, when rejoined his unit in safety after his long 
to move was almost certain death. The PKIi sojourn with the dead, 
did well. The comiianv otlicers had throughout 

Xor were the 2ilth. though continu- behaved with unilimhing gallantry and vigor 

ou.sly engageil, far behin.l them in their nor had their men faileil in anv way to .second 

record of individual heroism. I.ieiil. C. .A. ii^.n- contimied elforts. M;m had don.' his 

Tholn.soii helped to dress Ihe wounded men of best, bill he hail been defeated bv N'atlire. 

his own and other companies under heavy with this a.s.saull. then, ended the .second 

lire during the night ■■tlack ol .\pril IMh-lntli. |,.,,,, „,■ ,|„. ij.„,|,. „,■ si. Kloi. The lirst 

though he hnn.set was hit tirough the leg by „,ri,„| i,.„| vvitnes.sed the .suece.s,s of the 

a rille bu let. He remained with Ins men till (;,.nnan raid on the cratiTs. the second the 

dawn and then draggeil Inin.sell back lor lirsi ,.c-peated failure of the counter-attacks; we 

aid a .lourney which look lour hours. Pri- „„„, ,,„„.,. „„ ,i„. ,|,j,.,| ,,1,,,.;,,. die cousolida- 

yate ( ooke. loo, a stret.'her-bearer. went on ,|„„ „,■ ,,„, |i,„, whi.h remained in oiir hands, 

nndmg up the w.amded long alter he was , , , . , ,, , ,,, ,|,„ ,.,,|.„|. 

hit and Private B . .s.|uitli carried a com- . , , „ > ,,, ,,^. „„. -„ ^^-^ ,,^,^„,,„i,,^ 

ladi- to sa etv s ig e-laldei I ider a heav\ 111 II ,e . ■ 1 .two 

,. -n I ■ ■ ^ , ,. .1 J hat been 11 o leers ind .ISII men. 

lire. I he Lewis gull team ol the _ntb. nilder . , , , 

.Sergt. .Simiison. also esliibited marked courage ' '"' «'""' .■"■""" ""!"' '.'"' i'W"-'l'''l -V^ ;' 

and endurance. Thev wen^ under lire con- counler-battle lought under tne worst pos,sil,|e 

linuoiLslv from .\pril .-.til to 12th. beheld Crater '■ircumstaiices, ihi' original advance ol the 

(i against an encircling attack of (lermaii -'■'I "''i,"^'! "'^ i'*".",' '"'■'' "»' -.''^KK'n''! ",""'■ 

bombers, repulsed the attack, and took three '■'"""''■^ ''i" ""'" «"'' '"'.•"»« iwi-*!:"!"' -"uUm 

prisoners unexpected concentration ol artillery lire. 

'Wave' upon wav ' men bad bii'ii thrust I''"'"'!'') 1" lli;d "f ^'-i-'l'"'- , H j^ probable 

forward in succession to retake the lost that ihe enemy were a ready planning an 

positions, vet as each parlv came up it ^dtaek ol their own. I hey were, lurnvver. 

eni,.d to melt awav in the noise, .-lualorand 'i'l*''" ''>' ■■^"'•t.','''-* ■""' ""' ""' l"'^' "'"■'* "I 

confusion of the front line. The lelephoni 

from behind wiTe perpelnally jangling with ri 

the urgent mes.siiges from Ihe Brigade, " Vou |','V',","' 

must gel oil al any cost," and when the i'ulgn'."i' 


Ihe game, 'l"h('ir reply was InslanI and 

'1 llriicii'ii 

1' nii- 

...Mwm.M.I-.! I.> 

Itnu (it'iK-nil 



••it|iii(iiy iiimI )()<)' 

Ii1> inliiimlliiitc 

W.- iiui 

J f\\>VV 

1 tiir ttii" iittii'iT 




II r II ,■,-•><■ s i II I h r (; /■,(// U'n ,■ /r/ W a r 

cliVrtivf. Sinashin;^ dnwii llic ruined trcncln-s imsitiini. while tlie l^-')iii \'(i\';i Sent iai re- 
in tVfuU ol' llu'iii i)efnre they enuitl tie iiKuie ninineit Tor the mnnieiU in llriifaiie lieserve. 
jf(iO(l by tlie defenders under u delude nl' hijili By April lotii llie relief \v:ls aenmiplished. 
expl()siv<' tlu'y ftmnd a linle in the line and The posilicin taken over liy (leneral Watson 
seized the dominant p<isilion. After tliis consisted of the tenalile trenciies and posts in 
eoup. the weather and the ;j:uns eonil)ined to the old British iine. the ('raters (i and 7 an<l 
make movement on either side ahnost im- tlie advanced trenches in Crater 1. and Sack- 
possible in a front battered out of all recojz- ville Centre and outposls io the north. The 
nition. Hail the Cermans kntiwn il. ihere task of eonsolidatinii ihis last [Misition fell 
were no front line trenches worthy of the to the 24th Vietitria Uiliesi. Two very 
name opposed to them at St. Kloi itself fitr daring: recimnaissances were made on the 
days, and even the .second-line positions had niiiht of the llth-loth by Lieuts. Koberlson 
l)een iiatlered to bits. Bin. in fact, they and Duclos. and by l.ieut. Creenshields and 
could no more advance than we could. The Major Koss. wlm was in charge of this parli- 
barrajxe of our artillery prevented, f. r ihem cular iiart of the line. .-\s a result, the 
too. an\' lu^avy coneentraiion. behind the position of the posts in the old Cerman trench 
craters. an<i they hun.ij: on desperately, as we leading into Crater 2 were ce.nsiderabiy stren^- 
did. to the sjroun I in their po.sse.ssion. From tliened ami the approaches to Crater 1 were 
the bejrinninji Ceneral Turner had formed a heavily wired. From this time on it may bo 
clear view of the .situatitm on wbich he based .said that the uround recaptured on the ni»xht 
bis operations. From the infantry point of of the *Mh-H)th by the 21st passed tinally 
view the weakness of the position was ihe and lirml\ into our hands. Lieut. X'ernon 
extreme narrowness of the front, which en- of the Corps liUelli,u;ence Slatf. came down 
abled the enemy's iruns to eoncentral^- on a the relief from the Corps Commander 
line the length of wjiich was only from (idO to to clear up the actual slate ni' all'airs. His 
l.dllO yards. This made succe.s.s'ful movement report was tif immense value. Ihou.uh It failed 
impo.ssible under lire, for there was ni> cover to note the crucial error about the craters. 
for the ma.ssinji of men preparaltiry to the and coniirnied the hiiiher ccmimand in the 
a.ssault. and the small parties available were view thai the lirst necessity was to remake a 
cut down in ihe narrow area by the full weight sound front line. Nowhere, as Briu.-deneral 
of the ma.ssed imns. On the other hapid. the Watson discovere<l. weri- we an\where as 
weakness from the point of view of the British near the Cerman jjosilions as previous reports 
and ( 'anadian iiunners v.-as the nearness of our had led us to imaiiine. So deep was the nuid 
lines to those of the enemy and ihe uncer- and slush that no iialrols nuild move, and the 
tainty of all locations. This lallcr ^ireatesl dilliculty was experienced in carryinji 
factor was terribly aji^ravated by the mistake up materials for the repair of the line. From 
alumt Craters I and ."). Two alternatives the trenches on the rijjhl lo the trenches near 
then oM'ered themselves. The was to Shelley Farm, in the rear of our own craters, 
maki- a renewed assault on a far wider front was a jzapintr void held precariously by a few 
from Ruined Farm or beyond, on the left. Iii i.solated posts. The Briiiade. however, set to 
I'iceadilly Farm on the ritrht. and so scatter work tenaciously to make defences out of 
the enemy's shall tire. The second was to Basing itself on the lini' held in tlu' 
iiet well iiack I'mni Ihe craters and destroy extreme left, il succeeded in re-establi.shinu a 
their garrison by a concentrated hail of lire considerable part of the line in ihe direction 
from the heavy )j;uns. It was iitit |)rai'ticable of the trenches on the riuht. All this was 
to aiiopt either of courses, and it was done under heavy tin', and the repairing: of 
(leelded to reconstruct the old Brilish line smashed-in |)arape,Is occupied as nnich lime 
and to lutld fjisl Ut the two craters in our as the |)reparalinn of Ihe renewed line. 
posst's.sion. Some author will yel arisi' to sinir the epii' 
The wttrk of rci-onstruction fell Io the lot of diji^;ini;. it is of all work (he mo>t lediou> 
of the ."jlh Briirade under (leneral Watson. and danm'rous; there is no iilor\ in it: and 
As has been slated, on the niirht of April 1 llh an infinite amount of labor and risk. Vet 
thi' moves for the relief of ihe Ith Brigade Ihe whole safely of Ihe line depends on Ihe 
be^ian and Cencral Wat.Min took over the line exertions of the diuninii parties. A well-kepl 
in the early morning. The front was for the line spellN cmnb>rl and >ecurily; a badly-kepl 
moment eomparalively (|uiet. Tbe2Uth New one is a pmyalory lu ii> occupants. Kver\ 
Brunswicki relieved the BMb on Ihe left, the battalion and brigade looks askance at the 
22nd 'French-Canadians' took over from the elbirls of its predece.^sor^, but notn' Ihe less 

21st <m tlu' rijfbt. llie 2lih Victoria liillesi rounh justiei' is done in the eoimu pinion 

relieved tbe ISth in ihe Cenlri' Su|iporl oftheArnu. The (ilb Brigade, at aiufale. 

itk r. ( 

l\n:.. WM>i l.> V:niilai>.l In Nu' 
bw, I8IT. 


ITi: (;. M. WKtj II 
III ihi' A.M.C II »i *.-\.- 
I.'i, Ak<- 21. DiMlmrinl 
Juiuvy 4. IV17. 

>i ; 



(/ (■ r a t ir n r f tl \V a r 

slniVi' valiantly: samlbaus Wfiv phu-i'd in 
positinn. ami tlu* Irnnl was at last prntcrU'ti 
i)y roils of harheil wiiv. In llu' iiioantinic 
till.' i)tisition of our troops in the ailvamv 
craters had for sonii' linu' ln-cn the fause t)f 
sfi-ioLis anxit'ty. Held in succt'ssion li\' 
izarrisons of tlu- olsi. tlie l!)lh. and the liotli. 
ihrouirhoiil the bailie ihey had. except at 
rare intervals. !»een cul oti' from communica- 
tion with the nuiin liody. Reliefs were ac- 
conii>lished hy tlie ilashes of the parlies in ihe 
dark: food and water iiol up liy the .same 
method: and an iK-casional darin;x runner 
iiot lhroujj:li by dayliLilit. and carrier piiieons 
were for the lirst time in the war empl')yed as 
messenjrers. This was most uncertain. The 
two small craters lay in advance of our irencli 
well under the dominance uf Clerman ground 
and of the rim of Crater o. They were 
joined by a shallow communication trench. 
aloni: which it was only possible lo crawl l)y 
dayli'j^ht. and the riiiht-hand crater was in any 
case ab.siiluiely untenable under artillery 
tire. Forty yards away lay the (lermans. 
ready to pounce tiown on the garrison at any 
moment of the day or ni;j[hl. The defences 
were nejilijxible. and all attem|)ts to improve 
them permanently a failure. Xo man stood 
u|)ri,du without the risk of a bullet throuj:h 
his brain. 

The <!ermans. on the other hand. hud. 
beside the craler. a well-built trench niarle out 
of erne of our own support trenches dujr on 
April lih. From th's they launched on the 
niijhl of the 1 1th four .succe.s.sive bombing 
attacks against the jrarrison. All were re- 
pulsed li> bombers under the command of 
l.ieut. Farish. jirenade ollicer of the 2.")th. 
From this point onward the action ifj'adually 
merned into the urdinary forms of treni-h 
warfare except for the peculiar violence of 
the artillery. On the Hith. however, an 
event ipf ^real importance occurred. The 
jiale died out. and the aeroplanes were able 
to soar atofl once more. The veil whicli had 
shroudeii our operations was at last lifted, and 
it was clear that Craters i and o were in the 
hands (jf the ( iermans and Craters (i and 7 
in those of the Canadians. One Tmal eiforl 
was made by the enemy U) capture the 
Cana*iiap. craters, but the story of this will 
be |old in the following chapter. 

1 1 Ueinains to Sum Ip tho .Xeiion of 
St. ICloi us a Whok' 

The 2nd Divi.sion wii.^ li^ihtiiiji u|ion 
liistoric fH'ound. .X lew miles to the north 
lay tlu* battlefield of Vpres. which the Isl 
iJivision had madi' famous in the eyes of the 
world: near by was Hill (»i'. from which the 

loth British Infantry Hrifiade had come to 
support of the Canadians during the crucial 
days of Ai)ril. 1!)1.~>. At St. Floi itself, the Patricia's had. a year before, fought 
a long hut unsucce.ssful action. It is there- 
fore imije^sible to avoid comparisons beiween 
the first and .sec()nd givat actions of the 
Dominion Army. To do so is to refuse to 
accept the obvious. The Isl Division lost 
ground indeed under the gxs attack and the 
steady movement forward of ma.s.sed Prussian 
Army ( 'orps. They retreated, but under 
circumstances which left them with a givat 
and justilied reputation. To the 2nd Divi- 
sion was left the more hitter task of fighting 
for a month umler leaden skies above and 
crumbling mud below, and yet failing to 
retain their originid positions. But they 
de.served none the less well of Canada. 
What mortal man could do. they did. The 
Divi.-^ional Command was the Briga- 
diers thrust their commands forward with 
unflinching resolution; the Battalion and 
Company Commanders were both daring. 
re.-^olule and prudent; ihe rank and lile 
shouldered their tasks of exhaustion and 
danger in a manner well worthy of the best 
infantry in Furope. 

It was not given t(t the 2nd Divi.-^ion to 
take i)arl in one of glittering charges 
which figure so largely in the press re[)orts 
and .so rarely in actions in the fielil. Here 
were no bayonets Hashing in the sun. ntt 
shouts of a triumphant infantry, but a long 
struggle against dirt and darkness, the terror 
of the high explosive, and the sharp .spitting 
of the machine-guns. It is to think of 
war as one triumi)h reaching to another, and 
the historians gloss over easily the failure of 
their national arms. This les.son is perhaps, 
not inapropriate for a nation already proud in 
arms but new in history. Wherever in the 
long confines of the Dominion there comes in 
the cool of the evening Ihe of irreparable for a trea.sured life, let it be remembered 
that the men who fell at Ypres. The lesson 
of failiu'e is as much a part of the education 
of a nation as that of success. 

In the meantime the |)tisition in the craters 
became increasingly difiicult as the days went 
on. So grave indeed was the situation that 
the higher command was at one time seriou.sly 
considering the plan of aiiamioning them 
completely so as lo give the gunners frwr 
play with the ( Jerman iiositions and attempt 
to blow them bodily out. This soluliim of 
the |)roblem was ultimately rejecleil. and the 
orders were to hold on al any cost. .As 
brigade relieved brigade this was done in 
succe.s.-iion hv the :Jlst, the liHh. 21th and 


Our fliinr.^ i )i 'he C rr a t \V „ r I <l W n r 

2(Uh the lust-)ianH'(l iv.uimciil ln'inii siill in snundly niij/hi mean In wako in instant 

< 'ratt-T (> tm ihv morninjj: of April IStli. tleath. The jjniund tiniK'i't'ont was a morass 

Bi't'orc proeccdinjr. liowcvcr. lu llit' stur>" and tlie sky ajjovf clKU'.irt'd witii I'allinir siiell. 

lit" till' (.Tuti'i's it may Uv as wt'il to ivmind tl: So tiTrilit- was tiie lioml)ardmt'nt that on ono 

reader, even i!" a lew faets must he repeated. iieL-asion Crater (> had to lie ahandoned 

of the |)recise position of alFairs. chiefly owinfr to the annihihilion of its 

On the niiilu of April llth-12th. the oth defenders, 
liriirade t-arried out its relief of the -1th. L'nder these adver.-^e circumstances the 
On tile niornin,^ of the KUli the |)osition of tile sticcessive reiriments of liie otii Hriirade in- 
various re;j[inients was as follows: Tlu' 22nd fantry. the (icrniaiis with all their military 
iield nur trenciies on tlie ri.udu. the 2r)tii were \'irlues sulfer from one defect of inia.izinalion. 
in tlie centre and the 2(Jtli on the iel't and in Tliey can never believe that small bodies of 
the craters. The 24th were in reserve. men. unsuj)|»U'led and beyonti the control of 
("ompared with the storm of balfle whicli the hi^hei' command, wili hold on to unten- 
liad been ra.Liin.n. the times were ciinipara- able positions, (tr will remain tiy:htin,Lr unit.s 
tively quiet, except for the occupunts of the ionii aftei' the\' have been beaten by all llie 
advanced post. rules of war. This error accounts for the 

Therise til tlic knoll of .*<t. Kloi is a .irradual failure to pursue after the battle of I.e 

one. but the slope of the irround now ;.fave Cateau. and the di.sreirard of the power of the 

the (Jermans tlie dnminatinj: position, and IJritish Army to "come a;.iain." wliich led to 

the very force of the explosion of mines they the fatal wheel of \'on Kluck: it alsti accounts 

liad confirmed their ailvantaire. Looking' out for the (U'rman neglect to ptish their undoubt- 

froni Craters (i and 7 at niirlil l!ie dimly- ed advaiUa.ire at various sta^^es of llu' first and 

seen outlines of Craters 4 and ') loomed out .-second battles of Ypres. They could not 

on the sky-line oversiiad(iwin.u the minor believe that men would resist so boldly who 

emplacements, which were in the hands of had notliin,u in reserve. 

the Canadians, liy da\'. from a distance of On a leaser scale the position in the craters 

about 2;") yards, it was possible for the enemy and behind thi'Ui was the same ;is in Ihesi' 

to see riiilit down into thi' cups of Craters fi historic combats. The reconstruction of 

and 7 iner the flattened and crumblinti ed.Lies. [he front or ctld British line by the ijtli 

and no man moved there save at the peril of Unmade was only be.uiiinin.ii; the second line 

his life. The daylijxht bombardments were was not in a satisfactory state: the diiliculty 

fierce and intensive, for the Cermans had of brini:in^ up more troops into the advance 

the rany[e to a nicety with their trench po.siiion was almost insuiierabie. Thi' 

hTorlars. The evenin.trs were enli\"eiH'd b\' niLins had a cliance. had they known i 

pc'-iodica! bombin.L: a.-^saults from Ihe hi,uher pu.shinii: ihrouiih. Inii the .')lli l'>ri.t.'ade 

.uround. l'nder these conditions the dJ.Lr.unii*-^ the fort until the npimrtunilv had 

of a proper defensive position could not be passed away. 

carried out. and in this inferno the successive The ^rreal coLcentration of reserves, ''c 

parties of the 5th Briiiaiie continued for five ma.s.seil attack delivered shoulder lo sho; .,r 

days. One must jiicture the .irarrison looking with unl]inchin,i; couraj^e in tin- face of a 

out in the darkness on a serrated ridire devastatin.u tire, is familiar to the Teutonic 

illuniini'd moment to nionienl l»y the liirlit of mind, which yet seems unable to realise thai 

star-shells and wonderinir at what instant the the tieniocrac\' of Creal Britain. !-'rance and 

ho.slile rush would come. is a Cana<la can produi-e men wlm can do their 

jireat feature in war: and here was military iluty without tiiesuppori of carefully 

carried to its extreme. The ctimmunication arran^^ed reserves. 

with the shatlerei) defences of the old front- As to the slate of the craters and the lino 
line trenches in the rear w;ls even by ni^ht it may be better lo call independent witnesses 
lilful and uncertain. liy day all touch over Ceneral \\'at.siin had made a tour of tla 
the interveninti jiround of 40 yards was whole position on tin- niorninvi of the I2th 
hopeless, except now and aj^ain for a dariniz and reported that the 21st Battalii>n were 
rimner wlio took his life in his hands and quite wronu' in thinking that in the attack 
usually lost it. The carrier pigeons were of the IHli-l'Mh they had .uot anywliere near 
killed by shell-shock': the supply of food. < rater 2. They were, in f;u-t. never nearer 
water and ammunition was precarious. Many than 70 yards of it. This statement is eon- 
units of the y:arrisnn went without any shrp. lirmed by all the evidence, though no doubt 
e.\cept the doze of .sheer exhaustion, for the attackers were, in Ilie dark and confusion, 
thrfo or four nights on end hir to sleep unable to ascertain where they wen-. The 

•Thi'iiisi mi'ssiintMiiiiinn ih.' i.".Ui. ( l^'ueral also reporteii that the first hne. that 




n „ r ff > ror s i „ Ih r C n- n t Wo r 1 ,1 W n r 

is. ihf oiil Hritisli line of in'ticlu's. was in a scsscd. iti .ulilitinii. ilu- supimrt trciu-hcs diiy 

very liatlnvii stale liir ilfli'tu-i'. He ivjianlcil hy ilic 'Jml Itivisimi on ihc niulils^nf April 

lilt' innsirtii-Uon wnrk un CraitT 1. ili'scrilifil :!ni-lili and oth-iiih. 'I'lifv rniijilfusi' the 

in tlu' last chapter, as t*\fclU'nt. and ihis Ircnclifs north of ihi- crattTs as liu-'^Jiasis of 

must j;o to ilHMTi'dit nl' ihc Ith Itrinadf ami their own new front liiu-. and tin- ones snulh as 

the lilst and "Jlth Uattalions. rctirinn points wheiu'vcr our artillery tire 

t»n April lUlli l.ieul. Vernnn. of the lurame unhearaltle. None the less, aeeord- 

Inlelliireiice Heparlnient. was sent down liy in;; to the areounts of prisoners, they sulTered 

the Corps ( oniniandir to invi*siii:ali' the sevi^rely. ami the artillery harra^re made it 

situali<in. He failed to penetrate the error impossilile for them to hrin^r up strong siip- 

lietweeii (raters 1 and 5 and <i and 7. like |)orts. This did not prevent them takin^r tin- 

everyone else, hut his ai'iount t>f the rraters olTfnsi\e as >^nm as our own counter-attaekr- 

is of uTeat interest in view of what followi'd. had eeased. 

"tlUTKi: No. 7. This is in our hands. On the monun.L: of the llth. as has been 

and is a shallow erater ahout fttrty yardr> related, they four times attempted to take the 

luToss: the rims are llat and not hi^Oi and Canadian (raters i! and 7 hy Immhin^r assaults 

do not dominate the enemy*> new line as to hut the 'J.")ih ISattalion repulsed ihem every 

elevation. Thi> rraier has no proteetion time.\ an aitemiit was made 

from enemyV Pre eM-epi on the iVont side to oust the y:arTistin of Crater 1. The enemy 

insiilei. no trenehes or parados e\ist on the itt the lumiher of •i.') ehar^ed hohlly across 

rear north' >ide. and this side is nol oeeupied the (tpen in hroad daylight. This position 

by our lroti)is. a,-- It is constantly e\'po>t'd to had. howevi'r, as related in tlie pre\inus 

rille and rnaehiiic-KUn lire. chapter, heeii considerably .strengthened, and 

"The conununicatiitn tremh leadini; to Meut. Karish. the ^rreiiade ollicer of the -"»th 

this cra'er from the norlh-ea.-^t is now hein^: italtalion. who took o\er the command on 

improved lilly men. enpneei's, working dur- .\pril \'M\\. had extended the outpo>t line 

in;i niyiht '. Init as yet all'ords only limited towariis Crater "J. and drove hack the as.sail- 

proteetion; its route includes old mine craters ants without much ililliciilly. hut with con- 

and >heII-hole>. siderahle to iheni. In i'acl, tun- position 

"ClJAlKK N'l). t;. Thi.-< is in our liands. in Crater I can never he saiil to have lieen 

and is approacheil throuiih Crater No. 7 hy a seriou.sly threatened, for the p'oimd ^jave the 

ruiiU'il Miell-wi'ecked trench alonn whidi one ( lermans no special advantay:e. 

has to crawl on hands and knees, and it is At ilawn on the l.')th. the llomllin^.' a.ssault 

constantly >nipeil at and constantly under on ihe Crater^ i» and 7 heeaii a^'ain. lhi> time 

ohsi'rvalioii liv enemy llare>. preluded hy a helli^h homhardnient of trench 

■■The cratir is (jeep, aiitiut t\)rlv \ard> mortar> and heavy ;:uns. Comuumicalion 

across, ani! atVords nuich belter protection with lh<' main position was aiisotntely broken, 

than No. 7. Its rini> are higher, but the and runner after runner faileil to yet ihrouyli. 

(iermans so dominate it from their trench in Man after man was killed. wouuiti>d or driven 

front that our uaiTi>on hail lo keep their back in tlie attempt. The 2")th. however. 

Iiea<ls down; the rims are constantly swept maintained their position until they were 

b\ rilli' and machiue-uun lire. It is built n-lii-ved by parties of Ihe J.'iih on the followtny 

up with some works on the inside liH'inw tin- da\ . when Lieut. Lamb took over Crater 7 

enemy, anrl garrisoned by an ollicer, men ami and Capl. Sulherlanij. Crater 'i. .\l Ii):b'i 

machine-nun. p.m. iIh* newcomers hail to repulse a stroni: 

In th'' litxht of these fact.s it was dei'ided bombing attack by the enenty Like others 

to make various arrangements bir the im- of the very uallani men who held the atlvance 

provenieiil of tile deb'Ui-e particularlv bir posi>. tliey seem tti hav( been of opini >n 

the linkinv.'-up tif the craters with the old that their retention >erve)l no useful purpose 

l>rili>h line b\ a communication trench. and wils in fact impiaclieable. except al the 

It proved impractiiable. however, to carr\ coM of a continuous dniin of liuman life, 

out Ihe whole of the .Mhetue. lliouuli M.tlllU Thev -peak of the isolation of the positions, 

were turned on to the variou» works. of the dominating nuttook of Ihe enemy. 

The ( ierman> were in n comparatively and walehinu thai cnem> impn>vinu his 

enviable position. The lie of Ihe around wiu* defence-' uilhout an> mterb-renec from our 

with Ihein and the prohrlion albtnled bv iruns while Ihe\ lhem>elves were Mibj"'<'lt'd 

their own craters adei|uate. Their knowledge to an almo:,| idnlinuou> lire. .\ll this is no 

i>f the piiTise stale of albtirs wa-o also more ijoubt true but it must be n'membentt that 

aecurtite. and in coiiM'ttueiice ibev were on this da> the llilhi the aeroplaiU's for (he 

better >erved b\ their u'uuneis. The\ po^- lirst lime weii- able to -ioar into the heavens. 


II r lf,'r,>is i ,1 I h r C ,■ r n I Wn r I li \V a r 

and liKik liiiwn on the real positiim of thi' tlu' tvlicf spuaks nmri' t'ln(|uciUiy llum wonls 

t-artli. I'l) Iti ihis lialc. tlu'ii. tlu' liinhtT ortiu'siraiii to wliii-h tiu' various jzarrisons had 

command \vi't*i' infonncit that we wen' hohiintr Itcen subjirU'i). The 'li\\h were in their lurn 

t'sst-ntial [Kisitions ri^'lit in tlic heart of the relieved liy ihc 2!)th llatlahnn of the (ilii 

enemy's line, and that every shell iired hy Hri^'ade on ihe ni^fhl of April ISlh-lilth. 

our Kuns would he a positive <lanjrer to the These latter troops had sulfered severely 

Canadian jrarrison. It was only as the durinvT the ori.dnal tiduin^ at St. Kloi; hut 

weather ^Tew calm that the true t'aets of the as the other hriiiades hail done their turn in 

(■a.-^e eme^^;ed. In any rase, the higher the tn-m-hes it was imperative liial the *ith 

rommand of the 'Jnd Hivision had no eau.-'e Hriiiaite should relieve them. 
to itiame itself. (leneral Turner's inl'ornKi- The next day the end rame suddenly and 

tion from lu'low had heen incorrect: in spite the del'enre e'lllapM'd. I.ieul. Myers, of the 

of this iaek of knowledge his instinct for a 2IMh llattalion. with h'rty men was in oei-u- 

praetieal situation. iniKite in all real .-^(tldiers. pation of the left hand Crater fi. and Lieut, 

luul shown itself on every ueeasifm. Hut Biij^s. of the same reuimenl. held Crater 7 

the further we iiet from the front the more on the rijilu. Durin^^ the morning' all wils 

diHieult it is to arrive at truth, and Ihe Corps .]uii't. hut shortly after two oVIoek the 

ami Army Commanders are hardly to he enemy .^ilarted an intense homhardment. 

htamed if they were wronj^ly infornu'd as to whirh made the craters practically untenahle. 

facts when Company anil lUillalinn Com- \ery few men remained ahve or unwounded 

inanders in the tirini: line were, with lln' after three liour>. The slielhn.Lr on Ihe ri^hl- 

ulmosl sincerity, reportinu ihal thi'V occupied hand crater was particularly severe, and some 

j)oinls which, as a matter of fact, were never of the survivors jzni alonn the shallow com- 

in their possession. nuinicalitm trench into Crater (>. They (ijs- 

The slope of Ihe ^;round. as at Hoo^e and covired. however, that their comrades were in 
Zilleheke. dominated the position: as soon as no lu'lter case than themselves. The men 
the (lermans held the moumi and rise at Si. we?'e huried over and over aju:ain. and the 
Kloi iheir advanlaire of siuhi was such that rilles. in spiti' of their hreecli covers, linatly 
the free movemi'nls of troops was imposMhIe. ri'fu.>ed to work. When all resistance had 
IntelliiLience could not he ohiained. and the hei'u annihilaled. Mune forty or lifly ( lennaiis 
co-ordination of thi' various unit^ lieianie a started to come As far as can he 
matter of praclii-at impo^sihiliiy, On ihe a>certained. Lieut, lii^ys appears to have 
olhei side of the ridjie Ihe Cerman>. screened iiiven permission to his remainini: few :in<l 
from any accurate arlillery ohservalion t>n wea|>onli's.s men to surn-nder. Lieut. Myers, 
their immediate front, were ahle to move wilh wlm exhihited a most inilomital)li< sjiiriL 
comparative impimily. The only answer resi^ied to ihe last. liriiiL' one round from a 
wa.s a eounler-at tack t>n a far more extended diMarded rille and hla/ini; olV his own re- 
area. \ol\fr at the ad\aniinij eiiem>. The.M' were 

ll is one of the fallacies of people who talk lhe(-nl\ >hol.-^ left in the hands nf the defence, 

aliout modern warfare to siy that uroimd is l-'inallv. althouyh aln^adv wounded, he .suy- 

nothliiii. .\ yood irenih. forty or tifly yards' jested lo the remains of his command thai 

lirezoni*. and sound wire in front will nodouht they .slmuld endeavor to retire across the 

protect resolute infatuf a^rainst a fri>ntal tire-swepi open country rather than fall into 

attack, liul the whole movement and mass- ( lerman hands. Five men. iwo of them 

\\\\l of troops fur such an attack, the snppi,\ wounded, made Ihis desperate atti'inpt. ■'and 

of provisions, ammunition and relief-., ihe w^ ihe remainder," sa,\s Lieut, M\ers, "sei-ined 

ordinary workaday husiness which makes ihe disinclini'd lo take the risk. I j;a\e them m\ 

exi.stenee of an army possihle. can hardly he sand ion to surrender, as the (iermans were 

earrietl out in ihe face of an enemy who can then alinosi across lo Ihe crater." Of ihe 

watch every move on ihe hoard, while Ihe li\e men and theoilieer. three were wouniied 

liiKher command can set' praclicallv .lothini; hefot;' they started, and oidy one came in 

of wiial Is hi'pjieninii on the other siile of ihe unlouehed; none ihe less the,\ Miccedet-d in 

hill. It may («• po,s.silile for troops to carr\ makiiur i:i>od tlieir escape, Hf ihese. one wa.s 

on under these condiUons. hut it is neither lri\aU' Mardiim. who had come in from 

u.-^ual nor expedient. Crater 7. atier ha\ini! his own hroiher and 

\\ noon on April 17th, Ihe'Jtth Ihtltalii'ii three other men killed Ia his side, They were 

wiis ivlievtnl hy the 'Jllth; they had U^-n the onl> survivois of ihe imrrison the re- 

Iwenty-fonr hours in the advance the main<h'r heinu all killed or taken prisoners. 

orilinar\ time for anyone oceupvlnu a position ll i--. a> a malter of fact, ver\ ililliciill lo 

of ureal st res.-, and ^hl^^:er. The fri')iuene> of conceive ami ipiile impossihie to descrihe 



l't». A Wllj-.N 


li>l m the' M.I tUi 


t.>rl> in M*). IftK.. Air 1^ Uf»i 


,_^^ ^li 1 


l«)i ^>. I**i< «•* >'■ Ht^Hi <■• ^tixcmlwt M, mi; A(*ia Vti 


ll If 

I'll «■* J «■." 

K"! It. iIh- Jl-t IUh* 

mtM. ion A«i' a.v 

>'uA III ihi' lUiib- III Iti* ''■itiini 


n y, , // r nx s in t h . '-■ ,- <• a I Wo, I ,1 W n r 

exactly wluil the (tdVtiitt'rs (if till' craters |i;iil tlu' cnilcr. At llic saiiu* tinu' llu- 

Ik'cu thruLii:''. and it is woniliTtuI that llic !>nnil)ar(lmi'iit was cnminuffl. Tlic lire (if 

men uii<n'sc;'iH'ti ri'laincd tln'ir sanity. Scriil. tlu' (uTinan heavies now sci-nu'i! to In- nm- 

H. Hnsli'K o!' the Jitlli. has. howi'ViT. ii'ft siK'li rt'iUratcd on our next craliT. Some men 

a clear ami nuivincinir ivi'oni of hisexjHTiencf came across tVnm tlu- riijht crater into the 

that I prefer to use his iiwn W(tr(ls rather than left crater. Seri:t. IMatt lohl nie that the 

lo give it seciuid-haml. order had lieeti |)assed alonjr sayinjr tliat we 

"I was one of ihe jiarty of Hi men under were lo close intti the left crater. ;is there 

I.ieut. Myers. 2i*th I'lattaHon. and went for- appeared to lie less shelling in it. The 

ward to occupy (rater (> left at aliout 12 (lerinan rille lire continueil, and we expected 

rniilniyiil .Xpril ISlh. We ptisted out .sentries that at every nmment they would come 

as .-^iion as we j:ol in and relieved a party of across. I disciisst'd the ijUestion with Sergt. 

Ihe "JDtli liattaiion under l.ieul. lioss. Pur- Slauirhter tit .sending: liack a message, to 

in-j tile morninii e\erylhinn was quiet until warn our rear lines, hut he said it was hopeless 

aliout 'J wiien the enemy liniit artillery for any man to try to gel through tiial tire in 

wiiizzltangs. ami pipssil>ly minenwerlers time to he of an>" assistance, and il was 

were tiring on (rater (i left, the one which we tiiought that it would lie impii.<sil)le to hring 

were in. This continueil for ahout three- reinforcements up to us in any case. Mr. 

ipiarters of an hour, during which time we Myers came out of his dug-out with his 

had no casualties whatever. There was no wounds handaged up and shouted 'Come on. 

shelUng lor aiiiuii one-quarter of an hour, hoys; we will make a ligiit fir it." We all 

and then lhe\' o|icned up with heavy shells. came out of our shelters. I had heeti iuirled 

which fell just on the right front of the crater. no less than four limi's and the shells were 

and afterwards got direct hits on the centre .spla.shing mud all over the place. Wecovered 

of the crater, and in my sirtion I had two our ritles with .sandhags. hut it was irnpossihie 

killer! and four wounded. This was about to keeji them in working order, owing to the 

:l::'.P p.m. The heavy shelling continued for terrihle state of the gi-ound. Sergl. Slaughter 

ahout half an hour. !)Ut there were no left me and went to liis own platoon. I 

altits, as my section touk what cover there calcid.ite that we had tifteen to twenty men 

was. Uuring the hiunliardmem. Mr. Myers left. My this lime there wire tifiy or sixty 

was hadly wounded. He. however, gave ( iermans coming acrti.s.s. I should .siy there 

onlers that immediately the hond)ardnieiit were three rilles actually capable of liring. 

cea.sei) all men were to "man" the parapet. and opened up. Mr. Myers usi d his 

The bombardment cea.sed about I :;{U p.m. revolver and then seized a rilie. but w;ls only 

We then lini.shed dressing tlie wounded. able to lire one rouml out of it. I tl'.en said 

Sergt. Slaughter went around detailing men to Mr. Myers. ".\n' we going to niaki- a tight 

to post.s and dutii's. I remained with my for It " and he .said. ' Ves. boys,' It appeared 

.s)i-tion of nine men. It must have been to us that in the other i-raier the » lennans had 

about .":lo p.m when they opened up again. got up to the remaining garrison and had 

as I n'nienilier .<ergl. Slaughter inqinrinu for overpower<-d them, as I distinctly saw oni' or 

nie about l:.").'! p.m. 'What time il was. and two men put uj) their hands. The> were 

if the rith's were clean and ready ' I might stamling thigh deep in mud. and it .seenieil 

have mentioni>d that during Ihe bombardment absolutely Impeless for them to do anything 

Mr. Myers tried to get a message through by else but surrenih*r. I saw Mr. Uiggs and 

pigeon, lull they were killeil by this bom- three or four of his nu-n on the enemy's side 

iiardment which was terrilic. Our woumled ol the crater. ,MI this time I might mention 

were killed in this bundiardineni, being blown that the enemy had a machine-gun placing 

lo pieces, and many men were buried in their right across ihe craters ami his artillery lire 

dug-ouls. It was irnpo.s>ible for the remain- was e\tri'mely accurate on our side of Ihe 

der to rendiT a.--sislance. although .>everal craters where Mr. Myers and our |)arly was. 

attempts were made. it was raining, and Shortly after this we decided to retire, as 

water was Mowing from the right crater to 've had no means of pulling up any resistance, 

the left, and il was praclicaliy impossilile to id rather than be taken prisniu'rs de<'ided to 

move, as Ihe gromid within the crater wa- get back anil give inforiUidion and ask for a 

like porridL'e except in a few places. Muring eount)*r-aItack. We then slartul ctui with 

this bomiianhnent we had man\ casual'^'.-. a parts of ihrir. Mr. M\ers wa> wnunded 

I >aw perMinall.N eight men km>cked out b\ and had to be assi-.ied. also I'rivale Mchunald 

one lame shell, We half I'Xpected tlial an who was wounded in the back and neck, antl 

attack would billow after this, Ihul Ihe a machine-gun man. I think named Whelan. 

(iennaiisopennl up rilie tire from Ihe tix'iiehes whti was wounded in the face, joined us 

n „ r H , r nr s ; „ I h .■ C no I \V o r i <l W n r 

slKirtly at'liT wv ii'it. ami laitT on onv nl* ihf :uT<i|ilatU' inrnrmatinri enahlcd them in icll 

pi.m'iin men overt onk us. 1 do nut know tliat the main i-ratcr line had Itt'i-ii Inst on 

where lie i-ame fnim. The remainder nf our April (ilh. and ihat the retentiim of tile small 

small party in tlie eralers must have lii*en craters was merely an emharassment to our 

killed nr taken iirisoners. It was ahnul 11 own jiunnei's. The position in t'raler 1, 

p.m. when we ^oi hark lo X'norme/.eele. maintained ihrou^lmui llu- liiihlinii of the 

where wi' lel't the wounded." l!tl!i. remained delinilely in our hands. 

The eraters were thus lost. Theviewthat 'i'lie storv of the rraters is like that of 

they were untenal)le ua.> nliviou>ly shared liy niosi of the battle of St. Kloi. oue of niis- 

tiie (lermans. who made no atiempi lo (HTUp.\ I'oriinie for the 'luti I)i\isi(in: hul il is not 

them e\ee[il hy wa\ of i-ovinu' patrols, (hi one of lijanie, Tln' suc''essi\e regiments who 

the nmrninu: of llie 2lllh Major 'I'ait. of the held the outposts were from the very oulsel 

:iiKli, and a .small party made a hold and :ii a ^rieat ihsadvanta.ire compared witli their 

fomplele reconnai.s.sanee of (niter (>. which enemies. They were rml, and could not he. 

he fuun<l i|uite de.serled. "The crater lips properly supporterl liy tlieir own ^turners 

liave lieen so knocked ahoul ihal there is no \\liile the enem> 'r; arlilli-ry was pounding 

sij,'n of an\ edije. and the whole is a mass of them to pieces. 

slimy mud lull of dead hodies."' On the They eiidureii the horrors of this experi- 

sanie evenin;i IJeuI. .lackstm, of the 2iMh. ence with fortitude, ami repelleii the »arlicr 

took a patrol nver the al)andoned ttround and a.<saull> with success. |!ul th. ir defeIlee^ 

ftiimd il clear except for a parly of live were like a child's c;i.stle on the .sand, as wave 

Ciermans who made aW as soon as they wire alter wave ercps up the.-^hore on an incoming 

seen. The opinion of the reirimenlal otlicers tiile. Theoulline.s hecanie hlurred and faded 

nn the spot was. however. conrhi>ive a,L'aiii>l under llie remorsele.--s liunlire. until the linal 

re-enlerinv: a po>itioi; fron: which tliey had wave ipiietly and calmly >wepl the :i!Mh out 

literally Iieen hlown out. ami their view was of existence, (if a .earrisnn of eiyluy men. 

accepted hy ihe hiudier lonimand. wliose oiieielunied uiiwoumled. 

A(:hikvi:mi:nts in i^ih 

Military KtTorl 

OurinL' Ihe year II'IS ("anafla's war ellort their duty pointeil overseas. The conse- 
reaclu'd the peak in snnie ilireelions. It is qnenre was that there was a sinmp in enlist- 
true that Ihe numher of men sent <»verseas meiil ami niori' than local op|>i>-'ili»'ii to Ihe 
was smaller in that year than in liUllor 1!»1.'). o)ieration of the Military Service Ad, 
hut in other ways ihe year li'ls rnund In spite of dilliculties ( amula 
Canadian tirizani/.ati'ni perfected to a ureal ma<le a .-.plendid shtiwin^ in Ihi year, 
decree of excellence, the execulive machinery The drafted men. once they ^"1 iiH" 
in connection with the uar etVor:. l)oili >n the imifonn and reported to llieir uints. 
men and money, working smoothly, and a enieied heartily into llie spirit of ihe eaine; 
determination an^ull^r the people to make in liaira<k> or in iraininu camps they proveil 
every nece.s.siiry sa*Titice for the triumph af wood, wiliin^i Mildiers. and tlio>e of tlii'tu wlio 
Ilie Ailieil arms. saw .service overseas fouuiil witli tlie cool 

It was not an easy lask lo continue ( ana- courage and ulter disregard of self thai 

diaii war participation al the rale lliat conlrilxiled so greatly to ihe .splendid repu- 

eharacleh/ed the lir>l year of the war. N'o tation ,lustl> won l>y tlie viilunleTcontinuenls 

longer wa.s Ihi' >lrui;i:le in I'lurope iei:aide«l that pn-ceded them, 

as a Kl"''i"iis adveiilnre. Woumled men had 'l"o appreciate tlie I!tlS eH'ort in the way 

returned in \;\\\iv (unnher> and while their of semlinL' men to sirvice it is iieci'ssary lo 

tales of the liatllelield lircd the imaiiiiiation refer ltrieli\ to the work thai ha<l heeii dom- 

nf hundreiis wlio had not yet harkened to the in tlii' Ihrei' preceding years, in li't t. wtien 

rail, yet the visiliie evideiu-e of liardsliip and war in'oke out, Canada's iH-rmaneni military 

suirerinK acted as a delern-nt to enlistment. force of some :!.(I(MI men. I'Voni 

< 'anadians were never cowards, hut it is a that Inne until the armistice was signed on 

n'jm'ttaliie fact that evi'u after three and «ine Novemher llth, VMS. the inimhcr enlisted 

"Imlf year?«nf warnmny ihiMisnulsof tlieyounn wiw .j!l>'i,lll. This total wa.-- made up as 

men of this countn liaH not reali/.ed ihal follnws: 

,111 :l^l 



■Ti:, H. W.«.iw .-itauir. Saui u. w r. Haiiku Kh, i*. \Vr. 

Kniuinl in ihi' 77ih Itattalwn <m l-:>iU-.i»l m ihf l:uiiti Ilairalb.n. Knli->i>-<li>ithih<-Tili Itailiti 

AiMu>t 'it, Itil.'i. Alt!' 'iA. \Va- \i^< -JJ. Uii-i wiHinilnt »ti .\ui!ii>i mi \t»v -I. I'MT. As'- ti 

ilwiKM'nuiJy vriiunilnl ■! Vitiiy lli-l|ti>. I-H. 1NI7. i>vi4>vii.-> im Jum- Uii. I 

SaI'I'KM Kk. I-. WiHitv 
KnllMnl wjih tlw ruh DiviniiiaMl 
SiKral < -iirlK on A|irl) I, IVIB. Axe 

^inlKtHil iti thr NiKiiil I 

|l»Vtl<lH't I. I'llh. \t- I 


h Idwrii- I'. I' I ,l..l, iittfMiiB im Au(ilM ;t'l< IMI 

f'n:. <'Kiii. Ahmktki>> 



U'lt in till- ■i»--\\i llBi'a 

lhi> 2n7(h HaUaliiii 

1 & 

^■■■ik iJi (C:'M« 


Kit in ino lAHih lUtlllkin 

Kitlol in artltin on (iniil-T It.'inritnl in M«rh. lai 

WrnI t(i l^r>tin<, 


» I 


■i'o t \V„ rl ,1 W 

(.'hmint-il liy volutuury cnli.-imi'iu 
Drattet-* or volunteers after M S.A. 
Gr.iiiied leave or (iisi-hiirRHl 
Overse;LH service mher than V.V..V 


Of the lotnl lUinilnTViilisU'd. 118,05:^ nii'ti 
bad inmv oversfas up tn Xowmlier l')ih. 
191S. the last i-dnsiirnniiMU of solciitTs fnmi 
Canada ivai-hin^ the sct'iic nf ai-linn the day 
thf armistice was siirned while uLliers arrived 
in Kni:land iliirinji the next three days. 

I'l* to Deeemlier :Ust. UUl. the sum Inial 
iif Canadian overseas timips was represented 
by those immortals who i-omi)rised the First 
Continiient. They iiad the real work to do. 
the genuine hardships to laee and when the 
history of tliis war is written in years to 
come, when deeds of valor and noble achieve- 
ments are re^anied in the proper perspective 
the men of the First Continjienl will occupy 
a position well in tlie forefront. Compared 
to liiose whti followed them they luid little 
comfort trenches in France in those days 
were little iinre than hastily tlu^ ditches 
the permanent structures oi" saml-bajis and 
cement came latiT. In V.iVy there was a rush 
Ui the colors, but l!tU> was tlie banner year 
and durinji that period more than Hfj.lKm of 
Canada's best and bravest journeyed to 

Flanders. The likelib i of a con.scriptive 

le^i.slation cau.sed a slump in recruitini; in 
liUT: tliose wlm enlisted di<l so from motives 
of duty anil duty only: for the .elamor of war 
had departed it was reco^fnized as :i serious 
deadly business <onducted with skill and the 
utmost scientilic precisitMi. Moreover, the 
days were dark as the enemy had .scored 
success afliT success and there .seemed little 
hope thai the tide would .speedily turn. 
This was ihe .situation when litis npened. 
The Military Service .Act was ui force and was 
^renerally well accepteil. althouKti oppo.'^itiiin 
strenuous anri bitter was manifested in 
manv important centres. However, from Jan- 
uary Isl. litl.^. up to November 1*)1S. 
men to the number of TM. (»;!<( harl cros.sed the 
ocean, or about the s;une munber as the 
approximated casualtii's b»r the >ear which 
IuhI been unoiiicially estimated at 7:i.iH)(). 
On September ^lltth last, six weeks prior to 
the si^'nin^i of (he armistice and the ('e>,sitiori 
iif hostilities, tlu' ( anadian army on tlie 
continent mimbered approximately IfilMIIK) 
elTective fiwhtinn men. while 1 If I, (100 more 
were in Knjjland awaiting the call to the front. 

The total casualties sustained by Uie 
Cunudiun Kx|H'ditionary Force a.s reporleil 

on .January Mth. liHit. and covering the 

whole period of the war. were 218,483. 
made up as follows: 

Killvtl in union :i.V'iM 

nicj of woumis IJ.J-IT 

Dii'il of (liseiL'ie I Ji.'iT 

Wounileil l.'i.'i ^^t!! 

Prisoners of war ■! "41' 

l'r.-siiiiit-.i ileail ^,^^^J 

Mi>siri« . - :li's 

l>ii'<l ill Caiiinhi. . . . -J l:^7 

The forejjoinf; table indicates that the 
total deaths, including: nu-n presumed dead 
LUid missiniz. a?'e ")It,.") lo. F>y periods the 

casualties in approxiniale h.Lrui'es were sus- 
tained as follows: 

Itefon- lli-.vinl»T:U. M'i.'i H .Mm 

Ciilentlar Year, htHl .Vi .".(HI 

(■alen<l:ir Ve:ir. H-IT 71 .-.lio 

Vii\,-uiUr\, i:-]" 7:! > 

1 n ci )nnect ii )n wi i h t he casual ties, i t 
aM'ords an interestinji commentary upon the 
intensity of the liiihtinii to note ihal. propor- 
tionately to the time enti;aired. litis showed 
the jxtvatest number. Hurinii the full year of 
liHU the ca.sualties in the Canadian forces 
avera^^'d 1.0S(> per week. In 1917 the averaj^i' 
had ri.seii to l.lo;'. per week, while in litlS. 
durinii U> weeks uf actual liyluinir. the limire 
was l.."KS(i pt-r week. Of deaths from and deaths in Kni-danil are included in 
the ea.sualty lists and credited to the year in 
which they occur, but nevertheless the com- 
pari.son will hold jrood as a distinct evidence 
that ihe last ten and one half months ipf 
tijihtiuK were amcm^ the heaviest the boys 
I'nmi < anada hail to face. 

.\n indication of the manner in which 
the Canadian troops distin^fui.shed themselves 
in the held may be "[leaned from a com|(iled 
list of merited honors conferred on members 
of the ("imadian l'Apediliiinar\ I'orce up to 
1 )ecember 'JOlh lasl. and it is interest inj; a^iain 
til point out ihat :is nian> honors were i-arned 
durinvr the litis li^diliuK :u- in anv previous 
full year. The follows: 

\i.-t.iri;i Cn." ii:t 

lli-'iiriUiJi-lii'.l -SfTM.-i' Onl.r .'il.l 

M lliir t.-ilie I) S U U 

L'lul M»rlotli<-l> SO <: 

Miliiiir.v fr.«.-. I *-«J 

|.| Marl" rli- M e ■.■' 

l)i»lir>unisli<'<l ('on<lu''t .Me.jiil 1 Im; 

M ltarlot)ii-l> (' M tl 

Military M'llal tl v,'.>: 

Isl liar to Uie M M ■J7I 

L'ml Itar lo (lie M M 1o 

Merilori.iii^ S.TM.',. \U-U 4:tll 

|li-«|iairli Mi-riiion .1 :t;t:t 

(toyal Iteil Cn™ lir_' 

ilthfr HriliNli Ilonom '^'M 



n < 

' ti t h (' <i r r (I I 

'Id War 

Foreifin ilcconuinns won by ( 'aiKulians 
iiu-lude 410 Kreni-!i. sewn Bel,uian. sevon 
Serbian. 28 Italian, ciiiiil Mnnteneiirin and 
159 Rus.sian. 

Tht' pari played in tiie war liy Canadian 
womanhDiid is shown liy the I'ael thai 527 

Xursinjz Sisters and 1S2 V.A.I). Xur.-^es went 
overseas for service durinii 1918. hy far the 
largest j)rop()rtion of those wlio departed 
durhi); the war as in that year the organization 
for V.A.I), work had readied its lii^hest state 
of perfection. 

Naval F.ffort 

("ana<la also ilid ; 
naval eli'ort in llie 
the need in lliat di 
than in olher helds 
attained were not sii 


hin.Li; in (he wav of 
litis, althtmnh". as 
m was urixenl 
the results 


reclion was 
of war work 

was al.-;o done in shiplmildin^. aUhon<rh lliat 
industry had its inception of development in 
the year before, ^'el 1918 saw it expand to 
a defjree altojretlier unexpected and present 
indication.-^ point to even greater exi>ansion in 

.-\l the imtl)reak of the war ( 'anada's 
nava! etiuipment con^isEi'd of two vessels 
tlu' •■Xiobc." .stationed at Halifax, and the 
"Rainbow" at Ksnuimalt. The '■Rainlu)w" 
was ready for sea and at once started to 
patrol the Pacific coast. She pit as i'ar south 
as Panama and lo her credit are several ships 
carrying: cniUraband of war. .After the 
United States enua.ued in the struy.yle she 
became a de|)ot ship on the Pacilic coast and 
durinji 1918 was used to advantage in thai 
capacity. The ■■\iol)e" was commissioned 
for one year in Septemlier. 191 1. and during 
that year patrolled thou.sands of niile.s. later 
becoming (he depot sliip for the .\llantic 
.station and supplying numerous smaller craft 
which, iluring the year, had been taken over 
by the Xaval Department. 

Tiu-re were scores of small motor- 
driven vessels wliich day ami night braved the 
fury of .Atlantic waves and winds. Their 
.speed and seawiu'lhiness were their (lualitica- 
tions. They could not light but they could 
run and in their line of occupation, ability lo 
run was tlie most neces.sary (|Ualilicalion. 
in the whol(> year onl> tlu'ce of these nmtor 
vessels were lost and tliey were victims of bad 
weather and lieavy tides. Xone fell to tlie 
enemy. The mine-sweeping service inau- 
gurated in 1911 was continueil in 1918 on 
both the .Atlantic and Pacitic and hunth'eds 
of tims of mines were '^removed from the 
paths tif .shipping and^salVly deposited in 
Canadian or .\merican ports. 

Karly in 1917 the Department of the X'aval 
Service undertook to have tilt trawlers and 
loo drifters l)uill in Canaiia|for (he Imperial 
(iovernment. These vessels were built on 
the St. Lawrence River and tlu* (ireat Lake.s 
and by the fommencemenl of 1918 of 

them were read\' for service. During that 
year all were at the duty for which they were 
constructed and the area patrolled strelciied 
from the Straits of Belle^ to the Bay of 
Fund\' an<l froni (Quebec to the fHAt of the 
N'irgin Rocks. \\"ithin that aiva the depart- 
ment of the Xaval Service had full control of 
all t)atrols. convoys, mine sweepers, fishing 
tleet protection, etc.. and it is a matter for 
congratulation that during the entire period 
of war only one large vessel was destro\'ed by 
attack in tliat area. 'I'his aff(trd.s valuable 
evidence of the eiliciency with which the 
work was carried on. 

.At tlie date of the signing of tlie armi.stice. 
tlie ))er.sonneI of Canada's naval service stood 
as follows; 


ml M.-f 
iiri .\t'-i 

f the Ilo.val Caniuiiu 

.f tht* Hnyiil C-.itMiiW: 


r It.- 

In addition to the numbers noted, more than 
1.700 men were enli.sted in Canada for the 
Royal Xavy in 1918 and are now on .ser\'ice 
abroad; ~-l surgeiMi probationers and 580 
proliationary flight lieutenants were .se- 
ciireil for the Imperial service and did such 
s|)lendid service that sliorll>' before the signing 
of the arnli^tice and the ces.sation of the 
lighting it had lieen intimated that more men 
from Canada would be most acceptable to 
the authorities o\'erseas. Bef<ire these could 
be secured, however, the signing of the 
armistice removed the need of them. 


year 191S also marked the jiractical 

The . 
commencement of the deN'elopment of the 
steel sliipbuihiing industry in ( 'anada. Years 
ago. wlien the wind-jammer was the chief 
carrier of cargo and pa.sst'Ugers over "the 
Seven Seas" Canaila occupied a place in 
shiplmilding thai was the envy and admira- 
tion of older nations. For in.stance, the 
City of St. .lohn. X.B.. ranked fourth in the 
Ih'itish Kmpire in the i|UiHi'ify "f shipping 
tonnage built and owned tliere. When steam 
supplanted sail, and steel took the place of 
wood, tlic and .American sliipyards 
engaging in the business on a very large .scale 
soon monopolized it and tlie Clyde, the Firth 
and the 'I'yne became centres of activity. 


ITH. >>I*NH W. Jl 

llBiialliin. IMurTn-'l. 




I'TK It I- \l*. 

tl^ ^\'. 



■■Tviiv in Kr«no.. Itffd 

ItR Hamiiv MKAII 
in (hi' TTih IIMtilio 

ii-ii. \v II. Kilt. 


II r If r ,■ nvs i ,i t h . C r ra t Wo r I <! \V n r 

\\ lii'ti tlu'cxijit'iu-ifsolwarri'mnvi'tl lh<: > -iiids I'nr tin- t'uuiri- lU'Vi'lopnifiU of ilu' Jmlustry 
tif tuns 111' sMpijinjr imliums Intm iivaihu.ility I'ur it is jit'iuTally rdtu-cilcd that fur yt-ars tlu* 
I'ltr ^iMHTal eanyinii Inisiiu'ss ami an t'tl'orl <icnianii fur sliippin^ !;. naiir will cxcct'd thu 
was maili' all (ivcr tlic wurld in replace them. supply and therefcire investment in sueh 
Canaila eut little ur none of the luisines>: tomiajie is hnumt tn he priiduclive uj" suh- 
hut in 11*17 a >tart was siu-eess!'iill>' made. slantial and i()ntiniiiius profit, 
new yard> were estahlished and sonn it was The ( luvernnienl in its new shiphnildin^ 
fiunid thai all the business thai rnuM hi- prnjiramme iiave authnri/ed enntrarts lor :l!) 
ham led could l.'Stvurei'. '1 he development ships of :).Hlll lo lO.-'iOii ton^ eaeh. with a 
of woiu'en shiphuildinii followed in the wake total dead weight tonnage of 2:'>:l,:!"ill tons, 
of steel. Yards sprimir up over ni^^ht 'riu-.^^e shijis are hein^f. or will he Imilt, at ten 
and there was husiness for all. OwniTs of ililVer 'tit Canadian shipyanls. 
wooden vessels, whirh for years had earned In addition to Ihe ships already men- 
hut small dividends upon the invested capital . lioneil. the Covernment. ihroujih the 1 )epart- 
found themselves eniiajred in a most prolitahle ment of the Naval Service, arranged for the 
lmsine.>;s freijzhts were hiuh and ves.s('is ditii- huildiim of the following ves.sels sim-e the 
cult to charter. The consequence was a outlireak (»f war: 

ureal rush to Iniild ships (tf all sorts. As i-'<>r iiu- htiicnai ( T»fiv.- MiimiiirirH*, no 

rapidlv as thev were completed thev were ^.n.,..! rruU.-r*. ton imm-i 5.v>i-oiwiul! i,mtor 

cburtered ami" in more than (me case the i---'^ "";) -'> ......i liRin.r., am «..»■ i. «min- in n-is; .h. 

... '1111 lik'li<iT> Ih-dik Mill In M<-Miti(itumiu uhrrc Uit*v wen* miKit 

i-hartiT hir imc cir Uvd voyaKcs paid llif w licilc , „,.,.,i>,.|v ,«-i m. ii,.- .i.uiin« ui„i ,Iui,i!.t,.i.- mrr.. 

hill fcir l-onslrilrliMll. 1 hcll Ihe (iOV<nimrnl K.r lln. l--r.-iiih Cmirmii™! Six aniiHl inmlrn. aii.l Ui 

tiMlk tlnlil lit' till' lU'W iiulllslr\" and priH'l'l'dt'<l <.ni«1iil iimtiir Umt« wi-n- hnill. For tllf Itiiwiim Cnvfriiitit'iil 

1(1 (111 siinii'tliin); In ciicniiraKc and Maliilizc il. ""'■ '«•■ »"""l i"' '""''"■' '""I "" >iii'»i»'l"". •«"' '"' <'«■ 

I'tii-in.r till. \-,..n' 1()K till, ri.ll.iuiinr ^liii.^ Imlitiri Ctm-nmicMt. «IK «iil.nuirii»-<. 

. , in |- i, ;i 1 in,, 1 Takcnallinall. l!MSwasasuc(.,,,.;.4ulvcar 

weri' lunh to the order ot ine I npen I ,. ., . i ■ . ,■ i - i i t- i -.i 

Munitions lioard. the Department <.f .\ arine """^ ''^'' ^'ji';'.'!""'" - >hiph mld.tnr and w tl 

ami private contractors. ^' ^\'' •\'i-7' =•"""> '" "• ' i'vt Ihal ( anad a 

,,„i,„.,„;^ „(-_.„„, i,;7 ,„„^ registry the lulufe promises an even greater 

UiHiitiri v<-»<-i-. :is. uiih ;i|>i>r<>Mm;ii. .i<.i.i uv.^iii mea.suiv of ^iicc4-ss. lu ^hlpluiildini;. as ill 

nirryiiiK ri.iiii.ity ill, evefy Other Work to which ihey put their 

Thus wc have in all IO;i ships of various hami. ("anailians showed that ihey could do 

cla.'v'ics constructed in Canada in ihe piu^i vear as well as ihe and lietler Ihan mo.>it. ami 

with a total dt-ad weiyht i arryinu eapa. ii> of the story of the ^Towlh of ihi> indu.-'irv is one 

appro\inialely :HiT.:i(iT tons. Not a had of the inosl inlerestinvi chapleis of the whole 

comitiem-enietil and one which promise^ well histot\ of warelfort. 

.SIR SAM 111 (;m;.s 

Caiuda'N MiHtury <ti>iilUM 

Iliirk in the early seventies, hut a few Yes. this youn^ man was a lighter, and 

year> after Ihe (lerniiuis had eviieualol Paris lookinn id Ihe suceeedinj; years of his life, 

and marched hack to llieir own coimlrx from lhal time onward, hispiilhwiiy i.'s market! 

hehiud the Uhine Kiver. one miv:ht have hy a series of hallles. Sonieliines for the 

fou'Ml. had he been there to see. in a hack- >Iern neci'>silieM)f life, others, ptilitical hatlle.s. 

woods M-hiMtl Ihkw. a younir man who and oilier livrlit.". in which there appe;uTd im 

wielded the hickory, and who. to the hesi of nmlivi e\cepl the shei-r lo\e of ti«hl. 
hi.-* enueavors. pn-pared the youn;i minds of It f usi he said, however, tliat not all Ihe 

thi' M'holars in his i'har«e for Ilie hultles of Imtlh-s hmwhl hy this \o^ln^' man in the \eiirs 

life ahead of I hem. alieail of him at lhal time, were successful 

In many respceis l)ii.> vounu nian did not ones, hut, il can he s;iid with certainlv that 

vary from the avera^'e voutn! man of ihe day. failure cininot he laid at his diMir for the want 

HisHrasp and nmh-rslaiidinnof lumiaii nalure. of trying. Wiu-ii in a liiihl. liis whole enerny 

however, was in later \ear^ lo til him for and i-esmmes were u.-^ei! to Ilu' very liinJl. 

pi».-*itiiins of hiuh rank of which he then did He wa.s a driver, and suiiH'linies a hard driver, 

nnl even dream. ( »rie i|ualily of eharacter. h'll in ino-l ejises. llie ri'sulls warranled the 

however. Ihiil stood out nhove all others was rievere use of Ihe lash ami those who had Ikh-u 

his cnnihulivi-nfMs. hardest driven iHHUine liis In'.-tl frii'iul.H, 

II II f II ,■ . , i II I li (■ (,- , , „ / ll-„, /,/ Wii r 

Sci year ;ift(Tyiiir |Ki>scrl ami ill tl"Tiiui'sc' lilliil wiili an iiii'a. il lnok mi)iv tlian liiltcr 

iif time, lit', as iiinst fcii-hjinKinl \tiiiiiL' im-ii ivtiriis nr pnlitical aiuamin'sts to turn ("ol. 

ilid at tlial time, in'canic a rni'iniiir "i tlir Sam lluu'lu's IVnni wlial lu' consiiitTed to l)t' 

Canadian Militia. lIiTf was j^rnimid ami lii- (hit\-. 

matiTial xylicrv lif .■,nil(i I'scivis,. and us,- 111,. \,„| ,„ |||.^. ,, ||.,,|, „,• lij,!,,,,},,^, j,, ., Hear 

ciuTliy wlii,-li a I.Munl| iiatuiv lia.l sm ,|, ,, wIuh Hi,- ^'rval war liriike nii that fateful 

Kcncrously l„.st,nv,.,l liini. H.'iv was ili,. ,,.,,. |„ ,,„ , ,..,„.^,,.^ ^^..^, ^,nvm-d in s„ far 

,.ri;anizatiun „f Ihc mililia nclil at Ins lian.i, ,,,„,„. |„.,„ „,,„ „-.^^ lar-swiiv enuuKh and 

[hat had only to l„. put into us... all.l it .-an ^^,|,„ „,„ ,,, |i||,,,| ^^.|,|, ^,,„i,„ .,, ,„ ,„„|crstami 

'"■ ■•^'"' "'''^ '"• I'-'--* "^'■'' " >" « ' :"lv:i"l:i>-"' wliat was l.r liiiir in the hell p„is of Kurope. 

So. as time went on. this mini who had '"'"''l l"vpaiv her. liut for his far sishtwl- 

started life as an ..hsiiiiv .sehool-leacher. lirsi l'!'"^- »<' """''1 '""■ ''"■" lu'lpless. Nor wa.s 

henaii to loom in the piil.lic- c've. with the Ins Inior ended there. The!e was 

laten .s.sil,iliti,s ,,| his pow.r Imt heyinninf; "•'"'','':' '" ">! M"t»«'i- < "H"!."'. Unit/ anada 

to lie s,.eii. .\s h,. was th.^ii known. Lieut.- """'''I .''■'"'1 1'.^ '"'i' •" '.I''- I"""- I I'l' l'^^ 

Col, Sam Unfiles, was a man to he loved and "' -"'''""J ,'"''" ■','"' '•'■"""»-' Hi""' I" Knuland 

trusted. Never was a made hv liim ".•'-, I.'. ".■'''' "", '.'"' -h"|il'l''r^ "' "V ^l'"'""''' 

whiehwiusmitkept.ifitwerehumanlvpos.silile "' Milma. and it ean he sah-lv snd that no 

to do .so, and never was a frieml l»Mrav,.,l. '-'rl^ "a- ''"i' aeeepte.l mor,. wiHinK.y than 

tins. Hen' was the :.ireat tliiiiK lor whieh his 

i 'ol. Unfiles, as he was popularl\' known whole life-time had prepared him. Here was 

in the Militia, also at this time heeanie a ihe opportuiiit\'. ami like the faithful servant 

liyure of some imiiortanee in the political of his eounir\' that he was. he did imt witli- 

wnrld. .As the Mi'inher tt» the llomiinoii leavv or shirk one iota. 

Hoasj. from the rililed Counties „f \ietoria \ ,,.,„, ,.„„f,.,.eiue of his immediate stair 

and Halihnrlon. he has a proud r,r,.r, aiid „.,, .„.,..,im,.,| .„„| „|.,|,,r, ^ere rap|H'd out like 

inapohtlealhaltleinlnsndinLM.-.andshonld ,.,,|„|„;„„|.s „„ ;, haitle-lield with liirhtninj;- 

he to its very last lii;lil. uncon.|Uerahh' like rapidilv. Here was no; a tini,. for lnn« 

.\t his home 111 l.iiid.say he i.s admired and ,|,.,„„ ,„„ ,|i„.„^sio„s and e..iisultations upim 

respeeted hy all. Ills pot Ileal enemies 111- ,,„, ,„,|,ililv of ,luinK this or tllat. It 

elu.led. Ihe worst that ihey may .say ahoui „,„ „„ ii,,,,, ,„ ,.,||^ „|- ,,„ i,,^, ,|„,asands. or 

him IS that he has made mistakes, hut m ,^,,„ ,„i||i„,„, „,• ,|„i|,„,, i, ^^as time to ^el 

explanation they willin>;lv advanee the in- i,,,.,, „,„ ., i,;,,,;,]!,,,,. ,„„ ;, hripide. not a 

formation that he made mistakes m Iryiiit: ,|ivi,i„„. hut an arniv eorps, .so all iiroti'sls 

to ,1.. those tlniit- whieh other men laekiil „,.,.,, „,.,|^.,„| .|^j,|,. .„„| ..^.^v memher of the 

I"'' >•""'"'«<■ '"attempt. Mill,,., |i,,partment throintlioul Canaila ,.• 

Mis politieal eareer led him aloiiK an s'-l to work on the insiant, work tiiat sudden.y 

upward path, until a short time previous to '"■"'^'' a«a> Iruin the hours ol eoinmeneim- at 

the oiithreak of the trreat war in IIH I, he had """', a"' sio|ipiim at hmr, with two hours olf 

hcH'ii appointed hv the IVeniier as Minister I'"' aiuli and sprinm into tlii' new idea of 

of Militia ami Hefeiiee. In this position h.. woikMiu^l hours a day il iieiwsary. 

erealeil a new inlluenee throu^ihoul the Kroni lii,s olliee in the Woods Muildin^ on 

nmiitry and who had lli'sl refii.siHl to Slater Si,, Ottawa, whieh is the headiiuartei^s 

admit that he was riiiht, he later impre.ssed otlieeoftlu' l)epartineiit of Militiaand defence, 

with the foree of his ideas and plans, lie ( ol, Hnulies dinn-ted, almost neisonally, all 

impres,sed upon his eolleiituies the iinmiiienee inohili/.aiion ami emiiarkation ol troopsdiirinK 

of war with th-rmain ami whether or no! ihe lirst twn months of the war after Canmla's 

they had faith in his plans they at least \i;\\f eiilrv on .\uuusl Ith. Itll 1. lie added to hJH 

luH'd to iliein and haeked him up. So it was alri<atl> e.lieieiil stall and provided heads of 

that throiiuhotit the eouiitr\ armourii's and dep.lrlnlent^. taking, as a rule, men for lheiH< 

arsenals were ereeied and prepanni. His positions from their ei\iliaii walks in life, 

^rreal idea was preparation, ami this idea lie If then' happened to lie a partieiilar joli In 

praetically fon-ed upon the Parliament of he done, the .Minister of Mililia iliti not follow 

Ciuiada !>> sheer detennination and i^rii. the custoinarv wa\ of doinvt it that w, 

People throu^hotil the (■onntr\ ridietiled the ihrouuh the cleparimeiit under Ihe direetion 

idea of spending inoiie\ on armouries. N'oth of whieh the xuirk in t|iiestion woulil orilin* 

iiit£ loo mean or eontempiihie eoiild he said atilx he done, hut he hroke awa>' fnini ami 

ahoiit the Minister ol Militia, lien' was ini'iil eiii n'd tapi' riiilil and li'I'l. pii'kiiiu his men 

eapital lor his |Hititu-al eneinie.s, hut. 'ue-" villi alniosl uneann.v foresight. 



H.ilr.. Wi.mi.(wt « 



Kiili-tHi in ihi' iltM IU1 

!■.► ittiM !'•■ 


t'tr Ma t'li 

TiwhImn*! til ihi 

lawii {laiii 


fclHM HI aMMM w Mwffc. Ullu m Ihv It.N-.A ^. ...i 

;!!. I!>1T. T..liBly. •Illicit. 

•in iN-n-mlTT 1. IHIT. 

•I ir' -h- ■.;ili tUiia>H-ii III I til -n-l if !(,.■ .'^lul Utiui) .\tt 

Ma> >li*rhiwool ■• iMfif l>>. KiiutHlnl Hirrr hum Siw 

I'lK Ki'vu Hi>> 


"Ti:" J. 

nlHixl IH iltr IMh llatUlH 

n „ r II,, i,,.^ i„ 1 1, ,' i;,,„i \v„,i,i Will 

Out' |i:init-ii!ar inst;incf of lliis was hi> slinuldt-rs ol" tuu' iiKin as was thrown u|t(iii tin' 

apiKiinliiu'iU 111' the laic Ciil. K. S. Low to shouliliTs of tho Minister of Militia. II 

sLipcrintiMi.l itif I'onsi ruction of tiic military appears to liic writer that the worst that may 

cam|is thrini.izliutit t'anatia. 'I'liis appoint- he saii! of Sir Sani is that lie is not a diplnmat. 

nieiit was a maslei' stroke on tlic part t)f hut on the ollu'r hanil. what place woulii a 

Col. Hui:lics. Man\ other instances 'if lii> diplomat have had if he had heeii Minister of 

clear-si'.,ducdness nii.uhl he pointed out litit Militia and !>efeiu-i' at the outbreak of the 

this particular instance stands out above all war when actiim. and not diplomacy, was 

others. nceiled. 

His immediate sialf hccanie tired with th.- sir Sam made friends of the rank and hie 

zeal of the Mini.ster him.self and there is no i,.,,,,, ii,,, verv liecinnint;. hut lie did nol like 

douht that pan of tin- credit of tlu' moliiliza- inctliciencv in the (.tlicers and diil not hesitate 

tion of the tirst contillilent and the suhse- i,, ||.h them .so wherever he found them. 

.|uenl carrying on wiili iln' latiT contiiiKents .\nothi-r astounding characieri.stic- was that rellect tile shoulders of the various I,,, never. I'Xcept very larelv. forgot the name 

hranches of ilu' Militia 1 iipartmeni. The of an ollicer or man whom hi' had once met 

.Adjutant lii'neral. (Juarter-Master Cineral and known. Tlie writer was struck liv this 

and the ( liicf of Stalf wc re all otiiccrs of lonj; pcisonallv as a period of seven months had 

standint; and wide experience, hut it cannot he elap.sed from the dav he first met (leneral 

jrainsiid thai to Col. I India's himself was lUiuhes until the sivond iiieetiiii;. .\t the 

due the irreat i-ri'dit for Canada's early elfort lirsi mcetinj; it was merely an introduction 

in the war. la.stiin; hut a few .swonds. at the sc id 

The story of ihe mohilizntiim of the lirsi nieelini; ii was at a ri'view of over I'J.iiiiu 

contingent at V'alcariiir. to mo^l of us, is troops at Harriclield Camp where over ;!IHI 

oil! hy now. hut to riian\ of us it must alwa\s ollicers were lineil u[t. each in front of his 

remain new. hei' tiiis moliilization and own battalion. (leneral Huizhes. accompanied 

embarkation of ilo.HHii men of all ranks and b\' his statf. proceeileil alonj; this line of 

branclu's of the ser\ iie from their civilian oilicers shaking hands with each one and 

walks of life ttt the .soldier, embarked and on callinit almost ever\' one li\ name, with the 

tlicir wa\ to the lileds of honor within tln' exception of ollicers whom he had not met 

space of six weeks, was toticlied b\' the hand before. 'I'lie writer had heard of Ceiieral 

of neiiiiis and where i!enius is. there niust Huirlies" remarkable memory anil was awaiting 

alwa>s be soinethini: new to be learned. with iireat anticipation tt) .sti' whether or not 

We stand in awe to this day ami eaiinol lie woulil he remembered when the (leneral 

comprehend how it was aceomplisheij. shook his hand, and never was m;in more 

It was not loiii! after the outbreak of the iislonished than when the llcneral reached 

war until ( ol. llunheV work was ,.howii the b. lake his han.l an. vviihoui hesiiatnin .spoke 

apprecialion In the Mother Countrv which ",' '"'." I'.v name and mentioned the place and 

it des,Tve,l and as a littuiK token of his H"' "">'• ■' !"■"' '"'•'■<i">-' l'""- 

reward he was kiiiu'hted bv Kiiii; (ieorye. Sir Sam 's also a raconteur and \er\ .seldom 

lie wa.- also appointed lo the rank of Major- does he mis.s an oppoi-tuniti of telling: a story 

( ieiieral. and laicr. aitain dnrinv: the war. the winch tits the time and place. There is 

itrilish (•o\enimenl appointed him to the usuall\ a point ;tnd a \er> sharp point, to all 

rank of l.ieut.-tieiieral in the Mritish .\rni,\. of his talcs and it is on rare iM-msions inclti'd. 

Kroni the da\ of the outbreak of war until when someone pri'seiil is not stirred in the 

lheda\ in mill whin ( ieiii'ial Sir Sam lluiihes lellmi!. but yet. his .stones are l.ilil with such 

leiiilered his resiuiialion as Minislirof Militia " drollery and mischievousness thai even Ihe 

and llefeiice to the I'reimer. he laliori'<l un- one most airccled eiinnoi lake oirnice. 

complaininuly and uneeasiniilv toward one || «■,,.< ;,| ., n'liew of Iroops, however, 

end an.l that TIIK WINNI.M; (IK Tlllv ihal Sir .<am'- penepiive .|ualitu's wi'i'e nnwl 

\\ .Mi. noticeable. \\ parades of this kind the 

ll is iW'less bir one to si,\ that he inellieieiit ollirer nuakcd in his shoes bii-autu' 

(lid not iiiaki' some mistakes, for what man he knew that witlioiil fail he woulil be a mark- 

who laboiN as he labored could avoiil makine ed man. Un the other hand the ollicer who 

iiiislakes and csjKs'inlb when Iri-adin^t aloiiu knew his drill and was conhdent thai he knew 

new pathwa\s. hilherto imknowii. ,Si-hloni it had noilnnu lu fear for iis readiK' as Sir 

Is ■•uch a volnmc of work. in\ol\ini; >.iieli ii .^-ain would idiiistiiM' he wmild eomphiiient 

miiltiphciiv of deiail ami demanding siii'h iiiiil eiiciiuniiie 

foresiKJit lull) iiiiiialive, thrown upon the H. h. M. 


Our Hirnrs i„ t h ,- Crral \V o r I ,1 War 


In ( 'aiKiiiii's Kartlu'st Xorih. ;iuay up nn ci'ssiir. stipulal'.iir that tin- naiiic nt" Brnnko 

till' Alaska-Yiikiiri hiiiinilan. there is a mmni- should he asMitiied. !n ISII, iliis ymin^ 

tain reirntly nanieil liy the ( leojirapiiic litian! salltir visited Siirawak. ami in 1S")2 was ;.'iven 

of Canada, wiiieh will perpetuate the inenmry the title. "Tuan Muda." nf Sarawak, and 

<if a jiallant ynun^j; Ottawa soldiir. whose e»)ntinue<l Ui hear il until he sueeeeded his 

heroism is all the more palhelic because he uinle in iMfiS. Last spring tliis s-Tond 

made the suiii"etne saeritiee in imprisonment. Kajali died, and his son. Sir Charles \'yiier 

not i.i hattle. Kronkc-. who has lived in S:n-awak and learned 

Mount lirooke. lowering In .snow-eappi'd the peeuliar duties of his position, .surceeded 

majesty on the Yukon boundary, was iiiven lo tlie title. In ISSS. Sarawak heeame a 

its name last auiunin in nn'niory of itiily Hritisli proteeiorate. and in lltnl the position 

lirooke. of Ottawa, who enlisted for overseas of Sir Cluu'les lirooke as sovereign of Sarawak 

siTviee as a private in the -lul <'anadian was formally reeo^nizeii by Kim- Kdward. 

Battalion. He was taken prisoner at Vpres William Brooke, of Richmond. Quebec, 

on AiM'il 'J-lth. UMI: and. because he refused left two .suns. Charles and ( ieorjie. both 

to make miuiilions in (lerniany. lo be used lawyers. Charles, the elder, was County 

anainst his rellow-counti'.\ men. he was .sen- ( rown .\tlorne> al Hull, l^uebei-. dyint: then* 

tenceit lo twelve >fars iniprisonnient. lie a few years a,u;o. It is his son. r>ill>' Ilrooke 

died of pneumonia r.;i .March l:>tli. I!MT. in nf Ottawa, who has made fnr himself a 

tlu' < 'olo^ne Fortress, ( ierman\ . a mai'tyr memurable name in the Canadian fei-ords of 

through Ids staunch devolion to his country "> this jireal war. If William Ihonke had 

cause. accepted his uncle's uliVr of Kastern rulership. 

It w;us fell by many Canadians that there the former's grandson would now have lict-n 

.should lie some lastinii recognition of ihi> a llajah in the far-otV l.>land of Borneo. 

V(>un« soldier's .-acritice. Mr. llobiTl l.eil. Billv Bro.tke'> irailitions wi-re. indeed, those 

of the Crand Trunk Bacilic IIailua\ : Mr. of ln\al scrvin-. Mr. William Brooke's 

A. K. Kripp. M.B.. and Mr. Kre-j Cnnk, nf father. I.i.'ut.-Cnl. i h;u-les Brooke, died in 

Ottawa, inleresled themselves in briuiiiny: India, his wife bein^' Kuth Marshall, the 

tlu'liriefbut hi't'oic career of lhi> \ounu patriot ilauiihier of ( leneral Sir I )y.soii Mar-shall. 

to the attention of the (leoL'raphic Boani. who had tnairied the sister of one of ihe 

with ihe result ihal one of Canada"> most nativi jtrinces. Bo'h Colonel Brooke anci 

northern peaks ha.-' i>e<'n ^iven the name of '.HMieral Marshall were of Ihe bitrd Beiijjal 

Brimke. Koi. lance has b'-en a.-«sociated with Native lidanlry. Billy Brooke's maternal 

ihe family sior\ in Kasl as well as in Ue>i. iirandfaiher wa.-N I>f. Alexander Cameron, of 

.\bout the >ear iSllt. a \ounv; Kn^'i'^lnnan. liuiilin^'ilon. (Quebec. uho.-.e wife was of the 

■lames Brooke, crui^iny near the Island of famou> .'<coiti>li family of Wallai-e. Billy's 

Btinu'o assisted in |tullinvr down a l»,\ak "grandmother Bionke" was of New Knuland 

rebellion, and was rewarded by ln'inii jiive?) birth. Iii'r father beinn \h. Wcslon. of Darl- 

Ihe rulership of Sarawak, event uall> becominu mouth. New l!ainp>ture. 

Kajah of this terrilorv . As his power uicieas- Thus, Kniiland. itid and New. .Seolland 

ed. the Uajah. who wa.■^ umuarried. con>idered and the Kar Ka.>t. eonlributed to the tradilinn.s 

Ihe ijueslion of Iraininv: one of hi> nephevv> a> of couraiie and chivalry which held this 

heir to hi> aul)ioril,\ and re>pon-.ibilit\ . vnunu Canadian -u trui' to the lu^h cause in 

lie wrote lo \\\> nephew. William Bi', of which he enli>Ied. The while heights of the 

Kiciiinond. l^uebe*- oid\ ten \ears \oiun!er .\orih will keep his name in inemor\ in his 

than the Bajah. and oifered him the po-'ii ion luilive land, and lu^ hriuhl .spirit Is of that 

of future ruler, William Brooke, however. brave b>llowMiip which 

declined to leave Canaihi. and the Uajah ,,^ 

then chose his tu'phew . < 'harles ,\nthon> wi>.i.uit i-.<triii ItmI •ui'iiiiNxi niuIh 

■lolmsoii, a youiu; midshipman, as his stie- K i <; •'. T«»»ii.>s,.iiini<4.\ Ninht. 

•trill ('mmiiI Muriiinit. 


I Wtin'M J. lt>H< 


m kMk 



Kxlixnl in Itw TTlli Hallalim 





ITt: VitMUK rny.i 

fty. Jiw. Tiil\li:N<iK 
imI III ihi' M lUiuliiiii 11 
1-< Diii-Hin m l»ll. Wei 



iHirnhflHil IXi-H HatUI 

lit «'•• «.H.t.l«l - 

^>int in FruHi* 



rir « K ttttt.x.1 
KnltMHl iH iH* Afn>i Mr<liral 

I1»;, rtiili*" Thkmhia' 

Kill I III ili>' l>i lirati ai >. 

1.1 i-i. Wwii .ivvrM'Aii III! Jaiiii 

Our H< 

In the <;.-(' a I W r. ,■ I (I W 

"IT IS 1III. 1 1 11 «i. AM) Nor rill-; 

PAST IIIA'I' \VK cox I- KON r." 

II,.,,. Arllnir Mtigh, „. 

"A natinii at war caMiint liniit its 
(■xi'rtiitns I'Xi'i'pl Ity the mt-astirt' of its 
slrcnuth. and the rctiuiri'inciiU itf certain 
siK-ct'ss. 'i"liat ( 'ana'ia lia> imi \i'i i Ma\'. 
liUMt fXiTtt'd tile incasiirc nf its strcnirth is 
clcmnnstr.ili'd i>y a cimiparisnii willi ihi' 
I'niti'il Kiii;f<l()in ant! with Kianrc: thai 
till- ri'iiuircnu'iUs of it-rtain -iucii'ss ar<' M"! 
yi't rcailn'il is (icnmnstratcd Ity llii' ( It'rniai! 
lirivi'. W'v must, tlicreforr. yu nn wnrk 
niiirc and (i^ht harder. Our I'art in the 
war has lieen en-ditable, hut that avaiU 
nnihinLMinw. Il is the future and nnt the 
\)i\sl that we ennfrciiil. All we need i> 
s;inity and resnlulinn." 

Ai:tiii k Mi:h;i!i:n. 




C r !• II I II" ., /■ I it ir II r 


of Ihc tSili. 2iml. 77lh. J071I1, :imi 2.Wth ll:itt;iliiins 



1 r:.l»anl-. ('am.T..i> M:..'| r^.., 

K.l^jr.l-. Mr-.- Aki"^ W 




1. 1 


Kalhin-. Harry Alli»it. 

Kalkm-. Ihrar., W 

Sii-ri. N II 



Kniriiim. MaBrarit J 




1 1 


\L.>|.I.. 11. J.>li».\. riurk 

Ma<l>h.r<«»i. MrvS-K'lil 


\l.N..l! K.l»4r.| |{.i|H>ri 

M.-N.'il1, Mn^ Kia 



nl.,,. 1 ,lnBr.l.\1l-TI 

nU..r. Mr... Int-att 




l'.>rkit>-. [(irhiinl Kruni'l- 

I'urkiiiwn. Mr-. rarr<<-il. 

111IDWU. (Ini 



1 1 


ll>ri..', Th«mi.» ll.-<ir> 

It>rn.<. JiilinT 

I "aiiaila 



i;u-. ,l«m.. 

liia-.. Mr-. Andii- 





MnrM'S. Mro. Ullian .M 


\ >•-.'. 


M.'ll..«.-ll,Thain UVniMI 

Maillan.1. Unl 



I. 1 

1 ■■.■■in 

M..rr.«.n. William 

Mailir«m. nm 


1 miui" 

Munni. Jamn Hiiwarit 

Munr... Ilr. JamiT-F 




S.»r". Arrlii.- A 

S<vr<. Mr-. JuMinia 

IHIBKa, l>nl 

( 'anailB 


:;'., 1 


Sl>-*arl, \\u\wn WilNin 

Smart. Th..mH- 

Mr.titri.a1, P y 


VVihhI. VVIUiam SLivarl 

Wi-»1. MrK. lUu'l 

IIIIBku, IlllI 



ArmiitfiiiiK. (iDrilim Fromi- 

ArniitniHH, Mr«. IJ. V 


IWII. (i. i;<.r.l»n 

\W\\. Mr., II. T. A 

lltlBKB. tint 



1 1 

lianlwr. IWr.v llarubl 

,\rn|.r,..r. 111,1 



;;••. 1 

1 "■».. nuTi. 

<;»>.<.. Ila»l.r<«irkrar-.n 

Uravn. P. T 



■I*- 1 


Dnviw. Kn-.iH4h Allml 

(invni-. Mt' Olivia \l 


iif.«H. Ib>l>n EHr 

i;r«™-. Mr--. IHivialt 


Ititt, llaroM Krril^irk 

Hill. W. M 

IVl..tlH,r... liMl 




MaHarUm-. IiarvinSn.ii 

Ma.-rarluiii'. Mr» 

ll'IBKB. tllll 



'M. 1 

1 lout-nanl 

M.i[1..u|thi... Mn.. W, II 

lju>.m. !■ IJ 



Mwirr. MwanM'<^l II 

M.H^...»-n Mary 

IlnM-kvili... lint 





\:.,rri-. Mr-. Mary A 




11 1 


MiK'kk. Jolin V^nrM 

tiivrllnjc. Mro. William J 

llWhnni. Dni 



1 1 

ll.ill.iw<rm, II«ir> Au.lin 

ll.-,<I.«-i. In. Jamr* H 



•Zs. \ 


lll.'har.). U-.. 1. 

Kirhar'l. Mini. A. II 

hiirrhi'.KT. N 11 



:ll. 1 

Sirxiwh. If-lH-n S>inin«r> 

Sinmarti, Mr- MMrvar>-< 1 

<<Ila>ia. lint 

Wallaiv. John tiwrur 

WjIUiv. Mr., Ann.' M. 1- U 



1. 1 


Harrrii. Thomatllamll 

Walrrll. Mlitr S>kil. 

St, UmUrt. V y 



:ll. 1 


Wm>.v, William John 

Wl1l.>. Willialii 

\>ria, 11 1- 



■^■>. 1 

/•'illliT. Haliih |-ali>n 

Z.l«l.-r. Mr.. It. 1- 




ALram. lUrhanl IW.> 

Al<r>m. Mr- t-aMU 

T..r.>i.l... n.11 



H. 1 

ITU an- 

VlaniHin, Maiid Sn^.lx'n 

.\<lam«x. Mr. Mar> 

K..rlar. Sr.,i 





lany. Mn>. K.^ar 

l'..ri.*.ll. 01.1. . 



ii. 1 


Mlh Jiihn 

AiikMi. Mr.. Khial-Hh 




Alkfi. rlitlif.! 

Ih-ynnkK Mr-. Marj 

r.m-in.iiHi. Knit 



1 1 

Allum, K^-I..rl,k llar.l<i.,t 

Smilh. Mf-. K.lilli 



Anii'ii. Jiihn 

Amiin. K'lltli 



VnilivMin. rhiirl<- 

AHilrrx.!.. Mr-. K...ii>.. 




■>. 1 

\<iiu-. J.<h<i 

AiiKU>, Malrolm 





\l-|><t'> ■'•!. Kri-lrriili 

A|ipk->ahl. ItxlMi 

|j>nil"ii. V.nt 



'Jis 1 


\rtn>ir<iii(, ( 'hri>l>i|il»-r 




■ifi 1 

\tn»lfi>n«. Mliril St'liici 

\rm-inml, W. J 




w 1' 

M111.I.I. V.ifmai, 

WaM.I-».irlhS, Knit 



■it< \ 



Ti.ri.Mi... imi 


I.HMri' I' 

Mkiiix.ii. J<.hii Williani 

.XikiKMin. Jiihn 

Hlllli.«. llrnlN.-. Ilnl 



1. 1 

Mi>.i-.l. Ilirrj 

A>i«.)..l. Il.»a<-.- 

Ktnn ),ii 




Aier), iin<rH>- ■'aimh 

Ihimiian. Nrlli* 

lUiaka, tinl 



'J!> 1 


lUlmirk, William I'harb'. 

Hal..-™ k. Mi.. \\u) 


• -atiad. 


•if. 1 

Ilal-Y. Arthur 

llat*r. Mr. Minni- 




■J.-. 1 


llork*. »:<l«>nlli«r<l<>» 

lUrk-. IVi.t 


< anaila .. 


■if. 1 


llalht, KuWn 1' 

K..«li4. A 


Kn«Un.l . 


n. t 


IUiIm-. Jam» lti.lHn l> 

llailH-. Mr.,,.*lm. 

HillKil.llrliliii', ttnl 


•H- 1 



IUk<-r,tl».ri|t. \V 

V\.-.t T.ifiml.i. lint 



'Jl. 1 

1 -rival •■ 

IUk<4. llulH'Tt 

Haki-r. Mr. KIimI-iIi>nr. K1411. V.nt 


11. 1 


Hall, iharl" 

Hall. Mr. Ali<i' 

l>lla>a WWt.OnI 

1 -anaila 


■ri. I 


Hall. l'liati.«ll 

Hall. Mr-, r 

HrlMul, V.nt 




Hall, Jxhn HIriihM. I> 

lltll. Mr. NM<Hlt. A 



:<1. 1 


,IUII. Th..«.» 

Hall. Mr>, Manna 

Hrl«hl«ti. ^tm-^. r.nt 




llai>i>Mi»aii, John 

Haniiwman. Mr. Jam- 



•i\ 1 


llat>ii<^n>ati, hmrnh lluah 

lliia^a. llni 



lit, 1 


lla»i>i<i<f. Altml 

ttp||i.r.t. S..r>haiii.. KiiK 



i». 1 


tUfl-r. Kriiik 


I.......1..I1. y.„t 




llarkt*. KalMi Kr.ilwi.k 

li-Nvll, Mr. J II 

llr<»-kvill». Ottl 




IUti.Ht.»-r»tMlrk( hafl.. 

lla.n-tl. Mr. »«t M 

• Hiawa. Util 


a 1 

• '>ral 

Ilariiharl, Ann* K.lmtin.l 

llarnhaM. Johi. 

ltr.-k»ilk.. IH.1 

< anaila 


li. 1 



lUrr, Mr.. Nlrholl 

TiriiniK. 1 tnl 



w 1 


|t«rrM.,Th.imm. \\Ur.i 

• 'u».i.. Mi-.lli- 

<Hla*a, llt<l 



;:fi 1 

Uarrltitlim, l>airirk 

llarflnNlnti, l-Hrf 

ICitniitytiMiti, I'larf. Irf 





l«hMl«>rn, Mm>.|i K A 



'.Ell 1 


\\M\m, Alh*n 

lliMon. Mr. iiliteii 

CiilHHin. imi 



la. 1 



Ihr Crrol Worhl War 











(.1. 8«-rKI Wui 

Itfll. t'huln Itui! 

Ilrfnuil. WiKrFd 


II.-0, Jmpph Kaliili 
BhMI. WmiHm 
HiuK*, Juhii 
itignu^ Arcliilialil 
IlinkK. Willuttn 
|t<rni<-. KiIkmi . 
HUrhl>urn, tlniriEv All 
ItUmi-y. Ilrun- ItlMin. 
llUn. liuil. J ami-* 
llWt. I-'n-<liTlrk 
llliiwmit, StanW I'tilli 
IlLiWiniE, Umimm J«-4' 
lll> Ih. Th«mivi 

n.l. I 



■ ■■>l)<l>ru>k>. Max 
ll'-.tli. .Mfnil 
ll..u<l>'n. l{.itMTI SUIlli-> 
lli>> .1'. TiKimv 
lti>>i-K IVrirk Jump* 
Itnrkim, Th»tn>i- Jirtviih 
llrvlk'i*. Itmiamin AUim 
llraillcy, Jiihn Hfiir> 
llrailnhaw. I(id»ril Allr.-. 
Rniiljt. SamutI l^flii' 
Itraio-h. Mlrrtl Wiltlani 

-. ICuUf 

hri'ki-iwblrr. Jami-n i 'ai 
1lr<>mli*,v. JuM^h 
ltM»n. r.>lii> 
Itrosn. DavliH ami>t» 
tlniwn. Itunnn 
llnian, Harry 
llr..<rn. John Nlr.<l 
llrnwii. Malnilm 
llr.,»r.. It>.b>.rt 
llnianln-. Norman 
Hrun>'tl, J<w|ih W.—-. 
Hrjan, llMirc- Harry 
llryn-. William tinirv- 
Hiirhanan. II run- 
Murk. fMlnunil 
HurklaMl, wmiatn Aril 
llu.'kli'y. William I'airK 
Hull. Wmiam Thomax 
HurrlH), AIIm«i Mitar- 
". Allan John 



Valtw l-ai 

, Th..m 

I'alUihao. John 
ICallat-Ki. William I'l 
CamKln-II.John M.l 
i-ampMI. Kol-^i 
famtilirll. William 

I armll. Tlmnlhy 
• 'Hnn-U, KniMt 


man. Mn.. Kal- 

llut.^. Mr*.J.ii.iMI 


.. ^ila- KJear 

llFBUpn-. Mr>^ JoiHiih 



|l.,-.l.-ll. Mrn. Mary 


Mrs. Mammt 

Hilair, l)aii<l 


i.v. Mr.. Jiihti 


Mr^ <:»>ri.->^ 




lliitnu'. Mtr, Mmnii- 
lliiiki-. Mro. Martha II 
Itirnu-. Mr». Kal.- 
Itlarkburit. Mr.. H.m 
tl1anit'>. [tiHiar.lJjTii. 
Itlaix'haril. I..>ul< 
I .' Ulan.-. NHIii- 
llliiame. Mr>. A.lrb 
llliiwiiilt. Mrs Alb 
illlytli. Thumar- 

Itoyi*. Mr.. N«r.i> 
f liit^)huuM>, Mt» 
Hraiki-n. IVrirk 
Itrwili-y, HmJamEr 
;ltra<l<'ly. S. J 
llrailniiaw. lli-rlH-rl 
Kra<t>. Mn. John 

MriilnmBhirp, Mr* 

,llni*mtn-, Mr*. Sarah 

llurhanan. Mr> 'harh II. 
:Hurk. John 
HurklaiKl. Mr- llra'-^ 
'"■•'klfy. I,iny 
!llutl, Nrllii- 
llunJMt. Mrs. haiaj 
llurkr. Mr>. .Mary Aim 
llurnn, I'harli* 
llurnt. \lr>. Annw 
llurKin. Mary 
lahlwrll. Mr< Ixal-'IU 
• '■lluhan. Wilhaoi 
)luri«ti. Mn. William 
< 'amplicll, Aimli- 
''■m|il>*4l, Uu* Jane 
<'ani|iMl. Mri. Jani' 
rannima. Mri^KIU'n 

t'arlftim, lt>ilH-n 
Hitiiiif. Mf". AHm-I 
llaUln. Mr>. M 
<'«r«in. IN4.'r 
t-wntrll. Mra. KloatiHh 

Itatilvi. Stair.., V.ue 

liu. kinidiam. I- g 

.Wt-Kimnunl, T Q 

Itaniiikyvilli', On I 

Karillry. 1' U 
I'umminf'a llrirlKv. tint 
■ n<ITralt«H, Manrht-Hfr. I 
\rn prior. I >n) 
I'hllilwnbam. Will*., Knit 
Tonhrlilx'. Ki-ni. »:nit 

lliMhliikn. \Uiirhi'.ivr. v:i.i 

Siiulh liMlian. iliit 

N<.( Malnt 
■ ltaiitlnfi>,-''u>vK. t.nt 
Soulb|H>r<. Uim . y.ut 

,SHiihlMil>. Uiii'loii. HriR 

Khn-*iliury, Salmi, Ktii; 

Ulrnnnaliani. VVnialrk . I 

<inia«h. I'll. Tyniiw. Ir>- 
I'unliar. t^M Unhlan. n 
IlalUiury. Willi,. Kii« 
Hull, r U 
WHihiitllr, I* U 
Vanklwklllll, Onl 
Hylrnham. Ilni 
I »ul>lln, Ira 
Aylitln. I' g 



Snil laiul 
I 'ana-la 




Our H p r it I 

I li 

i: f <■ (/ / ir or I <l W n r 


j.-..rjri- Williii 


Aiiril -is 


tvb. :;i 


Marrh iT, 


Wuch 2-. 


(■h»n™i.i. II«*L>1 


I'hartrand. lliU>n' 


jChiMn. Wil1i>m 


i|-hu-h.4m. Willum 


ihuicK. Jxlin Hcnr> 


.■hurrh. J..hl. An.W« 


(lark, liyman 


riarki-. Allan 


riiuKin. Iliiiry JMm.' 

Ihaiiliti. Mn-. Id's. HIiul 



liiu-lHiiin-au. Mr». Ma> 

(■hiirl"mi,™u. A 


<-li>rtra>i<I..Mr»- William 

Kar>. 1 


I1«n.. M^^.. A.i-t-™. 

iwi.j. e. 




rnriim. llarry I\mi'll 
I 'im-. Jamtv Imirp- W 
TxIm. Willwm A 
jl'iillJiiF, I'-nnk. 
t 'iiltinit. J>mi^ l*aliirk 
t ■ullliu. Syiinry IMmri 
riiltU. William llvnry 
<'tilniaii. I'harlin Kilmoril 
• ■■Iviili'. ArrLibalrl 
'rimlr>. Incin Maurin- 
I -<inn..Uy. riamin- 


Cwkr, Ham- 


r.i.>k>-. Joim 


I'uiini'y, lln'tirn 


('ni|ipr. Arthur. . 


l'«.|M.r.i«»c . 


i-.H.p,T. Itqbfrt,. 


imi|»f, WlillBm. 


I'uriu-ll. (•niritp 


I'oriH^I. Suffi'l Hat hi 


-uulli>. WiUUm 

nitl. Th..n. 




mk». Day 


.». AHn-t 




■ It. l)BV»l 

iniiThw, ItHlMTl 
<'ruirk>hank, linirit.' 

< unniniham. )larthi'l<ini> 

< unnlnffham, I>iiiH Jm 
t 'unnlntham. llamM 
t'urmi. Willian 
<'urr>. WUllam An'1r>-k 
Haltiin, Arthur 

I laltnn. Sli^hnt 


l>anir>la. I.awrrnn> M 

Itan4y. l-'ilvanl \rtnai<>l 

itav'tipnrt, llmr) 

I >a*iM>, MirhaiM 
>l>avi>, Altml 
'Havii. irBTr> Walirr 
.ruvbi, lluthCharli* 

llavt», John 1l>^R>viirli 
iliaarliinii. Harrv 
'hay, JiHPtih A1*tan-W 

r„llm., Mr^Mary 

IVml.mlif, lliil. 

li.-lmm. Mi^Hwihn 

iHuua, Whx On 

W^IL,. Mr<l.urr.->M- 

Utirtiin S.W.. Bl 

• -.111^. Mr.. n..rrar<- Ai:ii.-^ N.mlon. MrH.|)ai»y 

l»lla«*n. Oni 

f..liill.-. Mrj. \rrhihal. 


■ ■iMil.->. Mr.. Cathmn. 

Kiniftnii, ttnt 

S»a,,«m, MfK Annif 

K^mntitim. Alia 

Itmk. \U^ Aiir^ 


f.-.k... Mn.. K 

IVark. Kn« 

I'lxki'. Mr>. Sarah Jan 

Ti>n>nl«. 1 hil 

(■.-■n.'y, Mr«. Dai^y 

Tiimnt.i, 1 Hit 

<'™(M.r. Wai».rF 

lAn.l.m. »:■.« 

f.K.prr, Mr^tluhy K. 

'llBS|M-nn«\HI1f. Ilul 

Tnnilil". f'nt 

'■.M.|H.r, Mr- 

llaninhy N<'«-. 1 

Mlnunl. Mr» 


Ju.k«.M. Mt". i;.H.rK.> 

l.yn. lliii 

i..rr. Mr.. Hannah 

>*arl.'r.m I1h<-<'. ' 

I'.wiKi. Mr^. Kth.'! Jai. 

I'.iltiT. Mr-. Ik-lia 


Nxtiiniihani. Kiin 

S.-.J.y. Mr-. <!«*!{•• 

< tttawa. 1 Ini 

fn.. Mr-. Mary Jan- 


|-..>1... Mr>.l» 


I'ralit. Mr*. I%.ll> 

lma»a. "•nl 

I'rata. Mr-. Mar> 

Wallai-.-. Il.«l.- 

U" 1. Knu 

fra»tr>f.t. Mr- Jami- 

Tiinml'i. <>nl 

rra»lMr>t. Mr*. Jan.' M 

Tnmnix. iinl 


'<>n. WIIU,. K 

<>,H,k^. ItnU'rl 


WmHlmir.', 1 hit 

ir..urh..r. Mf.. Mary 

SlttlnRN.iirnr. Kh 

I iinninKhatn. John 

li.U.iHI-. I>g 


l»m.fn«-, (till 

lVa<-..n. r.U 


<'utr>.Mr<. KliM M 


|iat<<.ti, Mark l>avl<l 

Ana>i>n<ia. Mim* , 


liani.ll-. W.lli.n, J 

S.iiih l,.m.t..i.. Kn 

ilaiml., Ulli..... 

Ur-H-kviUi. <liii 

' h I'l^i'n- 


t< «, Ml.-. l<r>Jc.-l 

I>bM>. Mr< Mar> I' 

l>atl>-, Mri.. Mnn 

I )B<t'kliii>. Ilnirfft' 
Hay Mro. Kal" Ann< 

1I...0. Mr-, N 


Niil -lai-Hl 
















Itmi mania 




■ H III 


'(I I ]V;rl,l Win 

■ uf Nhxi nl Kin 

IMaiify. Jiihti AutliiMini- 
llrmiT-'. KrMi.Ti.'k Jiwiili 
tl.Ti-><<-. I'mrirk WiWatm 

lk-.jjrilm«. Jiiw|ih llul»fi 

Ili(UI»UKh. MillnnS. 




-, ll.mitnl IrsMi 

l»..h«.n.Erm^i Willi; 



William l.iv.^> 

1 hinnli 

1. Stunri 


Inm. John 




tt>n. F.ilwar.l J< 






i-*Uin. Kml<^<-I 


i>.Jiihn 1^1 


ihinran. <i..rd«n 



Ham.,. Mr- M. Kl-.r 


'U.<;,U3. I>nl 


.■m.r.. Ki.l>n 

S.,n.l. I- i) 


.f.-!-. Mf». Marj 


1 anaila 

»,anlin>. l-aul 

Sir Si-hultt.-ti<|U'-. r 



vmy. Mi*. S»i>hil>la 


irki-nwm, Mtt. Thi.m 

llml.iii Hill.<.l<ii 


'i>-l,».m. William . 

|iiiri>n.-k MaiM..S.-.> 


<ill>lH,uKh. I>al»»i 


jiiHi. IM.T 

nr™h«la.<-.. M.«i 

ll. Ir- 


'iniH'i-. Mr«. Kuliy 

Ti>ri<nl.i, <i»r 


lulwin. Vi,.l.'l 

N(f« lUivn. (-...,.,. 


l><-h., r S 



-.mal.l. Mrs. Miuvun 

r II 

. iliiaun. Mm 




C 0110.18 

N..t Hiai..d 


KmRhtun. Mt^ Klin 



ciajr*. I' y 

i.m..y'. Mr», lii'lly M: 




irut K|ir<-iii 


llriKhliin. Sus.-«vi. Ki 





Puma,.. Mrs. Mary 



iimian, .\li>tarulf^ 

Tonmiii. <>nl 


•unnp. MrK.A'li'k' 

S'oi Maltil 



. I. S 


:. Mr- 





rtli. Ml 

r-. S. 


, Mr-. 


IVii-rlwrnuiiK N.Tihani.. KriB t-lnulsn.! 

fir.-.-n M.>un<aii>, onl lanaila 

l.u..m'>r.T. Ilnl ('anaila 

> (lHi.»a 1I>U MiiKUn.1 


l-Vlri. r.<»li[i- 
Finrh. Hmny 
KimllHlon Jami 


(''m-miii ttilllam 
(''rl.-i»l,J.»'|.l> W> 
Kr). Ham 

fnx, Mr". Annit" Unrrnrf 

I inly 



llr...kUl!.., M|„ 

KHi«flj. \.r 

(■..rnsall. nni 

VMA. William>'..KalK<>iii 


Flnr-h. John 

Sl.'UKh. y.nt 


Hn.llM..n. Mr". All.-.. 


Khil«>, \U- l«ili.ll.' 

Kinlai.Mr-. K 

Knni-killpn. l-'i-rmBnaeh. Irr 


Hr„».,. Mr- M«v 

»™.lf..r.l. Y.ifk-^. Kn« 


Mark.. Mr> ll.lia 

tl.'ra.i. Ir^ 


n<-minK. M>-x Mar.s 

Wut.Tl'H'.>'r|HH<l t:ii|t 


fVlihif. Krxiik 


n)i.n ir. T 

Ma«.i.Bk.. I' g 


K'lrvman. Mr.. M 


Km Minn. 1 

ViMH. C-. J 

\«... ^..^k-.. 


rrank. J>'<- 

AO'lrla. Ilalv 


Frawr, Willian. T 


(''r...-maii. Itol..^! 

Carilialton. Surr-> 

. t:.,t 


VWman Julia 


rri..n,l. Mr., I.u.ia 


KumMi'. Mr-. r.„, 


llalham, l.on.l.H>. 1 



rn. Mr.. Jonnli' ( 
llaianai. Mr. Ha, 


N.^airh. Kna 



danlni*. Iln>r> 
(•ar.lrin', TlHtma. 
(;ar(.il,<-|.rl| Ntxtton 
(iirilfi, H»t-'rl Tlioma. 
■ laikfll. Thornx ll'nr, 
ilal.«. All>rrt <i«-.r»i. 

M.iuIm4 I^>', <Ii 
.'1 Monlrml. V g 



O II r II I 

Wiirlil \\',ir 


. Cii1.-s AlfmlJo«-|.l 


. ,(;i'l. J-w-ph 




(Jifiuiu-rl. J. -■ 


t;.r..ux. J.--nli Aili 

1 HAI"IALln\-( 

' 1,1 Next <ir Kin 

<liliwn Mr.". Mnr 

'Mtindi. l.x.tiiLril 

■.. Mr- 

tirsbiini.J<ihn CM.rRr 
(Irani, Mary Elltn 

■ ■niy. Mrn. Kialttanrhc 

■ iray. Mrs Manir tCiiit 
limy. Urn. »■> 
rumtH-rimrl. Mr' K 
(irit-r. William 

ViJ|iiuiiw>. Siiuih Antifi'ii 
I'lirt U>K>ii. Uiicomn. Siiil 
N.W Y..rlt, N.Y , r S \ 

AmiTiir, Unl 

iUiwiK villi', um 
Ij'yhurn. Viirk". Knc 

SmichVKally. Iliit 


<iritnih>. liariilil 
<;ri«.n. All-Tl K 
Cmiw. il>TtHfl 


IW«f . Walf-r Jam 

llarai*. Krti^Hh 



llalllmil, (li-njanil 

iUmniun. Davlilt 



liaiili-y.J. Wlllmm 



hfliil-. n,iul.^ 

■ >I<ii«a.i>ni 

r<~.i>. Mr-^ At..<ri- 

i>iia»». iini 

««>. Mr-. Ulrica 


uilmil. Aiioll 

l-|.rn»all. Mill 

u.liri.-. Il...,|.r. r 



>i--lim'k. Mrs. Km 


. K 

■iKar. Mrs. Kos.- 



■Wii-. Mr-. Krail, 

Ijimloii N'.VV. 





1 'Biiailj' 

IlK-llrulK'-. fltit 





II1111-..1. Mrv It.-.- 


Il»rri>.in. Il.-nry 


ItvriiMin, IVro 




llartly. Krrdvrirk Mnr 


llwiy. Th.iraa» 




lla«>->, rn-liTii-k 


lla»kf, Arthur Kf.iik 


Maakm*. <;»r<l<m 


lla)i». John 


ll»>-*, Thiima. 




Ilivllind. Airr»l Jam. 


ll>*nrj.)l..i.U l(.i> y. 


Mrn.ltY«in. Walltr II 


HmilMwn, Wllt-M Al 

llMi<>l>h>. rharlfFS 

lliiiHin. llMiry 


lllrkwn, Thiiman 


lllMin". rilrl<-k 


Mill. Ilmram 

Si.r»hl,, Mr-, I.illi,' 1 (lit 

Har[H-r. Mr-. Marv 


Tariir. Mr,-. William 

Shai.>illr. I' y 

Kaffir Mn.. Mary K 

iitmva. MM 

llarri-. Mr-. Anni.' 1- 

iiuT.>in>«. IVi.iii. 

lUrri'X.n. \.-U.i. 


Ilarr.!.,.!.. Mrv [.ai>r4 

Ji.hii-, I'll 

Tiwiitil... CInt 

Thurl.-. I'll, Ti|i| 

INoki..-.. J.ihii J 

ntia.a, Mm 


ll«>... HafrS.- 

I...II.II.II S.K.. Ki 





lla>«aril. J.'hn 

Tmil.r..tif VV.ll 

K.fil. 1:1.1: 


I'jrtlnn.. Mr. 


ll.'.nH.'.. Mr*. Mar> 

\yl»in, 1' U 

rana'la Mni 




llin.lrrH.ii. It-iln^ It. W 


II.-txI.T.Hiii. Mr> Mar> 

Kull. r IJ 



I'anlilial, Cli.l 

IWiwD. Mr.-Klkn 


t>a>k.4l. Mliu'hai.') 

lllnlilintl I'r.i'h 



liitWin-, ll.rfi.Tt 

Nm >.iait-l 


Hill. Mr., Th.ima.. 


Iim. Mr-.> 

tnrhm hURilii 



mil. M>K.J.<hiiCiray, MM 


I'rrai', Mr> I'DhrrliK' 

Slniuililrii'n. 1 

iniliin N.. K 

inilam Mr... KflW 


llim.'.. Mtf. Mary 





1 ii%n \l,in\ 

/,/ ir», 

ll'ii>-.k, H<-nr> lt>.'har.l 
IIiikIh?- 1 'tirial-Hilx'' Kol"' 
lluftH-, J. I ', llrntt 

Mrc. M 


J... U 

HnllinKl..n. M 

r. M-rj 

H.-klno. Mr. 

Il.m.r<l. Mr- 

VLM— <•. 

Kiliili M 

ll.i«(,.-. Mf.. 


Il'.rli.., Mr. 

J ii 

Ituiih.-. Mr. 


r. Kroil> 

Hum, Mr.. \ 

Hut.., Mr. \ 


iiiH>rl>'.u>F, I anark , 





....(/M > 

■M ll>.l.>|>.('.««,ir 




Illlt.-.l.ii. IWo 

llh-, rhub-*Mili..i 


ll>li<t. Uilllam Mali 

ItXV. I^MWHf \ll'..f 


l.*k. ll.i.(««i 


J«rli, Aku. -kr 

iBikvin. AlhHi Joti 



Jvltrrt. ItrainiOil 1 1 


J.Hh. rrann. 


J.-l»<i>. 1 tai'iil Krraa 


J.>l.n«.n. Katt K'lx 


.hq.. Ml--- \ ■ 



ih. CdU. 

.l..|.. J..*t 


ih- K»ll^ 

l™lrn. Mr. H.i 





limihrn. Knf 

M rtraiNKV I 

ISwtiriilir. Oiii 

JiJiMiin. »>IlL«m Mr* .\m.. 





h. -I.. « 

M >|e 1 




KMt Milllam 

k.^r. KilhamJ 


. Ilfai 

kKi«t>(, TlHHna. ><l*ai 
K>a.|Mli>, »>ftnr.. 
kHk" * tlhatu »"-li' II 

HM,. %liif.ail J 
III. M... 1 

.. «r. Ilbm 
■». Mr. 

Krmp. ilr. ^ll•■l••4^ 
T^Ui.. I..U.MI 
Khi>».I> Ml. M*r. ' 
htf. Mr. William 
\t» *lalHl 

KiMit, Mr. tliiat-^'K 
KirMtHtr. Mr. )«•■. 
\irf .•ai-l 
Kinihuni, Mr. t.a 
KimniiMl. Mr.. J M 

Kith). T ttfl:^, 

huhH. rr..|»i'l. 

larliaiir*. Mr. (r»* 
l«Hal>. Mr. II t 

Almwi., t» 
llHiIrr^. <rr 
Hrwhtilk • 








t nvlaixl 










■ ■• 












f. lai* 
tt. Hit 
la. 1*11 


at Wuriil Wo, 



l«li.H.h'. KrnliTK-h 

('rival •• 

l«l..n,b-. M«un.vl(.»< 


|ja.milp, M..— 

UW<1-. Kiri-rri 


Ijimli. tiniTKP 


Ijimlw, t-'rHlirirk 




Uxr.J'ihn AnliitMil't 


Una. It<il<^t Jn-pl' 



UiHMt, Mnln.- 


1^11 Wil...n. 


ldr»r<|U>-. Ari-Iiilmlil Ji 


Ijtfimiiir. Ilrar> 


l«..i..h-, AIImI 



Idlliam. >'l«n->ir>' (l^l. 


I^u«m. J.-^„h 


I-.... tl>«»i.l.| 

ITlVBlr, t:'l>i<.u..| 1 1 


|jn.ri-«i. J»it»- 


\^%tw. MIr..l 


l*«ru.. M>rh«.| 


!»'. Il.'ixi 


l».<ta»alil H>'r.r^ 




ImIi)>, HitlUni lla%>lt 


l-^»rr. N.I-.I.,,.. 


1>-ih4iim>, Tt»mi4> \r\\ 


lj^M.anl. ll»rT> 


l>*>i<ar<l. Jam- 


mill'. Mr-. Mir 
|jj.m.l-. Mr-. )■ <i 
■ ■aliirilp, Anru> 
Umli, Mr. K'flh.r 
IjinlH-. William 
l^mt-H-. Mr* M>u 
Ijm-. Mr- Miirear 
|j.>'i. Mr> »:[l>'<i 
lan«f..r.l, Mr. i 'l, 
i amiiit. I' 
lji|.| ULiKiilr.'! 

ailiam, Mr- VA* 
jim>(ii. Martarri 
^vwt>. Mr- I 

t Mau.l.'iil<a* 

■. Mr-. l{a.-hH 

U»>l, rvir. 
1. f.J.I*n,i- 


Ij-tki*,! h*rl-> Ua!'<-ii 

!*.»... Mr- 1 .ihrti. 




lilirM.. Mr. n..r..|. 


■•r •■!•• 

1.IKI.-. IC» 

N..I .( 


l.iiib.|.^l. Kitoacl William- 

I.i«l.'r..r-I Mr- H.,t,-r;..r 



1 laiOlr. Julo 

\Ju<^^r. N.i-h'.ri. 



l.t..t.l. Anhur 

IJ..>.|. Mr- IK*.... 

1 •»•)>< 


h.ntj*... Ji-ri>h 

I..nn>r<, Mr* Km'na 

• Hiawi 


U.*«i<». J--"'. 


N.<... M» Mar 

ij>*r>. Mr> J.« 

Maratialt. ItHhari 

Ma.MiUao \l>'<>H.»ri 
Ma.S.r.41. <..«.» 
MalMii-. Mr- iu!>a 
MatntvN raix'l. 
MaHbm. ?>»■■••• 
M«4>t'>«. Mo kiH... 
h><t>. Mn. r II 
M*rlU«i)iMI»i. Mr. Mai 
Mar«»>. Mr. lUoHa^ 
MarMrn. M» « M 
Martk, «»!>« 
Mar.4iall. M>- Oa-ah 
M*'4»ll M • nrMi.» 
\lwi4>alt. Mi- 'aaiah I 
Ma"-r». M>. «»>■•< 
M>M»rl. M.. Mtkt, 
Marii", M- IMi«a 
S>'l ••a>«-t 
Ma-*< Ma»< 

I .M«lM> <« « » ■.< 

I«*..U «a~. I 
I Moaall. •»•< 



// ,■ /■ (i , 

„l w 

1,1 War 

I ItMl \l »» 

\ \.il .<! Kill 

Mif-Kutmy Ji>lit> Ati-i 
Mrt'.irmtHt, KnitiTiik 
\l>H-.«mM4i John 
Mi^'rarhMi, Kmlrtirk 

..ul.rt'). Wf. Aiiiix- 

lUII) iwliir 


.Tm>i'k. Mr* N<-ll»' 

\rnit'"r. ' 

-rtmirW, lt..U..'t, 


ra.-t..ii. M.ltiam 

<HU»». tt 

nl Mr-. T 

ItBTli.ll. \; 

riwli.-, \1.., MmK" 


Mr1i..n.l.l,J..hi< l(<m.l.l 
Mrtivil). J«<k 

Mniillw, ir«Tlip> 
Mrtnlllttr). Ji>hii 
UHii.inRii. Mirharl 
Uni.».M, Thxniv »<■>•" 
Mrtinrn. ilmty Jii>iih 
MHirrciw. llMi(Hmin U>4 
Mriifiyir. |tiitir*( 
M. I ■•«<>»-. Samurl 

.Hi M.-« 

M.KrMO.>i Ml-ti 


Mrfc ■„«,«, 

, < hr.lrr 


u,i4«... t: 

l-M ll<hl 



«r.'f«l«l.l t.< 



Krami. \i<. 

M.t.ari<>, Mr< 


V, •■, 

MHl.lli., \iiau.. 

l.l*r<«iial Ofii 

\tH..III.4r>. Mr 

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ll»rl.UrHl. t >ni 

MH»>i<r>., Mr> 



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MH)..-.<i. Mr>. 


Kpiiln-n, tiKl 

MriirnM. Mr. 


Mr4.r.^<r. Mr. 

(lriH-k.,11... O., 

M-Hif^fr. Kr.r 

< S.nilialUTK-n. 


M.»|liM«l. Mr. 


■ niiika.iti.i 

Vl.k«t, Mr. Mat 


M.\.l> i..nii t'.iit 
MiNni. U.lliam 
MrSnl. i..hl> 
M.-\r.l. I ..«>«• 
M.Nitli,. 1 lnt..rt \nti.t 
M.\ull).i \n<lr>'<. 
M'Orm.M..!. V..i.h )l.t>-l 

MrH.llwn<. Mfn.| 
Vl..k>. Jarnt* M»fr.«.« 
M.mtnM.ti. J.ihi. \lllr<l 

M.4.t.Hlt »I»|M<.I. I. 

Mptxsr \ti»<H> kit**' 
Mnii.' «M«r» ».•«•.■ 
%lilk' W.ll.aM. Umr- 

itilUr. M.IOr 
lilt)', MmIt 

t> I .k 

IrSvil, Mr. MartMi. 

M.Ni.11.. I'airi.fc 



llr,<iw, II h 

I arlrxm Han', 

M< ){••'. kit. UI.4U 

l>ut'... k.nw 

\t.M>-« )»-.» 

V..I •III 

M.-.B T.W.k.*.J.«t.* 

«.-.«. M. 

U.«t... titx) M.ll«n. 

UMtM M. 

M..rr.h k».ln.o 

M.«rl.. \ 

M-...fc l«m«.| 

MMrU. M< 

Urft». Ml 

M<»rH.Mllt.a<t. «>lliM 

U.«r.. It, 

M...IUMI. J"Bfh \l>*a»-bt 

UhI.Im. ' 

M.lMit. M 

(.•«1««.S IHI 

MhMhm.. John 


Muttll., kl..HW. 

MHf4H.k Mr. Mm. 

• ■•■•a .t-.i 

r«n->» • »at*-. < 

MwtM'^.a. Mr> *aM.- 


M«t|.«. Mr. W 

■ •<ra*a. IM« 

Murr*. Mm M»H.t> 

Ik^^ U>. 1 

t»t-ia«. IMd 

MtHtt J'*ii|rf> 

«i^ 1..^ 

llarlH*. ■•>.■ 

»...k. ♦-.. 

>K«»t^ 4n«l t.laar.1 


< •«<a<la 

N.a y^-alaiol 




























S..I .lal»l 










• a> 




< *t.a.U 




Marrh 3* l«U 

JhI> i« l"l\ 

f ~>la>"l 




II tk 1 




I) tt 1 







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> at. aJa 



t -**»".! 












1 a-a-la 






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1 awl. 















t anMte 




iiiit f* itu 


I h 

■Ul Wuild \\l 

Ni-<v|Miti. ^rr^. Norah 
\.'»«.ii. Mr*.. Kliulifih 
\..'l>.il*<.ii. \lrh. Minnii' 

lUfkkv. l«i.-.-.r.-r. Wnt. 



N..l.k, l|«rT> HI 
NnlTkr. Ili-nry U 


Sill man. Jiini- 


N>.>,*. V.lUn1j. 

Nu(>«l. IIoImtI 1 

Nilli»>->.l Uurk 


Oiitn, Mi.-hw-l,l< 

I'm all- 


SolTkr. Frxlii 

N.dni.. M... 1 

.■ura Sniil 


killli. 11 




»» N„ 1 


Koiraati. Mr<. 




Nuirni, AllHTf 


M-N.ll, 1'lill.inl 
o'NhI. U.rMin' 
n-N>ill, l-aiHrh J 
on-'ii. VA*wf\ II 
iKlHirtH'. Kranklin liiiirp 
■ ■•Ki"!' Allml linH|. 
<iu.tMk>rl>,SI»'lil<in IV^r 
<H.<ni>'i.Ji»i>l< MtrMl 

1, U' Hilar 

III. \UlW\ M\al 

hv"^. I'rRni-i* Aii|i 
l'-«i»v Ibwinal'l U« 
l-.-ariY. Ttxtn.. J.n 
l-nrrp ttalirt 
IN-ari'r. William Han 
IVIlHirt KriH-1 
ISq>Mna<.>n. Mallhi- 

lHliN.1. M- K 

ll«Wnr. Alia 

■ '•KiH-l, M'- hnima 

Xnlrlin. Alia 

iHi.l«Vift.. Uilimm ll<4. 

r) lh.*tw».ll... n„i 

Ml. Jxhii 

*\. K.W. !■«/ 

man. W" K 1. 

Ka-t CalKar). Alia 

.la-m.. Mr. I^.jl- 

Iti.n.xr'a.l. 1 on lim V. 

i-a>ll-tr>.\lr'. Mar> I' 

l'ali.'lt. n 

h Morhan . Sa-k 

NIMp. Mr- i.'~i.'>.nH.. Kill 

lUrkfr, Mr* Ml<-n 

Wi<l-rh lanil^ Ki<i 

|-ar»m, Almtia 


l-arlrHli... Mi- t. 

'•■.ll-v. ■.-1.^. »..,« 

■•■«'..\ilw. Mr. 


IVk llarr, 
|-air<i'k. ioLn 
l-ali-ruHi. M.v 
IVafrt- Mi. II 
l>«r.v Mr. Ja 
IVar», UOIiani 
Kanr. Julia 
IVorr*. Hilliatii 
IVItPOrr Uarx 
h-nninatiiK, Mi 
IS-rraull. Mr. I 

IVtIlll, t.llMl-l 


,H A 

■•milli. »-all>. iinl 
llliniioatam, Waroul 
%.■• \.»V. I !• ^ 


I anaila 


yM N 

1*1 > 




• •l* 


• •••■ 



.«"t .«|. 

tVltll.l mtlNtrt 
l-hillil-. tar. aril Moar 
t'l.illli-. Maliin 
l'l.i<ll|.>. \\n, »i~b>> Ma>M 
IWif. Janif*!.. Ilok 
j'lril.r, Atrtamlrf 
l-.dIM nirfl-n. 
(■..lit*. M illlaH. I hard '- 

', Ht»"W t»>-«».a- 

kintiato. M»l.m.i 

(■hlilip.. Mr- (.IHiiwIi 

nr.*li.ilt.. nm 

rhlllif. M>. 1 a<h<-rir»' 

llrokiiUr, nni 

l'iiiii.m. Mr. « 

<niaaa. MHi 

I'lr.k.'t II k 

Ma'i-h. IH» 

l-lal.i Mr> rUrta 

h.inal<i. S \ . 1 « 

S.- Oat^l 

S>rt •laiol 

\..l »a>ol 

^■^^m^. Mr. i.iin» 

Oui-hinikam, 1' Ij 

l>.rttrr, Mr. KiK' »wl-' 

IWiw. Mr. <>.<>a» V 

> rai«i.aiaiit.t.. V.^ 

f<.M.H..1. (l.« 

IV Jilt.. JmrtlM- 

M llafkaH.liHi 

IV-HI. Mr. 1 harlMtv 

<M iamw. S.'Tlt'af 

IS.,hlw, Mr. Jalia 

M»H<ta«l r u 

IS..M«-t Ml. Julia I 

M<t~irMl. 1' tj 

I'laii. Ml. Ma»-K 

ItHMuhll-, imi 

» KflaiHl 


7 tun 

it* IHIk 
I l<t|\ 

I* ion Wh am ttrf'i 

l-iiHib-, Mr* HH* 
l-rii.4>arrf. r>>'i*>u< 
|-ri»i'«. I kart.. 

* ' |l*«'l 
• a^a-U 
I a»a<l* 


O II r // (' ;■ o (• ••; / n I h c <! r c // / IT tt r I d \V a r 

lUtniM^id. Wklirr 
Ua>ni>r. WillUm (,uiw 
Id-a. Jamnt Alnsmfw 
lb-><l. Ilaml't Jowph 
Itrnauil. Ili>n IIwIhyi 

ltrMii>l.r>. Imirv Allml i 
ltr>n.iM>>, IWr) CiiiiiRr 
ltr»n«|.lii William Jam« 
IlirhanliaHi. Altml Kitaan 

I'. Hllliai 


llirkmnn, Cmlmrt linirr< 
l(..-h»iir<l. Wtllwni 

ll-l-),Uili>-r M>-nr> V 
lti«4>. Wall.^ 

Il>>, John 

l|..«i^t..«, William l>i>i>ra>. 
Il..«.iii«in, Ituih lluHvIlK 
l|.<t.i»->ii Wrh>m M<>m- 
lliilnain, Milho Niirihtu|i 

ttixlnim Mlllian 
ttuin.-*, I 

llll>wll. |)R<Nt 


tdan. I>— I'll l-a* 

-*M-. J-fcf 


tacvf , f ixIrTlrb J 

' -^irt J.n«™ lli-l 


■*« iM. Hlfhw 

r, T«i"*». * .1-.. 


<>«•(• «<lliam 1 >-» 


•„■. i..l,« 1.M1.I. 


<hn,. JtmMMaa'-t 



ahiKii* Millian ■ kwu- 
■Ill ■■(•III. franiH* 

■itKWi WHlMlh 

liainfiir.!. Uru Kllul>^h 

T.m.niri. ( 

lUiiCrr. J<>hn 


lUlhioHI. Mr> MyrtW 

lUtffltrnitl. Walirt 

Kmplnti J 

lUymir, Allmi Kriusnt 

Itni, llaoilJ 


lb-Ill. Mm. M 


Ut-nauil. I'harlk- Samui'l 

Hull, r u 

iip>iH>t'U. r \ 

Hull. !■ U 

Hryiiiil.1.. M.-, Sarah f. 



llllNHrlL tir 

IlirhaH-m. Mr-. Wm. I) 


i-imKhUn. Mf Hila* 



Toniniii. 1 

l<iilk>. Mr*. Kmnia Marv 

• Mlana. n 

tliv, ItanM 

|-r.|.4»l>v. Ital-rni 


Hlf . Jtihn 


l(iil«^» H. W 

■ iTdvall. INlt 

•{■■liMtK, It.ihHl 

1 .irnni). lint 

KiihMi- Mr> Ma'v 

SI Iharli- Mill..". 

al. 1- U 

W»iil<4.irti. Mar> ^nn 

la nfToaii. I.<it 

hm. Ki 

IlLlmto. Mr. Mary 

iianl<n.lK- ».a>i. V 


Hiil-niMin. Mr-. Annit- 

«Mla«a, "•■il 

l(..4..« 11.-^ Vlam 

tai>»l. ini. <*l« 

lti>l<mi>..ii. Jim-lih 

h<«li, 1 

H I.HHl-a», 

I'lfi l^t^ii'i S > . 

t ' \ 

IU«4i 1 >||| 


KiHhnii. llilairf 

\k-w«l>la. Nni 

l<<«iiT«. Mm Uhi II 

lt.>'l Jaiwl 


•(ihnni, Maivil 

N^rt •IBIH 

|{i«kp. Jam*- 

ll'ihr. Mr> Matt 


lb*. Mr. A. f. 

M..i.lll«<.*. l.hN 

I|i« Mr.. ManrarH 

Ibrthai-ll. MiH Mart 

Mar«Bl>', Ki'iil. t.n 

llwlrum. Mary Anti 

''t Mar) • No'l^-lh 


ttill..!!., Mr. W 

Tiifiinlii, iHil 

IIU— II ItlllMI 

iniBwa. imi 

iilin.tnfl, «aiii>^ 

1 (.iHb-n. tinl 

llu>lM->f-rit. M» llutii 

Tiftmlx. <hil 

lliaii. Mlrlia>4 M 


Vthit-fi. Mm 11 


U»ill«<ii. Mr* li 

U-..l..«. t.M 

>tf Mf IMla 

iHlaaa, Hnl 

•••-» J"hii 

«mi*<, Mf. I*^ia ll-al 

'T |Vni)-r»k>-. Citit 






■tafr-aKi. M*i>.r M illiam 
VwlU. \nliiMM 
Knihir. Mr* l.ttm 
Hrt-i. Mm II 
"riHi, Ml* Mariin-i 

tnitt. WtlllaM I. 


Kt4i i* I wn 

luU J* |N|. 

r»ti n Kilt 


// r f . 

I h. 

<al Worhl \\a r 



SiiiKli-ii<n, Jiihti 
.snii-llii-. VVtIliBni ,\U-xt 


Ji.tin II 





, H..y.l 


U .llnnl 







m. w.n. 


-u. !■>.■ 








iM, N.ifnun Tkfiin 

Siumft. Jamr* MllliBm A 
Slum! Alllxm 
"ulllian, »>n|.Mit. Willi 



oaan. I<M,«IM 


S>"- ' IImHI* 

,-•«..»■. J.a..i V'Pal.. .- 


iton-iwt. I'atrxk 

I IHT* < ..f ■-•ral 

s»mimtBf». U.Ihaix M. 


'..ll«,,J..-|.h W.-k, 



Tbj1.«. 1 !>•■>«» 


I'atliV. tlrtity I'lili-.h 


TitUrt, J.ih»tl.MVR< 


r«l.. l-Wrt 


r.<t>t^. t.inri « 


T'lriH-. . ?»•<.« a* 1 m>..i 


T.'h..t ll-rl.. y» 

T<i»|-I«s lltrKBHl 


T..|.. W.llian. W 

T»n. HbB.M 


TrfBillwa' MrfKM 


1 h»<l. K ill'Bi« 


Ihirwti. »:<l»anl 

ThilK**. IIW.-I.I 


llt.mi.1.. <>»lw.. rrM-i 


. ^> 

itiar r.tM-.! 









laiW krut* 




4>llm( J.J» 




Siniili. W«wr 
Sinith-ton. Mr*, r 
Smiltl*. M^^. W. A 
MrKnuu.'. Mr... CbIK. 

Smiih, Mr., CLarliilt.. 


.. II..V. J, ; 

I. Mr- 

Marj Km 

Smflh. Mr>. Sara 

.A.l.lp.-F...t \.Ai ..( Kit. 

tliiihtiiati, Mam-hf-xr, l-Oi 

Smilh. Mn 

> Hannah 


Smith. Mr. 

■ J II 

SwkaK im. S«. 

Smilb. Mr. 


1 KHpi-.l. 

>miil.. Mr. 

. ^arB 

Hi7Mi«n. M> 

"nt-Wr. AH 

ihlta. (inl 

S-inr. Mr. 

M A 

IT. .uni 

S>i«l^. Ml 

r-, T..1. 


S|iarli>. Ml 

■-, Anni.. 

U.i..I..n. y.vt 

^l*.t. M- 


S,«ir». AU' 

katfl.^ l«mn.«h. i 

Ir>. KItuliflti 

llraillnnl. Y..r 

S|«.r«. r 

arrt lliTliri 

IIIIBBB t'lll 

J^>(»f. M.' 

. >i.r«h 

rami, r« .11, I 


Tonmlii. tint 

I'A. IIu*»4l.l>l>l 

Mil.Hi Mr- M»al 

Ml Nuihfhlrtil. 

Slv\rii>. Mr. t,1ilal>Hh 

Tiwi.nit-. titil 


ll)>l> l-ark. 1 

M«ar.. A M 

\.rn.n. unl 

Si^Bit. Mr. Tl.n-B-T 

M..k.* Mt- 

Mar) JaiH- 

Mi*i>v Iil< 



lluttKr. Ml 

. Mar, 


•ilr-uii.r. 1. 

• ■■( 

Nr» llariil 

W Thnm... 



«1(U«II < I'll 

I i*ctiii>lr SI 

^ullisar. Ml-- \\m\ 

IPaMiin. rihi 

-t,mt<. II II 


>•*-!»>. Mr< ^m-f^ 

lUiikin. I'M 

-"Willi. Wltal^'h 


<'•*.'**>, Ultliarti 


N»lmnil>.a>, Mr> t'lMal**^ I1la»«. ■ Mil 

»•..•«, Mr- Matah 

Ntt« MatMl 

Sim *ia(nl 


n^bir. M» Mart Jan-- 

TaftM. Mr> Miwa 



Ti««inlii, I'H 

Ma«ii. UrhJfkn 

TMrrwt. Mr. Mar* 

Ti<rimir<, im 

1*llt.HI. «lli«f» l>a'li 

. llrKiiJ Ki.« 

X'wtHt. Ilonn 

liirruW. Hn< 

Ji.lM-ti». Mr* li 

iHiaaa <»•" 


THxIlwar. 1 larMw 

HWmllrlH. 1 

Tl».l-at.l M» «t>n>r1lii<l 

h T.*i-i.l.., (H. 

ThifB-n, Mr. If, 

trtiiaa, lit.< 







Km la nil 
t ngtarul 
I aiiwla 

lt«lka*a> Mr. 

Ti^mlin. Ill' 

Kill, il IHi;. 

Ma) ii m:. 

April m. mn 

May 5* t»r. 

Mb> '» W% 

Ua> 2a. Iltl^ 

ivii. Ti m\ 

I :h, idi.-. 
n im:' 

litlk-i l»l>m, y—t\ >>m 


Uar<t> \ 


t niU^. )lai>tt, •'r.rt 

•ml la ml 



IVtik tHil 


Mafi-li :«. 


niiBBi, imi 


Mb. II 


iHlasa. itiil 

1' n A 

Mar.K 1 


Irwl*. ^••rl. Iii| 


Ma. ia 


Nirt •lilnl 


May 1h 


• Hiaaa. <N>i 


Mat 1 


tarh>nti*i. litiiiiM, Km 


iMli fa 


tall un 


tail T«»"ini. fW 

1 •••laml 

Mar.h tl 



() II r II I 


■III Will 1,1 11(1 r 

\ allBirn-, Jan»« 
Vahrmr. IVtrr 

\ anrf. Harr) ItoWMnl 
\i>i<N».Jarl. Ahraham 

k Will 

*rrM>-ll<>tr. Il<-rt-^ 

■Ikm, llvr> Th-M 
H«.h«k). IUrr> 
■'I'll r.lm»fl 
.t.f-1, H^tntl-i Ji 

I. Ilulirrt 
»fihi.f M.II- 

Tfu«-..n. Mr-. Kl«il-i 

ki', i:..i! 


Tu>'k>-r. John 

( hi<-h<««'r. Suwi. I-: 



Tmlur. Kirbaril 

SI,«i.««J,. N. Ii.'ii.i 



1^'. Mr>.. \ti,ivar.'l 

|j"Tp.™.l. Kl>K 


t^. Mr>. .Man-an-l 

Uv-rp....!. Kna 


TunniHlClr. S 

Umd«n. Ki-B 


Turon. Mr.. Akw 

illtNWa, Oiii 


Ktan.. MrK. W>1ll>m 

SNIwnn'. Iliil 


Turn.T. ttillmm 

W..M.n. Il-d... Kmu 


r ■».!>. Mr>. 



Turn-r. Mr*, l-armll . 


T«tii«m... Ii«u.l 

■ Sill 


T>rr». Ma.M>n<' 
Ilni-knr>, Mr-- !■" 
I'figuhart. W. T 

Van N«>. Ahraham 



ii'Kutl.van, Mr> CaltHniH 

1 .rt..ti, lint 


\it>na. Mf- Alnmivx 


U ■»■.*. J»h>< 

Ml<litl»>l<.>n>uc)i. Vi>rk. » 

nt iKnalaml 

ttaitr. Mr.. M.r, 

1 'aila.{a 

ttalkrr. MiM.r.thrttw 

l<.tntr>,Ml.l<ll.HA, I'ine 



Toniiii... <>n< 

I aiia.U 

Ual1><i. .Mr>. MaraaM 




U ant. Thvv 


ttar.l. Mr-. AiU 

< HI... >:«.<.• >..! 


«af.l. Mr., ilara 




Wanll.-. r imi 

Wan-, llarrtil 

llinitiiihurN.oiiiioH >iii< 


U arn». Kim^.x 


Uarni. 11..*.. Mr- t.lUa. 

1 ■•»•»•.< mi 

W.i.h« Mr. MaililX' 

Kin|t1.m, lit.! 

H«cin<ai.. Mr> CknH-i.iK 


Mrl.^Ul.. Mr>. \ 

HI IU|.ha.-l'.. Ili.l 

1 a.ivla 

Ualkin. I> 

IMI-olW. .Int 


UrBilH-rlr>. Mr>. K>l.> 



W.-I.1., Mr.. All.i' . 

Uum.Ma>. \i^..>>ll.a.. 

>>i<l t;it«lai..l 

I..M..t.«.. Km 


Hr.l.(HI. Mf. tt«> 

Ihlrap.. in , t' S \ 


W**.t>n. MiM kalhl.m 

l.b-».<rll<, MHMIr..», >.t.a 


tt«-k., Mr. Man 

iHia.B. I'm 


Wrirk. M>. r-mUk llanuah 

ti(i.«.. iini 


\\.-ll..h. l'-n.|r«<rk 

V.wk. t.iw 


*..ll. It». \Vllllani 


W>-)i"-<, Mr. f 

1«.ml.».. Ki.a 


ttKt.U.<1, Mr> t:ih-l 

Mil... H..(. Mill 


«.*«...* Mr. r 

M..lil.ra1, 1- li 

1 ai.a.U 

H.thrT.11. Ai.|lla 

K.tlh.n>. 1 ». I.i<« 


Khfviir. IVt.t 


I ana-li 

WkM-. »:.l*«r>l 


1 ana<la 

£■ IHIi 

■£i. iai:> 

JN, 1111ft. 

'April III 
Mmrx-h I , 
July Jn . 

Ju«. .1 1)11% 

MhitiakH. J.i»i.h 
Wh'K), JaiHH UarMr 
mikl, l(.r.4il \.|.|IB.>. 

W.Ihm.. f.rnni V»'tih**<l 

K.M>H T It. Ill»-r. 
«>•<*«. ||«I»H 
«..!«■, Miirtw 

W.>r« |{i.hM<IM<l1ia>« 
Htiahi. 1 1.111*1 K.diam 
Wr.<M. Jakn J.Mviih 
Mr>«hl.l..m.>.| M<lliani 
><-inr. Il"k*f>t M 


|M>.).H.. K..« 
Milliir i«ir Urth' 

«.n.-.. J«..h 

»«-«(.<■«. k.* 


Mohlreal. 1- U 

fHr,ma«. Mf M 


M..r.|.lr. «.. M. 

. M.^ >i..k»-.«>TfMt<,a 

Krw*-! Ml- Mat. 

r>«.khull. M.Ar. 

Vk^U V t *lkM 

OH' ^ I> l|r«H. M 










i» ftit 
«• UK. 


O n ( // (' r » (' N / II f li r <! r r a f W o r I d \V a r 


■<«>. A<l»l|<li<-V 


Trcnililiij, Thnmn- Ijiii 


!(..>«. lluv 


t'hi-iBlHT. Arnwn.l Mui 


tiiniiunl. It. A 


llwlon. 1-1. K.lm..tHl 


l-linii. l.uri<^N 

• '■lit Bin 

li.>.u.». ('(in^atii \.<i 


^r<lll•n<l>■ull,J»«-|>l1 !■ 


llHkrr. Hull KUIKTI 

lt>«ul>iMi. I'lUH A 

lUn-i. Mttutu* f; 

1 i>nlt<-nM» 


|ln»m-. ■■■•■•tIj.<(1*S 

• -h».-. Il«.ti 


IH- \tiirli|n>. Hii^lt- 1 



lnilin.i.\ M, 11 



l.(.inU. lU-n* ti 


l«r>H->|Ui-. Ilffw 

1...k>l>4(.'. humirtil 

1..^^.trr. \Um- 


I'll'itHWII. Ku(rlH- Mai 


\-»;»in. M. r.miW 


UoUtllt. AI|<tl»UM-I.U<l 





\\U\n: Itom^i 


Mlunl. Krm« 


.Ml-n, Krnxn 


AllHtic, WillUm 


»n...«-. Adiiwi 


A<il>.il.<'. i:.lni.«.| 


ArrNRil. Kntrtt 




\i>Crr. Honor* 


llflrhanl. AIIm) 



HlllHIII. AllM*l 


llattMU. Altx-rt 

■rliHU. ItiiM 


•rt-mx. llM.r> 

nil. Jr. 

lUtlMu. Jran Tl>.<n 
h<ul-nii. I "hill H"' 
liar*. »:mll> 

llaiih»u. NtUf 
lliuoii. Ilrrtr 
llariinrl, J<>*1>h 
Ilarrr4l<', AU-rfi 
Ualli'llr. llMHll 
lUuiiihall, Millwni 

ltr*>il»ri. MliFfI 
llrluici't. WillrHl 

I'ul,,,... Mr- A, 11 

M...iir.^.l. !■ IV 

V I. tl..M!.- 

l.>r.Kr4-, Mf-, J. t.. r« 

Si J.,r..m.., V <l 

|JI.H>1-II<', M<-.(' 

K..>. Mr.. Ailoljihi^V 

Mimlri-al. 1" (j 

Tn-inl-la>. \lr>. Tlxmiu 

M.|-.i'ur.l.. M;iri. 

H..>Pf. Mf-.«iu> 

M..tiln-.l. r IJ 


. MimirrtU. f u 

liiriKianl. Mm. It A 

IVrih, Clni 

lluilun. Mr>. I«k> hJIminK 

ISt Idinibrfl.l- tj 

n.t.i.-. Mr.. 1-™l. )■ y 

T. H. l'*n- l'f..iiiirial 

SI. lltaHnlh-, I't 

M<>nlr<«l )■ (j 

ll»l>i-r. tlri.lir, |-..r>.l.>n 

tti...l.Hrl.t. Ikm- 

Ibaul-mi. I~l> 

«JuH«.. 1- IJ 

li.i.-.-i. Il.«.' 

M.TirHil, l> U 

Mnritr^. r If 

Ilnmnr, llrnry Jum'|<Ii 

Monlr.-«l. I'y 

I'hBW. Madaitn-ll 

gu.(HT. 1' M 

Ih- Marian). Mr-, W. M 


|i.i(f.-.i,... Mff. Thiima^ r y 

i.fcr, f g 
I. I'g 

Ailanl, Kttrnnr 
\lbn. Iliillt-^l 
■iriHI*'. Ih-liilii. 

\r.' ^-I 
\«Hit>, T»i«.tiirr 
Vu|.r». «r«. \ 
AuU«. M<.»- 
Su.lHIf. I(tiili<l|ilii' 
\uarf. II 

lUi'hant. Mr> All.ti 
lUlllarKiNin. Mr. J 
lUrlMIl, Jh» llat'toh 
lUrlmi. Mr> in«Um<i 

llarlii-au. Krank 

Hart'. Mn J.Mr|>hit<>' 
hartHii-, Mr.. \lii..f 
llat<l.n>u. Mr> ^-Tan.-o 
Harim, l^atnlrp 
llarHMM. Mr. J »' 
lUrtHii., \aiuun 


Mimlroul, I' g 
M-nirral. I> g 
M..t>ln-al. I- g 
MimiriHil, V g 
ItnrrlvMiT. N II 
Moiiirral, I- g 
gui I*. . I' g 

lami'laln. I' g 

.ininat. I' g 

\l..i>tr<-al. I- A 
M<inlr<«l. I- g 
iliH-Mala. I' g 
lt.«.l^ IMll«n,. I.-,. 

xirml. I' g 
hirral. !• g 
•■■■•iih, I' g 

M-ntrral. V g 

gM»t<rT. r g 
lloiMaia. I* g 
Miwir'al, r g 


•»th1r|. !• g 

I'lrral I' g 

\l>.iilr*al r U 
gurU'. r g 
MM>tr*«l. I- U 
Mimirfat. ■■ g 

3^. IVII 
31 1^11 

it t''l^ 


O It r II , 

C I I' (I I W Drill War 


- - — 

— — 



\am-..t \.-ii ,.l h.n 

\ .it \- 

■ ■rinOr 

ilraupn^. t-aline 

S<- IVtiU-<IiiIIi.'. 


llmmH'liHir. Jwfpli 

IWuiirjuur. Itama-x- 

Si, l.iK„n. 1- IJ 


li^unuo. Knrinall 

lli-aut-ai.. I'amkM- 

Ur-nhy. f li 

iU-tmri. t;«niUr 

llj^lutl. Nrhi-miw 

l.'|>li<iii. I> IJ 


H.-.tvl. Maurin- 

littr(«-. I- U 


K.'Uir. Krnilp . . 

H.-lair. Mr.. Alphon- 

Miinln^l. 1' g 


».-lM.r. Krflrtlc 

JK-talr. Aiarl*' 

M..nln^t, 1- Q 


IMaml. Kmnt 

1'^.in. . 

M«n<r«l. I- y 


IMa-iK.^. Arthur 

Brtanip^. I«n 

Uniinr. !■ *J 


H-laiiK-r. Kmilp 

iManiif, Mr»-<l.'ia^.- 

Mimtnvl, r (J 


■(.-UiifT. Jtiwph 

Hi-. llHfni- •!•' Hum 


(W«n».r. |{<Mr»> 

lUlanxrr. V 

\l.iMr™l. I- u 

ll.>!ua.-. I'aul Kmili- 

WrJuW. IMiiliiK 

St, J.nvi.T. Tw-r..l« 


lt.-||H<-. t-ranvii* \U->.' 

IWU-c. Mr-, Kranc..!- 

M...i-r.«l. 1- g. 


IMIWruill". All ml 

IMIelHiill-. i>in>« 

Thr— Itn^iT. 1' t; 


IML-lalr. l>unM. 

IMIt^lolf. Ihmal.Sr 

IjTirl-T. V y 


)MUY.»c.J<>«i>b., .. 

IMI^mw. Ai>im 



llV'nard. Ailrlard 

It^nard. Charlr. 


H« ISrrr^ 


< ,i,.SI.i-aul Mm 



jUniaull. Mr-.J.«.»iu.. 


ItiT-nKihn. Jmn 


IWcT. Augutu-. 

UrrK»r. NupI 


IWiCi-vi.., Aim^. . 

llont-vin, Mr». l'i«n- 

SI. Ilriiri, Monir..! 


llvrfafl. Jiwiih 

1l-rnar>l. lioltrin 

Mi.mi*Bl. 1- 11 


H^riiHT Am«U- 

Mur>n. Mm. Urn 1 

(apSt. iNnan-. Mo 


lt.-tll»aumr. Airr»l 

H.*thi»mw, l':.loiMnl 

MiKitK^. I> g 

l<.'rlliiaiinii-. ItormiU- 

IhTthiauitHf. Umi* 

Si, KUKiin-, Ururn, 


IVrlran.1. Alb-rt 

KllrhaiKv. IIM 


K-tu)-, iJinra 

IWum'. AlphimH- 

gu»l«-. 1' g 


lli^prlli-, AIIhti 

H«.Hlr. MwUHf-Mia 

MoniMSil 1' It 









nHI». AlhM 




■r.1. Krank 


■r.l. Illrhar 

ll<H*M<l. l-MTtV 

H.iUvWt. Kuc^m- 

ll.i|tin, Ailrtar.!, 

>I<H.IH.J.>W)| N<^ 

ll<il.tur. Al|>h.ii<*r 
Hiinarma. I'harh- 

ILirlaixl. llar.4aU.-ar 
lt,..u. rrao^'H. 
I<i>urh>r.l. \rthur 
H,.u.'hanl. I harln 
Hi-urhaKl. J.iHphal \ 
H.Hirtwr. Anwt** 
It.iiirhi'r. Vnhur 
llmiihw, lamillf 
MfiurlH^, I'U mt 

,. J.»ph 

H..,trt«».r>ai-. Mr*' 
II.Hintuw, Wil(rt>l 
ll<ntr<*wHll. tUM«i 

llltira>. Kl.'! 

Mxtitrral. 1' g 

MiKra.. Mr. V 

JflMt-vill.-. 1- g 

lllKTBo. Aaati- 

UMh- I' g 

llirt.1. dlxuant 

SI ralri.1.. !■ g 

SI. Mal.i. 1' g 

Ittatn. KliHW 

lUH'ht^aKa. 1- g 

lllanrhar.1, Afihur 

M.>nir.'il. 1- g 

Rhin.lln. Mr*. J. 

M.inif>-al. r g 

Ill.>n.lm, liaiiMl 

V.lI-^:ma^l. M..tiir 

Mr.nlr*>l. r g 

Montreal. 1' g 

TlMliml Mllin. V 


TtMliW.1 Minn.. I> < 

ralnrhauil. Ani.mi.. 

llHwIaMlh', 1' g 

Huim-xri. Il»n.>r' 

AibHIiw, 1' g 

B«.«rr-. Altrvt 

Thr» itUrt*. V g 

Hxtuvi^t, I' 

M-mtnal. !■ g 

lli>it>n. MIMrl-Ti 

M.-ta~lni. U.'Si, J 

Ihiivin, AMf-l 

guHiH'. 1- Ij 

tUMur. llMiiamiii 

g.»-i-^. I' g 

ll.«a..»a. K 

ll.«l..n, Max,! S 

MI-,i,Mr. S..|.t.... 

I'-^tfTTUr. \-r.lH 

I^.M.i«.. Mr r S 

Il..rla».t, Mr- II n 

S«,J.,hn.. I'M 

II.-U, M.., IVIHMII-- 

Ua*rn-<'«M1<', t'ri 

ILntrhanl. J>w|>li 

• ifitfiinn. rg 


M»>.ir»al. ■■ g 

|lin|.lrHiu f'raiK'"' 

Uacnirr, MIk All-* 
H»url«m.iaM, IKroaf I 
Ikntntua*. i.>w|>l> 
llniirtrault , J.iav|ili<Hi1. I> g 
Mitntr<«l. I- g 
U.Hilrral. I' g 
ri ampMII-m, N II 
4i. Johiia, I' g 
!^,l-har^-.ll•1lHll>l••- ' 

M.ffiir»^. r g 

Mimtrral. I' g 

ILwiKilMf. J>«i>l 

MonltMl l> g 
oti>-rl>rtii>li». I- g 
Uiintrval. C g 


n ,1 r II , 

■ II II, 


illri^n-.AIt-'n Mary 
llnuwuil. MiiiM' 
llivncil. Si-ni|ihni 
,llruutt, Ald'-i 

illn«(v, Fi<r<linmiiil 
iMirmril. Mn.. M 


. Mar 


Itru'u'llH, liwitxiK 




ItrunHtH. Arthur 




Hii.-.'!ir. Arnmiol 


llu'virn', Jumib 


Itulli'T, KiUanl 


rnili.-u», 1-Vnlm.ti 


iCailHHii, tl<im<ii 


l'.>n...>, .\n»\« 

llriHlivr. Mn>. AliW 

llruiiollf, Arthur 
Urutipllp. Mr- 4i 
llrunri. Jim-i'li 



-. I'lii 

>. Mar 

< 'arlHiniH-au, Kmili' 
1 'arilinal, Arthur 

<'anlim>l. t'rVa 
( urilmal. Juavph Art. 
I an IK. AuMui'ti* 

<*an>n, Kranvnt* 
.< arcn. ltnt« 
(-arHit. A'Manl 
( *arr.<^. tlmilf 
riiartniiul, Alciamlti 
<*hawa), AllvTi 

< )iaht<Mii, ll>i 
( lial..u«. Mar. 




1 i,..iu,.., ,r..iiii.. Vitala 

MHw^t.^ M.'^-i. 

1 urii|>l<il1. Katiil 


t'amt'lM'll. Arrhil>ali( 


■ Q 

<'atitin. Mm. liuu'lxv 



rattiln. Mr..F 


■ "J 

<*aiitin. Mli» Alliiria 

gu>'i»H-. 1- 


< 'url»,i.i..'.u, hVraionnM 





larlitial. Mr- H 



<'ar<lli>al, Iwlt- 

Si )>.l.-iih 


faf,t,na1. 11..,. Aitn.,. 










I'arnn. IU|>ha<'< 



<'anin. Alln.<l 

\'«itun. !■ 


iiW*. ArmW 

l.v... l-y 

farran'. Mr., \lv\- 

tlull, 1' U 

• 'hariraml. AKml 

tliill. 1' g 

t hanraiKl, Mra.l'harl.'al. 

1' g 

<'l<iMy. Fran^^H.. \a. 

r M. .1.1 rial. 


('hvM' DtltW 

M.<tanp. 1 


Trrnilila>. li'tnrrlv 

Mull, 1' U 

rarr*r-. Mr-. 11 



(xiirBlli. Mr-. J. It 


' g 

<aiiUfan. Mn. Chart... 



t'aj..r, Mr». lltM^K.. 

SnrrI, 1' IJ 


gu*(«M-. 1' 


( 'hallh.uK. (ii^maiti.' 



<'hahiui, ADaTi 







I.Bmtwin.'. WtlIrM 

I 'harlmntwau. t'Mi 
I ham If J<aw|.h 

I ham.n, t^uHiiU- 
t tHirT>in, ll*nH 
\ 'harlirt, KilmmO 

Mr.. A 
<ar)i»tiiH«u. Altml 
I 'harlHinnr«ii .In (>i*. 
( harlHinnpau, Mr*. A 
I'harlH.ttnraii, Rniliih' 
rharrni. I>hilippp 
I'harMtf. Mr> 
I'hariHHiU. Mr> Mtalti 

,l'hafn«. TiWIi 
t'harnin. Alnx' 
<', l.u.l|»r 
* hBrnm. It'* 
t harrt.n, Antimin 
I'tnNlpf, tTfthk 



■a. nil 

A|«ll L'-J 


Mar.'h -ii 


ttrl 2V 


M»ri'h J 


Jan J 


A|.r.l W 


A|inl 11 


Marvl. t 


Marr^i » 



II r Hi 

Ih , 

ml IIM'I Mill 

dria I Wo rid \V a r 

• hiirl. MfK, |{. II 

uli<-r. limttrry 

ulH-r. Natrum 

UIHT. l'\tTtr . . 

Im. A<lM>nl .. 

liauihiiT, Kirmln,l. 1- g 

Chfiali-Y. linirKv ,\u|[u« 

rh^TiiT, OS.virr 

M.oilrtHl. 1' (J 

(-tH-VTLIT. Mi»l. 

Vflflryti.-!,!, V I) 

<TMiiBwtl, Mr^ ll^nn 

M..nlr.-al. I-U 

1-h.minanl. Nvn».- 


\m -latril 

('hiHiuHIr. JiiM-t'h 

lummmicn HriilBr, 


Montn^l. I> g 

1-huTh. \tt^ Anna 

St.llilBlr.-. l>g 

nimml. AMoni.. 

Miminal. |- g 

(■| K.-X 

Si. l.m. i-.g 

l-ln-miinl, \lr>. Amir.' 

Si. J.,-.|i>.-T.U-Mii 

llorm-. Mr-. E 

M«..(.i. 1- g 

I'loulirr. Mnu An 

gu*l«- 1- g 

rimitirr. JtM^ih 

riuutlpr. A 

Sif. u™-. U^4ir. 

Sh.Tl.r.H.k.- i g 

\l.n»r..]. rg 

t'l.ulun'. William 

\V.«l..n. 1- g 

(Xllin. J.<<ir|.h 

Si. H.-nri. M..nlT.a 

l'..|pin. Mr». Mori.''-al. 1' g 

<'..nil<Hi.. 7awI 

M.mlrVal. t' g 

Cumlnii^ iHir 

M..ntr™l. 1- g 

M.mtrnil, f g 

Ma»..n. 1- g 

rnw«it. Mr^ It 

|j>.'lH>.ial.-. 1- g 


N.. A<»>. 

(-imk. rairifk 

gu.i«-, !■ g 


CranJ IIii|il.U. Mi< 

CmIimI. tVlii 


I'lirhnl. I>bvhI 

M.mirViil. 1' g 

M..ntr™i. 1* g> 

M.intn-al. I> g 

hVurii-, Mr*. Kmma 

Mcinlrt'al. T g 

I'W*. S*i*rin 

SI.. I,urr. lUmuu^k 

CM*. A 

M.iMr^. 1- g 

rntt IjHii. 

w™..,n. 1- g 


Si, »-a„-llt., V g 

4-miillanl. Mr-. J.«i>l< 

i.Un. 1- g 

<'.H.IUrd. II 

Karnham. V g 

tirnix. Mr., J. 1. 

llM.h.rt. f g 


lacnain. ll.-ral.l 
•aimaia. Jn>i>|.h ll>-n>i 

•»(.n.... Willrl.1 
>>aili<.-*u1(. th.nal 











Th^r^w, 1* 








I'hanlal. Ilarihrlvitii 
I'hanial. J>«n MarR- 
■rlmir. Hm«t 

llBn-Y-au. \ 
|i'A.>Uiil. William 
li'A.Hinl, hupnl* 
• ■«inw4. Mr* llil.l*tti' 

IM.Inia. I«nil«-ri 
l.iHiHUril. Mr> l-i.-it. 
Iff I hanlal. Jrr>>mi.- 
lif-l'hanial, MarriH 


1. rg 

nlr*al, 1' g 
Mnnit^. I- ij 
MnnlrMl. I- g 
M.Hirrral, I' g 
Katnham. I' g |- g 


I. r g 
•>>ll.'. Maiiff, I 

r.l..|IHI.>«.l.', I- II 

<) II r H , 

'11 I li r C, 

■ n / ir I, I / (/ ir II /■ 

12iu} It V I I \l III lt.'riT<H.<t:il<l>- 

lumhr^. Mr>. J 





M.mliBiiy. nv 





1. V>Mx 






laiitmlx. Mr- 1 

III mil ml 


11 nil 1, 


■lifK I'hiliw 


r (J 

tii-nni-ny. -Mr- I. 
Ilivuilm, Mr- .1 U 

r.-»l. r U 
riul. I- IJ 

:■. iifis. 

•A. IUt4. 

IIU1I-. J.WI.I, 

IkKcniHitll'y. r.u»ii»- 




I>»iM», Mi., a 


■■iiin. r 


Hr.jtir.iiim. J..«-|ih 



!■ i) 

iLnjanlin^. JuM'iih 




IhvjBrtlliw. JiM'pli 

■1, 1' 

' »i 

l>, I'h 


1111 nul. 

I- ij 

llrtihanin. Ih "jitnlii.' 


11. V u 

1 h-xmnlin'-. 1' 




l>.<l..ii|riiali>rs. Mr- 



ir. (■ 11 

■ ■•■muriiM, T 





.1 \,>Ku 

.. I' t) 

IWfiirrmiM'-. Mrv Jul. n 

l).*in, Mr.. 1- 

Ih* KiH-h.-i>. J.III1 UatiliF. 

1 >i<in. 


1 I.Htl, 



>. AI.-1 

In. Si Aiiiirr 

.11, Mr- J.><f| 


:. Mri^ Willr» 


1. Mr>. )»»iai 


. AuKmiin 







Hudiur, Mr-. ^ 
|)ur.iur, M 
lliMv, Ju-lliin 

l>u>uav. Juirll 

I luhami'l. I 1' n 
llumaln.-, Jul.. 





*. itlitf. 

: r 



!■ IJ 


yt,. II 

1" IJ 




' I) 


■I..-.-. I' 

' '; 




lU lU 

' u 

,- Kn.t-. r w 

Tl.rH..r<l Mil..-, f IJ 

t'Nfaiiurl, N II 

tlilWrivill.', Mb>' 

S|i»liilNmii Kali' 

:!!. mil 
;i. luit 

^;!. 1HH 

i;i. i»is 
I itiit 

1. 1»M 

11. IHU 

1 I1*l( 

■iti. IttH 

ri. IH1A 

7. iHia 

A. titin 

2i. mit 

nr( 31 IHK 
April HI). i»|lk 
April Uit inilt 













III War 

IlKMmull. Irfjl^-ll 

nuuhliin. Sluiiii'liL- 

M<>nlr.-ml. 1' tj 


Filiairaull. Iliibi-ri 
Fioi.Jran Ant<inii> 
Klugiiil. I'liilipiH- 

Rj nn. Alln- 1 

K.ih> . 

Villiam J 

Kitimlrmult. Ad.i 




Ki>H. Mr>. Uiu 



KlM' JiiMi>h 

St. Timolh 

■v. I' 

n«imn, J.~iil. 


Tr«iil.l»v. Mn.. 

J. T 



H.H«I, Mr.. II 



Kohy. J«mi- 


K>.ntair>r, l^-u.- 

W.-.1 Shrti 



N ^ 


1 «fhii»-. 1' 


K.«w<. A. J 



Kwrtiirr. Al^»ti. 

luiM'. Mr* <' 

Kinirnirr, Mrn. KhiiIh- 
Krannvur. Altnil 
Kranrk. Mr>. II 
Krappvr. Ni-rliMi 
VnMt. Mrv UJ-rl 

Kn.nH....'\l|.h...,-. - 

Kr«..n. MP 
Si.-C'harl». lUiiul 
lia«n^, NatHilnni 

■. Mr. 

■ lluUi 

liagiK'. NamiM' 

IVrmn. Mr> U.ila 
tiatmin. Vklarrl 

I-. Thi-rfiM- IK' lllui 



MonirHJ. ■■ a 

■■I* III AniinMii. r IJ 

MiinlrMI. f q 

liranUi- Valli*'. I' ij 

Nalii-k. 11h<Hlp|-.lar>-l. I S > 

Miintn-al. I- if 

Motilmd. I> (J 

Mnnin-al. I- l) 

SnM. I* y 

Mnnlnal. P g 

Monin-al. I> g 

Vallf>rH4il. I- g 

Miinlmil. t' g 

TlifM- Itn't". I" g 


. I"g 




V g 

Sir, AfiiH- 



I ar .l™ H 

• ■•(» 







Thm- Kit 



klvi*f-.lul-.Hp, !• 


Mr.. M 1. 



gii*b«-. r g 
i-nxiiutlmi. I* g 



Thn- Hm-r- 1' g 

■. IxmOl 


Mimt(*al. 1* g 


Mr. * 

fall ItivM. Ua» 1 



M'^tiin-al. 1- g 



h'arnli.m tt«i, (■ i 


Jnn ll»ui.^i<' 

MimlrMil. (■ g 
llaru'hiii.. N II 

tUuUrt. 4..*ph 

Thrw Hi*.'r-. I' g 

i;aulm. 1 


M>itiir*al. V g 

'. »;<l<>uar<l 

MiwilN^I. 1' g 


.. («* 

Nofih llintt.... !■ t 


'. IMph.. 

1 N-M'h ami 41111 . 1' (, 


■ Till- 

NLmiN^al, 1- g 

April lA IHI.'i 


/// > 

area I W 

■ I (I \V a r 

lilranl. MMU-nr 
Uinmi. ririr 

|li>wlin. M..L 

llfnilruii. Alt-i 
'i:>-n<lmD. Mr*, f. 
Cvnitron. tr.lniiin.l 

■llralThiin, Tlii'iipliii' 
!<in-vai», A<li>1|itic 
iCt-rvaiR. Mrp. (iH.rK' 
'dprvau'. Jt«ii lUplir 
Itiieupri-. K<u^i<> 

Ifiiiudvit, Alfnil 
l(lfiiMri>i<l. I.urii- 
(iiHlin, Mr«.AiH 

I iiiUiriH-n. t'hilOBH 

.CimiltH. tliirmiitju' 

'iJiiulHtf. Jamiw Ar 
jii-jfUP. Arihuf 
(iramnip. IIul>n 
|tiri>v>4. Ili-nri 

|<in-lT«r<l. <'>»rlii> 

lirltnanl, AIIhti 

iilu»s- Altihiini* 
liruuU, KilmiinO 

(ira\il. Mr- ll.m- 
,iin-R>nl Mr> I'lmi 

gufln- 1 


liinnir. SiL 



SK'. J\,'»: 

V (J 


V y 

c hurl.. Si 


Si. K1.-IU 

■■■. 1 


nimil. ■■ U 
oirHil, I' g 
mr.iil. l-y 

lluiiKlon. AlttTl 
lUMi-. I'MtTii' 
Itullr, I'IriP 

1 iu-n F> 

. Mt. )<.<...-l 


n(r.,.1. 1-g 



■-KiM-r., t 

tint 1x1 

a, Mi». AIIJb 


nimmoo, r 


1. 1 likrir 


ilr.«l. 1- »V 




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11 th 

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1 Ul-I^«. Mr. S 

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l4H-v>i. Mr. • !■ tl.»n 

MoMnnl. 1- U 

l.i-au. Mr- M 1 

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1 M-iilrral, I' 4/ 



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M.,,-.... Mt. J 

Mimirrnl. 1* tj 


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Mi. *H. J.— l.ll 

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UaMi. Mr. M 

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MallHic. tUhHXirl 

MalMlr. I'M'- 

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Ma"«ir, I.Hi» 

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Mil.««». J..*|.i. 


M.Mxal. 1- M 

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MaiH-vu. ' •H.n 

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Man.. r.n»r> 

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Mat^t. *- ' 

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MmitnaJ 1' <i 


M*'>i'l i"*t>h 


M.mirol. 1* IJ 



%U».>H. J- |.l< 

Mir».(.. J.-n<h 

M<a.inal, 1' U 

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Ma— .. M.. i J 

V«.lun. 1- 1) 


»*r*«. M. - 

Mv \«i«b..H 

Mar»'«. i>«i. lltH". 

M.«*«*«l. 1- IJ 

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M.f.-i- J.*^h » 

Mahrt,.. n«l.« 

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Man.l. Itavf* 

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W-rinal. 1" if 


Uar<n.».u. «t...a«.lH 

M..n<H«i. 1- If 

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Malt* W.^ 

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U«4 <»•■-•• J'<-i>" 

Ma*>i"l*<. JriM Mm> 

M<««K«I 1- t| 

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M.\.«H l»Wt.l. 

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U»>WW|. «lfH-| 

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Naiiil. Jwiib 

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< •.•.■»■■. Al|.h.n.w 
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m I'M 1 

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No, 3 l»M 

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Um.>»*. 1 

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I'^Ntl. ••■•..-J*' 

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M^>>t*i. 1 


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1/ Itf. 

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llatMi. \lmn> 

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lit! Hi I- i) 
mini. S. It 

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(l*«ini>>al. Ji<v|>li 
llirhar.1, Kl' 
Ihrhanl i 
Kirhanl f 11 

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n Kail'. I 

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Ma'vani I at' \l- 


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n«tl.«4 Mm..- 

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Itu^l.'. llMin 


N>l-uri.i. (''r.^l.T 



Saitil... KtniV 



H«lta<l Manl>U- 


Sbkiohi. \fiwIf.' 


Nam»H>, \it\rtr 


Sm^p. iM^maoi 


S*ut<-. KutriH- 


Sauir. Ii«»- 

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S.vii-.l. \irn-l 


SatuM. \rmM,i 



Ma>a .1. <L<.wp. 


S..«t.|. I.«H< 


S«..r>l. Ibtw 


S.%«r.l, \,» 


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t*n,»(„. 1.-^* 


!«<Vll>r. I'NUl Nl|> 




H.i^HKt. Daixl 


ft.«T-r.|. .\Mhur 


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f^imanl, U-l-l|4>.' 



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?<,nH. Milrixl 

S«l»a.l. |Wr.. 

StKuHHi. Mf ll.». r. 

l..*i-i,.t.. \l. 

Sam-*. Mr. J,^..„, 

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M<.<.ir>«l, 1' n 

■4BUt.' \ll*ht>.' 

Hill). 1- g 

■iauM, \.lalin. 

Ihtlr. )• (J 

S.v«r.t. »«.i,r 

M n-iU. 1' g 

-■•aF'l. IMt>n« 

U>.nlr<-al. f «/ 

■ '■larti— •) Ji«^... 

M.«.tf«,l, (■ y 

■ >.«., I.J.-r,. 

M>mlr>'Bl. 1' V 

S.t.r.1. I^.».- 

yi»i- .. !■ If 

S.»«.l. Mr. J 1, 

M.«irv«l I- g 

Saiar.1. Mr. N... 

M<«IFral. 1* U 

Sain. \a)>iili..t. 

«..ntr,a). |- g 

STT.-m. \lr- »!■■'•' 

MLMfiil !■»/ 

u>nu.i. (v 

-r«"-al. \tf. t-li. 

S..rrt. ■■ q 

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Sii ant. Ilrrtrnni'rililr 

liian)>> 1 g 

S.r«..., l«tMr.- 

S. J«.Vmr. !■ g 

Sitiiar.l. l.iH^h 

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S.niar.1 J It U 

M..f.i'>^l I' g 

S.maM. J.—,... 

*x J...,i . 1- g 

»i»afl J 1- 

gwt-. rg 

M.riiir.*!. !■ >f 

s.nrpiin-.. Hi.xl 1- g 

|l<— Fh. J »: 

Mi.xif'.al. 1- g 

Si-...- S \ ...... 

M.. \|.|H-.I.-Ia 

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■kn.ltnw. It. .1—1 

•la>waM> tliNii 

K.Lllv Mr. 

llu'M- g 

■*! »lll.i.l.Ju!i- 

*.- *.«i.... !■ I 

d-r-ila Mr- J.-n- . 

Moninil. f g 

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M 1. 1- g 

^1 l.^t.. Ml- I It 

Si \>«>..lin tnt 

!<I JulH... i \ 1 

Twlh-«.( \>IM 

Ta>ltr(>*. .<>•» 
t*<ll*lt< ttaMil 

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Tai<«iM> I'hilMiHW 
T.«M., J.*i. 

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Ttatftt*. ^ttmM 

«M,Hr.. ih.... 

«.....rnil I' g 

!« I'mb «.. \ 

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M.-Himtr. 1- g 

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M "-1 f tJ 

'•«>|.>.H...I ».I.Mi,M 

lh,r,.ltr l-g 

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>^K•- r •! 

M«-..«., l-g 

«.ta Mr. M «,.- t.. - 

Mwor'ai 1- g 

\wi>»<).. \tr> l..».n. 1, 

r«iw.. » 1- g 

TailMrr Mr. SM~to»« 

M.-,.r^ l-g 


S>M .<a>>-l 

T..-«i. \r»M 

\t..« 1 ••*.* 

taHnf.|> Jt-.|>.. 

»».«-VM III 1 

Ia>««t IVtn 

taH«i«a. 1' 

M..— ««.. ig 

'ra>«"». I'"!.'*. 

■• ..«M.i, 1- g 

T«(i|-. Mr. J»l.... |t«J.-.i 

> UM-i'-ml, r g 

*.- «.Ma ... w 1 

Tatlw i..i"- 

u.*if»«i r tj 

rr—M !•■»■« 

lal|r>H*4>l 1' g 

1>..<H'H Mr- %,^ H au |M4.«rtrf 

tiMm- «)•• It «). riMri* t- I 

Ihrt'lra l.»4A ItMHallMMDr I 

II Hl^ 

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II 111 I 

A|Wl (I l"M» 

.■H tl IIH 

.>» (• l«ll 

!•« II l*H 


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C r I n I W n r I il Will 

I IIM I \l lll\ 

ln.-u»f\-. K<lm..n.| 

ru.111.- aut 


liiilwuh. \lr. .\t~m- 

MoLlfinl. 1 


Thihuih. Allml. 

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Thit^ull. Mr. VMn.^ 


Tmnlila>. l-;nitii» 

I'ull, 1- U 

TllltlrriP. Jmt>li 



T.H'P.n«. J"hn 


T-HirlMI-. \ 

M>mirti1. 1 


IwtHT Mr- f- 


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TtHirhMH.. 7* 


T»UKm>. IVm- 

M<rl'lrrBl, 1 


Sii- AMI hi 

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T-run(n*>«u J'"»1i-i 

Trvmlilai. Ji»ph 
TrvmliUi, tMinr 
Tn-mMav IVvrv 

Traitfau, Mrt 
Triiih-a-i. .*fi> 
Truilnu, Mux 

TrMnt>l«v l<>ui. 

Hull. 1- 1^ 

Tn^l-U) lluKhin 

|-..UII>ur>i. ha-l. 


.Ju-I-T. 1- g 

Tt.n.ia*>.Na|-<t- >• 

\.> IMW.I. \U- 

Tn inl>la> . Kmii 

1 aHHt l'<ul, 1' IJ 

Tr«»|.|.>, \l.»i. 

M..nlr..l, !■ <J 


S> An.(t<-<l< hilt.. 1 

II.Uharr.J A \ 

MiKiitral. I> u 

M Nam*!*, V tj 

1 •„ml--. I'h f 

Motxrnl, 1- If 

trutliw. Ur> A 

Miiiln*). r ij 

lr.rt«-T. Afmii.* 

T"Kt«, Mf. 1. 

!**.-,«.■, M.. II 

Munmal. I'U 


Mix-t^riaia. 1* g 

1 al«T(>-. J<»'|>h 

Moixrral, 1' <| 

Tufmaih.-, \ 

« rtal. I' If 

Tu(iwl. ni„. . 

\l rtal. f g 

lU>ar<l. riixa 

MoHlml. r g 

\ul.*- »:ri.r*l 

\.->mHir. Allirit 
VMina. tlUvt 

t..a«n. Mart... 

Hal-b M>l» 
«4llh>i>. llMI* 
WaINt (•■ab 
Kalt i-hm 
« »- I ■*rt.m I 
W.II-. Man- 

I>a>rxwli- thni 
\^*ll. M>. ».' 
ViH<ar-l. t larai 
V>anrh>n. Mr- J 

>ra>a-». I- g 
M"nlr»al |- IJ 
M.>i>i>.al, I' u 

M wirral. I' g 
M.mtti>l, I- g 
. «lt.Tr..., S \ 
M<mlr*.< l> g 

U<«i>*^ r g 

■ / «/ W n r 

7lh H.VriAl.lON 

I'linH-nin. Uilltam M.-< 

u'lhHiahw, l>inHlJ<T 
I'anrulcp, Krain<- Unl 

Ta>t«r. llunkH Ihnin, 

KrKl>-r>. Km^i lii.Hiri 
llalkHi.Niirmiiii M.I. 


t^mgtnati. J..hi. Millar 

MaUioiHI. J>ml>l> ifui 


\<l. ■i>*»T>'l^ 

Mrllm. Iluil>-Bl>j.<l.t> 

1 l>4lllf>UI 

NtirthsiHol. MnUn 1 

I'htllti'*. rranrl- •;»■?) 


llatnUrtl.. »:H>at.ll» 


tmllh. ItXIMhH ■••.' 




•.an>». lohx It 


Mlirtl. h-tt-r 


4h \al«l"i. J.,hi- 

Allifll ■■win 




Um. \frt..l.i.l.l Ti » 


MIm. *Hf.Mf l>n.-i 

All-., l;fwrtl.«.ft» 

MLi.. t^-n- \'U<ur 


\llt>«>l M til MM 




tnlMom. K.IJ..»I.. 


Ahmxi). Man.Hv 


Amw. liM<fKvNp>).» 


UMI. r^UaM 


ArifMlrM.1 IIM..<. 1 



Amw<«I Vn.lrro 


SM-»» ^'tt--' 


tUlM. Th.M>a> 


A<a»)> I.WI. J.«1.>. 

A-iH«ri A>ii.*». « 


llanw. r.ami-W 



tliHkx («»rt. !'•».■ 

llMnl. Ilattl 


IM-w. »,„«. ».(«... 


|lM4m. Alhr*l } 

U,.*i.: Mr.. lt.lHil^.iii-. nil. 

r,.»r..r.|. Mr. K IJ^»>-II. I..>.. 

n I ahw, ll.'l»t> M tut. 

l-arfrutp-. Mr. t.llm \ Hilri 
Suli-liltK Mf. Ai.n> t: l4n. 

Ta>l..f. Mr. h-l.ffw.ivU tnii 
n.-.l»t.Mr^ M T..nnWltln 
\.T.'>, Mr> Mi.rR<n-l •HI. 

t'.-lH-rs. Mr- Mir<r^a \ 

Vi. Mr. I>..,l,:.l.\ OM. 

llnJli.'ll. Jam.- Kr.^'hi. Kilii 

Hall. Mr< N'lin.a IHU 

MHi,,.. Mr-. Iri,.,.. . IVhi 

>»Hn>a<i. M l>iii 

Tl>..nia> Mr< Mari I.Uui. I iii. 
Itt.h..|>. J..hii (Ml. 

II.Hirii..>i , la.o l-alaJI.' i ni. 
Kurf— . IMm. \VM.i>r»l I'.rl 
< amrnn. Mn- lul.lU IHii 

\IU'li. Ml. Ita'ri*-: 

\mW«>n Mr> < 

N»i .(.1-4 

\Hr .>■>»! ViiiMian 

(»»•••. Mf. 1—. 

H».rf< M» tIkH 

IU>I... M'- la..>. 

■ nia** liBI 

Ita>h.. Mf II 1 

I. ...»..,.••»• 

lla>M. Mf Uaf- 

lUU.-. Mr- H.I- 

ii<l..a. Ilnl 

nwh.. Vt. lU' •» 

II.I.H-II. tN.t 

lia<fc>> »rr»> 

K-.MII . Ir<' 

llarh.. Mr. I.I. 

iHiava tint 

S..I ..tatr.) 

v.. Halr*t 

I4wr<> Mr. t..n» 

M.i^a» M- \u„. 

IV»«l.>ai. S-t^ 

Mat.«a» M V 1 ■•■<»».» 

\.ir^mt Hifi.. 

Hafma.. li II 

M»<la«. Ill,t 



I ana.U 

n«(iH Mr. !*•• 
|(.^>4.k-. . M<> I 

Ik* Mr< lit— 

tVirw..^ «a-l. 
l(<.riUi..|. ttal 
Nt* « rw. l.-< 

t txlat^l 
» ii«lanJ 
» t.|Ut.-l 

(I 'I f II I r II ( 

Ih,- Criiil Wiiflil \V 

lt.4i.i>. K 

I l>»ii-i,IK>ili-iir 

>nia. K.l<..r.l Mr... Fran< :■ 
KitiKhun. Mra. Mar) 
llinlu, Mr* KlhH 
llirrf. Mi'-Horrrxv 

Sl. lUpharl W<-1. 



II.>lii.r. Jiihn 

II I. Thimia 

Uix r. Krmi 

ll..iiihw. Aril 
lh.1.1 hi-i. W Hi 
ll..u.-n>r. Uill 
ll.,urni.r. ^.\^ 

I til. n<'li.n. Il.'ir 

llrB>lm. liniTci- 
llnol-nn*. iWI>m Jin 
Kriiirr. I(ir)i>r<l 

tlfVII'll, Jl-.|lh 

Hm.Ik.-. Mlr.-I J 

> rr>i->.- 

., Am til 

n •**'«! Iln.wn, I lank 




*. K.t* 



W illw 



..*.. I.J.I. M«M 
<)<. M..*ar >. 

Hanliarh. Mr> l':inma 

IIHil»i'nM>.. luiHiil.iirM 

'.. . N 

S f»na.U 




lliinH, Mm ll.'.i^m. nm 





I^'niihurx Mr<- KaiiKW 

Unark. Sn.i 



|l..m-hrr, Mr., Kuiil.nilf 

u milt Mill'. Hull, r (J 

1 aiiaila 



lari-. III! 



IbHirKtr, Kr>nr» 

AMnHT, ry 

1 aliaila 




Kra-ff'. Mill.. Ai1n,.r. I 





lliHMth. Mr. Ali.1- 

»i.m»all. Onl 



(ionJon. Mr< Kmib 





<nia*a tint 

< aiia>la 




CMrllH... 1. 




H..!..-., Mr. KmmBdIwI) 






IU™i-. I'... TW. WMM 

;a«iiIiiii. Kiik 



llimmax Jan<c 

l*«U V.nt 




llolHHI. Th..m>. 





ml A 

II..>.MI. Mr- Kl.«l»^h 



llrailtfl. Mr.. JnM>' 




hr»l-hw llM-l M 

Munirnil, l> (J 

< atiaila 




llra>.ha» Mr- 

rai«M.iti. S.iulh IH-. 




llruM. Mr<.. tharlxii- 




Mrvfon. Ihmal 

Ki. Mark! If 




rirxlc. William 

I'l>m h, K<iK 





lln. >. M> >l. 1" VI 




1 alKa». Alia 





|tr..A^ Mr. «««i. 

V aHMiut.'r. h < 




Ht.-.i«h. M.. T A 

I .( 




llfion. Will'am WaHir 

1 ..(HtiM, Km 



llnsn. Mr. \..>i.r 

1 aiia>la 



llr<.»-. Mart 





llnian. Il.nrt 





hr->»i.<i r. 

Uiohrwh.1. itni 



Il>..ati. UilKam Ml-ri 


1 anaila 



llriinHl^, Mr> \u|i..>a 

• Htaaa. ■ mi 





N»i .•■i><l 

\i>i .iatf.1 




HurtrM. Mr. (.aura 


1 Biiaita 



ll>i<.<l. MmiMl 

ALlHliitrt. Will.. ^N( 






t»ll J.M^.Ii IImi 
1*11. Mut.fl.. Ai" 
lall. Millml 
>. Il-Hv 

ilh Jafw* Htrfartw 
>th<«-. I hafb- 


I, Arlhuf ».ila>« 

I kniwl lo 1.|i|»t.i.. !•. 
lllMatrti, Kultnlll. K*>« 


» •.Mlah.l 



<) u r H t' r n V , 


■/(/ \V(t, 












CiiBpinan, AIIh^ 
'■'hapman. Norman 
CharlHinnitiu.> . 
IhMrlHiniMiiu Jxhr. 
I'harmitii. JriH-ph Will 
I'harlm. Kiilm-I 
I'hiwFrl-. John Itirliur. 
Ctn^ipr, ll«rv<«y Jii>*| 
('hnry. Hunilit (irant 
l'htTTy,J.,hn \- 
l'ht^>hi>lTn>-. ThnniB- 

<-h'tn<i», fVli« 
t'rirhram-. Wf liiiin 
CwhratH', Janit- 
r.irkliur>i. \\\*ii 
Ciithlan, lUrnlil Kn- 

u<«iil>. Mr<. KII..I. MihiHii. lint 

aii-liii.ll.-. Mr>.. KJiiiiU'ih Mil.' Kml. t^in'l..i 

hamlHT.. J.ihn. turMlK.ii. !■ ij 

hiiiiman. Mr- K f'hitiKr.inl. I..inil' 

hui-mmi Mr- Mmma W.-.1 T.inml.i. (Ii 

ChBrman. J.M>].h n>lliiii 


'ha»i-K A M 

' Mr» V laii 

■h.rr>. Mr- \T\-i M«> 

hwry, Mn. lU-Nirin- 
■h..rryh..lnir, Mt». Kll.* 

h ri.T. Mm. I^ium- 

'hoiiinanl. Mr». rhilnm-n 

hn-iir. Wiltiam Ji.lii. 

I>n.|>. Mr<. Ilof. 

T><i>. Th.iinu. 
hraiif. \Ir- Wil 
:r-< Mr. kail 

iurWi. IVlrf Alf»>i<:.'i 

I'lirilMU, t'tlRTli- 
r.frton. Miihaw I 

[■an>..r. Mr-, (;.„r|,.. 
'■.-i|-r. Mf.. A«.i.- II..- 
I'.H'ti-. Mro. rdii 
i'.>u|.Un<). Mro. Kliul* 

I ..rnrau. Mr- A.l..|in<' 
r,>rr.i!ai. Mx llf«<ri» 



W.»l>. Mr< II II 

rniirhitlianli, llmrK^ I 

I'jniminc, hatH 
< 'itninilnia. Ilrrt*" |(i 
( '((Tontlnai, Ira 
CumMl. UaltH-k 
t'unnlniham, Jan>i-> 
< uwar». Marr% H 

l-l<><.l Mill 

I fait . John 
hariln, Arirur 
I'ati'v, Hnra"- l*-J» 

II.I.-, I(..l«'fi ( 
Dalpt. Mf V\\» 
Hal.. Mr< Mar^irH 
t'aM.. Mr. nt» Mar, 
|.„«, Mf-,nn- 
lUiklHxi, HirhanI 
■ •ax'lom. Mr. t:rf<ih 
t»aviP>. Mr> Hanna 
tiatw. U'^ MlrahH. 
Ilavl., Mr* John 
l>a... Mr* )' 
l>«. J.1... 


nl \V„rl,l War 

U"1 ll.'ii|s 
■.J T.m..l 

r..l WHIiIii 

1 Kihotf > . 








Uff.-I. 1 




1 '..u«1... 


1 hUKl... 


F4l»-r, l>U>iri>.i 
iil.aii. M..>-.' 

<-. n>IUam, ili.n..r 
rati. Jami-.! 


^...Ma.f, W>lli.n 
lalU. '«a<niM'> tl. 


Itull. 1* g 

lNTl.-.Mry. aK.-™ 

\>1«m. l-g 

iN-mui;.!. \tr^ Vrmr* 

WriKl-l > illi-. II 

l>,.,nuc... \lt. Ant.». 


l><-U"ll.. Mr- |i.- 

Ii>laii<l ius- -M. IHl'i 

IMari'l till VI- 1^1'- 

KnKlanil N-<\ 'iH. IXI.S 

f' ■'■ l>< - "■''• 

■ aiiaita ^uM ill l^r"! 

N..I <iBinl >.<-i •ia>»l Kndanit Ni» :lli l'>l^ 

».....«, Na|.>1».n Tmr-., I' IJ Kr.«!aii.l tuK T mi.-. 

Hum.. Mr-S..|H.. hiiHlao-l KnuUh-l I >"• U IKI'- 

rmim. \lr< ljul>a \.'.markri.i>.» Kntlan.! Jul' :'l IKI'- 

IhinnmR. Ualit-rU ■ umt-rtaiul. < itii > ana<la N'-t I" IMI'- 

Uiitnin', Mr> INrriH Tonmii.. KnaUM \<'* IZ. D^IA 

M.,-lMfn.. Mr. A.U l[.n(f™.lHil ■»> \u« J". INK. 

.U|.M>< I f«lM. 

V.MI-.I.. Mr. H— •!•' 

• ..n.n.lri( 

Ki.*u<r. M>. tll»l<'i> 

Kal— iHf, Mr. \1«fi 


l''al|.. Milliam 

1 ari.. III.) 

llall■^l »;liM 

iHlaaa It 

»i«nwT Mf» Jant' 


Ka'ioa. Mr* An» 

HVm T.m. 

Karn... Mr- Am. 

tt... T..™ 


r.41^1, Mil* tl>..i \lf Mar. 

f.tiPtlt. Milhufii »Hi><l>,\l» Ktia 

(»l>tin« lll*n Kvlilitig. t.l>tati**r. 

t*l.(.. Ita.ul r IVU. Mr. ti,»* 

».;.!•. W'tliam »;tn»t t »t.|.. Mn ^.Mv 

».!.. M.ll.ani iHUita it«> 

nl.—. M» Maol-la IH-aka ■)■<■ 

•iwt. Mr- I lOian ho. Hurt.nahati.. I' g 

II r II , 


(; r (• a t 11' 

■III Will- 




K.fl.-n. ttilfr-l 




K>.unmll. J<iH-|il^ 


K.jurniH'. famill 


K...«. Thomw 


K.,v. Th"m». f-H 


Vtw-t. Allan II 


l->-i«T. Tt-m'u.. 

y r«.,-kv. Mr^ Kiirari' 


.... I<>J 

h,r.,ll,... \lr--ltM-liM 

V It 

I-. r...n, Tli,.ma« 


r.:rii.r. Mr-, Mi.r\ 


ill.'. V 


p.,.iim.r, Mr-. Mnr> 
Koi, ir<'ii;<. 


,1. IM 

Koy. \U-- ltri.le.-i 


1. Kn 

Knwrr. Mw. I'.l.f 

Kraw. Mr*. 1. S 



KruMT. Mr... I'aMIt- S 

[■■.*Uii.l. Kmily 

>r.Ml. Mr- Aniiu- 


, KlIK 

■•'n:nt. ('harl> 


im. \ 

i:M(n..i.. Mi>. KllMl«.lh 

\U„rh 1 





i;aut>i'r. MfiiD >:.ln 
<i.-lin>'au, (jlwanl 

I ;.^liranill. FrHl.ti.1 
liilAUll. Alln^ 
Iiil>lin.St.1.h.'n Wall 


tMirniMii, t><-iiii\ 


ti.n'maii J..hT> 


liiHihl. W.-.I0V 


li..ur. Umlli. 


<:..ur. I'hillv 


(iraham. > 


tiralmm. Thr.miu. 


<in»it. William M.I 



lirai.l, <;«.r«r 

i.-liiiiau. Mr.!. M 
l.'tHKi.Mr- U>uU.', Mr- l(.i>ari> 
;. rl'Mii'll Mt>. Ijoiu 
iiLmilt. Mr-. Km.'li.' 
;<Umii1'. Mr- II.WH' 
;ilili.i. Mr-. It.-.. 

I u-kwlk I- <J 
IVl.-rh.iul. AUr. 

Hull, l> g 

ii-...-r. Mr- Mi.r> 

aiiT. Mr. T.-ll> 


-111., Mr- Oliv.- 

Si a 

ill... Mr. \.rt..tmMH> 


■I.I111C. Mr> A.I. 

-.Hi..-,... Mr. Msr> 

.••loan. Ann.- \ 


»>I>|||>... Mr. Matv 1 

. M.-I. 

.rmaii. 11 

.rinan. Mr. JiiUm 


.ul.l. Mr. 1 alharm.. 


gu>'tH>.<. I- g 




Ura>. Mrv 1..UIU 



(ir>.Mi, AIIht< l.l»ar.l 



Ur^inwuHl. ,>..iii Wilir..! 

ilrH^K.HHl. Mr. Marr 

K Kurham.i'ni 


t;r*«.rtr-. Am 1". 

c;r.|t' 1"'. Arrwl.- 

M.m.r«l. (■ g 



i.rnp-r^. John 

ILltl, 1' g 


(irnr«r> i<>h>i 

iir.*.r,. Mr- Mil.laiU 

Hull 1' g 

ilnnviml. Mrtan.l.i 


lir.«il«. Trim.... 

LhiKlt. Mr. Man.' 


(irtivi-, W.ll.amll.'.HM. 

".r , Mr. U.->n- 


i;uiir>, Hni..r »>■>>' 

lta<i<i...ik. Wirli 


liunlM, llrrlB.n 

>..»,<.<•. Mr. 

.\>(n»-t, rg 


iiur>kl. J.ihn 

lii.r-k'. (it'.r 

KlKCI.H.. Out 



(....., l->«lv.,.k 



<;>■> Mr. Marxar.! 

Ian.. Hill 


lint. Franklin 

i;>l>. Fr.-.l.-ri.'k 

N.irth lUt.Oni 


<;u.i Wa«rl 

<iii«. Wara»ai.' 

l>.>la>i.|. Il..*<a 



Ilaiiar. Mr. \tn^ 


llalkHI. AI<'M>..l.-r AlUr. Ml- l«.l..l 

Kl..«.l..». "H.! 


Hall, Arlhiir 

Hall. Mr. Mar% 


Hall, J.»-|>h 

Hall J U 

IVn.l1..i Mai 


llanu'l. lMui<- 


llamriiii. Alphi.XM' 

II,,.,., I. - \lr. A«li.- 

\)ln*r 1- g 


lUfnillnn, Williim 

Kinl'iirn Mil. 


llamn-l. K iliiani .l>i>»- 


lUtKl. i>mfti> 

T..r..i 1ii> 


nl Wnrlil Will 


'. ttaltn 

IUrt>'>. Alfml Harry 
llarv-y. c'lmrli-ll<'nr> 
llarvr>, Miinlaitu'' Ji>> 
IUw<-<^ Sl<ln>>y Urar-NR 
lla>. |tavi.l 
llayHim. Ji.l'X \ I' 
Hay... VV.I'iim 
llfa.t. Karri 

llurkir. \M-ri 
llnrlanrl. William 
lUnxi'ir. Ml- l.>lil 
ll.rj.. Mr- It. -■ 
llarri-. Mr- Kliial- 
lUm.. .Mr< Mau.ll 
llamx.1.. Mr.. 
irBrM->. Mr. KliiB 
IUrM'>. Mr-. .Sarali 
Harv,.>. Mr". K 
llattif. .Mr* lUnin 

I \rii .>t Km 

. It.'l1<' 
,y.t..t.. Mr.. IVarl 





lUj.-. Mr- Alin- 

IMlrr., lalir- . 



ll.-a.i. .Mr.. Jan.- 

■ Hiaua.iini 


HHnirr. Mr> Sarah 


H..t,bn->.Mr., Aima. 


Hr».)w.,..i. Mr. Mat., n 

Hull, r u 


Itirmlnii'am. h 



N' al«l 

Ni . .laml 

\.iir,. Mr- 

Wi.H| ll-tV- 

.. 1 1« 


Hrmn. Mr. I'h.iH' 

Itr Mi-a.. 1 



H-«M..r.. Mr- Maniu-- 



. I«IA 



.. A>lMi ^:.laar't 
>. Ji>H1>h 

f.niKrIi. VVtIllam 
ii Aiutr.-* T<.«r-V 

H™!«.h.. liu 


Hu.l<kl> Mm 

ini). M 

r Ki 


lt..riii-.i.r. K>'ii' 

Hill, S. 

ua.i I 


• (aaa, llnl 


Mar) Am 


Ilim— . 



<nia«a. KaoMi 


, Tr.. 


Tiir. >, l>nt 


Monln-al, 1' U 


. Mr. 

.. I'ai'lia. 

KaniMiar. |i.>ll'i 



■ ■■ivi-r. K.'fll K< 

II..1.I .. 



ilnaaa. tH>f 


... tt 


•41.««, rg 


-. U 


•iiiawt illi', 1' g 


, Mr., tiiii 


K Ml 



111-, Mr.. I'lmniB 

r.<iiii(>«iii>i. M'-i4i<'. 

H<Hi|ai >rai>t,r,r<i»l 

ll...|i.r. Mr. \<l. 



H.i|a.. tirorif 

lint'.', Ali'xaiKlir 



H'>t'K'""t. f'ank Ijlitar.l U 

|-.>r.-v. W'm Kn-li-ri.'li 

K>-»liur...lWk. . Ii.f 


Iffiraii Marl in 


»t.Mlll.-Bll. r—'x. 1 UN 


II .rnh> . J. ^.t) 

J.><ni. tianol 

I i.Ml.1..) 

HifliHi. t-'r^awi.lil iiarb- Mr. It.~- 

t »VlaM-l 

H..>hi>. <*nl 

lli. •.!»■, Mat 

Niiitii.«|.am. Vni 


Hi>*arH. Mr. M-nr. 

■*haa»illr, 1- If 

HxnaM. Ji.lin Jam» 

Ilnaar.1. Ian... 

>na>><ll>' 1- it 


H..«r, lS»r» Kratih 

||,.,H, Mi..y.i.,.. 

f.irl.m..«il., Ilai.l-, 1 na 


l|..>r..ll.'..rt» William II 

(loo... M» t: M 

H'l— 11. 

1 ai<a.|i 

lloalaiMl. ftmnk William 

|l..»laiHl. Ml- M 


t NKlaH.1 

H...<Hi.lknr, Tlmma. 

H.i*trt> Mf <s.r«l, 

"•"■^ »■"■■» *"• 


llru*).iH>a<«» 1<hI». 

Mri|.tii>i.a>k. la.-fl. 

|>..t~l.i- III 

Il.iat>». ^riixK 

».i«P- tt J 

Miwt-™' 1- y 

1 anaila 

H.||,». J.W|,|. 

lluNl-... itamiH'l 

1 iM...«l...r. nn' 


iUitU". l«-n.t..r 

llnilii- Mt. Ma. 

iiiiaoa W>H.i.lini 

1 ana. la 

Hull. »-rai.n. 

Hull. .I..t,i. 


1 arwia 

Hutiil.U-. li ai' 

llumM.,. n.-lH'» 



Itunl llrrtriw 

II Mf 1 

T<-ii.iii>i. lint 


IIhm.^. WlllHini t.liar 

llui.ii>. - H 

llar>r> <<(ati..n > >'rli 1 .. 

S II rafa-la 

tii« III IHlIi 

Jail 3K IHIX 

S.|.l -Jl im.'V 

Jiii.v ?. i«in 

Auw .-I, IHI.'i 

Inly tH tUin 

lui i- inift 

\.n. .m, iHih 

. I»IA 












HlllliU ■ HrHli*. I 

K.iiram, flaH 

'•ran. Mr. K*l<- 

iniaaa. IM 

Irain llt^ir. M*«al>.t<4 

l'«.n l-ll1l|. NlIib.. 

INimlr.'l. I 

iai'k,«>H, iMlMri II... 


\H.«m <H 

Sui iMr4 

Nm •■■ml 

(•rkvn. Hainvr) Tnihib. 

t».kmm. Mr. S-IW 

lM«« Itli- 

lari-n !Mi-« Mahr* 

1 <M \lr>, 

J.r..l. Mr* |-|.ial->. 

^.laaat. "* 

lahi.-. I'>illn.i..l.n 

lam... MIT 


lattl* tmlrtiik H 

lar..., llwWri 1 

la>.'. Mr. J<'«ii< 


a. t.r.,nt Itrm. 

l«..M.. MaM »<•• 

iHiM.a th 

J'nnini.. i..l.H 

•n<t*n., \rrii<haM 

M l"l» 
II lllk 

t tail 

/(/ ir 



l.>l.n«in. Fr»»-i- ll<> 

t «ii.i-f.irtH 


JuliiHrn. WJIIuinitl 


tiinl:.l«n. Allwt Tin 


J< l!n«.m. ti».ini<- 


J»iiii>t<m, Jolin Jii>m 


J.iiinM.m. WII1i»mr 


J....1W. C'harl- 


JmIIv. M[r>-I U itlliim 
Ji>rH-. t'lmrli'- I'tirli' 

J..n... rrBr1r-t:ili. 

liii«->. h n-N-rx k U ill 


JoiH-. (;KirMP Arlt.ui 


J.itH-, lli.'1'iir.l M<f>r. 

ITiv«li. S.murl J«m.- 


In« 1*. Kr.Nk 


.■■■M-|.li Jmmi AI-'I 




.M-m. Mr-. S. M 
own. Mr-. I> 
.i»'..l>. Mr. J..I, 


K«ii».Mll-. WiHrnm. 




K>f r, Ji-v|i.. 


K«t, S«mii.!-4m.. 

K.■^.■.. MmuiHl 


KH.I-II Arihur 11 


«<illl>i. \rlliiirii.-<.rfl 


Kilr>-N ll<il-m 


KInili-r, Itwl-^i 




KiMoird, Th<>fn»» 


•v.n., T;,..m..l--««. 


K<M hn-htirk Til 


Kirh. Il-iir> Mllltti 


kxtW. Uilllum 




Ki'lt-hiL. tKK-n 

Kim<'liMh. r-«l 


K-.-n.lf. \ti.i»-(ts-lr 

Kuvt,^. Trolrm 


KtwK'. WitliMm 

1 at-'ll.'. J>.«>|>1. 


Ulm-rlr. M>M<-> I'h 


1 wlrfli-, .\flM»» 

Vriliw. (iiKic 




<a>n><ur<«<. Ml-ri J, 


-■n'*4.-% M m 11. 


1 .... Th.«... 


'■ti«l-H-, »;mil>' 


laliiliM-. iiwlitilXix 


1 Mkin. Jam- M 


l« HiKi.. Kranrx II 


1 thH-h. Nt-UO- 



1 afm^hH . J.— iih 



laitnw«, *llMn KimH 


1 auahlm. K-UanI 


U%ar|>». li-niH 

I «»').. iam» 

Im'. William rKi-tr * 

K<lrt«, J<>hi> 

lillawN. <•') 

KlmlH-r. Mr> 

Klmirin*. Mr 

• MartarH 

Kimtrn. Mr. 

Sara Jai* 

H„.^\: Ml, 

KinM. ^l....r 

hm-tim. r.r 

K«i(i,n. Mr- 



K<>U»iiih. Anria 

Ski .|al<-<t 


KiwMih. Mr> \nn« 

r-xlU'll. Ku-ua 


K..rH...I. Mr. Atitw 

liulx-rnlalMi., Ku 



Kurher. Mt. Dana 

la l(t<«Ma 

laliarv. Kn- 

MannaKa ralU. N ^ . 1 ^ \ 

1 ?» A 

laMK Ml- .1.-1* 



Ut>nil.'. Mr. t il> Mh.s 

1 aiiaila 

ra<>ri<'. Mf. cli^T 

'illaai, Mill 

> aiwla 

la'ioii. Mr- Ihva 

llurtiin«han>, 1' i; 

1 auaila 

1 ami., KmiIwm 

»ra»litiiir>«iri-, 1 

' >J 


l.aii>,ut. Mr* 1 •xi.- 

• li-ai'k, »;na 


Ijir^wLr, Mr. Mat«aFf« Hni 

1 BHaHs 

1 ■i»'-l.'. . H illlam 

■ Hiaika.iKii 


l*>-. \n 

Hlrn.inKham, Kno 


«i lUi'lail, 1' g 

1 ana-la 

lacilix-, Mr. MiiiiIh-i.i 

itllaaa. lit.1 

1 ana-la 

1 ark in. M 

> ana>U 

lalliN'ti, lM>.t..n- 

iifi>*Mi.>., s ^ ,1 

t t 

1 * A 

la'iHk.M- ilara 

ltru.<i..«>. \ \ .1 

l.r».|H.', Mr. Ih.(.alila 

r'i.fHl.rliH.1. Uhi 

1 anaHa 

(■•.rn,!,.^ Mr- rinllx 

I an*.!! 

l.».r.,»..Mr- \l^U<» 


1 ana-la 

1 ir<H-iw-. Mr- hmilta 


lalimr'. Mr- Ml-^m 


laoihli.i. Mr. .^r>Ka 



l.a<a'am-. Mo Maria 

1 atiaila 

1 ...^it.. Mr. MalhlMa 

iHUaa. Mn' 

1 anaila 

Mull. 1- l| 

Hull. I> g 


1 atMrhuli. N 

KamtMiU. Ilu*«a 


1 >iw4. «4a 

tBtaaa, »>».< 


l*t'>ir. Mr. 



t.*, Th..-«. 

IHlaaa K»*t,iU,t 


l..M.f.., fMillll- 

Mi«.l.ra1. !■ g 

1 ana.|a 

1 .(.ri Mr. liiMr. 

• ■••aaa.MHi 

I iniKla 


l-^at-l, 11n«J 

M.*tr.«l. V M 

l.-r..H«. M". I.>lt 

• a«a<la 

^.4» llt^fr It 

«».> IIHI 

I anwl* 

\u* II I")'. 

Juw 13 IHIN 

Mifil 1 1 l»l" 

Aua. ii iMi.) 

Nnv 1% lun 

JHi.%, la l1l|^ 

Nix. SN toil 

M, n. tun 

iH-r I'. IHll 



■ '•via, Kdi>»ril Mxrrx 
I--,., Wthuril».iwti 

Mm' Crvnt W » r I >l \V 


.iil'llunl. Mr'.. Alliv 


Ij^IUj. l-'nn.-ii. 


I^mti. W,llmm Ji 




l^iiUHtalr. I'HH 




l.i.uki-«. Nnrmin 


l^avll. Frank 


t<.wHI. Ir.m S 


l^.»«n. Sluil-> 


l.ii>h. Jan. •> 


i.uW. WnUumU-, 


\u. t<"..«ia, ii^» 


M4- M K'lo.* 




1 'rival*' 





. Anih 


. Wa« 


M«.... Ilwif* ilKH. 


Maaxr. Zarhar 


MrAh*', llHIf) M.'K« 

« '■•ft*<fitl 

\l. tula»,S<'<l 

Ui..-i~< .riMral 

Mh a[ftP».»-rank 


Mh ...^ir, (own* 


MHWmirk. nwh 

■ wiinral 

MH tinini-Hi. Mal'i>lni 


%!«..««. Nrti 



MHIlall'. Ii-»«»|J-IM 








MoKit » 




l«>n>-lBb-. Mr.. .Vrihil-alil 

llurkirKhani, 1' it 

1 a«a.l. 

1ii>inir>ni>, ltu"it. 


Um<-k., Mr-, Mar> 

1 Ktawa. nm 


|4>«<4I. Mr-. M 

MunliLlal^. 1- g 

1 atiaila 

l,.>«.-ll. Mr- lurn.. 

r.inil..nle.'. M*".l .^ 

t ISA 

U<a»»i. Mr" Ij'Iikh 


l4».h. Mf Janil 


l.>rl<-. Mr^ Mi» 


Ma.l».ma).|. Mr., 


Marlh-naM. Mr.. K1>mI-i 


Miir|i.,i..M. Mr. Umikm- 


K--ll>. K-liili 

Kl'I'lo. ■.■Ml--. Clil! 

l-l- III M 

Ma.-|l.mal.l. MeuiH.I.-r 

I,.n.l.><.. <>..< 

Ma'-|l«iin1l,» l> 

A1i'\aii>1ri». 1)1.' 

1 Mtia'l- 

Mark. Mr.. tl.Uanl 


I iiiiarU 

Mai-k.'nw. William 

1 ana'la 

Mai-kU-, Mr>. Mimrva 

1 oruwall. nnl 

> unaila 

Mai-Martln. Jnith'. A 


^„l.h.n,. \\r.. ^ 

< on ail a 

Not Htali-il 

N..1 -Uli-.l 

Mmtriiin. Mr- M 

\nl ■'.l 


M'.n.luk. Mr-, Ma.H^ 

|--Ii.k>. Itu»ia 



|{.» h.ii<. 1' 1) 


Maka>hka. Mr-, /^ilniari- 

/arukin. /»', t{ii..i.. 


MaiiHin, Thiima- 

ValoiH*. Mnl 

• ana.ta 

MiiXNiii. Mr>. Kihi4 



Mar. huk. Mr> »:irt»ina 



Marlnn, Mr. Manf 


Mar.|iii.. lUnLill 

< ana-la 

M.r-h. Mr> 1,.-ii. 

Mi.nlfial. 1' W 


Mafhall, Mr. ^* 


MaXiii, Mr* rinra 


MarOM. Mr. Mart 


M.-.I.. Mr. V 

)"4sa, <lnl 


M>».ii. Mr. Mar^ 


Mail.-«'. Mr. Italia 


■ anwla 

Maiilr, Mr. fitllaU'il. 

N..»ni..1^.,nTM..-, S. 

>, , i.nt- CtiNlaml 

Mai-vll. Mr. hmnia 


1 i^.rlMlF. \lin' 

iniaoa. i>ni 


Matkul. Mt. Kl-na 


Ma)>i.-.. Mr. KlXalo-ili 

r«H 1 >'il 

> anaila 

Ma>><. Ur> Mar> t.. 

lH'a«a, Oni 


Ma«ur. Mr.. Uth»r 

S.rt ^aii-l 

MrAW. Mr-. Naiivy 

A,Uin. I'M 

1 *iia<la 

Mi-l*Ml. Mr>. Mart 


Trurmaii, Mr. Ijm 




I, m r 

Mr|l...ll<. Mr. AnU' 
MrlhiiiaM. Mr-. A i 
MH>.inaM. Mr. Mart II 
M'thwal.!. Mr. Mar|ar*i 
Mrlii-naM, Mr. Jtihn 
Maliiuln, V i.'tHTla 
MrlhinHI. han 


I, Mr.. Mai 

M'Mllvixt. Mri MaraarH ^ 

Mft'atlanr, Mr* Jmnk n 

MrCilll. Jaimni T 

MHillt.i>«lr I 

MH,>III..JatM. )l 

MHlriLk, Mr. I M M <i 

I -diN. Mr. II 

MhImIH'. Mr. Ann •• 

Mi'lnltrf, M'< llarliora I 

MHxl>tt. Mm Jaw* M i' 

^Mnot*. Mi« llarf. II 

M'Kni, Mr. M.I, • 

M'Kvnaw, Mr. H«iah i< 

ItHWlr. U'. rharlr. t. 



Oii , 

// (' r ( 

'N i ti 1 h V r, r i' t, f \V „ r I ,1 W n , 


IrK<-nxii>, WilliBtn T 

C'<i. ll.M.-SrrK-oi 

-r N<'il 

M.|i..r|. \l,.(: 

M.'N'...I. \iii:li'^ 

M.'l.'.ul. \.<rn>iin Muliiilm 

\1<-M<-<-kit>, Willium 

MrQUKlIK JaTii-* iMf 


\t>«Kh>^, WflllNm JinM'pli 

MiHmrr, KilwanI II 

M.-nrhi»i. A!Cr.-l" 

Mi<4»uil, Kill' 

Mii'hawl. Napolnin 

Millar. Hurry 

Millar, llMlHTt 

M'llar. U»n-iir>- 

MilliT. I'l-or 

M>II<T. 'Ailliam 

\tilt». Knol.Ti.-k li 

Mill*, lininit' 

MilKHK. Kilmunil 

Milni-. Ili.ra<» 

MiUnin. l-ili-r 

1. Krn-^t Will 

\1>HM'. Thomw t'<l 
M<»in-h<iiiM>. Humu-I 
.Mmin-lxiuw, Sunlfj 
M'mrlitwI. l.1i<yiH'>rlii<>n 
Miinan. JohnShPTWiioil 
Monian. U'llliam H' nr> 

M<-U>>ichlt». . 


Ill N 


I. Ni» 

Mrl.HHi. Mr-. Jt-i-iir 
MrMrrhm.Mr*. Kih 
McHJuaili... Mr-, f'.n 
MrWha. Mr!'. Marica 



M-. Mr.. Kr 
lirhiiii. MrK. I 

Mill..'. Miih 

Shi-niHil. Knit 

Mil.h..||. Mr., Klhrl 

N..r( KiiK 

M.ili.,i..Mr>. Sarah IliUli 

\V.-.l l».i 

Mom'tl... Mr.. 

■ ltla»a. III. Mii.'h..ll 

'ik». r () 

M—r.'. Mr' 

M>».ri'. Mr.. M>ir> 


MK«r<'hiiu-<'. Mr. M»rilnni 

i"ia«a, nm 

i)iia»a, iiiii 

M.inin. Mr., I-^bIkIIb M K.-111. Hr 

M.irvai., U illlam 

K»\ MaLHl 

Miirlo, Mr.. Mari 



'iit. VMTi 

■i. ii'ir. 

■J«. IKI5 

.■^■(.1. 1- 


MxniMr. .Mfn-I J 
Miinrly. Kilttahl 
Munrly. U<v>nal'l 
Miiriihy, JaiTH'. Uilliam 
Muriilij. lawn-H"' K 


r. J.nm 

Niwin, Atlivri 
\«ill. m<-wart 
NcaMiii, rviM 
Nrvdlr. t|„ip|«Airr.-.( 
NVwrnHK. WvikUIp 
\..'l»>U. rharl<-ll«t«n 
\>.'h.ilHm Jami. 
Nirh«l«in. Johh I'Hil 
M<4a<i, Fmni'i- 


X. >:.iw> 

N<inn.t:.lnr William 

■ I'llrlwi. Aariui 
I'lUtn. haiiwlfaftlrk 

■ •'IKrrU', John I. 

I I'llata. i<m-ftt 
i> M>-atn, rrsnii 
tlKutl, llHlwri « 
I i>l»>rn, Jiihn I harli-. 

(•iwllHip, (Vtft 
(hi»lFi>. Kilaanl 
I'ati-. Mllliam^fniol 
l'»i«*. I.X«H>r V 

I'alMM. Ilrtalil Trit*- 

Mur|>h>. i II 
\1ur|th>. Mr< KhulM" 
Murray, Mirhntl 

Nnlan, Mr>. Mary Am 

ii'llrt-n Mr- fl.Uant 
I'Hvr.., I> r 
n'Hirnn. )lrrnar<l 

D'CnniwII. M 

i< Tiinni'll, llarrt 

oMvara. Mr. rai>ny 
itKM. Ur>. ». II 
l>.l>.<m. Johni'liarl.^ 

li«.IW(r. \lr. >man<U 

"uf<lfi. Mr.. I t^uiH 
I'af. Mm Mar»«n.i 
l-ahir. Mr. M«i t: 

Sum Will -<ii>-Sra. Kni 
'llllrv lioiil. Iili»>.v.< 
Hull, f IJ 

Ut'l T-fnliti'lo 
A-uih Imlian,! 
I^xiih lixllan. I 

\ankUh tl<ll Oil 
f.-l.>l.k. llu»ia 

MmI>-M, t mi 

llltkmtti'Hi. I'.tu! 


< i«ilrn*t>iir«, S V . 1 !> \ 

Hpiilmnv ihii 

■ Ul*«a HhuIIi. i>nl 





























1 aiiaila 







1 anaila 




r » \ 





1 aliwla 



1 anaila 



< ai'iila 




lt.i> la 








1 aiMila 





n t \V n r I <} W'n r 

I4>t>1 II 

l'BLm.T. KliwJ. 

l-arr, Jritn lUpn.i 
■ •■riuiiii, Mrs. Vii 
I'ark. Mr-. M«r.v J 

. Ibvi^ Maml. 1- (J 

IWr-t . J..ii>i 
1VI1. TlLimv 
IVriin. Kmil.- 
IVmra. AUan« 

'"l-nBtll. J-TT) 

■■•truk, K:ii.n 
l-(.illi|. Ku«-'I1 




1. Mr. 


I. M. 



. Mr- 

-. 1 til-hurl 1>. 

11. Mr.. \ i..lri 


•>t. Mr.. I'HvL.k 

ma Kivn-ku. 

Mr.. KI>x>lH-(h 


Mr.. KliuliHh 

Mr-, n..rwtr.- Kl 

Mr». MInnif 

Urhin.-. !■ 

Ir-. Swol. 


Mr-. .Mh«m 

Ilult. 1- (J 



l-oiim. J..hii 


1, Mr- HtTtha 

r..»i»-ll, I'twi 

■11. Mr-. K'loh 

l>r»lt, Wnitht Ituiwi 


Mf. Kv. 

l-n-1^. Alhti^i tAl*»nl 


!,. Mf^ Kmma 

frinw. Thrnn*. lUlon K 


. M" IJiul-Ui 

IT»<il>. AIIn'TI 


.. Mr-. <'..m1„... 

fnml«. 1 :ahr»'l 


I. Mr. <i1..vmH 

tTr'Ulx. MlrhiH-1 U'lliam 


.. Mr^ H-.r.!,.-.- 

I'm.!!!. Uiltri-.! 

L. M- IMinia 

I'miiiHr. lhiiial-1 lli-rmaii 


..Mr- I..*.'l 



Mr. Kalhrin.' 


. Mr-. A«r»^- 

(U.r.... IVl-r 


. Mr-. Aiini.' 

.^iiiiiH'vill .T.*i'|ih.'tf 


HVilW, Mr- Aunt 

'^bifh, John Kirl ant 


, Mr-. K 

ll*i.kii>. M.. W T 
l<>rk. Ml- IIUi") 
ItaalinN-. Mr. M 
lUttniinil. Mf. ^m.- 

(. U I II lam 
«i"t, Arthur 


.|.|ill, IM»r> 

.t»*»fll. ItK'h.l.l ' 


II f.w-l 




• '<■. William 

tlulHirt». Uarh 

H-rf-*«.-, J.«n lUlrtI 

.Wri.. J.ihnl»lir 


.l.r.t.. tl..t-'>« W>l 

■iiwi^m. lia»H4 


>i-ri.<>n. Jam<- 


>l-^-w. «>ll>*n. 

lt<>lHll.»l. J.«1lh 


•4iiti-..ii, thlvxl 


•li<i.t., t'nnh 


-ll I..MI- 


h'kl^iiM-. t>>an<i-. 


«M.. Ilmft »: 


.<»*. Jaw. . 


iml,lbl. MwH I 


■ «. 4..|M„ 

ItMialtil, Mr- K M 

i,i(a«a. Dm 

l<M)li>n. Mr- Mariact 

llf>m>bt.. llMliar-l 

H«>n..l.t.. Krti«l 

1 arlHoi l-li 

llln-. Mr* iMur llM<'> 


Hir... loMT M>«r) 

«WiiH.n.. < 

Uii'hKtilM'n, fli.TPnii' 


HM-W1. Mr. irnnif- 

IHUkB. Ulil 

tditVia^l. Mr- ll«Mn>- 

' lH<a>a»;a>l 

tun »>.n. (. 

I'acilc II.. 

Il.h-.. Mr. Un<l- 

• HUoa. ■•■« 

H>^*<-tU. Mr. Mars 

lliit^i, Mr*. A 

llntort^. Mr>. Fi<h4ia 

»;aMii<-ii 1- 

lt<>l*ri*. Mix »:iw4a' 


t(<d>Ml., \tr< KathWi. 

M.iMtr«l. !■ 

Wln<unl..>. Mf. ¥-. i- 

|j.«i-.l, |.; 

IMwf1-H<. Mr. M.r> 

t ■>w«a\. [ 

H^-n. M.. M..> 

lt..hitlaM. M» laiirii 

Knhitiwn. W H 

llr.fhii'fi. Ill 

IW-.n ll.rrx 


U<*rk M» t>Hl>«. 

Mn.K..II. 1 

|(.H-kl»uiH'. M'.* 

\,lw«, f »J 

!(.««., Mr. Ilitl.t 


fwn«, Jaimv 

1 ,4-l«., IH.I 












■J7 IHIfk 

i: tttn 

H Ittlft 

ar iHiit 



I h, 

1,1 World Wii, 


K.uiH. Arlllur 


|{<>»l<'y. WXliiini T 


ltii>. Kuril 


Ityati. Th..m4.- 


SiKlIiir. K<l»ii> 


Saiiili-n.. Slangy 


SHmliTixiii. Kraniri" 


S«iitu>ky. Jiihti 


SHuniliTS. Arlhur 


Suun-li-rs. (lurk 


Knvanl, C'IuuIm 


Savunl. 1 IniiT 


Srhurf. II.riH.ri H, 


Srhart. «.■>!.■> \r1 


S.-hi>rfi'. VVilLum 1) 


S-hmi, Aiiilr..* 


Srhinn-1. W illium 


S.-..I.I.-. < 



Sr.ill. \Va1i.r H.»r 


Sriiuin. IhiiiH 


S.T».n.. VUui 


SM141III. I'.ler 


ShanI, Sylni'y 


Sliariie. Saniui-I 

.<«niliTH. Mr-. Mary, 
.'aiiilcriwti. Mn>. Ali»' 
SamluKhy. Mrs. Id ^ar> 

ill'. Mfk. WalliT 
I. Mr!-. l'.T"iKv 



Shmrr. Wilimm 1 


Sh.i'lian, Jamn. 


Sliivhan, I'aini-h 


MhrltMrl, Ij.i.Isi.> 


!<hHili>t>, Wali.T . 


Shrnnaii. Williun 


. , Shi-M»nl. ILiiry 


Stu-pi-'nI. Itlrhar 

I'rinn- Alli«t. :■ 
l.i.iiiii>ii, Knu 


S1I.U-J. AfiliurWull-r 


Sll>l»i, Krti>.l < 


Slm|iMiii, havirl 


Slmiiwn, Jiihn . 

SiiirlDlr, MuiiniJanK^ 


Sii«*, Ahiir.irriw> 


Hkaliax. Thiimax J<ili>i 


HkHt..ii. I'a(rl.-h 


Hhltlrti. William Jamr. 


Hkl|i»"rl)i, Alln-rt 


Sl..i.-r. Tlxmta- 

Smith. A1l>-rt 


fmith, \mln-» 


.tmllh. Ilmijamln »'rH>ikl 


r«nillli. K<l«anl Tlx.m.r 

!*mHM. Krir riirarhaii (1 


)(miih. »:rH«i 

< '■•flMiral 

MRillh, iri>ra«v<>«iir 

!<niiili. ICtrtianI 
Smith, Sliliwy Hi>aar>l 
Smith, Thiima* 
SttiUh. rrt>«ii tlatt 
Sinlih. John Wwh't 
Siiitih. Ulltlam 
Nmiih, Hllllufn llnirif t 
.Smith, WllNifr |i<>ii|ili>- 
S<il>l>4, William II 
Sinitrow, Uniiam 
SH-'k. Ill' rwr 
Sliwiif, SaniH"4 iIiIimhi 
S|i>-*H*-r, Staiili-t 

^•■■lt>-r>. I'taiik 

S! Amaml. tlialfri'i 

Sllltll'. Jlliill » 

Smtili. Ml- Mli'i 

Sixrk. Kiloanl 
HIW.I..1.. Mf, Ktl' 

hr ,.l 



Aim -m IIII.-I 


II, < 

• II I ir (I r / (/ 11' II r 

7lli IIVriM.IIIN 

. Mr-. Km.l} 


. Mr. K I-. 

1. A 


r™. (■■««!.. 

Tuii>4mii. \Siir 

T.-ii[r.i. K.loar.| 
T-iilr^. IrtaiiUill-f 
T"k.'. 1**1. 
T.-k.-. WllILm 
Th»>iT. rh«rlw 
Tliihiaull. AilriTi 
Ttiiliiaull, liimln 

■. Krntamiii 


•. »:>■ 

, Th'ir 

-111. 1l»l-'ri 

Tli<ini|>«>n. Itkhanl 
ThiimiKiin, UiiIh^I 
Th>.ii»<><i. Urilani 
TiMhi-. ('l.arlt^J,».|ili 
TiKhf, iamva Frami* 
Tll-m, Wllliim 
Timl-T-. Jaln«ttillmTi 
Tn(i,( uthlipn 
T.imaUi., Itiilo-ri 
'n>urat>Ki'au, J>ih>< 

Vr»tH'rn. Arthur 
Trrtur. Kilaanl Aui 
Turh.-r, fklnfy 
T><>. J"wi<h 
I'tituhRri, K*«ni-th 

1 -hlT. liHITKH Thiiit 

V ai'liixi. »;<llnimi| 


I. l-aul 

HnliMI. iWil 
H«l.liH-k, Wllttam Marllti 
Wah'. Ilirhanll' 
Walk". liHXIf llar..l.l 
Ualtaii', <W|I 
Wal|H<M-. »-rahli A 
Har<l. Milliam 
Mar.l.-lt, Thoma. Jano- 

Haraxk. All*rl 
UaiHHtan Nlrlifii 

WaUo... Harry 
WbII.i Ulmr* Vt»iii« 
HaiiM*. Ilrvcnry Jamn 
Wi>, Jamt* Alhvfi 


K.-nrrrw. Snii 

Si. Juiiiun.. IVrn- 

i;rareH<4il. >• g 

Sl. Uhii.. Mr«. KuitMKo 

Hull. I> Ki 

Slrarhan. Mr<. Alii-*- 

SmIlh'sFallo. Ui 

Wlr«.I.T. Mr- Ann..- 

Sirrljuk. Ivan 

I-<Hl<.l-k. I(uv..a 

Siurt. Mn.. Ituw 

Hull. 1' g 

Stylw. Mn.. K1iuil»-il. 

(ma«B. unt 

Sullivan. J.ilin 

(...nilnn. Knx 

Ihrtim... Mr-. Anni.- 

Sully. J 


SulHitt^ Mr-.. Kmily 


Suitnn. Mr>. Samu.l 

IVtnhrokf. I»^i 

Tall.-full. lirai-i' K 

iiiia»a. dm 






■ ■ 






N.j\ . 





























T«>1.T. Mr:., Il-ffl.! 


i.n. S 

T-*l..r. Mr.. !-..,..■ 

iiiiawii. Iinl 

Tvalr... Willmn. 

Tr^ilr-. .Mr>. Khul...). 

Kuuliaiua. 1' 


T<i<ki-, AIlH-rl 



Twkf. AllwTi 


TKayrr. Mr-. W.lliam H 

ThihiBUli. Mn.. MarH- 

T(.ll'i«itlt, Mrn. Alw-Tun* 

nDiiBOR. nnt, Mr.. Mary 

iiiia>a. i)ni 

ThMnw. Mr-. Sarah 

Th"n>|n>in, .Mr-. Mantar^l Timinm. nm 

Kl.1.1, Mr*. KlIialHth 

Tiirnni.i, nm 

llurm-H. Mr*. M»r> 


TKhr. Mr>. HHilo-* 

Tlihf. J. r 


llvprinKli>n, William W 

1j>n.tnf> H 

TimlM-fi^ Jami- 


LWi, Mr.. I*ui- 

IHtawa, t 

Tomalin. t:,li,»ft<i. < 


T™|i|hh. Mr«. Sarali 
Tn«<l»i4l, Mr> Kmnia 
TrHNilBill. Mr< Km.l> 
Tr>«il»HI, Mr- 
Trrlwrn. Mr- \ 

\ot •IBl»l 

Turk-r. Mr- Ka<. 
T>«. f>lr|.hr.i 
I Mutwrl, Kt^xiriti J.ihn 
r.h«. M« Mafi 
Varh.>». Mr- iJuiiit 
VaillaiinHiri. Mf-. K 

!<«int M.mim.1 
Hfflith'- Fall-. 


. Mar 

Vilnn. Mr-. Xtarfarvi 
Wa'NHI, Kr»lrr<.'h W 
HaM'Hk, Mr- Kl-|»ili 
Wab', Mr., ^t,m^ 

Waltu<l<>, Mr- r^lla 
Mar^, Mr. Sirah 
«ar.lHI. Mr. Mio..* 

Wfrr*'!., Mr* J M 

ftar*i>k, Mr. tl..-.' 
Wn'MtiiaH. Wilhan. 
Ha'ktf... Mr- Uho- 

Hull, r g 

Nnilh MtinacLan <..,. 

M<>r-i.l.uri. ■»« 

»:a>l TrmtiMan. I' U 

•M. Itttr. 

21. 101ft 

'.II, IHIft 

IT. IHIft 

:l tHIft 

•m. imn 





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, iKin 


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K... ju ittia 

N... HI lUlft 

!(r|il II l«U 

AhHi n. miH 

iw " mift 

A««. tl HH'k 


« ;• // (■ r I 

I hi 

■ml War I, I \\„ I 

7ih IIM'IM.IO 


l>riVBii> . 




I>H«alr. . 


\Vtiith<TU|>. Uuii'vll II 

Whuli-y, Willium 

'Whyli>. JsmmCniKi'i 
■WiKht, Sairofl. 

iWilkliiwiii, Syilniy 
!\M1l<u<l. riilT'inl 

IWilwn. AllHTt Jiihii 

'•■•■■i Mrs. Ahn- 

■.■iiiinil>. Mi- U.* 
Vir. Mr". Jucliiii , 
'.■liii. Mr«. Kmily 
Vl-Jurd, Mr^. Kiiiti 

WilkinMin, Wr:-. Hililli 
WiibnI. rimrli'^ 
Uilliuni". M^^. M-rKur-i 
.Willm^M. Mt-. Mar> 
Mmirt'. UnlxTt .\ 
Wilim, A 



Kn Bin 111 

, Mr- 


1. Kl«. 











NHlUnk. Il<'nr> 



k. WilllMlti ir 








, llnrr) MU-ri 



I(ui.-I1 K-imiir 
Jumi-. lUrri'< 
Juhii IWr> 

-flir. '■>r.'. 


hhII'iiuw-. Itii> mriii 

..n11.,..K. .-unil.".. 

K«il..rk. Mr.. Kll. 

HHlH. Jullll 


H^ls Mr«. \.-ili>' 


.miiti, Mrr..liilluli 


utm. T, <■ 

Ku-M'll. I 

y«UU: Mf-.l <...!! 

■•■ Kt'llfM'V. 



// r r I 

<;,■!', 1 1 w 

■1,1 II- 

207th HA'l'IAI.ION 



l«.r. Kivl-rirh Ih-mill.- 


■ ^n.i-harl^Kmho 








llr.i«iilw. ItUEh Kitwaril 

Kirl.>. Patiil raiiH> 


,-, rh.™«,S=,rtt.m 

■mnl. Kuntl.'^ Itt-rii 



UT. Aniliv* IKiutilv 



ih<-u<l. WilUumlluv 



.. Mr-. A. ,\ 

K.rli>. Mr- \ 
Maii>i.'>t-. W. 
M.lnn.-. Mr- 
M..nm.-. Mr^ , 
<Ki-ii>. Tliunii 
l-ntrhsrd Mr.<i>. S..l..n 
Ht>lkt«. Mr>. I 

Aih>'iil>-->>il. Ml 
Allun. Jnmt-* 










:lll. IHIi 

1 IT, inn 
ii! nil 





\nniil>l<'. J.ihn lltTUTi 

Ann.1.1.-. W II 

\ i.i'i. Kn-lm,'!. 

Applrt..... Mr-, W 

Ar-h. Mr> Ma1>vl 

Arrtirr. W.lli.m h'»-\,\\ 

Arrhw. Mr. M. V. 

Ar.'onil. J-liii K'lKar 

ArnxKl. JoI'M N 

ArRiif. ('Ii»l>-r UIIhiii 

ArKU.-. Mr- Smh.!, 

Armam-n*. Allmt \hhHl>-r 

\rin>tniii«. Vimir 

Armrrmni!. (>. W 

Arthur, AllnoKIuj 

Arthur. li.T 


AK-hinm. Mi"J<— 

Auxlln. U'lllbm i<>lir> 

\ii.liit. Mr., KU.r.. 

Atti-uk. Ili^lim Sutii>'> 

A«nH-k. Mr. Ijiiir 

llwlour. Tli<>m» Frmnkliri 

ll«.l.>ur. Mr<. M>r 

lUrrj.Krai.r,. IU.ll 
lUrtiiii. liillHYl V 
llmilr, Jin-ph I'Blrl 

liMri^' litiHW 

. Mr. 




r>, M 

- M 


-, Mr 

. Kt. 

in.- M 

lit awn. 




:i IHIK 

ii. imn 

:n IDIK 


tl.'ll.i> , 
Il>'ll>-r. AllilKiiM' Janif 
IImiIhi*. Mirhwl Jiihn K 
|l.-iil»* ThiiniM Kn-ili^irl 
1li-H Allium Arlhiir 
lliril. M<HTi> 
llU-'k ll>riiii Kti'nll 
ItUrkl'K^. I'hlllli rt>it.T»i> 
1IUh<'. lioy 
llnhil. WilltvrtHlanli-) 
Ilrm*al1. Krm-) I, 
ll<>»lh. t'nt»tiiphM 
ilovn-H, lUrolilJanx- 
lliwltp> . Knw-^ W 
llrarHlim. M.llhf^ J 



rh. Mio-Utiri 

Mil. Ill>l<l4l 

111. Mf. Ann. 

liriHllvy. *< 
llrwlk. Mr« 
llrsiHhiti, V 

M.i..l..n. Mnii 
U»t tlri<t|f<>r<l 




O II r II I' r c ■■- ' i II I li I' i: r c " ( I'' ii r 1 1' 11' r/ r 

llriilm-. Mr-. Mir>' 


llr.wk*. J..hti 

Tn-nlon. 1 inl 

1 m'rpiiHt. Knit 

lU-n.^Mt. M.O 


llr..»n. »;«.«■■ 

\i'»m«11<-iiii.T,v "■■. 

Itn.M.,,. Mr-. MiiTj- 

Ilr..*N. \V. J 

KiW.morxl. < liii 

Hri.«n.-U. Mr-. I.J 


llniiii"li-. Ji- 

Ollaua, <lnl 

Itrumon. Mrs. Am? 


l*r.vuM. Mr*. rri>nila 

Ui-s-i: llnl Mr^, K1"m.H- 1 

Itiiill. Mrs. Allon 

utiHua. lliii 

■t4i:lin..r. Mrs l-uu™ 

Hull. 1- g 

lliirK'-«. Th-im..- I( 

I'likHnlmm. lltit 

lliirK.— . Tli.ima* it 

l'i.k.-iilium. <irt 


ru(.l«,ll. Mr-. h:hi:il-Th 

A. iiiiiivka.iini 

i-aimiaii. .Mr- ,\cn.- 

I'uKkv. l(.'iilr.'>t.S. 

lapl^. Mr- 

<«-l. Marrir. 

(■rrvMh^K-ri. l'..iiiri 

Carpi-nHT. Mrs. K 

r.m.f. Mr- Ivy 

• Vi.T. Mr., iiruiim.' 

|-iil'iii>'au%<Ui-. 1- ii 

(-. ■tnli^. Mr... Mnr^ V 


rrai.n..n. Mr*. KliM 

l-iimi-Tbuil. U.I- 


V:i iilan.! 
i. KrKlar^il 

r.iH-klwict. Mr-. Fniit.: 
Chniluni. Mr<. Dhv.-I 
l'rili.m, Mr-. VhiI.1 
MrMullHi. Mr> I J 
MrMu1li-n. luu<- 
riBJmiunt. I^'l•'l. 
rturk. ItirhMril 
llullli'. Mr>>. K 
I'luih. Jiihn 
CUrKr. Mr- Kililh 
CrnrlH.. Mr-, Aui"- 
I ■'«!..•. Mr- ItriilKW 
Mi>ul<l'. Mr- Miir> J 

■r.lHn.. J»m.-. M«nl...» C.lltrT.. Mr-. M.t.. Ah 

'r^lU'w. .Ii.liri t'„llm-. Wn- I'lura 

.■mr.i.. UaUrrI I'limrM-. IUiIbti 

.'•I'tunt. I.aiiiriii r»n>Unl. Charlie 

'in.r.irlh. Th.m>i- AlU-rl UnUli. Mr-. K. P 

•.r|i. |-'n-<li-rirk lli->ir> J ('>ir|i. Frrtlvrii-k Hi-nr 

■IT. llHl>vn tj-iiani i'"rf, MIh^i 

■lurtnrv. Jiihii AlfUmli-r I'nurliiPi. John 

iimjl, I'-rHlrfIrk W»llif I'i.wrtl, Mr. S«r» 

•mfll, Wllllim <i<-»r|P (-|i»fll, Mr.. It 

nolonl, tliivanl N i'r»»(«'rl. J II 

>..... Cn-F.. Mr-. Jum-i 

■r. "l-y. All-Tl A l-r.«i.>. Mr. II 

"-■Ir*. Iliimtilin'> 1 'ri>-i-le,i , Mrs. H 

,i>l-i>. Fn-krlrh lOuil...,,, Mr- . 

. Ill-oil. .la.H.n IhivMl Mr- .1 

.'■-. Julian llrtltlili PmivK. Mt-. Jan 

.lim. Ijiitwril Jfn>u» Davli-ii, UNlii-r 

tiat. Arthur Mtlham »«( Mr* l';<llil<. Ilrft.v KnN KukInikI 

lia^.Kr,..-. llBr..l.| !'*>, \tr- Ka«' .t..a»a.lh,l Kii«t.i»l 

[•«>. IU«i'iat.ltl...r,|.. liH^ Mr. l>l>a>a. KnaUn-l 


O II r H (• r u e : 

/// ( 

(in- II I Win- III ir< 

|i.T«, y i) 

.-jBTclin-. \ll.pri 
.'Vine. UiflKTt Hum 
.'Aur. John Ar<'hiliul 
vM.r. Kiw! T«vliir 

,ni>. Mr-. I> 


■ lull.! 


ini-. Mr-. A 

Hull. ! 


TUIIKh. Mfr., 





n»lMi>»k. Nikiti 
|l..nBlri«in. liar 



M....Tr..«1. I- i) 

l>unklr>-. MIh^ K'luarl 

nij.iu.tift Aclrlnr-I 


K«li.'> I'wnil 


Ku'rf. Willlim A 


Fall-. Iliilirrt 1^«™. 


KaliniiiR. <;<•«' • hpu' 


VumitHt.Juri.. lUrri- 


Kill"'. Wllliim 


KirM. N-ll>- Han 


Kliirh. Fmli'rirV .1 -'|i 


l-i-!ilU>, ItiiUr. 


Klnninn. VMlliam 

I'll. Srri!>'a..i Maim 

r Fi-hHT. John 


Fiuiuimrk. J.ihM Ji-i 


Fl»ti. Ili>nr> Ciiiirnf 


FtM<rl»Y. I'llfiar Kmani 



l*rt villi 


C. Srwarit-Mnj"! 

r K'inl. CharlnSli-narl 


F..r.l. ttill..m Ili^^Uri 


PiintlP. Thom-" 


K>»ln'. FranHnKrM'M 



F>"l4Y. 4inm> WbIIi- 


FiHi(i-r STriihpn 


>>ri«Uf I'«ul \ 


Fra*'. Al<'»ti'li r 


Fnurr. MllH<ri Thiirln* 


Fr.«in. Ili-rWri VMIIi.i 

I'D vail' 

Vn>A. Klrliaril Jam.- 

F>irn.«>, <iH>r^ ItMU'r 


llMiHin. Mwanl 


tlMiKin. J<-i.l. 


itar.l<«H-. Allml 

1^iin-l ■TIHiral 

(larilnK, I'hirlr- 

l^h'i-t i.fiH.rBl 

(iarwll. AllMl 


UarMn. WalKv A 


(.•riiFk, ttatirr 


<ia<t<li>rr. 1lM-l..r Ih-ii 


(iMivr). IVrrs l-JUiti! 



KH-y. Mr«. S. II 

Kilm l»m.Mr'.Ki>i 

KMndtP. Mr-. Mitim 
Klliiii. Mrv Ann 

N BtH 

KlmiT. Mr-. Fi.timi' 
Kl-Lury. Mr- It 
nn.<|[i'. Mr^ Mary 
l>r lUrnBrilii- ll»m< 
Kv.n-. Mr» K. 

■. Thiir 
. Allr:-.! 

-, Mr- 

. M 

S..aitl... Wa-I... I - A 
Ajimrr. I'U 

kt'nrnlp' .■'ibii"ii I' l( 

F«ll-.. Mr. It..l»^i 
FnnnintE. F.iluani 
FannlnR. F.Ihmt.I 
Fi'iiiiin. TliLmu- 
Fill.-. Mr- S. T 
r|.|. Mr>. K 


. Mm. 

Finillay. Mm. It<.l»-ri 
Fmninn. Mf Matililii 
Ki.(.iT. Mr.. All.-.- 
Kltlinlnrk. Jiihn 
,FUll. Mr>. Ilnirir.' 
yiri,ih-r, U^arr) 
FlHl, Mr.. Ji—iH 
FliiH.r>, Mr-. F.lital.-ih 

.Funww, MrF, nm.i.. 


llMmnn, Mr. M<4n<»ii 

SiitllilnillBn, III 

(iMrHin, Mm. Annlr 

• lol'll'.. Ixkr Mr 

.iiar.lM»T. Mr., MKr> 


[(ianliwt, Mr^ \tir> 

Oiiaaii, MM 

<l.rt»ii, Mr.,» s. 

ilUrvln. Mr., Thuma. 

Hull, 1- g 

;«iar>nrk. J»tH~ 

<li«ulhl«r. Mr>. y. 

MimirMil. r g 


Niniliin. Kna 

jtilM.-, Mr.. iUii 

Wind tt If. Dm 

A|it<l Ut* ISKl 
N.iv. II PI" 
Nnv. T, l»l« 


I h 

■Ul W U , I ll II' (M 



Uii'liBnlMin. Mr-. 

llirtiiiK. -.''(>••« Kiiirani 

liirlitiit. Mr-^. Arii 

(lir..uur>l. M..i.'^ 

Ciirixiur'l Mr^. J. 


<;iNlv.m. I'Ibd'TXv 

iMi'Ub. M 

1 Kifliur'l 

<;>ir.l..n. ,\'lxri MlT>-'l 


Cruham. :Wliil«M 

<;n,h>im. Wf. W 

liniliam. <h«-l.-« 

( Mr-. An 


i:nih«m. MirhB.IJ..rM- 

Craham. Mr>. lil 



ravi-IV. J«hr 

rummirk. .M!»Tt . 
IM--I. Ilmry H<tisiiii 



l<itm>.l'li>rt.^ Willi 


llatTM. y><lm'> IU>i 


llarlliy. m-manl 


. lUnk). Kmiik 

t Aiirt-l «Tf 

llarvy. rn-l.-rirh It 


IUriin.1.1. l-UI*.r.| 


1l>»klti». CIi-UK'ni II 



Ha><», Ji'hn J>w|>li 


lU}"-. William Iru! 


Hrmlililll. Ji-iK-ph llf 



tirti>(>miti. Vml«irl 


H.-nli'V. Krnr.) l-'ran 


ll.-«ar.l. \ll-^ 


\Ur. Alln- 


■. Tliiimuh 


-, Willium 


■. Mrr'. Kmi 


. Thrmo.- 

Mr.. r S 


ilrk. Ilrnry 


Mr. Sarah 


in... Arthur 




u. i:i.l..<in 

Mall. I 


I'r.. Mrs. K 






, KiihtTl 



ri. Mr-. 11 


.-. Mt--.\.T 


... Mr- A.|. 

Ilrnl.>. M-, 
ll.Mi.anl. Mr- 
lliliU. Mr.. ; 
lllrh>. t'. arl. 







1 •nlilhmm. Sr..i 


li-r. t Itit 

1 aniKlB 


l1..h~.i.,J.:^'|<1i K'lunr. 


M..1l.<lu), J.ilKi W.lliam 


Holm.*. I'lullip Al<-iun< 


llnlmr*. S)<l>i.-> IUk<-r 

l-rivul^ K.lmiini| 


ll.iphlli-<. Allirft IIuhII 

l*rii«lP M>ll.m lt..l«-r